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Diagnosing Syntax (Paperback): Lisa Lai Shen Cheng, Norbert Corver Diagnosing Syntax (Paperback)
Lisa Lai Shen Cheng, Norbert Corver
R1,438 Discovery Miles 14 380 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Diagnosis is an essential part of scientific research. It refers to the process of identifying a phenomenon, property, or condition on the basis of certain signs and by the use of various diagnostic procedures. This book is the first ever to consider the use of diagnostics in syntactic research and focuses on the five core domains of natural language syntax - ellipsis, agreement, anaphora, phrasal movement, and head movement. Each empirical domain is considered in turn from the perspectives of syntax, syntax at the interfaces, neuropsycholinguistics, and language diversity. Drawing on the expertise of 20 leading scholars and their empirically rich data, the book presents current thoughts on, and practical answers to, the question: What are the diagnostic signs, techniques and procedures that can be used to analyse natural language syntax? It will interest linguists, including formalists, typologists, psycholinguists and neurolinguists.

Language Contact (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Yaron Matras Language Contact (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Yaron Matras
R845 Discovery Miles 8 450 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Language contact occurs when speakers of different languages interact and their languages influence one another. Drawing on the author's own first-hand observations of child and adult bilingualism, this book combines his original research with an up-to-date introduction to key concepts, to provide a holistic, original theory of contact linguistics. Going beyond a descriptive outline of contact phenomena, it introduces a theory of contact-induced language change, linking structural change to motivations in discourse and language processing. Since the first edition was published, the field has rapidly grown, and this fully revised edition covers all of the most recent developments, making it an invaluable resource for researchers and advanced students in linguistics.

The Indo-Aryan Languages (Hardcover): George Cardona, Danesh Jain The Indo-Aryan Languages (Hardcover)
George Cardona, Danesh Jain
R7,087 Discovery Miles 70 870 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Indo-Aryan languages, spoken by at least 700 million people in the Republic of India, in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the Maldive Islands, and in countries where immigrants from South Asia have settled, constitute a major group within the Indo-European family. They have a claim to great antiquity, with the earliest Vedic Sanskrit texts dating to the end of the second millennium B.C. This language family supplies a historical documentation of language change over a longer period than any other subgroup of Indo-European. Further, the interaction between Indo-Aryan and Dravidan, Munda, and Tibeto-Burmese languages as well as Arabic and other Indo-European languages affords a rich field of study for borrowing and adaptation. Major features of Indo-Aryan languages have been described before, but there is a need for a synoptic treatment of these languages.

The Morphology of Dutch (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition): Geert Booij The Morphology of Dutch (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition)
Geert Booij
R1,789 Discovery Miles 17 890 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This volume provides a detailed and comprehensive description of the morphological system of Dutch. Following an introduction to the basic assumptions of morphological theory, separate chapters are devoted to the inflectional system, derivation, and compounding, the interface between morphology and phonology, the interaction between morphology and syntax, and, new to this edition, a more detailed study of the features of separable complex verbs. Geert Booij demonstrates in this book that the morphology of Dutch poses multiple interesting descriptive and theoretical challenges. The volume also contributes to ongoing discussions on the nature and representation of morphological processes, the role of paradigmatic relations between words - and between words and phrases - and the interaction between morphology, phonology, and syntax. This second, fully revised edition has been updated throughout with expanded coverage of Dutch morphological phenomena and results from new research. Alongside a brand new chapter on separable complex verbs, it also includes a more sophisticated analysis of the relation between morphology and syntax, and an introduction to the basic tenets of Construction Morphology.

Binomials in the History of English - Fixed and Flexible (Hardcover): Joanna Kopaczyk, Hans Sauer Binomials in the History of English - Fixed and Flexible (Hardcover)
Joanna Kopaczyk, Hans Sauer
R2,480 Discovery Miles 24 800 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Binomials, such as for and against, dead or alive, to have and to hold, can be broadly defined as two words belonging to the same grammatical category and linked by a semantic relationship. They are an important phraseological phenomenon present throughout the history of the English language. This volume offers a range of studies on binomials, their types and functions from Old English through to the present day. Searching for motivations and characteristic features of binomials in a particular genre or writer, the chapters engage with many linguistic levels of analysis, such as phonology or semantics, and explore the important role of translation. Drawing on philological and corpus-linguistic approaches, the authors employ qualitative and quantitative methods, setting the discussion firmly in the extra-linguistic context. Binomials and their extended forms - multinomials - emerge from these discussions as an important phraseological tool, with rich applications and complex motivations.

Intensifiers in English and German - A Comparison (Hardcover): Peter Siemund Intensifiers in English and German - A Comparison (Hardcover)
Peter Siemund
R3,052 Discovery Miles 30 520 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Intensifiers play a profoundly important role in many areas of grammar, notably reflexivity. This volume represents a study of this neglected area. It explores the syntax and semantics of intensifiers and offers a contrastive analysis of the properties of these expressions in English and German. Such little work has been done on intensifiers that not even their basic categorical status is agreed on. Previous studies have subsumed them under classes as heterogeneous as personal pronouns, reflexives and adverbs, with all of these labels highlighting relevant aspects of their distribution and semantic contribution. By contrast, the position taken in this study is that intensifiers belong to the class of focus particles. Due to its contrastive approach, the book will be of interest to linguists of various persuasions. Theoreticians should find challenging material highly relevant to late-1990s syntactic and semantic controversies, while specialists of English and German, as well as linguists working in language typology, can expect analyses to complement their understanding of language.

Reading Chinese Script - A Cognitive Analysis (Hardcover): Jian Wang, Hsuan Chih Chen, Ralph Radach, Albrecht Inhoff Reading Chinese Script - A Cognitive Analysis (Hardcover)
Jian Wang, Hsuan Chih Chen, Ralph Radach, Albrecht Inhoff
R3,060 Discovery Miles 30 600 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This volume uses unique properties of Chinese script to focus on morphological analyses during the character and word recognition process, though some of the reported work also pertains to the use of phonological information. In addition, this volume contains work on syntactic and pragmatic processes during sentence reading and three chapters that examine on-line processes. A comprehensive appraisal of cognitive processes during the reading of Chinese script that includes studies conducted by leading researchers from within and outside the mainland, this volume will be of interest to all those studying reading and visual symbol processing.

Noun Phrase Licensing (Hardcover): Jeffrey T. Runner Noun Phrase Licensing (Hardcover)
Jeffrey T. Runner
R3,170 Discovery Miles 31 700 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book examines the syntax of direct object noun phrases in English within the Principles and Parameters, specifically Chomsky's Minimalist Program, approach to generative grammar. The main focus is on the phrase structural positions of object noun phrases at the various levels of representation, and secondarily on the relationship between structural position and semantic interpretation. Supported by a variety of empirical and conceptual arguments, the central claim of the book is that direct object noun phrases in English surface in a VP-external position; a secondary claim is that while in the overt syntax direct objects appear VP-externally, their position at the level of logical form varies depending on interpretation. Four basic constructions are studied: simple transitive clauses, transitive clauses with prepositional objects, the "raising to object" construction, and the "double object" construction. This book will be of interest to scholars in the areas of phrase structure syntax, English and Germanic syntax, the syntax-semantics interface, and all areas of generative approaches to syntax.

The Oxford Handbook of Persian Linguistics (Hardcover): Anousha Sedighi, Pouneh Shabani Jadidi The Oxford Handbook of Persian Linguistics (Hardcover)
Anousha Sedighi, Pouneh Shabani Jadidi
R3,234 Discovery Miles 32 340 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This handbook offers a comprehensive overview of the field of Persian linguistics, discusses its development, and captures critical accounts of cutting edge research within its major subfields, as well as outlining current debates and suggesting productive lines of future research. Leading scholars in the major subfields of Persian linguistics examine a range of topics split into six thematic parts. Following a detailed introduction from the editors, the volume begins by placing Persian in its historical and typological context in Part I. Chapters in Part II examine topics relating to phonetics and phonology, while Part III looks at approaches to and features of Persian syntax. The fourth part of the volume explores morphology and lexicography, as well as the work of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature. Part V, language and people, covers topics such as language contact and teaching Persian as a foreign language, while the final part examines psycho- neuro-, and computational linguistics. The volume will be an essential resource for all scholars with an interest in Persian language and linguistics.

Medical Terms (Hardcover): A. R. Tindall Medical Terms (Hardcover)
A. R. Tindall
R1,924 Discovery Miles 19 240 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Increasing numbers of students entering the medical sciences, or related fields, are unfamiliar with Greek or Latin and so the medical terminology can be puzzling to them. This book explains the roots and origins of most medical terminology.

Arabic Language Handbook (Paperback, New Ed): Mary Catherine Bateson Arabic Language Handbook (Paperback, New Ed)
Mary Catherine Bateson
R535 Discovery Miles 5 350 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The demand for information on learning Arabic has grown spectacularly as English-speaking people have come to realize how much there is yet to know about other parts of the world. It is fitting that this "Arabic Language Handbook," complementing Georgetown University Press's exceptional Arabic language textbooks, is the first in a new series: Georgetown Classics in Arabic Language and Linguistics. Sparked by the new demand, this reprint of a genuinely "gold-standard" language volume provides a streamlined reference on the structure of the Arabic language and issues in Arabic linguistics, from dialectics to literature. Originally published in 1967, the essential information on the structure of the language remains accurate, and it continues to be the most concise reference summary for researchers, linguists, students, area specialists, and others interested in Arabic.

The Slavonic Languages (Hardcover): Professor Greville Corbett, Professor Bernard Comrie The Slavonic Languages (Hardcover)
Professor Greville Corbett, Professor Bernard Comrie
R7,072 Discovery Miles 70 720 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In this scholarly volume, each of the living Slavonic languages are analyzed and described in depth, together with the two extinct languages--Old Church Slavonic and Polabian. In addition, the various alphabets of the Slavonic languages--especially Roman, Cyrillic, and Glagolitic--are discussed, and the relationships of the Slavonic languages to other Indo-European languages and to one another, are explored. The last chapter provides an account of those Slavonic languages "in exile" such as Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, and Slovak in the US.
Each language chapter is written by an expert in the field, in a format designed for comparative study. Information on each language includes an introductory description of social context and development, a discussion of phonology, a detailed presentation of synchronic morphology, noting major historical developments, comprehensive treatment of syntactic properties, a discussion of vocabulary, an outline of main dialects, and an extensive bibliography listing English and other sources.
Contributors include P. Cubberley, University of Melbourne, A. Schenker, Yale University, D. Short, University of London, G. Stone, University of Oxford, and A. Rothstein, University of Massachusetts.

A Student's Introduction to English Grammar (Paperback, New): Rodney Huddleston, Geoffrey K. Pullum A Student's Introduction to English Grammar (Paperback, New)
Rodney Huddleston, Geoffrey K. Pullum
R807 R746 Discovery Miles 7 460 Save R61 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This groundbreaking undergraduate textbook on modern Standard English grammar is the first to be based on the revolutionary advances of the authors' previous work, The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language (2002). The analyses defended there are outlined here more briefly, in an engagingly accessible and informal style. Errors of the older tradition of English grammar are noted and corrected, and the excesses of prescriptive usage manuals are firmly rebutted in specially highlighted notes that explain what older authorities have called 'incorrect' and show why those authorities are mistaken. This book is intended for students in colleges or universities who have little or no previous background in grammar, and presupposes no linguistics. It contains exercises, and will provide a basis for introductions to grammar and courses on the structure of English not only in linguistics departments but also in English language and literature departments and schools of education.

The Cambridge Handbook of Systemic Functional Linguistics (Hardcover): Geoff Thompson, Wendy L. Bowcher, Lise Fontaine, David... The Cambridge Handbook of Systemic Functional Linguistics (Hardcover)
Geoff Thompson, Wendy L. Bowcher, Lise Fontaine, David Schoenthal
R3,174 Discovery Miles 31 740 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Presenting a field-defining overview of one of the most appliable linguistic theories available today, this Handbook surveys the key issues in the study of systemic functional linguistics (SFL), covering an impressive range of theoretical perspectives. Written by some of the world's foremost SFL scholars, including M. A. K. Halliday, the founder of SFL theory, the handbook covers topics ranging from the theory behind the model, discourse analysis within SFL, applied SFL, to SFL in relation to other subfields of linguistics such as intonation, typology, clinical linguistics and education. Chapters include discussion on the possible future directions in which research might be conducted and issues that can be further investigated and resolved. Readers will be inspired to pursue the challenges raised within the volume, both theoretically and practically.

The Economics of the Apprenticeship System (Hardcover): Wendy Smits, Thorsten Stromback The Economics of the Apprenticeship System (Hardcover)
Wendy Smits, Thorsten Stromback
R2,468 Discovery Miles 24 680 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The past ten years have witnessed a renewed interest in the apprenticeship system of industrial training. Employers have been shown to carry a large part of the cost of essentially general training with apparent little return to the firm - a problem which has generated a wide range of literature that explores new theoretical models, comparative systems, and recent developments in systems of youth training and the economic theory of contracts. Using contract theory as the common underlying framework, this book brings together recent contributions to this literature, providing a complete and coherent economic analysis of the apprenticeship system. The authors begin with a comparative-historical perspective, and then go on to review a number of recent models of the training decision of firms, before offering a unique insight into the current debate on the future of the apprenticeship system. Well-written and well-researched, this book succeeds in achieving a perfect blend of theory, evidence, and history. It will appeal to scholars in the fields of labour economics and human resource management, as well as those in private and public sectors working on policy development and planning of vocational education and training.

English Grammar - A Resource Book for Students (Paperback, 2nd New edition): Roger Berry English Grammar - A Resource Book for Students (Paperback, 2nd New edition)
Roger Berry
R896 Discovery Miles 8 960 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Routledge English Language Introductions cover core areas of language study and are one-stop resources for students. Assuming no prior knowledge, books in the series offer an accessible overview of the subject, with activities, study questions, sample analyses, commentaries and key readings - all in the same volume. The innovative and flexible 'two-dimensional' structure is built around four sections - introduction, development, exploration and extension -which offer self-contained stages for study. Each topic can also be read across these sections, enabling the reader to build gradually on the knowledge gained. English Grammar: provides a wide-ranging introduction to English grammar, drawing on a variety of international authentic texts, including newspapers, novels and academic texts, to help learners understand concepts and theories in more depth; is written in clear, concise prose in order to present basic concepts and key terms in an accessible way to learners with little or no background in grammar instruction; emphasises the autonomy of the learner through activities and exercises which are suited to both native speakers and learners of English alike; includes a selection of readings from key academics in the field including Michael Halliday, Michael McCarthy, Caroline Coffin and John Sinclair. Drawing on the strengths of the original textbook, this second edition features: new readings from Christian Jones, Daniel Waller and Thomas E. Payne; revised questions, suggestions and issues to consider; and a brand new companion website featuring interactive audio files of authentic spoken English, links to further reading and new grammar tasks. Written by an experienced teacher and researcher, this accessible textbook is an essential resource for all students of English language and linguistics.

Control and Restructuring (Paperback): Thomas Grano Control and Restructuring (Paperback)
Thomas Grano
R955 Discovery Miles 9 550 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book investigates the phenomenon of control structures, configurations in which the subject of the embedded clause is missing and is construed as coreferential with the subject of the embedding clause (e.g. John wanted to leave). It draws on data from English, Mandarin Chinese, and Modern Greek to investigate the relationship that control bears both to restructuring - the phenomenon whereby some apparently biclausal structures behave as though they constitute just one clause - and to the meanings of the embedding predicates that participate in these structures. Thomas Grano argues that restructuring is cross-linguistically pervasive and that, by virtue of its co-occurrence with some control predicates but not others, it serves as evidence for a basic division within the class of complement control structures. This division is connected to how the semantics of the control predicate interacts with general principles of clausal architecture and of the syntax-semantics interface. His findings have general implications both for clausal structure and for the relationship between form and meaning in natural language.

The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language (Hardcover): Rodney Huddleston, Geoffrey K. Pullum The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language (Hardcover)
Rodney Huddleston, Geoffrey K. Pullum
R6,137 Discovery Miles 61 370 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language is the first comprehensive descriptive grammar of English to appear for over fifteen years, a period which has seen immense developments in linguistic theory at all levels. The principal authors, Rodney Huddleston and Geoffrey Pullum, are among the world's leading scholars in this area, and they have benefited from the expertise of an international team of distinguished contributors in preparing what will be the definitive grammar for decades to come. Each chapter comprises core definitions, detailed analyses, notes explaining alternative interpretations of difficult or controversial points, and brief notes on usage and history. Numerous cross-references and an exhaustive index ensure ease of access to information. An introductory section offers guidance as to how best to use the book is provided. Rodney Huddleston was until recently Professor in the Linguistics section of the Department of English at the University of Queensland, Australia, and has been publishing important books and papers on English grammar for thirty years. Geoffrey K. Pullum is Professor of Linguistics at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and is the author of 200 articles and books on English grammar and a variety of other topics in theoretical and applied linguistics.

The Cambridge Handbook of Morphology (Hardcover): Andrew Hippisley, Gregory Stump The Cambridge Handbook of Morphology (Hardcover)
Andrew Hippisley, Gregory Stump
R3,178 Discovery Miles 31 780 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Cambridge Handbook of Morphology describes the diversity of morphological phenomena in the world's languages, surveying the methodologies by which these phenomena are investigated and the theoretical interpretations that have been proposed to explain them. The Handbook provides morphologists with a comprehensive account of the interlocking issues and hypotheses that drive research in morphology; for linguists generally, it presents current thought on the interface of morphology with other grammatical components and on the significance of morphology for understanding language change and the psychology of language; for students of linguistics, it is a guide to the present-day landscape of morphological science and to the advances that have brought it to its current state; and for readers in other fields (psychology, philosophy, computer science, and others), it reveals just how much we know about systematic relations of form to content in a language's words - and how much we have yet to learn.

Analysing English Sentences (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Andrew Radford Analysing English Sentences (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Andrew Radford
R979 R926 Discovery Miles 9 260 Save R53 (5%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Andrew Radford has acquired an unrivalled reputation over the past thirty years for writing syntax textbooks in which difficult concepts are clearly explained without the excessive use of technical jargon. Analysing English Sentences continues in this tradition, offering a well-structured introduction to English syntax and contemporary syntactic theory which is supported throughout with learning aids such as summaries, lists of key hypotheses and principles, extensive references, handy hints and exercises. Instructors will also benefit from the book's free online resources, which include PowerPoint slides of chapter key points and analyses of exercise material, as well as an answer key for all the in-book exercises. This second edition has been thoroughly revised and updated throughout, including additional exercises and an entirely new chapter on exclamative and relative clauses. Assuming no prior knowledge of grammar, this is an approachable introduction to the subject for undergraduate and graduate students.

The Morphosyntax of Portuguese and Spanish in Latin America (Paperback): Mary A. Kato, Francisco Ordonez The Morphosyntax of Portuguese and Spanish in Latin America (Paperback)
Mary A. Kato, Francisco Ordonez
R1,181 Discovery Miles 11 810 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Recent trends in syntax and morphology have shown the great importance of doing research on variation in closely related languages. This book centers on the study of the morphology and syntax of the two major Romance Languages spoken in Latin America from this perspective. The works presented here either compare Brazilian Portuguese with European Portuguese or compare Latin American Spanish and Peninsular Spanish, or simply compare Portuguese and its varieties with Spanish and its varieties. The chapters advance on a great variety of theoretical questions related to coordination, clitics , hyper-raising, infinitives, null objects, null subjects, hyper-raising, passives, quantifiers, pseudo-clefts, questions and distributed morphology. Finally, this book provides new empirical findings and enriches the descriptions made about Portuguese and Spanish Spoken in the Americas by providing new generalizations, new data and new statistical evidence that help better understand the nature of such variation. The studies contained in this book show a vast array of new phenomena in these young varieties, offering empirical and theoretical windows to language variation and change.

Teaching Tenses (Paperback): Rosemary Aitken Teaching Tenses (Paperback)
Rosemary Aitken
R633 Discovery Miles 6 330 Ships in 10 - 15 working days
English Grammar - Understanding the Basics (Paperback): Evelyn P. Altenberg, Robert M. Vago English Grammar - Understanding the Basics (Paperback)
Evelyn P. Altenberg, Robert M. Vago
R691 Discovery Miles 6 910 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This text is designed to help readers learn about English grammar in as simple and straightforward a way as possible. The authors use a friendly and encouraging tone and easy to understand language with a minimum of terminology, helping readers to overcome grammar phobia. The book can be used alone or as part of a course. It assumes no prior knowledge of grammar.

Using a workbook approach, the present information in small steps, with objective techniques to help readers apply new concepts. Numerous exercises, with answers, allow readers to test themselves after information is presented. Quick Tips provide convenient tricks to help readers master the material and also highlight the main concepts in each lesson. Short sections called To Enhance Your Understanding are for readers who are interested in more than basic information. Overall, the text provides readers with an important learning experience as well as a useful reference book.

Resources within the text: * numerous exercises with answers allow readers to test themselves after new information is presented; exercises gradually incorporate more knowledge while building on prior information; * Quick Tips that help mastery of the material and highlight the main points provide tricks to help readers master the material and help readers focus on the main points of each lesson; * To Enhance Your Understanding sections for readers who want more than the basics provide further information for readers interested in more than the basics; can be skipped by beginners; * an extensive glossary for easy reference; * answers to the Getting Started section of each exercise.

Resources on the companion website: *Table of Contents: provides readers with an overview of the contents; *searchable index: allows readers to look for specific information; *sample lesson *review exercises for each unit, with answers (17 review exercises, each with ten items) allow readers to review and further monitor their progress; *answers to the More Practice section of each exercise; *additional exercises, with answers, available only to instructors, for use as homework and/or tests. "

Introduction to Attic Greek (Paperback, 2nd edition): Donald J. Mastronarde Introduction to Attic Greek (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Donald J. Mastronarde
R1,151 Discovery Miles 11 510 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Thoroughly revised and expanded, Introduction to Attic Greek, 2nd Edition gives student and instructors the most comprehensive and accessible presentation of ancient Greek available. The text features: full exposure to the grammar and morphology that students will encounter in actual texts; self-contained instructional chapters, with challenging, carefully tailored exercises; progressively more complex chapters to build the student's knowledge of declensions, tenses, and constructions by alternating emphasis on morphology and syntax; readings based on actual texts and include unadapted passages from Xenophon, Lysias, Plato, Aristophanes, and Thucydides; concise introduction to the history of the Greek language; composite list of verbs with principal parts, and an appendix of all paradigms; and, Greek-English and English-Greek glossaries. Additional Resources: Robust online supplements for teaching and learning available at atticgreek.org; and, Answer Key to exercises also available from UC Press (9780520275744).

A Grammar of Southern Pomo (Hardcover): Neil Alexander Walker A Grammar of Southern Pomo (Hardcover)
Neil Alexander Walker
R1,882 Discovery Miles 18 820 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A Grammar of Southern Pomo is the first comprehensive description of the Southern Pomo language, which lost its last fluent speaker in 2014. Southern Pomo is one of seven Pomoan languages once spoken in the vicinity of Clear Lake and the Russian River drainage of California. Before European contact, a third of all Pomoan peoples spoke Southern Pomo, and descendants of these speakers are scattered across several present-day reservations. These descendants have recently initiated efforts to revitalize the language. The unique culture of Southern Pomo speakers is embedded in the language in several ways. There are separate words for the many different species of oak trees and their different acorns, which were the people's staple cuisine. The kinship system is unusually rich both semantically and morphologically, with terms marked for possession, generation, number, and case. Verbs similarly encode the ancient interactions of speakers with their land with more than a dozen directional suffixes indicating specific paths of movement. A Grammar of Southern Pomo sheds new light on a relatively unknown Indigenous California speech community. In many instances Neil Alexander Walker discusses phenomena that are rare or entirely unattested outside the language and challenges long-standing ideas about what human speech communities can create and pass on to children and the degree to which culture and place are inextricably woven into language.

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