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Techniques of Tape Reading (Hardcover, Ed): Vadym Graifer, Chris Schumacher Techniques of Tape Reading (Hardcover, Ed)
Vadym Graifer, Chris Schumacher
R1,252 R952 Discovery Miles 9 520 Save R300 (24%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

How to use tradings most time-honored technique to reap profits in todays fastmoving, point-and-click markets

Tape reading is among the oldest and most successful methods of technical analysis.

Techniques of Tape Reading shows traders how to incorporate the best aspects of tape reading into a modern trading plan, by understanding the correlation between volume and price and simply trading off what a stocks price movement is telling them to do.

A practical, how-to guide for using tape reading to improve trading decisions in todays screen trading environment, Techniques of Tape Reading discusses:

  • Profitable use of tape reading in both swing and day trading
  • How the best traders condition their minds and mind-sets
  • Tape reading techniques for up, down, and nontrending markets

The Financial Times Guide to Investment Trusts - Unlocking the City's Best Kept Secret (Paperback, 2nd Edition): John Baron The Financial Times Guide to Investment Trusts - Unlocking the City's Best Kept Secret (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
John Baron
R360 R304 Discovery Miles 3 040 Save R56 (16%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Making your capital work hard has never been more important than it is today. Investment trusts, often over looked as an investing vehicle, are a key tool in getting better returns on your money.

The Financial Times Guide to Investment Trusts is your concise and jargon free introduction to one of the City’s best kept secrets. It explains how investment trusts differ from unit trusts and OEICs and explores the pros and cons of investment trusts including their superior performance. It also helps you identify your investment objectives, discusses the basic principles of successful investing, and how to run a trust portfolio.

Whether you are a novice DIY investor or have many years’ experience and wish to question the experts; the FT Guide to Investment Trusts:

  • Provides a detailed overview of what investment trusts are and how they differ from other funds
  • Examines the factors which help to explain the better performance of trusts – including cheaper fees, discounts and gearing
  • Analyses the stepping stones to successful investing
  • Shows you how to construct and monitor a trust portfolio
  • Highlights the workings of two live and benchmarked portfolios which John has been sharing with Investor Chronicle readers over the years.
Financial Markets Operations Management (Hardcover): Keith Dickinson Financial Markets Operations Management (Hardcover)
Keith Dickinson
R1,548 R1,411 Discovery Miles 14 110 Save R137 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A comprehensive text on financial market operations management Financial Market Operations Management offers anyone involved with administering, maintaining, and improving the IT systems within financial institutions a comprehensive text that covers all the essential information for managing operations. Written by Keith Dickinson an expert on the topic the book is comprehensive, practical, and covers the five essential areas of operations and management including participation and infrastructure, trade life cycle, asset servicing, technology, and the regulatory environment. This comprehensive guide also covers the limitations and boundaries of operational systems and focuses on their interaction with external parties including clients, counterparties, exchanges, and more. This essential resource reviews the key aspects of operations management in detail, including an examination of the entire trade life cycle, new issue distribution of bonds and equities, securities financing, as well as corporate actions, accounting, and reconciliations. The author highlights specific operational processes and challenges and includes vital formulae, spreadsheet applications, and exhibits. * Offers a comprehensive resource for operational staff in financial services * Covers the key aspects of operations management * Highlights operational processes and challenges * Includes an instructors manual, a test bank, and a solution manual This vital resource contains the information, processes, and illustrative examples needed for a clear understanding of financial market operations.

The Trustee Governance Guide - The Five Imperatives of 21st Century Investing (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Christopher K. Merker,... The Trustee Governance Guide - The Five Imperatives of 21st Century Investing (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Christopher K. Merker, Sarah W. Peck
R643 R570 Discovery Miles 5 700 Save R73 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

More than 80% of the financial assets in the United States fall under the purview of a trustee. That's a big responsibility for an estimated 1% (around 1.5 million people) of the U.S. working population charged with overseeing investments for millions and millions of beneficiaries, public sector, and non-profit organizations. In a world proliferated by investment products, increasingly dominated by indexes, faced-particularly in the pension world-with increasing liabilities, more regulation, and a growing number of social and sustainability objectives, what's a trustee to do? The Trustee Governance Guide is here to help guide today's board trustee through the brave new world of 21st century investing. The book focuses on the critical aspects of the Five Imperatives: Governance, Knowledge, Diversification, Discipline, and Impact. Based on more than a decade of research, practice, and discussions with many key decision makers and influencers across the industry, this book addresses the many topics related to better governance, greater mission-driven financial performance, and impact. The questions the book addresses include: * What is good governance, how do we know it when we see it, and why does it matter? * How much knowledge is necessary to be a competent board member? * How big should my endowment be? * What are the key elements of a diversified portfolio? * How much does cost matter? * What's the difference between socially responsible and ESG investing? * Can I focus on sustainability and still be a good fiduciary? This book provides a way for boards to improve and benchmark their own governance performance alongside their peers, and uniquely covers related investment topics in each chapter.

The Market Maker's Edge:  A Wall Street Insider Reveals How to:  Time Entry and Exit Points for Minimum Risk, Maximum... The Market Maker's Edge: A Wall Street Insider Reveals How to: Time Entry and Exit Points for Minimum Risk, Maximum Profit; Combine Fundamental and Technical Analysis; Control Your Trading Environment Every Day, Every Trade (Paperback, New ed)
Josh Lukeman
R451 R367 Discovery Miles 3 670 Save R84 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book will let you see the little-known but effective trading tactics and methods of todays top market makers.--Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities

Active traders must get inside the head of the all-important market maker--The Ax--before they can begin to truly compete.

The Market Makers Edge, written by longtime ax Josh Lukeman, is the first inside look at how axes think, what they look for, and, most important, how they can be beat.

Risk Management in Emerging Markets (Hardcover, 2005 ed.): S. Motamen-Samadian Risk Management in Emerging Markets (Hardcover, 2005 ed.)
S. Motamen-Samadian
R2,576 Discovery Miles 25 760 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book provides a thorough analysis of risk management in emerging markets. A collection of eight studies, each chapter examines the range of risks that investors face in an emerging market, and the methods that should be used to manage these risks. It includes the latest empirical studies on the role of insider trading and the extent of information efficiency of these markets, and a comprehensive assessment of the suitability of the Value at Risk models to emerging markets.

Seven Indicators That Move Markets: Forecasting Future Market Movements for Profitable Investments (Hardcover, Ed): Paul... Seven Indicators That Move Markets: Forecasting Future Market Movements for Profitable Investments (Hardcover, Ed)
Paul Kasriel, Keith Schap
R644 R509 Discovery Miles 5 090 Save R135 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

How to understand­­and profit from­­reliable and easy-to-use indicators that are often overlooked by the popular press

Seven Indicators That Move Markets reveals easy-to-use indicators that have been shown to actually forecast where the financial markets are going next. These indicators, widely available in daily newspapers and on the Internet, provide continuously updated figures and data that describe what market users are thinking today­­and where the markets could be headed tomorrow.

This timely book shows savvy investors where and when to look for these market indicators, how to use them to structure investment strategies, and which asset allocations work best for specific market conditions. It contains hands-on techniques for:

  • Filtering fact from rumor in the financial press
  • Understanding relationships between indicators and investment choices
  • Evaluating market data in relation to Fed policy

The Intelligent Investor - The Classic Text on Value Investing (Deckle Edged) (Hardcover, New edition): Benjamin Graham The Intelligent Investor - The Classic Text on Value Investing (Deckle Edged) (Hardcover, New edition)
Benjamin Graham
R662 R521 Discovery Miles 5 210 Save R141 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days


Benjamin Graham's classic best seller on value investing has taught and inspired hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. This reissue of pure unadulterated 1949 text by Graham offers the investing principles as he originally laid them out - principles that continue to stand more than half a century since the book was published.

Time and market developments have proven the wisdom of Graham's basic strategies, and in today's volatile market, this is the most important book you will ever read on the making of the right decisions to protect your investments and make them a success.

Commodity Markets and the Global Economy (Paperback): Blake C. Clayton Commodity Markets and the Global Economy (Paperback)
Blake C. Clayton
R586 Discovery Miles 5 860 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In an era defined by financial upheaval, few parts of the economy have witnessed the kind of volatility seen in commodities markets. In this book, Blake Clayton, a Wall Street analyst and adjunct fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, draws on the latest thinking from academia and the private sector to deliver a clear-eyed analysis of pressing questions at the intersection of commodity markets, natural resource economics, and public policy. The result is a work that challenges the conventional wisdom about how these markets function and provides a fresh perspective on what public policy can do to improve them.

Your Retirement Salary - How to use your lifetime of pension savings to pay yourself an income in your retirement (Paperback):... Your Retirement Salary - How to use your lifetime of pension savings to pay yourself an income in your retirement (Paperback)
Richard Dyson
R388 R277 Discovery Miles 2 770 Save R111 (29%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

You have spent a few decades working, earning a salary from your employers, and saving into company and personal pensions along the way. Now, retirement is approaching. How will you turn your savings into a salary to pay for essentials and leisure time in retirement? How will you make sure that you don't run out of money too soon? What do the UK pension freedoms mean for you? In this one-of-a-kind book, personal finance experts Richard Dyson and Richard Evans answer these questions and equip you with everything you need to know to turn your pension savings into an income that will last throughout your retirement. You will learn: -- How to take control of your pension savings by tracking down all of your pension pots and combining them. -- When you can afford to retire. -- Steps to take to avoid running out of money. -- How to build an income-paying portfolio of fund investments from scratch. -- How to withdraw a sustainable income from your portfolio. -- How annuities work and whether they have a role for you. -- How to make the most of the tax rules. -- The contribution made by the State Pension. -- When to seek professional advice.

Frontier Investor - How to Prosper in the Next Emerging Markets (Hardcover): Marko Dimitrijevic Frontier Investor - How to Prosper in the Next Emerging Markets (Hardcover)
Marko Dimitrijevic; As told to Timothy Mistele
R819 R644 Discovery Miles 6 440 Save R175 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Where are the next decade's greatest investment opportunities? Veteran investor Marko Dimitrijevic argues that they can be found in frontier markets, which account for seventy-one of the world's seventy-five fastest-growing economies and 19 percent of the world's GDP. Yet many investors ignore them. Fueled by new access to technology and information, frontier markets are emerging even faster than their predecessors, making them an essential component of a globally diversified portfolio. In Frontier Investor, Dimitrijevic shows through colorful case studies, compelling charts, and fascinating travel anecdotes that it is not only possible but prudent to invest in these unfamiliar and undervalued options. Dimitrijevic explains how frontier markets such as Nigeria, Panama, and Bangladesh are poised to follow the similar paths of Chinese, Indian, and Russian markets, which were considered exotic two decades ago. He details a strategy for how and where to invest, directly or indirectly, to profit from frontier growth. Dimitrijevic covers the risks, political and otherwise, of these markets, the megatrends that promise exciting investment opportunities in the coming years, and the prospects for countries beyond the frontier, including Myanmar, Cuba, and even Iran. Rich with experience and insight, Frontier Investor opens up a whole new world-and worldview-to investors.

All About Futures: The Easy Way to Get Started (Paperback, 2nd edition): Russell Wasendorf All About Futures: The Easy Way to Get Started (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Russell Wasendorf
R449 R366 Discovery Miles 3 660 Save R83 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Since 1992’s first edition of this bestselling book, the futures market has changed incredibly—Internet access and electronic trading dominate the market, options have grown in importance, and a greater number of futures markets exist worldwide. All About Futures, Second Edition, covers all the updated basics of futures trading for the beginner, and illustrates trading strategies from the simple to the complex for experienced traders who need to brush up on their skills.

An integral element in McGraw-Hill’s All About series, this completely revised and updated book discusses:

*Detailed Internet strategies for effective
electronic trading

*Basic approaches to technical analysis
and anticipating price direction

*Insights on working with a broker and
developing a trading strategy

Fundamentals of Options Market (Paperback, Ed): Michael Williams, Amy Hoffman Fundamentals of Options Market (Paperback, Ed)
Michael Williams, Amy Hoffman
R922 R718 Discovery Miles 7 180 Save R204 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Options are an investment vehicle that can enhance virtually any investment philosophy. Fundamentals of the Options Market provides a clear, concise picture of this global marketplace. Using examples drawn from
contemporary financial news, this completely accessible guidebook describes why and how these versatile tools can be used to hedge risk and enhance return, while explaining popular products including listed stock options, index options, and LEAPS.

Tips, Tricks, Foreclosures, and Flips of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor (Paperback): Aaron Adams Tips, Tricks, Foreclosures, and Flips of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor (Paperback)
Aaron Adams
R495 R398 Discovery Miles 3 980 Save R97 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Want to cash in on real estate investing? A millionaire tells you how. Tips, Tricks, Foreclosures, & Flips of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor features ideas and techniques from millionaire real estate investor, Aaron Adams. Inside, he details the strategies he's repeatedly used to make money--and shows you how to do the same. Incorporating advice from Adams's mentors and experienced investors who taught him the pros and cons of investing, he details how he learned to pick an individualized strategy based on where he was living. . . so that you can do the same. - Harness the techniques that have made Aaron Adams millions - Discover insiders' tips on real estate investment - Implement proven strategies with cash rewards - Get started right away with confidence For those with real estate investing experience, this book offers new ways to use old ideas in the contemporary market--backed by Adams's experience purchasing hundreds of properties over the years.

So You Want to Start a Hedge Fund - Lessons for Managers and Allocators (Hardcover): Ted Seides So You Want to Start a Hedge Fund - Lessons for Managers and Allocators (Hardcover)
Ted Seides
R686 R487 Discovery Miles 4 870 Save R199 (29%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Helpful, Accessible Guidance for Budding Hedge Funds So You Want to Start a Hedge Fund provides critical lessons and thoughtful insights to those trying to decipher the industry, as well as those seeking to invest in the next generation of high performers. This book foregoes the sensational, headline-grabbing stories about the few billionaire hedge fund managers to reach the top of the field. Instead, it focuses on the much more common travails of start-ups and small investment firms. The successes and failures of a talented group of competitive managers all highly educated and well trained show what it takes for managers and allocators to succeed. These accounts include lessons on funding, team development, strategy, performance, and allocation. The hedge fund industry is concentrated in the largest funds, and the big funds are getting bigger. In time, some of these funds will not survive their founders and large sums will get reallocated to a broader selection of different managers. This practical guide outlines the allocation process for fledgling funds, and demonstrates how allocators can avoid pitfalls in their investments. So You Want to Start a Hedge Fund also shows how to: * Develop a sound strategy and raise the money you need * Gain a real-world perspective about how allocators think and act * Structure your team and investment process for success * Recognize the patterns of successful start-ups The industry is approaching a significant crossroads. Aggregate growth is slowing and competition is shifting away from industry-wide growth, at the expense of traditional asset classes, to market share capture within the industry. So You Want to Start a Hedge Fund provides guidance for the little funds the potential future leaders of the industry.

Mind Over Markets - Power Trading with Market Generated Information, Updated Edition (Hardcover, 2 Revised Edition): James F... Mind Over Markets - Power Trading with Market Generated Information, Updated Edition (Hardcover, 2 Revised Edition)
James F Dalton, Eric T. Jones, Robert B. Dalton
R1,375 R1,038 Discovery Miles 10 380 Save R337 (25%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A timely update to "the" book on using the Market Profile method to trade

Emerging over twenty years ago, Market Profile analysis continues to realize a strong following among active traders. The approach explains the underlying dynamics and structure of markets, identifies value areas, price rejection points, and measures the strength of buyers and sellers. Unlike more conventional forms of technical analysis, Market Profile is an all-encompassing approach, and "Mind Over Markets, Updated Edition" provides traders with a solid understanding of it.

Since the first edition of "Mind Over Markets"--considered the best book on applying Market Profile analysis to trading--was published over a decade ago, much has changed in the worlds of finance and investing. That's why James Dalton, a pioneer in the popularization of Market Profile, has returned with a new edition of this essential guide. Written to reflect today's dynamic market conditions, "Mind Over Markets, Updated Edition" clearly puts this unique method of interpreting market behavior and identifying trading/investment opportunities in perspective.Includes new chapters on Market Profile-based trading strategies, using Market Profile in connection with other market indicators, and much moreExplains how the Market Profile approach has evolved over the past twenty-five years and how it is used by contemporary tradersWritten by a leading educator and authority on the Market Profile

One of the key elements that has long separated successful traders from the rest is their intuitive understanding that time regulates all financial opportunities. The ability to record price information according to time has unleashed huge amounts of useful market information. "Mind Over Markets, Updated Edition" will show you how to profitably put this information to work for you.

The Value of Arts for Business (Hardcover): Giovanni Schiuma The Value of Arts for Business (Hardcover)
Giovanni Schiuma
R1,920 R1,786 Discovery Miles 17 860 Save R134 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The traditional view of the relationship between business and the arts is very much a one-way affair: organisations may endorse, fund or publicise the arts but the arts have nothing to offer from a business perspective. The Value of Arts for Business challenges this view by showing how the arts, in the form of Arts-based Initiatives (ABIs), can be used to enhance value-creation capacity and boost business performance. The book introduces and explains three models that show how organisations can successfully implement and manage ABIs. Firstly, the Arts Value Matrix enables managers to see how organisational value-drivers are affected by ABIs. Secondly, the Arts Benefits Constellation shows how to assess the benefits of using ABIs. Finally, the Arts Value Map shows how ABIs can be integrated and aligned with organisational strategy and operations. These models lay the foundations for a new research area exploring the links between arts and business.

How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange - A Guaranteed Income for Life (Hardcover): Courtney Smith How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange - A Guaranteed Income for Life (Hardcover)
Courtney Smith
R1,359 R1,086 Discovery Miles 10 860 Save R273 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Solid Forex strategies for capturing profits in today's volatile markets

"How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange" puts the world of Forex at your fingertips. Author Courtney Smith begins with an introduction to the Forex market-what it is and how it works. He then delves into six moneymaking techniques for trading Forex, including his unique Rejection Rule that doubles the profit of basic channel breakout systems. In addition to two specific methods for exiting positions at critical levels, Smith also discusses powerful risk management techniques and successful trading psychology strategies that will keep you one step ahead of the game.Reveals the secrets of the Forex market and how to create a lifetime of income trading itOffers advice on maximizing profits during the volatile swings that have increasingly become the normOther titles by Smith: "Option Strategies, Third Edition, Seasonal Charts For Futures Traders, Commodity Spreads, " and "Profits Through Seasonal Trading"

Make more from today's Forex market with "How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange."

The Credit Risk of Complex Derivatives (Hardcover, 3rd ed. 2004): E Banks The Credit Risk of Complex Derivatives (Hardcover, 3rd ed. 2004)
E Banks
R4,623 Discovery Miles 46 230 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Since the publication of the 2nd edition of The Credit Risk of Complex Derivatives in 1997, the world of derivatives has gone through a period of dramatic change in the external operating environment, product and market characteristic and risk management techniques. In the light of these changes, the text has been substantially reorganized, updated and expanded. Several new chapters have been added including: derivative losses risk governance and risk management efforts regulatory initiatives and advances credit risk portfolio models Aimed at clients, intermediaries and regulators, this new edition will be focussed clearly on risk education, risk management and risk disclosure in order to make participation in derivatives more secure, transparent, efficient and beneficial. MARKET 1: Senior Managers; Risk Managers; Compliance Managers; Consultants; Trading and Sales Staff; Quantitative Analysts; Credit Analysts; Regulators MARKET 2: MBA courses

Tools And Tactics For The Master Day Trader (Hardcover, Ed): Oliver Velez, Greg Capra Tools And Tactics For The Master Day Trader (Hardcover, Ed)
Oliver Velez, Greg Capra
R1,123 R866 Discovery Miles 8 660 Save R257 (23%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Over 30,000 online investors daily flock to pristine.com, the top-rated Website run by day trading legends Oliver Velez and Greg Capra, for up-to-the-minute strategies and market commentaries. In Tools and Tactics for the Master Day Trader, Velez and Capra revisit and completely update over 100 of their daily commentaries from the past four years, with new material explaining what worked, what didnt, and why.

This no-nonsense, easy read, meant to be referenced by traders every trading day, covers everything from potent trading strategies to intuitive insights on psychology and discipline. Proving once again that the best teacher is experience, Tools and Tactics for the Master Day Trader will help any trader log on with the technical skills, market knowledge, and confidence they need to capture more winning trades, and reap new profits.

John Neff on Investing (Hardcover, Revised): John Neff John Neff on Investing (Hardcover, Revised)
John Neff
R622 R434 Discovery Miles 4 340 Save R188 (30%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Praise for JOHN NEFF on investing

"This book offers important insights into the methods and long-term rewards of ‘value’ investing. The serious investor will not want to miss this clear exposition of the successful Neff technique."–BURTON G. MALKIEL, Author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street

"A must read for anyone who is serious about investing."–JOHN REED, Chairman and Co-CEO, Citigroup Inc.

During his thirty-one years as portfolio manager of Vanguard’s Windsor and Gemini Funds, John Neff beat the market twenty-two times while posting a fifty-seven-fold increase in an initial stake–making Windsor the largest mutual fund in the United States in the process.

Now, the "investor’s investor" is ready to share the strategies that earned him international recognition. He delineates, for the first time, the principles of his phenomenally successful low p/e approach to investing, and describes the strategies, techniques, and decisions that earned him a place alongside Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch in the pantheon of modern investment wizards. Packed with advice, guidance, and invaluable lessons in investing, John Neff on Investing reveals for the first time the long-heralded investment strategies of a Wall Street genius.

Invest Like a Guru - How to Generate Higher Returns At Reduced Risk With Value Investing (Hardcover): Charlie Tian Invest Like a Guru - How to Generate Higher Returns At Reduced Risk With Value Investing (Hardcover)
Charlie Tian
R694 R495 Discovery Miles 4 950 Save R199 (29%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Adopt the investment strategy that built Warren Buffett's fortune Invest Like a Guru provides an invaluable resource for high-quality-focused value investing, with expert insight and practical tools for implementation. Written by the man behind GuruFocus.com, this book expands on the site's value strategies and research tools to provide a primer for those exploring pathways to higher returns at lower risk. The book begins with an insightful explanation of high-quality-focused value investing concepts, then quickly moves into practical, detailed guidance on analysis, valuation, key factors, and risks to avoid. Case studies demonstrate real-world application of various analysis methods, and the discussion walks you through important calculations using real examples. Author Charlie Tian draws upon his own experiences and lessons learned to provide true insight on high-quality-focused value investing as a strategy, providing both reference and expert advice in this singularly useful guide. Warren Buffett once said, "I would rather buy good companies at fair prices than buy fair companies at good prices." That's how he built his fortune, and his method is what we now call high-quality-focused value investing. This book shows you how to determine what constitutes "good companies" and "fair prices," with practical tools for real-world application. * Learn the principles and concepts of high-quality-focused value investing * Understand the analysis process and valuation of prospective investments * Avoid the value traps that can trigger permanent losses * Study clear examples of key ratios and calculations We can't all become the next Warren Buffett, but we can boost returns while reducing risk using the right investment strategy. High-quality-focused value investing provides a path to profit, and Invest Like a Guru is the one-of-a-kind guidebook for getting on track.

Market Liquidity - Theory, Evidence, and Policy (Hardcover): Thierry Foucault, Marco Pagano, Ailsa Roell Market Liquidity - Theory, Evidence, and Policy (Hardcover)
Thierry Foucault, Marco Pagano, Ailsa Roell
R1,309 R1,134 Discovery Miles 11 340 Save R175 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The way in which securities are traded is very different from the idealized picture of a frictionless and self-equilibrating market offered by the typical finance textbook. Market Liquidity offers a more accurate and authoritative take on liquidity and price discovery. The authors start from the assumption that not everyone is present at all times simultaneously on the market, and that even the limited number of participants who are have quite diverse information about the security's fundamentals. As a result, the order flow is a complex mix of information and noise, and a consensus price only emerges gradually over time as the trading process evolves and the participants interpret the actions of other traders. Thus a security's actual transaction price may deviate from its fundamental value, as it would be assessed by a fully informed set of investors. This book takes these deviations seriously, and explains why and how they emerge in the trading process and are eventually eliminated. The authors draw on a vast body of theoretical insights and empirical findings on security price formation that have accumulated in the last thirty years, and have come to form a well-defined field within financial economics known as 'market microstructure.' Focusing on liquidity and price discovery, they analyze the tension between the two, pointing out that when price-relevant information reaches the market through trading pressure rather than through a public announcement, liquidity suffers. The book also confronts many puzzling phenomena in securities markets and uses the analytical tools and empirical methods of market microstructure to understand them. These include issues such as why liquidity changes over time, why large trades move prices up or down, and why these price changes are subsequently reversed, why we see concentration of securities trading, why some traders willingly disclose their intended trades while others hide them, and why we observe temporary deviations from arbitrage prices.

Dear Shareholder - The best executive letters from Warren Buffett, Prem Watsa and other great CEOs (Paperback): Lawrence A.... Dear Shareholder - The best executive letters from Warren Buffett, Prem Watsa and other great CEOs (Paperback)
Lawrence A. Cunningham
R419 R343 Discovery Miles 3 430 Save R76 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The shareholder letters of corporate leaders are a rich source of business and investing wisdom. There is no more authoritative resource on subjects ranging from leadership and management to capital allocation and company culture. But with thousands of shareholder letters written every year, how can investors and students of the corporate world sift this vast swathe to unearth the best insights? Dear Shareholder is the solution! In this masterly new collection, Lawrence A. Cunningham, business expert and acclaimed editor of The Essays of Warren Buffett, presents the finest writers in the genre of the shareholder letter, and the most significant excerpts from their total output. Skillfully curated, edited and arranged, these letters showcase the ultimate in business and investment knowledge from an all-star team. Dear Shareholder holds letters by more than 20 different leaders from 17 companies. These leaders include Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway), Tom Gayner (Markel), Kay Graham and Don Graham (The Washington Post and Graham Holdings), Roberto Goizueta (Coca-Cola), Virginia Rometty (IBM), and Prem Watsa (Fairfax). Topics covered in these letters include the long-term focus, corporate culture and commitment to values, capital allocation, buybacks, dividends, acquisitions, management, business strategy, and executive compensation. As we survey the corporate landscape in search of outstanding companies run by first-rate managers, shareholder letters are a valuable resource. The letters also contain a wealth of knowledge on the core topics of effective business management. Let Dear Shareholder be your guide.

How to Avoid H. E. N. R. Y. Syndrome (High Earner Not Rich Yet) - Financial Strategies to Own Your Future (Hardcover): Gideon... How to Avoid H. E. N. R. Y. Syndrome (High Earner Not Rich Yet) - Financial Strategies to Own Your Future (Hardcover)
Gideon Drucker
R528 Discovery Miles 5 280 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
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