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Forbes Guide to the Markets - Becoming a Savvy Investor (Paperback, 2nd Edition): Forbes LLC, Marc M. Groz Forbes Guide to the Markets - Becoming a Savvy Investor (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
Forbes LLC, Marc M. Groz
R483 R381 Discovery Miles 3 810 Save R102 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

From the leader in financial information, a fully updated guide to investing in today's markets

This accessible book is a practical guide to the financial markets. Designed to help both the new and experienced investor gain sufficient understanding and knowledge to invest wisely and confidently in today's turbulent markets, it covers all the elements necessary to become financially street smart-from products, players, and procedures to rules, regulators, and risk/reward trade-offs.

Filled with solid investment principles, the "Forbes Guide to the Markets, Second Edition" is completely revised and updated to reflect new trends and changes in the markets.New topics discussed include the introduction and implementation of ETFs, the role of hedge funds, and the effects of the subprime crisisUpdated and revised chapters contain buying and selling techniques, fundamental, technical and quantitative analysis, and futures and options informationHighlights key terms and contains a complete glossary

An essential resource for both the new or seasoned investor, this authoritative resource is a must-read for anyone aspiring to become a savvy investor.

Forex DeMYSTiFieD:  A Self-Teaching Guide (Paperback, Ed): David Borman Forex DeMYSTiFieD: A Self-Teaching Guide (Paperback, Ed)
David Borman
R522 R435 Discovery Miles 4 350 Save R87 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The quick and easy guide to profiting in the WORLD'S LARGEST MARKET

When you read about forex, does it seem like a foreign language to you? Get going in one of today's hottest markets with this comprehensive, plain-language guide.

"Forex DeMYSTiFieD" illuminates the key concepts you need to know and explains how to utilize them in the real world. It teaches you how currency trading and overall investing relate and the role of forex in international business and the corporate world.

This self-teaching guide explains everything in easy-to-understand terms and proven methods. It presents numerous examples and exercises to illustrate the investing techniques that work best. With chapter-ending quizzes, and final exam questions, "Forex DeMYSTiFieD" is the only book you need to get started in--and start profiting from--one of the world's biggest financial markets.

This self-teaching guide provides everything you need to: Understand core currency trading concepts Predict currency movements with fundamental and technical analysis Develop your own risk/reward tolerance Financially and emotionally prepare to trade in the forex market "Simple enough for a novice but challenging enough for an experienced investor, Forex DeMYSTiFieD helps you make the most of your money while keeping it out of harm's way."

The Ultimate ETF Guidebook - A Comprehensive Guide to the World of Exchange Traded Funds - Including the Latest Innovations and... The Ultimate ETF Guidebook - A Comprehensive Guide to the World of Exchange Traded Funds - Including the Latest Innovations and Ideas for ETF Portfolios (Hardcover)
David Stevenson, David Tuckwell
R907 R642 Discovery Miles 6 420 Save R265 (29%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Exchange Traded Funds have revolutionised investing. Thanks to ETFs, investors now have the world at their fingertips and can invest in everything, from commodities to countries to currencies. But are investors using these funds effectively? And where do ETFs go from here? This books starts with an overview of the current wonderful world of ETFs, including an analysis of how the industry is changing for both providers and investors. Then, in a series of essays, it covers recent key developments, including: smart beta ETFs, which are preaching the gospel of factor investing, fixed income ETFs, which are making bond markets available to everyone, environmental and social governance funds, which try to humanise investing, and robo-advisors, which use ETFs to automate portfolio construction. These developments are put into context, showing why ETF sponsors are changing the rules of the game and how the many and varied investors that use ETFs are taking to them. In the final section, the book offers a series of model ETF portfolios, showing how investors can use ETFs to build effective portfolios. The book concludes with the Top101 - a subjective selection of the top ETFs across all asset classes that investors should consider when building an ETF portfolio.

Digital Wealth - An Automatic Way to Invest Successfully (Hardcover): Simon Moore Digital Wealth - An Automatic Way to Invest Successfully (Hardcover)
Simon Moore
R696 R521 Discovery Miles 5 210 Save R175 (25%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Leverage algorithms to take your investment approach to the next level Digital Wealth: An Automatic Way to Invest Successfully reveals core investment strategies that you can leverage to build long-term wealth. More than a simple review of traditional investment strategies, this innovative text proffers digital investment techniques that are driven not by people but by algorithms. Supported by asset allocation research, the secrets shared in this forward-thinking book have underpinned cutting-edge investment firms as they integrate algorithm-based strategies. In addition to presenting key concepts, this groundbreaking resource explains how these concepts can give you an edge over the professionals on Wall Street through details regarding achieving financial security and meeting financial goals rooted in a firm foundation in behavioral finance, portfolio tilts, and modern portfolio theory. Investment strategies have evolved from one generation to the next, and the ability to leverage new digital tools calls for another overhaul of traditional investment concepts. Investment techniques implemented by algorithm rather than by human monitoring can, in some cases, prove more successful. The key to a balanced portfolio is understanding what these algorithm-based strategies are, and how to best use them. * Explore insights from multiple Nobel Prize winning academics that can give your investment strategy an edge * Consider how technology can open up powerful techniques to mainstream investors, including tax-loss harvesting and automated rebalancing * Discuss how cost minimization and a strategic tax approach can boost your portfolio's compound growth * Identify strategies that support the long-term growth of your wealth Digital Wealth: An Automatic Way to Invest Successfully is an essential text for sophisticated individual investors and investment consultants alike who want to explore how digital tools can bolster financial success.

Technical Analysis For Dummies (Paperback, 4th Edition): Barbara Rockefeller Technical Analysis For Dummies (Paperback, 4th Edition)
Barbara Rockefeller 1
R602 R493 Discovery Miles 4 930 Save R109 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Grasp and apply the basic principles of technical analysis Savvy traders know that the best way to maximize return is to interpret real-world market information for themselves rather than relying solely on the predictions of professional analysts. This straightforward guide shows you how to put this into profitable action--from basic principles and useful formulas to current theories on market trends and behavioral economics--to make the most lucrative decisions for your portfolio. The latest edition of Technical Analysis for Dummies includes a brand-new chapter on making the right decisions in a bull or bear market, an updated look at unique formulas and key indicators, as well as refreshed and practical examples that reflect today today's financial atmosphere. Become an expert in spotting market trends and key indicators Get the skinny on the latest research on behavioral economics Take a deep dive into how to read market sentiment and make it work for you Get a look at the first innovation in charting for decades--straight from Japan With comprehensive coverage from charting basics to the cutting edge, Technical Analysis for Dummies includes everything you need to the make informed independent market decisions that will maximize your profits. Happy trading!

Achieving Financial Stability in America (Korean - 2020 Ed.) (Korean, Paperback): Misook Yu Achieving Financial Stability in America (Korean - 2020 Ed.) (Korean, Paperback)
Misook Yu
R503 Discovery Miles 5 030 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Doug Kass on the Market - A Life on TheStreet (Hardcover): Douglas A. Kass Doug Kass on the Market - A Life on TheStreet (Hardcover)
Douglas A. Kass; Foreword by James J Cramer
R621 R478 Discovery Miles 4 780 Save R143 (23%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Build a bulletproof portfolio with advice from a top market expert Doug Kass on the Market: A Life on TheStreet provides investment advice and guidance from one of the most renowned traders in the world. Author Doug Kass distills his years of experience as a hedge fund manager and infamous short seller to share the theory, technique, and intuition that built his reputation and his portfolio. Anecdotes about interactions with Wall Street's most famous names, including Buffett, Cramer, and Cooperman, highlight tricks of the trade, essential value investor insight, and the secrets to being a smart short. Doug Kass's reputation as a savvy investor is well-earned and widely recognized. His work on Wall Street gained him heavyweight status, and the friendship, the respect, and the ear of some of the biggest names in finance. As a CNBC regular and 2013 Buffet Bear, Kass is widely known as a trusted source of wisdom and profitable insight. In Doug Kass on the Market, readers learn valuable lessons that that will help them make smarter investment decisions. Kass lists the most important things to know when evaluating a possible long or short investment, and explains the things you're not doing to optimize your portfolio. Topics include: * Going against the grain * Data versus instinct * Valuation, bubbles, and momentum * Interest rates, inflation, and the Fed The book also describes how to short a stock properly without losing out and discusses the C-suite conversations that fund managers would never tell a lay shareholder. Kass's record proves the value of his acumen, and this book contains a comprehensive account of his talent and techniques. All investors deserve a chance at a more robust portfolio, and Doug Kass on the Market provides the information and guidance that can make that happen.

Impact - Best Practices of Impact Givers (Paperback): Generous Impact Impact - Best Practices of Impact Givers (Paperback)
Generous Impact
R348 R283 Discovery Miles 2 830 Save R65 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Investment Strategies of Hedge Funds (Hardcover): Filippo Stefanini Investment Strategies of Hedge Funds (Hardcover)
Filippo Stefanini
R1,758 Discovery Miles 17 580 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

One of the fastest growing investment sectors ever seen, hedge funds are considered by many to be exotic and inaccessible. This book provides an intensive learning experience, defining hedge funds, explaining hedge fund strategies while offering both qualitative and quantitative tools that investors need to access these types of funds. Topics not usually covered in discussions of hedge funds are included, such as a theoretical discussion of each hedge fund strategy followed by trading examples provided by successful hedge fund managers.

Investment Banking Focus Notes (Paperback, 2 Rev Ed): Joshua Rosenbaum, Joshua Pearl Investment Banking Focus Notes (Paperback, 2 Rev Ed)
Joshua Rosenbaum, Joshua Pearl
R791 R584 Discovery Miles 5 840 Save R207 (26%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"Investment Banking FOCUS NOTES" provides a comprehensive, yet streamlined, review of the basic skills and concepts discussed in "Investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers & Acquisitions, Second Edition." The focus notes are designed for use both as a companion to the book, as well as on a standalone basis. "Investment Banking "focuses on the primary valuation methodologies currently used on Wall Street--namely, comparable companies analysis, precedent transactions analysis, DCF analysis, and LBO analysis--as well as detailed M&A analysis from both a sell-side and buy-side perspective. Our focus notes seek to help solidify knowledge of these core financial topics as true mastery must be tested, honed, and retested over time.

Ignite! - The Burning Secrets of Exponential Growth from the Greatest Experts on the Planet (Hardcover): Paul Feldman Ignite! - The Burning Secrets of Exponential Growth from the Greatest Experts on the Planet (Hardcover)
Paul Feldman
R568 R470 Discovery Miles 4 700 Save R98 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Art of Credit Derivatives - Demystifying the Black Swan (Hardcover): Joao Garcia, Serge Goossens The Art of Credit Derivatives - Demystifying the Black Swan (Hardcover)
Joao Garcia, Serge Goossens
R1,635 Discovery Miles 16 350 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Credit derivatives have been instrumental in the recent increase in securitization activity. The complex nature and the size of the market have given rise to very complex counterparty credit risks. The Lehman failure has shown that these issues can paralyse the financial markets, and the need for detailed understanding has never been greater.

" "

"The Art of Credit Derivatives" shows practitioners how to put a framework in place which will support the securitization activity. By showing the models that support this activity and linking them with very practical examples, the authors show why a mind-shift within the quant community is needed - a move from simple modeling to a more hands on mindset where the modeler understands the trading implicitly.

The book has been written in five parts, covering the modeling framework; single name corporate credit derivatives; multi name corporate credit derivatives; asset backed securities and dynamic credit portfolio management.

Coverage includes: groundbreaking solutions to the inherent risks associated with investing in securitization instrumentshow to use the standardized credit indices as the most appropriate instruments in price discovery processes and why these indices are the essential tools for short term credit portfolio managementwhy the dynamics of systemic correlation and the standardised credit indices are linked with leverage, and consequently the implications for liquidity and solvability of financial institutionshow Levy processes and long term memory processes are related to the understanding of economic activitywhy regulatory capital should be portfolio dependant and how to use stress tests and scenario analysis to model thishow to put structured products in a mark-to market-environment, increasing transparency for accounting and compliance.

This book will be invaluable reading for Credit Analysts, Quantitative Analysts, Credit Portfolio Managers, Academics and anyone interested in these complex yet important markets.

IOC IT In Investment Operations Syllabus Version 8 - Practice and Revision Kit (Paperback): BPP Learning Media IOC IT In Investment Operations Syllabus Version 8 - Practice and Revision Kit (Paperback)
BPP Learning Media
R770 R291 Discovery Miles 2 910 Save R479 (62%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

BPP Learning Media s IOC study materials enhance your understanding of industry standards and regulation and are designed to help you focus on and motivate you towards exam success.

Cycle Analytics for Traders - Advanced Technical Trading Concepts + Downloadable Software (Hardcover): John F Ehlers Cycle Analytics for Traders - Advanced Technical Trading Concepts + Downloadable Software (Hardcover)
John F Ehlers
R2,629 R2,487 Discovery Miles 24 870 Save R142 (5%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A technical resource for self-directed traders who want to understand the scientific underpinnings of the filters and indicators used in trading decisions This is a technical resource book written for self-directed traders who want to understand the scientific underpinnings of the filters and indicators they use in their trading decisions. There is plenty of theory and years of research behind the unique solutions provided in this book, but the emphasis is on simplicity rather than mathematical purity. In particular, the solutions use a pragmatic approach to attain effective trading results. Cycle Analytics for Traders will allow traders to think of their indicators and trading strategies in the frequency domain as well as their motions in the time domain. This new viewpoint will enable them to select the most efficient filter lengths for the job at hand. * Shows an awareness of Spectral Dilation, and how to eliminate it or to use it to your advantage * Discusses how to use Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to normalize indicator amplitude swings * Explains thinking of prices in the frequency domain as well as in the time domain * Creates an awareness that all indicators are statistical rather than absolute, as implied by their single line displays * Sheds light on several advanced cookbook filters * Showcases new advanced indicators like the Even Better Sinewave and Decycler Indicators * Explains how to use transforms to improve the display and interpretation of indicators

Governance and Risk (Hardcover): George Dallas Governance and Risk (Hardcover)
George Dallas
R1,428 R1,214 Discovery Miles 12 140 Save R214 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

All-new techniques for limiting market risk, by ensuring that what a company has disclosed is both accurate and honest

As each new corporate financial debacle roars through the headlines, calls for increased governance and greater transparency have reached a deafening pitch. A primary problem from company to company is the inconsistency of measurement and disclosure, and how these reporting differences can hurt investors, regulators, and even the companies themselves.

In The Standard & Poors Handbook of Corporate Governance & Risk, a team of Standard & Poors and industry experts helps readers develop an analytical model for evaluating individual organizations and protecting themselves against the effects of inaccurate or incomplete reporting. This latest addition to the impressive Standard & Poors body of work unveils:

  • An all-new methodology for measuringand scoring corporate governance
  • Bases for evaluating governance acrosscompanies, countries, and cultures
  • Case studies from British Petroleum, FannieMae, Aeroflot, and other global giants

The Little Book of Big Dividends - A Safe Formula for Guaranteed Returns (Hardcover): Charles B Carlson The Little Book of Big Dividends - A Safe Formula for Guaranteed Returns (Hardcover)
Charles B Carlson; Foreword by Terry Savage
R487 R376 Discovery Miles 3 760 Save R111 (23%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Everyone needs to invest, but where do you invest during bear markets?

The massive stock declines over the past year have eroded savings, but this doesn't mean you should stuff your money under a mattress. It needs to be put to work getting some return so that it will grow.

Smart investors will turn to high dividend paying stocks to get a stable and growing stream of income. Dividend investing-that provides an income beyond any gain in the share price-may be the investor's best weapon. Dividends are safe, largely reliable, and maybe at the their cheapest levels in many years. While the best paying dividend stocks of recent years, such as financials, took a huge beating in 2008, opportunities will abound in 2010 and beyond-if you know where to look.

In "The Little Book of Big Dividends, " dividend stock expert Chuck Carlson presents an action plan for dividend-hungry investors. You'll learn about the pitfalls, how to find the opportunities, and will learn how to construct a portfolio that generates big, safe dividends easily through the BSD (Big, Safe Dividends) formula. If you're a bit adventurous, Carlson has you covered, and will teach you how to find big, safe dividends in foreign stocks, preferred stocks, ETFs, real estate investment trusts, and more.Contains the simple tools, strategies, and recommendations for finding big, safe dividendsHelps you put a complete portfolio together that pays dividends every monthShow you the top dividend paying stocks with their dividend payment dates

It doesn't get any easier than this, and in these turbulent times, you can't afford to ignore the power of dividends. Read "The Little Book of Big Dividends" and gain a better perspective of how you can protect yourself for the future.

High Level Investing For Dummies (Paperback): Paul Mladjenovic High Level Investing For Dummies (Paperback)
Paul Mladjenovic
R529 R397 Discovery Miles 3 970 Save R132 (25%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Enhance your investment portfolio and take your investments to the next level! Do you have an investment portfolio set up, but want to take your knowledge of investing a step further? High-Level Investing For Dummies is the resource you need to achieve a more advanced understanding of investment strategies and to maximize your portfolio's profits. Build upon your current knowledge of investment, particularly with regard to the stock market, in order to reach a higher level of understanding and ability when manipulating your assets on the market. This approachable resource pinpoints key pitfalls to avoid and explains how to time your investments in a way that maximizes your profits. Investing can be intimidating but it can also be fun! By building upon your basic understanding of investment strategies you can take your portfolio to the next level, both in terms of the diversity of your investments and the profits that they bring in. Who doesn't want that? * Up your investment game with proven strategies that help increase profits and minimize risks * Avoid common pitfalls of stock speculating to make your investment strategy more impactful * Understand how to time the market to maximize returns and improve your portfolio's performance * Uncover hidden opportunities in niche markets that can bring welcome diversity to your portfolio High-Level Investing For Dummies is the perfect follow-up to Stock Investing For Dummies, and is a wonderful resource that guides you through the process of beefing up your portfolio and bringing home a higher level of profits!

Real Estate Joint Ventures - The Canadian Investor's Guide to Raising Money and Getting Deals Done (Hardcover): Don R... Real Estate Joint Ventures - The Canadian Investor's Guide to Raising Money and Getting Deals Done (Hardcover)
Don R Campbell, Russell Westcott
R605 R463 Discovery Miles 4 630 Save R142 (23%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A step-by-step guide to attracting all the investment funds you will ever need for your next real estate transaction

As the sales of "Real Estate Investing in Canada" have proven, Canadians are looking to real estate investing to build wealth. In his bestselling book "Real Estate Investing in Canada," Don R. Campbell introduces the Authentic Canadian Real Estate (ACRE) system, the first system of its kind to show ordinary Canadians how to profit from investing in residential real estate. Told as a narrative, a typical Canadian couple named Richard and Emma successfully buy their first properties and now are ready to leverage their equity into more properties. In order to achieve their goals, they are introduced to a joint-venture specialist and, with his guidance, they learn how joint-venture partnerships work and secrets and strategies for acquiring new properties that only the pros know.

Richard and Emma build their portfolio -- and their confidence -- and so they leave their jobs to focus on real estate investing full-time. Following a proven 7-step system, Richard and Emma are equipped with the information, strategies and motivation they need to go to the next level by explaining: What are joint-venture partnerships and how do they work to create win-win relationshipsWealth attraction principles-how to become a money magnetHow and where to find joint-venture partners-marketing and lead generation--and separate the wheat from the chaffStructuring a joint venture deal-building a team of experts and the due diligence processLegal structures and agreements, including tax implications19 landmines to avoid in joint venture partnershipsFollowing up with current joint venture partners and duplicating success

The appendices offer valuable time-saving checklists, forms and worksheets, as well as advice on paper flow and time management.

Private Funds: Where and How? (Hardcover): L. L. P. Dechert Private Funds: Where and How? (Hardcover)
L. L. P. Dechert
R4,576 Discovery Miles 45 760 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

How do you choose between domicile and jurisdiction when structuring a fund? Dechert LLP, a global law firm with a market leading financial services and investment management practice, share their expertise. A jurisdictional guide to setting up and managing hedge funds in 16 of the leading private fund domiciles. Chapters follow an identical template making it very easy to compare associated mandatory requirements, laws and regulations across jurisdictions Features a useful 'At-a-glance Comparative Table' Covers all the traditional leading private fund domiciles Provides a helpful consideration of the AIFM (Alternative Investment Fund Managers) Directive Each chapter is written in conjunction with local experts and covers: Description of the jurisdiction: -Geographical, political and legal -Currency and exchange control measures -Membership of relevant international organisations Key mandatory requirements: -Key issues which might discourage a promoter or require advance planning Recent developments Jurisdictions covered in separate, easy-to-compare, chapters, include: Bermuda BVI Cayman Islands Dubai France Germany Guernsey Hong Kong Ireland Italy Jersey Luxembourg Malta Singapore United Kingdom United States of America (Delaware)

Skip the Flip - Secrets the 1% Know About Real Estate Investing (Paperback): Hayden Crabtree Skip the Flip - Secrets the 1% Know About Real Estate Investing (Paperback)
Hayden Crabtree
R266 Discovery Miles 2 660 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Investing in REITs - Real Estate Investment Trusts (Hardcover, 4th Edition): Ralph L. Block Investing in REITs - Real Estate Investment Trusts (Hardcover, 4th Edition)
Ralph L. Block
R1,000 R791 Discovery Miles 7 910 Save R209 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The new "Fourth Edition" of the definitive handbook on investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), which provide some of the best total returns in the investment world, along with above-average dividend yields and stable earnings, have become increasingly popular with both individual and institutional investors. "Investing in REITs, Fourth Edition" has established itself as the definitive guide to understanding this attractive asset class. The book is invaluable for investors, financial planners, and investment advisers interested in understanding REITs and REIT investment opportunities.

As their earnings and dividends are beginning to grow again after the Great Recession--and as they are in a unique position to take advantage of distressed sale opportunities--now is an excellent time for investors to consider REITs for both diversification and strong total returns. The new edition covers: A comprehensive history of the REIT industryHow REITs compare with other competitive investmentsHow to spot blue-chip REITs and control investment riskHow to value individual REIT stocks, and REIT shares generallyHow to build a diversified REIT portfolio, directly or with REIT mutual fundsUnderstanding the risk-and-reward dynamics of commercial real estateAssessing non-US REITs and how to invest in them Important new developments and strategies in the REIT industry

Author Ralph L. Block, who has been investing in REIT stocks for 40 years and is widely considered a leading authority on REITs, brings the historical success of "Investing in REITs" right up to date. This book is an essential read for both individuals and institutions who desire to invest in commercial real estate through REIT stocks.

The Growth Mindset - Leadership Makes a Difference in Wealth Management (Hardcover): Rick Capozzi The Growth Mindset - Leadership Makes a Difference in Wealth Management (Hardcover)
Rick Capozzi
R611 R468 Discovery Miles 4 680 Save R143 (23%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

It takes a bold approach to leadership to thrive in the era of disruption The Growth Mindset provides a roadmap to the future for financial professionals. While the FinTech revolution is changing the wealth management industry, there is one thing that technology cannot offer the human component of advisory services. Your client can pull numbers out of a computer, but they come to you for analysis, perspective, and interpretation based on your understanding of their goals and your years of expertise. Great leadership forms strong relationships and allows you to quickly adapt the best strategies to grow assets and revenues. It understands this dynamic, understands the alignment of company culture, and realizes that the metrics for "top talent" are shifting. This book offers new perspective and expert insight for wealth management professionals looking to distinguish themselves from the competition. The focus is on being client centric and solution driven. Disruption is now the new normal, and successful leaders must be able to adapt quickly and operate with an eye toward growth. Here, you'll find expert analysis of wealth management's future, and clear guidelines for leaders who want to thrive amidst the constantly-shifting financial services landscape. * Master the fundamental elements of wealth management * Shift to a growth mindset and deal successfully with change * Attract, develop, and retain the top talent to grow your business * Offer a unique value proposition to better serve high net worth clients The wealth management industry is facing its greatest challenge to date, and whether your business fails, survives, or thrives depends on leadership. You simply cannot rely on old methods to win a brand new battle. It's time for a change in strategy, methods, processes, and approaches are you flexible enough to bend without breaking? The Growth Mindset lights the way forward, with the leadership skills that are quickly becoming essential in the new era of wealth management.

The Malign Hand of the Markets: The Insidious Forces on Wall Street that are Destroying Financial Markets - and What We Can Do... The Malign Hand of the Markets: The Insidious Forces on Wall Street that are Destroying Financial Markets - and What We Can Do About it (Hardcover, Ed)
John Staddon
R839 R667 Discovery Miles 6 670 Save R172 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

And How Do We Fix It?

Even after the global financial meltdown of 2008, economists have clung to Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand" theory of an always selfregulating market that benefits private and public interests alike. But Duke University professor John Staddon is here to tell that there's also another, darker force at work on Wall Street--a "Malign Hand" that guides all human interactions, including our finances.

Combining psychology, behavioral economics, and other sciences, Staddon's explosive new theory reveals the underlying principles behind the economic crisis, exposing the invisible mechanisms that drive our markets today. You'll learn how we can: Prevent market bubbles from buildingDistinguish voluntary from involuntary market risk and regulate them differentlySimplify and restore Glass-SteagallUnderstand market mechanisms through Darwinian dynamicsModerate boom and bust cycles and make financial markets sustainable

Using economic theory, global market trends, and psychological research, Staddon's electrifying book is both analytical and prescriptive--with a number of possible solutions to our most pressing economic concerns. You'll learn about the wrong assumptions that underlie our present system, basic rules for managing risk, and the real reasons behind the market's greatest successes and biggest disasters.

You'll hear surprising insights into the delicate relationship between Wall Street and Washington--with assessments of the bailouts, the Dodd-Frank bill, and other attempts at financial regulation. Best of all, you'll discover realistic solutions that can stop the boom-and-bust cycle once and for all.

Compelling, controversial, and remarkably thorough, The Malign Hand of the Markets will change the way we plan our future, manage our finances, and build our fortunes.

Capital Ideas - The Improbable Origins of Modern Wall Street (Paperback): Peter L. Bernstein Capital Ideas - The Improbable Origins of Modern Wall Street (Paperback)
Peter L. Bernstein
R429 R338 Discovery Miles 3 380 Save R91 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days


Capital Ideas traces the origins of modern Wall Street, from the pioneering work of early scholars and the development of new theories in risk, valuation, and investment returns, to the actual implementation of these theories in the real world of investment management. Starting with the French mathema-tician Louis Bachelier--who wrote about the unpredictability of stock prices in the early 1900s--Bernstein brings to life a variety of brilliant academics who have contributed to modern investment theory over the years: Harry Markowitz, who wrote about optimizing the tradeoff between risk and reward William Sharpe, who shook the pillars of the investment establishment by asserting that the market cannot be beaten Fischer Black, Myron Scholes, and Robert Merton, who paved the way for the creation of financial derivatives and new ways of controlling risk Franco Modigliani and Merton Miller, who extolled the central role of arbitrage in determining the value of securities

Filled with in-depth insights and timeless advice, Capital Ideas reveals how the unique contributions of these talented individuals profoundly changed the practice of investment management as we know it today.

Good Stocks Cheap: Value Investing with Confidence for a Lifetime of Stock Market Outperformance (Hardcover, Ed): Kenneth... Good Stocks Cheap: Value Investing with Confidence for a Lifetime of Stock Market Outperformance (Hardcover, Ed)
Kenneth Jeffrey Marshall
R784 R603 Discovery Miles 6 030 Save R181 (23%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Bull market? Bear market? Power through both with the three-part value investing model proven to pinpoint stocks that supercharge any portfolio Good Stocks Cheap provides a low-risk, easy-to-understand approach to the money management style that has made value investors like Warren Buffet and Seth Klarman so rich. Marshall's proven framework integrates the three disciplines that successful value investors rely upon-finance, strategy, and psychology-to help you crush standard returns over the long run. This model works in overheated markets by showing which companies are likely to excel operationally over time; and in downturns, by revealing which of these outperformers are most underpriced and best to buy.

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