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Love Our Vets - Restoring Hope for Families of Veterans with Ptsd: 2nd Edition (Paperback, Revised): Welby O'Brien Love Our Vets - Restoring Hope for Families of Veterans with Ptsd: 2nd Edition (Paperback, Revised)
Welby O'Brien
R340 R290 Discovery Miles 2 900 Save R50 (15%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days
One Good Lie - A gripping psychological thriller (Paperback): Jane Isaac One Good Lie - A gripping psychological thriller (Paperback)
Jane Isaac
R241 R176 Discovery Miles 1 760 Save R65 (27%) Ships in 10 - 20 work days

Even the littlest lies can have the biggest consequences... On the night of her mother's wake, only one thing brings Ruby comfort; the knowledge that her mother's killer is safely behind bars. But guilt is eating away at fragile younger sister Sophie, who brought their mother's killer into their lives. This is why Ruby is glad that Sophie is with her supportive boyfriend Ewan, despite Ruby's doubts about him. He's been Sophie's rock, not only taking care of her, but her little kids, too. So what if he doesn't like talking about his past? But when news of another woman's murder spreads through their town like wildfire, Ruby is shocked to find herself with reason to suspect Ewan of the crime. And with one good lie driving a wedge between the sisters, it's hard for Ruby to get Sophie to see what she sees. Ewan is keeping dangerous secrets. But he's not the only person close to home who has something shocking to hide... A gripping and unputdownable thriller that will keep you reading into the early hours of the morning. Read what everyone is saying about One Good Lie:'Oh my GOODNESS!! I absolutely loved this... It got to the point where I was suspecting every single character in the book... The ending was twisty, thrilling, scary and, best of all, satisfying. Truly a wonderful psychological thriller that kept me captivated throughout!' Shalini Boland, author of The Secret Mother, 'I can honestly say that this is psychological fiction at its best. Cleverly written and packed full of chilling suspense... With lots of delicious twists and clashes of personality that could set the pages on fire, One Good Lie ticks all the boxes for me. A hugely satisfying read and one I would highly recommend.' Sheryl Browne, author of My Husband's Girlfriend, 'A clever, creepy and compulsive psychological thriller' Diane Jeffrey, author of The Silent Friend, 'Jane Isaac never lets us down; this is fast-paced storytelling at its best. One Good Lie is a chilling, unputdownable read, packed with menace and suspense... Highly recommended!' Linda Huber, author of Baby Dear, 'One Good Lie had me on the edge of my seat! Every time I thought I had the plot figured out the carpet was pulled from under my feet! Twisty and full of surprises. Highly recommended! 5/5.' NetGalley Reviewer, 'An exciting psychological thriller that will appeal to fans of Ruth Ware, Greer Hendricks, and Sarah Pekkanen... Excellently-written, well-plotted... I sped through this book and finished it in a day... If you're a fan of the thriller genre, you won't regret checking out this book' Goodreads Reviewer, '5 Stars! Highly recommend. It was hard to put this book down. It was a fast-paced story full of suspense. I was hooked from the first chapter... I absolutely loved this story of two sisters.' NetGalley Reviewer, 'I was invested straight away; it was fast-paced and I couldn't put it down.' NetGalley Reviewer, 'Book drought over! Hooked from page one, didn't stop reading until silly o'clock, had a few hours' sleep, walked the dog then dived back in to finish.' Goodreads Reviewer 'Absolutely kept me on the edge of my seat. I couldn't wait to find out what happened. The ending didn't disappoint. I highly recommend this one.' NetGalley Reviewer, 'This is a brilliant read... The characters are likeable, even the villainous ones, and it just shows you can never really trust anyone who you think you know.' Goodreads Reviewer,

Year by Year - Written by You for Your Child (Hardcover): Miriam Hathaway Year by Year - Written by You for Your Child (Hardcover)
Miriam Hathaway; Illustrated by Chelsea Bianchini
R549 R465 Discovery Miles 4 650 Save R84 (15%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days
Pops: Fatherhood in Pieces (Paperback): Michael Chabon Pops: Fatherhood in Pieces (Paperback)
Michael Chabon 1
R266 R182 Discovery Miles 1 820 Save R84 (32%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Michael Chabon, author of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, Manhood for Amateurs and Moonglow, returns with a collection of heartfelt, humorous and insightful essays on the meaning of fatherhood. You are born into a family and those are your people, and they know you and they love you and if you are lucky they even, on occasion, manage to understand you. And that ought to be enough. But it is never enough What are you allowed to talk about with your children? When to step in with advice, when to let them make their own mistakes? It's more complicated than you think. Somehow you muddle through. In this heartfelt, humorous and wise book, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon attempts to weigh in on difficult conversations with his children, on everything from texting girls to death. But it is when he hangs back that he catches them transforming into their own people. What emerges is a father's deep respect for his children's passions and for their bravery in the face of conformity. Whether you know the joy and struggles of being a father, or were shaped by one, you will find a home in these stunning essays.

Slug - The Sunday Times Bestseller (Hardcover): Hollie McNish Slug - The Sunday Times Bestseller (Hardcover)
Hollie McNish
R372 R350 Discovery Miles 3 500 Save R22 (6%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER 'An intoxicating mixture of poetry and prose, Slug is a taboo-busting delight' SCOTSMAN 'One of the best poets we have' MATT HAIG 'She writes with honesty, conviction, humour and love' KAE TEMPEST The new collection of poetry and prose from the Ted Hughes Award-winning author of Nobody Told Me From Finnish saunas and soppy otters to grief, grandparents and Kellogg's anti-masturbation pants, Slug is a book which holds a mirror lovingly up to the world, past and present, through Hollie's driving, funny, hopeful poetry and prose. Slug is about the human condition: of birth and death and how we manage the possibilities in between. 'The inimitable words of poet/goddess Hollie McNish once again hold up honest, damn funny and refreshing takes on the everydayness of our lives . . . Never have we needed her more' STYLIST 'Hollie always articulates exactly how I feel' CHARLY COX 'A tribute to life itself' RED

I'll Never Be a Hand Model - And Other Stories I Tell My Therapist (Paperback): Sarah Wesley Lemire I'll Never Be a Hand Model - And Other Stories I Tell My Therapist (Paperback)
Sarah Wesley Lemire
R329 R278 Discovery Miles 2 780 Save R51 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days
You've Got This Baby Brother (Paperback): Garrett Greiner You've Got This Baby Brother (Paperback)
Garrett Greiner
R301 Discovery Miles 3 010 Ships in 7 - 11 work days
Intuition - Access Your Inner Wisdom. Trust Your Instincts. Find Your Path. (Hardcover): Amisha Ghadiali Intuition - Access Your Inner Wisdom. Trust Your Instincts. Find Your Path. (Hardcover)
Amisha Ghadiali; Illustrated by Eiko Ojala
R350 R280 Discovery Miles 2 800 Save R70 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 work days

A practical guide to discovering the lost art of intuition. Tune into your senses, find your inner wisdom and develop your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual awareness. This self-help book will help you open yourself up to the power of intuition. Intuition is seen by many as the highest form of intelligence. It's the ability to know something instinctively without having to discover it - a deep sense of knowing, that gut feeling. Your intuition can guide you to make wise decisions that bring more joy, love and meaning into your life. From journaling and meditation to mindful movement and moon rituals, this developmental guide taps into the myriad ways you can unlock intuitive living. It teaches you how to use a broad range of practices and techniques designed to reveal your path to innate wisdom. An Essential On Any Intuitive's Bookshelf This motivational book by Amisha Ghadiali, an intuitive therapist, yoga and meditation teacher, is filled with inspirational quotes, helpful exercises, and information on how to live a life you love. It encourages intuitive development in everyday life - health, family, relationships, work, creativity and more. This inspirational book from DK Books will give you the practical tools you need to get in touch with your intuition and create the happier, more successful life you were meant to live: - DISCOVER the life-changing potential of intuition and learn techniques on how to use it - CONNECT with your subconscious mind through helpful exercises - APPLY INTUITION to unlock wellness and fulfilment in every area of your life

Leaning on the Promises of God for Couples (Paperback): Gary D Chapman Leaning on the Promises of God for Couples (Paperback)
Gary D Chapman
R120 R99 Discovery Miles 990 Save R21 (18%) Ships in 4 - 8 work days
Raising LGBTQ Allies - A Parent's Guide to Changing the Messages from the Playground (Hardcover): Chris Tompkins Raising LGBTQ Allies - A Parent's Guide to Changing the Messages from the Playground (Hardcover)
Chris Tompkins
R382 Discovery Miles 3 820 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

No matter who we are or where we come from, we all play on the same playground. There are certain collective societal messages we hear growing up that we either consciously or subconsciously believe. As a result, we develop certain belief systems from which we operate our lives. Raising LGBTQ Allies sheds light on the deeper, multi-faceted layers of homophobia. It opens up a conversation with parents around the possibility they may have an LGBTQ child, and shows how heteronormativity can be harmful if not addressed clearly and early. Although not every parent will have an LGBTQ child, their child will jump rope or play tag with a child who is LGBTQ. By showing readers the importance of having open and authentic conversations with children at a young age, Chris Tompkins walks parents through the many ways they can prevent new generations from adopting homophobic and transphobic beliefs, while helping them explore their own subconscious biases. Offering specific actions parents, family members, and caregivers can take to help navigate conversations, address heteronormativity, and challenge societal beliefs, Raising LGBTQ Allies serves as a guide to help normalize being LGBTQ from a young age. Creating allies and a world where closets don't exist happens one child at a time. And it begins with each of us and what we say, as much as what we choose not to say.

52 Cheap Dates at Home (Cards): Chronicle Books 52 Cheap Dates at Home (Cards)
Chronicle Books
R138 Discovery Miles 1 380 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Enjoy date night from the comfort of your own home with these 52 inexpensive and imaginative ideas! This deck includes date night ideas like body painting, a home day spa, and more. Couples new and old will love these fun and flirty activities! Compact Size: This petite package means you can easily keep the cards at home on your bedside table, bookshelf, or coffee table. Great for Gifting: Makes a great newlywed or anniversary gift; or treat yourself and your partner. Date Night Activities for the Year: Choose one card a week, or pick a card whenever you need a date night. Perfect for: * Couples looking for date night ideas * Valentine's Day, anniversary, and birthday gifters * Newlywed, bachelorette party, and wedding shower shoppers

Baby Bomb - A Relationship Survival Guide for New Parents (Paperback): Kara Hoppe, Stan Tatkin Baby Bomb - A Relationship Survival Guide for New Parents (Paperback)
Kara Hoppe, Stan Tatkin; Foreword by Terrence Real
R397 R337 Discovery Miles 3 370 Save R60 (15%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days

Before you succeed at parenting, you need to succeed as a couple! Baby Bomb is the resource you need when a new baby turns your life-and your romantic relationship-upside down. A baby is a blessing-and also a completely life-altering event. If you're like many new parents, nothing could have fully prepared you for the exhaustion of late-night feedings, the explosive diapers, the evaporation of your free time, the pure joy, and the moments of pure terror. In the midst of these hazy, early months, it's normal to feel overwhelmed. And when you're overwhelmed, it's easy to put your romantic relationship on the back burner. But, more and more, research shows that in order to be the best parents you can be, you and your partner need to make sure that your needs-as a couple-are also met. Written by a psychologist and relationship expert, Baby Bomb offers powerful tools based in psychology and neurobiology to help you and your partner co-parent and co-partner as a solid and supportive team-while also cultivating mad love for each other! You'll find more than just "tips" for better parenting and partnering; you'll discover how a secure-functioning relationship is essential for raising happy, healthy kids. This isn't a book with advice about how to have a romantic candlelit dinner while your baby is screaming in the other room. It's a road map for getting on the same page about your expectations as parents, about your needs as humans, and about how to maintain a strong and lasting relationship in the face of, well, a baby bomb.

Freedom from Toxic Relationships - Moving On from the Family, Work, and Relationship Issues That Bring You Down (Paperback):... Freedom from Toxic Relationships - Moving On from the Family, Work, and Relationship Issues That Bring You Down (Paperback)
Avril Carruthers
R362 Discovery Miles 3 620 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

A guide to leaving painful, destructive relationships behind--both at home and at work
Toxic relationships often come disguised as seemingly normal ones. These subtly destructive relationships are characterized by the slow erosion of self-esteem, a loss of personal identity, or a growing desire to please friends, partners, and family members who are impossible to please.
In this uplifting and informative book, transpersonal psychotherapist Avril Carruthers will take a close look at adult relationships to show why we get involved in toxic relationships in the first place, and instruct the reader on how to recognize if they're involved in one. Once the toxic relationship is identified, the author shows the reader how to begin their journey toward healing and how to meet the world with a new kind of confidence, so that the cycle of toxic relationships can be broken once and for all.
What Carruthers teaches is just how possible it can be to learn how to recognize the manipulative or sweetly corrosive partner, the family dynamics that make Christmas and other get-togethers seem like hell, or the nightmare boss who causes daily torment--and that we can learn to leave these painful, destructive patterns behind forever.

Manology - Secrets of Your Man's Mind Revealed (Paperback): Rev Run aka Joseph Simmons, Tyrese Gibson Manology - Secrets of Your Man's Mind Revealed (Paperback)
Rev Run aka Joseph Simmons, Tyrese Gibson 1
R338 Discovery Miles 3 380 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

Tyrese Gibson and Rev Run of Run DMC have formed a lasting friendship in the unlikeliest of ways. After an unexpected argument -- Rev Run insisted that marriage is forever, Tyrese pushed that you could bail when the sex went bad -- the oddest of odd couples decided not just to agree to disagree, but to team up and open up their debate to a larger audience. MANOLOGY combines the best of their often countering theories about love and offers real world advice for building a romance that's healthy, long-lasting, and full of great sex. Rev Run is married with six kids and Tyrese is a single dad still hesitant to settle down -- both have experienced all sides of the male spectrum and seen what harm can be done to the unprepared woman. MANOLOGY presents no-nonsense and unconventional love advice for both understanding and handling the man in every woman's life. With Rev Run's humor and goodwill, and Tyrese's straight talk and sex appeal, MANOLOGY will speak to any woman looking to finally take control of her love life and snag the man of her dreams.

Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused (Paperback): Leslie Vernick Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused (Paperback)
Leslie Vernick; Edited by Brad Hambrick; Contributions by Rachael Denhollander, Mika Edmondson, Samantha Kilpatrick, …
R271 Discovery Miles 2 710 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

Is your church prepared to care for individuals who have experienced various forms of abuse? As we continue to learn of more individuals experiencing sexual abuse, domestic violence, and other forms of abuse, it's clear that resources are needed to help ministries and leaders care for these individuals with love, support, and in cooperation with civil authorities. This handbook seeks to help the church take a significant step forward in its care for those who have been abused. Working in tandem with the resources and videos found at churchcares.com, this handbook brings together leading evangelical trauma counselors, victim advocates, social workers, attorneys, batterer interventionists, and survivors to equip pastors and ministry leaders for the appropriate initial responses to a variety of abuse scenarios in churches, schools, or ministries. Though the most comprehensive training is experienced by using this handbook and the videos together, readers who may be unable to access the videos can use this handbook as a stand-alone resource.

My Unsentimental Education (Hardcover): Debra Monroe My Unsentimental Education (Hardcover)
Debra Monroe
R604 R520 Discovery Miles 5 200 Save R84 (14%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days

A misfit in Spooner, Wisconsin, with its farms, bars, and strip joints, Debra Monroe leaves to earn a degree, then another, and another, and builds a career-if only because her plans to be a midwestern housewife continually get scuttled. Fearless butnaive, she vaults over class barriers but never quite leaves her past behind. When it comes to men, she's still blue collar. Negotiating the world of dating, Monroe pays careful attention to what love and sex mean to a woman ambivalent about her newfound status as "liberated." Both the story of her steady rise into the professional class and a parallel history of unsuitable exes, this memoir reminds us how accidental even a good life can be. If Joan Didion advises us "to keep on nodding terms with the people we used to be," Monroe takes this advice a step further and nods at the people she might have become but didn't. Funny, poignant, wise,My Unsentimental Education explores the confusion that ensues when a working-class girl ends up far from where she began.

Liberalism, Childhood and Justice - Ethical Issues in Upbringing (Paperback): Tim Fowler Liberalism, Childhood and Justice - Ethical Issues in Upbringing (Paperback)
Tim Fowler
R696 Discovery Miles 6 960 Ships in 10 - 20 work days

This radical and critical account of family justice explores children's wellbeing and ethical issues in children's upbringing through the lens of political philosophy. Fowler reconceptualises what constitutes children's wellbeing, the duties of parents to promote children's wellbeing and the collective obligations of state and society to ensure that children's best interests are advanced and protected. Arguing that the wellbeing of children should not be measured in terms of subjective happiness but rather by them coming to hold an appropriate set of values and aspirations, Fowler challenges the dominant liberal model of parenting and calls instead for all citizens to take greater responsibility for guaranteeing that children lead flourishing lives.

The Favour (Hardcover, Main): Laura Vaughan The Favour (Hardcover, Main)
Laura Vaughan
R411 R346 Discovery Miles 3 460 Save R65 (16%) Ships in 10 - 20 work days

'Absorbing, intelligent and atmospheric... Genius' Elizabeth Haynes _________________________ Fortune favours the fraud... When she was thirteen years old, Ada Howell lost not just her father, but the life she felt she was destined to lead. Now, at eighteen, Ada is given a second chance when her wealthy godmother gifts her with an extravagant art history trip to Italy. In the palazzos of Venice, the cathedrals of Florence and the villas of Rome, she finally finds herself among the kind of people she aspires to be: sophisticated, cultured, privileged. Ada does everything in her power to prove she is one of them. And when a member of the group dies in suspicious circumstances, she seizes the opportunity to permanently bind herself to this gilded set. But everything hidden must eventually surface, and when it does, Ada discovers she's been keeping a far darker secret than she could ever have imagined... 'Intelligent, elegant and immersive' Claire Kendal 'A compulsive story, written with steely intelligence and wicked prose' Elizabeth Buchan

Get Real (Hardcover): Sarah Ivens Get Real (Hardcover)
Sarah Ivens
R310 R248 Discovery Miles 2 480 Save R62 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 work days

Know yourself: understand your goals, boundaries and relationships
Grow yourself: nurture your worth, confidence and dreams
Show yourself: dare to be real and trust your instincts
Slow yourself: choose peace and joy over competition and drama

Do you find yourself constantly saying yes, even when you should be saying no? Do you try your hardest to please everyone around you, yet still feel like you're not getting it right?

To write a happier story, you need to take control and become the editor of your most important work - YOU! In Get Real, Sarah Ivens helps you to identify the things that are truly important in life and equips you with the motivation, self-healing techniques and actionable advice needed to improve your mental and physical well-being.

Sarah draws on illuminating research and personal experience: from accepting that her difficult relationship with her father wasn't her fault and coming to terms with the pain of miscarriage, to ending toxic friendships and turning down a million-dollar job offer.

This book is a kind and gentle reminder that it's okay to be yourself - because everyone else really is taken.

On Love and Loneliness (Paperback, 1st ed): J. Krishnamurti On Love and Loneliness (Paperback, 1st ed)
J. Krishnamurti 1
R283 R238 Discovery Miles 2 380 Save R45 (16%) Ships in 1 work day

In 1950 Krishnamurti said: "It is only when the mind is not escaping in any form that it is possible to be in direct communion with that thing we call lonliness, the alone, and to have communion with that thing, there must be affection, there must be love."

On Love and Lonliness is a compelling investigation of our intimate relationships with ourselves, others, and society. Krishnamurti suggests that "true relationship" can come into being only when there is self-knowledge of the conditions which divide and islolate individuals and groups. Only by renouncing the self can we understand the problem of lonliness, and truly love.

What Happened to You? - Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing (Standard format, CD): Oprah Winfrey, Bruce D. Perry What Happened to You? - Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing (Standard format, CD)
Oprah Winfrey, Bruce D. Perry; Read by Bruce D. Perry, Oprah Winfrey
R593 R451 Discovery Miles 4 510 Save R142 (24%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days
Plantation Memories - Episodes of Everyday Racism (Paperback): Grada Kilomba Plantation Memories - Episodes of Everyday Racism (Paperback)
Grada Kilomba
R465 R391 Discovery Miles 3 910 Save R74 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days
How to Be a Man (Whatever That Means) - Lessons in Modern Masculinity from a Questionable Source (Paperback): James Breakwell How to Be a Man (Whatever That Means) - Lessons in Modern Masculinity from a Questionable Source (Paperback)
James Breakwell
R339 Discovery Miles 3 390 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

There's no wrong way to be a woman. There are countless wrong ways to be a man. James Breakwell should know. He's tried just about all of them. Journalism. Pig ownership. Felony lawn gnome theft. Whatever masculinity is supposed to be, this can't be it. But can you really fail at something no one can quite define? Apparently. Now, in a series of funny, sharply observed, and occasionally poignant essays, everyone's favorite internet-famous father of four daughters lays down a lifetime of lessons in what it means to be a man. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll wonder what really happened to those creepy lawn gnomes on that deserted country road. (Spoiler alert: They're right behind you.) If you ever wanted to know how to fail at altruism, dodge the priesthood, and stumble your way into unexpected wisdom, this book is for you. How to Be a Man (Whatever that Means) presents a vision of manhood that looks very different from what you'll see on TV. And that's a good thing. Probably.

This is for You Mum! (Hardcover): Lynn Massey-Davis This is for You Mum! (Hardcover)
Lynn Massey-Davis; Illustrated by Louise Barton
R106 Discovery Miles 1 060 Ships in 12 - 17 work days
My Vertical Neighborhood - How Strangers Became a Community (Paperback): Lynda MacGibbon My Vertical Neighborhood - How Strangers Became a Community (Paperback)
Lynda MacGibbon; Foreword by Michael Frost
R351 R297 Discovery Miles 2 970 Save R54 (15%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days

What if our neighbors were our friends? When Lynda MacGibbon moved from a small city in eastern Canada to a high-rise apartment in Toronto, she decided to follow Jesus' famous commandment to "love your neighbor" a bit more literally. In the past, she would have looked first for friends at her new job or her new church. This time, though, she decided to look for friends among the strangers who shared her apartment building-her actual neighbors in her new "vertical neighborhood." In this charming and relatable memoir, MacGibbon tells the story of the community that took shape as neighbors said yes to weekly dinners and a writing group, Christmas morning brunch and even a Bible study. It's a story of the simple, everyday risk of reaching out with love to those around us, and of the beauty and messiness of real human relationships. It's a story of the risks-and rewards-of taking Jesus at his word.

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