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Gender in Latin America (Paperback): Chant Gender in Latin America (Paperback)
R858 Discovery Miles 8 580 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Gender in Latin America is a comprehensive state-of-the-art review of gender in one of the world's most diverse and dynamic regions. The authors draw on a wide range of sources, including their own field research, to explore changes and continuities in gender roles, relations, and identities during the late twentieth century into the twenty-first. Debunking traditional universalizing stereotypes, diversity in gender is highlighted in relation to the cross-cutting influences of age, class, sexuality, ethnicity, rural-urban residence, and migrant status. Each of the book's thematic chapters--on politics, poverty, population, health, sexuality, families and households, employment, and migration--begins with an introduction to core issues and theoretical debates in the respective field. In the discussions which follow, up-to-date statistical evidence on Latin America is accompanied by detailed case studies that bring alive the richly varied experiences of women and men in a region undergoing profound, and frequently conflictive, transformation. The extensive bibliography reflects not only the critical contributions made by feminist scholarship in and on Latin America over the last three decades, but new bodies of literature on men and masculinities, fatherhood, and sexuality. Sylvia Chant is professor of development geography at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her recent books include Women-headed Households: Diversity and Dynamics in the Developing World (Macmillan) and Mainstreaming Men into Gender and Development (with Matthew Gutmann) (Oxfam). Nikki Craske is senior lecturer in politics and director of the Institute of Latin American Studies, University of Liverpool, and author of Women and Politics in Latin America (Rutgers University Press).

Violence in the Lives of Black Women - Battered, Black, and Blue (Paperback): Carolyn West Violence in the Lives of Black Women - Battered, Black, and Blue (Paperback)
Carolyn West
R1,045 Discovery Miles 10 450 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Break the silence surrounding Black women's experiences of violence!
Written from a Black feminist perspective by therapists, researchers, activists, and survivors, Violence in the Lives of Black Women: Battered, Black, and Blue sheds new light on an understudied field. For too long, Black women have been suffering the effects of violence in painful silence. This book--winner of the Carolyn Payton Early Career Award for its contribution to the understanding of the role of gender in the lives of Black women--provides a forum where personal testimony and academic research meet to show you how living at the intersection of many kinds of oppression shapes the lives of Black women. With moving case studies, in-depth discussions of activism and resistance, and helpful suggestions for treatment and intervention, this book will help you understand the impact of violence on the lives of Black women.
Topics you'll find in Violence in the Lives of Black Women include: using the arts to deal with sexual aggression in the Black community racial aspects of sexual harassment the consequences of head and brain injuries stemming from abuse domestic violence in African-American lesbian relationships strategies Black women use to escape violent living situations lifelong effects of childhood sexual abuse on Black women's mental health references and resources to help you learn more!

Harriet Martineau - Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives (Paperback): Michael R Hill, Susan Hoecker-Drysdale Harriet Martineau - Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives (Paperback)
Michael R Hill, Susan Hoecker-Drysdale
R1,303 Discovery Miles 13 030 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The essays in this volume explore the work of Harriet Martineau from a sociological perspective, highlighting her theoretical contributions in the areas of the sociology of labor, gender and political economy. The contributors each offer a contextual, theoretical and methodological assessment of her work beginning with the opportunities and challenges of utilizing Martineau pedagogically in the sociology classroom.

Decoding Gender in Science Fiction (Paperback): Brian Attebery Decoding Gender in Science Fiction (Paperback)
Brian Attebery
R946 Discovery Miles 9 460 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Decoding Gender looks at the ways science fiction writers have incorporated, explored and revised conventional notions of gender. Although the study draws on feminist insights, it is not exclusively devoted to women writers or the treatment of women characters. Instead it examines both men's and women's writing and the question of sexual difference. Begins with science fiction's origins (Mary Shelley's Frankenstein) and follows to the present day, suggesting new perspectives on the field's best known writers.

Gender, Language and Discourse (Paperback): Ann Weatherall Gender, Language and Discourse (Paperback)
Ann Weatherall
R944 Discovery Miles 9 440 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Is language sexist? Do women and men speak different languages?
Gender, Language and Discourse uniquely examines the contribution that psychological research - in particular, discursive psychology - has made to answering these questions. Until now, books on gender and language have tended to be from the sociolinguistic perspective and have focused on one of two issues - sexism in language or gender differences in speech. This book considers both issues and develops the idea that they shouldn't be viewed as mutually exclusive endeavours but rather as part of the same process - the social construction of gender. Ann Weatherall highlights the fresh insights that a social constructionist approach has made to these debates, and presents recent theoretical developments and empirical work in discursive psychology relevant to gender and language.
Gender, Language and Discourse provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date discussion of the gender and language field from a psychological perspective. It will be invaluable to students and researchers in social psychology, cultural studies, education, linguistic anthropology and women's studies.

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Just Another Gender Theory (Paperback): Filippo Romanelli Just Another Gender Theory (Paperback)
Filippo Romanelli
R703 R581 Discovery Miles 5 810 Save R122 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Tentacle (Paperback): Rita Indiana Tentacle (Paperback)
Rita Indiana; Translated by Achy Obejas 1
R250 R182 Discovery Miles 1 820 Save R68 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Plucked from her life on the streets of post-apocalyptic Santo Domingo, young maid Acilde Figueroa finds herself at the heart of a voodoo prophecy: only she can travel back in time and save the ocean - and humanity - from disaster. But first she must become the man she always was - with the help of a sacred anemone.Tentacle is an electric novel with a big appetite and a brave vision, plunging headfirst into questions of climate change, technology, Yoruba ritual, queer politics, poverty, sex, colonialism and contemporary art. Bursting with punk energy and lyricism, it's a restless, addictive trip: The Tempest meets the telenovela.

Unsafe Spaces - Ending Sexual Abuse in Universities (Paperback): Eva Tutchell, John Edmonds Unsafe Spaces - Ending Sexual Abuse in Universities (Paperback)
Eva Tutchell, John Edmonds
R896 Discovery Miles 8 960 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Unsafe Spaces reveals the shocking extent of sexual abuse in English and Welsh universities. Thousands of students and staff suffer sexual abuse every year and too little is being done to end what has become a public scandal. This important book is based on research, a detailed examination of current practice and on the compelling testimony of survivors, who tell of their ordeal and the miserable after-effects. Confidence is shattered and careers are damaged. Unsafe Spaces names the handful of universities who have approached this problem with sympathy and professionalism, but finds that the majority are failing their students and staff. Usually sexual abuse is given too little attention, and most universities have not even collected reliable information or recruited trained specialists. Too often, universities seek to conceal the extent of sexual misconduct instead of focusing on care and prevention. The authors advocate greater openness and a new policy agenda, making the safety and welfare of everyone on campus into a top priority for university management. Crucial reading for university leaders, staff, students, and those committed to ending sexual violence, Unsafe Spaces offers practical solutions both to the present crisis and to the culture of disrespect which blights many universities and allows sexual abuse to continue unchecked.

Women, Insecurity, and Violence in a Post-9/11 World (Paperback): Bronwyn Winter Women, Insecurity, and Violence in a Post-9/11 World (Paperback)
Bronwyn Winter
R940 R852 Discovery Miles 8 520 Save R88 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

September 11 has become a temporal and symbolic marker of the world's brutal entry into the third millennium. Nearly all discussions of world politics today include a tacit, if not overt, reference to that historical moment. A decade and a half on, Winter considers the impact of 9/11 on women around the world. How were women affected by the events of that day? Were all women affected in the same way? Based on theoretical reflection, empirical research, and field work in different parts of the world, each chapter of the book considers a different post-9/11 issue in relation to women: global governance, human security, globalized militarism, identity, and sexuality in transnational feminist movements.

Religion, the Secular, and the Politics of Sexual Difference (Paperback): Linell E. Cady, Tracy Fessenden Religion, the Secular, and the Politics of Sexual Difference (Paperback)
Linell E. Cady, Tracy Fessenden
R747 R608 Discovery Miles 6 080 Save R139 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Global struggles over women's roles, rights, and dress increasingly cast the secular and the religious in tense if not violent opposition. When advocates for equality speak in terms of rights and modern progress, or reactionaries ground their authority in religious and scriptural appeals, both tend to presume women's emancipation is ineluctably tied to secularization. Religion, the Secular, and the Politics of Sexual Difference upsets this certainty by drawing on diverse voices and traditions in studies that historicize, question, and test the implicit links between secularism and expanded freedoms for women. Rather than position secularism as the answer to conflicts over gender and sexuality, this volume shows both religion and the secular collaborate in creating the conditions that generate them.

What's the Use? - On the Uses of Use (Paperback): Sara Ahmed What's the Use? - On the Uses of Use (Paperback)
Sara Ahmed
R615 R523 Discovery Miles 5 230 Save R92 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In What's the Use? Sara Ahmed continues the work she began in The Promise of Happiness and Willful Subjects by taking up a single word-in this case, use-and following it around. She shows how use became associated with life and strength in nineteenth-century biological and social thought and considers how utilitarianism offered a set of educational techniques for shaping individuals by directing them toward useful ends. Ahmed also explores how spaces become restricted to some uses and users, with specific reference to universities. She notes, however, the potential for queer use: how things can be used in ways that were not intended or by those for whom they were not intended. Ahmed posits queer use as a way of reanimating the project of diversity work as the ordinary and painstaking task of opening up institutions to those who have historically been excluded.

Strip Show - Performances of Gender and Desire (Paperback, New): Katherine Liepe-Levinson Strip Show - Performances of Gender and Desire (Paperback, New)
Katherine Liepe-Levinson
R1,151 Discovery Miles 11 510 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book offers an account of an unprecedented North American study of contemporary female and male strip shows. It particularly focuses on the contradictory sex roles, cultural positions, and performance practices of 'straight' strip shows during their second heyday in the early 1990s.
Katherine Liepe-Levinson's research took her to over seventy different strip bars, clubs, theatres and sex emporiums ranging from elaborate lap-dancing and couch-dancing 'gentlemen's' clubs in New York, Houston, and San Francisco; to Peoria's onetime duplex cabaret where women strip for men downstairs, and men for women upstairs; to the nightclubs of Montreal where female and male performers displayed the 'Full Monty'.
Liepe-Levinson's intriguing, comprehensive study concentrates on the cultural and theatrical elements of the strip shows themselves including the geographic locations and interior designs of the clubs, the choreography and costumes of the dancers and the all-important participation of the audience. She draws upon a variety of methodologies as well as interviews with performers to explore how the strip show's cultural and theatrical aspects simultaneously uphold and break traditional sex roles. Her findings readily complicate several of the most prominent and prevalent theories about sexual representation, gender and desire.

Does God Make the Man? - Media, Religion, and the Crisis of Masculinity (Paperback): Stewart M. Hoover, Curtis D Coats Does God Make the Man? - Media, Religion, and the Crisis of Masculinity (Paperback)
Stewart M. Hoover, Curtis D Coats
R636 R539 Discovery Miles 5 390 Save R97 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Many believe that religion plays a positive role in men's identity development, with religion promoting good behavior, and morality. In contrast, we often assume that the media is a negative influence for men, teaching them to be rough and violent, and to ignore their emotions. In Does God Make the Man?, Stewart M. Hoover and Curtis D. Coats draw on extensive interviews and participant observation with both Evangelical and non-Evangelical men, including Catholics as well as Protestants, to argue that neither of these assumptions is correct. Dismissing the easy notion that media encourages toxic masculinity and religion is always a positive influence, Hoover and Coats argue that not only are the linkages between religion, media, and masculinity not as strong and substantive as has been assumed, but the ways in which these relations actually play out may contradict received views. Over the course of this fascinating book they examine crises, contradictions, and contestations: crises about the meaning of masculinity and about the lack of direction men experience from their faith communities; contradictions between men's religious lives and media lives, and contestations among men's ideas about what it means to be a man. The book counters common discussions about a "crisis of masculinity," showing that actual men do not see the world the way the "crisis talk" has portrayed it-and interestingly, even Evangelical men often do not see religion as part of the solution.

Fur Nation - From the Beaver to Brigitte Bardot (Hardcover, New): Chantal Nadeau Fur Nation - From the Beaver to Brigitte Bardot (Hardcover, New)
Chantal Nadeau
R3,090 Discovery Miles 30 900 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Acknowledgements List of illustrations Prologue Section One: Fur Nation 1. My Fur Ladies (The Fabric of a Nation) 2. Princes, Bear Boys, and Beaver Men (Tales from the Beaver Clubs) Section Two: Beavers 3. The eyes of June Sauer (For a Sexual economy of fur fashion photography) 4. My Fur Lady, Canada's Liberty Section Three: Bardots 5. BB and her Beasts 6. Venus Forever (The Next Fur Generation) Endnotes Bibliography

Genderqueer and Non-Binary Genders (Paperback, 1st ed. 2017): Christina Richards, Walter Pierre Bouman, Meg John Barker Genderqueer and Non-Binary Genders (Paperback, 1st ed. 2017)
Christina Richards, Walter Pierre Bouman, Meg John Barker
R824 R775 Discovery Miles 7 750 Save R49 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book addresses the emerging field of genderqueer or non-binary genders - that is, individuals who do not identify as male or female. It considers theoretical, research, practice, and activist perspectives; and outlines a basis for good practice when working with non-binary individuals. The first section provides an overview of historical, legal and academic aspects of this phenomenon. The second section explores how psychotherapeutic, psychological and psychiatric theory and practice are adapting to a non-binary model of gender, and the third section considers the body related aspects, from endocrinology to surgery. This work will appeal to a wide readership, from practitioners working with non-binary individuals - including psychologists, surgeons, social workers, nurses, psychiatrists, endocrinologists, psychotherapists and counselors, lawyers, and healthcare workers - to researchers interested in the study of gender identities, to students and gender activists.

Gender and Development - The Japanese Experience in Comparative Perspective (Hardcover, 2005 ed.): M Murayama Gender and Development - The Japanese Experience in Comparative Perspective (Hardcover, 2005 ed.)
M Murayama
R2,762 Discovery Miles 27 620 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Although Japanese economic development is often discussed, less attention is given to social development, and much less to gender related issues. By examining Japanese experiences related to gender, the authors seek insights relevant to the current developing countries. Simultaneously, the book points out the importance for Japanese society to draw lessons from the creativity and activism of women in developing countries.

Sex, Work and Sex Work - Eroticizing Organization (Paperback): Joanna Brewis, Stephen Linstead Sex, Work and Sex Work - Eroticizing Organization (Paperback)
Joanna Brewis, Stephen Linstead
R1,460 Discovery Miles 14 600 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Sex, Work and Sex Work argues not only that sexuality pervades every aspect of organizations, but also that organization pervades every aspect of our sexuality.

Gender and the Environment (Paperback): Nicole Detraz Gender and the Environment (Paperback)
Nicole Detraz
R466 R439 Discovery Miles 4 390 Save R27 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Climate change, natural disasters, and loss of biodiversity are all considered major environmental concerns for the international community both now and into the future. Each are damaging to the earth, but they also negatively impact human lives, especially those of women. Despite these important links, to date very little consideration has been given to the role of gender in global environmental politics and policy-making. This timely and insightful book explains why gender matters to the environment. In it, Nicole Detraz examines contemporary debates around population, consumption, and security to show how gender can help us to better understand environmental issues and to develop policies to tackle them effectively and justly. Our society often has different expectations of men and women, and these expectations influence the realm of environmental politics. Drawing on examples of various environmental concerns from countries around the world, Gender and the Environment makes the case that it is only by adopting a more inclusive focus that embraces the complex ways men and women interact with ecosystems that we can move towards enhanced sustainability and greater environmental justice on a global scale. This much-needed book is an invaluable guide for those interested in environmental politics and gender studies, and sets the agenda for future scholarship and advocacy.

Sexual Decoys - Gender, Race and War in Imperial Democracy (Paperback): Zillah Eisenstein Sexual Decoys - Gender, Race and War in Imperial Democracy (Paperback)
Zillah Eisenstein
R560 Discovery Miles 5 600 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In this book, Zillah Eisenstein continues her unforgiving indictment of neoliberal imperial politics. She charts its most recent militarist and masculinist configurations through discussions of the Afghan and Iraq wars, violations at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, the 2004 US Presidential election, and Hurricane Katrina. She warns that women's rights rhetoric is being manipulated, particularly by Condoleezza Rice and other women in the Bush administration, as a ploy for global dominance and a misogynistic capture of democratic discourse. However, Eisenstein also believes that the plural and diverse lives of women will lay the basis for an assault on these fascistic elements. This new politics will both confound and clarify feminisms, and reconfigure democracy across the globe.

Gender and Werewolf Cinema (Paperback): Jason Barr Gender and Werewolf Cinema (Paperback)
Jason Barr
R1,099 Discovery Miles 10 990 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

It all begins with a howl, the unsettling sound which tells audiences that someone will soon become a werewolf. But the changes that occur during that transformation aren't just physical, they are psychological as well. Unremarkable men become domineering leaders. Innocuous men become violent and overtly sexual. In films from The Wolf-man and An American Werewolf in London to Ginger Snaps, when the protagonists become werewolves, their perceptions of their gender and their masculinity or femininity change dramatically. This volume explores how werewolves in cinema have provided an avenue for frank and often enlightening conversations about gender roles and masculinity. Werewolves are indeed a harbinger of change, but the genre of werewolf cinema itself has changed over time in how different styles of masculinity and different gender identities are portrayed.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex, and Queer Psychology - An Introduction (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition): Sonja J.... Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex, and Queer Psychology - An Introduction (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition)
Sonja J. Ellis, Damien W. Riggs, Elizabeth Peel
R2,332 Discovery Miles 23 320 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The second edition of this award-winning textbook provides an accessible and engaging introduction to the field of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer psychology. Comprehensive in scope and international in outlook, it offers an integrated overview of key topical areas, from history and context, identities and fluidity, families and relationships, to health and wellbeing. The second edition has been extensively revised to address substantial developments and emerging areas, such as people born with intersex variations, transgender and non-binary genders, intersectionality, and gender-diverse children. It also includes new pedagogical features to support learning and to facilitate discussion and reflection, with feature boxes throughout that explain important concepts, provide concise overviews of cutting-edge research, and offer first-person narratives that bring topics to life. This pioneering textbook is an essential resource for undergraduate courses on sex, gender, and sexuality in psychology and related disciplines, such as sociology, health studies, social work, education, and counselling.

Gender and the Law (Paperback): Judith Bourne, Caroline Derry Gender and the Law (Paperback)
Judith Bourne, Caroline Derry
R901 Discovery Miles 9 010 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Gender and the Law provides an ideal introduction to gender and feminist theory for students. Beginning with an overview of traditional notions of gender, the book establishes the key feminist and queer legal theories. It provides a basic structure and overview upon which students can build their understanding of some of the complex and controversial topics and debates around gender. Structured thematically, the book explores many fascinating and controversial legal issues, including issues of transgender rights; equal pay and equality in the workplace; societal changes and challenges within the regulation of personal relationships; the law surrounding consent and sexual offences; the role of gender norms in the criminal courts; legal regulation of prostitution and pornography; and the ways in which the law has responded to societal changes surrounding reproduction. With 'thinking points' and 'further reading' suggestions within each chapter, the authors encourage an engagement with critique and theory in order to understand this dynamic and challenging field.

The Myth of Mars and Venus - Do men and women really speak different languages? (Paperback): Deborah Cameron The Myth of Mars and Venus - Do men and women really speak different languages? (Paperback)
Deborah Cameron
R308 R244 Discovery Miles 2 440 Save R64 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Popular assumptions about gender and communication - famously summed up in the title of the massively influential 1992 bestseller Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus - can have unforeseen but far-reaching consequences in many spheres of life, from attitudes to the phenomenon of 'date-rape' to expectations of achievement at school, and potential discrimination in the work-place. In this wide-ranging and thoroughly readable book, Deborah Cameron, Rupert Murdoch Professor of Language and Communication at Oxford University and author of a number of leading texts in the field of language and gender studies, draws on over 30 years of scientific research to explain what we really know and to demonstrate how this is often very different from the accounts we are familiar with from recent popular writing. Ambitious in scope and exceptionally accessible, The Myth of Mars and Venus tells it like it is: widely accepted attitudes from the past and from other cultures are at heart related to assumptions about language and the place of men and women in society; and there is as much similarity and variation within each gender as between men and women, often associated with social roles and relationships. The author goes on to consider the influence of Darwinian theories of natural selection and the notion that girls and boys are socialized during childhood into different ways of using language, before addressing problems of 'miscommunication' surrounding, for example, sex and consent to sex, and women's relative lack of success in work and politics. Arguing that what linguistic differences there are between men and women are driven by the need to construct and project personal meaning and identity, Cameron concludes that we have an urgent need to think about gender in more complex ways than the prevailing myths and stereotypes allow. A compelling and insightful read for anyone with an interest in communication, language, and the sexes.

My Sister - How One Sibling's Transition Changed Us Both (Hardcover): Marizol Leyva, Selenis Leyva My Sister - How One Sibling's Transition Changed Us Both (Hardcover)
Marizol Leyva, Selenis Leyva
R653 R516 Discovery Miles 5 160 Save R137 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

When Selenis Leyva's parents adopted a baby into their warm, loving family, Selenis was immediately smitten. The pair was always close; Selenis showered her younger sibling with affection, who in turn looked up to Selenis and followed her everywhere. The siblings realised, almost at the same moment, that the younger of the two was struggling with their identity. As Marizol transitioned and fought to define her identity, Selenis and her family, a traditional Catholic Afro-Latinx family, struggled to support her. In My Sister, they narrate their shared journey, challenges and triumphs. In alternating chapters, Selenis and Marizol write honestly about the issues of violence, abuse and discrimination that trans people and women of colour-and especially trans women of colour-experience daily. And they are open about the messiness and confusion of fully realising oneself and being properly affirmed by others. Profoundly moving and instructive, My Sister offers insight into the lives of two siblings learning to be their authentic selves. Ultimately, theirs is a story of hope, one that will resonate with and affirm those in the process of transitioning, watching a loved one transition, and anyone taking control of their gender or sexual identities.

Gender in Latin America (Paperback): Sylvia Chant, Nikki Craske Gender in Latin America (Paperback)
Sylvia Chant, Nikki Craske
R699 R663 Discovery Miles 6 630 Save R36 (5%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Gender impacts on every major social issue from rights to social policy, from ethnicity to poverty, this work is a comprehensive overview of the subject, examining trends in gender over history until the present. The authors draw on a wide range on theoretial analyses as well as their own field of work to illuminate the importance of diversity in gender in Latin America, as well as more traditionally held concepts of class, ethnicity, the urban-rural divide and age and peer groups. Debunking traditional universalizing stereotypes, this text charts contemporary changes gender roles, relations between the genders, and gender- and sexuality-based identities. Chapters are arranged around broad themes, including gender and poverty, gender and health, gender and sexuality and gender and employment. Each chapter begins with an introduction to the core issues the debates and theoretical work in the relevant field, and case studies. The authors also make reference to the continually expanding literature on the subject, including work on men and masculinity, fatherhood and sexuality.

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