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Terror In Countryside - Campesino Responses to Political Violence in Guatemala, 1954-1985 (Paperback, 1): Rachel A. May Terror In Countryside - Campesino Responses to Political Violence in Guatemala, 1954-1985 (Paperback, 1)
Rachel A. May
R582 R495 Discovery Miles 4 950 Save R87 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The key to democratization lies within the experience of the popular movements. Those who engaged in the popular struggle in Guatemala have a deep understanding of substantive democratic behavior, and the experience of Guatemala's civil society should be the cornerstone for building a meaningful formal democracy.
In "Terror in the Countryside" Rachel May offers an in-depth examination of the relationship between political violence and civil society. Focusing on Guatemala, Professor May develops a theoretical scheme that calls into question the more conventional understandings of both violence and civil society.
By elaborating a cyclical model of violence, and suggesting a typology of rural (campesino) popular organizations, Terror in the Countryside provides both a history and an analysis of late-twentieth-century violence and of the role of campesino organizations during the worst years of conflict in Guatemala.
This history details the way ideologies, organizational structures, and mobilization strategies evolved in response to the climate of terror, emphasizing the courage and sacrifice of those who worked for justice and human rights.
This book argues that the peace accords can be considered only as a first step to eliminate a violence that has become deeply rooted in the political life of the country.

Pray & Protect - Practical Ways to Keep Your Churches and Ministries Safe (Paperback, Second Edition): Patrick Sookhdeo Pray & Protect - Practical Ways to Keep Your Churches and Ministries Safe (Paperback, Second Edition)
Patrick Sookhdeo
R347 R323 Discovery Miles 3 230 Save R24 (7%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Lord's Resistance Army - Myth and Reality (Paperback): Tim Allen, Koen Vlassenroot The Lord's Resistance Army - Myth and Reality (Paperback)
Tim Allen, Koen Vlassenroot
R677 Discovery Miles 6 770 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Lord's Resistance Army is Africa's most persistent and notorious 'terrorist' group. Led by the mysterious Joseph Kony, it has committed a series of horrific human rights abuses, including massacres and mutilations. Since the mid 1980s, it has abducted tens of thousands of people, including large numbers of children forced to train as fighters. The IC in 2005 issued warrants for Kony and his top commanders, and the United States is backing a military campaign against the group. But the LRA survives, continuing to inspire both fascination and fear. Authoritative but provocative, The Lord's Resistance Army provides the most comprehensive analysis of the group available. From the roots of the violence to the oppressive responses of the Ugandan government and the failures of the international community, this collection looks at this most brutal of conflicts in fascinating depth, and includes a remarkable first-hand interview with Kony himself.

Understanding Peacekeeping (Hardcover, 2nd Edition): Alex J. Bellamy, Paul D Williams, Stuart Griffin Understanding Peacekeeping (Hardcover, 2nd Edition)
Alex J. Bellamy, Paul D Williams, Stuart Griffin
R1,729 R1,573 Discovery Miles 15 730 Save R156 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Peace operations are now a principal tool for managing armed conflict and building world peace. The fully revised, expanded and updated second edition of "Understanding Peacekeeping "provides a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to the theory, practice and politics of contemporary peace operations.

Drawing on more than twenty-five historical and contemporary case studies, this book evaluates the changing characteristics of the contemporary environment in which peacekeepers operate, what role peace operations play in wider processes of global politics, the growing impact of non-state actors, and the major challenges facing today's peacekeepers. All the chapters have been revised and expanded and eight new chapters have been added.

Part 1 summarizes the central concepts and issues related to peace operations. It includes a new discussion of the theories of peace operations and analysis of the emerging responsibility to protect norm. Part 2 charts the historical development of peacekeeping from 1945 and includes a new chapter on peace operations in the 21st century. In Part 3, separate chapters analyze seven different types of peace operations: preventive deployments; traditional peacekeeping; assisting transition; transitional administrations; wider peacekeeping; peace enforcement; and peace support operations. Part 4 looks forward and examines the central challenges facing today's peacekeepers, namely, globalization, the regionalization of peace operations, the privatization of security, civilian protection, policing and gender issues.

The second edition of "Understanding Peacekeeping "will be essential reading for students and scholars of peace and conflict studies, security studies, and international relations.

Peasants In Arms - War & Peace in the Mountains of Nicaragua, 1979-1994 (Paperback): Lynn Horton Peasants In Arms - War & Peace in the Mountains of Nicaragua, 1979-1994 (Paperback)
Lynn Horton
R800 R670 Discovery Miles 6 700 Save R130 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Drawing on testimonies from contra collaborators and ex-combatants, as well as pro-Sandinista peasants, this book presents a dynamic account of the growing divisions between peasants from the area of Quilali who took up arms in defense of revolutionary programs and ideals such as land reform and equality and those who opposed the FSLN.
"Peasants in Arms" details the role of local elites in organizing the first anti-Sandinista uprising in 1980 and their subsequent rise to positions of field command in the contras. Lynn Horton explores the internal factors that led a majority of peasants to turn against the revolution and the ways in which the military draft, and family and community pressures reinforced conflict and undermined mid-decade FSLN policy shifts that attempted to win back peasant support.

Al-Qa'Ida'S Doctrine for Insurgency - Abd Al-Aziz Al-Muqrin's "A Practical Course for Guerrilla War"... Al-Qa'Ida'S Doctrine for Insurgency - Abd Al-Aziz Al-Muqrin's "A Practical Course for Guerrilla War" (Hardcover)
R958 R680 Discovery Miles 6 800 Save R278 (29%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Osama bin Laden's words carry a great deal of weight in the West. When he speaks, or allegedly speaks, we listen. But what about the words of other key leaders in the Al-Qa'ida terrorist network? We can learn how to conduct the war on terrorism more successfully when we study their own manuals, written for their followers. But few Americans, despite their expertise in intelligence or security, know Arabic. Fortunately Norman Cigar is fluent, and here he presents the first English translation of Abd al-Aziz al-Muqrin's"A Practical Course for Guerrilla War." Saudi security forces killed Al-Muqrin, Al-Qa'ida's leader in the Arabian Peninsula, in June 2004. Published posthumously, his Arabic-language manual provides a window into Al-Qa'ida's strategic thinking and into how these terrorists operate. Accompanying the text's translation is material on Al-Muqrin's life and Cigar's cogent and detailed analysis of the key ideas in the jihadist's doctrine and the results of Al-Qa'ida's insurgency efforts on the Arabian Peninsula. This important work provides a primary source for students in the professional military education system who want to read a variety of military thinkers and develop insights into all war fighting philosophies, especially those emanating from non-Western sources. Academics, think tank analysts, and government officials in the United States and abroad will also find the work relevant to their own work on Al-Qa'ida and insurgency theory. With a foreword by Julian Lewis, MP, the Shadow Defence Minister for Great Britain.

After the Caliphate - The Islamic State & the Future Terrorist Diaspora (Hardcover): Colin P. Clarke After the Caliphate - The Islamic State & the Future Terrorist Diaspora (Hardcover)
Colin P. Clarke
R1,352 R1,236 Discovery Miles 12 360 Save R116 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In 2014, the declaration of the Islamic State caliphate was hailed as a major victory by the global jihadist movement. But it was short-lived. Three years on, the caliphate was destroyed, leaving its surviving fighters - many of whom were foreign recruits - to retreat and scatter across the globe. So what happens now? Is this the beginning of the end of IS? Or can it adapt and regroup after the physical fall of the caliphate? In this timely analysis, terrorism expert Colin P. Clarke takes stock of IS - its roots, its evolution, and its monumental setbacks - to assess the road ahead. The caliphate, he argues, was an anomaly. The future of the global jihadist movement will look very much like its past - with peripatetic and divided groups of militants dispersing to new battlefields, from North Africa to Southeast Asia, where they will join existing civil wars, establish safe havens and sanctuaries, and seek ways of conducting spectacular attacks in the West that inspire new followers. In this fragmented and atomized form, Clarke cautions, IS could become even more dangerous and challenging for counterterrorism forces, as its splinter groups threaten renewed and heightened violence across the globe.

Performance in a Time of Terror - Critical Mimesis and the Age of Uncertainty (Paperback): Jenny Hughes Performance in a Time of Terror - Critical Mimesis and the Age of Uncertainty (Paperback)
Jenny Hughes
R471 R430 Discovery Miles 4 300 Save R41 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Performance in a time of terror offers a thought-provoking investigation of the way performance has given shape and form to wars on terror past and present, as both a tactic of violence and a strategy of resistance. The book focuses on an array of performances created during the 'war on terror' of the first decade of the twenty-first century. Beginning with the spate of carefully rehearsed beheadings carried out by Islamic insurgents in Iraq in 2004, a key proposal is that the radical in performance can be most clearly identified in acts of violence that have obliterated life. Here, the reader is also taken back in time to encounter how performance was employed as part of counterinsurgency operations during the 'war on terrorism' in Northern Ireland (1969-1998). Moving on to explore how theatre-makers and performance activists have used performance to generate habitable worlds for life in times of crisis, Hughes argues for a re-engagement with the conservative in the critical project of art-making. As part of this, original discussions of the resurgence of political theatre on London stages and the proliferation of performative anti-war activism during the war in Iraq (2003-2008), are provided. Also documented are an extraordinary series of theatre productions commissioned by counterterrorism agencies following the suicide attacks in the UK in 2005. Performance in a time of terror will appeal to researchers and students of contemporary theatre and performance, especially those interested in the politics of performance. It will also be of general interest to anyone researching wars on terror and terrorism from an interdisciplinary perspective. -- .

The Sayyid Qutb Reader - Selected Writings on Politics, Religion, and Society (Hardcover): Albert J. Bergesen The Sayyid Qutb Reader - Selected Writings on Politics, Religion, and Society (Hardcover)
Albert J. Bergesen
R3,962 Discovery Miles 39 620 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Anyone who wants to understand what militant Muslims think has to understand what they read-and they read Sayyid Qutb, the intellectual father of Islamic fundamentalism. Qutb, an Egyptian literary critic and philosopher who was appalled by American decadence, gained prominence in the Muslim Brotherhood, was imprisoned by Nasser, and hanged in 1966. Through his death and prolific writings he became a martyr for the cause of political Islam. His work is virtually unknown outside the Muslim world, but Qutb is at the heart of the intellectual rationale for jihad and violence in the name of Islam.

The Sayyid Qutb Reader is the first collection of his selected works available to the general public. As such, this valuable introduction to Qutb's core intellectual ideas should be read by anyone who wants to understand one of the most important conflicts of our age.

America's Covert War In East Africa - Surveillance, Rendition, Assassination (Paperback): Clara Usiskin America's Covert War In East Africa - Surveillance, Rendition, Assassination (Paperback)
Clara Usiskin
R385 R318 Discovery Miles 3 180 Save R67 (17%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Clara Usiskin has spent eight years investigating the 'War on Terror' and its effects in the East and Horn of Africa, documenting hundreds of cases of rendition, secret detention and targeted killings. Her book sets out the historical background to today's covert war, including the early Somali jihads and British repression in colonial Kenya, through to the 1998 US Embassy Bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, and President Clinton's early rendition programme. America's Covert War in East Africa then looks at the US Military's new Africa Command, with its emphasis on counterterrorism, alongside increasing use of targeted killings by security forces in the region, and continued renditions and secret detention. Finally, Usiskin investigates the shorter and longer term consequences of such intensive militarisation, and the proliferation of surveillance and other technologies of control in East Africa and its surrounding waters, focusing in particular on their impact on vulnerable ethnic and religious groups in a highly volatile region.

Leaderless Jihad - Terror Networks in the Twenty-First Century (Hardcover): Marc Sageman Leaderless Jihad - Terror Networks in the Twenty-First Century (Hardcover)
Marc Sageman
R615 R523 Discovery Miles 5 230 Save R92 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In the post-September 11 world, Al Qaeda is no longer the central organizing force that aids or authorizes terrorist attacks or recruits terrorists. It is now more a source of inspiration for terrorist acts carried out by independent local groups that have branded themselves with the Al Qaeda name. Building on his previous groundbreaking work on the Al Qaeda network, forensic psychiatrist Marc Sageman has greatly expanded his research to explain how Islamic terrorism emerges and operates in the twenty-first century. In Leaderless Jihad, Sageman rejects the views that place responsibility for terrorism on society or a flawed, predisposed individual. Instead, he argues, the individual, outside influence, and group dynamics come together in a four-step process through which Muslim youth become radicalized. First, traumatic events either experienced personally or learned about indirectly spark moral outrage. Individuals interpret this outrage through a specific ideology, more felt and understood than based on doctrine. Usually in a chat room or other Internet-based venues, adherents share this moral outrage, which resonates with the personal experiences of others. The outrage is acted on by a group, either online or offline. Leaderless Jihad offers a ray of hope. Drawing on historical analogies, Sageman argues that the zeal of jihadism is self-terminating; eventually its followers will turn away from violence as a means of expressing their discontent. The book concludes with Sageman's recommendations for the application of his research to counterterrorism law enforcement efforts.

Getting Away with Torture - Secret Government, War Crimes, and the Rule of Law (Hardcover): Christopher H. Pyle Getting Away with Torture - Secret Government, War Crimes, and the Rule of Law (Hardcover)
Christopher H. Pyle
R553 R424 Discovery Miles 4 240 Save R129 (23%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

That American forces should torture prisoners in their "war" on terror is disturbing, but more shocking still is that the highest officials of the Bush-Cheney administration planned, authorized, encouraged, and concealed these war crimes. When the Supreme Court ruled that the officials were bound by the Geneva Conventions, a Republican Congress responded by granting amnesty to all responsible, from lowly interrogators to the president, while conservative judges erected a wall of secrecy to protect them even from civil liability. Meanwhile, timid Democrats have shown little stomach for repealing the amnesty law and bringing those responsible to justice. Many Americans, including those who endorsed torture to find"ticking bombs" that never were, are now embarrassed by credible reports of CIA kidnappings for purposes of torture, secret prisons into which prisoners have disappeared without a trace, and rigged tribunals to convict al Qaeda's criminals on evidence obtained by torture. But the problem is not just embarrassment; it is the widespread acceptance of unaccountable, secret government that now threatens to destroy the very foundations of constitutional government. The moral standing of the United States will not be restored, Christopher Pyle argues, until a concerted effort is made to bring our secret government under the rule of law.

Ideas as Weapons - Influence and Perception in Modern Warfare (Hardcover): G.J. David, T.R. Mckeldin Ideas as Weapons - Influence and Perception in Modern Warfare (Hardcover)
G.J. David, T.R. Mckeldin
R1,038 R737 Discovery Miles 7 370 Save R301 (29%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The United States has struggled to define its approach to what has been called the "information battlefield" since the information era began. Yet with the outbreak of the war on terror, the United States has been violently challenged to take a position and react to the militants' use of emerging information technology. Ideological demigods operating against the United States now have unprecedented channels by which to disseminate their message to those targets who are uncertain, sympathetic, or actively supportive of their philosophy. From the caves of southeastern Afghanistan to the streets of Baghdad, "the message" has dominated the thinking of those who perpetrate horrific acts of violence, whether in the name of ideology, ethnic and sectarian partisanship, or religion.This anthology is divided into four sections: geopolitical, strategic, operational, and tactical. The geopolitical perspective covers world politics, diplomacy, and the elements of national power, excluding military force. The strategic view examines where the violence has begun and the military element of power. The operational perspective handles the campaigns to accomplish a specific purpose on the world stage-for example, as in the Iraq campaign. The tactical level takes the individual's role into account. Because the nexus of information conflict is most easily seen in the world's contemporary violent confrontations, this anthology reflects the experience and lessons learned by military personnel who have managed these difficult issues. With a foreword by Brigadier General H. R. McMaster, U.S. Army, the author of "Dereliction of Duty: Johnson, McNamara, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Lies That Led to Vietnam."

Looking For Lockerbie (Hardcover): Lawrence Mason Looking For Lockerbie (Hardcover)
Lawrence Mason
R1,124 R884 Discovery Miles 8 840 Save R240 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

For most people, the words 'Lockerbie, Scotland' evoke one image: the iconic photograph of a battered nose cone of the Pam Am Flight103 jumbo jet surrounded by bodies, investigators, and debris on a lonely hillside. For the members of the Syracuse University community, that photography also represents the loss of 35 students, who were returning home from a semester spent studying abroad. Those students became part of the 270 lives lost in the Pan Am 103 Air Disaster on December 21, 1988, a tragedy that remained the deadliest terror attack on U.S. citizens until 9/11. Two Syracuse University professors and a group of student writers and photographers set out to expand the world's understanding of that town. Lockerbie and its residents charmed them with their generosity, their history, and their lives. So much so, they wanted to tell the world about this place and redefine it beyond the events of one fateful day.Over the course of 12 years and multiple trips, photography professor Larry Mason Jr. and magazine professor Melissa Chessher brought more than 50 students to capture this town in images and words. Through stunning photography and personal vignettes, ""Looking for Lockerbie"" introduces the world to some of Lockerbie's most engaging personalities and places: the last milk delivery man; its boy racers; the cheese factory; a local model; the high school and one of the area's few remaining rural schools; a Tibetan Buddhist monastery; a Burns supper; the town's annual gala; and many of the castles, ancient-stone sites, and Roman landmarks that make this borderland historically significant. The book celebrates the connection between a 'wee' town and an American university forged from the grief and sorrow of one horrific air disaster.

Global Alert - The Rationality of Modern Islamist Terrorism and the Challenge to the Liberal Democratic World (Hardcover): Boaz... Global Alert - The Rationality of Modern Islamist Terrorism and the Challenge to the Liberal Democratic World (Hardcover)
Boaz Ganor
R887 R684 Discovery Miles 6 840 Save R203 (23%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Many associate terrorism with irrational behavior and believe only lunatics could perpetuate such horrific acts. Global Alert debunks this myth by anatomizing the rationale behind modern terrorism. It draws a distinct picture of its root and instrumental causes and plots the different stages of a terrorist attack, from indoctrination and recruitment to planning, preparation, and launch. Global Alert also exposes the measured exploitation of democratic institutions by terrorists to further their goals. Despite its strong capabilities and extensive resources, the modern liberal-democratic state is nevertheless subject to the rules of war, which partially restrict the state's ability to operate and maneuver. Boaz Ganor shows how terrorist organizations exploit these values to paralyze or neutralize the states they oppose. In outlining this new "hybrid" terrorist organization and its activity in both the military-terrorist arena and the political-welfare arena, Ganor advances an international doctrine for governing military operations between state and nonstate actors as part of a new type of armed conflict termed "multidimensional warfare."

Bioterrorism Reader (Hardcover): Arthur P. Rogers Bioterrorism Reader (Hardcover)
Arthur P. Rogers
R1,836 R1,340 Discovery Miles 13 400 Save R496 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The anthrax murders in the US and discoveries of biological weapon plans in Africa served as a wake-up call (too late as usual) that biological weapons might actually be a weapon of mass destruction. Their small size but highly deadly nature adds to the fear factor. The reality of this potential danger to the US population found both the federal government as well as state government clueless. This new book presents analyses of the actions planned or already carried out in the battle against the threat of bioterrorism, and offers frank analyses of our current state of preparedness or lack thereof.

Frontline Policing in the 21st Century - Mastery of Police Patrol (Paperback, 1st ed. 2017): Sheldon F. Greenberg Frontline Policing in the 21st Century - Mastery of Police Patrol (Paperback, 1st ed. 2017)
Sheldon F. Greenberg
R1,480 R1,260 Discovery Miles 12 600 Save R220 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book provides the "how to's" of police patrol, focusing on how officers on the front line perform their duties (covering both skills and techniques), meet day-to-day challenges, and manage the tasks and risks associated with modern police patrol. Drawing on theory, research, and the experience of numerous practitioners, it provides practical daily checklists and guidance for delivering primary police services: * Conducting mobile and foot patrols * Completing a preliminary investigation * Canvassing a neighborhood * Developing street contacts * Building and sustaining trust * Delivering death notifications, and more. It features interviews with frontline officers, as well as both police chiefs and supervisors to examine the role of police officers in the 21st century and their partnership with, and accountability to, the communities they serve. In addition, this book explores how modern policing has evolved by examining the research, innovation, tradition, and technology upon which it is based. It provides new perspectives and ideas as well as basic knowledge of daily practices, offering value to new and experienced police and security personnel alike; students in criminal justice, law and public safety; community leaders; and others involved in advancing police operations and community well-being.

Scapegoats of September 11th - Hate Crimes & State Crimes in the War on Terror (Paperback): Michael R. Welch Scapegoats of September 11th - Hate Crimes & State Crimes in the War on Terror (Paperback)
Michael R. Welch
R729 Discovery Miles 7 290 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"Welch does a meticulous job of breaking through a rather terrifying period of national denial and gets real about transforming violence into genuine social safety."-Harold Pepinsky, professor of criminal justice, Indiana University, Bloomington "Michael Welch argues convincingly that the Bush administration's response to 9/11 was an extension of racialized patterns of fear mobilizing and scapegoating that have deformed American democracy long before that terrible day."-Jonathan Simon, associate dean for jurisprudence and social policy and professor of law, School of Law, University of California, Berkeley From its largest cities to deep within its heartland, from its heavily trafficked airways to its meandering country byways, America has become a nation racked by anxiety about terrorism and national security. In response to the fears prompted by the tragedy of September 11th, the country has changed in countless ways. Airline security has tightened, mail service is closely examined, and restrictions on civil liberties are more readily imposed by the government and accepted by a wary public. The altered American landscape, however, includes more than security measures and ID cards. The country's desperate quest for security is visible in many less obvious, yet more insidious ways. In Scapegoats of September 11th, criminologist Michael Welch argues that the "war on terror" is a political charade that delivers illusory comfort, stokes fear, and produces scapegoats used as emotional relief. Regrettably, much of the outrage that resulted from September 11th has been targeted at those not involved in the attacks on the Pentagon or the Twin Towers. As this book explains, those people have become the scapegoats of September 11th. Welch takes on the uneasy task of sorting out the various manifestations of displaced aggression, most notably the hate crimes and state crimes that have become embarrassing hallmarks both at home and abroad. Michael Welch is a professor of criminal justice at Rutgers University.

Terrorism - Law and Policy (Paperback): David Lowe Terrorism - Law and Policy (Paperback)
David Lowe
R906 Discovery Miles 9 060 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Terrorism: Law and Policy provides a comprehensive socio-legal analysis of issues related to terrorist activity. Aimed at both undergraduate and postgraduate students, the book takes a comparative approach to the law related to terrorism in a number of states, mainly those in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Beginning with an examination of the background to various currently active terrorist groups, the book focuses on those groups which are currently active and which pose a threat to security, especially at the international level. The chapters take the reader through the legal definitions of terrorism contained in various states' statutory provisions and examine how the courts have interpreted terrorism in those states' jurisdictions. The main aim of any terrorist investigation is prevention and so the book examines the various statutory preventative measures that states have introduced and explores the legal issues surrounding surveillance, terrorism intelligence exchange, radicalisation, use of social media, quasi-criminal provisions, asset-freezing and the nexus between terrorist activity and organised crime. Bringing together a number of themes related to terrorism and security from a uniquely legal perspective, this book builds a comparative picture of the legal counter-terrorism interventions states are adopting to increase co-operation and adopt a more united approach in the face of the international terrorism threat.

Bluster - Donald Trump's War on Terror (Hardcover): Peter R. Neumann Bluster - Donald Trump's War on Terror (Hardcover)
Peter R. Neumann
R516 R416 Discovery Miles 4 160 Save R100 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
African Counterterrorism Cooperation - Assessing Regional and Subregional Initiatives (Hardcover): Andre Le Sage African Counterterrorism Cooperation - Assessing Regional and Subregional Initiatives (Hardcover)
Andre Le Sage
R827 R596 Discovery Miles 5 960 Save R231 (28%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Africa is a continent of growing strategic importance in the global war on terrorism. Over the past decade, it has seen a significant number of terrorist attacks and operations, both north and south of the Sahara. Many of these attacks have been led by, coordinated with, or purported to be in support of al Qaeda, but others have been launched by African organizations without significant external support.African Counterterrorism Cooperation provides an overview of terrorist threats in each African economic region and examines terrorism and counterterrorism efforts on the continent as a whole. Drawn largely from papers presented by distinguished experts at a recent conference sponsored by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies at the National Defense University in Washington, DC, this volume comprises chapters on terrorism threats and vulnerabilities in Africa, the roles of the African Union and the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development, counterterrorism measures in East Africa, terrorism threats and responses in the Southern African Development Community Region, and counterterrorism initiatives in the Economic Community of West African States. The final chapter offers an overview of U.S. support for African counterterrorism efforts. Edited by Dr. Andre Le Sage and with a foreword by Gen. Carlton W. Fulford, Jr., USMC (ret.), it is copublished with National Defense University Press.

After Terror - Promoting Dialogue Among Civilizations (Paperback): Akbar S. Ahmed, Brian Forst After Terror - Promoting Dialogue Among Civilizations (Paperback)
Akbar S. Ahmed, Brian Forst
R412 Discovery Miles 4 120 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

After Terror presents sustained reflections by some of the world's most celebrated thinkers on the most pressing question of our time: how can we find ways to defuse the ticking bombs of terrorism and excessive interventions against it? It offers an antidote to the fatalistic global holy war perspective that afflicts much contemporary thought, focusing instead on the principles, issues, and acts needed to shift course from alienation and conflict to a path of sanity and goodwill among cultures and civilizations.
The central aim of the book is to advance contemporary thinking on the causes and implications of 9/11 and thus provide the essential elements of a blueprint for humanity. It features 28 original essays by some of the world's leading public figures, scholars, and religious leaders, including Benjamin Barber, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jean Bethke Elshtain, Amitai Etzioni, Bernard Lewis, Martin Marty, Queen Noor, Joseph Nye, Judea Pearl, Jonathan Sacks, Ravi Shankar, Bishop Desmond Tutu, E.O. Wilson and James D. Wolfensohn.
After Terror attests to the power of dialogue and mutual understanding and the possibility of tolerance, respect, cooperation, and commitment. Without ignoring the dangers of the modern world, it points to a future in which people can celebrate both the fundamental sentiments and interests that we share and the diversities that make us human.

Defense Against Biological Attacks - Volume I (Hardcover, 1st Ed. 2019): Sunit K Singh, Jens H Kuhn Defense Against Biological Attacks - Volume I (Hardcover, 1st Ed. 2019)
Sunit K Singh, Jens H Kuhn
R4,027 R3,513 Discovery Miles 35 130 Save R514 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This first volume of a two-volume set describes general aspects, such as the historical view on the topic, the role of information distribution and preparedness of health-care systems and preparedness in emergency cases. Part two describes and discusseses in detail the pathogens and toxins that are potentially used for biological attacks. As such, the book is a valuable resource for faculties engaged in molecular biology, genetic engineering, neurology, biodefense, biosafety & biosecurity, virology, and infectious disease programs, as well as professional medical research organizations.

The Exile - The Flight of Osama bin Laden (Hardcover): Adrian Levy, Catherine Scott-Clark The Exile - The Flight of Osama bin Laden (Hardcover)
Adrian Levy, Catherine Scott-Clark 1
R742 R580 Discovery Miles 5 800 Save R162 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The extraordinary inside story of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda in the years after 9/11. Following the attacks on the Twin Towers, Osama bin Laden, the most wanted man in the world, eluded intelligence services and Special Forces units for almost a decade. Using remarkable, first-person testimony from bin Laden's family and closest aides, The Exile chronicles this astonishing tale of evasion, collusion and isolation. In intimate detail, The Exile reveals not only the frantic attack on Afghanistan by the United States in their hunt for bin Laden but also how and why, when they found his family soon after, the Bush administration rejected the chance to seize them. It charts the formation of ISIS, and uncovers the wasted opportunity to kill its Al Qaeda-sponsored founder; it explores the development of the CIA's torture programme; it details Iran's secret shelter for bin Laden's family and Al Qaeda's military council; and it captures the power struggles, paranoia and claustrophobia within the Abbottabad house prior to the raid. A landmark work of investigation and reportage, The Exile is as authoritative as it is compelling, and essential reading for anyone concerned with history, security and future relations with the Islamic world.

Undoing Saddam - From Occupation to Sovereignty in Northern Iraq (Hardcover): Wayne H Bowen Undoing Saddam - From Occupation to Sovereignty in Northern Iraq (Hardcover)
Wayne H Bowen
R483 R371 Discovery Miles 3 710 Save R112 (23%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"Undoing Saddam" tells the story of northern Iraq during the transition from U.S. occupation to local sovereignty. During 2004, U.S. and Iraqi government forces faced numerous challenges: insurrection, reconstruction, the creation of a new government, and how to portray the nation, its people, and the governments' actions accurately. Wayne H. Bowen was a U.S. Army Reserve civil affairs officer in charge of higher education and antiquities in the provinces of Nineveh, Dohuk, and Erbil, where he played a critical role in promoting peace and stability. He managed reconstruction projects, served as a key intermediary between Iraqi educational leaders and U.S. forces, and assisted in the search for weapons of mass destruction."Undoing Saddam" goes beyond the attacks and violence to detail the day-to-day problems of rebuilding a nation, including constructing schools, digging wells, completing roads, and building new power plants. Bowen also examines functioning village, city, and provincial councils as they endeavor to practice democracy. Based on Bowen's diary, this book presents the daily fight to build a new Iraq despite terrorist attacks, ethnic conflict, and missteps by the Coalition Provisional Authority and U.S. forces. "Undoing Saddam" will be of interest to everyone interested in the Iraqi occupation and reconstruction efforts.

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Hannelie Groenewald Paperback R230 R198 Discovery Miles 1 980
Robert McBride - The Struggle Continues
Bryan Rostron Paperback R290 R249 Discovery Miles 2 490
Wit Terroriste - Afrikaner-Saboteurs in…
Albert Blake Paperback R300 R258 Discovery Miles 2 580