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Managing Long Term Conditions - A Social Model for Community Practice (Paperback): Margaret Presho Managing Long Term Conditions - A Social Model for Community Practice (Paperback)
Margaret Presho
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This book explores the notion of "Managing Long Term Conditions" (MLTC) by focusing on aspects of clinical and community practice both for people requiring occasional programmes and for those with more complex needs necessitating a range of care provision. However, care provided for people living with long term conditions consists not only of that provided by health and social care professionals, but also care provided by friends and family, the voluntary sector, faith and charitable organizations and also self-care by the people who live with long term conditions. An important aspect for consideration in MLTC, therefore, lies in the context of self-help and lay care, and this book includes the concept of "patient as expert."

The focus of "Managing Long Term Conditions" is on the social model of care rather than the dominant medical model as the modern healthcare system has come to recognize the value of social determinants of health in contributing to the long term health outcomes of the population.

Providing coverage of each branch of healthcare--adult, children, mental health and learning disabilities--this book is essential reading for both students and practitioners in community nursing and across healthcare in general.

Professional Nursing Concepts: Competencies For Quality Leadership (Hardcover, 4th Revised edition): Anita Finkelman Professional Nursing Concepts: Competencies For Quality Leadership (Hardcover, 4th Revised edition)
Anita Finkelman
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Professional Nursing Concepts: Competencies for Quality Leadership, Fourth Edition takes a patient-centered, traditional approach to the topic of nursing education. An ideal text for teaching students how to transition from the classroom to practice, it focuses on the core competencies for health professionals as determined by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). Completely updated and revised, the Fourth Edition includes coverage of the opioid crisis, Progress Report (2016) for the Future of Nursing Report, Triple Aim, quality improvement and workflow efficacy to name a few. Also featured is content on nursing roles, incivility, expanded roles and scope of practice, patient-centered care, and team-based learning. New to the Fourth Edition: Working Backwards to Develop a Case Study Stop and Consider statements highlight important chapter content New content highlighting health crises, the role of nursing and new reports Navigate 2 Premier Access

Critical Thinking Skills for your Nursing Degree (Paperback): Jane Bottomley, Steven Pryjmachuk Critical Thinking Skills for your Nursing Degree (Paperback)
Jane Bottomley, Steven Pryjmachuk
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Critical Thinking Skills for your Nursing Degree provides you with a sound knowledge and understanding of: the nature of critical thinking, and of its relevance and importance in HE how to adopt a critical approach to all aspects of your nursing study the importance of active, critical reading, and how it allows you an efficient, principled, effective assessment of the literature in your field the need to adopt a critical approach to writing, characterised by analytical and evaluative use of sources and the development of your own `voice' If you are embarking on a university nursing or midwifery degree, the books in this series will help you acquire and develop the knowledge, skills and strategies you need to achieve your goals. They provide support in all areas important for university study, including institutional and disciplinary policy and practice, self-management, and research and communication. Tasks and activities are designed to foster aspects of learning which are valued in higher education, including learner autonomy and critical thinking, and to guide you towards reflective practice in your study and work life.

Oxford Textbook of Cancer Biology (Hardcover): Francesco Pezzella, Mahvash Tavassoli, David J. Kerr Oxford Textbook of Cancer Biology (Hardcover)
Francesco Pezzella, Mahvash Tavassoli, David J. Kerr
R3,073 Discovery Miles 30 730 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The study of the biology of tumours has grown to become markedly interdisciplinary, involving chemists, statisticians, epidemiologists, mathematicians, bioinformaticians, and computer scientists alongside biologists, geneticists, and clinicians. The Oxford Textbook of Cancer Biology brings together the most up-to-date developments from different branches of research into one coherent volume, providing a comprehensive and current account of this rapidly evolving field. Structured in eight sections, the book starts with a review of the development and biology of multi-cellular organisms, how they maintain a healthy homeostasis in an individual, and a description of the molecular basis of cancer development. The book then illustrates, as once cells become neoplastic, their signalling network is altered and pathological behaviour follows. It explores the changes that cancer cells can induce in nearby normal tissue, the new relationship established between them and the stroma, and the interaction between the immune system and tumour growth. The authors illustrate the contribution provided by high throughput techniques to map cancer at different levels, from genomic sequencing to cellular metabolic functions, and how information technology, with its vast amounts of data, is integrated with traditional cell biology to provide a global view of the disease. The effect of the different types of treatments on the biology of the neoplastic cells are explored to understand on the one side, why some treatments succeed, and on the other, how they can affect the biology of resistant and recurrent disease. The book concludes by summarizing what we know to date about cancer, and in what direction our understanding of cancer is moving. Edited by leading authorities in the field with an international team of contributors, this book is an essential resource for scholars and professionals working in the wide variety of sub-disciplines that make up today's cancer research and treatment community. It is written not only for consultation, but also for easy cover-to-cover reading.

Research Ethics for Counsellors, Nurses & Social Workers (Paperback, New): Dee Danchev, Alistair Ross Research Ethics for Counsellors, Nurses & Social Workers (Paperback, New)
Dee Danchev, Alistair Ross
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"Research Ethics for Counsellors, Nurses & Social Workers" is designed to help you make the best start in your research career. With ethical implications and considerations arising at each stage of the research process, engaging with the wide range of issues and ideas can often prove a challenge. Dee Danchev and Alastair Ross will help you overcome this challenge and become confident, skilled researchers by providing you with: -An in-depth explanation of the theoretical base for a range of ethical demands and approaches, equipping you with the tools to make the right decisions for your project. -Key research ethics findings so students can apply the latest thinking to your research practice. -Short case examples and checklists to help you apply theory to practice and reflect on what you have learned. -Further reading and important resources to support your continued learning. Whether you are an experienced researcher or coming to research for the first time, this highly practical, step by step guide, is a must for your bookshelf. Dee Danchev is a counselling psychologist and Pastoral Advisor at Nuffield College, Oxford. Alistair Ross is Director of Psychodynamic Studies and Dean of Kellogg College, Oxford.

NLN's Certified Nurse Educator Review - The Official National League for Nursing Guide (Paperback): Linda Caputi NLN's Certified Nurse Educator Review - The Official National League for Nursing Guide (Paperback)
Linda Caputi
R792 Discovery Miles 7 920 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Written by expert researchers, educators, and professionals who collaboratively design standards and national certification exams for professional nurses, the" CNE Review Book "is the definitive guide for faculty pursuing the CNE credential. Based on the revised 2012 practice analysis, this book is an essential text for aspiring certified nurse educators and all nurse educators across the academic spectrum.
Each of the book's chapters addresses one of the eight competencies required for the practice of academic nursing education. Special features include:
Sample test questions developed by the Certification Test Development Committee of the NLN Certification Commission Extensive bibliography of the most current literature addressing each competency How-to applications of content to the educator's practice.

Barron's TEAS Practice Tests with Online Tests (Paperback): Sandra Swick Barron's TEAS Practice Tests with Online Tests (Paperback)
Sandra Swick
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Potential nursing students who want to achieve the highest possible score on the Test of Essential Academic Skills will value this hands-on preparation method. In Barron's new TEAS Practice Tests, the emphasis is on learning by doing with a collection of sample exams that will help potential nursing students determine their strengths and improve their weak areas. It includes: Five full-length TEAS practice tests with fully explained answers An overview of the exam-including scoring and time constraints Tips for studying and getting prepared BONUS ONLINE PRACTICE TEST: Students who purchase this book will also get FREE access to one additional full-length online TEAS test with all questions answered and explained. The online exam can be easily accessed by computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Teaching in Nursing and Role of the Educator - The Complete Guide to Best Practice in Teaching, Evaluation, and Curriculum... Teaching in Nursing and Role of the Educator - The Complete Guide to Best Practice in Teaching, Evaluation, and Curriculum Development (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Marilyn H. Oermann, Jennie C. de Gagne, Beth Cusatis Phillips
R1,724 Discovery Miles 17 240 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

With essential, updated content for novice and experienced nurse educators. This evidence-based text delivers the full scope of knowledge necessary for novice and experienced faculty to become competent teachers in nursing. The only book to focus on the full academic role, it encompasses all of the key concepts required for effective teaching, curriculum development, evaluation and testing, becoming a scholar in nursing education, and much more. The second edition is updated throughout and includes four new chapters on Understanding the Learner, Interprofessional Education, Curriculum Models, and Global Nursing Education. It offers new content on role of the nurse educator, learning theories, active learning, flipped class/team-based learning, teaching strategies, teaching in an online nursing course, using new technologies and simulation, clinical teaching and evaluation, test construction, scholarship of teaching, and more. Chapters begin with objectives and conclude with a content summary. Each chapter integrates research and evidence into the text and includes specific examples of the methods and strategies presented, and 'How-to Tips' for readers. Also available with the book is an online course with sample course syllabus, modules for each chapter, learner activities, discussion forum questions, and Power Point slides. New to the Second Edition: Four new chapters: Understanding the Learner, Interprofessional Education, Curriculum Models, and Global Nursing Education Learning concepts important in teaching Active learning strategies, flipped class/team-based learning Teaching in online nursing courses and programs New technologies and what's new in simulation Innovative models of clinical teaching Assessment, evaluation, and test construction Curriculum development and evaluation Scholarship of teaching and becoming a scholar in nursing education Developing partnerships with clinical settings New ancillary with complete online course of 20 modules Key Features: Encompasses current, evidence-based information about the complete academic role-the only text of its kind Delivers key concepts required for effective teaching, curriculum development, evaluation and testing, scholarship, and more Prepares graduate nursing students and nurses transitioning into educator role with essential knowledge and competencies Includes both theoretical and practical information Provides specific examples of content and ""how to"" tips

An Introduction to Theory and Reasoning in Nursing (Paperback, 4th edition): Betty Johnson, Pamela B. Webber An Introduction to Theory and Reasoning in Nursing (Paperback, 4th edition)
Betty Johnson, Pamela B. Webber
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Telephone Triage Protocols for Nurses (Paperback, 5th edition): Julie Briggs Telephone Triage Protocols for Nurses (Paperback, 5th edition)
Julie Briggs
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Telephone Triage Protocols for Nurses, fifth Edition Performing telephone triage requires the ability to make quick and effective decisions based on limited information. Telephone Triage Protocols for Nurses, 5th Edition is your rapid-access resource, delivering more than 200 triage protocols for evaluating patients' symptoms over the telephone. Each symptom entry lists questions, grouped by urgency level, to determine whether the patient should seek emergency care immediately, seek medical care the same day, call back for appointment, or follow home care instructions. Detailed home care instructions are provided. Simple, direct, and useful, this is the most comprehensive and user-friendly telephone triage book available. Evaluate patients quickly and accurately, with this indispensable guide ... * NEW: Protocols for altered mental status; rectal bleeding; and shingles * NEW: Content on phone triage program development and quality improvement * Flow chart format leads you from yes or no answers about symptoms to development of assessment, and specific care recommendations * Quick-read format helps you provide fast and effective evaluations, even with limited patient information * Easy-to-follow A to Z organization-by body system and by disease-helps you find topics quickly * Detailed home care instructions help you advise callers fully * Questions about symptoms are grouped by urgency level to aid you in making quick, accurate assessments * Icons indicate maternity and pediatric considerations * Helps you avoid pitfalls such as accepting patients' inaccurate self-diagnosis or not assessing patients fully * Best practice recommendations guide instructors on telephone triage safety; roles and responsibilities; training guidelines; and medical- legal safeguards * Essential for all clinical nurses and practitioners charged with performing triage

Microbiology and Infection Prevention and Control for Nursing Students (Paperback): Deborah Ward Microbiology and Infection Prevention and Control for Nursing Students (Paperback)
Deborah Ward
R524 R461 Discovery Miles 4 610 Save R63 (12%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Preventing and controlling infection has long been an on going challenge for all healthcare workers at every level. High profile examples like the Ebola outbreak in West Africa or the prevalence of `super bugs' like MRSA demonstrate that this challenge is not going to go away. As a nurse you have a responsibility to protect your patients from harm and preventing and controlling infection is a crucial component of this. By introducing the unpinning microbiology to explain how infection occurs and spreads and the practical steps and precautions that you need to follow, this book will equip you with the knowledge and information necessary to play your part in preventing and controlling infection. Key features: * Written specifically for pre-registration nursing students providing the core, evidence-based knowledge that you need to know * Breaks the science down using easy-to-follow language, practical examples and case studies * Applies microbiology to practice introducing practical steps, precautions and strategies that will benefit you as soon as you get onto your placements * Includes multiple-choice questions to test your understanding and activities to help you engage with wider issues around infection prevention and control. About the author Deborah Ward is a lecturer at the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, Manchester University.

Nursing Against The Odds - How Health Care Cost Cutting, Media Stereotypes, And Medical Hubris Undermine Nurses And Patient... Nursing Against The Odds - How Health Care Cost Cutting, Media Stereotypes, And Medical Hubris Undermine Nurses And Patient Care (Paperback)
Suzanne Gordon
R415 R340 Discovery Miles 3 400 Save R75 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In the United States and throughout the industrialized world, just as the population of older and sicker patients is about to explode, we have a major shortage of nurses. Why are so many RNs dropping out of health care's largest profession? How will the lack of skilled, experienced caregivers affect patients? These are some of the questions addressed by Suzanne Gordon's definitive account of the world's nursing crisis. In Nursing against the Odds, one of North America's leading health care journalists draws on in-depth interviews, research studies, and extensive firsthand reporting to help readers better understand the myriad causes of and possible solutions to the current crisis.

Gordon examines how health care cost cutting and hospital restructuring undermine the working conditions necessary for quality care. She shows how the historically troubled workplace relationships between RNs and physicians become even more dysfunctional in modern hospitals. In Gordon's view, the public image of nurses continues to suffer from negative media stereotyping in medical shows on television and from shoddy press coverage of the important role RNs play in the delivery of health care.

Gordon also identifies the class and status divisions within the profession that hinder a much-needed defense of bedside nursing. She explains why some policy panaceas hiring more temporary workers, importing RNs from less-developed countries fail to address the forces that drive nurses out of their workplaces. To promote better care, Gordon calls for a broad agenda that includes safer staffing, improved scheduling, and other policy changes that would give nurses a greater voice at work. She explores how doctors and nurses can collaborate more effectively and what medical and nursing education must do to foster such cooperation. Finally, Gordon outlines ways in which RNs can successfully take their case to the public while campaigning for health care system reform that actually funds necessary nursing care."

A Textbook of Nursing Technique (Paperback, Minne Ed.): Marion Vannier, Barbara Thompson A Textbook of Nursing Technique (Paperback, Minne Ed.)
Marion Vannier, Barbara Thompson
R1,124 Discovery Miles 11 240 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

A Textbook of Nursing Technique was first published in 1929 under the title, Nursing Procedures. This second, revised edition was published in 1935. Minnesota Archive Editions uses digital technology to make long-unavailable books once again accessible, and are published unaltered from the original University of Minnesota Press editions.An enlarged and completely revised second edition of this manual. The new book's purpose is the same as that of the earlier one - to assure accuracy in detail by giving a full outline of procedures and to obviate note-taking by student nurses during demonstrations by the instructor.While based on techniques used in the four associated hospitals of the University of Minnesota School of Nursing, this edition has been made much more general in scope than its predecessor, and will be found of value in all nursing schools.

Understanding Psychology for Nursing Students (Hardcover): Jan de Vries, Fiona Timmins Understanding Psychology for Nursing Students (Hardcover)
Jan de Vries, Fiona Timmins
R1,411 R1,184 Discovery Miles 11 840 Save R227 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Do your students find psychology difficult to engage with or want a textbook that is easy to read? Would they benefit from a textbook that demonstrates how psychology applies to nursing? Right from the start of their programme it is crucial for nursing students to understand the significance of psychology in nursing. This book helps students recognise why they need to know about psychology, how it can affect and influence their individual nursing practice as well as the role it plays in health and illness. Written in clear, easy to follow language and with each chapter linking to relevant NMC Standards and Essentials Skills Clusters it simplifies the key theory and puts the discipline of psychology into context for nursing students, with clear examples and case studies used throughout. Transforming Nursing Practice is a series tailor made for pre-registration student nurses. Each book in the series is: * Affordable * Mapped to the NMC Standards and Essential Skills Clusters * Focused on applying theory to practice * Full of active learning features `The set of books is an excellent resource for students. The series is small, easily portable and valuable. I use the whole set on a regular basis.' - Fiona Davies, Senior Nurse Lecturer, University of Derby

Infection Prevention and Control at a Glance (Paperback): Debbie Weston, Alison Burgess, Sue Roberts Infection Prevention and Control at a Glance (Paperback)
Debbie Weston, Alison Burgess, Sue Roberts
R632 Discovery Miles 6 320 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Infection Prevention and Control at a Glance is the perfect companion for study and revision for pre-registration nursing and healthcare students, as well as qualified nurses and medical students. Infection prevention and control is one of the key five essential skills clusters that is incorporated into all pre-registration nursing programmes. This highly visual and dynamic book is a thorough resource for nurses wanting to consolidate and expand their knowledge of this important part of nursing. Written by experienced infection prevention and control specialist nurses, it provides a concise and simple approach to a vast and complex subject, and equips the reader with key information in relation to various aspects of infection prevention and control practice. * Provides a snap-shot of the application of infection prevention and control in practice and the key infections affecting patients in both acute and primary care * A uniquely visual and accessible overview of a topic of relevance to all nursing staff * Includes key points for clinical practice, patient management, and signposting of key national guidance documents and websites * Available in a wide-range of digital formats - perfect for 'on the go' study and revision

Mosby's Review Cards for the NCLEX-RN  Examination (Cards, 3rd Revised edition): Martin S. Manno Mosby's Review Cards for the NCLEX-RN Examination (Cards, 3rd Revised edition)
Martin S. Manno
R601 Discovery Miles 6 010 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Perfect for study groups or when you're on the go, this portable set of 450 review cards makes it easy to prepare for the NCLEX-RN examination. It offers over 1,200 NCLEX examination-style questions - more than any other review card set - and includes alternate item-format and integrated content questions. Organized by clinical area and body system, each card features several practice questions on the front side, with answers, rationales for correct and incorrect options, cognitive levels, nursing process steps, and NCLEX test plan categories on the back side. This resource also includes an overview of the latest NCLEX-RN test plan, valuable test-taking tips, and a comprehensive practice exam. UNIQUE! Provides more practice questions than any other card set with over 1,200 review questions on portable cards. An introductory section on test taking offers helpful strategies for improving your test-taking skills and managing test anxiety. Questions are logically organized by body system within each clinical area section. Plenty of alternate item-format questions, including multiple response, fill-in-the-blank, and illustrated questions, offer valuable preparation for the newer question formats appearing on the NCLEX-RN examination. Each question is classified by cognitive level, nursing process step, and NCLEX test plan client needs area to help you identify areas where more review may be required. A section on integrated concepts includes questions on leadership, management of patient care, cultural competence, and community-based practice, addressing the integrated concepts covered in the NCLEX-RN examination. UNIQUE! A separate section on pharmacology reflects the increased focus on this subject in the NCLEX examination and enables you to concentrate on the most frequently tested content. Rationales for incorrect options are now included to help you understand the faulty thought processes that lead to selecting the wrong answers. Double the number of alternate item questions and the new chart exhibit format ensure you have ample practice with the newest question formats.

Mosby's Pathophysiology Memory NoteCards - Visual, Mnemonic, and Memory Aids for Nurses (Spiral bound, 2nd Revised... Mosby's Pathophysiology Memory NoteCards - Visual, Mnemonic, and Memory Aids for Nurses (Spiral bound, 2nd Revised edition)
Joann Zerwekh, Jo Carol Claborn, Tom Gaglione
R403 Discovery Miles 4 030 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Use this set of colorful cards to learn and remember pathophysiology! With 96 full-color cartoons covering pathophysiologic concepts, Mosby's Pathophysiology Memory NoteCards, 2nd Edition uses humor and mnemonics to make review easier and more fun. These durable, detachable cards are useful in preparing for the NCLEX (R) or classroom exams, as a clinical reference, for writing care plans, or for patient teaching information. Created by nursing educators JoAnn Zerwekh, MSN, EdD, RN, Jo Carol Claborn, MS, RN, and Tom Gaglione, RN, MSN, this convenient study tool may be used as either a spiral-bound notebook or as individual flashcards. Unique! 96 full-color illustrated mnemonics cover key pathophysiology concepts. Sturdy, spiral-bound cards offer durability as well as portability. Colored tabs make it easy to find topics. Concise What You Need to Know monographs on each card provide more detailed information and specific nursing implications. Unique! Color highlights emphasize four central topics: Serious/life-threatening implications in pink Common clinical findings in blue Important nursing implications in yellow Patient teaching in green 24 new or revised cartoons cover contemporary and timely pathophysiology topics, including these new cards: HIV in Children and Infants Upper and Lower Respiratory Tract -- Breathing vs. Gas Exchange Pneumonia Rh Factor Insulin -- What Does It Do? Erectile Dysfunction Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) The image collection, now part of the Evolve Instructor Resources, allows instructors access to the complete set of 96 full-color illustrations from Mosby's Pathophysiology Memory NoteCards with qualified adoption.

Psb Health Occupations Secrets Study Guide - Practice Questions and Test Review for the Psb Health Occupations Exam... Psb Health Occupations Secrets Study Guide - Practice Questions and Test Review for the Psb Health Occupations Exam (Paperback)
Psb Exam Secrets Test Prep
R851 R646 Discovery Miles 6 460 Save R205 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
General Hospital Care for People with Learning Disabilities (Paperback): Lynn Hannon, Julie Clift General Hospital Care for People with Learning Disabilities (Paperback)
Lynn Hannon, Julie Clift
R892 R842 Discovery Miles 8 420 Save R50 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

General Hospital Care for People with Learning Disabilities is a comprehensive resource for those health professionals in a general hospital setting who may come into contact with people with learning disabilities. The book explores the nature of learning disabilities and highlights specific healthcare needs. It takes the reader through all the key factors in the healthcare process, through pre-admission assessment, care planning, intervention and treatment, and liaison and discharge planning, while highlighting key healthcare needs at each stage. The Department of Health, the National Health Service Executive and Mencap have all reported that people with learning disabilities have increased health needs compared to the general population, yet these needs are often poorly met and people experience difficulties in accessing appropriate services. This is a timely and accessible resource for healthcare professionals in need of a general introduction to caring for people with a learning disability. * Relevant to the care of both children and adults with a learning disability * Use of case studies to illustrate examples of situations explored in the main text * Focuses on key areas of communication, understanding behavior and the often difficult area of consent

Nursing Calculations (Paperback, 9th Revised edition): John D. Gatford, Nicole Phillips Nursing Calculations (Paperback, 9th Revised edition)
John D. Gatford, Nicole Phillips
R318 R277 Discovery Miles 2 770 Save R41 (13%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This internationally renowned guide to basic arithmetic for nursing students has been fully revised and updated for a new generation of readers. Now entering its ninth edition - with over 200,000 copies sold worldwide - this popular and friendly volume has been designed to make medication calculations straightforward and easy to perform in a variety of settings. Written in response to nurse educators, Nursing Calculations features an initial self-testing chapter to help readers to identify and address areas of difficulty before moving on to numerous practical examples. Chapters then cover the core areas of clinical practice including calculations relating to oral medications (including both tablets and liquid form), injections, intravenous infusions and intravenously administered medication, and paediatric specific medication. Throughout the book, emphasis is placed on giving confidence to the reader by explaining in a step-by-step manner how the correct answer is derived together with a wide range of practice questions and later revision opportunities. This edition comes with a quick-reference card to fit in the pocket to remind readers of essential formulae and an additional on-line question bank to allow readers to practice their calculations on the move! Nursing Calculations will be perfect for student nurses and midwives at different levels in a variety of courses, 'Return to Practice' students, student paramedics and anyone involved with medication administration in the healthcare setting. Over 200,000 copies sold since publication! Initial self-testing chapter allows readers to identify and address areas of difficulty before moving onto practical examples 'Important Boxes' highlight potential pitfalls for the reader Special section on paediatrics covers medication calculations relating to body weight and body surface area Contains glossary and useful abbreviations Brings together basic math skills and clinical examples to prepare readers for real life drug calculations Quick-reference card fits in the pocket and remind readers of essential formulae Questions have been revised and updated when necessary to reflect current practice New material includes the use of medication charts in questions that involve medication labels Additional worked examples facilitate understanding of the 24-hour clock Contains a new revision chapter to help consolidate learning NOW COMES WITH AN ON-LINE PROGRAM TO ALLOW FURTHER SELF-TESTING VIA THE USE OF MOBILE DEVICES!

Non-Invasive Respiratory Support Techniques - Oxygen Therapy, Non-Invasive Ventilation and CPAP (Paperback): Glenda Esmond,... Non-Invasive Respiratory Support Techniques - Oxygen Therapy, Non-Invasive Ventilation and CPAP (Paperback)
Glenda Esmond, Christine Mikelsons
R1,415 R1,316 Discovery Miles 13 160 Save R99 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Respiratory support techniques for treating respiratory failure - including oxygen therapy, non-invasive ventilation (NIV) and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) - are used in a variety of healthcare settings, which include intensive care units, high dependency units, respiratory wards and the community. In response to national guidelines there are growing numbers of patients being considered for non-invasive respiratory support techniques, both as a short and long term treatment, resulting in an increasing number of healthcare professionals requiring knowledge and skills to provide care. Written for qualified healthcare professionals with experience of caring for patients with respiratory conditions, this text provides a practical guide to oxygen therapy, NIV and CPAP, clearly defining how and when the various treatments are used and including ideas on developing protocols to support practice.

Nursing with a Message - Public Health Demonstration Projects in New York City (Paperback): Patricia D'Antonio Nursing with a Message - Public Health Demonstration Projects in New York City (Paperback)
Patricia D'Antonio
R573 R527 Discovery Miles 5 270 Save R46 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Mandated by the Affordable Care Act, public health demonstration projects have been touted as an innovative solution to the nation's health care crisis. Yet, such projects actually have a long but little-known history, dating back to the 1920s. This groundbreaking new book reveals the key role that these local health programs - and the nurses who ran them - influenced how Americans perceived both their personal health choices and the well-being of their communities. Nursing with a Message transports readers to New York City in the 1920s and 1930s, charting the rise and fall of two community health centers, in the neighborhoods of East Harlem and Bellevue-Yorkville. Award-winning historian Patricia D'Antonio examines the day-to-day operations of these clinics, as well as the community outreach work done by nurses who visited schools, churches, and homes encouraging neighborhood residents to adopt healthier lifestyles, engage with preventive physical exams, and see to the health of their preschool children. As she reveals, these programs relied upon an often-contentious and fragile alliance between various healthcare providers, educators, social workers, and funding agencies, both public and private. Assessing both the successes and failures of these public health demonstration projects, D'Antonio also traces their legacy in shaping both the best and worst elements of today's primary care system.

Demystifying Opioid Conversion Calculations - A Guide for Effective Dosing (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Mary Lynn McPherson Demystifying Opioid Conversion Calculations - A Guide for Effective Dosing (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Mary Lynn McPherson
R1,428 R1,186 Discovery Miles 11 860 Save R242 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Praised by students and instructors for its engaging approach to teaching a very complex subject, Demystifying Opioid Conversion Calculations: A Guide for Effective Dosing, has long been the go-to guide for learning how to calculate opioid conversions. Now in its second edition, this reference is a must-have for clinicians involved in pain management at all levels. Written by pain management expert Mary Lynn McPherson, PharmD, Demystifying Opioid Conversion Calculations focuses on the calculations that practitioners use in actual practice, providing realistic scenarios for decision making. The revised edition covers the entire spectrum of opioid analgesics used to manage patients with moderate to severe pain and serious lifelimiting illnesses. Inside this updated and expanded guide you'll find: Learning objectives and practice problems with solutions in each chapter New clinical cases throughout, including a baker's dozen of opioid conversion MIScalculation cases with detailed explanations Expanded information on less commonly used opioids, including levorphanol and nalbuphine Important summary points at the end of each chapter Updated pearls, pitfalls, and fast facts Demystifying Opioid Conversion Calculations is designed to help practitioners including pharmacists, physicians, nurses and others develop a high level of skill in performing the required mathematical calculations associated with opioid conversions, plus the confidence to safely and effectively manage their patients' needs for pain relief.

Clinical Placements: Pocket Guides for Student Nurses (Spiral bound): Kirstie Paterson, Jessica Wallar Clinical Placements: Pocket Guides for Student Nurses (Spiral bound)
Kirstie Paterson, Jessica Wallar; Edited by Kathy Macdonald
R250 R211 Discovery Miles 2 110 Save R39 (16%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

Clinical placements are an essential part of nurse training, but are extremely daunting, especially for new nursing students. This unique pocket guide provides a wealth of practical detail, tips and advice to help the student nurse get to grips with, and make the most of, their placement. The pocket-sized format means the book is extremely portable (it really will fit in a pocket!) and the ring binding allows it to be opened flat (useful when adding notes, for example). The information is presented in digestible chunks (lists, tables, bullets, even cartoons) so the reader can find the essential information really quickly without wading through pages of text - there is even space to add notes specific to the particular placement. Written by recent nursing graduates based on their own experiences, reviewed by students and checked by a clinical supervisor - this guidance has been produced specifically with student nurses in mind. What lecturers are saying about Clinical Placements: "A practical book that provides students with a range of essential information, tips and advice about what to expect on clinical placement which should help them to make the most out of their placement. Information is easy to access making it easy for students to quickly navigate information. The small spiral bound format makes it accessible and ideal for students to keep in their uniform pocket." "This book is just what is needed, relevant information that will help students make the most out of their placement and reduce the anxiety!" "I have had a look through the Pocket Guide Clinical Placements book and think that it an excellent little book that will support students in preparing for their first placement and future placements until they gain confidence. There is just the right mix of appropriate illustrations and text and I particularly like the areas for notes that can be added if needed." "I found this an excellent little resource for students as well as a reminder for staff."

Critical Reflection In Practice - Generating Knowledge for Care (Paperback, 2nd ed. 2010): Gary Rolfe, Dawn Freshwater Critical Reflection In Practice - Generating Knowledge for Care (Paperback, 2nd ed. 2010)
Gary Rolfe, Dawn Freshwater
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The terms 'critical reflection' and 'reflective practice' are at the heart of modern healthcare. But what do they really mean? Building on its ground-breaking predecessor, entitled Critical Reflection for Nursing and the Helping Professions, this heavily revised second edition analyses and explores reflection. It presents a structured method that will enable you to both challenge and develop your own practice. This book is the essential guide to critical reflection for all students, academics and practitioners.

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