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The Essential Guide to Public Health and Health Promotion (Paperback): Susan R. Thompson The Essential Guide to Public Health and Health Promotion (Paperback)
Susan R. Thompson
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In the twenty-first century, public health is everyone's business. The nursing and medical professions are well placed to provide advice to their clients, especially in respect to lifestyle change, and public health initiatives are supported by a range of statutory and voluntary organisations and health workers, ranging from health promotion specialists to smoking cessation advisers and nutrition assistants. Designed to help readers develop the practical skills they need to become effective public health practitioners, this concise text gives an easily digested overview of public health and health promotion theory in accessible language and diagrams, before moving on to the ways readers can apply this in practice. Providing an opportunity for practitioners to understand possible barriers to lifestyle change, debate health inequalities and responsibilities, and explore the role of the media in changing attitudes, it: Outlines the roles of specific organisations involved in the work of public health work. Covers health needs assessment, agenda setting and the technical aspects of how to research plan and evaluate effective practice either with individual clients or when devising programmes and initiatives for population groups. Details methods of helping people with motivation for lifestyle change, building rapport, ongoing support, monitoring and signposting to specific services. Discusses role of neighbourhoods and communities in improving health and how workers may support local populations to improve the health of their community. The Essential Guide to Public Health and Health Promotion is an accessible introduction to the principles and practice of health promotion and public health for all those new to working or studying in the area, whatever their professional background.

Health Promotion Strategies and Methods (Paperback, 3rd edition): Garry Egger, Ross Spark, Rob Donovan Health Promotion Strategies and Methods (Paperback, 3rd edition)
Garry Egger, Ross Spark, Rob Donovan
R850 R794 Discovery Miles 7 940 Save R56 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Well-known health promotion expert, Garry Egger, leads this experienced, Australian-based author team on the third edition of this essential guide to developing practical and effective health programs. Aimed at the health promotion student, Health Promotion Strategies and Methods, 3/e is a practical guide to developing health promotion strategies that actually work, taking a balanced approach to health promotion, by considering not only the individual, but also group dynamics, as well as population and community approaches. Clearly structured, with real-life case studies throughout each chapter, this book delivers the latest research and health practice in an accessible and meaningful way to assist students and junior practitioners in planning and implementing their health promotions.Health Promotion Strategies and Methods Third Edition is the essential guide to developing effective health programs. The book presents the key principles of health promotion and demonstrates how they can be applied. This new edition provides a structured approach to devising health programs by focusing on planning, development and implementation. It also clearly explains the differences in individual, group and mass population approaches to health intervention and prevention programs.

Primary Health Care in Southern Africa: - A comprehensive approach (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition): Kathy Dennill, Kirstie... Primary Health Care in Southern Africa: - A comprehensive approach (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition)
Kathy Dennill, Kirstie Rendall-Mkosi, Laetitia King
R393 R348 Discovery Miles 3 480 Save R45 (11%) Ships in 6 - 10 working days

Primary health care in southern Africa: A comprehensive approach 3e focuses on primary health care, drawing on an Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) approach. It covers topics such as international views on primary health care, community participation in health care and communication in health care.
The book is centered on the principles of equal access, equity and participation of all. These principles prioritise those with the greatest need for health care and promote shared responsibility between health care providers and health care users.

Tropical Medicine Notebook (Paperback): Philippa C. Matthews Tropical Medicine Notebook (Paperback)
Philippa C. Matthews
R1,011 Discovery Miles 10 110 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Tropical Medicine Notebook is a new concept in providing a concise overview of the key topics in tropical medicine, using short notes, diagrams, maps, and tables to present the material in an accessible, engaging, memorable, and interesting way. The format is generally a page per topic, with division of each page into subsections by boxes to make it easy to find the relevant information. Cross-referencing is provided to allow quick linking between relevant sections of the book. Providing the key information in bite-size chunks, the Tropical Medicine Notebook is a useful companion to more comprehensive texts. Divided into eight sections; the first five cover infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and helminths, followed by a further three which present the topics of vector biology, disease syndromes and envenomation. Where relevant, the section is prefaced by a classification system to provide a logical overview, helping with assimilation of information and highlighting important relationships between organisms. It is an ideal learning and revision guide for students or trainees in infection, microbiology, and tropical medicine, as well as being a useful reference resource for healthcare and laboratory staff across the wide range of disciplines to which infection may present.

Introduction to Health Geography (Paperback): Humphrey Ngala Ndi, H. Blaise Nguendo Yongsi Introduction to Health Geography (Paperback)
Humphrey Ngala Ndi, H. Blaise Nguendo Yongsi
R396 R318 Discovery Miles 3 180 Save R78 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Introduction to Health Geography is an attempt to situate the discipline of geography as an unavoidable companion to health promotion, protection and delivery. Briefly, it illustrates the importance of geographical phenomena and knowledge in the understanding of patterns of human diseases at the global, regional and local levels. As an introductory piece intended to be more attractive to both experienced and beginning geographers as well as people interested in population and health issues, the content of the book explores the different approaches to the sub discipline. This should give a firm philosophical, methodological and conceptual grounding to the intending students and interested reader. Invariably therefore, studies in health geography will follow one or more of these approaches: medical geography approach, disease and human environments approach, disease diffusion approach and political approach.

Inside National Health Reform (Paperback): John E. McDonough Inside National Health Reform (Paperback)
John E. McDonough
R803 R630 Discovery Miles 6 300 Save R173 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This indispensable guide to the Affordable Care Act, our new national health care law, lends an insiderOCOs deep understanding of policy to a lively and absorbing account of the extraordinaryOCoand extraordinarily ambitiousOColegislative effort to reform the nationOCOs health care system. Dr. John E. McDonough, DPH, a health policy expert who served as an advisor to the late Senator Edward Kennedy, provides a vivid picture of the intense effort required to bring this legislation into law. McDonough clearly explains the ACAOCOs inner workings, revealing the rich landscape of the issues, policies, and controversies embedded in the law yet unknown to most Americans. In his account of these historic events, McDonough takes us through the process from the 2008 presidential campaign to the moment in 2010 when President Obama signed the bill into law. At a time when the nation is taking a second look at the ACA, "Inside National Health Reform" provides the essential information for Americans to make informed judgments about this landmark law.

Ending Medical Reversal - Improving Outcomes, Saving Lives (Paperback): Vinayak K. Prasad, Adam S. Cifu Ending Medical Reversal - Improving Outcomes, Saving Lives (Paperback)
Vinayak K. Prasad, Adam S. Cifu
R517 R469 Discovery Miles 4 690 Save R48 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Medications such as Vioxx and procedures such as vertebroplasty for back pain are among the medical "advances" that turned out to be dangerous or useless. What Dr. Vinayak K. Prasad and Dr. Adam S. Cifu call medical reversal happens when doctors start using a medication, procedure, or diagnostic tool without a robust evidence base-and then stop using it when it is found not to help, or even to harm, patients. In Ending Medical Reversal, Drs. Prasad and Cifu narrate fascinating stories from every corner of medicine to explore why medical reversals occur, how they are harmful, and what can be done to avoid them. They explore the difference between medical innovations that improve care and those that only appear to be promising. They also outline a comprehensive plan to reform medical education, research funding and protocols, and the process for approving new drugs that will ensure that more of what gets done in doctors' offices and hospitals is truly effective.

Qualitative Methods in Public Health - A Field Guide for Applied Research (Paperback, 2nd Edition): Elizabeth E Tolley,... Qualitative Methods in Public Health - A Field Guide for Applied Research (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
Elizabeth E Tolley, Priscilla R Ulin, Natasha Mack, Elizabeth T. Robinson, Stacey M. Succop
R1,865 R1,336 Discovery Miles 13 360 Save R529 (28%) Ships in 7 - 13 working days

Qualitative Methods in Public Health: A Field Guide for Applied Research, 2nd Edition provides a practical orientation to conducting effective qualitative research in the public health sphere. With thorough examination and simple explanations, this book guides you through the logic and workflow of qualitative approaches, with step-by-step guidance on every phase of the research. Students learn how to identify and make use of theoretical frameworks to guide your study, design the study to answer specific questions, and achieve their research goals. Data collection, analysis, and interpretation are given close attention as the backbone of a successful study, and expert insight on reporting and dissemination helps you get your work noticed. This second edition features new examples from global health, including case studies specifically illustrating study design, web and mobile technologies, mixed methods, and new innovations in information dissemination. Pedagogical tools have been added to help enhance your understanding of research design and implementation, and extensive appendices show you how these concepts work in practice. Qualitative research is a powerful tool for public health, but it's very easy to get it wrong. Careful study design and data management are critical, and it's important to resist drawing conclusions that the data cannot support. This book shows you how to conduct high-quality qualitative research that stands up to review.

The Social Determinants of Health - Looking Upstream (Hardcover): Kathryn Strother Ratcliff The Social Determinants of Health - Looking Upstream (Hardcover)
Kathryn Strother Ratcliff
R1,621 R1,255 Discovery Miles 12 550 Save R366 (23%) Ships in 7 - 13 working days

This timely book takes seriously the idea of understanding how our social world not individual responsibility nor the health care system is the primary determinant of our health. Kathryn Strother Ratcliff puts into practice the upstream imagery from public health discourse, which locates the causes (and solutions) of health problems within the social environment. Each chapter explains how the policies, politics, and power behind corporate and governmental decisions and actions produce unhealthy circumstances of living such as poverty, pollution, dangerous working conditions, and unhealthy modes of food production and how putting profit and politics over people is unhealthy and unsustainable. While the book examines how these unhealthy conditions of life generate significant class and ethnic health disparities, the focus is everyone's health. Arguing that none of us should be placed in preventable health-threatening situations, Ratcliff's provocative analysis uses social justice and human rights lenses to guide the discussion upstream towards possible changes that could produce a healthier world for us all. Using data and ideas from many disciplines, the book provides a synthesis of invaluable information for activists and policy makers, as well as professionals and students in sociology, public health, and other health fields.

Health Care Errors and Patient Safety (Hardcover): Brian Hurwitz, Aziz Sheikh Health Care Errors and Patient Safety (Hardcover)
Brian Hurwitz, Aziz Sheikh
R2,005 R1,544 Discovery Miles 15 440 Save R461 (23%) Ships in 7 - 13 working days

The detection, reporting, measurement, and minimization of medical errors and harms is now a core requirement in clinical organizations throughout developed societies. This book focuses on this major new area in health care. It explores the nature of medical error, its incidence in different health care settings, and strategies for minimizing errors and their harmful consequences to patients. Written by leading authorities, it discusses the practical issues involved in reducing errors in health care - for the clinician, the health policy adviser, and ethical and legal health professionals.

Public Health Mini-Guides: Diabetes (Paperback, UK ed.): Josie Evans Public Health Mini-Guides: Diabetes (Paperback, UK ed.)
Josie Evans; Series edited by Angela Scriven
R281 Discovery Miles 2 810 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Public Health Mini-Guides: Diabetes provides up-to-date, evidence-based information in a convenient pocket-sized format. Diabetes is a worldwide public health concern and is being referred to as the 'global epidemic of diabetes', the 'silent epidemic' and the 'diabetes timebomb'. The increasing incidence of diabetes, the heavy burden of morbidity and mortality associated with diabetes, and its spiralling healthcare costs, underpin the importance of a public health approach to the prevention and management of diabetes. This Mini-Guide explores in more detail how public health practice might address some of these issues. Covers all aspects of a public health approach to diabetes Individual and population-level interventions Case study examples help relate practice to theory 'Thinking points' encourage reflection and are a teaching aid Each chapter ends with summary points, websites and further reading lists to help direct readers. The Public Health Mini-Guides provide up-to-date, evidence-based information in a convenient pocket-sized format, on a range of current key public health topics. They are designed to support the work of health and social care practitioners and students on courses related to public health and health promotion.

Getting Health Reform Right - A Guide to Improving Performance and Equity (Paperback): Marc Roberts, William Hsiao, Peter... Getting Health Reform Right - A Guide to Improving Performance and Equity (Paperback)
Marc Roberts, William Hsiao, Peter Berman, Michael R. Reich
R1,183 Discovery Miles 11 830 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book provides a multi-disciplinary framework for developing and analysing health sector reforms, based on the authors' extensive international experience. It offers practical guidance, and stresses the need to take account of each country's economic, administrative, and political circumstances. The authors explain how to design effective government interventions in five areas - financing, payment, organization, regulation, and behaviour - to improve the performance and equity of health systems around the world.

Tuberculosis and War - Lessons Learned from World War II. (Hardcover): J.F. Murray, R. Loddenkemper Tuberculosis and War - Lessons Learned from World War II. (Hardcover)
J.F. Murray, R. Loddenkemper; Series edited by F.J.F. Herth
R3,825 R3,130 Discovery Miles 31 300 Save R695 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Tuberculosis (TB) remains the largest cause of adult deaths from any single infectious disease, and ranks among the top 10 causes of death worldwide. When TB and war occur simultaneously, the inevitable consequences are disease, human misery, suffering, and heightened mortality. TB is, therefore, one of the most frequent and deadly diseases to complicate the special circumstances of warfare. Written by internationally acclaimed experts, this book provides a comprehensive analysis of the status of TB before, during and after WWII in the 25 belligerent countries that were chiefly involved. It summarizes the history of TB up to the present day. A special chapter on "Nazi Medicine, Tuberculosis and Genocide" examines the horrendous, inhuman Nazi ideology, which during WWII used TB as a justification for murder, and targeted the disease by eradicating millions who were afflicted by it. The final chapter summarizes the lessons learned from WWII and more recent wars and recommends anti-TB measures for future conflicts. This publication is not only of interest to TB specialists and pulmonologists but also to those interested in public health, infectious diseases, war-related issues and the history of medicine. It should also appeal to nonmedical readers like journalists and politicians.

Promoting Child And Adolescent Mental Health (Paperback): Carl I. Fertman, Myrna M. Delgado, Susan L. Tarasevich Promoting Child And Adolescent Mental Health (Paperback)
Carl I. Fertman, Myrna M. Delgado, Susan L. Tarasevich
R1,257 Discovery Miles 12 570 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A Focus On Child And Adolescent Mental Health Promoting Child And Adolescent Mental Health Is Written For Health Education Students With A Keen Focus On How To Build Sustainable Support Systems Across The Community, Classroom, Schools And Families To Adequately Promote Positive Behavior And Mental Health For Both Children And Adolescents. The Text Addresses A Wide Range Of Learning Challenges And Mental Health Issues And Outlines The Support Needed To Provide Communities And Schools With The Proper Guidance To Create An Adaptable System Which Promotes Child And Adolescent Mental Health Allowing Them To Flourish. The Text Presents Mental Health As A Community-Based Challenge. By Focusing On Children And Adolescents, It Allows Undergraduate And Graduate Students To Concentrate On Specific Populations While Acquiring Skills That Are Applicable To A Broad Spectrum Of Diverse Communities. This Innovative Text Models Teamwork Across A Variety Of Disciplines And Encourages Students To Develop Connections Across Communities And Systems To Promote Child And Adolescent Mental Health. Key Features - Text And Resources Draw From Real-World Experience Of Professionals Who Work In Schools - Features Course Material Currently Used In School Curricula - An Emphasis On Developing Individual Responsibility Through Active Involvement With Diverse Communities - Evidence-Based Methods - A Focus On Practical Application And Simple, Clear, Relatable Language - Real-Life Vignettes That Launch Each Chapter And Inspire Discussion And Further Thought - Content That Is Easily Adaptable For Both Undergraduate Students And Experienced Human Services Professionals - Extensive Instructor Resources, Including Chapter Outlines, Text-Linked Teaching Tips, Test Bank And Answer Key, And Chapter-Specific Powerpoint Presentations - Action-Based Tips For Promoting Child And Adolescent Mental Health - Extensive Information On Networking With Other Human Services Professionals To Develop A Larger Framework Of Support For Children And Adolescents - Information On Referrals, Teams, Partnerships, And Collaborations

The Annals of English Drama 975-1700 (Paperback): Sylvia Stoler Wagonheim The Annals of English Drama 975-1700 (Paperback)
Sylvia Stoler Wagonheim
R1,199 Discovery Miles 11 990 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

An analytical record of all plays, extinct or lost, chronologically arranged and indexed by authors, titles and dramatic companies.

Treating Opioid Addiction (Paperback, 1st ed. 2019): John F. Kelly, Sarah E. Wakeman Treating Opioid Addiction (Paperback, 1st ed. 2019)
John F. Kelly, Sarah E. Wakeman
R2,158 R1,945 Discovery Miles 19 450 Save R213 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book addresses opioids and opioid use disorders from epidemiological, clinical, and public health perspectives. It covers detailed information on the nature of opioids, their effects on the human body and brain, prevention, and treatment of opioid addiction. Unlike other texts, the first section of this volume builds a strong historical, neurobiological, and phenomenological foundation for a deep understanding of the topic and the patient. The second section addresses the most challenging issues clinicians face, including pharmacological and psychosocial treatments, harm reduction approaches, alternative approaches to pain management for the non-specialist, and prescribing guidelines. Treating Opioid Addiction is a valuable resource for psychiatrists, psychologists, addiction medicine physicians, primary care physicians, drug addiction counselors, students, trainees, scholars, and public health officials interested in the effects and impact of opioids in the clinical and epidemiological context.

Personalized Medicine - Empowered Patients in the 21st Century? (Paperback): Barbara Prainsack Personalized Medicine - Empowered Patients in the 21st Century? (Paperback)
Barbara Prainsack
R684 R576 Discovery Miles 5 760 Save R108 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Inside today's data-driven personalized medicine, and the time, effort, and information required from patients to make it a reality Medicine has been personal long before the concept of "personalized medicine" became popular. Health professionals have always taken into consideration the individual characteristics of their patients when diagnosing, and treating them. Patients have cared for themselves and for each other, contributed to medical research, and advocated for new treatments. Given this history, why has the notion of personalized medicine gained so much traction at the beginning of the new millennium? Personalized Medicine investigates the recent movement for patients' involvement in how they are treated, diagnosed, and medicated; a movement that accompanies the increasingly popular idea that people should be proactive, well-informed participants in their own healthcare. While it is often the case that participatory practices in medicine are celebrated as instances of patient empowerment or, alternatively, are dismissed as cases of patient exploitation, Barbara Prainsack challenges these views to illustrate how personalized medicine can give rise to a technology-focused individualism, yet also present new opportunities to strengthen solidarity. Facing the future, this book reveals how medicine informed by digital, quantified, and computable information is already changing the personalization movement, providing a contemporary twist on how medical symptoms or ailments are shared and discussed in society. Bringing together empirical work and critical scholarship from medicine, public health, data governance, bioethics, and digital sociology, Personalized Medicine analyzes the challenges of personalization driven by patient work and data. This compelling volume proposes an understanding that uses novel technological practices to foreground the needs and interests of patients, instead of being ruled by them.

Islamophobia and Psychiatry - Recognition, Prevention, and Treatment (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): H. Steven Moffic, John Peteet,... Islamophobia and Psychiatry - Recognition, Prevention, and Treatment (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
H. Steven Moffic, John Peteet, Ahmed Zakaria Hankir, Rania Awaad
R3,511 R2,673 Discovery Miles 26 730 Save R838 (24%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The book begins by covering the general and clinical challenges that are unique to Muslims, drawing from an internationally, ethnically, and intergenerationally diverse pool of experts. The text covers not only how psychiatrists and other clinicians can intervene successfully with patients, but how we as clinicians can have a role in addressing other societally connected mental health challenges arising from Islamophobia. The text addresses three related but distinct areas of interest: Islamophobia as a destructive force, Islam as a religion that is threatened by stigma and misinformation, and the novel intersection of these forces with the field of psychiatry. Islamophobia and Psychiatry is a vital resource for all clinicians and clinicians in training who may encounter patients struggling with these issues, including adult and child psychiatrists, psychologists, primary care physicians, counselors, social workers, and others.

The Fifteen Minute Hour - Efficient and Effective Patient-Centered Consultation Skills, Sixth Edition (Paperback, 6 New... The Fifteen Minute Hour - Efficient and Effective Patient-Centered Consultation Skills, Sixth Edition (Paperback, 6 New Edition)
Marian R. Stuart, Joseph A. Lieberman
R677 Discovery Miles 6 770 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Fifteen Minute Hour is well-established as a classic text, providing invaluable support for primary care practitioners aiming to increase patient satisfaction without adding significantly to the length of a visit. This sixth edition continues to emphasise a patient-centred approach to help practitioners enhance the therapeutic relationship with their patients. With a renewed focus on wellness and health promotion, the book offers simple and effective techniques to solve or prevent psychological and behavioural problems manifested in the consultation. The Fifteen Minute Hour has become essential reading around the world, and this sixth edition is completely updated with brand new case material based on real-world consultations, additional techniques for managing chronic conditions including pain, and new references substantiating the efficacy of the authors' methods.

Fat in the Fifties - America's First Obesity Crisis (Hardcover): Nicolas Rasmussen Fat in the Fifties - America's First Obesity Crisis (Hardcover)
Nicolas Rasmussen
R810 R706 Discovery Miles 7 060 Save R104 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company identified obesity as the leading cause of premature death in the United States in the 1930s, but it wasn't until 1951 that the public health and medical communities finally recognized it as "America's Number One Health Problem." The reason for MetLife's interest? They wanted their policyholders to live longer and continue paying their premiums. Early postwar America responded to the obesity emergency, but by the end of the 1960s, the crisis waned and official rates of true obesity were reduced- despite the fact that Americans were growing no thinner. What mid-century factors and forces established obesity as a politically meaningful and culturally resonant problem in the first place? And why did obesity fade from public-and medical-consciousness only a decade later? Based on archival records of health leaders as well as medical and popular literature, Fat in the Fifties is the first book to reconstruct the prewar origins, emergence, and surprising disappearance of obesity as a major public health problem. Author Nicolas Rasmussen explores the postwar shifts that drew attention to obesity, as well as the varied approaches to its treatment: from thyroid hormones to psychoanalysis and weight loss groups. Rasmussen argues that the US government was driven by the new Cold War and the fear of atomic annihilation to heightened anxieties about national fitness. Informed by the latest psychiatric thinking-which diagnosed obesity as the result of oral fixation, just like alcoholism-health professionals promoted a form of weight loss group therapy modeled on Alcoholics Anonymous. The intervention caught on like wildfire in 1950s suburbia. But the sense of crisis passed quickly, partly due to cultural changes associated with the later 1960s and partly due to scientific research, some of it sponsored by the sugar industry, emphasizing particular dietary fats, rather than calorie intake. Through this riveting history of the rise and fall of the obesity epidemic, readers gain an understanding of how the American public health system-ambitious, strong, and second-to-none at the end of the Second World War-was constrained a decade later to focus mainly on nagging individuals to change their lifestyle choices. Fat in the Fifties is required reading for public health practitioners and researchers, physicians, historians of medicine, and anyone concerned about weight and weight loss.

Yellow Fever, Race, and Ecology in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans (Hardcover): Urmi Willoughby Yellow Fever, Race, and Ecology in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans (Hardcover)
Urmi Willoughby
R1,147 Discovery Miles 11 470 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Through the innovative perspective of environment and culture, Urmi Engineer Willoughby examines yellow fever in New Orleans from 1796 to 1905. Linking local epidemics to the city's place in the Atlantic world, Yellow Fever, Race, and Ecology in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans analyses how incidences of and responses to the disease grew out of an environment shaped by sugar production, slavery, and urban development. Willoughby argues that transnational processes, including patterns of migration, industrialization, and imperialism, contributed to ecological changes that enabled yellow fever-carrying Aedes aegypti mosquitoes to thrive and transmit the disease in New Orleans, challenging presumptions that yellow fever was primarily transported to the Americas on slave ships. She then traces the origin and spread of medical and popular beliefs about yellow fever immunity, from the early nineteenth-century contention that natives of New Orleans were protected, to the gradual emphasis on race as a determinant of immunity, reflecting social tensions over the abolition of slavery around the world. As the nineteenth century unfolded, ideas of biological differences between the races calcified, even as public health infrastructure expanded, and race continued to play a central role in the diagnosis and prevention of the disease. State and federal governments began to create boards and organisations responsible for preventing new outbreaks and providing care during epidemics, though medical authorities ignored evidence of black victims of yellow fever. Willoughby argues that American imperialist ambitions also contributed to yellow fever eradication and the growth of the field of tropical medicine: U.S. commercial interests in the tropical zones that grew crops like sugar cane, bananas, and coffee engendered cooperation between medical professionals and American military forces in Latin America, which in turn enabled public health campaigns to research and eliminate yellow fever in New Orleans. A signal contribution to the field of disease ecology, Yellow Fever, Race, and Ecology in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans delineates events that shaped the Crescent City's epidemiological history, shedding light on the spread and eradication of yellow fever in the Atlantic World.

Trauma Responsive Child Welfare Systems (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018): Virginia C. Strand, Ginny Sprang Trauma Responsive Child Welfare Systems (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Virginia C. Strand, Ginny Sprang
R2,593 R2,264 Discovery Miles 22 640 Save R329 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This comprehensive reference offers a robust framework for introducing and sustaining trauma-responsive services and culture in child welfare systems. Organized around concepts of safety, permanency, and well-being, chapters describe innovations in child protection, violence prevention, foster care, and adoption services to reduce immediate effects of trauma on children and improve long-term development and maturation. Foundations and interventions for practice include collaborations with families and community entities, cultural competency, trauma-responsive assessment and treatment, promoting trauma-informed parenting, and, when appropriate, working toward reunification of families. The book's chapters on agency culture also address staffing, supervisory, and training issues, planning and implementation, and developing a competent, committed, and sturdy workforce. Among the topics covered: Trauma-informed family engagement with resistant clients. Introducing evidence-based trauma treatment in preventive services. Working with resource parents for trauma-informed foster care. Use of implementation science principles in program development for sustainability. Trauma informed and secondary traumatic stress informed organizational readiness assessments. Caseworker training for trauma practice and building worker resiliency. Trauma Responsive Child Welfare Systems ably assists psychology professionals of varied disciplines, social workers, and mental health professionals applying trauma theory and trauma-informed family engagement to clinical practice and/or research seeking to gain strategies for creating trauma-informed agency practice and agency culture. It also makes a worthwhile text for a child welfare training curriculum.

Providing for the Casualties of War - The American Experience Through World War II (Paperback): Bernard D. Rostker Providing for the Casualties of War - The American Experience Through World War II (Paperback)
Bernard D. Rostker
R648 Discovery Miles 6 480 Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Good Health and Well-Being (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2020): Walter Leal Filho, Tony Wall, Anabela Marisa Azul, Luciana Brandli, Pinar... Good Health and Well-Being (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2020)
Walter Leal Filho, Tony Wall, Anabela Marisa Azul, Luciana Brandli, Pinar Goekcin OEzuyar
R12,081 R10,010 Discovery Miles 100 100 Save R2,071 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The problems related to the process of industrialisation such as biodiversity depletion, climate change and a worsening of health and living conditions, especially but not only in developing countries, intensify. Therefore, there is an increasing need to search for integrated solutions to make development more sustainable. The United Nations has acknowledged the problem and approved the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development". On 1st January 2016, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the Agenda officially came into force. These goals cover the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection. The Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals comprehensively addresses the SDGs in an integrated way. The Encyclopedia encompasses 17 volumes, each one devoted to one of the 17 SDGs. This volume addresses SDG 3, namely "Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages" and contains the description of a range of terms, to grow a better understanding and foster knowledge. Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages is essential to sustainable development. Significant strides have been made in increasing life expectancy and reducing some of the common killers associated with child and maternal mortality. Major progress has been made on increasing access to clean water and sanitation, reducing malaria, tuberculosis, polio and the spread of HIV/AIDS. However, many more efforts are needed to fully eradicate a wide range of diseases and address many different persistent and emerging health issues. Concretely, the defined targets are: Reduce the global maternal mortality ratio to less than 70 per 100,000 live births End preventable deaths of newborns and children under 5 years of age, with all countries aiming to reduce neonatal mortality to at least as low as 12 per 1,000 live births and under-5 mortality to at least as low as 25 per 1,000 live births End the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and neglected tropical diseases and combat hepatitis, water-borne diseases and other communicable diseases Reduce by one third premature mortality from non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment and promote mental health and wellbeing Strengthen the prevention and treatment of substance abuse, including narcotic drug abuse and harmful use of alcohol Halve the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents Ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health-care services, including for family planning, information and education, and the integration of reproductive health into national strategies and programmes Achieve universal health coverage, including financial risk protection, access to quality essential health-care services and access to safe, effective, quality and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all Substantially reduce the number of deaths and illnesses from hazardous chemicals and air, water and soil pollution and contamination Strengthen the implementation of the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in all countries, as appropriate Support the research and development of vaccines and medicines for the communicable and non-communicable diseases that primarily affect developing countries, provide access to affordable essential medicines and vaccines, in accordance with the Doha Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health, which affirms the right of developing countries to use to the full the provisions in the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights regarding flexibilities to protect public health, and, in particular, provide access to medicines for all Substantially increase health financing and the recruitment, development, training and retention of the health workforce in developing countries, especially in least developed countries and small island developing states Strengthen the capacity of all countries, in particular developing countries, for early warning, risk reduction and management of national and global health risks Editorial Board Mohamed Walid Abdullah Meherun Ahmed Monica de Andrade Masoud Mozafari Giorgi Pkhakadze Tony Wall Catherine Zeman

Health Promotion - Global Principles and Practice (Paperback, New): Rachael Dixey Health Promotion - Global Principles and Practice (Paperback, New)
Rachael Dixey; Contributions by Ruth Cross, Sally Foster, Skye Hughes, Diane Lowcock, …
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Health promotion is a key mechanism in tackling the foremost health challenges faced by developing and developed nations. Covering key concepts, theory and practical aspects, this textbook focuses on the themes central to contemporary health promotion practice on a global scale. Social determinants, equality and equity, policy and health, working in partnerships, sustainability, evaluation and evidence-based practice are detailed, and the critical application of health promotion to practice is outlined throughout the book. With contributions from the Centre for Health Promotion Research team at Leeds Metropolitan University, the author shows how ideas drawn from social science can aid health promotion theory and practice in complex, real-life situations, drawing upon international settings and teaching experience in the global North and South, finishing with a summary of the future directions of professional health promotion practice. Placing a strong emphasis on a global context, this book provides an accessible and engaging resource for postgraduate students of health promotion, public health nursing and related subjects, health practitioners and NGOs.

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