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The Seminar of Jacques Lacan - On Feminine Sexuality, the Limits of Love and Knowledge (Paperback, Encore): Jacques Lacan The Seminar of Jacques Lacan - On Feminine Sexuality, the Limits of Love and Knowledge (Paperback, Encore)
Jacques Lacan; Translated by Bruce Fink; Edited by Jacques Alain Miller; Notes by Bruce Fink
R411 R326 Discovery Miles 3 260 Save R85 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book XX: Encore

Edited by Jacques-Alain Miller
Translated with Notes by Bruce Fink

A startling psycholinguistic exploration of the boundaries of love and knowledge.

Often controversial, always inspired, Jacques Lacan here weighs theories of the relationship between the desire for love and the attainment of knowledge from such thinkers as Aristotle, Marx, and Freud. He leads us through mathematics, philosophy, religion, and, naturally, psychoanalysis into an entirely new way of interpreting the two most fundamental human drives. Long anticipated by English-speaking readers, this annotated translation presents Lacan's most sophisticated work on love and desire.

The Comparative Method of Language Acquisition Research (Paperback): Clifton Pye The Comparative Method of Language Acquisition Research (Paperback)
Clifton Pye
R882 Discovery Miles 8 820 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Mayan family of languages is ancient and unique. With their distinctive relational nouns, positionals, and complex grammatical voices, they are quite alien to English and have never been shown to be genetically related to other New World tongues. These qualities, Clifton Pye shows, afford a particular opportunity for linguistic insight. Both an overview of lessons Pye has gleaned from more than thirty years of studying how children learn Mayan languages as well as a strong case for a novel method of researching crosslinguistic language acquisition more broadly, this book demonstrates the value of a close, granular analysis of a small language lineage to untangling the complexities of first language acquisition. Pye here applies the comparative method to three Mayan languages K'iche', Mam, and Ch'ol showing how differences in the use of verbs are connected to differences in the subject markers and pronouns used by children and adults. His holistic approach allows him to observe how small differences between the languages lead to significant differences in the structure of the children's lexicon and grammar, and to learn why that is so. More than this, he expects that such careful scrutiny of related languages' variable solutions to specific problems will yield new insights into how children acquire complex grammars. Studying such an array of related languages, he argues, is a necessary condition for understanding how any particular language is used; studying languages in isolation, comparing them only to one's native tongue, is merely collecting linguistic curiosities.

The Transmission of Medieval Romance - Metres, Manuscripts and Early Prints (Hardcover): Ad Putter, Judith A. Jefferson The Transmission of Medieval Romance - Metres, Manuscripts and Early Prints (Hardcover)
Ad Putter, Judith A. Jefferson
R1,336 R1,197 Discovery Miles 11 970 Save R139 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Romances were immensely popular with medieval readers, as evidenced by their ubiquity in manuscripts and early print. The essays collected here deal with the textual transmission of medieval romances in England and Scotland, combining this with investigations into their metre and form; this comparison of the romances in both their material form and their verse form sheds new light on their cultural and social contexts. Topics addressed include the textual history of Sir Orfeo; the singing of Middle English romances; their rhythms and rhyme schemes; their printed transmission from Caxton to Wynkyn de Worde; and the representation of the Otherworld in manuscript miscellanies. AD PUTTER is Professor of Medieval English at the University of Bristol; JUDITH A. JEFFERSON is Research Associate at the University of Bristol. Contributors: Michelle de Groot, Judith A. Jefferson, Rebecca E. Lyons, Carol M. Meale, Donka Minkova, Nicholas Mylkebust, Derek Pearsall, Rhiannon Purdie, Ad Putter, Elizabeth Robertson, Jordi Sanchez-Marti, Thorlac Turville-Petre

Chinese Script - History, Characters, Calligraphy (Hardcover): Thomas O. Hollmann Chinese Script - History, Characters, Calligraphy (Hardcover)
Thomas O. Hollmann
R1,023 R765 Discovery Miles 7 650 Save R258 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In this brisk and accessible history, sinologist Thomas O. Hollmann explains the development of the Chinese writing system and its importance in literature, religion, art, and other aspects of culture. Spanning the earliest epigraphs and oracle bones to writing and texting on computers and mobile phones today, Chinese Script is a wide-ranging and versatile introduction to the complexity and beauty of written text and calligraphy in the Chinese world. Hollmann delves into the origins of Chinese script and its social and political meanings across millennia of history. He recounts the social history of the writing system; written and printed texts; and the use of writing materials such as paper, silk, ink, brush, and printing techniques. The book sheds light on the changing role of literacy and education; the politics of orthographic reform; and the relationship of Chinese writing to non-Han Chinese languages and cultures. Hollmann explains the inherent complexity of Chinese script, demonstrating why written Chinese expresses meaning differently than oral language and the subtleties of the relationship between spoken word and written text. He explores calligraphy as an art, the early letter press, and other ways of visually representing Chinese languages. Chinese Script also provides handy illustrations of the concepts discussed, showing how ideographs function and ways to decipher them visually.

Diagnosing Syntax (Paperback): Lisa Lai Shen Cheng, Norbert Corver Diagnosing Syntax (Paperback)
Lisa Lai Shen Cheng, Norbert Corver
R1,125 Discovery Miles 11 250 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Diagnosis is an essential part of scientific research. It refers to the process of identifying a phenomenon, property, or condition on the basis of certain signs and by the use of various diagnostic procedures. This book is the first ever to consider the use of diagnostics in syntactic research and focuses on the five core domains of natural language syntax - ellipsis, agreement, anaphora, phrasal movement, and head movement. Each empirical domain is considered in turn from the perspectives of syntax, syntax at the interfaces, neuropsycholinguistics, and language diversity. Drawing on the expertise of 20 leading scholars and their empirically rich data, the book presents current thoughts on, and practical answers to, the question: What are the diagnostic signs, techniques and procedures that can be used to analyse natural language syntax? It will interest linguists, including formalists, typologists, psycholinguists and neurolinguists.

Sincerity and Authenticity (Paperback, New edition): Lionel Trilling Sincerity and Authenticity (Paperback, New edition)
Lionel Trilling
R537 R449 Discovery Miles 4 490 Save R88 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"Now and then," writes Lionel Triling "it is possible to observe the moral life in process of revising itself." In this new book he is concerned with such a mutation: the process by which the arduous enterprise of sincerity, of being true to one's self, came to occupy a place of supreme importance in the moral life--and the further shift which finds that place now usurped by the darker and still more strenuous modern ideal of authenticity. Instances range over the whole of Western literature and thought, from Shakespeare to Hegel to Sartre, from Robespierre to R.D. Laing, suggesting the contradictions and ironies to which the ideals of sincerity and authenticity give rise, most especially in contemporary life. Lucid, and brilliantly framed, its view of cultural history will give "Sincerity and Authenticity" an important place among the works of this distinguished critic.

Cambridge Approaches to Language Contact - Linguistic Ecology and Language Contact (Hardcover): Ralph Ludwig, Steve Pagel,... Cambridge Approaches to Language Contact - Linguistic Ecology and Language Contact (Hardcover)
Ralph Ludwig, Steve Pagel, Peter Muhlhausler
R2,017 R1,693 Discovery Miles 16 930 Save R324 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Contributions from an international team of experts revisit and update the concept of linguistic ecology in order to critically examine current theoretical approaches to language contact. Language is understood as a part of complex socio-historical-cultural systems, and interaction between the different dimensions and levels of these systems is considered to be essential for specific language forms. This book presents a uniform, abstract model of linguistic ecology based on, among other things, two concepts of Edmund Husserl's philosophy (parts and wholes, and foundation). It considers the individual speaker in the specific communication situation to be the essential heuristic basis of linguistic analysis. The chapters present and employ a new, transparent and accessible contact linguistic vocabulary to aid reader comprehension, and explore a wide range of language contact situations in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific. This book will be fascinating reading for students and researchers across contact linguistics and cultural studies.

The Blackwell History of the Latin Language (Paperback): James Clackson, Geoffrey Horrocks The Blackwell History of the Latin Language (Paperback)
James Clackson, Geoffrey Horrocks
R747 R686 Discovery Miles 6 860 Save R61 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This text makes use of contemporary work in linguistics to provide up-to-date commentary on the development of Latin, from its prehistoric origins in the Indo-European language family, through the earliest texts, to the creation of the Classical Language of Cicero and Vergil, and examines the impact of the spread of spoken Latin through the Roman Empire.
The first book in English in more than 50 years to provide comprehensive coverage of the history of the Latin language
Gives a full account of the transformation of the language in the context of the rise and fall of Ancient Rome
Presents up-to-date commentary on the key linguistic issues
Makes use of carefully selected texts, many of which have only recently come to light
Includes maps and glossary as well as fully translated and annotated sample texts that illustrate the different stages of the language
Accessible to readers without a formal knowledge of Latin or linguistics

Rethinking Thought - Inside the Minds of Creative Scientists and Artists (Paperback): Laura Otis Rethinking Thought - Inside the Minds of Creative Scientists and Artists (Paperback)
Laura Otis
R1,234 Discovery Miles 12 340 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Rethinking Thought takes readers into the minds of 30 creative thinkers to show how greatly the experience of thought can vary. It is dedicated to anyone who has ever been told, "You're not thinking!", because his or her way of thinking differs so much from a spouse's, employer's, or teacher's. The book focuses on individual experiences with visual mental images and verbal language that are used in planning, problem-solving, reflecting, remembering, and forging new ideas. It approaches the question of what thinking is by analyzing variations in the way thinking feels. Written by neuroscientist-turned-literary scholar Laura Otis, Rethinking Thought juxtaposes creative thinkers' insights with recent neuroscientific discoveries about visual mental imagery, verbal language, and thought. Presenting the results of new, interview-based research, it offers verbal portraits of novelist Salman Rushdie, engineer Temple Grandin, American Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey, and Nobel prize-winning biologist Elizabeth Blackburn. It also depicts the unique mental worlds of two award-winning painters, a flamenco dancer, a game designer, a cartoonist, a lawyer-novelist, a theoretical physicist, and a creator of multi-agent software. Treating scientists and artists with equal respect, it creates a dialogue in which neuroscientific findings and the introspections of creative thinkers engage each other as equal partners. The interviews presented in this book indicate that many creative people enter fields requiring skills that don't come naturally. Instead, they choose professions that demand the hardest work and the greatest mental growth. Instead of classifying people as "visual" or "verbal," educators and managers need to consider how thinkers combine visual and verbal skills and how those abilities can be further developed. By showing how greatly individual experiences of thought can vary, this book aims to help readers in all professions better understand and respect the diverse people with whom they work.

Cambridge Introductions to Language and Linguistics - Introducing Psycholinguistics (Paperback, New): Paul Warren Cambridge Introductions to Language and Linguistics - Introducing Psycholinguistics (Paperback, New)
Paul Warren
R596 Discovery Miles 5 960 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

How humans produce and understand language is clearly introduced in this textbook for students with only a basic knowledge of linguistics. With a logical, flexible structure Introducing Psycholinguistics steps through the central topics of production and comprehension of language and the interaction between them. Students will gain an understanding of the processes and representations involved in language use, aided by a comprehensive glossary, concepts defined in the margins and online flashcards that allow students to check their understanding of all the key terms and concepts of the subject. Examples and exercises throughout each topic reinforce understanding and encourage students to consider what language users might carry around in their heads as part of their linguistic knowledge, and how this stored knowledge relates to the structures and rules proposed by theoretical linguistics. Students will gain hands-on experience of experimental methods, with online demonstrations of techniques. This supports the theory within the book, reinforces a student's grasp of the concepts and allows the student to apply their understanding to the analysis of data.

Cambridge Approaches to Language Contact - Language Contact and the Making of an Afro-Hispanic Vernacular: Variation and Change... Cambridge Approaches to Language Contact - Language Contact and the Making of an Afro-Hispanic Vernacular: Variation and Change in the Colombian Choco (Hardcover)
Sandro Sessarego
R1,924 Discovery Miles 19 240 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Exploring creole studies from a linguistic, historical, and socio-cultural perspective, this study advances our knowledge of the subject by using a cohesive approach to provide new theoretical insights into language shift, language acquisition and language change. It compares the legal system regulating black slavery in Choco, Colombia with the systems implemented by other European colonial powers in the Americas, to address questions such as what do Choco Spanish linguistic features say about the nature of Afro-Hispanic vernaculars? What were the sociohistorical conditions in which Choco Spanish formed? Was slavery in Choco much different from slavery in other European colonies? Whilst primarily focused on Afro-Hispanic language varieties, Sessarego's findings and methodology can be easily applied and tested to other contact languages and settings, and used to addresses current debates on the origin of other black communities in the Americas and the languages they speak.

Mongolic Copies in Chaghatay (Paperback): Eva Kincses-Nagy Mongolic Copies in Chaghatay (Paperback)
Eva Kincses-Nagy
R1,218 R979 Discovery Miles 9 790 Save R239 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Psycholinguistics (Hardcover, Six-Volume Set): Trevor A. Harley Psycholinguistics (Hardcover, Six-Volume Set)
Trevor A. Harley
R23,783 R20,739 Discovery Miles 207 390 Save R3,044 (13%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The psychology of language, or psycholinguistics is a vast, fascinating and rapidly growing field. This six-volume collection provides a modern, self-contained and accessible overview of the subject, presenting both sides of the major debates. The papers will enable the reader to gather a balanced view of modern psycholinguistics, identify the key issues and references, and be familiar with all modern investigative techniques. Psycholinguistics is organized into the following parts: Part One: Production Part Two: Recognition and Comprehension Part Three: Learning to Read Part Four: Representation Part Five: Development Containing the most seminal, cutting-edge and field-defining papers in the field, this major work should prove an invaluable addition to any library with a collection in psychological science, and whose faculty and students wish to learn more about this historically significant discipline.

Arenas of Language Use (Paperback): Herbert H. Clark Arenas of Language Use (Paperback)
Herbert H. Clark
R784 Discovery Miles 7 840 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

When we think of the ways we use language, we think of face-to-face conversations, telephone conversations, reading and writing, and even talking to oneself. These are arenas of language use--theaters of action in which people do things with language. But what exactly "are" they doing with language? What are their goals and intentions? By what processes do they achieve these goals? In these twelve essays, Herbert H. Clark and his colleagues discuss the collective nature of language--the ways in which people coordinate with each other to determine the meaning of what they say. According to Clark, in order for one person to understand another, there must be a "common ground" of knowledge between them. He shows how people infer this "common ground" from their past conversations, their immediate surroundings, and their shared cultural background. Clark also discusses the means by which speakers design their utterances for particular audiences and coordinate their use of language with other participants in a language arena. He argues that language use in conversation is a collaborative process, where speaker and listener work together to establish that the listener understands the speaker's meaning. Since people often use words to mean something quite different from the dictionary definitions of those word, Clark offers a realistic perspective on how speakers and listeners coordinate on the meanings of words. This collection presents outstanding examples of Clark's pioneering work on the pragmatics of language use and it will interest psychologists, linguists, computer scientists, and philosophers. Herbert H. Clark is professor in the Department of Psychology at Stanford University andcoauthor, with E. V. Clark, of "Psychology of Language: An Introduction to Psycholinguistics."

Intelligibility in World Englishes - Theory and Application (Hardcover): Cecil L Nelson Intelligibility in World Englishes - Theory and Application (Hardcover)
Cecil L Nelson
R2,752 R2,611 Discovery Miles 26 110 Save R141 (5%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Intelligibility is the term most generally used to address the complex of criteria that describe, broadly, how useful someone's English is when talking or writing to someone else. Set within the paradigm of world Englishes -- which posits that the Englishes of the world may be seen as flexibly categorized into three Circles (Inner, Outer, Expanding) in terms of their historical developments -- this text provides a comprehensive overview of the definitions and scopes of intelligibility, comprehensibility and interpretability, and addresses key topics within this paradigm: * Who -- if anyone -- provides the models and norms for a given population of English users? * Hybridity and creativity in world Englishes * Evaluating paradigms: misinformation and disinformation * Practicalities of dealing with the widening variety of Englishes * Is English "falling apart"? The much-debated issue of intelligibility touches not only sociolinguistic theory but all aspects of English language teaching, second language acquisition, language curriculum planning, and regional or national language planning. Designed for students, teacher educators, and scholars internationally, each chapter includes Topics for Discussion and Assignments' and Suggestions for Further Reading'.

Literary Reading, Cognition and Emotion - An Exploration of the Oceanic Mind (Hardcover, New): Michael Burke Literary Reading, Cognition and Emotion - An Exploration of the Oceanic Mind (Hardcover, New)
Michael Burke
R2,655 R2,521 Discovery Miles 25 210 Save R134 (5%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This work seeks to chart what happens in the embodied minds of engaged readers when they read literature. Despite the recent stylistic, linguistic, and cognitive advances that have been made in text-processing methodology and practice, very little is known about this cultural-cognitive process and especially about the role that emotion plays. Burke's theoretical and empirical study focuses on three central issues: the role emotions play in a core cognitive event like literary text processing; the kinds of bottom-up and top-down inputs most prominently involved in the literary reading process; and what might be happening in the minds and bodies of engaged readers when they experience intense or heightened emotions: a phenomenon sometimes labelled "reader epiphany." This study postulates that there is a free-flow of bottom-up and top-down affective, cognitive inputs during the engaged act of literary reading, and that reading does not necessarily begin or end when our eyes apprehend the words on the page. Burke argues that the literary reading human mind might best be considered both figuratively and literally, not as computational or mechanical, but as oceanic.

Norse in the North Atlantic (Paperback): Ryan Sines Norse in the North Atlantic (Paperback)
Ryan Sines
R523 Discovery Miles 5 230 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
A Biography of the English Language, International Edition (Paperback, 3rd edition): C.M. Millward, Mary Hayes A Biography of the English Language, International Edition (Paperback, 3rd edition)
C.M. Millward, Mary Hayes
R1,129 R941 Discovery Miles 9 410 Save R188 (17%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

The third edition of A Biography of The English Language, International Edition continues to examine the structure of language. The textbook discusses three important issues: languages and language change are systematic; the inner history of a language is profoundly affected by its outer history of political and culural events; and, the English of the past has everywhere left its traces on present-day English. By uncovering the language's past, one can better communicate with it.

The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities - A Yearbook of Forgotten Words (Hardcover): Paul Anthony Jones The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities - A Yearbook of Forgotten Words (Hardcover)
Paul Anthony Jones 1
R365 R265 Discovery Miles 2 650 Save R100 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A whole year's worth of linguistic curiosities, just waiting to be discovered.; Within these pages you might leap back in time, learn about linguistic trivia, follow a curious thread or wonder at the web of connections in the English language.; 1 January quaaltagh (n.) the first person you meet on New Year's Day; 1 April dorbellist (n.) a fool, a dull-witted dolt; 12 May word-grubber (n.) someone who uses obscure or difficult words in everyday conversation; 25 September theic (adj.) an excessive drinker of tea; 24 December doniferous (adj.) carrying a gift; Paul Anthony Jones has unearthed a wealth of strange and forgotten words: illuminating some aspect of the day, or simply telling a cracking good yarn, each reveals a story. Written with a light touch that belies the depth of research it contains, this is both a fascinating compendium of etymology and a captivating historical miscellany. Dip into this beautiful book to be delighted and intrigued throughout the year.

The Morphology Of Biblical Greek (Paperback): William D. Mounce The Morphology Of Biblical Greek (Paperback)
William D. Mounce
R700 R541 Discovery Miles 5 410 Save R159 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The Morphology of Biblical Greek explains, in a way second-year Greek students can understand, how Greek words are formed. It shows that Greek word formation follows a limited set of rules. Once these rules are understood, it becomes clear that forms which once seemed to be irregular or an exception actually follow these morphological rules. The Morphology of Biblical Greek has five parts: 1.The rules that determine how Greek words change. 2. The rules of verb formation, from augment to personal ending. 3. Paradigms for every type of noun and adjective form, with all the words that belong in each category and any peculiarities of a given word. 4. All the verbs and principal parts, with verbs that follow the same rules grouped together. 5. An index of all words in the New Testament with their morphological category. The Morphology of Biblical Greek contains the most complete set of paradigms for nouns, verbs, adjectives, and pronouns available for New Testament Greek.

Clues to Lower Mississippi Valley Histories - Language, Archaeology, and Ethnography (Hardcover): David V. Kaufman Clues to Lower Mississippi Valley Histories - Language, Archaeology, and Ethnography (Hardcover)
David V. Kaufman
R1,443 R1,184 Discovery Miles 11 840 Save R259 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In Clues to Lower Mississippi Valley Histories David V. Kaufman offers a stunning relational analysis of social, cultural, and linguistic change in the Lower Mississippi Valley from 500 to 1700. He charts how linguistic evidence aids the understanding of earlier cultural and social patterns, traces the diaspora of indigenous peoples, and uncovers instances of human migration. Historical linguistics establishes evidence of contact between indigenous peoples in the linguistic record where other disciplinary approaches have obscured these connections. The Mississippi Valley is the heartland of early North American civilizations. The region is a rich and diversified center of transportation for every part of eastern North America and to Mesoamerica. The Lower Mississippi Valley region emerged as the home of the earliest mound-building societies in the Americas and was home to some of the most impressive kingdoms encountered by Spanish and French explorers. The languages of the region provide the key to the realities experienced by these indigenous peoples, their histories, and their relationships. Clues to Lower Mississippi Valley Histories focuses on relationships that constitute what linguists call a sprachbund (language union), or language area. Kaufman illuminates and articulates these linguistic relationships through a skillful examination of archaeological and ethnohistorical data. Clues to Lower Mississippi Valley Histories examines the relationship between linguistics and archaeology to elucidate the early history of the Lower Mississippi Valley.

Runes (Paperback): Martin Findell Runes (Paperback)
Martin Findell 1
R237 R195 Discovery Miles 1 950 Save R42 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

From late antiquity through to the early middle ages, people across north-western Europe were inscribing runes on a range of different objects. Once identified and interpreted by experts, runes provide us with invaluable evidence for the early Germanic languages including English, Dutch, German and the Scandinavian languages and reveal a wealth of information about our early civilisations. Runes employ many techniques from informal scratchings to sophisticated inlaid designs on weapons, or the exquisite relief carvings of the Franks Casket. The task of reading and understanding them involves a good deal of detective-work, calling on expertise from a number of academic disciplines: archaeology, art history, linguistics, and even forensic science. This book tells the story of runes from their mysterious origins, their development as a script, to their use and meaning in the modern world. Illustrated with a range of beautiful objects from jewellery to tools and weapons, Runes will reveal memorials for the dead, business messages, charms and curses, insults and prayers, giving us a glimpse into the languages and cultures of Europeans over a thousand years ago.

Languages in Contact (Paperback): Lisa Lim, Umberto Ansaldo Languages in Contact (Paperback)
Lisa Lim, Umberto Ansaldo
R739 Discovery Miles 7 390 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Introducing new findings from popular culture, the globalised new economy and computer-mediated communication, this is a fascinating study of contact between languages in modern societies. Ansaldo and Lim bring together research on multilingualism, code-switching, language endangerment, and globalisation, into a comprehensive overview of world Englishes and creoles. Illustrated with a wide range of original examples from typologically diverse languages, including Sinitic, Autronesian, Dravidian and other non-Indo-European varieties, the book focuses on structural analyses of Asian ecologies and their relevance for current theories of contact phenomena. Full of new insights, it is essential reading for students and researchers across linguistics, culture and communication.

Irony in Language and Thought - A Cognitive Science Reader (Hardcover, New): Raymond W. Gibbs, Herbert L. Colston Irony in Language and Thought - A Cognitive Science Reader (Hardcover, New)
Raymond W. Gibbs, Herbert L. Colston
R1,994 Discovery Miles 19 940 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Irony in Language and Thought assembles an interdisciplinary collection of seminal empirical and theoretical papers on irony in language and thought into one comprehensive book. A much-needed resource in the area of figurative language, this volume centers on a theme from cognitive science - that irony is a fundamental way of thinking about the human experience. The editors lend perspective in the form of opening and closing chapters, which enable readers to see how such works have furthered the field, as well as to inspire present and future scholars.

Featured articles focus on the following topics:

  • theories of irony, addressing primarily comprehension of its verbal form;
  • context in irony comprehension;
  • social functions of irony;
  • the development of irony understanding; and
  • situational irony.

Scholars and students in psychology, linguistics, philosophy, literature, anthropology, artificial intelligence, art, and communications will consider this book an excellent resource. It serves as an ideal supplement in courses that present major ideas in language and thought.

Handbook of Latent Semantic Analysis (Hardcover): Thomas K Landauer, Danielle S. McNamara, Simon Dennis, Walter Kintsch Handbook of Latent Semantic Analysis (Hardcover)
Thomas K Landauer, Danielle S. McNamara, Simon Dennis, Walter Kintsch
R2,337 Discovery Miles 23 370 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The" Handbook of Latent Semantic Analysis "is the authoritative reference for the theory behind Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA), a burgeoning mathematical method used to analyze how words make meaning, with the desired outcome to program machines to understand human commands via natural language rather than strict programming protocols. The first book of its kind to deliver such a comprehensive analysis, this volume explores every area of the method and combines theoretical implications as well as practical matters of LSA.

Readers will be introduced to a powerful new way of understanding language phenomena, as well as innovative ways to perform tasks that depend on language or other complex systems. The "Handbook "clarifies misunderstandings and pre-formed objections to LSA, and provides examples of exciting new educational technologies made possible by LSA and similar techniques. It raises issues in philosophy, artificial intelligence, and linguistics, while describing how LSA has underwritten a range of educational technologies and information systems. Alternate approaches to language understanding are addressed and compared to LSA.

This work" "is essential reading for anyone-- newcomers to this area and experts alike-- interested in how human language works or interested in computational analysis and uses of text. Educational technologists, cognitive scientists, philosophers, and information technologists in particular will consider this volume especially useful.

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