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Domestic Violence and Health Care in India - Policy and Practice (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018): Meerambika Mahapatro Domestic Violence and Health Care in India - Policy and Practice (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Meerambika Mahapatro
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This book discusses health care issues related to domestic violence, using extensive case studies from India. By discussing the global literature, legal systems, methodological challenges of gathering information on domestic violence, and health systems issues, along with learnings from case studies, it fills a significant gap in the literature between health care policy and practice vis-a-vis victims of domestic violence. It therefore enables a systemic and systematic response to incidents of domestic violence. Policy instructions, court verdicts, government interventions, community-based direct interventions and related case discussions in the book help in the understanding and management of cases. Though the book uses case studies from India, it addresses globally relevant issues for health care professionals. In view of the paucity of application of systematic evidence-based knowledge, the holistic perspective presented in the book is important to prevent domestic violence, protect women's rights, and promote healthcare and wellbeing of women and children facing domestic violence. Medical professionals are expected to intervene in instances of injuries related to domestic violence---a responsibility that they are currently unable to fulfil due to lack of training in recognizing abuse and lack of tools for intervention. This book improves hands-on-knowledge by providing information on where to refer victims for assistance and timely intervention. Comprehensive yet lucid, this book is useful for academics, policy makers, non-government organizations and women's rights groups in helping victims during and after a violent episode and also in improving reporting and referral services.

Advances in Health and Disease - Volume 11 (Hardcover): Lowell T. Duncan Advances in Health and Disease - Volume 11 (Hardcover)
Lowell T. Duncan
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The aim of Volume 11 is to provide evidence on the indicators of fluid distribution and cellular integrity evaluated by nioelectrical impedance analysis in athletes of different performance levels and non-athletes. The second chapter presents a specific examination of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor among xenobiotic receptors, with a commentary on the preventive and therapeutic abilities of lignans against various diseases associated with the aryl hydrocarbon receptor signaling pathway, including cancers, teratogenesis, inflammatory bowel diseases, osteoarthritis, metabolic syndrome and diabetes, allergic diseases, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, leukemias and lymphomas. Additionally, the authors discuss scrub typhus, a bacterial disease caused by Orientia tsutsugamushi (O. tsutsugamushi), and how it is recognized as an important cause of fever in Asia. The objective of the next section is to conduct a literature review to identify key risk factors that contribute to the risk of infection and transmission of disease in residential aged care and community care settings. The indications and complications of surgical management of Choanal atresia will be thoroughly illustrated in the followingchapter, mainly focusing on the role of the transnasal endoscopic approach. Recently, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on the creation of more effective drugs for prevention and management of obesity and obesity-related diseases. The penultimate chapter examines the peptide fraction derived from tissue of Antarctic hydrobiont and how it has beneficial effects on the diet induced obesity in rats through the influence on oxidative status, development of inflammation, and disorders of the serotonergic system, which are considered to be the key pathogenic mechanisms of obesity-associated metabolic disturbances. The focus of the final chapter is to describe the demographic, clinical and microbiological characteristics of S. maltophilia infections in pediatric patients during a two year period (2016 to 2018) in a tertiary-care hospital in southern Brazil.

Public Health - Local and Global Perspectives (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Pranee Liamputtong Public Health - Local and Global Perspectives (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Pranee Liamputtong
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Public Health: Local and Global Perspectives provides students with a comprehensive overview of Australian and international public health issues and contexts. It introduces the discipline of public health and aims to deepen students' understanding of the determinants of health, historical and theoretical perspectives of public health, current health research and evidence-based practice. This fully revised and expanded edition includes new chapters on ethics in public health, planning and evaluation, individual behavioural change, gender-based health inequalities and public health approaches to drug use. Each chapter features a strong pedagogical foundation, including learning objectives, key terms, illustrative case studies, tutorial exercises, further reading and comprehensive summaries that equip students with a deeper understanding of key concepts. Written by an accomplished author team led by Pranee Liamputtong, Public Health remains an essential learning resource.

Revolutionary Medicine - The Founding Fathers and Mothers in Sickness and in Health (Hardcover, New): Jeanne E Abrams Revolutionary Medicine - The Founding Fathers and Mothers in Sickness and in Health (Hardcover, New)
Jeanne E Abrams
R1,422 R1,141 Discovery Miles 11 410 Save R281 (20%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

An engaging history of the role that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin played in the origins of public health in America Before the advent of modern antibiotics, one's life could be abruptly shattered by contagion and death, and debility from infectious diseases and epidemics was commonplace for early Americans, regardless of social status. Concerns over health affected the founding fathers and their families as it did slaves, merchants, immigrants, and everyone else in North America. As both victims of illness and national leaders, the Founders occupied a unique position regarding the development of public health in America. Revolutionary Medicine refocuses the study of the lives of George and Martha Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John and Abigail Adams, and James and Dolley Madison away from the usual lens of politics to the unique perspective of sickness, health, and medicine in their era. For the founders, republican ideals fostered a reciprocal connection between individual health and the "health" of the nation. Studying the encounters of these American founders with illness and disease, as well as their viewpoints about good health, not only provides us with a richer and more nuanced insight into their lives, but also opens a window into the practice of medicine in the eighteenth century, which is at once intimate, personal, and first hand. Perhaps most importantly, today's American public health initiatives have their roots in the work of America's founders, for they recognized early on that government had compelling reasons to shoulder some new responsibilities with respect to ensuring the health and well-being of its citizenry. The state of medicine and public healthcare today is still a work in progress, but these founders played a significant role in beginning the conversation that shaped the contours of its development.

Public Health in the Arab World (Hardcover, New): Samer Jabbour, Rita Giacaman, Marwan Khawaja, Iman Nuwayhid Public Health in the Arab World (Hardcover, New)
Samer Jabbour, Rita Giacaman, Marwan Khawaja, Iman Nuwayhid
R2,954 R2,521 Discovery Miles 25 210 Save R433 (15%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

The Arab world is a distinct geographic and cultural entity, with a complex demographic. Public Health in the Arab World reviews and dissects the public health concerns specific to this region. This volume will interest not only researchers, practitioners and students in the Arab world, but also the wider constituency of international public health specialists and social scholars interested in this region. With contributions from a multidisciplinary group of leading regional and international experts, this volume addresses a comprehensive range of contemporary topics, including the social determinants of health, and health issues in different population groups. Synthesizing a large body of knowledge in an accessible manner, the authors critique and adapt public health concepts, frameworks and paradigms to the context of the Arab world, engaging readers in current debates. This is a valuable addition to the library of anyone interested in global public health and in Arab world studies.

Health, Safety and Well-Being of Workers in the Informal Sector in India - Lessons for Emerging Economies (Hardcover, 1st ed.... Health, Safety and Well-Being of Workers in the Informal Sector in India - Lessons for Emerging Economies (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Sigamani Panneer, Sanghmitra S Acharya, Nagarajan Sivakami
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This book focuses on the core problems of occupational health, safety and well-being of workers in the informal sector in developing countries, where it accounts for most of the rural labour force and a substantial percentage of the urban labour force. The sector is characterised by low incomes, unstable employment and lack of protection in the form of legislation/policies or trade unions. Though some health and problem-solving measures have been introduced, a focused academic effort to address the problems confronting workers in the unorganised sector, or informal economy, is lacking. The book evaluates workers' physical and mental health in the context of labour migration, social inclusion of minorities and the differently abled, provisions for women workers, demonetisation, occupational safety for hazardous work, and in connection with various areas of informal work, e.g. agriculture, construction, transportation, sanitation, tanning, the tobacco industry, powerloom industry, surrogacy, and self-employment. It provides a well-rounded description of an analytical reflection on the challenges these workers face and focuses on social policy changes to help alleviate them. Accordingly, it offers a valuable asset for researchers and students interested in development studies, the sociology of work, health and labour economics, public health, and social work.

Governing Systems - Modernity and the Making of Public Health in England, 1830-1910 (Paperback): Tom Crook Governing Systems - Modernity and the Making of Public Health in England, 1830-1910 (Paperback)
Tom Crook
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When and how did public health become modern? In Governing Systems, Tom Crook offers a fresh answer to this question through an examination of Victorian and Edwardian England, long considered one of the critical birthplaces of modern public health. This birth, Crook argues, should be located not in the rise of professional expertise or a centralized bureaucratic state but in the contested formation and functioning of multiple systems, both human and material, administrative and technological. Theoretically ambitious yet empirically grounded, Governing Systems will be of interest to historians of modern public health and modern Britain, as well as to anyone interested in the complex gestation of the governmental dimensions of modernity.

Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes (Paperback, 4th Revised edition): Michael F. Drummond, Mark J.... Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes (Paperback, 4th Revised edition)
Michael F. Drummond, Mark J. Sculpher, Karl Claxton, Greg L. Stoddart, George W. Torrance
R1,129 R1,023 Discovery Miles 10 230 Save R106 (9%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

The purpose of economic evaluation is to inform decisions intended to improve healthcare. The new edition of Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes equips the reader with the necessary tools and understanding required to undertake evaluations by providing an outline of key principles and a 'tool kit' based on the authors' own experiences of undertaking economic evaluations. Building on the strength of the previous edition, the accessible writing style ensures the text is key reading for the non-expert reader, as no prior knowledge of economics is required. The book employs a critical appraisal framework, which is useful both to researchers conducting studies and to decision-makers assessing them. Practical examples are provided throughout to aid learning and understanding. The book discusses the analytical and policy challenges that face health systems in seeking to allocate resources efficiently and fairly. New chapters include 'Principles of economic evaluation' and 'Making decisions in healthcare' which introduces the reader to core issues and questions about resource allocation, and provides an understanding of the fundamental principles which guide decision making. A key part of evidence-based decision making is the analysis of all the relevant evidence to make informed decisions and policy. The new chapter 'Identifying, synthesising and analysing evidence' highlights the importance of systematic review, and how and why these methods are used. As methods of analysis continue to develop, the chapter on 'Characterising, reporting and interpreting uncertainty' introduces the reader to recent methods of analysis and why characterizing uncertainty matters for health care decisions. The fourth edition of Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes has been thoroughly revised and updated, making it essential reading for anyone commissioning, undertaking, or using economic evaluations in health care, including health service professionals, health economists, and health care decision makers.

Antibiotics - What Everyone Needs to Know (R) (Paperback): Mary E. Wilson Antibiotics - What Everyone Needs to Know (R) (Paperback)
Mary E. Wilson
R319 R228 Discovery Miles 2 280 Save R91 (29%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

A STIRRING EXAMINATION OF A LOOMING CRISIS Virtually everyone has taken antibiotics. They can be lifesavers - or they can be useless. But what are they? How are they used? And what happens as the effectiveness of antibiotics begins to decline? Antibiotics: What Everyone Needs to Know (R) examines the personal and societal implications of our planet's most important - and arguably most overused - medications. In a question-and-answer format, it unpacks the most complicated aspects of this issue, including: * How antibiotics are used (and overused) in humans, plants, and livestock * The consequences to date, and the potential crisis ahead, as overuse of existing antibiotics breeds new resistance in bacteria * How the globalized world enables antibiotic resistance more quickly * Collateral damage, individually and societally, of antibiotic use * The difficult decisions ahead related to medical care and the food system Grounded in the latest scientific research and translated for general readers, Antibiotics: What Everyone Needs to Know (R) offers a clear-eyed overview of where we are, and what the future holds, as antibiotics lose their might.

Activities of Daily Living - Performance, Impact on Life Quality & Assistance (Hardcover): Jean Baptiste Giroux, Charlotte... Activities of Daily Living - Performance, Impact on Life Quality & Assistance (Hardcover)
Jean Baptiste Giroux, Charlotte Vallee
R3,845 Discovery Miles 38 450 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

The authors of this book present current research in the study of the performance, impact on life quality and assistance in the activities of daily living. Topics discussed include health status and acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; daily mobility of the elderly in Spain; functional upper limb evaluation of activities of daily living in people with neurological disorders; influences of activities of daily living dependency on family caregiver burden and the strategies of adaptation; intervention with modified constraint induced movement therapy in occupational therapy and influence on activities of daily living; impact of mobility equipment on performance and quality of life; severity of unilateral spatial neglect and activities of daily living at discharge; rehabilitation strategies for people with cognitive impairments; flow experience in daily living and health-related quality of life.

The ESC Textbook of Preventive Cardiology and the ESC Handbook of Preventive Cardiology (Multiple copy pack): Stephan Gielen,... The ESC Textbook of Preventive Cardiology and the ESC Handbook of Preventive Cardiology (Multiple copy pack)
Stephan Gielen, Guy De Backer, Massimo Piepoli, Catriona Jennings
R3,283 Discovery Miles 32 830 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Combining an accessible and practical how-to manual with a comprehensive textbook, together with full online access to both resources, this pack provides medical professionals with a great value resource covering all aspects of preventive cardiology.This pack comes with full online access to both resources on Oxford Medicine Online, for as long as the books are published by Oxford University Press. By activating your unique access codes, you can read and annotate the full text online, follow links from the references to primary research materials, and view, enlarge, and download all the figures and tables. This pack is an essential collection in understanding and delivering effective strategies for preventing cardiovascular disease. It combines The ESC Textbook of Preventive Cardiology, which is the official textbook of the EACP and a state-of-the art reference work, with The ESC Handbook of Preventive Cardiology, an easy-to-use and portable quick guide to preventive care in practice. The ESC Textbook of Preventive Cardiology is comprehensive, and extensively linked to practice guidelines and recommendations from the European Association of Preventive Cardiology (EAPC), clearing connecting the latest evidence-base to strategies and proposals for implementing those findings in clinical practice. The textbook ranges from epidemiology and risk stratification through psychological factors, behaviour and motivation to secondary prevention, integrating hospital-based and community care for cardiovascular disease prevention with information on cardio-protective drugs. Case studies, clinical decision-making trees and drug tables with recommended doses and potential side-effects make it easier than ever to implement treatments in practice. IThe ESC Handbook of Preventive Cardiology is a 'how-to' manual for busy healthcare professionals. Complementing the 2012 Joint European Guidelines on cardiovascular disease prevention and in line with recommendations from the European Association of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation, it is an invaluable source of tools and skills to assist with the delivery of effective cardiovascular disease prevention. The handbook focuses on practical strategies that can be used in clinical settings. Concise and easily accessible, it guides readers through the patient and family pathway - from patient identification, recruitment of the patient and family, assessing lifestyle and risk factors, to managing lifestyle change, reducing risk factors, and compliance with cardio-protective drug therapies. Information on how to deliver a health promotion workshop programme and run a supervised exercise programme is also included. Previously published as Preventive Cardiology: A practical manual and now fully revised and updated and packed with checklists and diagrams, such as risk estimation charts, The ESC Handbook of Preventive Cardiology helps health workers contribute in real and practical ways to the prevention of artherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

Can We Be Happier? - Evidence and Ethics (Hardcover): Richard Layard Can We Be Happier? - Evidence and Ethics (Hardcover)
Richard Layard 1
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Most people now realise that economic growth, however desirable, will not solve all our problems. Instead, we need a philosophy and a science which encompasses a much fuller range of human need and experience. This book argues that the goal for a society must be the greatest possible all round happiness, and shows how each of us can become more effective creators of happiness, both as citizens and in our own organisations. Written with Richard Layard's characteristic clarity, it provides hard evidence that increasing happiness is the right aim, and that it can be achieved. Its language is simple, its evidence impressive, its effect inspiring. 'In this book 'Can We Be Happier?' which is part of Richard Layard's excellent, ongoing exploration of what happiness is and how it can be achieved, he provides evidence that if you have peace of mind and are full of joy, your health will be good, your family will be happy and that happiness will affect the atmosphere of the community in which you live.' The Dalai Lama

The Sociology of Healthcare Safety and Quality (Paperback): Davina Allen, Jeffrey Braithwaite, Jane Sandall, Justin Waring The Sociology of Healthcare Safety and Quality (Paperback)
Davina Allen, Jeffrey Braithwaite, Jane Sandall, Justin Waring
R495 R470 Discovery Miles 4 700 Save R25 (5%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

The Sociology of Healthcare Safety and Quality presents a series of research-informed readings on the sociological contributions of technologies, practices, experiences, and organizational quality and safety across a range of healthcare contexts. * Represents the first collection of peer-reviewed research articles showcasing ways that sociology can contribute to the ongoing policy concern of healthcare safety and quality * Features original contributions from leading experts in healthcare related fields from three continents * Reveals the state-of-the art in sociological analyses of contemporary healthcare safety and quality along with future directions in the field * Offers sociological insights from the perspectives of managers, clinicians, and patients

Implementation Monitoring and Process Evaluation (Paperback): Ruth P Saunders Implementation Monitoring and Process Evaluation (Paperback)
Ruth P Saunders
R1,004 R919 Discovery Miles 9 190 Save R85 (8%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

This book examines the topic comprehensively through four phases: implementation planning; planning for implementation monitoring; carrying out the implementation monitoring plan; and summarizing, reporting and using the results. The book aims to develop students' skills in program evaluation, specifically in implementation monitoring. An extended case study of a health education program working with teenage girls is referred to throughout the book, providing a useful example appropriate to courses in education, health promotion, social work, public policy, or community studies. A "Your Turn" feature in each chapter helps the reader apply the material to their own area of study. The book will be ideal as a primary text for an implementation monitoring course or as a supplemental text in a broader program evaluation course.

Health in Humanitarian Emergencies - Principles and Practice for Public Health and Healthcare Practitioners (Hardcover): David... Health in Humanitarian Emergencies - Principles and Practice for Public Health and Healthcare Practitioners (Hardcover)
David Townes
R2,321 R1,722 Discovery Miles 17 220 Save R599 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The fields of Global Health and Global Emergency Response have attracted increased interest and study. There has been tremendous growth in the educational opportunities around humanitarian emergencies; however, educational resources have not yet followed the same growth. This book corrects this trend, offering a comprehensive single resource dedicated to health in humanitarian emergencies. Providing an introduction to the public health principles of response to humanitarian emergencies, the text also emphasizes the need to coordinate the public health and emergency clinical response within the architecture of the greater response effort. With contributing authors among some of the world's leading health experts and policy influencers in the field, the content is based on best practices, peer reviewed evidence, and expert consensus. The text acts as a resource for clinical and public health practitioners, graduate-level students, and individuals working in response to humanitarian emergencies for government agencies, international agencies, and NGOs.

Hepatitis C - A Complete Guide for Patients and Families (Paperback): Paul J Thuluvath Hepatitis C - A Complete Guide for Patients and Families (Paperback)
Paul J Thuluvath
R372 R340 Discovery Miles 3 400 Save R32 (9%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

The liver is the body's workhorse. It makes proteins and bile, processes fats, and detoxifies drugs and alcohol. The liver is a resilient organ, but it is susceptible to damage from a number of sources, including viral infections. Such infections cause inflammation of the liver, called hepatitis. This book is a comprehensive guide to hepatitis C, which affects about 3 percent of the world's population-3 to 4 million people in the United States alone. Some people with acute hepatitis C infection will be cured without any treatment, but when hepatitis C becomes chronic it may cause cirrhosis, liver cancer, and death. Hepatitis C is transmitted from an infected person to an uninfected person by sharing drug-injecting equipment, snorting cocaine, having sex, or getting a blood transfusion or organ transplant. It can be spread by getting a tattoo with unsterile equipment. In rare cases, women with hepatitis C transmit the virus to their infants. World-renowned gastroenterologist and liver specialist Dr Paul J Thuluvath provides detailed information about the disease and its diagnosis and management, including dramatically improved treatments that have recently emerged. Dr Thuluvath answers common and uncommon questions about hepatitis C and liver disease, including: How is hepatitis C spread? Who should be tested-and what tests diagnose hepatitis C and other liver diseases? What are the symptoms of acute liver disease? What are the symptoms and complications of chronic liver disease? What are the complications of cirrhosis (scarring of the liver)? How does hepatitis C affect other organs in the body? What treatment options are available, and what side effects might they have? How is early liver cancer diagnosed and treated? When is liver transplantation needed, and how does it work? Dr Thuluvath provides the latest information on new interferon-free regimens, which have shown a cure rate of more than 90 per cent in people with specific genotypes-and which avoid the distressing side effects of interferon therapy. He discusses hepatitis C in children as well as complementary and alternative medicine. Published while revolutionary changes are taking place in the treatment of hepatitis C, this authoritative guide will become the preferred reference for people with hepatitis C and their families.

AAP Healthy Development and Well-Child Support Chart (Wallchart): American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) AAP Healthy Development and Well-Child Support Chart (Wallchart)
American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
R949 Discovery Miles 9 490 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The AAP Healthy Development and Well-Child Support Chart provides pediatric health professionals with a quick and easy-to-use reference on some of the most important areas covered in the pediatric well-child visit: developmental and social-emotional milestones, adolescent development, mental health, behavioral concerns, toxic stress and resilience, physical activity, sleep, and more. It addresses development in all age-groups, including middle childhood and adolescence. This comprehensive new resource features as assortment of tables, charts, graphs, and other accessible resources to support pediatric healthcare professionals at the point of care.

What Makes Women Sick (Paperback, New): Leslie Doyal What Makes Women Sick (Paperback, New)
Leslie Doyal
R630 Discovery Miles 6 300 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

"Lesley Doyal has done it again! By making a political, cross-cultural analysis the core of every topic she covers, she makes us change the way we think about and act on critical issues in women's health. Students in public health and in women studies will find this intelligent, accessible book a unique and enlightening resource." --Nancy Worcester, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and National Women's Health Network What makes women sick? To an Ecuadorean woman, it's nervios from constant worry about her children's illnesses. To a woman working in a New Mexico electronics factory, it's the solvents that leave her with a form of dementia. To a Ugandan woman, it's HIV from her husband's sleeping with the widow of an AIDS patient. To a Bangladeshi woman, it's a fatal infection following an IUD insertion. What they all share is a recognition that their sickness is somehow caused by situations they face every day at home and at work. In this clearly written and compelling book, Lesley Doyal investigates the effects of social, economic, and cultural conditions on women's health. The "fault line" of gender that continues to divide all societies has, Doyal demonstrates, profound and pervasive consequences for the health of women throughout the world. Her broad synthesis highlights variations between men and women in patterns of health and illness, and it identifies inequalities in medical care that separate groups of women from each other. Doyal's wide-ranging arguments, her wealth of data, her use of women's voices from many cultures--and her examples of women mobilizing to find their own solutions--make this book required reading for everyone concerned with women's health. Lesley Doyal is Professor of Health and Social Care, School of Policy Studies, at the University of Bristol. She has published widely on health policy and women's studies. Her books include The Political Economy of Health and HIV, and AIDs: Setting a Feminist Agenda.

Aircraft Accident Analysis: Final Reports (Paperback, Ed): Jim Walters, Robert Sumwalt Aircraft Accident Analysis: Final Reports (Paperback, Ed)
Jim Walters, Robert Sumwalt
R916 R697 Discovery Miles 6 970 Save R219 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Fascinating and factual accounts of the world’s most recent
and compelling crashes

Industry insiders James Walters and Robert Sumwalt, trained aviation accident investigators and commercial airline pilots, offer expert analyses of notable and recent aircraft accidents in this eye-opening, lesson-filled case file. Culled from final reports issued by military and foreign government investigations, as well as additional research and resources, Aircraft Accident Analysis tells the final and full tales of doomed flights that stopped the world cold in their wake.

Technical accuracy and details, presented in layman’s language, help to clarify:

• Major accidents from commercial, military, and general aviation flights

• Pilot backgrounds and flight histories

• Chronology of events leading to each accident

• Description of aviation investigation process

• Insight into NTSB, military, and foreign government findings

• Resulting recommendations, requirements, and policy changes

• Preview summaries of accidents too recent for final reports are also highlighted.

Readable, authoritative, and complete, Aircraft Accident Analysis: Final Reports is at once an important reference tool and a riveting, what-went-wrong look at air safety for everyone who flies.

Featured final and preview reports include:

U.S. Air Force, U.S Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Jessica Dubroff, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Valujet Airlines 592, Everglades, Florida

American Airlines 955, Cali, Columbia

John Denver, Pacific Grove, California

Atlantic Southeast Airlines, Carrollton, Georgia

US Air 427, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

TWA 800, Long Island, New York

Delta Air Lines, LaGuardia Airport, New York

John F. Kennedy, Jr., Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Drug Dealer, MD - How Doctors Were Duped, Patients Got Hooked, and Why It's So Hard to Stop (Paperback): Anna Lembke Drug Dealer, MD - How Doctors Were Duped, Patients Got Hooked, and Why It's So Hard to Stop (Paperback)
Anna Lembke
R375 R300 Discovery Miles 3 000 Save R75 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Three out of four people addicted to heroin probably started on a prescription opioid, according to the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the United States alone, 16,000 people die each year as a result of prescription opioid overdose. But perhaps the most frightening aspect of the prescription drug epidemic is that it's built on well-meaning doctors treating patients with real problems. In Drug Dealer, MD, Dr. Anna Lembke uncovers the unseen forces driving opioid addiction nationwide. Combining case studies from her own practice with vital statistics drawn from public policy, cultural anthropology, and neuroscience, she explores the complex relationship between doctors and patients, the science of addiction, and the barriers to successfully addressing drug dependence and addiction. Even when addiction is recognized by doctors and their patients, she argues, many doctors don't know how to treat it, connections to treatment are lacking, and insurance companies won't pay for rehab. Full of extensive interviews-with health care providers, pharmacists, social workers, hospital administrators, insurance company executives, journalists, economists, advocates, and patients and their families- Drug Dealer, MD, is for anyone whose life has been touched in some way by addiction to prescription drugs. Dr. Lembke gives voice to the millions of Americans struggling with prescription drugs while singling out the real culprits behind the rise in opioid addiction: cultural narratives that promote pills as quick fixes, pharmaceutical corporations in cahoots with organized medicine, and a new medical bureaucracy focused on the bottom line that favors pills, procedures, and patient satisfaction over wellness. Dr. Lembke concludes that the prescription drug epidemic is a symptom of a faltering health care system, the solution for which lies in rethinking how health care is delivered.

The Children in Child Health - Negotiating Young Lives and Health in New Zealand (Paperback): Julie Spray The Children in Child Health - Negotiating Young Lives and Health in New Zealand (Paperback)
Julie Spray
R691 R639 Discovery Miles 6 390 Save R52 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Place and Health as Complex Systems - A Case Study and Empirical Test (Paperback, 2015 ed.): Brian Castellani, Rajeev Rajaram,... Place and Health as Complex Systems - A Case Study and Empirical Test (Paperback, 2015 ed.)
Brian Castellani, Rajeev Rajaram, J. Galen Buckwalter, Michael Ball, Frederic William Hafferty
R1,364 R1,142 Discovery Miles 11 420 Save R222 (16%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

The history of public health has focused on direct relationships between problems and solutions: vaccinations against diseases, ad campaigns targeting risky behaviors. But the accelerating pace and mounting intricacies of our lives are challenging the field to find new scientific methods for studying community health. The complexities of place (COP) approach is emerging as one such promising method. Place and Health as Complex Systems demonstrates how COP works, making an empirical case for its use in for designing and implementing interventions. This brief resource reviews the defining characteristics of places as dynamic and evolving social systems, rigorously testing them as well as the COP approach itself. The study, of twenty communities within one county in the Midwest, combines case-based methods and complexity science to determine whether COP improves upon traditional statistical methods of public health research. Its conclusions reveal strengths and limitations of the approach, immediate possibilities for its use, and challenges regarding future research. Included in the coverage: Characteristics of places and the complexities of place approach. The Definitional Test of Complex Systems. Case-based modeling using the SACS toolkit. Methods, maps, and measures used in the study. Places as nodes within larger networks. Places as power-based conflicted negotiations. Place and Health as Complex Systems brings COP into greater prominence in public health research, and is also valuable to researchers in related fields such as demography, health geography, community health, urban planning, and epidemiology.

Primary Care for Older Adults - Models and Challenges (Paperback, 1st ed. 2018): Michael Wasserman, James Riopelle Primary Care for Older Adults - Models and Challenges (Paperback, 1st ed. 2018)
Michael Wasserman, James Riopelle
R2,300 R1,877 Discovery Miles 18 770 Save R423 (18%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

This book provides a comprehensive and systematic state-of-the science review of major primary care delivery models, how they address specific needs of older adults, and available evidence for their efficacy. Written by experts in the field, this book explores the patient-centered medical home model (PCMH) in depth and dives into the complexities of the "medical neighborhood". It describes and analyzes primary care specifically directed toward special, complex populations, such as the Health Home for safety net patients with mental health needs, and intensive primary care for older adults. It reviews an array of primary care models related to dual eligible patients including the GRACE primary care consultation model and PACE models. It describes primary care with Advanced Practice Nurses and Physician Assistants and explores in-depth the massive effort within the VA to develop the Patient Activated Care Team (PACT), a VA form of the PCMH that also has several offshoots that address complex older veterans and veterans with severe mental illness. Finally, it illuminates rarely discussed primary care that occurs within the home and within long-term care. Throughout the entire book, experts navigate the workforce, care quality, and financing challenges of primary care for older adults. Primary Care for Older Adults is a valuable resource for clinicians, researchers, patients, caregivers and their advocates, and policy makers who have an interest in designing, promoting, and implementing high quality primary care for older adults.

Mad Cow Crisis - Health and the Public Good (Paperback, New): Scott C. Ratzan Mad Cow Crisis - Health and the Public Good (Paperback, New)
Scott C. Ratzan
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In the spring of 1996, when numerous reports of bovine spongioform encephalopathy, popularly known as "mad cow disease," coincided with an outbreak of a similar neuropathological disease in humans, a panic spread across Britain, Europe, and subsequently to the United States. Described as "the biggest crisis the European Union ever had," the mad cow controversy raised important issues about the ways in which risks to the public heath are assessed, disseminated, and controlled. Was the "epidemic" merely a failure of management, the lessons of which could be incorporated into a new strategy for dealing with public anxiety? Was it an isolated case of poor decision-making in a highly volatile economic sector, or was it the kind of nightmare that could face any government responsible for public safety? And what role did the media play in exacerbating an already spiraling crisis?

Divided into four major sections-"Scientific/Historical Perspectives"; "Politics as Health"; "Understanding the Crisis"; and "Lessons and Possibilities" - Mad Cow Crisis assembles the perspectives of a range of experts on this strange and frightening phenomenon, with a view to helping us comprehend how and why such crises occur. Both a careful consideration of how we interpret risk and uncertainty and a step-by-step guide to managing public fear, this important book will interest anyone concerned with public health, communication, science, economics, and medicine.

Redefining Aging - A Caregiver's Guide to Living Your Best Life (Paperback): Ann Kaiser Stearns Redefining Aging - A Caregiver's Guide to Living Your Best Life (Paperback)
Ann Kaiser Stearns; Foreword by J. Raymond de Paulo
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Caring for an elderly family member can be overwhelming. But fulfilling life experiences are still possible for both caregivers and their loved ones, despite the stress and fatigue of caregiving. Even an elderly spouse, parent, or other family member who is significantly impaired or increasingly dependent can enjoy simple pleasures and share their joy and wisdom. In this book, Ann Kaiser Stearns explores the practical and personal challenges of both caregiving and successful aging. In her engaging, conversational tone, Stearns shares stories and lessons from many resilient caregivers. She couples findings from the latest research with powerful insights and problem-solving tips to help caregivers achieve the best life possible for those they care for-and for themselves as they age. Topics include* improving the quality of life for the one giving and the one receiving care* distinguishing normal aging from early warning signs * understanding caregiver sadness, resentment, guilt, and grief* using strategies and skills to minimize an impaired elder's distress and emotional outbursts and the caregiver's own anxieties about growing old* finding resources to aid in the care of the loved one and protect the caregiver from stress overload * moving forward after the death of a loved one to have a meaningful life of one's own * overcoming ageist stereotypes and deciding what kind of "old person" one will be* making life easier for those who someday will care for us Redefining Aging will help readers think differently about caregiving and their own aging. It will also help them empathize with and interact positively with their elderly loved ones while imagining a positive future for themselves.

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