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The princess saves herself in this one (Paperback): Amanda Lovelace The princess saves herself in this one (Paperback)
Amanda Lovelace 1
R323 R155 Discovery Miles 1 550 Save R168 (52%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Winner of the 2016 Goodreads Choice Award, the princess saves herself in this one is a collection of poetry about resilience. It is about writing your own ending. From Amanda Lovelace, a poetry collection in four parts: the princess, the damsel, the queen, and you. The first three sections piece together the life of the author while the final section serves as a note to the reader. This moving book explores love, loss, grief, healing, empowerment, and inspiration. the princess saves herself in this one is the first book in the "women are some kind of magic" series.

The Reading Life - The Joy of Seeing New Worlds Through Others' Eyes (Hardcover): C. S. Lewis The Reading Life - The Joy of Seeing New Worlds Through Others' Eyes (Hardcover)
C. S. Lewis
R405 R330 Discovery Miles 3 300 Save R75 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Dante - The Critical Complex (Hardcover): Richard Lansing Dante - The Critical Complex (Hardcover)
Richard Lansing
R19,585 R18,365 Discovery Miles 183 650 Save R1,220 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Progressive Traditions - Identity in Cherokee Literature and Culture (Hardcover): Joshua B Nelson Progressive Traditions - Identity in Cherokee Literature and Culture (Hardcover)
Joshua B Nelson
R819 Discovery Miles 8 190 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

According to a dichotomy commonly found in studies of American Indians, some noble Native people defiantly defend their pristine indigenous traditions in honor of their ancestors, while others in weakness or greed surrender their culture and identities to white American economies and institutions. This traditionalist-versus-assimilationist divide is, Joshua B. Nelson argues, a false one. To make his case that American Indians rarely if ever conform to such simplistic identifications, Nelson considers the literature and culture of many Cherokee people.
Exploring a range of linked cultural practices and beliefs through the works of Cherokee thinkers and writers from the nineteenth century to today, Nelson finds ample evidence that tradition can survive through times of radical change: Cherokees do their cultural work both in progressively traditional and traditionally progressive ways. Studying individuals previously deemed either "traditional" or "assimilationist," Nelson presents a more nuanced interpretation. Among the works he examines are the political rhetoric of Elias Boudinot, a forefather of American Indian literature, and of John Ross, the principal chief during the Removal years; the understudied memoirs of Catharine Brown, a nineteenth-century Cherokee convert to Christianity; and the novel "Kholvn," by contemporary traditionalist Sequoyah Guess, a writer of peculiarly Cherokee science fiction.
Across several genres--including autobiography, fiction, speeches, laws, and letters--"Progressive Traditions" identifies an "indigenous anarchism," a pluralist, community-centered political philosophy that looks to practices that preceded and surpass the nation-state as ways of helping Cherokee people prosper. This critique of the common call for expansion of tribal nations' sovereignty over their citizens represents a profound shift in American Indian critical theory and challenges contemporary indigenous people to rethink power among nations, communities, and individuals.

Daily Rituals - Women at Work (Hardcover): Mason Currey Daily Rituals - Women at Work (Hardcover)
Mason Currey 1
R330 R283 Discovery Miles 2 830 Save R47 (14%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

The much-anticipated follow-up to the acclaimed and resoundingly fascinating Daily Rituals.

Filled with the innovative, inspiring and wonderfully prolific accounts of some of the world's best female creators, Daily Rituals: Women at Work is the powerful and championing sequel to Mason Currey's first book, Daily Rituals.

Barbara Hepworth sculpted outdoors and Janet Frame wore earmuffs as she worked to block out noise. Kate Chopin wrote with her six children ‘swarming around her’ whereas the artist Rosa Bonheur filled her bedroom with the sixty birds that inspired her work. Louisa May Alcott wrote so vigorously – skipping sleep and meals – that she had to learn to write with her left hand to give her cramped right hand a break.

Filled with details of the large and small choices these women made, Daily Rituals: Women at Work is about the day-to-day lives of some of the world’s most extraordinary creative minds who, whether Virginia Woolf, Charlotte Brontė, Nina Simone or Jane Campion, found the time and got to work.

'An admirably succinct portrait of some distinctly uncommon lives' Meryle Secrest

Studies in the Age of Chaucer - Volume 23 (Hardcover): Larry Scanlon Studies in the Age of Chaucer - Volume 23 (Hardcover)
Larry Scanlon
R1,277 Discovery Miles 12 770 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Studies in the Age of Chaucer is the annual yearbook of the New Chaucer Society, publishing articles on the writing of Chaucer and his contemporaries, their antecedents and successors, and their intellectual and social contexts. More generally, articles explore the culture and writing of later medieval Britain (1200-1500). Each SAC volume also includes an annotated bibliography and reviews of Chaucer-related publications.

Rereading William Styron (Hardcover): Gavin Cologne-Brookes Rereading William Styron (Hardcover)
Gavin Cologne-Brookes
R837 Discovery Miles 8 370 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The first critical study of William Styron since his death in 2006, Rereading William Styron offers an eloquent reflection on the writer's works, world, and character. Bringing an innovative approach to literary criticism, Gavin Cologne-Brookes combines personal anecdote, scholarly research, travel writing, and primary material to provide fresh perspectives on Styron's achievements.

For Cologne-Brookes, rereading unfolds in two ways: through close analysis of texts, and through remembrance. He begins with reminiscences about the man behind the books and then, giving due consideration to Styron's stories, incidental writings, and posthumous publications, interprets anew all his significant work -- from the nonfiction, including his acclaimed memoir of depression, Darkness Visible, to the novels Lie Down in Darkness, Set This House on Fire, The Confessions of Nat Turner, and Sophie's Choice. Defining the relevance of Styron's writing in terms of everyday life, Cologne-Brookes explores the intricate relationships between an author, his work, and his readership, and between history and fiction, and writing and place. The book's emphasis on subjectivity and dynamic interaction makes it unique in Styron criticism and a striking contribution to the debate about what it means to study literature.

Queer Chivalry - Medievalism and the Myth of White Masculinity in Southern Literature (Hardcover): Tison Pugh Queer Chivalry - Medievalism and the Myth of White Masculinity in Southern Literature (Hardcover)
Tison Pugh
R876 Discovery Miles 8 760 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

For the U.S. South, the myth of chivalric masculinity dominates the cultural and historical landscape. Visions of white southern men as archetypes of honor and gentility run throughout regional narratives with little regard for the actions and, at times, the atrocities committed by such men. In Queer Chivalry, Tison Pugh exposes the inherent contradictions in these depictions of cavalier manhood, investigating the foundations of southern gallantry as a reincarnated and reauthorized version of medieval masculinity. Pugh argues that the idea of masculinity -- particularly as seen in works by prominent southern authors from Mark Twain to Ellen Gilchrist -- constitutes a cultural myth that queerly demarcates accepted norms of manliness, often by displaying the impossibility of its achievement.

Beginning with Twain's famous critique of "the Sir Walter disease" that pilloried the South, Pugh focuses on authors who questioned the code of chivalry by creating protagonists whose quests for personal knighthood prove quixotic. Through detailed readings of major works -- including Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Flannery O'Connor's short fiction, John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces, Robert Penn Warren's A Place to Come To, Walker Percy's novels, and Gilchrist's The Annunciation -- Pugh demonstrates that the hypermasculinity of white-knight ideals only draws attention to the ambiguous gender of the literary southern male.

Employing insights from gender and psychoanalytic theory, Queer Chivalry contributes to recent critical discussions of the cloaked anxieties about gender and sexuality in southern literature. Ultimately, Pugh uncovers queer limits in the cavalier mythos, showing how facts and fictions contributed to the ideological formulation of the South.

Booklovers Guide to New Orleans (Paperback, 2nd ed.): Susan Larson Booklovers Guide to New Orleans (Paperback, 2nd ed.)
Susan Larson
R471 R371 Discovery Miles 3 710 Save R100 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The literary tradition of New Orleans spans centuries and touches every genre; its living heritage winds through storied neighborhoods and is celebrated at numerous festivals across the city. For booklovers, a visit to the Big Easy isn't complete without whiling away the hours in an antiquarian bookstore in the French Quarter or stepping out on a literary walking tour. Perhaps only among the oak-lined avenues, Creole town houses, and famed hotels of New Orleans can the lust of A Streetcar Named Desire, the zaniness of A Confederacy of Dunces, the chill of Interview with the Vampire, and the heartbreak of Walker Percy's Moviegoer begin to resonate.

Susan Larson's revised and updated edition of The Booklover's Guide to New Orleans not only explores the legacy of Tennessee Williams and William Faulkner, but also visits the haunts of celebrated writers of today, including Anne Rice and James Lee Burke. This definitive guide provides a key to the books, authors, festivals, stores, and famed addresses that make the Crescent City a literary destination.

Alkant Oliphant - 'n Inleiding Tot Die Literatuurwetenskap (Afrikaans, English, Paperback, Re-issue): C van der Merwe, H.... Alkant Oliphant - 'n Inleiding Tot Die Literatuurwetenskap (Afrikaans, English, Paperback, Re-issue)
C van der Merwe, H. Viljoen
R465 R432 Discovery Miles 4 320 Save R33 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 10 working days

Watter idee sal blindes van 'n olifant he? Miskien dink hulle dis 'n muur, 'n pilaar of 'n slang. Dit is di? analogie wat uitgebuit word in hierdie eerste Afrikaanse inleidende handboek tot die literatuurwetenskap. Die letterkunde is immers ook 'n omvattende verskynsel en die algemene literatuurwetenskap 'n veelsydige dissipline. Die letterkunde word dus vanuit verskillende teoretiese hoeke beskou. Moderne teoretiese sienings (bv. New Criticism, Nuwe Historisme en Postkolonialisme) word verduidelik deur 'n klassieke teks, Jan Rabie se Droogte, deurlopend m.b.v. hierdie teoriee te belig. Gerigte vrae oor ander Suid-Afrikaanse kortverhale help verder om hierdie nuwer teoriee vir plaaslike lesers bruikbaar te maak. Daarna word basiese vrae oor die literatuurwetenskap behandel. Die boek is 'n onontbeerlike hulpmiddel vir elke ernstige letterkundestudent en 'n moet vir elke onderwyser en dosent wat op hoogte wil bly met ontwikkelinge in die literatuurstudie.

March 1917 - The Red Wheel, Node III, Book 2 (Hardcover): Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn March 1917 - The Red Wheel, Node III, Book 2 (Hardcover)
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn; Translated by Marian Schwartz
R762 R592 Discovery Miles 5 920 Save R170 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The Red Wheel is Nobel Prize-winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's multivolume epic work about the Russian Revolution. He spent decades writing about just four of the most important periods, or ""nodes." This is the first time that the monumental March 1917-the third node-has been translated into English. It tells the story of the Russian Revolution itself, during which the Imperial government melts in the face of the mob, and the giants of the opposition also prove incapable of controlling the course of events. Together, these factors condemn Russia to chaos, destruction, and ultimately Communist dictatorship. The action of Book 2 (of four) of March 1917 is set during March 13-15, 1917, the Russian Revolution's turbulent second week. The revolution has already won inside the capital, Petrograd. News of the revolution flashes across all Russia through the telegraph system of the Ministry of Roads and Railways. But this is wartime, and the real power is with the army. At Emperor Nikolai II's order, the Supreme Command sends troops to suppress the revolution in Petrograd. Meanwhile, victory speeches ring out at Petrograd's Tauride Palace. Inside, two parallel power structures emerge: the Provisional Government and the Executive Committee of the Petrograd Soviet of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies, which sends out its famous ""Order No. 1,"" presaging the destruction of the army. The Emperor hurries to leave his headquarters and join his family at Tsarskoye Selo. The troops sent to suppress the Petrograd revolution are halted by the army's own top commanders. The Emperor is detained and abdicates, and his ministers are jailed and sent to the Peter and Paul Fortress. This sweeping, historical novel is a must-read for Solzhenitsyn's many fans, as well as those interested in twentieth-century history, Russian history and literature, and military history.

The Radical Fiction of Ann Petry (Hardcover): Keith Clark The Radical Fiction of Ann Petry (Hardcover)
Keith Clark
R831 Discovery Miles 8 310 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

This welcome study delivers a long-overdue analysis of the works of Ann Petry (1908 1997), a major mid-twentieth-century African American author. Primarily known as the sole female member of the Wright School of Social Protest, Petry has been most recognized for her 1946 novel The Street, about a woman s struggle to raise her son in a hardscrabble Harlem neighborhood. Keith Clark moves beyond assessments of Petry as a sort of literary descendent of Richard Wright to acclaim her innovative approaches to gender performance, sexuality, and literary technique. Engaging a variety of disciplinary frameworks, including gothic criticism, masculinity and gender studies, queer theory, and psychoanalytic theory, Clark offers fresh readings of Petry s three novels and collection of short stories. Clark explores, for example, Petry s use of terror in The Street, where both blacks and whites appear physically and psychically monstrous. He also identifies the use of dark comedy and the macabre in her startling depictions of race, class, gender construction, and sexual identity in the stories The Bones of Louella Brown and The Witness. Petry s overlooked second novel, Country Place set in a deceptively serene, bucolic Connecticut hamlet camouflages a world as palsied and nightmarish as the Harlem of her previous work. While confirming the black feminist dimensions of Petry s writing, Clark also assesses the writer s representations of an array of black and white masculine behaviors some socially sanctioned, others transgressive and taboo in her unheralded masterpiece, The Narrows, and her widely anthologized short story, Like a Winding Sheet. Expansive in scope, The Radical Fiction of Ann Petry foregrounds and analyzes Petry s unique concerns and agile techniques, re-introducing and situating her among more celebrated male contemporaries.

The Hemingway Short Story - A Study in Craft for Writers and Readers (Hardcover, New): Robert Paul Lamb The Hemingway Short Story - A Study in Craft for Writers and Readers (Hardcover, New)
Robert Paul Lamb
R931 Discovery Miles 9 310 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In The Hemingway Short Story: A Study in Craft for Writers and Readers, Robert Paul Lamb delivers a dazzling analysis of the craft of this influential writer. Lamb scrutinizes a selection of Hemingway's exemplary stories to illuminate the author's methods of construction and to show how craft criticism complements and enhances cultural literary studies. The Hemingway Short Story, the highly anticipated sequel to Lamb's critically acclaimed Art Matters: Hemingway, Craft, and the Creation of the Modern Short Story, reconciles the creative writer's focus on art with the concerns of cultural critics, establishing the value that craft criticism holds for all readers.

Beautifully written in clear and engaging prose, Lamb's study presents close readings of representative Hemingway stories such as "Soldier's Home," "A Canary for One," "God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen," and "Big Two-Hearted River." Lamb's examination of "Indian Camp," for instance, explores not only its biographical contexts -- showing how details, incidents, and characters developed in the writer's mind and notebook as he transmuted life into art -- but also its original, deleted opening and the final text of the story, uncovering otherwise unseen aspects of technique and new terrains of meaning. Lamb proves that a writer is not merely a site upon which cultural forces contend, but a professional in his or her craft who makes countless conscious decisions in creating a literary text.

Revealing how the short story operates as a distinct literary genre, Lamb provides the meticulous readings that the form demands -- showing Hemingway practicing his craft, offering new inclusive interpretations of much debated stories, reevaluating critically neglected stories, analyzing how craft is inextricably entwined with a story's cultural representations, and demonstrating the many ways in which careful examinations of stories reward us.

The Motherless Child in the Novels of Pauline Hopkins (Hardcover): Jill Bergman The Motherless Child in the Novels of Pauline Hopkins (Hardcover)
Jill Bergman
R803 Discovery Miles 8 030 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Well known in her day as a singer, playwright, author, and editor of the Colored American Magazine, Pauline Hopkins (1859--1930) has been the subject of considerable scholarly attention over the last twenty years. Academic review of her many accomplishments, however, largely overlooks Hopkins's contributions as novelist. The Motherless Child in the Novels of Pauline Hopkins, the first book-length study of Hopkins's major fiction, fills this gap, offering a sustained analysis of motherlessness in Contending Forces, Hagar's Daughter, Winona, and Of One Blood.

Motherlessness appears in all of Hopkins's novels. The motif, Jill Bergman asserts, resonated profoundly for African Americans living with the legacy of abduction from a motherland and familial fragmentation under slavery. In her novels, motherlessness serves as a trope for the national alienation of post-Reconstruction African Americans. The longing and search for a maternal figure, then, represents an effort to reconnect with the absent mother -- a missing parent and a lost African history and heritage. In Hopkins's oeuvre, the image of the mother of African heritage -- a source of both identity and persecution -- becomes a source of power and possibility.

Bergman shows how historical events -- such as Bleeding Kansas, the execution of John Brown, and the Middle Passage -- gave rise to a sense of motherlessness and how Hopkins's work engages with that of other contemporaneous race activists. This illuminating study opens new terrain not only in Hopkins scholarship, but also in the complex interchanges between literary, African American, psychoanalytic, feminist, and postcolonial studies.

What Lesbians Do in Books - Essays on Lesbian Sensibilities in Literature (Paperback): Elaine Hobby, Chris White What Lesbians Do in Books - Essays on Lesbian Sensibilities in Literature (Paperback)
Elaine Hobby, Chris White
R253 Discovery Miles 2 530 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Strange Divisions and Alien Territories - The Sub-Genres of Science Fiction (Paperback, New): Keith Brooke Strange Divisions and Alien Territories - The Sub-Genres of Science Fiction (Paperback, New)
Keith Brooke
R739 Discovery Miles 7 390 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Strange Divisions and Alien Territories explores the sub-genres of science fiction from the perspectives of a range of top SF authors. Combining a critical viewpoint with the exploration of the challenges and opportunities facing authors working in the field, contributors include Michael Swanwick, Catherine Asaro and Paul di Filippo.

Composing Selves - Southern Women and Autobiography (Hardcover): Peggy Whitman Prenshaw Composing Selves - Southern Women and Autobiography (Hardcover)
Peggy Whitman Prenshaw
R938 Discovery Miles 9 380 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In Composing Selves, award-winning author Peggy Whitman Prenshaw provides the most comprehensive treatment of autobiographies by women in the American South. This long-anticipated addition to Prenshaw's study of southern literature spans the twentieth century as she provides an in-depth look at the life-writing of eighteen women authors.

Composing Selves travels the wide terrain of female life in the South, analyzing various issues that range from racial consciousness to the deflection of personal achievement. All of the authors presented came of age during the era Prenshaw refers to as the "late southern Victorian period," which began in 1861 and ended in the 1930s. Belle Kearney's A Slaveholder's Daughter (1900) with Elizabeth Spencer's Landscapes of the Heart and Ellen Douglas's Truth: Four Stories I Am Finally Old Enough to Tell (both published in 1998) chronologically bookend Prenshaw's survey.

She includes Ellen Glasgow's The Woman Within, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings's Cross Creek, Bernice Kelly Harris's Southern Savory, and Zora Neale Hurston's Dust Tracks on a Road. The book also examines Katharine DuPre Lumpkin's The Making of a Southerner and Lillian Smith's Killers of the Dream.

In addition to exploring multiple themes, Prenshaw considers a number of types of autobiographies, such as Helen Keller's classic The Story of My Life and Anne Walter Fearn's My Days of Strength. She treats narratives of marital identity, as in Mary Hamilton's Trials of the Earth, and calls attention to works by women who devoted their lives to social and political movements, like Virginia Durr's Outside the Magic Circle.

Drawing on many notable authors and on Prenshaw's own life of scholarship, Composing Selves provides an invaluable contribution to the study of southern literature, autobiography, and the work of southern women writers.

No More Heroes - Narrative Perspective and Morality in Cormac McCarthy (Hardcover): Lydia R Cooper No More Heroes - Narrative Perspective and Morality in Cormac McCarthy (Hardcover)
Lydia R Cooper
R786 Discovery Miles 7 860 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Critics often trace the prevailing mood of despair and purported nihilism in the works of Cormac McCarthy to the striking absence of interior thought in his seemingly amoral characters. In No More Heroes, however, Lydia Cooper reveals that though McCarthy limits inner revelations, he never eliminates them entirely. In certain crucial cases, he endows his characters with ethical decisions and attitudes, revealing a strain of heroism exists in his otherwise violent and apocalyptic world.

Cooper evaluates all of McCarthy's work to date, carefully exploring the range of his narrative techniques. The writer's overwhelmingly distant, omniscient third-person narrative rarely shifts to a more limited voice. When it does deviate, however, revelations of his characters' consciousness unmistakably exhibit moral awareness and ethical behavior. The quiet, internal struggles of moral men such as John Grady Cole in the Border Trilogy and the father in The Road demonstrate an imperfect but very human heroism.

Even when the writing moves into the minds of immoral characters, McCarthy draws attention to the characters' humanity, forcing the perceptive reader to identify with even the most despicable representatives of the human race. Cooper shows that this rare yet powerful recognition of commonality and the internal yearnings for community and a commitment to justice or compassion undeniably exist in McCarthy's work.

No More Heroes directly addresses the essential question about McCarthy's brutal and morally ambiguous universe and reveals poignant new answers.

Language and Style (Paperback): D. McIntyre, Beatrix Busse Language and Style (Paperback)
D. McIntyre, Beatrix Busse
R1,629 Discovery Miles 16 290 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Inspired by Exploring the Language of Poems, Plays and Prose, Mick Short's classic introduction to stylistics, Language and Style represents the state-of-the-art in literary stylistics and encompasses the full breadth of current research in the discipline. Written by leading scholars in the field, chapters cover a variety of methodological and analytical approaches, from traditional qualitative analysis to more recent developments in cognitive and corpus stylistics. Addressing the three, key literary genres of poetry, drama and narrative, Language and Style is divided into carefully balanced sections. Based on original research, each chapter demonstrates a particular analytic technique and explains how this might be applied to a text from one of the literary genres. Framed by helpful introductory material covering the foundational principles of stylistics, the chapters act as practical exemplars of how to carry out stylistic analysis. Comprehensive and engaging, this invaluable resource is essential reading for anyone interested in stylistics.

Secrets of the Lost Symbol - The Unauthorized Guide to the Mysteries Behind the Da Vinci Code Sequel (Paperback): Daniel... Secrets of the Lost Symbol - The Unauthorized Guide to the Mysteries Behind the Da Vinci Code Sequel (Paperback)
Daniel Burstein, Arne de Keijzer
R310 R290 Discovery Miles 2 900 Save R20 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

What secrets lie at the heart of America?

Discover the hidden reality behind Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol . . . and America itself. Just as there is only one Dan Brown, there is also only one secrets team that has achieved worldwide bestselling success by exposing the truth beneath Brown's bestselling novels. Dan Burstein and Arne de Keijzer have gathered together world-class authorities--from scientist Richard Dawkins, noetics expert Lynne McTaggart, and religious scholar Karen Armstrong to journalist Jeff Sharlet (author of The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at theHeart of American Power), mathematician and science historian Amir Aczel, FBI consultant Michael Barkun, 33 Freemason Arturo de Hoyos, and a host of renowned philosophers, symbologists, code breakers, art historians, writers, thinkers, and experts on the occult--to give readers the essential tools to understand the conspiracies, codes, cutting-edge science, cultural controversies, and suppressed history at the center of The Lost Symbol . . . and the very founding of the United States of America.

Which Founding Fathers were members of secret societies?

What is the true background of the Ancient Mysteries?

Does The Lost Symbol have a hidden religious agenda?

What is the actual role of Freemasons in American history?

What do the hidden codes embedded in the novel tell us?

Noh Ominameshi: A Flower Viewed From Many Directions-Pa (Paperback): Mae J Smethurst, Christina Laffin Noh Ominameshi: A Flower Viewed From Many Directions-Pa (Paperback)
Mae J Smethurst, Christina Laffin
R661 Discovery Miles 6 610 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In an important and unique contribution to the study of noh, this volume includes, for the first time, essays on the subject of one noh play written by scholars from both sides of the Pacific Ocean in their own language, Japanese or English (with a summary of each contribution translated into the other language also included). The essays show some of the breadth and depth that is available for the study of Japanese literature and drama both in Japan and abroad. Japanese scholars Amano Fumio, Nishino Haruo, Takemoto Mikio, and Wakita Haruko join with actor Uzawa Hisa and American scholars Monica Bethe, Steven Brown, Susan Klein, William LaFleur, Susan Matisoff, Carolyn Morley, Mae Smethurst, and Arthur Thornhill, to interpret the noh Ominameshi, all from the vantage point of their own analytical approaches. The intent is to provide the reader with more than just an introduction to the variety of ways of studying noh in general by focusing on one particular play and analyzing it closely and from many directions.The volume includes a preface and introduction plus 19 color and 4 black-and-white illustrations; one less literal and one more literal translation of the noh accompanied by the Japanese texts; and contributions interpreting Ominameshi in the light of medieval commentaries, the ai-ky gen, new historicism, gender studies, legends surrounding the history of the play's setting, the etiology of the graves of the two principal characters, poetic usage, other plays on the subject of ominameshi, the religious background and meaning, authorship, structure, performance, costumes and masks. The volume concludes with reflections on the performance of the play by Uzawa Hisa in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, during the conference out of which the book developed.

The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics - Fourth Edition (Paperback, 4th Revised edition): Stephen Cushman, Clare... The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics - Fourth Edition (Paperback, 4th Revised edition)
Stephen Cushman, Clare Cavanagh, Jahan Ramazani, Paul F. Rouzer; Edited by (editors-in-chief) Roland Greene
R1,332 R967 Discovery Miles 9 670 Save R365 (27%) In stock

Through three editions over more than four decades, "The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics" has built an unrivaled reputation as the most comprehensive and authoritative reference for students, scholars, and poets on all aspects of its subject: history, movements, genres, prosody, rhetorical devices, critical terms, and more. Now this landmark work has been thoroughly revised and updated for the twenty-first century. Compiled by an entirely new team of editors, the fourth edition--the first new edition in almost twenty years--reflects recent changes in literary and cultural studies, providing up-to-date coverage and giving greater attention to the international aspects of poetry, all while preserving the best of the previous volumes

At well over a million words and more than 1,000 entries, the "Encyclopedia" has unparalleled breadth and depth. Entries range in length from brief paragraphs to major essays of 15,000 words, offering a more thorough treatment--including expert synthesis and indispensable bibliographies--than conventional handbooks or dictionaries.

This is a book that no reader or writer of poetry will want to be without. Thoroughly revised and updated by a new editorial team for twenty-first-century students, scholars, and poets More than 250 new entries cover recent terms, movements, and related topics Broader international coverage includes articles on the poetries of more than 110 nations, regions, and languages Expanded coverage of poetries of the non-Western and developing worlds Updated bibliographies and cross-references New, easier-to-use page design Fully indexed for the first time

Beginning Theory - An Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory: Fourth Edition (Paperback, 4th Revised edition): Peter Barry Beginning Theory - An Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory: Fourth Edition (Paperback, 4th Revised edition)
Peter Barry
R314 Discovery Miles 3 140 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Beginning theory has been helping students navigate through the thickets of literary and cultural theory for over two decades. This new and expanded fourth edition continues to offer readers the best single-volume introduction to the field. The bewildering variety of approaches, theorists and technical language is lucidly and expertly unravelled. Unlike many books which assume certain positions about the critics and the theories they represent, Beginning theory allows readers to develop their own ideas once first principles and concepts have been grasped. The book has been updated for this edition and includes a new introduction, expanded chapters, and an overview of the subject ('Theory after "Theory"') which maps the arrival of new 'isms' since the second edition appeared in 2002 and the third edition in 2009. -- .

An Introduction to the Study of English and American Literature (Paperback): Ansgar Nunning, Vera Nunning An Introduction to the Study of English and American Literature (Paperback)
Ansgar Nunning, Vera Nunning
R335 R310 Discovery Miles 3 100 Save R25 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Bizarre Books - A Compendium of Classic Oddities (Paperback): Russell Ash, Brian Lake Bizarre Books - A Compendium of Classic Oddities (Paperback)
Russell Ash, Brian Lake
R295 R278 Discovery Miles 2 780 Save R17 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

They say you can't judge a book by its cover--but its title can tell you more than you ever needed to know!

Amazing, illuminating, and gut-bustingly funny, Bizarre Books is the wonderfully twisted product of more than two decades of determined searching in forgotten corners of out-of-the-way libraries and through the literary detritus of eclectic private collections. It is certain to delight every true fan of trivia and the patently absurd.

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