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Psychological Science Under Scrutiny - Recent Challenges and Proposed Solutions (Paperback): Scott O. Lilienfeld, Irwin D.... Psychological Science Under Scrutiny - Recent Challenges and Proposed Solutions (Paperback)
Scott O. Lilienfeld, Irwin D. Waldman
R1,540 R1,419 Discovery Miles 14 190 Save R121 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Psychological Science Under Scrutiny explores a range of contemporary challenges to the assumptions and methodologies of psychology, in order to encourage debate and ground the discipline in solid science. * Discusses the pointed challenges posed by critics to the field of psychological research, which have given pause to psychological researchers across a broad spectrum of sub-fields * Argues that those conducting psychological research need to fundamentally change the way they think about data and results, in order to ensure that psychology has a firm basis in empirical science * Places the recent challenges discussed into a broad historical and conceptual perspective, and considers their implications for the future of psychological methodology and research * Challenges discussed include confirmation bias, the effects of grant pressure, false-positive findings, overestimating the efficacy of medications, and high correlations in functional brain imaging * Chapters are authored by internationally recognized experts in their fields, and are written with a minimum of specialized terminology to ensure accessibility to students and lay readers

Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition): S. Alexander Haslam, Craig McGarty Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition)
S. Alexander Haslam, Craig McGarty
R1,089 R978 Discovery Miles 9 780 Save R111 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The third edition of Haslam and McGarty's best-selling textbook, Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology, provides students with a highly readable and comprehensive introduction to conducting research in psychology. The book guides readers through the range of choices involved in design, analysis, and presentation and is supplemented by a range of practical learning features both inside the book and online. These draw on the authors' extensive experience as frontline researchers and provide step-by-step guides to quantitative and qualitative methods and analyses. Written in an accessible and engaging style, this text encourages deep engagement with its subject matter and is designed to inspire students to feel passionate for the research process as a whole. This third edition offers: Updated 'Research Bites' in every chapter: a space to step back from the text and reflect on the ways in which it relates both to issues in the world at large and to contemporary debates in psychology Updated coverage of experimental design, survey research and ethics More expansive coverage of qualitative methods A comprehensive guide to the process of conducting psychological research from the ground up - covering multiple methodologies, experimental and survey design, data analysis, ethics, and report writing An extensive range of quantitative methods together with detailed step-by-step guides to running analyses using SPSS Online resources and videos to help reinforce learning and revision for instructors and students available at study.sagepub.com/haslamandmcgarty3e

Statistics Plain and Simple (Paperback, 4th edition): Sherri Jackson Statistics Plain and Simple (Paperback, 4th edition)
Sherri Jackson
R1,351 R1,134 Discovery Miles 11 340 Save R217 (16%) Ships in 15 - 25 working days

Build your confidence in understanding, calculating, and interpreting statistics with STATISTICS PLAIN AND SIMPLE, Fourth Edition. This straightforward, conversational introduction to statistics presents just what its title promises -- a plain and simple overview that is clear, concise, and sparing in its use of jargon. A modular format presents material in easy-to-manage sections. You'll develop a strong awareness of the interaction between statistical methods and research methods along with a solid working knowledge of basic statistical cautions in research design, a strong understanding of the concept of significance, and the critical thinking skills necessary to apply these ideas.

Introducing Qualitative Research in Psychology (Paperback, 3rd edition): Carla Willig Introducing Qualitative Research in Psychology (Paperback, 3rd edition)
Carla Willig
R1,019 R944 Discovery Miles 9 440 Save R75 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Why use qualitative research in psychology? How is qualitative research in psychology carried out? What are the major debates and unresolved issues surrounding this form of research? Introducing Qualitative Research in Psychology is a vital resource for students new to qualitative psychology. It offers a clear introduction to the topic by taking eight different approaches to qualitative methods and explaining when each one should be used, the procedures and techniques involved, and any limitations associated with such research. Throughout the new edition, material has been re-organized and updated to reflect developments in the field, while Carla Willig's style of writing, popular with students and lecturers alike, remains unchanged. Together with wider coverage of conceptual issues and epistemological & theoretical challenges in qualitative research, this third edition boasts three new methods chapters: Thematic Analysis, Narrative Analysis and Visual Methodologies. Three additional chapters on Qualitative Research Design & Data Collection, The Role of Interpretation and Putting Together A Research Proposal will be invaluable to students and researchers during conceptual preparation.This edition contains more interactive exercises and discussion points in order to help students understand what they are learning, as well as three qualitative research reports written by students. The third edition is supported by a new Online Learning Centre www.openup.co.uk/willig with resources for lecturers and students. With contributions from Sarah Jane Dryden, Caroline Silcock and Joanna Silver."All students of qualitative research in psychology will find a wealth of information in Carla Willig's book. With its expanded sections and detailed consideration of concepts, techniques and applications of qualitative research, the interactive approach taken in this book is ably supported by extensive research examples. As usual with Carla Willig's clear and detailed writing style, this book will give both new and existing researchers the opportunity to think clearly about their use of qualitative research and its methods." Dr Nollaig Frost, Senior Lecturer, Psychology, Middlesex University, UK"A tour de force from an expert guide which grounds students in the lexicon of qualitative psychology, before explicating a range of major methodologies. Students will appreciate many worked examples, and will be stimulated by the coverage of contemporary innovations, issues and debates - an invaluable textbook." Professor Brendan Gough, Institute of Health and Wellbeing, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK"In just over a decade, Carla Willig's book has become one of the key introductory texts in the field. Many of my students and supervisees have enjoyed reading it - finding complex issues and debates have been explained in an accessible manner. This latest edition includes helpful advice on writing a research proposal, some newer research methods and discussion about the future of qualitative research. In addition, there are new chapters on epistemology and interpretation which I think my students will find particularly valuable as these are often the most challenging topics when one is new to qualitative research." Dr David Harper, Reader in Clinical Psychology, University of East London, UK"Once again, Carla Willig has produced a wonderfully clear account of how and why qualitative methods ought be used to answer psychological questions. Not only does Willig examine key theories, ethics and debates surrounding the use and interpretation of qualitative data, she shows us 'how' to do it - step by step, with a tremendous sense of balance and integrity. This new edition covers some of the more recent debates in qualitative research, contains new examples of how to design, carry out and approach analysis in qualitative methods and lots of useful questions that researchers ask themselves along the way. My students have used Willig's writings on qualitative methods for many years as they can understand and engage with it. There is simply no other equivalent text in psychology to rival Willig's - her clarity, conviction and sheer brilliance in putting difficult ideas on methods into plain language is something students in psychology will relish for a very long time to come." Paula Reavey, Professor of Psychology, London South Bank University, UK"In writing this text originally, Carla Willig argued that, unlike quantitative research (where the aim is to follow a set of rules and get them 'right'), qualitative research is more about 'having adventures'. From the start it sounds a lot more fun, and certainly a lot more interesting! And it was. Students and lecturers alike appreciate its lively, practical approach, its very clear and elegant writing, its use of clever examples of students' own work and its lucid explanations of the theory underpinning methods and methodologies. This new, third edition is a real triumph. It's more comprehensive and it's bang up to date, with three additional new chapters, more examples of student projects, and overall an even more systematic approach. It is, in my view, the most approachable and person-friendly text around introducing qualitative research in psychology, and a great opportunity to 'boldly go', have adventures, and really get to grips with doing qualitative research." Wendy Stainton Rogers, Professor Emerita, Faculty of Health and Social Care, The Open University, UK

Research Methods for Cognitive Neuroscience (Paperback): Aaron Newman Research Methods for Cognitive Neuroscience (Paperback)
Aaron Newman 1
R1,436 R1,178 Discovery Miles 11 780 Save R258 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This fresh, new textbook provides a thorough and student-friendly guide to the different techniques used in cognitive neuroscience. Given the breadth of neuroimaging techniques available today, this text is invaluable, serving as an approachable text for students, researchers, and writers. This text provides the right level of detail for those who wish to understand the basics of neuroimaging and also provides more advanced material in order to learn further about particular techniques. With a conversational, student-friendly writing style, Aaron Newman introduces the key principles of neuroimaging techniques, the relevant theory and the recent changes in the field.

Doing Qualitative Research in Psychology - A Practical Guide (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Cath Sullivan, Michael Forrester Doing Qualitative Research in Psychology - A Practical Guide (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Cath Sullivan, Michael Forrester
R893 R834 Discovery Miles 8 340 Save R59 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book is not available as a print inspection copy. To download an E-inspection copy click here or for more information contact your local sales representative. Taking you through each aspect of the research process and explaining the unique challenges of using qualitative methods in psychology, this book offers a complete guide to successfully conducting a qualitative psychological research project. Clear, concise and accessible, this 'how to' manual folds key skills like research design and using technology and software into each chapter. This second edition offers: - A thorough introduction to foundational concepts that support you through each step of the research process - New chapters on thematic and narrative analysis - A set of digital resources designed to make learning about qualitative methods as easy and interactive as possible, including video recordings and transcripts to build key analysis techniques Through a pragmatic, practical lens, this book provides the perspective and the tools you need to recognize, collect, interpret, and communicate quality qualitative psychological data. Michael A. Forrester is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Kent, Canterbury. Cath Sullivan is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of Central Lancashire.

Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences (Hardcover, 6th edition): Frederick J Gravetter, Lori-Ann B Forzano Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences (Hardcover, 6th edition)
Frederick J Gravetter, Lori-Ann B Forzano
R954 R819 Discovery Miles 8 190 Save R135 (14%) Ships in 15 - 25 working days

See how interesting experimental and nonexperimental research can be with RESEARCH METHODS FOR THE BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES, 6th Edition. Inviting and conversational, the text leads you through the research process from start to finish -- using a step-by-step approach that emphasizes the decisions researchers make at each stage. Current research examples are selected to be of particular interest to students like you, and learning objectives help you focus on what's important. Chapter after chapter, the authors' "lecture in a book" style delivers clear explanations of topics that make this text easy to read and understand.

Statistics for Psychology - A Guide for Beginners (and everyone else) (Paperback): Roger Watt, Elizabeth Collins Statistics for Psychology - A Guide for Beginners (and everyone else) (Paperback)
Roger Watt, Elizabeth Collins
R762 R719 Discovery Miles 7 190 Save R43 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This concise, easy-to-understand and highly visual book helps students to understand the principles behind the many statistical practices. This text helps students to build a mental map to enable them to work their way through tests and procedures with a better level of understanding (and ultimately feel more confident and get better grades). Statistical analysis will also be covered in the book in the same simple-to-follow way, without messy details or complicated formulae. However, this approach does not lead to simple understanding. Instead it allows students to really grasp how to use, and be creative with, statistics. Key features: A principles-based approach, helping students to apply and adapt their skills to a variety of situation Test out principles in practice on the companion website with statistics scenarios Carefully designed graphics to explain statistical principles Links to relevant sources / further reading for statistical packages, so the book can be used as a portal to/ springboard for further study. Developed in conjunction with students means this book answers the key challenges students face. Based on a BPS commended programme Supported by a wealth of online resources at www.sagepub.co.uk/statisticsforpsychology

Conducting Research in Psychology - Measuring the Weight of Smoke (Paperback, 5th Revised edition): Brett W. Pelham, Hart C.... Conducting Research in Psychology - Measuring the Weight of Smoke (Paperback, 5th Revised edition)
Brett W. Pelham, Hart C. Blanton
R2,182 Discovery Miles 21 820 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Conducting Research in Psychology: Measuring the Weight of Smoke provides students an engaging introduction to psychological research by employing humor, stories, and hands-on activities. Through its methodology exercises, learners are encouraged to use their intuition to understand research methods and apply basic research principles to novel problems. Authors Brett W. Pelham and Hart Blanton integrate cutting-edge topics, including implicit biases, measurement controversies, online data collection, and new tools for determining the replicability of a set of research findings. The Fifth Edition broadens its coverage of methodologies to reflect the types of research now conducted by psychologists. Two new chapters accommodate the needs of instructors who incorporate student research projects into their courses.

Existential Counselling and Psychotherapy (Paperback): Darren Langdridge Existential Counselling and Psychotherapy (Paperback)
Darren Langdridge
R790 R741 Discovery Miles 7 410 Save R49 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

'Scholarly yet accessible, required reading for students of existential psychotherapy.' Tim Le Bon is a UKCP registered psychotherapist, life coach, philosophical counsellor and author of Wise Therapy This contemporary introduction provides a comprehensive survey of past and present existential ideas, philosophers and practice. Darren Langdridge makes existential therapy accessible through clear language, numerous case studies, chapter summaries, activities and further reading lists. The three parts cover all the key areas taught on existential therapy courses, from the fundamental theory of - and key figures in - the approach, to its application in practice. The final section advances theory and practice by exploring contemporary cross-cutting issues in existential therapy, including the role of research, power, politics, and language. Trainees to existential therapy will find in this book a comprehensive, practical overview of the key areas of theory and practice, while more experienced trainees and practitioners will gain insights into contemporary developments in existential therapy today. Dr Darren Langdridge is Head of the Department of Psychology at The Open University, Honorary Professor of Psychology at Aalborg University, Denmark and a UKCP accredited existential psychotherapist.

Foundations of Psychological Testing - A Practical Approach (Hardcover, 6th Revised edition): Leslie A Miller, Robert L. Lovler Foundations of Psychological Testing - A Practical Approach (Hardcover, 6th Revised edition)
Leslie A Miller, Robert L. Lovler
R3,227 Discovery Miles 32 270 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Discussing foundational concepts and issues for psychological testing, Leslie A. Miller and Robert L. Lovley use a variety of pedagogical tools to further the conceptual understanding needed for effective use of tests and test scores. The sixth edition includes updated references and examples, new 'In Greater Depth' boxes for deeper coverage of complex topics and a streamlined organization for enhanced readability. New to this edition: Critical thinking questions linked to learning objectives at the end of each chapter provide opportunities for students to check their understanding More detailed concept maps at the beginning of each section graphically organize the relationship between concepts and ideas presented in each chapter within each section A student workbook to accompany the text actively engages students in the learning process with critical thinking and practical exercises

Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders - Workbook (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): David H.... Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders - Workbook (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
David H. Barlow, Todd J Farchione, Shannon Sauer-Zavala, Heather Murray Latin, Kristen K. Ellard, …
R826 Discovery Miles 8 260 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Leading therapists and researchers have come to understand that many psychological disorders share common features and respond to common therapeutic treatments. This deepened understanding of the nature of psychological disorders, their causes, and their symptoms has led to the development of new, comprehensive treatment programs that are effective for whole classes of disorders. Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders is one such program. Designed for individuals suffering from emotional disorders, including panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and depression, this program focuses on helping you to better understand your emotions and identify what you're doing in your responses to them that may be making things worse. Throughout the course of treatment you will learn different strategies and techniques for managing your emotional experiences and the symptoms of your disorder. You will learn how to monitor your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors; confront uncomfortable emotions; and learn more effective ways of coping with your experiences. By proactively practicing the skills presented in this book-and completing the exercises, homework assignments and self-assessment quizzes provided in each chapter, you will address your problems in a comprehensive and effective way so you can regulate your emotional experiences and return to living a happy and functional life.

STATLAB Online 2.0 Student Slim Pack (Digital product license key, 2nd Revised edition): Greg Francis, Ian Neath STATLAB Online 2.0 Student Slim Pack (Digital product license key, 2nd Revised edition)
Greg Francis, Ian Neath
R878 Discovery Miles 8 780 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Statistics come alive when students create and analyze their own data! STATLAB Online 2.0 allows students to participate in behavioural experiments by gathering and analyzing their own data using the statistical techniques taught in introductory statistics and research methods courses. Students are guided through the analysis of their data to demonstrate different statistical techniques in a meaningful way. By working with their own data, STATLAB Online 2.0 provides a new way for students to appreciate the relevance of statistical analyses for understanding human behaviour. Version 2.0 includes six new labs and features a new, mobile-friendly interface with improved navigation. Labs include: 1. Frequency Distribution Speeded Reaction Time 2. Percentile Rank Sense of Humor 3. Central Tendency Horizontal-Vertical Illusion 4. Standard Deviation Weber's Law 5. Standard (z) Scores Memory Span 6. Correlation Lexical Decision 7. Probability (New!) Typical Reasoning 8. Confidence Intervals Air Traffic Control 9. One-sample T-test Ebbinghaus Size Illusion 10. Two-sample T-test Judging Faces 11. Two-sample T-test Emotional Stroop Effect 12. Chi Square Test (New!) Zenner Cards 13. Chi Square Test Levels of Processing 14. One-way ANOVA Judging Art 15. Two-way ANOVA (New!) Flanker Effect 16. Two-way Within Subjects ANOVA (New!) Brain Asymmetry 17. Power and Sample Size (New!) Stroop Effect 18. Linear Fit (New!) Visual Search Bundle and Save STATLAB Online 2.0 can be bundled with any SAGE text for just GBP5.99 more! Contact your sales representative to set up a unique bundle for your course. STATLAB Online 2.0 can also be purchased as a standalone product. Instructors, request a demo! To request a demo of STATLAB Online 2.0, contact your SAGE representative today.

Psychology in Crisis (Paperback, 1st ed. 2018): Brian Hughes Psychology in Crisis (Paperback, 1st ed. 2018)
Brian Hughes
R714 Discovery Miles 7 140 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Throughout the history of psychology, attempting to objectively measure the highly dynamic phenomenon of human behaviour has given rise to an underappreciated margin of error. Today, as the discipline experiences increasing difficulty in reproducing the results of its own studies, such error not only threatens to undermine psychology's credibility but also leaves an indelible question: Is psychology actually a field of irreproducible science? In this thought-provoking new book, author Brian Hughes seeks to answer this very question. In his incisive examination of the various pitfalls that determine 'good' or 'bad' psychological science - from poor use of statistics to systematic exaggeration of findings - Hughes shows readers how to critique psychology research, enhance its validity and reliability, and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the way psychology research is produced, published, and promulgated in the twenty-first century. This book is essential reading for students wanting to understand how to better scrutinise psychological research methods and results, as well as practitioners and those concerned with the replication debate.

Components of Variance (Hardcover): D.R. Cox, P.J. Solomon Components of Variance (Hardcover)
D.R. Cox, P.J. Solomon
R2,579 Discovery Miles 25 790 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Identifying the sources and measuring the impact of haphazard variations are important in any number of research applications, from clinical trials and genetics to industrial design and psychometric testing. Only in very simple situations can such variations be represented effectively by independent, identically distributed random variables or by random sampling from a hypothetical infinite population.

Components of Variance illuminates the complexities of the subject, setting forth its principles with focus on both the development of models for detailed analyses and the statistical techniques themselves. The authors first consider balanced and unbalanced situations, then move to the treatment of non-normal data, beginning with the Poisson and binomial models and followed by extensions to survival data and more general situations. In the final chapter, they discuss ways of extending and assessing various models, including the study of exceedances, the use of nonlinear representations, the study of transformations of the response variable, and the detailed examination of the distributional form of the underlying random variables.

Careful signposting and numerous examples from genetic data analysis, clinical trial design, longitudinal data analysis, industrial design, and meta-analysis make this book accessible - and valuable - not only to statisticians but to all applied research scientists who use statistical methods.

IBM SPSS Statistics 25 Step by Step - A Simple Guide and Reference (Paperback, 15th New edition): Darren George, Paul Mallery IBM SPSS Statistics 25 Step by Step - A Simple Guide and Reference (Paperback, 15th New edition)
Darren George, Paul Mallery
R1,627 Discovery Miles 16 270 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

IBM SPSS Statistics 25 Step by Step: A Simple Guide and Reference, fifteenth edition, takes a straightforward, step-by-step approach that makes SPSS software clear to beginners and experienced researchers alike. Extensive use of four-color screen shots, clear writing, and step-by-step boxes guide readers through the program. Exercises at the end of each chapter support students by providing additional opportunities to practice using SPSS. This book covers both the basics of descriptive statistical analysis using SPSS through to more advanced topics such as multiple regression, multidimensional scaling and MANOVA, including instructions for Windows and Mac. This makes it ideal for both undergraduate statistics courses and for postgraduates looking to further develop their statistics and SPSS knowledge. New to this edition: Updated throughout to SPSS 25 Updated / restructured material on: Chart Builder; Univariate ANOVA; moderation on two- and three-way ANOVA; and Factor Analytic Techniques (formerly Factor Analysis structure) New material on computing z and T scores, and on computing z scores within descriptive statistics Clearer in-chapter links between the type of data and type of research question that the procedure can answer Updated / additional datasets, exercises, and expanded Companion Website material, including Powerpoint slides for instructors

Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition): Bernard C Beins, Maureen A McCarthy Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition)
Bernard C Beins, Maureen A McCarthy
R2,787 Discovery Miles 27 870 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology provides a seamless introduction to the subject, identifying various research areas and analyzing how one can approach them statistically. The text provides a solid empirical foundation for undergraduate psychology majors, and it prepares the reader to think critically and evaluate psychological research and claims they might hear in the news or popular press. This second edition features updated examples of research and new illustrations of important principles. It also includes updated coverage of ethical issues in research and of current diversity issues.

Communication, Gaze and Autism - A Multimodal Interaction Perspective (Paperback): Terhi Korkiakangas Communication, Gaze and Autism - A Multimodal Interaction Perspective (Paperback)
Terhi Korkiakangas
R1,007 Discovery Miles 10 070 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In this innovative book on autism and gaze from a multimodal interaction perspective, Terhi Korkiakangas examines the role of gaze in everyday situations, asking why eye contact matters, and considering the implications of this crucial question for autism. Since persons on the autism spectrum tend to use it differently and might not engage in eye contact in social situations, gaze is a crucial topic for understanding autism, yet we know surprisingly little about this topic in a real-world context, beyond psychological experiments and the research lab. Drawing on her research on authentic video-recorded social interactions, Korkiakangas shows how a multimodal interaction perspective can shed new light on gaze: what an instance of gaze does, and when, why, and for whom gaze `matters', from both children on the autism spectrum and their social partners' perspective, including teachers and parents. Grounded in the interactional tradition of conversation analysis, the multimodal interaction perspective offers a major contribution to our understanding of autism by examining communication beyond talk and linguistic resources. Communication, Gaze and Autism considers both mutual gaze and gaze aversion during talk or silence, alongside facial expressions, gestures, and other body movements, to understand what gaze is used for, and to rethink `eye contact'. The book includes a methodological introduction, practical tools for doing multimodal interaction research, and empirical findings. It also considers the voices of those people on the autism spectrum from the blogosphere, who suggest that eye contact has less significance for them and represents a communication difference, rather than a deficit. This book is designed for anyone with an academic, professional or personal interest in autism. It will particularly appeal to senior undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and practitioners in the fields of communication, social interaction and autism.

Maritime Psychology - Research in Organizational & Health Behavior at Sea (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Malcolm MacLachlan Maritime Psychology - Research in Organizational & Health Behavior at Sea (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Malcolm MacLachlan
R3,277 R2,801 Discovery Miles 28 010 Save R476 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This first-of-its-kind volume assembles current research on psychosocial issues and behavioral and safety concerns inherent in life and careers at sea. Focusing mainly on the commercial maritime transport sector, it sets out the basic concepts of maritime psychology in the contexts of health and occupational psychology and illustrates more expansive applications across nautical domains. A systems perspective and detailed case studies spotlight unique challenges to mariners' work performance, personal and environmental health and safety; it also provides support for psychometric assessment of seafarers, and describes emerging uses for the healing properties of the sea and sailing. The book is a springboard for continued research and practice development, further interaction between psychology and the maritime world, and the continued broadening and deepening of the field. Among the topics covered: * Positive psychology and wellbeing at sea. * Transferring learning across safety critical industries. * Occupational stress in seafarers. * The psychology of ship architecture and design. * Motion sickness susceptibility and management at sea. * Risk communication during a maritime disaster. Written with clarity and nuance reflecting the vastness of marine experience, Maritime Psychology will be of interest to lecturers, researchers, and students of occupational and health psychology and maritime science, and to social and health scientists and practitioners in these and related fields.

The Cambridge Handbook of the Intellectual History of Psychology (Paperback): Robert J. Sternberg, Wade E. Pickren The Cambridge Handbook of the Intellectual History of Psychology (Paperback)
Robert J. Sternberg, Wade E. Pickren
R1,208 Discovery Miles 12 080 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

We cannot understand contemporary psychology without first researching its history. Unlike other books on the history of psychology, which are chronologically ordered, this Handbook is organized topically. It covers the history of ideas in multiple areas of the field and reviews the intellectual history behind the major topics of investigation. The evolution of psychological ideas is described alongside an analysis of their surrounding context. Readers learn how eminent psychologists draw on the context of their time and place for ideas and practices, and also how innovation in psychology is an ongoing dialogue between past, present, and anticipated future.

Handbook of Psychodynamic Approaches to Psychopathology (Paperback): Patrick Luyten, Linda C. Mayes, Peter Fonagy, Mary Target,... Handbook of Psychodynamic Approaches to Psychopathology (Paperback)
Patrick Luyten, Linda C. Mayes, Peter Fonagy, Mary Target, Sidney J. Blatt
R1,147 Discovery Miles 11 470 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Authoritative and comprehensive, this volume provides a contemporary psychodynamic perspective on frequently encountered psychological disorders in adults, children, and adolescents. Leading international authorities review the growing evidence base for psychoanalytic theories and therapeutic models. Chapters examine the etiology and psychological mechanisms of each disorder and thoroughly describe effective treatment strategies. Highly accessible, the book is richly illustrated with clinical case material. It demonstrates ways in which psychodynamic theory and therapy are enhanced by integrating ideas and findings from neuroscience, social and personality psychology, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and other fields. Winner--Goethe Award for Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Scholarship

Statistics for the Social Sciences - A General Linear Model Approach (Paperback): Russell Warne Statistics for the Social Sciences - A General Linear Model Approach (Paperback)
Russell Warne
R1,378 Discovery Miles 13 780 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Written by a quantitative psychologist, this textbook explains complex statistics in accessible language to undergraduates in all branches of the social sciences. Built around the central framework of the General Linear Model (GLM), Statistics for the Social Sciences teaches students how different statistical methods are interrelated to one another. With the GLM as a basis, students with varying levels of background are better equipped to interpret statistics and learn more advanced methods in their later courses. Russell T. Warne makes statistics relevant to students' varying majors by using fascinating real-life examples from the social sciences. Students who use this book will benefit from clear explanations, warnings against common erroneous beliefs about statistics, and the latest developments in the philosophy, reporting and practice of statistics in the social sciences. The textbook is packed with helpful pedagogical features including learning goals, guided practice and reflection questions.

Making Representations - Museums in the Post-Colonial Era (Hardcover): Moira G. Simpson Making Representations - Museums in the Post-Colonial Era (Hardcover)
Moira G. Simpson
R2,623 Discovery Miles 26 230 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Responses to controversial exhibitions in recent years have demonstrated the dissatisfaction felt by many indigenous peoples and ethnic groups at the ways in which the traditional western museum has represented their cultures and excluded them from the process of interpretation and display. Many indigenous peoples, such as Native Americans and Aboriginal Australians, are now demanding that sacred objects and human remains be removed from display and repatriated. Drawing upon material from Britain, Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand Making Representations explores the ways in which museums and anthropologists are responding to these pressures by developing new policies and practices, and forging new relationships with communities. It also examines the increasing number of museums and cultural centres being established by indigenous and immigrant communities as they take control of the interpretive process and challenge the traditional role of the museum.

Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences, International Edition (Paperback, 4th edition): Lori-Ann B Forzano, Frederick J... Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences, International Edition (Paperback, 4th edition)
Lori-Ann B Forzano, Frederick J Gravetter
R1,047 R891 Discovery Miles 8 910 Save R156 (15%) Ships in 15 - 25 working days

Bestselling statistics author, Fredrick J. Gravetter, and co-author Lori-Ann B. Forzano have written a text for research methods that helps you see how interesting and exciting experimental and non-experimental research can be. Inviting and conversational, RESEARCH METHODS FOR THE BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES, International Edition, leads you through the research process from start to finish. The text opens with tips and strategies for generating research ideas, moves to selecting measures and participants, and then offers an examination of research strategy and design. This step-by-step approach emphasizes the decisions researchers must make at each stage of the process. The authors avoid a "cookbook" approach to the facts by linking terminology with applied concepts; their "lecture in a book" style emphasizes discussion and explanation of topics. Each chapter ends with a set of exercises and activities.

The Process of Research in Psychology (Paperback, 4th Revised edition): Dawn M. McBride The Process of Research in Psychology (Paperback, 4th Revised edition)
Dawn M. McBride
R2,083 R1,833 Discovery Miles 18 330 Save R250 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Drawing on more than 17 years of teaching experience, bestselling author Dawn M. McBride covers topics with step-by-step explanations to help students understand the full process of research in psychology. Early chapters introduce important concepts for developing research ideas, subject sampling, ethics, and data collection. Subsequent "Nuts and Bolts" chapters provide more detailed coverage of these topics and the various types of research. This approach creates a logical scaffolding upon which students can build their knowledge. Key Features Chapter organization mirrors the steps in the research process in the first part of the book and then lays out the details of different types of research designs in the second half. This sequence reflects the logical, natural progression of the research process. The spaced repetition of concepts follows a proven memory/learning model that maximizes student retention. Thinking About Research sections at the end of chapters provide a summary of a real research study for students to analyze and relate to the chapter content Examples and activities in each chapter come from a wide range of psychological settings, giving students a useful overview of real research. Using Research feature at the end of selected chapters help students connect research methods knowledge to reports they encounter in their daily lives and from the media. End-of-Chapter Quizzes allow students to assess their progress Ancillaries: Instructor Resource Site include a test bank, PowerPoint slides, sample syllabi, answers/tips for the in-text questions, an answer key for the Lab Manual and class discussion topics and activities Student study site provides chapter summaries and objectives, E-flashcards, Web quizzes, additional SPSS data examples, SAGE journal articles, and additional Web resources

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