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Love and Resistance - Out of the Closet into the Stonewall Era (Hardcover): Roxane Gay, Jason Baumann, Kay Tobin Lahusen, Diana... Love and Resistance - Out of the Closet into the Stonewall Era (Hardcover)
Roxane Gay, Jason Baumann, Kay Tobin Lahusen, Diana Davies
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This powerful collection-which captures the energy, humour and humanity of the ground-breaking protests that surrounded the Stonewall Riots-celebrates the diversity of the LGBT rights movement, both in the subjects of the photos and by presenting Kay Tobin Lahusen and Diana Davies' distinctive work and perspectives in conversation with each other. A preface, captions and part introductions from curator Jason Baumann provide illuminating historical context. And an introduction from best-selling author Roxane Gay speaks to the continued importance of these iconic photos of resistance.

Hammer! - Making Movies Out of Sex and Life (Paperback): Barbara Hammer Hammer! - Making Movies Out of Sex and Life (Paperback)
Barbara Hammer 1
R441 R340 Discovery Miles 3 400 Save R101 (23%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

"What an amazingly inspirational book, filled with powerful stories and beautiful images. I truly love and recommend it. Thank you, Barbara Hammer "--Sadie Benning, artist

"Barbara Hammer's genius is an erotic genius, one rich in intuitive intelligence. HAMMER reveals a spirit that is at once youthful and worldly, full of conviction, and often optimistic, bold, ravenous, and celebratory."--Cecilia Dougherty, artist
"HAMMER is a brilliant and shimmering feast of art and activism. Barbara's fearless queer intelligence illuminates every page."--John Greyson, filmmaker
"Now the gift of Hammer's sounds and images is matched by that of her words. Beautifully designed and illustrated, HAMMER is a striking book, from its title to its impact."--Patricia White, author of "Uninvited: Classical Hollywood Cinema and Lesbian Representability"
"A candid and colorful memoir, HAMMER offers valuable primary source material and original feminist film theory by a pioneer of avant-garde American cinema."--Livia Bloom, film curator
"Barbara Hammer is a true cinematic pioneer; her tremendous body of work continues to inspire audiences and artists alike."--Jenni Olson, LGBT film historian

HAMMER is the first book by influential filmmaker Barbara Hammer, whose life and work have inspired a generation of queer, feminist, and avant-garde artists and filmmakers. The wild days of non-monogamy in the 1970s, the development of a queer aesthetic in the 1980s, the fight for visibility during the culture wars of the 1990s, her search for meaning as she contemplates mortality in the past ten years--HAMMER includes texts from these periods, new writings, and fully contextualized film stills to create a memoir as innovative and disarming as her work has always been.

Barbara Hammer has made over eighty films and video works over the past forty years. Her experimental films of the 1970s often dealt with taboo subjects such as menstruation, female orgasm, and lesbian sexuality. In the 1980s she used optical printing to explore perception and the fragility of 16mm film life itself. Her documentaries tell the stories of marginalized peoples who have been hidden from history. Her most recent work, "A Horse is Not a Metaphor," won the 2009 Teddy Award for Best Short Film at the Berlin International Film Festival. A retrospective screening of her work will be presented at the Museum of Modern Art in spring 2010 and will travel to the Reina Sophia in Madrid and the Tate Modern in London.

Homosexual Desire in Shakespeare's England - A Cultural Poetics (Paperback, New edition): Bruce R. Smith Homosexual Desire in Shakespeare's England - A Cultural Poetics (Paperback, New edition)
Bruce R. Smith
R795 Discovery Miles 7 950 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In the most comprehensive study yet of homosexuality in the English Renaissance, Bruce R. Smith examines and rejects the assessments of homosexual acts in moral philosophy, laws, and medical books in favor of a poetics of homosexual desire. Smith isolates six different "myths" from classical literature and discusses each in relation to a particular Renaissance literary genre and to a particular part of the social structure of early modern England. Smith's new Preface places his work in the context of the continuing controversies in gay, lesbian, and bisexual studies.
"The best single analysis of the homoerotic element in Renaissance English literature."--Keith Thomas, "New York Review of Books"
"Smith's lucid and subtle book offer[s] a poetics of homosexual desire. . . . Its scholarship, impressively broad and deftly deployed, aims to further a serious social purpose: the redemptive location of homosexual desire in history and the recuperation for our own time, through an understanding of its discursive embodiments, of that desire's changing imperatives and parameters."--Terence Hawkes, "Times Literary Supplement"
"The great strength of Bruce Smith's book is that it does not sidestep the complex challenge of engaging in the sexual politics of the present while attending to the resistant discourses and practices of Renaissance England. "Homosexual Desire in Shakespeare's England" demonstrates how a commitment to the present opens up our understanding of the past."--Peter Stallybrass, "Shakespeare Quarterly"
"A major contribution to the understanding of homosexuality in Renaissance England and by far the best and most comprehensive account yet offered of the homoeroticismthat suffuses Renaissance literature."--Claude J. Summers, "Journal of Homosexuality"

Violence against Queer People - Race, Class, Gender, and the Persistence of Anti-LGBT Discrimination (Paperback): Doug Meyer Violence against Queer People - Race, Class, Gender, and the Persistence of Anti-LGBT Discrimination (Paperback)
Doug Meyer
R514 Discovery Miles 5 140 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Violence against lesbians and gay men has increasingly captured media and scholarly attention. But these reports tend to focus on one segment of the LGBT community - white, middle class men - and largely ignore that part of the community that arguably suffers a larger share of the violence - racial minorities, the poor, and women. In Violence against Queer People, sociologist Doug Meyer offers the first investigation of anti-queer violence that focuses on the role played by race, class, and gender. Drawing on interviews with forty-seven victims of violence, Meyer shows that LGBT people encounter significantly different forms of violence - and perceive that violence quite differently - based on their race, class, and gender. His research highlights the extent to which other forms of discrimination - including racism and sexism - shape LGBT people's experience of abuse. He reports, for instance, that lesbian and transgender women often described violent incidents in which a sexual or a misogynistic component was introduced, and that LGBT people of color sometimes weren't sure if anti-queer violence was based solely on their sexuality or whether racism or sexism had also played a role. Meyer observes that given the many differences in how anti-queer violence is experienced, the present media focus on white, middle-class victims greatly oversimplifies and distorts the nature of anti-queer violence. In fact, attempts to reduce anti-queer violence that ignore race, class, and gender run the risk of helping only the most privileged gay subjects. Many feel that the struggle for gay rights has largely been accomplished and the tide of history has swung in favor of LGBT equality. Violence against Queer People, on the contrary, argues that the lives of many LGBT people - particularly the most vulnerable - have improved very little, if at all, over the past thirty years.

The Red In The Rainbow - Sexuality, Socialism & LGBT Liberation (Paperback): Hannah Dee The Red In The Rainbow - Sexuality, Socialism & LGBT Liberation (Paperback)
Hannah Dee
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License to Wed - What Legal Marriage Means to Same-Sex Couples (Paperback): Kimberly D. Richman License to Wed - What Legal Marriage Means to Same-Sex Couples (Paperback)
Kimberly D. Richman
R529 R443 Discovery Miles 4 430 Save R86 (16%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

A critical reader of the history of marriage understands that it is an institution that has always been in flux. It is also a decidedly complicated one, existing simultaneously in the realms of religion, law, and emotion. And yet recent years have seen dramatic and heavily waged battles over the proposition of including same sex couples in marriage. Just what is at stake in these battles? License to Wed examines the meanings of marriage for couples in the two first states to extend that right to same sex couples: California and Massachusetts. The two states provide a compelling contrast: while in California the rights that go with marriage-inheritance, custody, and so forth-were already granted to couples under the state's domestic partnership law, those in Massachusetts did not have this same set of rights. At the same time, Massachusetts has offered civil marriage consistently since 2004; Californians, on the other hand, have experienced a much more turbulent legal path. And yet, same-sex couples in both states seek to marry for a variety of interacting, overlapping, and evolving reasons that do not vary significantly by location. The evidence shows us that for many of these individuals, access to civil marriage in particular-not domestic partnership alone, no matter how broad-and not a commitment ceremony alone, no matter how emotional-is a home of such personal, civic, political, and instrumental resonance that it is ultimately difficult to disentangle the many meanings of marriage. This book attempts to do so, and in the process reveals just what is at stake for these couples, how access to a legal institution fundamentally alters their consciousness, and what the impact of legal inclusion is for those traditionally excluded.

Memoir of a Race Traitor - Fighting Racism in the American South (Paperback): Mab Segrest Memoir of a Race Traitor - Fighting Racism in the American South (Paperback)
Mab Segrest
R348 R283 Discovery Miles 2 830 Save R65 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Pedagogies of Crossing - Meditations on Feminism, Sexual Politics, Memory, and the Sacred (Paperback): M. Jacqui Alexander Pedagogies of Crossing - Meditations on Feminism, Sexual Politics, Memory, and the Sacred (Paperback)
M. Jacqui Alexander
R700 Discovery Miles 7 000 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

M. Jacqui Alexander is one of the most important theorists of transnational feminism working today. Pedagogies of Crossing brings together essays she has written over the past decade, uniting her incisive critiques, which have had such a profound impact on feminist, queer, and critical race theories, with some of her more recent work. In this landmark interdisciplinary volume, Alexander points to a number of critical imperatives made all the more urgent by contemporary manifestations of neoimperialism and neocolonialism. Among these are the need for North American feminism and queer studies to take up transnational frameworks that foreground questions of colonialism, political economy, and racial formation; for a thorough re-conceptualization of modernity to account for the heteronormative regulatory practices of modern state formations; and for feminists to wrestle with the spiritual dimensions of experience and the meaning of sacred subjectivity.In these meditations, Alexander deftly unites large, often contradictory, historical processes across time and space. She focuses on the criminalization of queer communities in both the United States and the Caribbean in ways that prompt us to rethink how modernity invents its own traditions; she juxtaposes the political organizing and consciousness of women workers in global factories in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Canada with the pressing need for those in the academic factory to teach for social justice; she reflects on the limits and failures of liberal pluralism; and she presents original and compelling arguments that show how and why transgenerational memory is an indispensable spiritual practice within differently constituted women-of-color communities as it operates as a powerful antidote to oppression. In this multifaceted, visionary book, Alexander maps the terrain of alternative histories and offers new forms of knowledge with which to mold alternative futures.

Unashamed - A Memoir of My Closet Coming in and Coming Out (Paperback): Emma Janson Unashamed - A Memoir of My Closet Coming in and Coming Out (Paperback)
Emma Janson
R263 Discovery Miles 2 630 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
The Lavender Scare - The Cold War Persecution of Gays and Lesbians in the Federal Government (Paperback, New edition): David K.... The Lavender Scare - The Cold War Persecution of Gays and Lesbians in the Federal Government (Paperback, New edition)
David K. Johnson
R613 Discovery Miles 6 130 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

The McCarthy era is generally considered the worst period of political repression in recent American history. But while the famous question, "Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?" resonated in the halls of Congress, security officials were posing another question at least as frequently, if more discreetly: "Information has come to the attention of the Civil Service Commission that you are a homosexual. What comment do you care to make?"
Historian David K. Johnson here relates the frightening, untold story of how, during the Cold War, homosexuals were considered as dangerous a threat to national security as Communists. Charges that the Roosevelt and Truman administrations were havens for homosexuals proved a potent political weapon, sparking a "Lavender Scare" more vehement and long-lasting than McCarthy's Red Scare. Relying on newly declassified documents, years of research in the records of the National Archives and the FBI, and interviews with former civil servants, Johnson recreates the vibrant gay subculture that flourished in New Deal-era Washington and takes us inside the security interrogation rooms where thousands of Americans were questioned about their sex lives. The homosexual purges ended promising careers, ruined lives, and pushed many to suicide. But, as Johnson also shows, the purges brought victims together to protest their treatment, helping launch a new civil rights struggle.
"The Lavender Scare" shatters the myth that homosexuality has only recently become a national political issue, changing the way we think about both the McCarthy era and the origins of the gay rights movement. And perhaps just as importantly, this book is acautionary tale, reminding us of how acts taken by the government in the name of "national security" during the Cold War resulted in the infringement of the civil liberties of thousands of Americans.

Pray the Gay Away - The Extraordinary Lives of Bible Belt Gays (Paperback): Bernadette Barton Pray the Gay Away - The Extraordinary Lives of Bible Belt Gays (Paperback)
Bernadette Barton
R513 R432 Discovery Miles 4 320 Save R81 (16%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

In the Bible Belt, it's common to see bumper stickers that claim One Man + One Woman = Marriage, church billboards that command one to "Get right with Jesus," letters to the editor comparing gay marriage to marrying one's dog, and nightly news about homophobic attacks from the Family Foundation. While some areas of the Unites States have made tremendous progress in securing rights for gay people, Bible Belt states lag behind. Not only do most Bible Belt gays lack domestic partner benefits, lesbians and gay men can still be fired from some places of employment in many regions of the Bible Belt for being a homosexual. In Pray the Gay Away, Bernadette Barton argues that conventions of small town life, rules which govern Southern manners, and the power wielded by Christian institutions serve as a foundation for both passive and active homophobia in the Bible Belt. She explores how conservative Christian ideology reproduces homophobic attitudes and shares how Bible Belt gays negotiate these attitudes in their daily lives. Drawing on the remarkable stories of Bible Belt gays, Barton brings to the fore their thoughts, experiences and hard-won insights to explore the front lines of our national culture war over marriage, family, hate crimes, and equal rights. Pray the Gay Away illuminates their lives as both foot soldiers and casualties in the battle for gay rights.

Before Intimacy - Asocial Sexuality in Early Modern England (Paperback): Daniel Juan Gil Before Intimacy - Asocial Sexuality in Early Modern England (Paperback)
Daniel Juan Gil
R560 Discovery Miles 5 600 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Before the eighteenth-century rise of the ideology of intimacy, sexuality was defined not by social affiliations but by bodies. In "Before Intimacy," Daniel Juan Gil examines sixteenth-century English literary concepts of sexuality that frame erotic ties as neither bound by social customs nor transgressive of them, but rather as "loopholes" in people's experiences and associations.
Engaging the poems of Wyatt, Sidney's "Astrophil and Stella," Spenser's "Amoretti" and "The Faerie Queene," and Shakespeare's "Troilus and Cressida" and the "Sonnets," Gil demonstrates how sexuality was conceived as a relationship system inhabited by men and women interchangeably--set apart from the "norm" and not institutionalized in a private or domestic realm. Going beyond the sodomy-as-transgression analytic, he asserts the existence of socially inconsequential sexual bonds while recognizing the pleasurable effects of violating the supposed traditional modes of bonding and ideals of universal humanity and social hierarchy.
Celebrating the ability of corporeal emotions to interpret connections between people who share nothing in terms of societal structure, "Before Intimacy" shows how these works of early modern literature provide a discourse of sexuality that strives to understand status differences in erotic contexts and thereby question key assumptions of modernity.
Daniel Juan Gil is assistant professor of English at TCU.

Deliberative Democracy Now - LGBT Equality and the Emergence of Large-Scale Deliberative Systems (Hardcover): Edwina Barvosa Deliberative Democracy Now - LGBT Equality and the Emergence of Large-Scale Deliberative Systems (Hardcover)
Edwina Barvosa
R1,760 R1,630 Discovery Miles 16 300 Save R130 (7%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

While millions feel politically marginalized, there is evidence that democracy is evolving into a conversation-based, public-centered practice called deliberative democracy. In this new form of democracy, public discussion, conscious reflection, and collective choice drive democratic governance and have the power to override democratic dysfunction. Illustrating this emerging possibility with examples from 28 years of US public engagement on LGBT equality, this book offers a practical model for the growth of deliberative democracy in which everyone can take part. It identifies the necessary social catalysts, the role of social networks and technology, and key pathways to addressing unconscious bias, hidden fears, and identity based polarization as they were overcome in the LGBT case. It demonstrates how each person can gain voice and influence in a deliberative democracy in which people once again become the true source of political power. This book will interest anyone who cares about the future of democracy.

On The Outside - A Story of Female to Male Transition and Therapy When You Don't Believe in Therapy (Paperback): Terry... On The Outside - A Story of Female to Male Transition and Therapy When You Don't Believe in Therapy (Paperback)
Terry Willits
R362 Discovery Miles 3 620 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Global City Futures - Desire and Development in Singapore (Paperback): Natalie Oswin Global City Futures - Desire and Development in Singapore (Paperback)
Natalie Oswin; Series edited by Mathew Coleman, Sapana Doshi; Edited by (fouders) Nik Heynen
R563 Discovery Miles 5 630 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Global City Futures offers a queer analysis of urban and national development in Singapore, the Southeast Asian city-state commonly cast as a leading 'global city.' Much discourse on Singapore focuses on its extraordinary socioeconomic development, and on the fact that many city and national governors around the world see it as a developmental model. But counter-narratives complicate this success story, pointing out rising income inequalities, the lack of a social safety net, an unjust migrant labor regime, significant restrictions on civil liberties, and more. Global City Futures contributes to such critical perspectives by centering recent debates over the place of homosexuality in the city-state. It extends out from these debates to consider the ways in which the race, class, and gender biases that are already well critiqued in the literature on Singapore (and on other cities around the world) are tied in key ways to efforts to make the city-state into not just a heterosexual space that excludes 'queer' subjects, but a heteronormative one that 'queers' many more than LGBT people. The book thus argues for the importance of taking the politics of sexuality and intimacy much more seriously within both Singapore studies and the wider field of urban studies.

Refocusing My Family - Coming out, Being Cast out, and Discovering the True Love of God (Hardcover): Amber Cantorna Refocusing My Family - Coming out, Being Cast out, and Discovering the True Love of God (Hardcover)
Amber Cantorna
R518 R466 Discovery Miles 4 660 Save R52 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Amber Cantorna is an LGBT Christian and the homeschooled daughter of a Focus on the Family executive. Since coming out, she has founded Beyond, a nonprofit organization focused on helping LGBT people navigate their coming out process.

Flaming Classics - Queering the Film Canon (Hardcover, illustrated edition): Alexander Doty Flaming Classics - Queering the Film Canon (Hardcover, illustrated edition)
Alexander Doty
R2,349 Discovery Miles 23 490 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

In his readings of film favourites, Alexander Doty takes the reader to the queer side of criticism, offering fresh and controversial views of the stars, the plots, and the directors of our best loved and most iconic films. Arguing against the assumption that only explicitly gay films are subject to gay readings, he looks at six classics and reads them for their queer potential. With both affection and scholarly rigor, he teases out the lesbian fantasy inherent in "The Wizard of Oz", the gay nightmare narrative of "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari", the bisexual erotics of "Gentleman Prefer Blondes", the queerness of Norman Bates, and even makes a compelling argument about Citizen Kane's dying word, "Rosebud".

Homosexuality and Psychoanalysis (Paperback, New): Tim Dean, Christopher Lane Homosexuality and Psychoanalysis (Paperback, New)
Tim Dean, Christopher Lane
R950 Discovery Miles 9 500 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Why has homosexuality always fascinated and vexed psychoanalysis? This groundbreaking collection of original essays reconsiders the troubled relationship between same-sex desire and psychoanalysis, assessing homosexuality's status in psychoanalytic theory and practice, as well as the value of psychoanalytic ideas for queer theory. The contributors, each distinguished clinicians and specialists, reexamine works by Freud, Klein, Reich, Lacan, Laplanche, and their feminist and queer revisionists. Sharing a commitment to conscious and unconscious forms of homosexual desire, they offer new perspectives on pleasure, perversion, fetishism, disgust, psychosis, homophobia, AIDS, otherness, and love. Including two previously untranslated essays by Michel Foucault, "Homosexuality and Psychoanalysis will interest cultural theorists, psychoanalysts, and anyone concerned with the fate of sexuality in our time.
Lauren Berlant
Leo Bersani
Daniel L. Buccino
Arnold I. Davidson
Tim Dean
Jonathan Dollimore
Brad Epps
Michel Foucault
Lynda Hart
Jason B. Jones
Christopher Lane
H. N. Lukes
Catherine Millot
Elizabeth A. Povinelli
Ellie Ragland
Paul Robinson
Judith Roof
Joanna Ryan
Ram 3n E. Soto-Crespo
Suzanne Yang

Trans Figured - My Journey from Boy to Girl to Woman to Man (Hardcover): Brian Belovitch Trans Figured - My Journey from Boy to Girl to Woman to Man (Hardcover)
Brian Belovitch
R467 R299 Discovery Miles 2 990 Save R168 (36%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

"A thrilling read.... One of the most mercilessly candid and outspoken memoirs in years. If Holly Golightly existed, this might have been her true story. I couldn't put it down."-Scott Wittman, Tony and Grammy award-winning lyricist of Hairspray Imagine experiencing life not as the gender dictated by birth but as one of your own design. In Trans Figured, Brian Belovitch shares his true story of life as a gender outlier and his dramatic journey through the jungle of gender identity. Brian has the rare distinction of coming out three times: first as a queer teenager; second as a glamorous transgender woman named Tish, and later, Natalia Gervais; and finally as an HIV-positive gay man surviving the AIDS crisis in the 1980s. From growing up in a barely-working-class first-generation immigrant family in Fall River, Massachusetts, to spinning across the disco dance floor of Studio 54 in New York City . . . from falling into military lock-step as the Army wife of a domineering GI in Germany to having a brush with fame as Natalia, high-flying downtown darling of the boozy and druggy pre-Giuliani New York nightclub scene, Brian escaped many near-death experiences. Trans Figured chronicles a life lived on the edge with an unforgettable cast of characters during a dangerous and chaotic era. Rich with drama and excitement, this no-holds-barred memoir tells it all. Most importantly, Brian's candid and poignant story of recovery shines a light on the perseverance of the human spirit.

The Postcolonial Animal - African Literature and Posthuman Ethics (Paperback): Evan Maina Mwangi The Postcolonial Animal - African Literature and Posthuman Ethics (Paperback)
Evan Maina Mwangi
R802 Discovery Miles 8 020 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Despite the central role that animals play in African writing and daily life, African literature and African thinkers remain conspicuously absent from the field of animal studies. The Postcolonial Animal: African Literature and Posthuman Ethics demonstrates the importance of African writing to animal studies by analyzing how postcolonial African writing-including folktales, religion, philosophy, and anticolonial movements-has been mobilized to call for humane treatment of nonhuman others. Mwangi illustrates how African authors grapple with the possibility of an alternative to eating meat, and how they present postcolonial animal-consuming cultures as shifting toward an embrace of cultural and political practices that avoid the use of animals and minimize animal suffering. The Postcolonial Animal analyzes texts that imagine a world where animals are not abused or used as a source of food, clothing, or labor, and that offer instruction in how we might act responsibly and how we should relate to others-both human and nonhuman-in order to ensure a world free of oppression. The result is an equitable world where even those who are utterly foreign to us are accorded respect and where we recognize the rights of all marginalized groups.

Pleasure Zones - Bodies, Cities, Spaces (Hardcover, 1st ed): David Bell Pleasure Zones - Bodies, Cities, Spaces (Hardcover, 1st ed)
David Bell
R1,121 Discovery Miles 11 210 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Provides a new interpretation of space and sexuality, with topics ranging from pregnant embodiment to the performance of sexual identities in video diaries, from lesbian geographies to mapping the erotics of the city.

How does a subculture appropriate space within the dominant culture? What is the city's relationship to the body? Geographers from England and New Zealand apply queer theory in their consideration of the human body as a vehicle for understanding relationships between people and place. These provocative essays examine the body as an entity constricted by gender, sexuality, race, class, nationality, and disability. They also look at sexual identity as it relates to communities, and how humans "do" gender through regulated practices such as heterosexuality. Pleasure Zones tackles topics such as the politics of gay men's health; the relationship of sex and death to the city; erotic urban landscapes, and how public policy labels lesbians. Each essay attempts to reconcile queer theory and social and cultural theory with the discipline of geography. The result is an illuminating and accessible look at the formation of personal and collective identities. Building on two decades of geography that recognizes the body as a politicized site of struggle, and applying the perspective of the sexual dissident, Pleasure Zones brings a fascinating variety of human experiences into sharp relief.

Trans - Gender and Race in an Age of Unsettled Identities (Hardcover): Rogers Brubaker Trans - Gender and Race in an Age of Unsettled Identities (Hardcover)
Rogers Brubaker
R479 R380 Discovery Miles 3 800 Save R99 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In the summer of 2015, shortly after Caitlyn Jenner came out as transgender, the NAACP official and political activist Rachel Dolezal was "outed" by her parents as white, touching off a heated debate in the media about the fluidity of gender and race. If Jenner could legitimately identify as a woman, could Dolezal legitimately identify as black? Taking the controversial pairing of "transgender" and "transracial" as his starting point, Rogers Brubaker shows how gender and race, long understood as stable, inborn, and unambiguous, have in the past few decades opened up--in different ways and to different degrees--to the forces of change and choice. Transgender identities have moved from the margins to the mainstream with dizzying speed, and ethnoracial boundaries have blurred. Paradoxically, while sex has a much deeper biological basis than race, choosing or changing one's sex or gender is more widely accepted than choosing or changing one's race. Yet while few accepted Dolezal's claim to be black, racial identities are becoming more fluid as ancestry--increasingly understood as mixed--loses its authority over identity, and as race and ethnicity, like gender, come to be understood as something we do, not just something we have. By rethinking race and ethnicity through the multifaceted lens of the transgender experience--encompassing not just a movement from one category to another but positions between and beyond existing categories--Brubaker underscores the malleability, contingency, and arbitrariness of racial categories. At a critical time when gender and race are being reimagined and reconstructed, Trans explores fruitful new paths for thinking about identity.

Victorian Sexual Dissidence (Paperback, 2nd ed.): Richard Dellamora Victorian Sexual Dissidence (Paperback, 2nd ed.)
Richard Dellamora
R937 Discovery Miles 9 370 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Recent critical and historical work on the late-Victorian period has furnished a vocabulary for discussing gender and sexuality. These popular terms include categories such as homo/hetero, patriarchal/feminist, and masculine/effeminate. This collection exploits this framework--while refining and resisting it in places--to show how certain Victorians imagined difference in ways that continue to challenge us today.
One essay, for example, traces the remarkable feminist appropriation of male-identified fields of study, such as Classical philology. Others address the validation of male bodies as objects of desire in writing, painting, and emergent modernist choreography. The writings shed light on the diverse interests served by a range of cultural practitioners and on the complex ways in which the late Victorians invented themselves as modern subjects.
This volume will be essential reading for students of British literary and cultural history as well as for those interested in feminist, gay, and lesbian studies.
Contributors are: Oliver Buckton, Richard Dellamora, Dennis Denisoff, Regenia Gagnier, Eric Haralson, Andrew Hewitt, Christopher Lane, Thais Morgan, Yopie Prins, Kathy Alexis Psomiades, Julia Saville, Robert Sulcer, Jr., Martha Vicinus.

How Places Make Us - Novel Lbq Identities in Four Small Cities (Paperback): Japonica Brown-Saracino How Places Make Us - Novel Lbq Identities in Four Small Cities (Paperback)
Japonica Brown-Saracino
R640 R599 Discovery Miles 5 990 Save R41 (6%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

We like to think of ourselves as possessing an essential self, a core identity that is who we really are, regardless of where we live, work, or play. But places actually make us much more than we might think, argues Japonica Brown-Saracino in this novel ethnographic study of lesbian, bisexual, and queer individuals in four small cities across the United States. Taking us into communities in Ithaca, New York; San Luis Obispo, California; Greenfield, Massachusetts; and Portland, Maine; Brown-Saracino shows how LBQ migrants craft a unique sense of self that corresponds to their new homes. How Places Make Us demonstrates that sexual identities are responsive to city ecology. Despite the fact that the LBQ residents share many demographic and cultural traits, their approaches to sexual identity politics and to ties with other LBQ individuals and heterosexual residents vary markedly by where they live. Subtly distinct local ecologies shape what it feels like to be a sexual minority, including the degree to which one feels accepted, how many other LBQ individuals one encounters in daily life, and how often a city declares its embrace of difference. In short, city ecology shapes how one "does" LBQ in a specific place. Ultimately, Brown-Saracino shows that there isn't one general way of approaching sexual identity because humans are not only social, but fundamentally local creatures. Even in a globalized world, the most personal of questions who am I? is in fact answered collectively by the city in which we live.

You Be You! - The Kid's Guide to Gender, Sexuality, and Family (Hardcover, Illustrated edition): Jonathan Branfman You Be You! - The Kid's Guide to Gender, Sexuality, and Family (Hardcover, Illustrated edition)
Jonathan Branfman; Illustrated by Julie Benbassat
R295 R233 Discovery Miles 2 330 Save R62 (21%) Shipped within 10 - 14 working days

Moonbeam Children's Book Awards Gold Medal Winner This is an illustrated children's book for ages 7-11 that makes gender identity, sexual orientation and family diversity easy to explain to children. Throughout the book kids learn that there are many kinds of people in the world and that diversity is something to be celebrated. It covers gender, romantic orientation, discrimination, intersectionality, privilege, and how to stand up for what's right. With charming illustrations, clear explanations, and short sections that can be dipped in and out of, this book helps children think about how to create a kinder, more tolerant world.

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