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Anthropological Explorations in Queer Theory (Hardcover, New Ed): Mark Graham Anthropological Explorations in Queer Theory (Hardcover, New Ed)
Mark Graham
R2,973 Discovery Miles 29 730 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Anthropological Explorations in Queer Theory offers a wide ranging fusion of queer theory with anthropological theory, shifting away from the discussion of gender categories and identities that have often constituted a central concern of queer theory and instead exploring the queer elements of contexts in which they are not normally apparent. Engaging with a number of apparently 'non-sexual' topics, including embodiment and fieldwork, regimes of value, gifts and commodities, diversity discourses, biological essentialisms, intersectionality, the philosophy of Bergson and Deleuze, and the representation of heterosexuality in popular culture, this book moves to discuss central concerns of contemporary anthropology, drawing on both the latest anthropological research as well as classic theories. In broadening the field of queer anthropology and opening queer theory to a number of new themes, both empirical and theoretical, Anthropological Explorations in Queer Theory will appeal not only to anthropologists and queer theorists, but also to geographers and sociologists concerned with questions of ontology, materiality and gender and sexuality.

Nancy Now (Paperback): Verena Conley, Irving Goh Nancy Now (Paperback)
Verena Conley, Irving Goh
R445 Discovery Miles 4 450 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Jean-Luc Nancy stands as one of the great French theorists of "deconstruction." His writings on philosophy, politics, aesthetics, and religion have significantly contributed to the development of contemporary French thought and helped shape and transform the field of continental philosophy. Through Nancy's immense oeuvre, which covers a wide range of topics such as community, freedom, existence, sense/ touch, democracy, Christianity, the visual arts and music, and writing itself, we have learned to take stock of the world in a more nuanced fashion. In this collection, contemporaries of Nancy and eminent scholars of continental philosophy, including Giorgio Agamben, Etienne Balibar, Ginette Michaud, Georges Van Den Abbeele, Gregg Lambert and Ian James, have been invited to reflect on the force of Nancy's "deconstruction" and how it has affected, or will affect, the ways we approach many of the most pertinent topics in contemporary philosophy. The collection also includes Jean-Luc Nancy's previously unpublished 'Dialogue Beneath the Ribs', where he reflects, twenty years after, on his heart transplant. Nancy Now will be of critical interest not only to scholars working on or with Nancy's philosophy, but also to those interested in the development and future of French thought.

Miguel de Unamuno's Quest for Faith - A Kierkegaardian Understanding of Unamuno's Struggle to Believe (Paperback,... Miguel de Unamuno's Quest for Faith - A Kierkegaardian Understanding of Unamuno's Struggle to Believe (Paperback, New)
Jane Evans
R532 Discovery Miles 5 320 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Miguel de Unamuno (1864 - 1936) was a extraordinary Spanish thinker, a philosopher, linguist, poet, novelist, short story writer, essayist, playwright, professor, university administrator, and Spanish public intellectual. He had great intellectual integrity and moral courage. Unamuno is not an easy philosopher to read. He loved paradoxes and even (at times) contradictions. Various interpreters have called him an atheist, a sceptic, a Protestant, a pantheist, a Catholic modernist, and a good Catholic. Passages can be found in his writings that can be taken to support all of these interpretations. In the present book, Jan E. Evans does an incisive and thorough job of sorting through the Unamuno corpus and arriving at a definitive interpretation of his views. One great asset of Evans' work is the insight she gains by comparing Unamuno's works with the philosophers whom he admired most and considered his fellow travellers in the tragic sense of life. These include Blaise Pascal (1623 - 1662), William James (1842 - 1910), and especially Soren Kierkegaard (1813 - 1855). This book examines the life and work of Unamuno through the lens of his faith. Those who are not familiar with Unamuno will find here a clear exposition of the most important themes in the thinker's work along with a framework through which one can profitably begin to read the primary texts.

The Notion of Authority (Paperback): Alexandre Kojeve The Notion of Authority (Paperback)
Alexandre Kojeve
R351 Discovery Miles 3 510 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

"In The Notion of Authority, written in the 1940s in Nazi-occupied France, Alexandre Kojeve uncovers the conceptual premises of four primary models of authority, examining the practical application of their derivative variations from the Enlightenment to Vichy France. This foundational text, translated here into English for the first time, is the missing piece in any discussion of sovereignty and political authority, worthy of a place alongside the work of Weber, Arendt, Schmitt, Agamben or Dumezil. The Notion of Authority is a short and sophisticated introduction to Kojeve's philosophy of right. It captures its author's intellectual interests at a time when he was retiring from the career of a professional philosopher and was about to become one of the pioneers of the Common Market and the idea of the European Union."

Baudrillard Now - Current Perspectives in Baudrillard Studies (Paperback): Ryan Bishop Baudrillard Now - Current Perspectives in Baudrillard Studies (Paperback)
Ryan Bishop
R419 Discovery Miles 4 190 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The writings of Jean Baudrillard have dramatically altered the face of critical theory and promise to pose challenges well into the 21st century. His work on simulation, media, the status of the image, the system of objects, hyperreality, and information technology continues to influence intellectual work in a diverse set of fields. This volume uniquely provides overviews of Baudrillard's career while also simultaneously including examples of current works on and with Baudrillard that engage some of the many and varied ways Baudrillard's work is being addressed, deployed, and critiqued in the present. As such, it offers chapters useful to the novice and the well-versed in critical theory and Baudrillard Studies alike. Contributors to the volume include John Armitage, John Beck, Ryan Bishop, Doug Kellner, John Phillips and Mark Poster. No less controversial today than he was in the past, Baudrillard continues to divide intellectuals and academicians, an issue this volume addresses by re-engaging the writing itself without falling into either simplistic dismissal or solipsistic cheerleading, but rather by taking the fecundity operative in the thought and meeting its consistent challenge. "Baudrillard Now" provokes sustained interaction with one of philosophy's most important, provocative and stimulating thinkers.

Durkheim - Essays on Morals and Education (Paperback): W.S.F. Pickering Durkheim - Essays on Morals and Education (Paperback)
W.S.F. Pickering
R869 Discovery Miles 8 690 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Emile Durkheim, whose writings still exert a great influence over sociological thought, has often been called the father of the sociology of education. He lectured extensively on the subject, and was convinced of its necessary place in social theory. But his work cannot be fully understood unless it is realized that he had an overriding concern form morals. He saw the relationship between morals and education as almost that of theory to practice, yet he never wrote a systematic work on the subject of morals, although for some time he planned such a book and managed just before he died in 1917 to write the opening introduction. This collection of Durkheim's work on morals and education brings together many items translated into English for the first time. A wide selection of articles, reviews and discussions has been included in this book, covering such subjects as, defining morals, the science of morality, moral facts, relativism, the relation of science to morality; and in education, problems of definition, childhood, sex education, Rousseau's 'Emile', teaching secular morality and the effectiveness of moral doctrines. The book also included an introduction to each of the two sections, as well as bibliographies which deal with Durkheim's own works on morals and education, together with those covering references to his writing on these subjects written by others.

Heidegger and the Work of Art History (Hardcover, New Ed): Amanda Boetzkes, Aron Vinegar Heidegger and the Work of Art History (Hardcover, New Ed)
Amanda Boetzkes, Aron Vinegar
R3,124 Discovery Miles 31 240 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Heidegger and the Work of Art History explores the impact and future possibilities of Heidegger's philosophy for art history and visual culture in the twenty-first century. Scholars from the fields of art history, visual and material studies, design, philosophy, aesthetics and new media pursue diverse lines of thinking that have departed from Heidegger's work in order to foster compelling new accounts of works of art and their historicity. This collected book of essays also shows how studies in the history and theory of the visual enrich our understanding of Heidegger's philosophy. In addition to examining the philosopher's lively collaborations with art historians, and how his longstanding engagement with the visual arts influenced his conceptualization of history, the essays in this volume consider the ontological and ethical implications of our encounters with works of art, the visual techniques that form worlds, how to think about 'things' beyond human-centred relationships, the moods, dispositions, and politics of art's history, and the terms by which we might rethink aesthetic judgment and the interpretation of the visible world, from the early modern period to the present day.

Walter Benjamin's First Philosophy - Experience, Ephemerality and Truth (Hardcover): Nathan Ross Walter Benjamin's First Philosophy - Experience, Ephemerality and Truth (Hardcover)
Nathan Ross
R2,971 Discovery Miles 29 710 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This book provides a study of Walter Benjamin's first philosophy in two senses: it focuses on his early philosophy as a source of insight into his later works, and it explores his thinking about the nature of truth, method, experience, the relation of body and mind, and the limits of human knowledge. While most attention is paid to Benjamin's later works, his writings from roughly 1914-1925 explore philosophical themes and develop a critical method. This book argues that this early work founds a series of original and lasting questions and insights. Benjamin understands experience as a broken continuum of diverse forms of spiritual expression, each of which is ephemeral. This leads Benjamin to a series of thought figures: the notion of language as a medium of experience; a philosophy of perception based in the natural history of the human body; an emphasis on mimesis as a faculty of creative assimilation; and a discovery of memory as a power for excavation of meaning in past experience. This book demonstrates that the need for a new understanding of the metaphysical structure of experience, as well as a new conception of truth, play a special role in shaping Benjamin's subsequent work. Walter Benjamin's First Philosophy will be of interest to scholars and advanced students working on the thought of Walter Benjamin, 20th-century Continental philosophy, comparative literature, and modern German thought.

Prison notebooks - Selections (Paperback, New edition): Antonio Gramsci Prison notebooks - Selections (Paperback, New edition)
Antonio Gramsci; Edited by Quintin Hoare; Translated by Geoffrey Nowell-Smith
R630 Discovery Miles 6 300 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Antonio Gramsci's Prison Notebooks, written between 1929 and 1935, are the work of one of the most original thinkers in twentieth century Europe. Gramsci has had a profound influence on debates about the relationship between politics and culture. His complex and fruitful approach to questions of ideology, power and change remains crucial for critical theory. This volume was the first selection published from the Notebooks to be made available in Britain, and was originally published in the early 1970s. It contains the most important of Gramsci's notebooks, including the texts of The Modern Prince, and Americanism and Fordism, and extensive notes on the state and civil society, Italian history and the role of intellectuals. 'Far the best informative apparatus available to any foreign language readership of Gramsci.' Perry Anderson, New Left Review 'A model of scholarship' New Statesman

Pluriverse - An Essay in the Philosophy of Pluralism (Hardcover): Benjamin Paul Blood Pluriverse - An Essay in the Philosophy of Pluralism (Hardcover)
Benjamin Paul Blood
R3,696 Discovery Miles 36 960 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Pluriverse, the final work of the American poet and philosopher Benjamin Paul Blood, was published posthumously in 1920. After an experience of the anaesthetic nitrous oxide during a dental operation, Blood came to the conclusion that his mind had been opened, that he had undergone a mystical experience, and that he had come to a realisation of the true nature of reality. This title is the fullest exposition of Blood's esoteric Christian philosophy-cum-theology, which, though deemed wildly eccentric by commentators both during his lifetime and later in the twentieth century, was nonetheless one of the most influential sources for American mystical-empiricism. In particular, Blood's thought was a major inspiration for William James, and can be seen to prefigure the latter's concept of Sciousness directly.

Kristeva (Paperback): Stacey Keltner Kristeva (Paperback)
Stacey Keltner
R469 Discovery Miles 4 690 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Julia Kristeva is one of the most creative and prolific writers to address the personal, social, and political trials of our times. Linguist, psychoanalyst, social and cultural theorist, and novelist, Kristeva's broad interdisciplinary appeal has impacted areas across the humanities and social sciences.

S. K. Keltner's book provides the first comprehensive introduction to the breadth of Kristeva's work. In an original and insightful analysis, Keltner presents Kristeva's thought as the coherent development and elaboration of a complex, multidimensional threshold constitutive of meaning and subjectivity. The 'threshold' indicates Kristeva's primary sphere of concern, the relationship between the speaking being and its particular social and historical conditions; and Kristeva's interdisciplinary approach. Kristeva's vision, Keltner argues, opens a unique perspective within contemporary discourses attentive to issues of meaning, subjectivity, and social and political life. By emphasizing Kristeva's attention to the permeable borders of psychic and social life, Keltner offers innovative readings of the concepts most widely discussed in Kristeva scholarship: the semiotic and symbolic, abjection, love, and loss. She also provides new interpretations of some of the most controversial issues surrounding Kristeva's work, including Kristeva's conceptions of intimacy, social and cultural difference, and Oedipal subjectivity, by contextualizing them within her methodological approach and oeuvre as a whole.

"Julia Kristeva: Thresholds" is an engaging and accessible introduction to Kristeva's theoretical and fictional works that will be of interest to both students and scholars across the humanities and social sciences.

My Friendship with Martin Buber (Hardcover): Maurice Friedman My Friendship with Martin Buber (Hardcover)
Maurice Friedman
R485 R403 Discovery Miles 4 030 Save R82 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This is a close and meditative consideration of a deeply intellectual friendship shared between two extraordinary thinkers, Jewish philosopher Martin Buber and scholar Maurice Friedman.

An Analysis of Martin Buber's I and Thou (Paperback): Simon Ravenscroft An Analysis of Martin Buber's I and Thou (Paperback)
Simon Ravenscroft
R171 R159 Discovery Miles 1 590 Save R12 (7%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days

Martin Buber's I and Thou argues that humans engage with the world in two ways. One is with the attitude of an 'I' towards an 'It', where the self stands apart from objects as items of experience or use. The other is with the attitude of an 'I' towards a 'Thou', where the self enters into real relation with other people, or nature, or God. Addressing modern technological society, Buber claims that while the 'I-It' attitude is necessary for existence, human life finds its meaning in personal relationships of the 'I-Thou' sort. I and Thou is Buber's masterpiece, the basis of his religious philosophy of dialogue, and among the most influential studies of the human condition in the 20th century.

The Study of Man - The Lindsay Memorial Lectures 1958 (Hardcover): Michael Polanyi The Study of Man - The Lindsay Memorial Lectures 1958 (Hardcover)
Michael Polanyi
R905 Discovery Miles 9 050 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Michael Polanyi (1891-1976) was an eminent theorist across the fields of philosophy, physical chemistry and economics. Elected to the Royal Society and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, his contributions to research in the social sciences, and his theories on positivism and knowledge, are of critical academic importance. The three lectures included in this comprehensive volume, first published in 1959, argue for Polanyi's principle of 'tacit knowing' as a fundamental component of knowledge. They were intended to accompany Polanyi's earlier work, Personal Knowledge, and as a tribute to the philosophical and educational work of Lord A. D. Lindsay.

Wittgenstein's Philosophy of Psychology (Hardcover): Malcolm Budd Wittgenstein's Philosophy of Psychology (Hardcover)
Malcolm Budd
R3,089 Discovery Miles 30 890 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

First published in 1989, this book tackles a relatively little-explored area of Wittgenstein's work, his philosophy of psychology, which played an important part in his late philosophy. Writing with clarity and insight, Budd traces the complexities of Wittgenstein's thought, and provides a detailed picture of his views on psychological concepts. A useful guide to the writings of Wittgenstein, the book will be of value to anyone concerned with his work as a whole, as well as those with a more general interest in the philosophy of psychology.

The History of Sexuality: 4 - Confessions of the Flesh (Hardcover): Robert Hurley The History of Sexuality: 4 - Confessions of the Flesh (Hardcover)
Robert Hurley; Michel Foucault
R595 R467 Discovery Miles 4 670 Save R128 (22%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

The final major work by one of the most influential thinkers of the twentieth century Foucault's History of Sexuality changed the way we think about power, selfhood and sexuality forever. Arguing that sexuality is profoundly shaped by the power structures applied to it, the series is one of his most important and far-reaching works. In this fourth and final volume, Foucault turns his attention to early Christianity, exploring how ancient ideas of pleasure were modified into the Christian notion of the 'flesh' - a transformation that would define the Western experience of sexuality and subjectivity. Completed at Foucault's death, the manuscript of this volume was locked away in a bank vault for three decades. Now for the first time, the work is available to English-language readers as the author originally conceived it.

Foucault's Strange Eros (Paperback): Lynne Huffer Foucault's Strange Eros (Paperback)
Lynne Huffer
R468 Discovery Miles 4 680 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

What is the strange eros that haunts Foucault's writing? In this deeply original consideration of Foucault's erotic ethics, Lynne Huffer provocatively rewrites Foucault as a Sapphic poet. She uncovers eros as a mode of thought that erodes the interiority of the thinking subject. Focusing on the ethical implications of this mode of thought, Huffer shows how Foucault's poetic archival method offers a way to counter the disciplining of speech. At the heart of this method is a conception of the archive as Sapphic: the past's remains are, like Sappho's verses, hole-ridden, scattered, and dissolved by time. Listening for eros across fragmented texts, Huffer stages a series of encounters within an archive of literary and theoretical readings: the eroticization of violence in works by Freud and Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, the historicity of madness in the Foucault-Derrida debate, the afterlives of Foucault's antiprison activism, and Monique Wittig's Sapphic materialism. Through these encounters, Foucault's Strange Eros conceives of ethics as experiments in living that work poetically to make the present strange. Crafting fragments that dissolve into Sapphic brackets, Huffer performs the ethics she describes in her own practice of experimental writing. Foucault's Strange Eros hints at the self-hollowing speech of an eros that opens a space for the strange.

Hand of the Engraver, The - Albert Flocon Meets Gaston Bachelard (Paperback): Hans-Joerg Rheinberger Hand of the Engraver, The - Albert Flocon Meets Gaston Bachelard (Paperback)
Hans-Joerg Rheinberger; Translated by Kate Sturge
R613 Discovery Miles 6 130 Ships in 12 - 17 working days
The Critique of Pure Reason (Paperback): Immanuel Kant The Critique of Pure Reason (Paperback)
Immanuel Kant
R218 Discovery Miles 2 180 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Science and Philosophy - And Other Essays (Hardcover): Bernard Bosanquet Science and Philosophy - And Other Essays (Hardcover)
Bernard Bosanquet
R4,179 Discovery Miles 41 790 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

First published in 1927, Science and Philosophy: And Other Essays is a collection of individual papers written by Bernard Bosanquet during his highly industrious philosophical life. The collection was put together by Bosanquet's wife after the death of the writer and remains mostly unaltered with just a few papers added and the order of entries improved. The papers here displayed consist of various contributions Bosanquet made to Mind, the Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, the International Journal of Ethics and other periodicals, as well as work from volumes of lectures and essays under his own or other editorship. Throughout the collection, Bosanquet considers the relationship between science and philosophy. The two subject areas became increasingly intertwined during Bosanquet's lifetime as scientific writers grew more interested in the philosophical investigation of the concepts which underlined their work and philosophical thinkers recognised the importance of the relationship between mathematics and logic as well as that between physics and metaphysics. The first essay in this volume discusses this idea explicitly and all subsequent articles may be regarded as essays in support of the main discussion with which the volume opens.

John Henry Muirhead - Reflections (Hardcover): John W. Harvey John Henry Muirhead - Reflections (Hardcover)
John W. Harvey
R3,092 Discovery Miles 30 920 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

First published in 1942, Reflections documents the life of John Henry Muirhead and the philosophical age that he observed. The first part of the volume derives from Muirhead's own autobiographical narrative, left unfinished when he died in May 1940. The second part features two final chapters written by John W. Harvey that comprehensively record the final stages of Muirhead's life. Harvey's chapters incorporate Muirhead's unfinished final years of commentary and begin at the man's retirement from Birmingham Chair in 1921. As a student and teacher of philosophy, Muirhead's life ran almost precisely parallel to what he himself refers to as 'one of the most vivid and important movements in British and American philosophy'. He came into contact with some of the age's primary thinkers and as such, his own autobiography is important in providing an insight into his contemporary philosophical environment.

Hegelian-Lacanian Variations on Late Modernity - Spectre of Madness (Hardcover): Alireza Taheri Hegelian-Lacanian Variations on Late Modernity - Spectre of Madness (Hardcover)
Alireza Taheri
R2,969 Discovery Miles 29 690 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The current rise in new religions and the growing popularity of New Ageism is concomitant with an increasingly anti-philosophical sentiment marking our contemporary situation. More specifically, it is philosophical and psychoanalytic reason that has lost standing faced with the triumph of post-secular "spirituality". Combatting this trend, this treatise develops a theoretical apparatus based on Hegelian speculative reason and Lacanian psychoanalysis. With the aid of this theoretical apparatus, the book argues how certain conceptual pairs appear opposed through an operation of misrecognition christened, following Hegel, as "diremption". The failure to reckon with identities-in-difference relegates the subject to more vicious contradictions that define central aspects of our contemporary predicament. The repeated thesis of the treatise is that the deadlocks marking our contemporary situation require renewed engagement with dialectical thinking beyond the impasses of common understanding. Only by embarking on this philosophical-psychoanalytic "path of despair" (Hegel) will we stand a chance of achieving "joyful wisdom" (Nietzsche). Developing a unique dialectical theory based on readings of Hegel, Lacan and Zizek, in order to address various philosophical and psychoanalytic questions, this book will be of great interest to anyone interested in German idealism and/or psychoanalytic theory.

The Morality of Punishment - With Some Suggestions for a General Theory of Ethics (Hardcover): Alfred C. Ewing The Morality of Punishment - With Some Suggestions for a General Theory of Ethics (Hardcover)
Alfred C. Ewing
R3,092 Discovery Miles 30 920 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

First published in 1929, this book explores the crucial, ethical question of the objects and the justification of punishment. Dr. A. C. Ewing considers both the retributive theory and the deterrent theory on the subject whilst remaining commendably unprejudiced. The book examines the views which emphasize the reformation of the offender and the education of the community as objects of punishment. It also deals with a theory of reward as a compliment to a theory of punishment. Dr. Ewing's treatment of the topics is philosophical yet he takes in to account the practical considerations that should determine the nature and the amount of the punishment to be inflicted in different types of cases. This book will be of great interest to students of philosophy, teachers and those who are interested in the concrete problems of punishment by the state. It is an original contribution to the study of a subject of great theoretical and practical importance.

Kant's Treatment of Causality (Hardcover): Alfred C. Ewing Kant's Treatment of Causality (Hardcover)
Alfred C. Ewing
R3,092 Discovery Miles 30 920 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

First published in 1924, this book examines one of the main philosophical debates of the period. Focusing on Kant's proof of causality, A.C. Ewing promotes its validity not only for the physical but also for the "psychological" sphere. The subject is of importance, for the problem of causality for Kant constituted the crucial test of his philosophy, the most significant of the Kantian categories. The author believes that Kant's statement of his proof, while too much bound up with other parts of his particular system of philosophy, may be restated "in a form which it can stand by itself and make a good claim for acceptance on all schools of thought".

Idealism - A Critical Survey (Hardcover): Alfred C. Ewing Idealism - A Critical Survey (Hardcover)
Alfred C. Ewing
R4,179 Discovery Miles 41 790 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

First published in 1934, this book evaluates the characteristic doctrines of the idealism which dominated philosophy during the last century. It seeks to combine realism, as to epistemology and physical objects, with a greater appreciation of views which emphasize the unity and rationality of the universe. This work is not a history and does not try to compete with any histories of idealism but it instead reaches an independent conclusion on certain philosophical problems by criticising what others have said. The book considers differing arguments in order to determine their validity.

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