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Developing Leadership - A Learning and Development Manual (2nd Edition) (Paperback, 2 Ed): Peter Gilbert Developing Leadership - A Learning and Development Manual (2nd Edition) (Paperback, 2 Ed)
Peter Gilbert
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Abuse of Older Men (Hardcover): Jordan I. Kosberg Abuse of Older Men (Hardcover)
Jordan I. Kosberg
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Learn the causes of and consequences from elder abuse of men For the most part, often only women are considered the victims of elder abuse. However, men are also subject to this disturbing social problem. Abuse of Older Men examines the diverse aspects of this surprisingly widespread issue that includes sexual abuse, abuse by intimates, and benign neglect in the health care field, as well as effective treatment strategies. This unique resource provides the latest research and crucial discussions of why the problem is often invisible, under-studied, and under-treated. Detailed explorations include risk assessment, differential detection of abuse of one gender over the other, the risk of abandonment, economic exploitation, and the issues of older men who had been abused in childhood.In the past, elder abuse literature has quite correctly mainly focused on the abuse of women, who represent the majority of older persons. Abuse of Older Men expands the discussion of this distressing social challenge to include the other gender, reviewing the different types of abuse and the reasons why it is not readily apparent in today's society. This compelling text examines in detail the causes and consequences of elder abuse of men. The under-reporting of abuse is addressed, along with suggestions on ways to better approach various problems. This insightful resource is extensively referenced and provides tables to clearly present data. Issues discussed in Abuse of Older Men include: intimate partner abuse perpetrated against older men sexual abuse of older men in nursing homes the impact of gender on the reporting of elder abuse neglectful aspects of osteoporosis in older men past relationships that increase the risk of the neglect of older fathers news accounts that repost the frequency and types of abuse against men identifying and treating victims societal forces that affect older men's risk of mistreatment recommendations for structuring services to better meet victim's needs the social construction of manhood as an important factor in understanding the abuse of older men Abuse of Older Men provides crucial information practitioners, educators, researchers, and students in social work, nursing, medicine, law, gerontology, adult protective services, criminal justice, sociology, psychology, domestic violence, counseling, ethics, public policy, and aging networks.

A Journey Called Aging - Challenges and Opportunities in Older Adulthood (Paperback): James C. Fisher, Henry C. Simmons A Journey Called Aging - Challenges and Opportunities in Older Adulthood (Paperback)
James C. Fisher, Henry C. Simmons
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Understand the sequential stages in the aging process A Journey Called Aging: Challenges and Opportunities in Older Adulthood presents an insightful exploration of the years between the entry into older adulthood and death. This text examines the significant changes and major landmarks of older persons between 60 and 90. Grounded by a developmental framework based on empirical research, this book presents a new way of looking at older adulthood, describing the older adult years in intensely human terms through both anecdotes and research-based findings to engage the reader as both guide and traveler. Using a series of sequential stages as a framework, A Journey Called Aging: Challenges and Opportunities in Older Adulthood discusses the experiences of older adults addressing the challenges and opportunities presented at each stage. This clear analysis can be used as a guide to help persons plan their own odyssey through the older years. Topics in A Journey CalledAging: Challenges and Opportunities in Older Adulthood include: research and results of the study entering older adulthood the long stable stage of Extended Middle Age Early Transition Older Adult Lifestyle Later Transition the stable stage near the end of life the final transition A Journey Called Aging: Challenges and Opportunities in Older Adulthood is crucial reading for professionals who work with older adults, including pastors, attorneys, facilities managers, and program directors; gerontology educators and students; and older adults themselves, their families, and those who care for and about them.

Textbook of Social Administration - The Consumer-Centered Approach (Paperback): John Poertner, Charles A. Rapp Textbook of Social Administration - The Consumer-Centered Approach (Paperback)
John Poertner, Charles A. Rapp
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Textbook of Social Administration equips social programs managers with the skills they need to produce mutually desired outcomes for their consumers/clients and for their staff. This comprehensive resource is a how-to guide to developing the management abilities needed to maintain an effective client-centered approach by using a social programs framework that uses information, personnel, and additional resources to support and direct the interaction between social workers and their clients. How does a social administrator structure an organization so that consumers achieve desired benefits and the work still gets done in an efficient manner? This hands-on, practical guide shows how, demonstrating both the basic principles of consumer/client-centered management through a micro-skills approach and effective personnel management that produces satisfied workers-and consumers. Textbook of Social Administration demystifies human services management with a simple but powerful approach that is both passionate and informed. Textbook of Social Administration includes: frameworks for organizing social administration skills strategies for initiating change through persuasion principles of consumer-centered management the elements of the social program analytic framework framework requirements for goals, objectives, and expectations helping behaviors examples of program elements that enhance consumer benefits applying the wrap-around approach to school-based mental health services managing information selecting and measuring performance indicators personnel management fiscal management the inverted hierarchy and much more Textbook of Social Administration is essential as a classroom resource for social work students interested in administration and as a professional resource for administrators in social service agencies.

Social Work and Drug Use (Paperback, Ed): Ian Paylor, Fiona Measham, Hugh Asher Social Work and Drug Use (Paperback, Ed)
Ian Paylor, Fiona Measham, Hugh Asher
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"This is the most important book on illicit drug use and social work to be published for a long time ... Whilst it may inspire some to become "drug specialists" it's most important purpose is in dealing with drug issues which are apparent in all social work settings. Just as importantly this book should be read by those responsible for redesigning social work and social work education in order that substance use forms part of the curriculum." Ken Barrie, Alcohol and Drug Studies, University of West Scotland, UK "This comprehensive, well written book will be essential reading for social work students and practitioners who need a clear, useful and relevant overview of the issues involved in working constructively with drug using service users. Its emphasis on working in partnership, while also attending to issues of risk and vulnerability, is realistic and practical, and being resolutely `social' in its outlook, the book will appeal to and inspire novice and experienced practitioners alike." Dr Mark Hardy, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, University of York, UKAlcohol and drug use are cross-cutting issues in all areas of social work practice and social workers need to know how to identify, assess, engage and support their substance-using clients effectively. This book provides a comprehensive and practical account of this important area of health and social care and provides a basis for social workers to develop a rounded approach to their practice with drug and alcohol users.The book unravels the relevant theory and research and provides insights and practical pointers for those working with drug users. Key topics covered include: Prevalence, patterns and policy and defining drug users Stigma, HCV and HIV; care and control The service user's perspective; involving service users in services and interventions Recovery; networking, advocacy and empowerment The authors argue that in contrast to widely held concerns about the `threat' represented by drug users, the aim of social work should be to restate the importance of listening to them, taking their concerns seriously, and challenging the discrimination they encounter. Social Work and Drug Use is key reading for social work students and those training in related areas such as youth justice, criminology, education welfare and youth work. Practitioners, academics and those undertaking post-qualifying training will also find it a valuable reference.

Social Media in Social Work Practice (Hardcover): Joanne Westwood Social Media in Social Work Practice (Hardcover)
Joanne Westwood
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Should you respond to friend requests from service users? How can you be sure that your own online profile is secure? Do service users understand the global and permanent nature of social media posts? Mapped against UK regulatory bodies' standards this book responds to new complex issues raised by social media. Joanne Westwood draws on evidence and contemporary examples from practice to contextualise developments in social media and outline how this has shaped social work practice in recent years. She unpicks the potential pitfalls and opportunities social media presents for individual practice, organisations and service users. After using the case study questions, quizzes and reflective activities you will be able to confidently apply your knowledge of the 4 key issues: * privacy * confidentiality * regulation * professional ethics and values

Encyclopedia of Social Work with Groups (Paperback): Alex Gitterman, Robert Salmon Encyclopedia of Social Work with Groups (Paperback)
Alex Gitterman, Robert Salmon
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What do you have to know, today, to be an effective group worker and what are the different group work approaches? With 110 articles and entries, this book provides a comprehensive overview of social work with groups from its initial development to its astounding range of diverse practice today with many populations in different places.

The articles have been written by social workers trained in the group approach from the United States, Canada, England, Australia, Spain and Japan, and all involved are well known group workers, acknowledged as experts in the area. The book covers all aspects of social work with groups: including its history, values, major models, approaches and methods, education, research, journals, phases of development, working with specific populations and ages, plus many more. Each article includes references which can be a major resource for future exploration in the particular subject area.

Both editors have many years of productive work in group work practice and other areas and are board members of The Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups. The Encyclopedia of Social Work with Groups will be of interest to students, practitioners, social work faculty, novice and experienced group workers.

Core Themes in Social Work: Power, Poverty, Politics and Values (Paperback, Ed): Martin Sheedy Core Themes in Social Work: Power, Poverty, Politics and Values (Paperback, Ed)
Martin Sheedy
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"This book sheds a very bright light on poverty as a central experience of the people social workers work with. Research and theories of power, politics and values are thoroughly discussed and provide the basis for a sustained commitment to social justice. The book is a supportive read as it skilfully appreciates the personal challenges that critical and assertive practice entails. It is a book for students, professionals and service leads to keep, re-read and savour." Dr Tillie Curran, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, University of the West of England, UK"By identifying power, poverty, politics and values as core themes in social work, this text offers us a refreshing perspective which will challenge students and practitioners alike to re-evaluate their practice in the light of its wider social, political and philosophical contexts. Through an exploration of issues of power and an interrogation of the real meaning of social work ethics and values, Sheedy motivates and encourages us to reflect on our practice and to ensure that it is truly person-centred." Dr Sue Taplin, University of Nottingham, UK"This book offers a concise and coherent discussion of what should be core themes in thoughtful and careful social work practice. It offers a journey towards rethinking and embracing effective critical practice, which engages with human rights and social justice as much as with empowerment and with individual and interpersonal change. Occasional student accounts, coupled with use of key points and questions for discussion make for accessibility. The book synthesises, summarises and critiques ideas about how to understand and resolve social issues, enabling readers to question how they might work creatively alongside service users. It is a book which invites reflection on policy and practice." Professor Michael Preston-Shoot, Dean, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, University of Bedfordshire, UK"This excellent text is essential reading for all social workers and students, and a key resource for academics. It highlights - with concern and conviction - the importance of developing an effective critical practice that `challenges, enhances and broadens the task of conventional social work' in ways that have `the potential to improve outcomes for service users'. It calls for a social work practice based on an understanding of the issues of power, politics and ideology - and the values and `world view' held by the worker - linked with concerns raised by the people that social workers regularly encounter and work with. The issues of `poverty and disadvantage' and their structural causes run throughout this text - issues that have been too long neglected in social work. In this text, Martin Sheedy corrects that neglect by outlining in some detail the impact of poverty on people's lives and life chances whilst at the same time describing how critical practice can be used by social workers to promote social justice and empowerment practices." Dr Pamela Trevithick, Visiting Professor in Social Work, Buckinghamshire New University, UKThis engaging book introduces the core themes in social work, and encourages students and practitioners to connect with the important debates surrounding these themes and challenges them to revisit the direction social work is and should be going in. The key contexts of social work are explored using knowledge from the disciplines of social theory, politics, sociology, psychology and ethics. The content is enlivened by: The voices of students, service users and practitioners Current and topical content on social work, poverty, politics, power and valuesA discussion style format to help readers engage with the topicsAn extensive range of sources of knowledge and theoryKey summary points at the end of each chapterGroup discussion questions at the end of each chapter This book will contribute to social work students' and practitioners' thinking about the world in which they live and operate as professionals.

Bundle: Tice: Macro Social Work Practice (Paperback) + CQ Researcher: Issues for Debate in Social Policy 3e (Paperback):... Bundle: Tice: Macro Social Work Practice (Paperback) + CQ Researcher: Issues for Debate in Social Policy 3e (Paperback)
Carolyn J. Tice, CQ Researcher
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Bundle: Jansson: Social Welfare Policy and Advocacy 2e (Paperback) + CQ Researcher: Issues for Debate in Social Policy 3e... Bundle: Jansson: Social Welfare Policy and Advocacy 2e (Paperback) + CQ Researcher: Issues for Debate in Social Policy 3e (Paperback)
Bruce S Jansson, CQ Researcher
R2,003 Discovery Miles 20 030 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Social Work in a Risk Society - Social and Political Perspectives (Paperback): Stephen A. Webb Social Work in a Risk Society - Social and Political Perspectives (Paperback)
Stephen A. Webb
R787 R746 Discovery Miles 7 460 Save R41 (5%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This text constructs a new way of thinking about social work based on contemporary social theory and taking into account recent changes in social work. Working in a counter-tradition that is suspicious of a number of governing ideas and practices in social work, it draws on themes in the work of theorists such as Beck, Giddens, and Rose. It looks at risk, trust, regulation, identity, and governmentality to explore the impact of risk society and neoliberalism on social work.

Elder Abuse and Mistreatment (Paperback): Joanna Mellor, Patricia J Brownell Elder Abuse and Mistreatment (Paperback)
Joanna Mellor, Patricia J Brownell
R1,053 Discovery Miles 10 530 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Provide the most effective service possible to help victims of this growing social problem Elder Abuse and Mistreatment is a comprehensive overview of current policy issues, new practice models, and up-to-date research on elder abuse and neglect. Experts in the field provide insight into elder abuse with newly examined populations to create an understanding of how to design service plans for victims of abuse and family mistreatment. The book addresses all forms of abuse and neglect, examining the value issues and ethical dilemmas that social workers face in providing service to elderly abuse victims and their families. Elder abuse and neglect is a social problem of increasing concern to policymakers, practitioners, and researchers in the United States and around the world. Elder Abuse and Mistreatment incorporates health, mental health, and social service perspectives that assist social work and health care professionals with interdisciplinary teamwork. The book examines the Elder Justice Act, the Madrid 2002 International Plan of Action on Ageing, new and emerging practice modalities and international models such as shelter programs and support groups, and the latest research on practice methods, elder abuse with special populations, and interventions with victim-abuse dyads. Topics examined in Elder Abuse and Mistreatment include: abuse reporting statutes the roles of agencies involved in abuse investigations service commonly needed by victims funding sources common impediments to service delivery adult protective services (APS) local, state, and federal policies social and economic inclusion self-determination long-term care and nursing homes consumer fraud and financial abuse dependency and compliance and much more Elder Abuse and Mistreatment: Policy, Practice, and Research is an essential resource for educators and students of social work, nursing, and public health, and for social work practitioners.

Hospice Social Work (Paperback, New): Dona J. Reese Hospice Social Work (Paperback, New)
Dona J. Reese
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The first text to explore the history, characteristics, and challenges of hospice social work, this volume weaves leading research into an underlying framework for practice and care. A longtime practitioner, Dona J. Reese describes the hospice social work role in assessment and intervention with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and the community, while honestly confronting the personal and professional difficulties of such life-changing work. She introduces a well-tested model of psychosocial and spiritual variables that predict hospice client outcomes, and she advances a social work assessment tool to document their occurrence. Operating at the center of national leaders' coordinated efforts to develop and advance professional organizations and guidelines for end-of-life care, Reese reaches out with support and practice information, helping social workers understand their significance in treating the whole person, contributing to the cultural competence of hospice settings, and claiming a definitive place within the hospice team.

Child Neglect - Planning and Intervention (Paperback, 2nd ed. 2013): Jan Horwath Child Neglect - Planning and Intervention (Paperback, 2nd ed. 2013)
Jan Horwath
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Neglect is the most common form of child maltreatment in developed countries and it comes in many forms. This is the first book to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to the tasks of planning and intervention faced by professionals in cases of child neglect.
From evaluating the effects of neglect on the child to looking at root causes, this wide-ranging text offers evidence-based, practical guidance to support all practitioners in their work with neglected children. In particular:
- It assesses a range of methods of intervention and how these best apply to the various needs of different families.
- It explores the tensions and dilemmas that practitioners can face when working with neglected children.
- It demonstrates ways that practitioners can work together to promote better outcomes for the child.
- It provides conceptual frameworks, engaging case studies and reflective questions that can assist practitioners in their work.
Written by a leading authority on child neglect, this book is essential reading for those in contact with children and families irrespective of discipline or nation state. It will prove an invaluable resource for practitioners working with families where there are signs of child neglect as well as students studying and academics delivering courses in child welfare.
Jan Horwath is Professor of Child Welfare at the University of Sheffield. She is the author of many books on safeguarding children including "Child Neglect: Identification and Assessment."

Social Work Practice with Children and Families (Hardcover, New): Carolyn Spray, Beverley Jowett Social Work Practice with Children and Families (Hardcover, New)
Carolyn Spray, Beverley Jowett
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Carefully researched and highly readable, this textbook explores what enables good and effective practice in local authority field social work delivered to children, young people and their families. The book sets the context for local authority social work practice and then chapter-by-chapter takes the reader carefully through the social work process. Detailed case studies work really well in embedding the legal and theoretical context firmly within the practice challenges of safeguarding children. Overall the book is about social workers effecting change so that children can continue to live successfully with their families and within their communities. Key features include: " Strong links between theory and practice; " Core themes relevant to training and practice- assessment, decision-making, interprofessional collaboration and reflective practice; " Accessible and jargon-free, also includes a useful glossary of relevant legislation; " Learning points and case study exercises in each chapter. Written in a lively and engaging style, students and newly qualified social workers will find this book provides a helpful introduction to children and families local authority social work as it exists today. It will be invaluable for students taking courses in child and family social work and child protection. The book will also appeal to experienced practitioners who want to explore action research or create the space for reflective practice as part of their continuous professional development. It will help other professionals involved in supporting children develop insight into the practice of social workers.

Working in Statutory Contexts (Paperback): Andrew Hill Working in Statutory Contexts (Paperback)
Andrew Hill
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Doing social work in a statutory setting is a challenge that all social workers will face. Social workers are required to work with people who don't necessarily want their help and who may be antagonistic or even hostile. In such cases, social workers must use their statutory powers with confidence and work effectively within the constraints of procedure and the law.

This thoughtful and practical book focuses on the universal skills that are needed to do this important kind of social work, and to do it well. Drawing on social work's diverse knowledge base through extensive examples and case studies, Andrew Hill illustrates key skills in practice, such as responding to threats of violence and aggression, giving evidence in court, report writing, and coping with emotional issues. As well as promoting practical skills, the book underlines the importance of working as a reflective practitioner. It carefully outlines a framework for understanding the place of statutory work and how this may be consistent with empowerment and anti-oppressive practice, and with the straightforward desire to help others that brings people into social work in the first place.

This book is relevant to all social work settings including mental health, community care, youth justice, and child protection. It will be essential reading for social work students and newly qualified social workers who are facing up to the realities of social work in statutory settings for the first time.

Doing Social Work Research (Paperback, Ed): Rogers Smith Doing Social Work Research (Paperback, Ed)
Rogers Smith
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""The book provides a well written guide that adeptly captures the sensitivities and complex implications of both research process and dissemination within the ever changing and highly regulated world of social work."
Victoria Foster, Research Associate, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, University of Manchester, UK, in British Journal of Social Work June 2010

"This book offers many practical examples of research projects taken from the author's own experience as a researcher. These examples illustrate the usually complex concepts of research methodology by showing how they are practised in the real world of social work, so the title is apt. Especially useful are the common features of social work research discussed at length in the final chapter, as a way of finding common ground in the disputed terrain of social work as a profession, and in social work research in particular."
Heather D'Cruz, School of Health and Social Development, Deakin University, Australia

"Smith clearly highlights the parallels between the values of social work and the values that underpin research in this area, and in so doing, demonstrates the emancipatory potential of social work research...this is a valuable text that will help to allay many of the fears associated with conducting social work research."
Caroline Andow, Senior Research Fellow, University of Southampton, Social Sciences Department, UK

"As a third year social work student I found this book a good consolidation of what I have been learning this semester in my research and evaluation module. It has helped me with my end of module assignment, to demonstrate my understanding of social work research through a detailed literature search ... I found the practical examples of actual pieces of research particularly useful in getting an idea of how particular methods are used. I have found this book very useful as it has helped clarify the meaning of the research terminology and given me a good understanding of the overall process."
Sally Biskin, Social Work Student, Bangor University, UK

" This accessible book is based on the author's extensive practical experience of carrying out and teaching research in the social work field. Social work research is shown to be both a distinctive academic enterprise and a task that can be accomplished effectively in line with the values and ethical principles that lie at the discipline's core.

"Doing Social Work Research" helps intending researchers to relate 'methodology' to 'method', so that they can make authoritative decisions about how to turn initial research questions into valid and feasible investigative strategies. In doing so, it introduces and evaluates a wide range of approaches across the spectrum of social work research.

Building on this, the book provides detailed guidance on how to organize the research task, paying close attention to the practicalities of planning, preparation, implementation and management of investigations.

"Doing Social Work Research" features: A comprehensive overview of social work research methods Detailed guidance on 'how to' carry out research in social work Illustrative examples of research practice from personal experience Effective links between core social work values, purposes, methodologies and research practices This book is a valuable resource for social work students and practitioners carrying out research projects as well as practicing researchers and research educators in the discipline.

Motivational Interviewing with Adolescents and Young Adults (Hardcover): Sylvie Naar-King, Mariann Suarez Motivational Interviewing with Adolescents and Young Adults (Hardcover)
Sylvie Naar-King, Mariann Suarez
R662 Discovery Miles 6 620 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This pragmatic guide spells out how to use motivational interviewing (MI) to have productive conversations about behavior change with adolescents and young adults in any clinical context. Filled with vivid examples, sample dialogues, and "dos and don'ts," the book shows how conducting MI from a developmentally informed standpoint can help practitioners quickly build rapport with young patients, enhance their motivation to make healthy changes, and overcome ambivalence. Experts on specific adolescent problems describe MI applications in such key areas as substance abuse, smoking, sexual risk taking, eating disorders and obesity, chronic illness management, and externalizing and internalizing behavior problems. This book is in the Applications of Motivational Interviewing series, edited by Stephen Rollnick, William R. Miller, and Theresa B. Moyers.

Social Work - An Introduction (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition): Joyce Lishman, Chris Yuill, Jillian Brannan, Alastair Gibson Social Work - An Introduction (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition)
Joyce Lishman, Chris Yuill, Jillian Brannan, Alastair Gibson
R2,152 R1,932 Discovery Miles 19 320 Save R220 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Help your students make the best starts in their careers as a Social Worker. Covering everything they need to know in their first year and beyond, this very practical book will guide them through their degree and into practice. Packed full of case studies, activities and tools for real-life practice, it will: Help students get to grips with and build the essential knowledge and skills base Support them to develop a range of tools for practice with different service user groups Develop their critical thinking and help them to apply their learning in practice Provide them with a springboard for further learning and development. To get the most out of this book and access more materials to support them throughout their degree, they can visit the companion website at https://study.sagepub.com/lishman2e

Social Work with Adults (Paperback, 1): Jim Rogers, Lucy Bright, Helen Davies Social Work with Adults (Paperback, 1)
Jim Rogers, Lucy Bright, Helen Davies
R544 R477 Discovery Miles 4 770 Save R67 (12%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Social work with vulnerable adults is becoming increasingly centred on a key piece of legislation: the Mental Capacity Act. The Act provides a framework for protecting the vulnerable while allowing those who may lack capacity to have certain safeguards enshrined in law. This book will help support students to learn two things: first, how the Mental Capacity Act operates and what its key principles are when applied to safeguarding adults; and second, what are the compassionate skills and values that need to be interwoven with legislative knowledge? The authors show how these two principles interact and inform one another and how taking a person-centred approach to safeguarding vulnerable adults will mean better outcomes for the individual and our wider society.

International Perspectives on Disability Services - The Same But Different (Paperback): Francis K.O. Yuen International Perspectives on Disability Services - The Same But Different (Paperback)
Francis K.O. Yuen
R960 Discovery Miles 9 600 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Learn how to include multiculturalism in disability-related social work! International Perspectives on Disability Services: The Same but Different presents different cultural and societal contexts on services for people with disabilities. This book covers a range of topics on disabilities related to physical status, emotional conditions, and community settings. This useful introductory reference will help you develop culturally sensitive disability services both locally and overseas, and it will promote better understanding of people with disabilities. This book is a unique examination of services for people with disabilities as they exist in several countries. Until recently, cultural context was used to describe race or ethnicity, but this innovative text recognizes people with disabilities as a worldwide community that is advocating for equality and respect. International Perspectives on Disability Services focuses on the need for human and social services that endorse capability and empowerment promoting the person rather than the disability. In International Perspectives on Disability Services, you'll learn about: using the term "culture" to describe the community of people with disabilities how cultural sensitivity and competency can be applied to the disability culture the dynamics of a transcultural relationship between psychotherapist and deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals the recent development in aphasia treatment Life Participation Approach to Aphasia (LPAA) and the international perspective of communication therapy a comparison of attitudes among social work students in the United States and Japan toward people with disabilities people with disabilities are not yet integrated into Japanese society, but both groups showed room for needed improvement a comparison of disability-related services and experiences in the United States and in Germany child-raising leave, child-raising money, and Kindergeld (child money) helps support parents financially for the first few years, but the United States has more options for integrated schooling later in life Hong Kong's 25-year-old objective to encourage community integration and normalization for people with disabilities to live in the community the primary support network of family, community leaders, and shaman for people with disabilities among Hmong Americans in Northern California The informative reports, research findings, case studies, and international comparisons offer new directions for human service professionals and students to help them better meet the social, psychological, and cultural needs of people with disabilities. International Perspectives on Disability Services provides clear-cut evidence that disability-oriented social workers need to improve their perspectives as the disability culture gains momentum as a social entity. This book is a must-read for anyone who works or provides disability-related services, as well as for people with disabilities who need more information on other countries' services.

Safeguarding Adults - Key Themes and Issues (Paperback, 1st ed. 2018): Gillian Macintyre, Ailsa Stewart, Pearse McCusker Safeguarding Adults - Key Themes and Issues (Paperback, 1st ed. 2018)
Gillian Macintyre, Ailsa Stewart, Pearse McCusker
R483 Discovery Miles 4 830 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Safeguarding adults is a rapidly evolving area of professional practice and this timely new text book provides an authoritative guide that critically engages with the recent developments and encapsulates some of the emerging approaches to contemporary adult safeguarding practice. Written by a collection of authors with a wealth of academic and practice experience, and with a strong focus on multi-disciplinary working, the text covers key topics such as: Safeguarding adults who lack capacity, or whose level of capacity is unknown or unclear Common issues and tensions surrounding the various UK laws and policies that seek to safeguard adults with mental health problems Safeguarding older adults, with a unique and insightful focus on the perspective of carers Current limitations in practice, including the blurred nature of the boundaries between informal and legally mandated care, relating to the safeguarding of people with learning disabilities. Illustrated throughout by engaging case studies to help readers apply what they have learnt to everyday practice, this comprehensive guide to safeguarding adults is essential reading for students across a broad range of health and social care disciplines, as well as practitioners looking for an up-to-date source of reference.

Safeguarding Children and Young People (Paperback): Stella Coleman, Corinne May-Chahal Safeguarding Children and Young People (Paperback)
Stella Coleman, Corinne May-Chahal
R784 Discovery Miles 7 840 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

What does the novice practitioner or the experienced practitioner moving into child care work from another sector need to know to practice effectively? What skills do they need to call on?

In this valuable addition to The Social Work Skills Series, Stella Coleman and Corinne May-Chahalan bring together their considerable teaching and practice experience to provide a reliable and practical guide to child protection work. Topics covered include:

The legal and procedural context
The professional context
Explanatory theoretical frameworks and models of practice
Managing risk
Evidence-based practice
Social work interventions
Parents, carers and families
Continuing professional development

This will be an essential text for all students, teachers and professionals working with children and families.

Skill Development for Generalist Practice - Exercises for Real-World Application (Paperback): Christina E. Newhill, Elizabeth... Skill Development for Generalist Practice - Exercises for Real-World Application (Paperback)
Christina E. Newhill, Elizabeth A. Mulvaney, Bobby F. Simmons
R647 R606 Discovery Miles 6 060 Save R41 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Packed with exercises for real-world application, this book gives the student at both bachelor's and master's level a chance to apply their generalist practice knowledge and build skills necessary for mastery of competence-based learning. The exercises in this book, spanning all levels of practice, are designed to be actively used during class time and have been developed to reflect the diverse range of clients social workers encounter in various practice settings every day. The highly engaging content is focused on social work's unique commitment to serving those who are the most vulnerable, at-risk, disadvantaged, and marginalized from society, recognizing the importance of understanding and respecting human diversity and achievement of cultural humility.

Social Work Assessment (Paperback): Ruben Martin Social Work Assessment (Paperback)
Ruben Martin
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At a time of change and review within social care, it is relevant to explore traditional skills, knowledge and values associated with assessment in the context of changing practice. This book introduces and explores assessment in social work in a user-friendly, yet comprehensive way.

The author reviews the interpersonal skills necessary for social work practice, applying them particularly to assessment and outlines fundamental knowledge and theoretical models that can inform assessment. The professional social work value base underpinning assessment and the power balance between assessor and the person being assessed are also taken into consideration.

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