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A la cart - A supplier's guide to retailers' priorities (Paperback): Peter Chapman A la cart - A supplier's guide to retailers' priorities (Paperback)
Peter Chapman
R452 Discovery Miles 4 520 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Ontario Beer - A Heady History of Brewing from the Great Lakes to the Hudson Bay (Hardcover): Alan McLeod, Jordan St John Ontario Beer - A Heady History of Brewing from the Great Lakes to the Hudson Bay (Hardcover)
Alan McLeod, Jordan St John
R779 R605 Discovery Miles 6 050 Save R174 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Fed Up - The High Costs of Cheap Food (Hardcover): Dale F Slongwhite Fed Up - The High Costs of Cheap Food (Hardcover)
Dale F Slongwhite
R759 R702 Discovery Miles 7 020 Save R57 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

One farmworker tells of the soil that would "bite" him, but that was the chemicals burning his skin. Other labourers developed lupus, asthma, diabetes, kidney failure, or suffered myriad symptoms with no clear diagnosis. Some miscarried or had children with genetic defects while others developed cancer. In Fed Up, Dale Slongwhite collects the nearly inconceivable and chilling oral histories of African American farmworkers whose lives, and those of their families, were forever altered by one of the most horrific pesticide exposure incidents in United States' history. For decades, the farms around Lake Apopka, Florida's third largest lake, were sprayed with chemicals ranging from the now-banned DDT to toxaphene. Among the most productive farmlands in America, the fields were doused with organochlorine pesticides, also known as persistent organic pollutants; the once-clear waters of the lake turned pea green; birds, alligators, and fish died at alarming rates; and still the farmworkers planted, harvested, packed, and shipped produce all over the country, enduring scorching sun, snakes, rats, injuries, substandard housing, low wages, and the endocrine disruptors dropped by crop dusters. Eventually, state and federal dollars were allocated to buy out and close the farms to attempt land restoration, water clean-up, and wildlife rehabilitation. But the farmworkers became statistics, nameless casualty's history almost forgot. Here are their stories, told in their own words.

Report of the workshop on the age estimation of sardine and sardinella in northwest Africa - Casablanca, Morocco, 4-9 December... Report of the workshop on the age estimation of sardine and sardinella in northwest Africa - Casablanca, Morocco, 4-9 December 2006 (FAO fisheries report) (Paperback)
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
R818 R673 Discovery Miles 6 730 Save R145 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The workshop reviewed and discussed the results of an otolith exchange that had been carried out in 2006 and which included both sardine and sardinella otoliths from different locations. The final outcome of the meeting consisted in revised agreed guidelines for the preparation and interpretation of sardine and sardinella otoliths. A new otolith exchange was initiated just after the workshop to consolidate results. - L'Atelier a analyse et discute les resultats d'un echange d'otolithes qui avait ete organise en 2006 et qui comprenait des otolithes de sardine et de sardinelle en provenance de differents endroits. Le resultat final de la reunion a consiste en des directives concertees revisees pour la preparation et l'interpretation des otolithes de sardine et de sardinelle. Un nouvel echange d'otolithes a ete commence tout de suite apres L'Atelier pour consolider les resultats."

A compendium of regional perspectives in communication for development (Paperback): Food and Agriculture Organization of the... A compendium of regional perspectives in communication for development (Paperback)
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
R331 R295 Discovery Miles 2 950 Save R36 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This Compendium presents the findings of a series of regional studies, consultations and workshops organized by FAO in preparation for the World Congress on Communication for Development (Rome, October 2007). The compendium serves as a reference document and compares present trends, experiences and challenges in Communication for Development across regions, and projects. It focuses on the applications of communication methods and media, particularly in the field of food security, natural resources management and rural development, with a view for offering new directions for mainstreaming Communication for Development in different regions and for fostering new partnerships.

Home Baking Business - Second in Series Profits from Home (Paperback): Gerald L. Shingleton, Caren Curb Home Baking Business - Second in Series Profits from Home (Paperback)
Gerald L. Shingleton, Caren Curb
R150 Discovery Miles 1 500 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

After Turning Your Baking Hobby Into an Income - Achieve Everything You've Ever Wanted Hello Friend, My name is Caren Curb. I want to help you unleash your hidden potential You can reach "Easy-Street" by following my proven steps to success After reading and implementing my recommendations in my first book, you no doubt are benefitting and making a nice supplemental income. Now it is time to make things right, develop a real up and coming business enterprise, and make things happen so you can live a really comfortable and financially independent life. The sky's the limit and you can do it These Strategies Changed My Life. Eventually Sell Your Business and Retire Sell Franchises and Train Beginners Train Consultants and Add Them to Your Team Open Bakeries and Restaurants Impact the Lives of Hundreds Around the World Step by Step Instructions are Included.

The Porter Principles (Paperback): David Porter The Porter Principles (Paperback)
David Porter
R438 Discovery Miles 4 380 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

How can you develop a world class dining program that meets the unique social architecture and dining objectives of your campus? How can you negotiate effectively with food service providers if you let them hold all the cards? Your campus is likely settling for a mediocre dining program that is adversely effecting you recruitment and retention of students and alumni while leaving millions of dollars on the table because the food service providers have all the knowledge and bargaining power. David's unique approach, vision, and negotiating style has guided North America's top schools to independently create revolutionary dining programs that maximize student participation, increase student and alumni retention.... all while improving a self operated dining program or facilitating a food service provider operator selection process that guarantees high levels of student participation, accountability and protects/produces millions for their campuses.

It All Began with Daisy (Paperback): Sonia Harrison Jones It All Began with Daisy (Paperback)
Sonia Harrison Jones
R357 Discovery Miles 3 570 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This incredible success story tells in accurate, humorous detail how two sophisticated New Yorkers left the rat race and bought a farm in Nova Scotia. When their cow, Daisy, gave them too much milk for their little family, Sonia Jones started making dairy products for the local health food stores. Her recipes for yogurt, ice-cream, cheese spreads and cheesecakes took the province by storm, and soon the company began to grow like Topsy. The Jones's enterprise was so successful that they ended up becoming the proud owners of a multi-million dollar corporation. WHAT THE PRESS IS SAYING: The author relates the story in an engaging fashion, even describing setbacks cheerfully. There is added charm in accounts of veteran farmers whose advice was invaluable to the couple, to whom rural life at first was utterly alien. -Jim Morrison, Publishers Weekly The most appealing idea in this book is the notion that small-scale capitalismcan help preserve both ecological balance and individual freedom. Especially when applied to farming, the vision brings out the Jeffersonian in us all; and the author is always cheerily optimistic about its prospects. "The chickens fattened themselves on maggots; the pigs took care of the wastage emanating from the kitchen or the dairy-case shelves; and the tourists liquidated the farm-related food products so the cash could then be used to keep the business growing." This is a striking passage-a sort of yuppie version of Virgil's "Georgics," with a notable element of truth. -Bob Coleman, New York Times A colorful parade of well-drawn characters and tragicomical events, from a leaky filling machine to two years of production built on a kitchen stove and Styrofoam boxes. This all but ensures the Jones's life will soon be the subject of a made-for-TV movie. Would Jane Fonda care to play the confident, unstoppable Sonia? -Jennifer Henderson, Toronto Financial Post What's especially interesting about Jones' story is that her company was asuccess in spite of itself. It was in business before it even had a name; it had no plan and no start-up money. That's nothing short of amazing when you consider that everything written or said about entrepreneurship stresses developing a solid business proposal, having a sound marketing plan, and spending a fortune to launch the enterprise. -Marilyn Linton, Lifestyle Editor, Toronto Sunday Sun

From Rags to Restaurants - The Secret Recipe (Paperback): Misty Young From Rags to Restaurants - The Secret Recipe (Paperback)
Misty Young
R461 Discovery Miles 4 610 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Is it possible for your restaurant or small business to not only survive, but to thrive and increase sales eight-fold during the worst economic crisis to hit the United States since the Great Depression?
Restaurant Lady Misty Young has a defiant YES to that question, based on her experience expanding her Squeeze In restaurant, locally famous in Reno/Tahoe for fantastic omelettes and its rapid expansion from one beloved location to several and counting.
Things didn't start out perfectly in Misty's "Rags to Restaurants" life - from a childhood of frequent moves, a period on government assistance, and a rough time balancing family life while earning her college degree. Clearly she has more than made up for it.
Misty chalks it up to her discovery of "The Five Irrefutable Laws of Restaurant Success," which she shares in this book.
Some of the most famous in the food and restaurant industry would happily agree that Misty has undoubtedly arrived, evidenced when the Food Network showed up one snowy December day, placing her talents and her omelettes on national television for a surprise episode of "Throwdown with Bobby Flay."
When the masses came calling asking Misty to share her secrets, this Western restaurant maven was prepared, knowing the detailed facts about her guests, associates, financials and operations down to the number of eggs cracked since day one. "You can't count what you don't measure, and vice-versa," Misty says. Misty's targeted Egghead Breakfast Club and her grasp of constantly changing social media helped spread the Squeeze story far and wide to prospective guests and media outlets.
Restaurant Lady Misty Young's experiences and rock solid approach can help you transform your restaurant into an outstanding stand-alone venue or allow it to become the base for a profitable and expanding regional chain.
Crack open From Rags to Restaurants and whip up some success

Food Truck 411 - The Essential Information to Run a Successful Food Truck (Paperback): Brian J. Branigan Food Truck 411 - The Essential Information to Run a Successful Food Truck (Paperback)
Brian J. Branigan; Photographs by Brian J. Branigan; Designed by Culbertson L. Allison
R463 Discovery Miles 4 630 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Food Truck 411: The Essential Information To Run A Successful Food Truck, is a new book written by Brian Branigan, owner and operator of Tortillaville, a popular Mexican fare food truck, located in Hudson, NY. Tortillaville co-owner and partner, Allison Culbertson, created the recipes, and the book design. Food Truck 411: the First Comprehensive Food Truck Book Written by a Food Truck Cook. Food Truck 411is a week-in-the-life, a photo book, a cook book, and a food truck operators vantage point of life-inside the box. It is written with the intent to assist the budding food truck entrepreneur, although, anyone intrigued with the modern-day food truck trend, is certain to take interest. And, if you like Mexican food, the back portion of the book offers a generous helping of over 30 winning recipes. Those of you who are entertaining the thought of opening a food truck (or even a cafe), can confidently look to this book as a trusty and reliable road atlas. It will get you there sooner, and it will save you both time and money.

Top 25 Restaurant KPIs of 2011-2012 (Paperback): Smartkpis Com Top 25 Restaurant KPIs of 2011-2012 (Paperback)
Smartkpis Com; Edited by Aurel Brudan; The Kpi Institute
R1,090 R1,017 Discovery Miles 10 170 Save R73 (7%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The "Top 25 Restaurant KPIs of 2011-2012" report provides insights into the state of restaurant performance measurement today by listing and analyzing the most visited KPIs for this functional area on smartKPIs.com in 2011. In addition to KPI names, it contains a detailed description of each KPI, in the standard smartKPIs.com KPI documentation format, that includes fields such as: definition, purpose, calculation, limitation, overall notes and additional resources. While dominated by KPIs reflecting cost performance and material handling, other popular KPIs come from categories such as transportation, time performance, delivery quality and warehousing. This product is part of the "Top KPIs of 2011-2012" series of reports and a result of the research program conducted by the analysts of smartKPIs.com in the area of integrated performance management and measurement. SmartKPIs.com hosts the largest catalogue of thoroughly documented KPI examples, representing an excellent platform for research and dissemination of insights on KPIs and related topics. The hundreds of thousands of visits to smartKPIs.com and the thousands of KPIs visited, bookmarked and rated by members of this online community in 2011 provided a rich data set, which combined with further analysis from the editorial team, formed the basis of these research reports.

Carrots Don't Grow on Trees - Building Sustainable and Resilient Communities (Paperback): Robert Turner Carrots Don't Grow on Trees - Building Sustainable and Resilient Communities (Paperback)
Robert Turner
R410 R386 Discovery Miles 3 860 Save R24 (6%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Packed the Food Entrepreneur's Guide - How to Get Noticed and How to be Loved (Paperback): Stuart Tessa Packed the Food Entrepreneur's Guide - How to Get Noticed and How to be Loved (Paperback)
Stuart Tessa
R305 Discovery Miles 3 050 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Are you a food producer entrepreneur? Then this book is for you How did the founders of innocent drinks, G'NOSH and MOMA beat thousands of other fabulous food entrepreneurs to win a space on supermarket shelves? And once they were there, how did they win the battle to convince sceptical, time-strapped shoppers to try them over more established brands? Tessa Stuart knows how, because she helped them do it. In this practical, inspirational book, she draws on her 15 years in the food industry to reveal a tried and tested set of principles for getting you from idea, to a product on the shelf, and to being THE next household name. "Got a great food or drink product that no one knows about? Need to grow sales? This book will show you how to ROCK your pack's on-shelf impact, to give your business the very best chance of being seen, heard, noticed and bought." Charlotte Knight, founder and owner of G'NOSH Dips

Food Research, Safety & Policies (Hardcover, New): Arthur P Riley Food Research, Safety & Policies (Hardcover, New)
Arthur P Riley
R5,951 R4,344 Discovery Miles 43 440 Save R1,607 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The world seems to be separated by a giant divide when it comes to many things. One of the chief dividers is food where the poor cannot seem to find enough and the rich seem to be popping the buttons on their shirts and pants. At the heart of the system of providing food to the masses are such factors as food policy, control and research. In a world of increasing populations and at the same time rapid advances in biotechnology and agriculture, these aspects become critical. This book examines in detail food policy, control and research.

Recent Advances in the Analysis of Food and Flavors (Hardcover): Stephen Toth, Cynthia Mussinan Recent Advances in the Analysis of Food and Flavors (Hardcover)
Stephen Toth, Cynthia Mussinan
R2,811 R937 Discovery Miles 9 370 Save R1,874 (67%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The evolving landscape of analytical instrumentation has produced a plethora of extremely sensitive and selective methods for the analysis of trace components. Typically, the key character donating components of a food flavor are present in only trace levels. As instruments become more sensitive, detection limits are driven down, permitting the identification of new important flavor compounds. Armed with these new instruments, scientists seek to understand the links between what we eat and our health, and new demands are made for compliance with legal and labeling requirements. This book is based on presentations made in the symposium "Recent Advances in the Analysis of Foods and Flavors" held at the Denver ACS meeting in August 2011. The symposium was sponsored by the Agricultural and Food Chemistry Division. The 14 chapters in this book cover a variety of currently relevant topics, which include metabolomics, trace level aroma active compound identification, and the analysis of furocoumarins. The main objective of this book is to illustrate how new, highly sophisticated instrumentation can be used to address the issues of most interest to today's food and flavor chemists.

Navigating the Foodservice Channel - A Guide to Understanding the Foodservice Business (Paperback): Drew Chicone, Dave Dewalt Navigating the Foodservice Channel - A Guide to Understanding the Foodservice Business (Paperback)
Drew Chicone, Dave Dewalt
R641 Discovery Miles 6 410 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Navigating the Foodservice Channel is an essential resource for manufacturers, distributors, brokers, and chain operators. It will quickly give your new employees a solid understanding of the structure and workings of the Foodservice channel; knowledge that often takes months and years to accumulate through experience.

Kentucky Fried Cruelty (Paperback): Jesse Russell, Ronald Cohn Kentucky Fried Cruelty (Paperback)
Jesse Russell, Ronald Cohn
R590 Discovery Miles 5 900 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles Kentucky Fried Cruelty is a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals campaign that began in 2001, seeking to change KFC's treatment of chickens raised for its restaurants. Since then, PETA says it has protested more than 12,000 times against KFC. KFC is the fourth restaurant chain to have been targeted by PETA, following campaigns against McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's.

Good Practices for the Meat Industry (Paperback, Illustrated Ed): Samuel Jutzi Good Practices for the Meat Industry (Paperback, Illustrated Ed)
Samuel Jutzi
R3,960 R3,091 Discovery Miles 30 910 Save R869 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In recent years, public concern about the safety of foods of animal origin has heightened due to problems that have arisen with bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), as well as with outbreaks of food-borne bacterial infections, and food contamination with toxic agents (e.g. dioxin). These problems have serious implications for national food safety, the development of the animal products industry and for international trade in livestock products. Accordingly, the FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission is in the final stages of negotiation of a new Code of hygienic practice for meat. The Code implies a transition from meat inspection towards a risk-based approach covering the entire food chain. The Manual on good practices for the meat industry aims to assist the industry to prepare itself for compliance with the new regulatory framework, which is expected to come into force when the Code is approved in 2005. It is targeted at the meat industry in developing countries and in emerging economies in their endeavour to meet the rising quality and safety requirements both of the export industry and domestic markets, with the increased participation of large-scale retailers. The publication is intended to guide managers of abattoirs and the meat industry. It will also be of value to veterinarians engaged in meat inspection, with their supervisory roles in meat hygiene. The manual, well illustrated, is published in detachable modules and also serves as a training resource. The Codex Alimentarius "Draft code of hygienic practice for meat" is included as an appendix.

What's the Matter with Meat? (Paperback): Katy Keiffer What's the Matter with Meat? (Paperback)
Katy Keiffer
R279 R228 Discovery Miles 2 280 Save R51 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

What's the Matter with Meat? draws back the curtain that obscures the true costs of indus-trialized meat production. The book exposes how the industry is expanding worldwide ata rapid pace, with just a few large companies monopolizing the majority of the market. This global survey of factory-produced meat examines the practices of the industry in five major production centres: the usa, Europe, Brazil, Australia and Asia. The system generates enormous corporate profits while providing very low prices to consumers, but has an outsized and often negative impact on surrounding communities. Katy Keiffer focuses on issues such as labour, genetics, animal welfare and environmental degradation, as well as probing less-reported topics such as 'land grabs', where predator companies acquire property in foreign nations for meat production, frequently at the expense of local agriculture. The current industry model is simply not feasible for the future, as our planet will soon run out of the resources required to raise animals on such a scale. A salutary, hard-hitting critique of the meat-producing industry and its harmful effects, this book exhorts consumers to resist the lure of cheap meat and encourages governments to foster alternative methods, and the industry itself to amend its practices. This book is not about telling people to stop eating meat. Rather, by exposing current industry practices we can all be aware of the perils of supporting the system; instead of urging people to avoid meat, it proposes that we demand and pay for better meat.

Asheville Beer - An Intoxicating History of Mountain Brewing (Hardcover): Anne Fitten Glenn Asheville Beer - An Intoxicating History of Mountain Brewing (Hardcover)
Anne Fitten Glenn; Foreword by Zane Lamprey
R828 R643 Discovery Miles 6 430 Save R185 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Canned - The Rise and Fall of Consumer Confidence in the American Food Industry (Paperback): Anna Zeide Canned - The Rise and Fall of Consumer Confidence in the American Food Industry (Paperback)
Anna Zeide
R688 R623 Discovery Miles 6 230 Save R65 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

History | Food Studies A century and a half ago, when the food industry was first taking root, few consumers trusted packaged foods. Americans had just begun to shift away from eating foods that they grew themselves or purchased from neighbors. With the advent of canning, consumers were introduced to foods produced by unknown hands and packed in corrodible metal that seemed to defy the laws of nature by resisting decay. Since that unpromising beginning, the American food supply has undergone a revolution, moving away from a system based on fresh, locally grown goods to one dominated by packaged foods. How did this come to be? How did we learn to trust that food preserved within an opaque can was safe and desirable to eat? Anna Zeide reveals the answers through the story of the canning industry, taking us on a journey to understand how food industry leaders leveraged the powers of science, marketing, and politics to win over a reluctant public, even as consumers resisted at every turn.

American Tuna - The Rise and Fall of an Improbable Food (Hardcover, New): Andrew F Smith American Tuna - The Rise and Fall of an Improbable Food (Hardcover, New)
Andrew F Smith
R998 Discovery Miles 9 980 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In a lively account of the American tuna industry over the past century, celebrated food writer and scholar Andrew F. Smith relates how tuna went from being sold primarily as a fertilizer to becoming the most commonly consumed fish in the country. In "American Tuna," the so-called "chicken of the sea" is both the subject and the backdrop for other facets of American history: U.S. foreign policy, immigration and environmental politics, and dietary trends.
Smith recounts how tuna became a popular low-cost high-protein food beginning in 1903, when the first can rolled off the assembly line. By 1918, skyrocketing sales made it one of America's most popular seafoods. In the decades that followed, the American tuna industry employed thousands, yet at at mid-century production started to fade. Concerns about toxic levels of methylmercury, by-catch issues, and over-harvesting all contributed to the demise of the industry today, when only three major canned tuna brands exist in the United States, all foreign owned. A remarkable cast of characters-- fishermen, advertisers, immigrants, epicures, and environmentalists, among many others--populate this fascinating chronicle of American tastes and the forces that influence them.

Nanobrewery U.S.A. - A Chronicle of America's Nanobrewery Beer Phenomena (Paperback): Dan Woodske Nanobrewery U.S.A. - A Chronicle of America's Nanobrewery Beer Phenomena (Paperback)
Dan Woodske
R200 Discovery Miles 2 000 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

We've all heard of Microbreweries...but what about the Nanobrewery? Up until about 2007 they were pretty much non-existent, today they are popping up almost across the country. These "nanos" are VERY small breweries sometimes brewing only 10 gallons of beer a batch. They are also pumping out some of the most unique beer on the planet. This book takes a look at nanobreweries across the U.S.A, talking to the brewers behind the phenomena and giving you a rundown of where you can sample some nanobrewery beer. You'll even get a take from local fans of a few of the breweries listed. By the end of the book you'll understand that beer is getting more and more local by the day and these are the people leading the charge. The author of the book, Dan Woodske, is also a nanobrewery owner and provides a unique perspective on this segment of the beer market and its explosive growth.

The International Sugar Agreements - Promise and Reality (Paperback, New): The International Sugar Agreements - Promise and Reality (Paperback, New)
R1,193 R1,085 Discovery Miles 10 850 Save R108 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Large fluctuations in the price of primary-in particular agricultural-commodities began to receive the attention of economists and public affairs leaders at the beginning of the twentieth century. The world economic depression of the 1930s gave a new impetus to the concerns and to proposals for countering what became known as the problem of "excessive price fluctuations," especially of commodities in international trade. Several options were investigated, including: extended agreements for the purchase and sale of commodities; buffer stock; preferably internationally managed export quotas; or various combinations of these three. After World War II, proposals for international action to alleviate the problem became widespread. Under the guidance of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), International Commodity Agreements (ICAs) were presented as a solution to the world's economic ills and problems, especially for lower income countries. Five full-fledged ICAs-- for wheat, sugar, coffee, tin, and cacao -- were negotiated and put into effect. In addition, international consultative discussion "groups" were established for a large number of commodities, especially under the auspices of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). However, reality did not follow the promises of theory. During the 1980s every one of the five ICAs collapsed, some with devastating economic consequences. Among the ICAs, the Market Management Agreements on sugar had the longest existence, involved the largest number of countries, and were the best administered, but still did not survive. This volume, an insider's story on the negotiations and administration of the agreements on sugar, isthe first detailed analysis of the rise and fall of an ICA . Viton presents a unique history of the sugar ICA and discusses the inevitable shortsightedness of long-term international economic management while contending that creating arrangements that promote international study and discussion about commodity developments and problems may be more productive in the long run.

Philadelphia Beer - A Heady History of Brewing in the Cradle of Liberty (Paperback): Rich Wagner Philadelphia Beer - A Heady History of Brewing in the Cradle of Liberty (Paperback)
Rich Wagner
R464 R376 Discovery Miles 3 760 Save R88 (19%) Out of stock

The finely aged history of Philadelphia brewing has been fermenting since before the crack appeared in the Liberty Bell. By the time thirsty immigrants made the city the birthplace of the American lager in the nineteenth century, Philadelphia was already on the leading edge of the country's brewing technology and production. Today, the City of Brotherly Love continues to foster that enterprising spirit of innovation with an enviable community of bold new brewers, beer aficionados and brewing festivals. Pennsylvania brewery historian Rich Wagner takes readers on a satisfying journey from the earliest ale brewers and the heyday of lager beer through the dismally dry years of Prohibition and into the current craft-brewing renaissance to discover and celebrate the untapped history of Philadelphia beer.

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