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The Trillion Dollar Revolution - How the Affordable Care ACT Transformed Politics, Law, and Health Care in America (Paperback):... The Trillion Dollar Revolution - How the Affordable Care ACT Transformed Politics, Law, and Health Care in America (Paperback)
Ezekiel J. Emanuel, Abbe R. Gluck
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Curable - How an Unlikely Group of Radical Innovators Is Trying to Transform Our Health Care System (Hardcover): Travis... Curable - How an Unlikely Group of Radical Innovators Is Trying to Transform Our Health Care System (Hardcover)
Travis Christofferson 1
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Smart metrics, slow thinking, off-label drugs, and a "Moneyball" prescription for fixing modern medicine The United States is fast becoming the sickest nation in the Western world. Cancer rates continue to rise. There is an epidemic of chronic disease in children. Even with all the money and modern innovations in science, the country's health care system is beyond broken. Clearly there is a glitch in the system. But what if the solution has been here all along, and we've just been too blind to see it? In Curable journalist and health care advocate Travis Christofferson looks at medicine through a magnifying glass and asks an important question: What if the roots of the current US health care crisis are psychological and systemic, perpetuated not just by corporate influence and the powers that be, but by you and me? It is now known that human perception is based on deeply entrenched patterns of irrational thought, which we attach ourselves to religiously. So how does this implicate the very scientific research and data that doctors rely on to successfully treat their patients? A page-turning inquiry into a "moneyball approach to medicine," Curable explores the links between revolutionary baseball analytics; Nobel Prize-winning psychological research on confirmation bias; wildly successful maverick economic philosophy; the history of the radical mastectomy and the rise of the clinical trial; cutting edge treatments routinely overlooked by regulatory bodies; and outdated medical models that prioritize profit over prevention. As stark as things are, Christofferson asks us to see health care not as a toppling house of cards, but as a badly organized system that is inherently fixable. How do we fix it? First we must reframe the conflict between doctors' intuition and statistical data. Then we must design better systems that can support doctors who are increasingly overwhelmed with the complexity of modern medicine. Curable outlines the future of medicine, detailing brilliant examples of new health care systems that prove we can do better. It turns out we have more control over our health (and happiness) than we think.

The Opioid Epidemic - What Everyone Needs to Know (R) (Paperback): Yngvild Olsen, Joshua M. Sharfstein The Opioid Epidemic - What Everyone Needs to Know (R) (Paperback)
Yngvild Olsen, Joshua M. Sharfstein
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An incisive, essential guide to understanding one of today's most urgent - and complex - problems. The opioid epidemic is responsible for longest sustained decline in U.S. life expectancy since the time of World War I and the Great Influenza. In 2017, nearly 50,000 Americans died from an opioid overdose - with an estimated 2 million more living with opioid addiction every day. The Opioid Epidemic: What Everyone Needs to Know is an accessible, nonpartisan overview of the causes, politics, and treatments tied to the most devastating health crisis of our time. Its comprehensive approach and Q&A format offer readers a practical path to understanding the epidemic from all sides. This includes: * the basic science of opioids * the nature of addiction * the underlying reasons for the opioid epidemic * effective approaches to helping individuals, families, communities, and national policy * myths and common misunderstandings related to opioid addiction Written by two expert physicians and enriched with stories from their experiences in the crosshairs of this epidemic, this book is a critical resource for any general reader - and for the individuals and families fighting this fight in their own lives.

Discovering Precision Health - Predict, Prevent, and Cure to Advance Health and Well-Being (Hardcover): Lloyd B. Minor, Matthew... Discovering Precision Health - Predict, Prevent, and Cure to Advance Health and Well-Being (Hardcover)
Lloyd B. Minor, Matthew Rees
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Today we are on the brink of a much-needed transformative moment for health care. The U.S. health care system is designed to be reactive instead of preventive. The result is diagnoses that are too late and outcomes that are far worse than our level of spending should deliver. In recent years, U.S. life expectancy has been declining. Fundamental to realizing better health, and a more effective health care system, is advancing the disruptive thinking that has spawned innovation in Silicon Valley and throughout the world. That's exactly what Stanford Medicine has done by proposing a new vision for health and health care. In Discovering Precision Health, Lloyd Minor and Matthew Rees describe a holistic approach that will set health care on the right track: keep people healthy by preventing disease before it starts and personalize the treatment of individuals precisely, based on their specific profile. With descriptions of the pioneering work undertaken at Stanford Medicine, complemented by fascinating case studies of innovations from entities including the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, GRAIL, and Impossible Foods, Minor and Rees present a dynamic vision for the future of individual health and health care. Youll see how tools from smartphone technology to genome sequencing to routine blood tests are helping avert illness and promote health. And you'll learn about the promising progress already underway in bringing greater precision to the process of predicting, preventing, and treating a range of conditions, including allergies, mental illness, preterm birth, cancer, stroke, and autism. The book highlights how biomedical advances are dramatically improving our ability to treat and cure complex diseases, while emphasizing the need to devote more attention to social, behavioral, and environmental factors that are often the primary determinants of health. The authors explore thought-provoking topics including: The unlikely role of Google Glass in treating autism How gene editing can advance precision in treating disease What medicine can learn from aviation Discovering Precision Health showcases entirely new ways of thinking about health and health care and can help empower us to lead healthier lives.

Public Health - An Introduction to the Science and Practice of Population Health (Paperback): James M Shultz, Lisa Sullivan,... Public Health - An Introduction to the Science and Practice of Population Health (Paperback)
James M Shultz, Lisa Sullivan, Sandro Galea
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Public Health: An Introduction to the Science and Practice of Population Health is a foundational textbook designed for students who are launching their public health studies and preparing for professions in the field. Our health is generated throughout our lives and by the world around us-by where we live, where we work, and who we interact with on a daily basis. This book therefore takes a unique approach to teaching public health. It combines an eco-social framework with a life course perspective on population health to help the student understand how our experiences and our context shape our health and how this informs the practice of public health.Written by leading public health educators, the textbook begins with the foundations-a history of public health and a discussion of the core values of health equity and disease prevention at the heart of public health. An engaging survey of the eco-social framework and life course factors affecting health follows. The book concludes with a section dedicated to population health methods, implementation science, community engagement, advocacy, and health promotion. The book is illustrated throughout by cases that cross disciplines, that engage the student with issues of contemporary concern that are the remit of public health, and that offer systematic analyses that point toward solutions. With a focused approach to public health, guiding the student through the causes of health-across levels and across stages in the life course-this groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind textbook integrates the core components of the field in clear and lucid language. Timely and relevant case studies, practical learning objectives, discussion questions in all chapters, numerous tables and illustrations throughout, chapter-based audio content, and more make Public Health an innovative and lively platform for understanding the science of population health and the practice of public health. Key Features: A modern approach to the field that grounds the study of public health in life course and eco-social frameworks to better organize the science of population health and the practice of public health Explains the central role that prevention and health equity play in improving population health Features cases studies that discuss contemporary issues affecting population health, including heart disease, Ebola, environmental exposures, gun violence, the opioid epidemic, health policy, and many more High volume of figures and tables to illustrate key points Includes a robust Instructor ancillary package with PowerPoints, Instructor's Manual, test banks, discussion questions, audio content, and conversation guides Ebook for digital download included

Epidemics and History - Disease, Power and Imperialism (Paperback, New Ed): Sheldon J. Watts Epidemics and History - Disease, Power and Imperialism (Paperback, New Ed)
Sheldon J. Watts
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This book is a major and wide-ranging study of the great epidemic scourges of humanity-plague, leprosy, smallpox, syphilis, cholera, and yellow fever/malaria-over the last six centuries. It will become the standard account of the way diseases arising through chance, through reckless environmental change engineered by man, or through a combination of each were interpreted in Western Europe and in the colonized world. "This trenchant book provides a salutary antidote to world health complacency, past and present."-Roy Porter, The Times (London) "Watts' . . . mastery of six centuries of Western-influenced infectious disease and sanitation history is impressive. He also writes with authority about the pre-modern and modern medical profession."-Claire Panosian, Los Angeles Times Book Review "Watts offers solid, stunning examples of Western idiocy that created superhighways for once-obscure microbes, leading to horrendous epidemics. . . . His is a perspective that Western, particularly Caucasian, policy-makers would do well to comprehend."-Laurie Garrett, Foreign Affairs "The convenience of so much history of diseases in one place is obvious. [An] engrossing book."-Gert Brieger, M.D., New England Journal of Medicine "An important contribution to our understanding of the history of disease, public health, and imperialism."-Suzanne Austin Alchon, American Historical Review

Vaccine Injuries - Documented Adverse Reactions to Vaccines (Hardcover): Lou Conte, Tony Lyons Vaccine Injuries - Documented Adverse Reactions to Vaccines (Hardcover)
Lou Conte, Tony Lyons
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Reveals the truth behind the controversial issue of vaccine-related injuries.
Proponents declare that vaccines have saved millions of lives. Critics claim that the success is overstated and that vaccines may even be dangerous. Many consider mandatory vaccinations a violation of individual rights or religious principles. Many in public health argue that vaccine mandates are critical and justified and that antivaccination sentiment has resulted in outbreaks of preventable childhood illnesses. Vaccine critics point to mainstream medicine's denial of and underreporting of vaccine injury.
Vaccine injuries have happened in the past and continue to happen today, and neither the mainstream medical establishment nor the government has ever fully and transparently addressed the issue of vaccine injury. In the 1980s, the United States addressed individual cases of vaccine injury by establishing the NVICP--the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program--a controversial Department of Health and Human Services program. The NVICP was intended to be "non-adversarial, compassionate, and generous" to vaccine-injury victims. However, many vaccine-injury victims and safety advocates believe that the program is not functioning as intended. There are also concerns that the program is keeping the reality of vaccine injury from public inspection.
"Vaccine Injuries," a groundbreaking book in the field, reveals cases of vaccine injury from the NVICP--something that has never been offered to the public--and lets readers asses vaccine injuries for themselves.

Health Behavior - Theory, Research, and Practice (Hardcover, 5th Edition): Karen Glanz, Barbara K. Rimer, K. Viswanath Health Behavior - Theory, Research, and Practice (Hardcover, 5th Edition)
Karen Glanz, Barbara K. Rimer, K. Viswanath 1
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The essential health behavior text, updated with the latest theories, research, and issues Health Behavior: Theory, Research and Practice provides a thorough introduction to understanding and changing health behavior, core tenets of the public health role. Covering theory, applications, and research, this comprehensive book has become the gold standard of health behavior texts. This new fifth edition has been updated to reflect the most recent changes in the public health field with a focus on health behavior, including coverage of the intersection of health and community, culture, and communication, with detailed explanations of both established and emerging theories. Offering perspective applicable at the individual, interpersonal, group, and community levels, this essential guide provides the most complete coverage of the field to give public health students and practitioners an authoritative reference for both the theoretical and practical aspects of health behavior. A deep understanding of human behaviors is essential for effective public health and health care management. This guide provides the most complete, up-to-date information in the field, to give you a real-world understanding and the background knowledge to apply it successfully. * Learn how e-health and social media factor into health communication * Explore the link between culture and health, and the importance of community * Get up to date on emerging theories of health behavior and their applications * Examine the push toward evidence-based interventions, and global applications Written and edited by the leading health and social behavior theorists and researchers, Health Behavior: Theory, Research and Practice provides the information and real-world perspective that builds a solid understanding of how to analyze and improve health behaviors and health.

The Impatient Dr. Lange - One Man's Fight to End the Global HIV Epidemic (Paperback): Seema Yasmin The Impatient Dr. Lange - One Man's Fight to End the Global HIV Epidemic (Paperback)
Seema Yasmin; Foreword by Mabel van Oranje
R441 R394 Discovery Miles 3 940 Save R47 (11%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

When Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by pro-Russian rebels in July 2014, the world wondered if a cure for HIV had fallen from the sky and disappeared among the burning debris. Seated in the plane's business-class cabin was Joseph Lange, better known as Joep, a shrewd Dutch doctor who had revolutionized the world of HIV and AIDS and was working on a cure. Dr. Lange graduated from medical school in 1981, right as a new plague swept across the globe. His story became intertwined with the story of HIV. At once a physician, scientist, AIDS activist, and medical diplomat, Lange studied ways to battle HIV and prevent its spread from mother to child. Fighting the injustices of poverty, Lange advocated for better access to health care for the poor and the vulnerable. He championed the drug cocktail that finally helped rein in the disease and was a vocal proponent of prophylactic treatment for those most at risk of contracting HIV. The Impatient Dr. Lange is the story of one man's struggle against a global pandemic-and the tragic attack that may have slowed down the search for a cure. Seema Yasmin charts the course of the HIV epidemic and Dr. Lange's career as a young doctor who blazed his own path and dedicated his life to HIV. Yasmin draws on written records, medical journals, recorded discussions, expert testimony, and extensive interviews with Lange's family, friends, and colleagues around the globe-including the people he spoke to in the days before he died. She faithfully reconstructs key scenes from Lange's life and the history of the AIDS epidemic, revealing how Lange became a global leader in the fight against AIDS. The first book about Lange and his contributions to the fight against HIV, The Impatient Dr. Lange is a powerful tribute to one of the greatest scientists, activists, humanitarians, and social entrepreneurs in the world of HIV/AIDS.

Infections in Pregnancy - An Evidence-Based Approach (Paperback): Adel Elkady, Prabha Sinha, Soad Ali Zaki Hassan Infections in Pregnancy - An Evidence-Based Approach (Paperback)
Adel Elkady, Prabha Sinha, Soad Ali Zaki Hassan
R928 R704 Discovery Miles 7 040 Save R224 (24%) 14 working days

Verified by current World Health Organization and country-specific classifications, this comprehensive single volume effectively engages with the diagnosis and management of viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic diseases that affect women in pregnancy. This comprehensive book provides focused, relevant information on newer viruses causing epidemics, including Dengue, Chikungunya and the Zika virus. With today's ease of world migration, this text covers infections found in both tropical and temperate climates, highlighting newer and rapid diagnostic methods, particularly for resource-poor settings, and clinicians working in remote and diverse locations. Designed for professionals with busy schedules, this guide provides efficient solutions and relevant information regarding investigation, diagnosis and treatment of common maternal infections, worldwide.

Chemistry, Health and Environment (Hardcover, 2nd Edition): Olov Sterner Chemistry, Health and Environment (Hardcover, 2nd Edition)
Olov Sterner
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This second edition of a successful title bridging toxicology and environmental chemistry adopts a unique approach that 'follows' chemicals on a molecular level, from the environment through the different uptake mechanisms into the body, to the toxic effect. Along the way, this textbook explains the different routes of degradation and metabolism of the different classes of chemicals, linking general chemical properties to their toxicological equivalents. All the chapters have been thoroughly updated and the contents significantly expanded, including for example new chapters on pesticides, food chemicals and pharmaceuticals, as well as sections discussing endocrine disruptors and carcinogenicity assays.

This is an essential text for a wide audience ranging from pharmacologists to environmental chemists and toxicologists.

Communicable diseases: Textbook (Paperback): W. Kortenbout, N. Mtshali, A.C. van Dyk, N.C. van Wyk, P.M. Basson, R. Leech, G.... Communicable diseases: Textbook (Paperback)
W. Kortenbout, N. Mtshali, A.C. van Dyk, N.C. van Wyk, P.M. Basson, …
R631 R509 Discovery Miles 5 090 Save R122 (19%) Shipped within 11 - 16 working days

Communicable diseases in Southern Africa is about recognising, treating and controlling communicable diseases in Southern African context. As this is an impossible task without an understanding of the microbiology and the epidemiologic triad, Communicable diseases in Southern Africa offers healthcare students, professionals and laypeople a sound up-to-date, yet accessible, exposition of these topics.

Life and Death in Rikers Island (Paperback): Homer Venters Life and Death in Rikers Island (Paperback)
Homer Venters
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Kalief Browder was 16 when he was arrested in the Bronx for allegedly stealing a backpack. Unable to raise bail and unwilling to plead guilty to a crime he didn't commit, Browder spent three years in New York's infamous Rikers Island jail-two in solitary confinement-while awaiting trial. After his case was dismissed in 2013, Browder returned to his family, haunted by his ordeal. Suffering through the lonely hell of solitary, Browder had been violently attacked by fellow prisoners and corrections officers throughout his incarceration. Consumed with depression, Browder committed suicide in 2015. He was just 22 years old. In Life and Death in Rikers Island, Homer Venters, the former chief medical officer for New York City's jails, explains the profound health risks associated with incarceration. From neglect and sexual abuse to blocked access to care and exposure to brutality, Venters details how jails are designed and run to create new health risks for prisoners-all while forcing doctors and nurses into complicity or silence. Pairing prisoner experiences with cutting-edge research into prison risk, Venters reveals the disproportionate extent to which the health risks of jail are meted out to those with behavioral health problems and people of color. He also presents compelling data on alternative strategies that can reduce health risks. This revelatory and groundbreaking book concludes with the author's analysis of the case for closing Rikers Island jails and his advice on how to do it for the good of the incarcerated.

Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Program - Issues, Assessments and Effectiveness (Hardcover): Curtis H. Wood Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Program - Issues, Assessments and Effectiveness (Hardcover)
Curtis H. Wood
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In fiscal year 2012, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), HHS Office of Inspector General (HHS-OIG), and the Department of Justice (DOJ) obligated approximately $583.6 million to fund Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control (HCFAC) program activities. This book describes how HHS and DOJ obligated funds for the HCFAC program; examines how HHS and DOJ assess HCFAC activities and whether key program outputs have changed over time; and examines what is known about the effectiveness of the HCFAC program in reducing health care fraud and abuse.

Quality of Health Care - From Evidence to Implementation (Hardcover): Joel Rodriguez-Saldana Quality of Health Care - From Evidence to Implementation (Hardcover)
Joel Rodriguez-Saldana
R5,603 Discovery Miles 56 030 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

The pursuit of quality has been a human endeavor since ancient times, which accelerated in the 20th Century in the industry through the vision and contributions of Shewart, Juran and Deming, who created the basis of disruptive innovations in science and technology, and contributed to the advance of industrial leadership in Japan. Quality became an essential component of industry, and has evolved with the emergence of new leaders like Feigenbaum, Crosby and Oakland. Garvin described that quality is measured from multiple perspectives, including manufacturers, payers and consumers. Albeit the practice of medicine has been considered an art beyond the scope of measurement or improvement, efforts to improve the quality of health care have also occurred. In the last three decades, a vibrant movement to improve the quality of health care has sprung up, under the leadership of the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia. This book delivers a comprehensive view, and an inviting approach to integrate its components and the challenges of measurement and innovative strategies of implementation, individual and social support.

Health Disparities in the United States - Social Class, Race, Ethnicity, and the Social Determinants of Health (Paperback,... Health Disparities in the United States - Social Class, Race, Ethnicity, and the Social Determinants of Health (Paperback, third edition)
Donald A. Barr
R1,022 R868 Discovery Miles 8 680 Save R154 (15%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

The health care system in the United States has been called the best in the world. Yet wide disparities persist between social groups, and many Americans suffer from poorer health than people in other developed countries. In this revised edition of Health Disparities in the United States, Donald A. Barr provides extensive new data about the ways low socioeconomic status, race, and ethnicity interact to create and perpetuate these health disparities. Examining the significance of this gulf for the medical community and society at large, Barr offers potential policy- and physician-based solutions for reducing health inequity in the long term. This thoroughly updated edition focuses on a new challenge the United States last experienced more than half a century ago: successive years of declining life expectancy. Barr addresses the causes of this decline, including what are commonly referred to as "deaths of despair"-from opiate overdose or suicide. Exploring the growing role geography plays in health disparities, Barr asks why people living in rural areas suffer the greatest increases in these deaths. He also analyzes recent changes under the Affordable Care Act and considers the literature on how race and ethnicity affect the way health care providers evaluate and treat patients. As both a physician and a sociologist, Barr is uniquely positioned to offer rigorous medical explanations alongside sociological analysis. An essential text for courses in public health, health policy, and sociology, this compelling book is a vital teaching tool and a comprehensive reference for social science and medical professionals.

Health Promotion and Aging - Practical Applications for Health Professionals (Paperback, 8th Revised edition): David Haber Health Promotion and Aging - Practical Applications for Health Professionals (Paperback, 8th Revised edition)
David Haber
R2,167 Discovery Miles 21 670 14 working days

This acclaimed text promotes healthy aging by demonstrating how health practitioners, program developers, and policymakers can prevent or manage disease and make large-scale improvements toward health and wellness in the older adult population. The eighth edition encompasses major new research that substantially updates previous recommendations. It provides important new content on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the ACA; clinical preventive services; global aging; sexual health; saving for retirement; long-term care alternatives; and much more.Accessible and comprehensive, this text is supported by abundant tables, figures, and illustrations. It describes practical strategies-including model community and government initiatives-that have proven markedly successful, as well as health-promotion tools, resource lists, assessment tools, and checklists. New trends such as green burials, LGBT aging, yoga, and dancing exercise regimens are also covered. Additionally, each chapter features key terms, learning objectives, summary, and thought-provoking questions. An improved instructor package includes upgraded PowerPoints, a new test bank, sample syllabi, chapter summaries, discussion questions, chapter exams, and more. Purchase includes access to the ebook for use on most mobile devices or computers. New to the Eighth Edition: Updated research findings, demographics, figures, and statistics regarding health/social/medical trends/exercise/weight management New content on global aging, sexual health, and substance abuse New information on medical screening recommendations, cancer treatments, complementary and alternative medicine, and more New findings regarding mental health and older adults Significant updates to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the ACA Expanded section on global health and older adults Upgraded instructor support package Key Features: Provides an interdisciplinary view of how practitioners, program developers, and policymakers can improve health and wellness in older adults Describes successful community and government model programs and initiatives Delivers health-promoting tools, resource lists, checklists, and assessment tools Offers key terms, learning objectives, critical-thinking questions and reflection boxes Includes a robust instructor package

EMF*D - 5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones: Hidden Harms and How to Protect Yourself (Hardcover): Joseph Mercola EMF*D - 5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones: Hidden Harms and How to Protect Yourself (Hardcover)
Joseph Mercola
R495 R396 Discovery Miles 3 960 Save R99 (20%) 14 working days

"Want to know how EMFs impact your health? This book gives a masterful account of why our lives and our planet are becoming EMF*D up and what we can do about it." - Lloyd Burrell, author of EMF Practical Guide and founder of ElectricSense.com The hazards of electronic pollution may once have been the stuff of science fiction, but now we know they're all too real. And with the advent of 5G ultra-wideband technology, the danger is greater than ever. Dr. Joseph Mercola, one of the world's foremost authorities on alternative health, has mined the scientific literature to offer a radical new understanding of how electromagnetic fields impact your body and mind. In this first-of-its-kind guide, he reveals: - What EMFs (electromagnetic fields) actually are, where you find them in your daily life, and how they affect you - The toll that EMFs have been proven to take in conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and neuropsychiatric illnesses - Why you've been largely kept in the dark about this threat to your health - How you can actually repair the damage done by EMFs at a cellular level Practical strategies to protect yourself and your loved ones from EMFs at home, at work, and out in the world The coming 5G technology will be per-vasive and powerful. It will also be one of the largest public-health experiments in history - with no way of opting out. That's why you need to read this book. Now.

The Tobacco Control Act and FDA Review of New Tobacco Products - Selected Assessments (Hardcover): Gia A Chance The Tobacco Control Act and FDA Review of New Tobacco Products - Selected Assessments (Hardcover)
Gia A Chance
R2,960 Discovery Miles 29 600 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (Tobacco Control Act) became a law on June 22, 2009. It gives the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the authority to regulate the manufacture, distribution, and marketing of tobacco products to protect public health. This book highlights some of the provisions of the Tobacco Control Act and provides an assessment of FDA efforts to implement the Tobacco Control Act since it was signed into law.

A History of Global Health - Interventions into the Lives of Other Peoples (Paperback): Randall M. Packard A History of Global Health - Interventions into the Lives of Other Peoples (Paperback)
Randall M. Packard
R725 R592 Discovery Miles 5 920 Save R133 (18%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Over the past century, hundreds of billions of dollars have been invested in programs aimed at improving health on a global scale. Given the enormous scale and complexity of these lifesaving operations, why do millions of people in low-income countries continue to live without access to basic health services, sanitation, or clean water? And why are deadly diseases like Ebola able to spread so quickly among populations? In A History of Global Health, Randall M. Packard argues that global-health initiatives have saved millions of lives but have had limited impact on the overall health of people living in underdeveloped areas, where health-care workers are poorly paid, infrastructure and basic supplies such as disposable gloves, syringes, and bandages are lacking, and little effort has been made to address the underlying social and economic determinants of ill health. Global-health campaigns have relied on the application of biomedical technologies-vaccines, insecticide-treated nets, vitamin A capsules-to attack specific health problems but have failed to invest in building lasting infrastructure for managing the ongoing health problems of local populations. Designed to be read and taught, the book offers a critical historical view, providing historians, policy makers, researchers, program managers, and students with an essential new perspective on the formation and implementation of global-health policies and practices.

Measuring the Economic Value of Research - The Case of Food Safety (Paperback): Kaye Husbands Fealing, Julia I. Lane, John L.... Measuring the Economic Value of Research - The Case of Food Safety (Paperback)
Kaye Husbands Fealing, Julia I. Lane, John L. King, Stanley R. Johnson
R643 Discovery Miles 6 430 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

The scientific advances that underpin economic growth and human health would not be possible without research investments. Yet demonstrating the impact of research programs is a challenge, especially in areas that span disciplines, industrial sectors, and encompass both public and private sector activity. All areas of research are under pressure to demonstrate benefits from federal funding of research. This exciting and innovative study demonstrates new methods and tools to trace the impact of federal research funding on the structure of research, and the subsequent economic activities of funded researchers. The case study is food safety research, which is critical to avoiding outbreaks of disease. The authors make use of an extraordinary new data infrastructure and apply new techniques in text analysis. Focusing on the impact of US federal food safety research, this book develops vital data-intensive methodologies that have a real world application to many other scientific fields.

Introduction to Clinical Infectious Diseases - A Problem-Based Approach (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Joseph Domachowske Introduction to Clinical Infectious Diseases - A Problem-Based Approach (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Joseph Domachowske
R3,115 R2,380 Discovery Miles 23 800 Save R735 (24%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Infectious diseases as a specialty suffers from many unique challenges stemming from lower salaries compared to other medical specialties and difficulty keeping the younger demographic within the field. With emerging infections, new diagnostic and research tools, and changing migration patterns, these problems are amplified; infectious disease specialists are in higher demand than ever with fewer and fewer specialists available to support patients and colleagues outside of the field. To meet these increasing challenges, it is vital for the workforce of the future to have the best training possible. This book aims to provide this support. As trainees, all physicians face clinical infectious disease scenarios on a daily basis. They receive basic training in common infections, giving them the tools needed for initial diagnostic studies and empiric treatment. This approach, however, still leaves them struggling with nuances of treating common infections, infections that masquerade as other diseases, rare infection, advanced diagnostics, complicating medical conditions, and a wide range of medical complexities. Important clinical microbiology details and host susceptibility risks will be highlighted when discussing uncommon infections. Each chapter begins by defining a distinct clinical infectious disease problem and the most common cause(s). The next section of each chapter identifies the key questions to consider, including other possible pathogens, medical history, alternate microbiologic diagnoses, instances of unexpected result. This book is the only academic text designed specifically to meet this challenge by targeting learners at all levels. To do this, the text incorporate 30-40 common clinical infectious disease scenarios in both adult and pediatric hosts. It includes easy-to-access "tips and tricks" for when to look further or consider possibilities that are unusual that is useful for someone who is new to the information or has limited experience within infectious diseases. The text heavily features teaching and learning tools, including call out boxes that prioritizes infectious etiologies, host risk factors, important microbiologic clues, and important clinical history clues. The text also includes review questions and quiz-like challenges to reinforce the concepts. Written by experts in the field Clinical Infectious Diseases is the most cutting-edge academic resource for all medical students, fellows, residents, and trainees, including infectious disease specialists in both adult and pediatric care, internal medicine specialists, and hospitalists.

Theory in a Nutshell (Paperback, 3rd edition): Don Nutbeam, Elizabeth Harris, Marilyn Wise Theory in a Nutshell (Paperback, 3rd edition)
Don Nutbeam, Elizabeth Harris, Marilyn Wise
R434 Discovery Miles 4 340 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Highly Commended in the British Medical Association book awards 2011!! The use of theory in the planning and implementation of health promotion programs will more reliably produce positive outcomes. Following on from the success of the second edition, Theory in a Nutshell 3rd Edition explores the main theoretical concepts and models in health promotion and explains the significance, practical application and impact of different theories on the individual, community and organisation. This edition includes concise reviews of established theories, such as social cognitive theory and health belief model, as well as expanding on new developments in the field including evidence-based policy making and health impact assessment. Thoroughly revised and updated, the book maintains the accessible style suitable for public health practitioners, health promotion and health education specialists, epidemiologists and social policy makers, as well as students of public health and health promotion.

Public Health Challenges in Contemporary China - An Interdisciplinary Perspective (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016): MD Nazrul Islam Public Health Challenges in Contemporary China - An Interdisciplinary Perspective (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
MD Nazrul Islam
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This book addresses contemporary public health challenges in China from an interdisciplinary perspective. These challenges include health service system, population ageing, food safety, substance abuse and its prevention and treatment, Buddhist delivery of elderly care, the development of professional healthcare social work, and the integration of Chinese Medicine in public health. The book brings together top-notch scholars, academics and professionals in each of these research areas to explore and reveal the complex and challenging task of addressing health-related issues in China.

Cuban Health Care - The Ongoing Revolution (Hardcover): Don Fitz Cuban Health Care - The Ongoing Revolution (Hardcover)
Don Fitz
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Quiet as it's kept inside the United States, the Cuban Revolution has achieved some phenomenal goals, reclaiming Cuba's agriculture, advancing its literacy rate to nearly 100 percent-and remaking its medical system. Cuba has transformed its health care to the extent that this "third-world" country has been able to maintain a first-world medical system, whose health indicators surpass those of the United States at a fraction of the cost. Don Fitz combines his deep knowledge of Cuban history with his decades of on-the-ground experience in Cuba to bring us the story of how Cuba's health care system evolved and how Cuba is tackling the daunting challenges to its revolution in this century. Fitz weaves together complex themes in Cuban history, moving the reader from one fascinating story to another. He describes how Cuba was able to create a unified system of clinics, and evolved the family doctor-nurse teams that became a model for poor countries throughout the world. How, in the 1980s and '90s, Cuba survived the encroachment of AIDS and increasing suffering that came with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and then went on to establish the Latin American School of Medicine, which still brings thousands of international students to the island. Deeply researched, recounted with compassion, Cuban Health Care tells a story you won't find anywhere else, of how, in terms of caring for everyday people, Cuba's revolution continues.

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