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Mr Cardiff City - The Autobiography of Phil 'Joe' Dwyer (Hardcover): Phil Dwyer Mr Cardiff City - The Autobiography of Phil 'Joe' Dwyer (Hardcover)
Phil Dwyer
R476 Discovery Miles 4 760 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This is the autobiography of former Welsh international footballer Phil 'Joe' Dwyer, who played over 450 games for Cardiff City.

Barca - The inside story of the world's greatest football club (Hardcover): Simon Kuper Barca - The inside story of the world's greatest football club (Hardcover)
Simon Kuper
R480 Discovery Miles 4 800 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

'This is a masterfully written history of the world's greatest football club. Mes que un book!' - GARY LINEKER From the bestselling co-author of Soccernomics comes the story of how FC Barcelona became the most successful football club in the world - and how that envied position now hangs in the balance. Barca is not just the world's most popular sports club, it is simply one of the most influential organisations on the planet. With almost 250 million followers on social media and 4 million visitors to its Camp Nou stadium each year, there's little wonder its motto is 'More than a club'. But it was not always so. In the past three decades, Barcelona has transformed from regional team to global powerhouse, becoming a model of sporting excellence and a consistent winner of silverware. Simon Kuper unravels exactly how these transformations took place. He outlines the organisational structure behind the club's business decisions, and details the work of its coaches, medics, data analysts and nutritionists who have revolutionised the sporting world. And, of course, he studies the towering influence of the club's two greatest legends, Johan Cruyff and Lionel Messi. Like many leading global businesses, FC Barcelona closely guards its secrets, granting few outsiders a view behind the scenes. But, after decades of writing about the sport and the club, Kuper was given unprecedented access to the inner sanctum and to the people who strive daily to keep Barcelona at the top. Erudite, personal, and capturing all the latest successes and upheavals, his portrait of this incredible institution goes beyond football to understand Barca as a unique social, cultural, and political phenomenon. "I began my research thinking I was going to be explaining Barca's rise to greatness, and I have, but I've also ended up charting the decline and fall."

At the End of the Storm - Stories from Liverpool's Historic Title Win (Paperback, New in Paperback): James Pearce, Oliver... At the End of the Storm - Stories from Liverpool's Historic Title Win (Paperback, New in Paperback)
James Pearce, Oliver Kay, Simon Hughes
R389 R328 Discovery Miles 3 280 Save R61 (16%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days
Baugh to Brady - The Evolution of the Forward Pass (Hardcover): Lew Freedman Baugh to Brady - The Evolution of the Forward Pass (Hardcover)
Lew Freedman
R619 R521 Discovery Miles 5 210 Save R98 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The quarterback pass is one of the leading offensive components of today's National Football League and college football's top level of play. This was not always the case. In early American football, the strategy focused entirely on advancing the ball one running play at a time, with the player tucking the then-roundish ball on his hip and sprinting ahead until tackled by a swarm of defenders. The revolution that transformed the sport began in 1906, when passing was first legalized. The passing weapon made the game safer, altered strategy, turned the quarterback into a key offensive player, and made possible the high-scoring games of today. Lew Freedman traces football's passing game from its inception to the present, telling the tale through the stories of the quarterbacks whose arms carried (and threw) the changes forward. Freedman relies especially on the biography of i?1/2Slingin' Sammyi?1/2 BaughaEURO"who hailed from Sweetwater, TexasaEURO"as a framework. Baugh, perhaps the greatest all-around football player in history, came along at just the right time to elevate the passing game to unprecedented importance in the eyes of the sports world.

The Greatest Escape - The Craziest Season in West Ham United's History (Paperback): Daniel Hurley The Greatest Escape - The Craziest Season in West Ham United's History (Paperback)
Daniel Hurley
R453 R379 Discovery Miles 3 790 Save R74 (16%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days

As a football fan, there are those seasons which remain indelibly inscribed in the memory. Simply unforgettable. The 2006/07 season remains one of those for fans of West Ham United. A season that began with such promise: Alan Pardew signed two genuine world-class players ahead of the kick-off, but little did the Argentinian pair of Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano know they joined a season-long relegation battle. Roll forward to the business end, and with nine matches left to play the Hammers looked doomed. Seven wins from those nine made it arguably the greatest escape in English top-flight history. A season so memorable for all the wrong reasons: going two months without a goal; 11 games without a win; snatching defeat from the jaws of victory against your biggest rivals. Then having survived, on the final day by winning at Old Trafford, extra-time in the courts, with the rest of football saying you had cheated, and the table did lie. The Greatest Escape is the story of the highs, lows and controversies that were the 2006/07 season.

Harry Kane: The Ultimate Fan Book (Hardcover): Adrian Besley Harry Kane: The Ultimate Fan Book (Hardcover)
Adrian Besley 1
R230 R172 Discovery Miles 1 720 Save R58 (25%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Harry Kane: The Ultimate Fan Book takes you into the England superstar's world like no other book. Feared and respected as a goalscorer across England and Europe, Harry has been a prolific marksman where ever he has played. Born in London on 28 July 1993, he made his debut, for Tottenham on 25 August 2011, aged 18. He captained England to their first FIFA World Cup semi-final for 28 years in Russia and went onto winning the FIFA World CUp 2018 Golden Boot as top scorer with six goals. Written in a lively style and filled with fun features, fantastic photographs and enlightening quotes, Harry Kane: The Ultimate Fan Book celebrates his greatest moments and most famous goals, including the goals which have made him one of the world's most watchable superstars.

Match! Real Madrid Annual 2020 (Hardcover): Pillar Box Red Publishing Match! Real Madrid Annual 2020 (Hardcover)
Pillar Box Red Publishing 1
R249 R108 Discovery Miles 1 080 Save R141 (57%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days
Football Hackers - The Science and Art of a Data Revolution (Paperback): Christoph Biermann Football Hackers - The Science and Art of a Data Revolution (Paperback)
Christoph Biermann
R396 R331 Discovery Miles 3 310 Save R65 (16%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days

Well written and thoughtful. Takes us on a tour of some of Europe's most innovative football thinkers - Financial Times The future of football is now. Football's data revolution has only just begun. The arrival of advanced metrics and detailed analysis is already reshaping the modern game. We can now fully assess player performance, analyse the role of luck and measure what really leads to victory. There is no turning back. Now the race is on between football's wealthiest clubs and a group of outsiders, nerds and rule-breakers, who are turning the game on its head with their staggering innovations. Winning is no longer just about what happens out on the pitch, it's now a battle taking place in boardrooms and on screens across international borders with the world's brightest minds driving for an edge over their fiercest rivals. Christoph Biermann has moved in the midst of these disruptive upheavals, talking to scientists, coaches, managers, scouts and psychologists in the world's major clubs, traveling across Europe and the US and revealing the hidden - and often jaw-dropping - truths behind the beautiful game. 'A book full of exciting ideas and inside views on modern football. The most exciting book in an exciting time for football.' Thomas Hitzlsperger

Soccer in the Middle East (Paperback): Alon Raab, Issam Khalidi Soccer in the Middle East (Paperback)
Alon Raab, Issam Khalidi
R999 Discovery Miles 9 990 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This collection explores the multifaceted connections between soccer and society in the Middle East. It examines the social significance of soccer and its importance to individuals and the collectivity. Shaped and influenced by such forces as religion, colonialism, nation-building and globalization, the game is a source of both conflict and peace. Soccer is a vital part of the Middle East's cultural and political fabric. The chapters in this volume include an essay on the leading role played by fans and players during the Arab Spring revolts; anthropological studies of women players in Iraqi Kurdistan, obstacles faced and overcome; reports centered on the politics of Turkish fans; a survey of the political affiliations of Lebanese clubs; studies of pre-1948 Palestinian sport; and portrayals of Arab athletes in the Israeli media during the second Intifada and how they reflect shifting political realities and attitudes. The themes of this book are addressed through individual accounts, sociological studies, philosophical speculations and selections culled from literature. This collection offers fresh insights into the hope that soccer can provide, demonstrated recently by the successes of the Iraqi national team, suggesting possibilities of unity and solidarity in a fractured land. In the complex, dynamic and politically fraught societies of the Middle East, soccer captures the imagination and embodies the values and dreams of its followers in multiple configurations. This book was originally published as a special issue of Soccer & Society.

R342 R286 Discovery Miles 2 860 Save R56 (16%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days
Soccer in Brazil (Paperback): Martin Curi Soccer in Brazil (Paperback)
Martin Curi
R995 Discovery Miles 9 950 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

No other national stereotype in the world is so closely tied with a sport, as Brazil is with football. The five-time world champions have constructed their national identity around this sport. Perhaps for this reason it's no wonder that there are many Brazilian social scientists doing research on this theme. The first part of this volume is dedicated to the history of Brazilian football. The main question is how did football become so popular in the country? It also looks at other interesting historical developments in Brazilian football history up to this day. The second part considers current phenomena, especially the place of Brazilian football in a globalized world: What are the consequences of an extremely commercialized and mediatized sport on a developing country? How does Brazil figure as the main supplying country of football talents? How does the population feel about seeing their players in Europe instead of their own country? Finally, the book will conclude with a critique of a documentary film about a Brazilian national team game in Haiti which was part of the Brazilian army's blue helmet mission. The game was used as a political instrument, revealing the importance of this sport in attaining a political position for Brazil in the world. This book was previously published as a special issue of Soccer and Society.

Football Muti (Hardcover): Robin Goode Football Muti (Hardcover)
Robin Goode
R486 Discovery Miles 4 860 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Just in time for the 2010 World Cup, Robin Goode's photographic documentation on football seeks to show the inherent purity of the beautiful game by capturing, at grassroots level, Africa's relationship with this most popular of sports. Goode has realised that the beauty and purity of the game can be found, far from the money and celebrity it sometimes brings to mind, in the children of the poorest places on earth. Muti, both a social documentary and photographic journey, highlights not only Africa's passion for football, but also the maladies that beset the continent, and football's potential role as a balm for those maladies. The Muti project aims at raising money to supply children's charities with much-needed medicine.

Juve! - 100 Years of an Italian Football Dynasty (Hardcover): Herbie Sykes Juve! - 100 Years of an Italian Football Dynasty (Hardcover)
Herbie Sykes
R475 R379 Discovery Miles 3 790 Save R96 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

'Superbly entertaining and incisive' - TLS The definitive history of the iconic football club: the glory, the scandal, the stars and its enduring influence on Italian life. Juventus utterly dominates the Italian game. Home to some of the biggest names in sport, it has won title after title, trophy after trophy. However, parallel to the success and myth, there's a murkier reality. For one hundred years the club and its billionaire owners, the Agnelli family, have been synonymous with match-fixing, doping, political chicanery and more. While La Vecchia Signora remains Italy's best-supported team, it's also its most despised. Juve! charts the story of Italy's great sporting dynasty, chronicling the triumphs and tragedies of the Agnellis, and of the icons - Boniperti, Del Piero, Ronaldo - who have been their sporting emissaries for almost a century. The pride of Italy or its dark heart? Footballing colossus or vanity project? With this unique institution, as with so much about life in Italy, things are seldom black and white... **A FINANCIAL TIMES BEST BOOK OF 2020**

Six Foot Two, Eyes OF Blue... - The Authorised Biography of Jim Holton (Paperback): Colin Leslie Six Foot Two, Eyes OF Blue... - The Authorised Biography of Jim Holton (Paperback)
Colin Leslie; Foreword by Jan Holton
R293 R207 Discovery Miles 2 070 Save R86 (29%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days
QPR Player by Player (Hardcover): Ian Welch QPR Player by Player (Hardcover)
Ian Welch; As told to John Marks
R392 R309 Discovery Miles 3 090 Save R83 (21%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

QPR Player by Player contains the details of every player who has played a competitive match for Queens Park Rangers since 1899 from the club's entry into the Southern League. It gives personal details, statistical records whilst at the club, plus a brief biography per entry. Whether you're looking for the players who appeared for a matter of minutes or those who made more than 100 appearances, they're listed here. Previously available in 2003 this has been updated with additional players for the club added. From Rodney Marsh through to Andy Sinton, QPR Player by Player is a great reference book for all fans of the club.

Reboot - My Life, My Time (Hardcover): Michael Owen Reboot - My Life, My Time (Hardcover)
Michael Owen 1
R539 R446 Discovery Miles 4 460 Save R93 (17%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days
The National League 1979-2020 (Paperback): Michael Robinson The National League 1979-2020 (Paperback)
Michael Robinson
R194 Discovery Miles 1 940 Ships in 12 - 17 working days
A Year and a Day - How the Lisbon Lions Conquered Europe (Hardcover): Graham McColl A Year and a Day - How the Lisbon Lions Conquered Europe (Hardcover)
Graham McColl 1
R528 R363 Discovery Miles 3 630 Save R165 (31%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Celtic's greatest side became European champions in 1967, but if you think you know their history - think again. This is their tale as never told before. The remarkable story of how Jock Stein brought together a group of local lads, engaging on their first European Cup campaign, and led them all the way to the top will never be repeated. As they progressed, they continued to challenge on four fronts, giving new pride to the city of Glasgow, and creating a legend that resonates still, fifty years on. A Year and a Day provides unprecedented detail on the twelve months that brought such unique success. Discover which Clyde player almost became a Lisbon Lion and who he would have replaced. Learn how Jock Stein got his prediction for the final horribly wrong and even what the Lions had for breakfast on the great day. Find out who spirited away the match ball - and keeps it to this day - at the end of Celtic's tumultuous quarter-final with Vojvodina. The book includes an excruciatingly honest interview with Jimmy Johnstone, Celtic's greatest player, previously unpublished in full. The other Lisbon Lions also have their say, and here too, for the first time, are extensive interviews with representatives of all of the opponents that Celtic faced on the way to Lisbon, providing frank and shocking insights. Teeming with fresh material, this book scrutinises every step Celtic took on the way to winning the European Cup. Even the players who won the great trophy will discover in these pages new revelations about how they emerged triumphant. It is the last word on their magnificent achievement.

Aston Villa on This Day - History, Facts & Figures from Every Day of the Year (Hardcover): Brian Beard Aston Villa on This Day - History, Facts & Figures from Every Day of the Year (Hardcover)
Brian Beard
R260 R113 Discovery Miles 1 130 Save R147 (57%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Aston Villa On This Day revisits all the most magical and memorable moments from the club's distinguished past, mixing in a maelstrom of quirky anecdotes and legendary characters to produce an irresistibly dippable diary of Villa history - with an entry for every day of the year. From the club's Victorian foundation by the congregation of Handsworth's Villa Cross Wesleyan Chapel through to the Premier League era, Villa's rollercoaster history takes in FA Cup glory from the Victorian age to the 1950s, Third Division ignominy in the early '70s followed by league championship success just a decade later, all crowned by European Cup victory in Rotterdam. Pivotal historic events such as Villa committee man William McGregor's founding of the Football League form a backdrop against which Villa Park heroes - Archie Hunter, Pongo Waring and Peter McParland, Andy Gray, David Platt and Paul McGrath - all loom larger than life.

From Football to Soccer - The Early History of the Beautiful Game in the United States (Paperback): Brian D. Bunk From Football to Soccer - The Early History of the Beautiful Game in the United States (Paperback)
Brian D. Bunk
R477 Discovery Miles 4 770 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Rediscovering soccer's long history in the U.S. Across North America, native peoples and colonists alike played a variety of kicking games long before soccer's emergence in the late 1800s. Brian D. Bunk examines the development and social impact of these sports through the rise of professional soccer after World War I. As he shows, the various games called football gave women an outlet as athletes and encouraged men to form social bonds based on educational experience, occupation, ethnic identity, or military service. Football also followed young people to college as higher education expanded in the nineteenth century. University play, along with the arrival of immigrants from the British Isles, helped spark the creation of organized soccer in the United States-and the beautiful game's transformation into a truly international sport. A multilayered look at one game's place in American life, From Football to Soccer refutes the notion of the U.S. as a land outside of football history.

Blood and Circuses - Football and the Fight for Europe's Rebel Republics (Hardcover): Rob O'Connor Blood and Circuses - Football and the Fight for Europe's Rebel Republics (Hardcover)
Rob O'Connor
R404 Discovery Miles 4 040 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

In the last decade of the twentieth century, Eastern Europe was plunged into chaos following the disintegration of the Soviet and Yugoslav regimes. Politicians who had once jostled for power on the periphery of the Communist world suddenly became engaged in bloody campaigns as military frontiers sprang up across the region and new nations attempted to assert themselves. Journalist Robert O'Connor follows those peoples for whom sovereignty and freedom have come at the highest price, telling their stories from the perspective of the ultimate laboratory of social science, the football pitch. For these communities, football has been used both as an act of resistance and as an act of rebuilding. In Blood and Circuses, O'Connor embarks on an odyssey through the conflict zones of Eastern Europe's rebel republics to investigate the role that football has played in the bloody inter-ethnic wars in eight of the region's disputed territories. He discovers how in this part of the world the beautiful game has served as a platform for the expression of identity and an outlet through which to escape the hail of bullets and the iron fist of repression.

The Working Man's Ballet (Paperback): Alan Hudson The Working Man's Ballet (Paperback)
Alan Hudson; Introduction by John King; Afterword by Martin Knight
R346 R293 Discovery Miles 2 930 Save R53 (15%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days
Supporting Arsenal Is a Funny Old Game - Seriously Funny, Yet Funnily Serious (Hardcover): Dave Seager Supporting Arsenal Is a Funny Old Game - Seriously Funny, Yet Funnily Serious (Hardcover)
Dave Seager
R538 R482 Discovery Miles 4 820 Save R56 (10%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Arsenal is a glamourous club - a global brand that has always attracted the rich and famous - British Royalty, Pop icons, Olympians and Hollywood stars have all rubbed shoulders at matches down the years. However, there is one breed of celebrity which Arsenal have lured in bizarrely high proportions... COMEDIANS! Our book features a vast array of Gooner Comedy Royalty, interviewing them about the passion and support for Arsenal FC - from international super-star funny men Paul Kaye and Matt Lucas, the elder statesmen such as Clive Anderson, Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran, through to the current sitcom, panel show and stand-up kings, including Alan Davies, Romesh Ranganathan, Hugh Dennis, Ian Stone, Dara O'Briain, Milton Jones, Tom Rosenthal and Alex Brooker... Plus Gary Marshall, Chris Martin and Jim Campbell.

Football Fans, Activism and Social Change (Hardcover): Dino Numerato Football Fans, Activism and Social Change (Hardcover)
Dino Numerato
R3,202 Discovery Miles 32 020 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The study of football fandom is a fast-growing area of research in the sociology of sport. The first work of its kind, this book explores football fan activism and its impact on contemporary football culture in England, Italy and the Czech Republic. Presenting a comparative study of fan activism in national and transnational contexts, it explores the characteristics of each country's football fan culture as well as the varying and at times volatile dynamics between fans, authorities and the mass media. Its chapters address key themes and issues including: fans' reactions to policing and security measures in football stadiums; the socio-cultural significance of symbols and rituals for fans at football games; and fans' critical engagement with football club ownership and management. Offering original insights into the power of fan activism to influence social change, this book has wider implications for understanding social movements in other cultural and political spheres beyond Europe. Football Fans, Activism and Social Change is fascinating reading for all students, scholars and football fans with an interest in sport studies, fan culture, politics and society.

You're Better Than That! - How To Fix Modern Football (Paperback): Chris Sutton You're Better Than That! - How To Fix Modern Football (Paperback)
Chris Sutton 1
R355 R284 Discovery Miles 2 840 Save R71 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

"A manifesto to cure modern football's cornucopia of ills." - i paper "As a player and pundit I've seen and experienced plenty of the good, the bad and the ugly. And let's get face facts - there is still plenty of the bad and ugly. Our game can be so much better, and in this book I'll tell you just how." In his trademark tell-it-like-it-is style, Chris sets his sights on 25 aspects of the modern game that need fixing. From ridiculous rules and feckless agents to dreaded VAR and abusive fans, no subject is out of bounds. Discover which managers Sutton slams for giving bland post-match interviews, which clubs are fleecing their fans and why he believes Messi and Ronaldo aren't as good as Best and Maradona. In You're Better Than That! Sutton also reveals who has bagged a spot in his top 10 lists - from the best-value players and most entertaining teams, to the most underrated players and best FA Cup moments. A former top-level pro player with a 16-year, trophy-laden career behind him, Chris knows the game from the inside out. Now observing from the commentator's perch, his perspective is shot through with experience, passion and occasionally a little anger. Sutton is a man on a mission, determined to get under the skin of the game he loves and to call out exactly what's going wrong.

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