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Wat Moet Ons Met Ons Kerk Doen? (Afrikaans, Paperback): Jurie van den Heever Wat Moet Ons Met Ons Kerk Doen? (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Jurie van den Heever 1
R50 R42 Discovery Miles 420 Save R8 (16%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Wat Moet Ons Met Ons Kerk Doen? is 'n poging om te probeer verstaan waar ons as Afrikaners teologies vandaan kom, watter kragte en magte ons en ons Kerk gevorm het en hoe ons Kerk tans daar uitsien.

Die N.G.Kerk was 'n belangrike en rigtinggewende rolspele in die opheffing van die Afrikaner na die Britse vergrype tydens en na die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog. Tans word die N.G.Kerk ervaar as 'n instansie wat ongevoelig teenoor die geestelike behoeftes van haar lidmate staan.

Hierdie is 'n moet-lees boek vir:

  • Lidmate wat ons Kerk graag wil help om 'n gesonde, geestelike tuiste vir Suid-Afrikaners van die 21ste eeu te bied.
  • Die klakkelose napraters van die dogma wat dink ons Kerk is steeds op die regte pad.
  • Die plastiekpredikante van die radio en televisie wat met eentonige reŽlmaat soetsappige, sogenaamd godsdienstige, pleisters plak.
  • Diegene wat reeds ons Kerk tot die ashoop van die geloof verdoem het.
Why Dinosaurs Matter (Hardcover): Kenneth Lacovara Why Dinosaurs Matter (Hardcover)
Kenneth Lacovara 1
R257 R173 Discovery Miles 1 730 Save R84 (33%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

What can long-dead dinosaurs teach us about our future? Plenty, according to world-renowned paleontologist and recent star of BBC show The Day the Dinosaurs Died Dr Kenneth Lacovara, who has discovered some of the largest creatures to ever walk the Earth, including the super-massive Dreadnoughtus. 'Majestic, awe-inspiring and deeply humbling. Kenneth Lacovara reveals how dinosaurs have changed how we understand time, the world and ourselves' DR ALICE ROBERTS, anatomist and anthropologist, television presenter, author and professor 'This is a dinosaur book with a difference. In lyrical prose Kenneth Lacovara shows how an understanding of the past helps to understand the present. The dinosaurs played no role in the great extinction that ended their era: we, on the other hand, are playing a major part in the extinction that is taking place today. And unless we change our ways, if we continue destroying the natural world, this will lead inevitably to our own extinction. But unlike the dinosaurs we have the power to turn things around.' DR JANE GOODALL, DBE, conservationist, founder of the Jane Goodaal Institute and UN Messenger of Peace 'Kenneth Lacovara LOVES Dinosaurs, LOVES science and truly LOVES telling you about it. Few non-fiction writers wield words with more poetic and potent affection for their subject. Ken's deep scholarship and clear enjoyment of his subject always makes ME feel smarter. A man obsessed not just with his subject matter, but with showing us how looking into our deep past can illuminate our future.' ADAM SAVAGE of THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL By tapping into the wonder that dinosaurs inspire, Dr Lacovara weaves together the stories of our geological awakening, of humanity's epic struggle to understand the nature of deep time, the meaning of fossils, and our own place on the vast and bountiful tree of life. Go on a journey, back to when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, to discover how dinosaurs achieved feats unparalleled by any other group of animals. Learn the secrets of how paleontologists find fossils, and explore quirky, but fascinating questions, such as: Is a penguin a dinosaur? How are the tiny arms of T. rex the key to its power and ferocity? In this revealing book, Dr Lacovara offers the latest ideas about the shocking and calamitous death of the dinosaurs and ties their vulnerabilities to our own. Why Dinosaurs Matter is compelling and engaging - a reminder that our place on this planet is both precarious and potentially fleeting. As we move into an uncertain environmental future, it has never been more important to understand the past.

Fantastic Fossils - A Guide to Finding and Identifying Prehistoric Life (Hardcover): Donald R. Prothero Fantastic Fossils - A Guide to Finding and Identifying Prehistoric Life (Hardcover)
Donald R. Prothero
R838 R754 Discovery Miles 7 540 Save R84 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Nothing fills us with a sense of wonder like fossils. What looks at first like a simple rock is in fact a clue that reveals the staggering diversity of ancient environments, the winding pathways of evolution, and the majesty of a vanished earth. But as much as one might daydream of digging a hole in the backyard and finding a Tyrannosaurus, only a few places contain these buried treasures, and when a scientist comes across a remnant of prehistoric life, great care must be taken. What do budding paleontologists need to know before starting their search? In Fantastic Fossils, Donald R. Prothero offers an accessible, entertaining, and richly illustrated guide to the paleontologist's journey. He details the best places to look for fossils, the art of how to find them, and how to classify the major types. Prothero provides expert wisdom about typical fossils that an average person can hope to collect and how to hunt fossils responsibly and ethically. He also explores the lessons that both common and rarer discoveries offer about paleontology and its history, as well as what fossils can tell us about past climates and present climate change. Captivating illustrations by the paleoartist Mary Persis Williams bring to life hundreds of important specimens. Offering valuable lessons for armchair enthusiasts and paleontology students alike, Fantastic Fossils is an essential companion for all readers who have ever dreamed of going in search of traces of a lost world.

Amino Acids in Biominerals (Hardcover): Beatrice Demarchi Amino Acids in Biominerals (Hardcover)
Beatrice Demarchi
R2,007 R1,810 Discovery Miles 18 100 Save R197 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

AMINO ACIDS AND PROTEINS IN FOSSIL BIOMINERALS An essential cross-disciplinary guide to the proteins that form biominerals and that are preserved in the fossil record Amino Acids and Proteins in Fossil Biominerals is an authoritative guide to the patterns of survival and degradation of ancient biomolecules in the fossil record. The author brings together new research in biomineralization and ancient proteins to describe mechanisms of protein diagenesis. The book draws on the author's experiences as well as current information from three research fields: geochemistry, archaeology and Quaternary sciences. The author examines the history of the study of ancient proteins, from the dating of Quaternary biominerals to the present advances in shotgun proteomics, and discusses their applications across archaeology, geology and evolutionary biology. This important guide: Explores the main components of biominerals Describes the breakdown of proteins in fossils Reviews the applications of ancient protein studies Written for students and researchers of biomolecular archaeology and palaeontology, Amino Acids and Proteins in Fossil Biominerals provides a cross-disciplinary guide to the proteins responsible for the formation of biominerals and to the survival of biomolecules in the archaeological and palaeontological record. This book forms one volume of the popular New Analytical Methods in Earth and Environmental Science Series.

Spying on Whales - The Past, Present and Future of the World's Largest Animals (Paperback, Epub Edition): Nicholas Pyenson Spying on Whales - The Past, Present and Future of the World's Largest Animals (Paperback, Epub Edition)
Nicholas Pyenson 1
R286 R211 Discovery Miles 2 110 Save R75 (26%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Whales are among the largest, most intelligent, deepest diving species to have ever lived on our planet. We have hunted them for thousands of years and scratched their icons into our mythologies. They simultaneously fill us with waves of terror, awe and affection - yet we know hardly anything about them. Whales tend to only enter our awareness when they die, struck by a ship or stranded in the surf. They evolved from land-roaming, dog-like creatures into animals that move like fish, breathe like us, can grow to 300,000 pounds, live 200 years and roam entire ocean basins. Yet despite centuries of observing whales, we know little about their evolutionary past. Palaeontologist Nick Pyenson takes us to the ends of the earth and to the cutting edge of whale research as he searches for the answers to some of our biggest questions about these graceful giants. His rich storytelling takes us deep inside the Smithsonian's unparalleled fossil collection, to frigid Antarctic waters, and to the arid desert of Chile, where scientists race against time to document the largest fossil whalebone site on earth. Spying on Whales is an illuminating story of scientific discovery that brings readers closer to the most enigmatic and beloved animals of all time.

Vertebrate Palaeontology (Paperback, 4th Edition): Michael J. Benton Vertebrate Palaeontology (Paperback, 4th Edition)
Michael J. Benton
R1,449 R1,220 Discovery Miles 12 200 Save R229 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Vertebrate palaeontology is a lively field, with new discoveries reported every week and not only dinosaurs! This new edition reflects the international scope of vertebrate palaeontology, with a special focus on exciting new finds from China. A key aim is to explain the science. Gone are the days of guesswork. Young researchers use impressive new numerical and imaging methods to explore the tree of life, macroevolution, global change, and functional morphology. The fourth edition is completely revised. The cladistic framework is strengthened, and new functional and developmental spreads are added. Study aids include: key questions, research to be done, and recommendations of further reading and web sites. The book is designed for palaeontology courses in biology and geology departments. It is also aimed at enthusiasts who want to experience the flavour of how the research is done. The book is strongly phylogenetic, and this makes it a source of current data on vertebrate evolution.

Fossils - The Story of Life (Paperback): Sue Rigby Fossils - The Story of Life (Paperback)
Sue Rigby
R179 Discovery Miles 1 790 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book focuses on British fossils and the story of life on our islands, including details of the great fossil collections of Britain.

Tracking the Golden Isles - The Natural and Human Histories of the Georgia Coast (Hardcover): Anthony J. Martin Tracking the Golden Isles - The Natural and Human Histories of the Georgia Coast (Hardcover)
Anthony J. Martin; Photographs by Ruth Schowalter, Michael Flores, R Kelley Vance, Gale Bishop
R763 R596 Discovery Miles 5 960 Save R167 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

With this collection of essays, Anthony J. Martin invites us to investigate animal and human traces on the Georgia coast and the remarkable stories these traces, both modern and fossil, tell us. Readers will learn how these traces enabled geologists to discover that the remains of ancient barrier islands still exist on the lower coastal plain of Georgia, showing the recession of oceans millions of years ago. First, Martin details a solid but approachable overview of Georgia barrier island ecosystems - maritime forests, salt marshes, dunes, beaches - and how these ecosystems are as much a product of plant and animal behavior as they are of geology. Martin then describes animal tracks, burrows, nests, and other traces and what they tell us about their makers. He also explains how trace fossils can document the behaviors of animals from millions of years ago, including those no longer extant. Next, Martin discusses the relatively scant history - scarcely five thousand years - of humans on the Georgia coast. He takes us from the Native American shell rings on Sapelo Island to the cobbled streets of Savannah paved with the ballast stones of slave ships. He also describes the human introduction of invasive animals to the coast and their effects on native species. Finally, Martin's epilogue introduces the sobering idea that climate change, with its resultant extreme weather and rising sea levels, is the ultimate human trace affecting the Georgia coast. Here he asks how the traces of the past and present help us to better predict and deal with our uncertain future.

Life: an Unauthorized Biography (Paperback, New Ed): Richard A. Fortey Life: an Unauthorized Biography (Paperback, New Ed)
Richard A. Fortey 2
R314 R231 Discovery Miles 2 310 Save R83 (26%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A magisterial exploration of the natural history of the first four thousand million years of life on and in the earth, by one of Britain's most dazzling science writers. What do any of us know about the history of our planet before the arrival of man? Most of us have a dim impression of a swirling mass of dust solidifying to form a volcanic globe, briefly populated by dinosaurs, then by woolly mammoths and finally by our own hairy ancestors. This book, aimed at the curious and intelligent but perhaps mildly uninformed reader, brilliantly dispels such lingering notions forever. At the end of the book we understand the complexity of the history of life on earth, and the complexity of how it has come to be understood, as, perhaps, from no other single volume. The result is enthralling.

The Evolution Underground - Burrows, Bunkers, and the Marvelous Subterranean World Beneath our Feet (Hardcover): Anthony J.... The Evolution Underground - Burrows, Bunkers, and the Marvelous Subterranean World Beneath our Feet (Hardcover)
Anthony J. Martin
R654 R405 Discovery Miles 4 050 Save R249 (38%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

From penguins to dinosaurs, trilobites and humans, an acclaimed paleontologist and ichnologist reveals the subterranean secret of survival.

When Dinosaurs Roamed New Jersey (Paperback, Illustrated Edition): William Gallagher When Dinosaurs Roamed New Jersey (Paperback, Illustrated Edition)
William Gallagher
R570 R453 Discovery Miles 4 530 Save R117 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"Ever since the beginnings of paleontology in America, New Jersey has been 'the place' and William Gallagher--who terrorized his South Jersey mother by traipsing home with green mud, marl, and fossils--is the ideal guide to the wonderful dinosaurs and other fossils of the region. High school and college students, their teachers, interested general readers and professional paleontologists will all enjoy this book "-Earle E. Spamer, The Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia "Citizens of New Jersey have needed this book for a long time . . . . William Gallagher shows all New Jerseyans why they can be proud of their state's role in dinosaur paleontology and in science as a whole."-David Parris, curator of natural history, New Jersey State Museum "A very enjoyable read--and an ambitious work that not only deals with dinosaurs of the New Jersey region, but much more besides. The hard-core dinosaur crowd will certainly want it, no matter where they live."-Louis Jacobs, author of Lone Star Dinosaurs and Quest for the African Dinosaurs "An impressive historical account of the search for dinosaur fossils in New Jersey . . . a fascinating account of prehistoric New Jersey when dinosaurs and other extinct creatures roamed its environs. It has great historical and scientific value."-Richard K. Olsson, professor of geological sciences, Rutgers University Did you know that Benjamin Franklin examined the first dinosaur bone in America from Woodbury, Gloucester County, in 1787--decades before the word dinosaur was even coined? Or that when the first reasonably complete dinosaur skeleton in the world was unearthed in Haddonfield, Camden County, in 1858, it was a major scientific breakthrough which forced paleontologists to completely revise their picture of dinosaur anatomy? Few people know that New Jersey is the nursery of American vertebrate paleontology When Dinosaurs Roamed New Jersey provides a succinct and readable history of the geology and paleontology of New Jersey from the time the region was covered by Cambrian seas 543 million years ago to the Pleistocene Ice Age only 10 to 15,000 years ago. William Gallagher tells the stories of professional and amateur fossil hunters, their discoveries, and their impact on the history of paleontological thought. He points out places in New Jersey and nearby where specimens characteristic of each era can be found. He shows how fossil evidence discovered in the state is helping paleontologists reconstruct the ecological interactions and behavior of dinosaurs, and discusses such continuing scientific controversies as the reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs. From tracking dinosaur footprints across the Newark basin, to digging for the last dinosaurs in the greensands of South Jersey, to finding a mushroom in ancient amber in East Brunswick, this book is the ideal introduction to the Garden State's fossils and prehistory. Dr. William B. Gallagher is the registrar of natural history at the New Jersey State Museum and a visiting lecturer in dinosaur paleontology at Rutgers University.

A Closer Look at John Day Fossil Beds National Monument (Paperback): Megan Wilkins A Closer Look at John Day Fossil Beds National Monument (Paperback)
Megan Wilkins
R345 Discovery Miles 3 450 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Crinoids - Fossil Focus Guide (Pamphlet): Mark Woods Crinoids - Fossil Focus Guide (Pamphlet)
Mark Woods; Illustrated by R. Bell
R89 Discovery Miles 890 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

An illustrated guide to introduction to major fossil groups.

Trilobite! (Paperback, New Ed): Richard A. Fortey Trilobite! (Paperback, New Ed)
Richard A. Fortey 3
R311 R226 Discovery Miles 2 260 Save R85 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Trilobite! is an unashamedly trilobito-centric view of the world unravelling the history of the exotic, crustacean-like animals which dominated the seas for three hundred million years. These arthropods witnessed continents move, mountain chains elevated and eroded; they survived ice ages and volcanic eruptions, evolving and adapting exquisitely to their environment. They watched through their crystal eyes whilst life evolved. Their own evolution calibrated geological time itself.

Structured like a detective story, this is a light, but highly informative account of the wonders of scientific discovery.

Dinosaurs - A Folding Pocket Guide to Familiar Species (Poster, 2nd ed.): James Kavanagh Dinosaurs - A Folding Pocket Guide to Familiar Species (Poster, 2nd ed.)
James Kavanagh; Illustrated by Raymond Leung
R185 R167 Discovery Miles 1 670 Save R18 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Ammonites - Fossil Focus Guide (Pamphlet): Beris M. Cox Ammonites - Fossil Focus Guide (Pamphlet)
Beris M. Cox
R89 Discovery Miles 890 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

An illustrated guide to introduction to major fossil groups.

Smilodon - The Iconic Sabertooth (Hardcover): Lars Werdelin, H. G. Mcdonald, Christopher A. Shaw Smilodon - The Iconic Sabertooth (Hardcover)
Lars Werdelin, H. G. Mcdonald, Christopher A. Shaw
R2,206 R1,843 Discovery Miles 18 430 Save R363 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Few animals spark the imagination as much as the sabertooth cat Smilodon. With their incredibly long canines, which hung like fangs past their jaws, these ferocious predators were first encountered by humans when our species entered the Americas. We can only imagine what ice age humans felt when they were confronted by a wild cat larger than a Siberian tiger. Because Smilodon skeletons are perennial favorites with museum visitors, researchers have devoted themselves to learning as much as possible about the lives of these massive cats. This volume, edited by celebrated academics, brings together a team of experts to provide a comprehensive and contemporary view of all that is known about Smilodon. The result is a detailed scientific work that will be invaluable to paleontologists, mammalogists, and serious amateur sabertooth devotees. The book * covers all major aspects of the animal's natural history, evolution, phylogenetic relationships, anatomy, biomechanics, and ecology * traces all three Smilodon species across both North and South America * brings together original, unpublished research with historical accounts of Smilodon's discovery in nineteenth-century Brazil The definitive reference on these iconic Pleistocene mammals, Smilodon will be cited by researchers for decades to come. Contributors: John P. Babiarz, Wendy J. Binder, Charles S. Churcher, Larisa R. G. DeSantis, Robert S. Feranec, Therese Flink, James L. Knight , Margaret E. Lewis, Larry D. Martin, H. Gregory McDonald, Julie A. Meachen, William C. H. Parr, Ashley R. Reynolds. Kevin L. Seymour, Christopher A. Shaw, C. S. Ware, Lars Werdelin, H. Todd Wheeler, Stephen Wroe, M. Aleksander Wysocki

CREATE A 3D TYRANNOSAURUS REX 2018 (Paperback): Nicky Dee CREATE A 3D TYRANNOSAURUS REX 2018 (Paperback)
Nicky Dee; Designed by Robert Tainsh
R396 Discovery Miles 3 960 Ships in 10 - 15 working days
CREATE A 3D TRICERATOPS 2018 (Paperback): Nicky Dee CREATE A 3D TRICERATOPS 2018 (Paperback)
Nicky Dee; Designed by Robert Tainsh
R396 Discovery Miles 3 960 Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Rock, Bone, and Ruin - An Optimist's Guide to the Historical Sciences (Hardcover): Adrian Currie Rock, Bone, and Ruin - An Optimist's Guide to the Historical Sciences (Hardcover)
Adrian Currie
R865 R624 Discovery Miles 6 240 Save R241 (28%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

An argument that we should be optimistic about the capacity of "methodologically omnivorous" geologists, paleontologists, and archaeologists to uncover truths about the deep past. The "historical sciences"-geology, paleontology, and archaeology-have made extraordinary progress in advancing our understanding of the deep past. How has this been possible, given that the evidence they have to work with offers mere traces of the past? In Rock, Bone, and Ruin, Adrian Currie explains that these scientists are "methodological omnivores," with a variety of strategies and techniques at their disposal, and that this gives us every reason to be optimistic about their capacity to uncover truths about prehistory. Creative and opportunistic paleontologists, for example, discovered and described a new species of prehistoric duck-billed platypus from a single fossilized tooth. Examining the complex reasoning processes of historical science, Currie also considers philosophical and scientific reflection on the relationship between past and present, the nature of evidence, contingency, and scientific progress. Currie draws on varied examples from across the historical sciences, from Mayan ritual sacrifice to giant Mesozoic fleas to Mars's mysterious watery past, to develop an account of the nature of, and resources available to, historical science. He presents two major case studies: the emerging explanation of sauropod size, and the "snowball earth" hypothesis that accounts for signs of glaciation in Neoproterozoic tropics. He develops the Ripple Model of Evidence to analyze "unlucky circumstances" in scientific investigation; examines and refutes arguments for pessimism about the capacity of the historical sciences, defending the role of analogy and arguing that simulations have an experiment-like function. Currie argues for a creative, open-ended approach, "empirically grounded" speculation.

Ice Age Mammals of North America - A Guide to the Big, the Hairy, and the Bizarre (Paperback, 2nd ed.): Ian M Lange Ice Age Mammals of North America - A Guide to the Big, the Hairy, and the Bizarre (Paperback, 2nd ed.)
Ian M Lange; Illustrated by Dorothy S. Norton
R584 R472 Discovery Miles 4 720 Save R112 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Origins - The Search for Our Prehistoric Past (Hardcover): Frank H.T. Rhodes Origins - The Search for Our Prehistoric Past (Hardcover)
Frank H.T. Rhodes
R695 R546 Discovery Miles 5 460 Save R149 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"Fossils are the fragments from which, piece by laborious piece, the great mosaic of the history of life has been constructed. Here and there, we can supplement these meager scraps by the use of biochemical markers or geochemical signatures that add useful information, but, even with such additional help, our reconstructions and our models of descent are often tentative. For the fossil record is, as we have seen, as biased as it is incomplete. But fragmentary, selective, and biased though it is, the fossil record, with all its imperfections, is still a treasure. Though whole chapters are missing, many pages lost, and the earliest pages so damaged as to be, as yet, virtually unreadable, this-the greatest biography of all-is one in whose closing pages we find ourselves."-from Origins In Origins, Frank H. T. Rhodes explores the origin and evolution of living things, the changing environments in which they have developed, and the challenges we now face on an increasingly crowded and polluted planet. Rhodes argues that the future well-being of our burgeoning population depends in no small part on our understanding of life's past, its long and slow development, and its intricate interdependencies. Rhodes's accessible and extensively illustrated treatment of the origins narrative describes the nature of the search for prehistoric life, the significance of geologic time, the origin of life, the emergence and spread of flora and fauna, the evolution of primates, and the emergence of modern humans.

The Story of Life in 25 Fossils - Tales of Intrepid Fossil Hunters and the Wonders of Evolution (Paperback): Donald R. Prothero The Story of Life in 25 Fossils - Tales of Intrepid Fossil Hunters and the Wonders of Evolution (Paperback)
Donald R. Prothero
R631 R498 Discovery Miles 4 980 Save R133 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Every fossil tells a story. Best-selling paleontology author Donald R. Prothero describes twenty-five famous, beautifully preserved fossils in a gripping scientific history of life on Earth. Recounting the adventures behind the discovery of these objects and fully interpreting their significance within the larger fossil record, Prothero creates a riveting history of life on our planet. The twenty-five fossils portrayed in this book catch animals in their evolutionary splendor as they transition from one kind of organism to another. We witness extinct plants and animals of microscopic and immense size and thrilling diversity. We learn about fantastic land and sea creatures that have no match in nature today. Along the way, we encounter such fascinating fossils as the earliest trilobite, Olenellus; the giant shark Carcharocles; the "fishibian" Tiktaalik; the "Frogamander" and the "Turtle on the Half-Shell"; enormous marine reptiles and the biggest dinosaurs known; the first bird, Archaeopteryx; the walking whale Ambulocetus; the gigantic hornless rhinoceros Paraceratherium, the largest land mammal that ever lived; and the Australopithecus nicknamed "Lucy," the oldest human skeleton. We meet the scientists and adventurers who pioneered paleontology and learn about the larger intellectual and social contexts in which their discoveries were made. Finally, we find out where to see these splendid fossils in the world's great museums. Ideal for all who love prehistoric landscapes and delight in the history of science, this book makes a treasured addition to any bookshelf, stoking curiosity in the evolution of life on Earth.

Human Tooth Crown and Root Morphology - The Arizona State University Dental Anthropology System (Paperback): G. Richard Scott,... Human Tooth Crown and Root Morphology - The Arizona State University Dental Anthropology System (Paperback)
G. Richard Scott, Joel D. Irish
R1,067 Discovery Miles 10 670 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This guide to scoring crown and root traits in human dentitions substantially builds on a seminal 1991 work by Turner, Nichol, and Scott. It provides detailed descriptions and multiple illustrations of each crown and root trait to help guide researchers to make consistent observations on trait expression, greatly reducing observer error. The book also reflects exciting new developments driven by technology that have significant ramifications for dental anthropology, particularly the recent development of a web-based application that computes the probability that an individual belongs to a particular genogeographic grouping based on combinations of crown and root traits; as such, the utility of these variables is expanded to forensic anthropology. This book is ideal for researchers and graduate students in the fields of dental, physical, and forensic anthropology and will serve as a methodological guide for many years to come.

Fossil Primates (Paperback): Susan Cachel Fossil Primates (Paperback)
Susan Cachel
R1,111 Discovery Miles 11 110 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Reconstructing the paleobiology of fossil non-human primates, this book is intended as an exposition of non-human primate evolution that includes information about evolutionary theory and processes, paleobiology, paleoenvironment, how fossils are formed, how fossils illustrate evolutionary processes, the reconstruction of life from fossils, the formation of the primate fossil record, functional anatomy, and the genetic bases of anatomy. Throughout, the emphasis of the book is on the biology of fossil primates, not their taxonomic classification or systematics, or formal species descriptions. The author draws detailed pictures of the paleoenvironment of fossil primates, including contemporary animals and plants, and ancient primate communities, emphasizing our ability to reconstruct lifeways from fragmentary bones and teeth, using functional anatomy, stable isotopes from enamel and collagen, and high resolution CT-scans of the cranium. Fossil Primates will be essential reading for advanced undergraduates and graduate students in evolutionary anthropology, primatology and vertebrate paleobiology.

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