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Contested Holy Cities - The Urban Dimension of Religious Conflicts (Hardcover): Michael Dumper Contested Holy Cities - The Urban Dimension of Religious Conflicts (Hardcover)
Michael Dumper
R3,085 Discovery Miles 30 850 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Examining contestation and conflict management within holy cities, this book provides both an overview and a range of options available to those concerned with this increasingly urgent phenomenon. In cities in India, the Balkans and the Mediterranean, we can see examples where religion plays a dominant role in urban development and thus provides a platform for conflict. Powerful religious hierarchies, the generation of often unregulated revenues from donations and endowments, the presence of holy sites and the enactment of ritualistic activities in public spaces combine to create forms of conflicts which are, arguably, more intense and more intractable than other forms of conflicts in cities. The book develops a working definition of the urban dimension of religious conflicts so that the kinds of conflicts exhibited can be contextualised and studied in a more targeted manner. It draws together a series of case studies focusing on specific cities, the kinds of religious conflicts occurring in them and the international structures and mechanisms that have emerged to address such conflicts. Combining expertise from both academics and practitioners in the policy and military world, this interdisciplinary collection will be of particular relevance to scholars and students researching politics and religion, regional studies, geography and urban studies. It should also prove useful to policymakers in the military and other international organisations.

In the Shadow of Salem - The Andover Witch Hunt of 1692 (Hardcover): Richard Hite In the Shadow of Salem - The Andover Witch Hunt of 1692 (Hardcover)
Richard Hite
R707 R559 Discovery Miles 5 590 Save R148 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

By July 1692, the witch hunt surrounding the town of Salem and Salem Village had been raging for four months. The Massachusetts Bay colony's new governor, William Phips, had established a special court to try the suspected witches and the trials were well under way. No new arrests had taken place for nearly six weeks and residents had every reason to believe the crisis soon would be over. However, a middle-aged woman in nearby Andover lay gravely ill. Her husband suspected witchcraft as the cause and invited some of the afflicted girls from Salem Village to the town, thinking they could determine whether his suspicions were valid. Not surprisingly, they confirmed his supposition. The first person these girls accused in Andover a frail and elderly widow bereaved by a series of family tragedies over the previous three years not only confessed, but stated that there were more than three hundred witches in the region, five times more than the number of suspects already in jail. This touched off a new wave of accusations, confessions, and formal charges. Before the witchcraft crisis ended, forty-five residents of Andover found themselves jailed on suspicion of witchcraft more than the combined total of suspects from Salem Village and the town of Salem. Of these, three were hanged and one died while awaiting execution. Based on extensive primary source research, In the Shadow of Salem: The Andover Witch Hunt of 1692, by historian and archivist Richard Hite, tells for the first time the fascinating story of this long overlooked phase of the largest witch hunt in American history. Untangling a net of rivalries and ties between families and neighbors, the author explains the actions of the accusers, the reactions of the accused, and their ultimate fates. In the process, he shows how the Andover arrests prompted a large segment of the town's population to openly oppose the entire witch hunt and how their actions played a crucial role in finally bringing the 1692 witchcraft crisis to a close.

The Exit Visa - A Family's Flight from Nazi Europe (Hardcover): Sheila Rosenberg The Exit Visa - A Family's Flight from Nazi Europe (Hardcover)
Sheila Rosenberg
R574 R454 Discovery Miles 4 540 Save R120 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

6th September, 1942: a middle-aged Jewish refugee stands on the Swiss side of the Franco-Swiss border above Geneva. He has been living in Switzerland since he fled Vienna in November 1938, as the Nazi persecution of the city's Jewish population intensified. He is now waiting for the arrival of the wife he has not seen for nearly four years. Against all odds he has managed to get an entry permit for her to join him in Switzerland. She appears on the French side. They see each other. Call out. She begins to cross the few yards of no-mans-land that separate them. An official calls her back. She hesitates, turns, goes back - and is lost forever. This book tells the story of the wartime journey of Toni Schiff, as she ventured across Europe to the this fateful near-meeting at the Franco-Swiss border - and what happened next. Based on the extensive research of her daughter, Kindertransportee Hilda Schiff, and told by Sheila Rosenberg, who shared much of the later research and many of the research journeys, this book sheds light on the lives of one family - caught up in, and ultimately separated by, the tragic and tumultuous events of World War II.

The Crusades: A Very Short Introduction (Paperback): Christopher Tyerman The Crusades: A Very Short Introduction (Paperback)
Christopher Tyerman
R223 R180 Discovery Miles 1 800 Save R43 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Crusading fervour gripped Europe for over 200 years, creating one of the most extraordinary, vivid episodes in world history. Whether the Crusades are regarded as the most romantic of Christian expeditions, or the last of the barbarian invasions, they have fascinated generations ever since, and their legacy of ideas and imagery has resonated through the centuries, inspiring Hollywood movies and great works of literature. Even today, to invoke the Crusades is to stir deep cultural myths, assumptions and prejudices. Yet despite their powerful hold on our imaginations, our knowledge of them remains obscured an distorted by time. Were the Crusaders motivated by spiritual rewards, or by greed? Were the Crusades an experiment in European colonialism, or a manifestation of religious love? How were they organized and founded? With customary flair and originality, Christopher Tyerman picks his way through the many debates to present a clear and lively discussion of the Crusades; bringing together issues of colonialism, cultural exchange, economic exploitation, and the relationship between past and present. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

Fields of Blood - Religion and the History of Violence (Paperback): Karen Armstrong Fields of Blood - Religion and the History of Violence (Paperback)
Karen Armstrong
R404 R379 Discovery Miles 3 790 Save R25 (6%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Crusades: Classic Histories Series - The War Against Islam 1096-1798 (Paperback): Malcolm Billings The Crusades: Classic Histories Series - The War Against Islam 1096-1798 (Paperback)
Malcolm Billings
R315 R253 Discovery Miles 2 530 Save R62 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In 1095 Pope Urban II granted absolution to anyone who would fight to reclaim the Holy Land. With God at their backs, the first Christian crusaders embarked on an unprecedented religious war. While addressing the contribution of flamboyant characters like Saladin and Richard the Lionheart, Malcolm Billings also looks at the experiences of the peasants, knights and fighting monks who took the cross for Christendom and the Holy Warriors of Islam who, after battle on battle, emerged victorious. He analyses the ebb and flow of crusade and counter-crusade and details the shifting structures of government in the Levant, which became the perennial battleground of East and West.

Resilient Communities - Non-Violence and Civilian Agency in Communal War (Paperback): Jana Krause Resilient Communities - Non-Violence and Civilian Agency in Communal War (Paperback)
Jana Krause
R728 Discovery Miles 7 280 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In Resilient Communities, Jana Krause focuses on civilian agency and mobilization 'from below' and explains violence and non-violence in communal wars. Drawing on extensive field research on ethno-religious conflicts in Ambon/Maluku Province in eastern Indonesia and Jos/Plateau State in central Nigeria, this book shows how civilians responded to local conflict dynamics very differently, evading, supporting, or collectively resisting armed groups. Combining evidence collected from more than 200 interviews with residents, community leaders, and former fighters, local scholarly work (in Indonesian), and local newspaper-based event data analysis, this book explains civilian mobilization, militia formation, and conflict escalation. The book's comparison of vulnerable mixed communities and (un)successful prevention efforts demonstrates how under courageous leadership resilient communities can emerge that adapt to changing conflict zones and collectively prevent killings. By developing the concepts of communal war and social resilience, Krause extends our understanding of local violence, (non-)escalation, and implications for prevention.

Shunned - A Survival Guide (Paperback): Bonnie Zieman Shunned - A Survival Guide (Paperback)
Bonnie Zieman
R420 Discovery Miles 4 200 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Two Sisters (Paperback): Asne Seierstad Two Sisters (Paperback)
Asne Seierstad
R501 R337 Discovery Miles 3 370 Save R164 (33%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

One morning in October 2013, nineteen-year-old Ayan Juma and her sixteen-year-old sister Leila left their family home in Oslo. Later that day they sent an email to their parents. 'Peace, God's mercy and blessings upon you, Mum and Dad ... Please do not be cross with us...' Leila and Ayan had decided to travel to Syria, 'and help out down there as best we can'. They had been planning for months. By the time their desperate father Sadiq tracks them to Turkey, they have already crossed the border. But Sadiq is determined to find them. What follows is the gripping, heartbreaking story of a family ripped apart. While Sadiq risks his own life to bring his daughters back, at home his wife Sara begins to question their life in Norway. How could her children have been radicalised without her knowledge? How can she protect her two younger sons from the same fate? Asne Seierstad - with the complete support of the Juma family - followed the story from the beginning, through its many dramatic twists and turns. It's a tale that crosses from Sadiq and Sara's original home in Somalia, to their council estate in Oslo, to Turkey and to Syria - where two teenage sisters must face the shocking consequences of their decision.

A Million and One Gods - The Persistence of Polytheism (Hardcover): Page DuBois A Million and One Gods - The Persistence of Polytheism (Hardcover)
Page DuBois
R727 Discovery Miles 7 270 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Many people worship not just one but many gods. Yet a relentless prejudice against polytheism denies legitimacy to some of the world's oldest and richest religious traditions. In her examination of polytheistic cultures both ancient and contemporary--those of Greece and Rome, the Bible and the Quran, as well as modern India--Page duBois refutes the idea that the worship of multiple gods naturally evolves over time into the "higher" belief in a single deity. In A Million and One Gods, "she shows that polytheism has endured intact for millennia even in the West, despite the many hidden ways that monotheistic thought continues to shape Western outlooks.

In English usage, the word "polytheism" comes from the seventeenth-century writings of Samuel Purchas. It was pejorative from the beginning--a word to distinguish the belief system of backward peoples from the more theologically advanced religion of Protestant Christians. Today, when monotheistic fundamentalisms too often drive people to commit violent acts, polytheism remains a scandalous presence in societies still oriented according to Jewish, Christian, and Muslim beliefs. Even in the multicultural milieus of twenty-first-century America and Great Britain, polytheism finds itself marginalized. Yet it persists, perhaps because polytheism corresponds to unconscious needs and deeply held values of tolerance, diversity, and equality that are central to civilized societies.

African Pentecostals in Catholic Europe - The Politics of Presence in the Twenty-First Century (Hardcover): Annalisa Butticci African Pentecostals in Catholic Europe - The Politics of Presence in the Twenty-First Century (Hardcover)
Annalisa Butticci
R905 R843 Discovery Miles 8 430 Save R62 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Italy has become a significant destination for migrants from Nigeria and Ghana. Along with suitcases and dreams, these Africans bring their own form of Christianity-Pentecostalism. At the heart of Annalisa Butticci's beautifully sculpted ethnography is a paradox. Pentecostalism, one of the most Protestant of Christian faiths, is driven by the same concern as Catholicism: real presence. In Italy, Pentecostals face harsh anti-immigrant sentiment and limited access to economic and social resources. At times, they find safe spaces to worship in Catholics churches, where a fascinating encounter unfolds. When Pentecostals watch Catholics engage with sacramental objects-relics, statues, works of art-they recognize the signs of what they consider the idolatrous religions of their ancestors. Catholics, in turn, view Pentecostal practices as a mix of African religions and Christian traditions. Yet despite their apparently irreconcilable differences and conflicts, they both share a deeply sensuous and material way to make the divine visible and tangible. African Pentecostals in Catholic Europe offers an intimate glimpse at what happens when the world's two fastest growing Christian faiths come into contact, share worship space, and use analogous sacramental objects and images. And it explains how their seemingly antithetical practices and beliefs undergird a profound commonality.

Anti-Semitism (Hardcover): Frederic Raphael Anti-Semitism (Hardcover)
Frederic Raphael 1
R279 R207 Discovery Miles 2 070 Save R72 (26%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Jews are at once privileged and peculiar, possibly blessed, regularly cursed. So why have a few million human beings, of differing appearance, allegiance and ideology been lumped together as 'The Enemy' in so many programmes for salvation, in this world and the next? The rejection of Jesus turned 'the Chosen' into 'the Damned', and in this sense, the rise of Christianity and the damnation of the Jews went hand in hand. Yet both Christianity and Islam cannot entirely deny that their doctrines are based on Judaism. Religious pundits have claimed that the doctrine of anti-Semitism is a feature of the Enlightenment. Now, years later, what Hitler failed to do, others wish to complete. Anti-Judaism had a successor in anti-Semitism, and anti-Semitism has in turn mutated into anti-Israelism. Israel, like 'the Jew', is the target of choice for those who hope to be covered in glory by casting the first stone.In this extraordinary, powerful polemic, celebrated writer Frederic Raphael looks back through two millennia of persecution, explaining not only exactly why it is people have been killing Jews for so long, but how this religion continues to survive and flourish in spite of this history of violence.

Pentecostalism and Politics of Conversion in India (Hardcover): Sarbeswar Sahoo Pentecostalism and Politics of Conversion in India (Hardcover)
Sarbeswar Sahoo
R2,010 R1,867 Discovery Miles 18 670 Save R143 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book studies the politics of Pentecostal conversion and anti-Christian violence in India. It asks: why has India been experiencing increasing incidents of anti-Christian violence since the 1990s? Why are the Bhil Adivasis increasingly converting to Pentecostalism? And, what are the implications of conversion for religion within indigenous communities on the one hand and broader issues of secularism, religious freedom and democratic rights on the other? Drawing on extended ethnographic fieldwork amongst the Bhils of Northern India since 2006, this book asserts that ideological incompatibility and antagonism between Christian missionaries and Hindu nationalists provide only a partial explanation for anti-Christian violence in India. It unravels the complex interactions between different actors/ agents in the production of anti-Christian violence and provides detailed ethnographic narratives on Pentecostal conversion, Hindu nationalist politics and anti-Christian violence in the largest state of India that has hitherto been dominated by upper caste Rajput Hindu(tva) ideology.

Blasphemy - The true, heartbreaking story of the woman sentenced to death over a cup of water (Paperback, Digital original):... Blasphemy - The true, heartbreaking story of the woman sentenced to death over a cup of water (Paperback, Digital original)
Asia Bibi
R308 R266 Discovery Miles 2 660 Save R42 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Punjab, Pakistan, June 2009. The temperature is 45 Degrees and Asia has been out picking fruit for several hours. It's exhausting, sweaty work, but Asia and her husband have five children to feed. At midday she goes to the nearest well, picks up a cup and takes a long drink of cool water. She refills the cup, drinks some more and then offers it to another woman. Suddenly one of her fellow workers cries out that the water belongs to the Muslim women and that with her actions, Asia - who is Christian - has contaminated it. An argument ignites and in an instant, with one word, Asia's fate is sealed. 'Blasphemy!' someone shouts. In Pakistan this is a charge punishable by death. First attacked by a mob, Asia was soon after thrown into prison and then sentenced to be hanged. Since then she has been kept in a windowless cell. Her family have had to flee their village, under threat from vengeful extremists. In the wave of accusation that followed, only two public figures came to Asia's defence: the Muslim governor of the Punjab and Pakistan's Christian Minister for Minorities. Both have since been brutally murdered. Here, in equal measures shocking and inspiring, Asia Bibi, who has become a symbol for everyone concerned with ending the violence committed in the name of religion, bravely speaks to us from her prison cell.

Friction - How Conflict Radicalizes Them and Us, Revised and Expanded Edition (Paperback, Revised and Expanded Edition): Clark... Friction - How Conflict Radicalizes Them and Us, Revised and Expanded Edition (Paperback, Revised and Expanded Edition)
Clark R McCauley, Sophia Moskalenko
R548 Discovery Miles 5 480 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Terrorism is an extreme form of radicalization. In this ground-breaking and important book, Clark McCauley and Sophia Moskalenko identify and outline twelve mechanisms of political radicalization that can move individuals, groups, and the masses to increased sympathy and support for political violence. Co-authored by two psychologists both acknowledged in their field as experts in radicalization and consultants to the Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies, Friction draws on wide-ranging case histories to show striking parallels between 1800s anti-czarist terrorism, 1970s anti-war terrorism, and 21st century jihadist terrorism. Altogether, the twelve mechanisms of political radicalization demonstrate how unexceptional people are moved to exceptional violence in the conflict between states and non-state challengers. In this revised and expanded edition, McCauley and Moskalenko use the twelve mechanisms to analyze recent cases of lone-wolf terrorists and illustrate how individuals can become radicalized to jihadist violence with group influence or organizational support. Additionally, in the context of the Islamic State's worldwide efforts to radicalize moderate Muslims for jihad, they advance a model that differentiates radicalization in opinion from radicalization in action, and suggest different strategies for countering these diverse forms of radicalization. As a result, the authors conclude that the same mechanisms are at work in radicalizing both terrorists and states targeted by terrorists, implying that these conclusions are as relevant for policy-makers and security officers as they are for citizens facing the threat of terror today.

Citizenship and Antisemitism in French Colonial Algeria, 1870-1962 (Hardcover): Sophie B. Roberts Citizenship and Antisemitism in French Colonial Algeria, 1870-1962 (Hardcover)
Sophie B. Roberts
R2,430 R2,249 Discovery Miles 22 490 Save R181 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Professor Roberts examines the relationship between antisemitism and the practices of citizenship in a colonial context. She focuses on the experience of Algerian Jews and their evolving identity as citizens as they competed with the other populations in the colony, including newly naturalised non-French settlers and Algerian Muslims, for control over the scarce resources of the colonial state. The author argues that this resulted in antisemitic violence and hotly contested debates over the nature of French identity and rights of citizenship. Tracing the ambiguities and tensions that Algerian Jews faced, the book shows that antisemitism was not coherent or stable but changed in response to influences within Algeria, and from metropolitan France, Europe and the Middle East. Written for a wide audience, this title contributes to several fields including Jewish history, colonial and empire studies, antisemitism within municipal politics, and citizenship, and adds to current debates on transnationalism and globalization.

Salafism in Yemen - Transnationalism and Religious Identity (Abridged, Paperback, Abridged edition): Laurent Bonnefoy Salafism in Yemen - Transnationalism and Religious Identity (Abridged, Paperback, Abridged edition)
Laurent Bonnefoy
R825 R719 Discovery Miles 7 190 Save R106 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Over the last decade or so Salafism has become one of the West's new political bogey-men. Many regard the movement as the antechamber of violent groups such as al-Qaeda, and as the by-product of a centralized foreign-policy platform shaped by so-called Saudi interests. Based on extensive research conducted throughout Yemen between 2001 and 2009, and particularly in the southern province of Y?fi', this book offers an original approach to Salafism and draws a necessary counter-narrative that takes into account the dynamics of the Salafi movement as well as its relationship to its evolving environment, either local, regional and international.

Having studied over a hundred recorded sermons and conferences and dozens of books, and carried out interviews with numerous clerics, intellectuals and activists, Laurent Bonnefoy focuses on the allegedly apolitical Salafi doctrine promoted by the renowned Yemeni Salafi figure, Muqbil al-Wadi'i, who died in 2001. Building on IR theory and political sociology, he references the everyday practices of al-Wadi'i's dedicated followers, their rivalries as well as their own evolving trajectories. He demonstrates that, rather than resulting from specifically planned policies, Yemeni Salafism has, since the early 1980s, evolved through a series of spontaneous, grassroots mechanisms, many of which are shaped by transnational flows, that embed this movement in the complex Yemeni context.

Sectarianism in Iraq - Antagonistic Visions of Unity (Paperback, New ed.): Fanar Haddad Sectarianism in Iraq - Antagonistic Visions of Unity (Paperback, New ed.)
Fanar Haddad
R1,088 R932 Discovery Miles 9 320 Save R156 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Viewing Iraq from the outside is made easier by compartmentalising its people (at least the Arabs among them) into Shi'as and Sunnis. But can such broad terms, inherently resistant to accurate quantification, description and definition, ever be a useful reflection of any society? If not, are we to discard the terms 'Shi'a' and 'Sunni' in seeking to understand Iraq? Or are we to deny their relevance and ignore them when considering Iraqi society? How are we to view the common Iraqi injunction that 'we are all brothers' or that 'we have no Shi'as and Sunnis' against the fact of sectarian civil war in 2006? Are they friends or enemies? Are they united or divided; indeed, are they Iraqis or are they Shi'as and Sunnis? Fanar Haddad provides the first comprehensive examination of sectarian relations and sectarian identities in Iraq. Rather than treating the subject by recourse to broad-based categorisation, his analysis recognises the inherent ambiguity of group identity. The salience of sectarian identity and views towards self and other are neither fixed nor constant; rather, they are part of a continuously fluctuating dynamic that sees the relevance of sectarian identity advancing and receding according to context and to wider socioeconomic and political conditions. What drives the salience of sectarian identity? How are sectarian identities negotiated in relation to Iraqi national identity and what role do sectarian identities play in the social and political lives of Iraqi Sunnis and Shi'as? These are some of the questions explored in this book with a particular focus on the two most significant turning points in modern Iraqi sectarian relations: the uprisings of March 1991 and the fall of the Ba'ath in 2003. Haddad explores how sectarian identities are negotiated and seeks finally to put to rest the alarmist and reductionist accounts that seek either to portray all things Iraqi in sectarian terms or to reduce sectarian identity to irrelevance.

Love Thy Neighbor - A Muslim Doctor's Struggle for Home in Rural America (Hardcover): Ayaz Virji, Alan Eisenstock Love Thy Neighbor - A Muslim Doctor's Struggle for Home in Rural America (Hardcover)
Ayaz Virji, Alan Eisenstock
R600 R476 Discovery Miles 4 760 Save R124 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Terror and Religion - An Interfaith Dialogue (Paperback): Dan Cohn-Sherbok, George D. Chryssides Terror and Religion - An Interfaith Dialogue (Paperback)
Dan Cohn-Sherbok, George D. Chryssides
R426 R348 Discovery Miles 3 480 Save R78 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

With Islamist violence rising as groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS make their mark across the globe, discussions about terror, violence, and religion have never been more important. Terror and Religion brings together leading academics - Rabbi, Dan Cohn-Sherbok, Christian author and lecturer, George D. Chryssides, and Islamic scholar Dawoud El-Alami - in a dialogue that engages with the most pressing questions of our time.Focusing particularly on the ISIS terrorist attacks, the authors engage with thorny issues such as: Does Islam preach violence? How can we reconcile all three faiths' histories of violence with their aims of peace, love and justice? What causes violence? Should freedom of speech be limited? Can reconciliation between different faith groups ever be achieved?The dialogue presents an honest and forthright introduction to truths and misconceptions about Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In considering the problematic relationship between faith, terror and violence, the discussants find both common ground and challenging disagreements.Ideal for students and academics, the book is also accessible to anyone with a keen interest in the topics covered.

The Impact of the Troubles on the Republic of Ireland, 1968-79 (Paperback): Brian Hanley The Impact of the Troubles on the Republic of Ireland, 1968-79 (Paperback)
Brian Hanley
R556 R500 Discovery Miles 5 000 Save R56 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The first book to examine in detail the impact of the Northern Irish Troubles on southern Irish society. This study vividly illustrates how life in the Irish Republic was affected by the conflict north of the border and how people responded to the events there. It documents popular mobilization in support of northern nationalists, the reaction to Bloody Sunday, the experience of refugees and the popular cultural debates the conflict provoked. For the first time the human cost of violence is outlined, as are the battles waged by successive governments against the IRA. Focusing on debates at popular level rather than among elites, the book illustrates how the Troubles divided southern opinion and produced long-lasting fissures. -- .

Les Protestants de N mes Et Leurs Pers cuteurs, Ou Relation Circonstanci e Des Derniers Troubles (French, Paperback): Massee Les Protestants de N mes Et Leurs Pers cuteurs, Ou Relation Circonstanci e Des Derniers Troubles (French, Paperback)
R291 Discovery Miles 2 910 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Saint Thomas Et La Question Juive ( d.1899) (French, Paperback, 1899 ed.): Simon Deploige Saint Thomas Et La Question Juive ( d.1899) (French, Paperback, 1899 ed.)
Simon Deploige
R313 Discovery Miles 3 130 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Religion, Space and Conflict in Sri Lanka - Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts (Hardcover): Elizabeth J. Harris Religion, Space and Conflict in Sri Lanka - Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts (Hardcover)
Elizabeth J. Harris
R3,090 Discovery Miles 30 900 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Space is dynamic, political and a cause of conflict. It bears the weight of human dreams and fears. Conflict is caused not only by spatial exclusivism but also by an inclusivism that seeks harmony through subordinating the particularity of the Other to the world view of the majority. This book uses the lens of space to examine inter-religious and inter-communal conflict in colonial and post-colonial Sri Lanka, demonstrating that the colonial can shed light on the post-colonial, particularly on post-war developments, post-May 2009, when Buddhist symbolism was controversially developed in the former, largely non-Buddhist, war zones. Using the concepts of exclusivism and inclusivist subordination, the book analyses the different imaginaries or world views that were present in colonial and post-1948 Sri Lanka, with particular reference to the ethnic or religious Other, and how these were expressed in space, influenced one another and engendered conflict. The book's use of insights from human geography, peace studies and secular iterations of the theology of religions breaks new ground, as does its narrative technique, which prioritizes voices from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and the author's fieldwork and personal observation in the twenty first. Through utilizing past and contemporary reflections on lived experience, informed by diverse religious world views, the book offers new insights into Sri Lanka's past and present. It will be of interest to an interdisciplinary audience in the fields of colonial and postcolonial studies; war and peace studies; security studies; religious studies; the study of religion; Buddhist Studies, mission studies, South Asian and Sri Lankan studies.

Unmasking Islamic State - Revealing their Motivation, Theology and End Time Predictions (Hardcover, New edition): Patrick... Unmasking Islamic State - Revealing their Motivation, Theology and End Time Predictions (Hardcover, New edition)
Patrick Sookhdeo
R328 R310 Discovery Miles 3 100 Save R18 (5%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The modern world struggles to make sense of the savage violence and terror perpetrated by Islamic State. In this timely publication Dr Patrick Sookhdeo analyses its ideology, theology, eschatology and strategy and scrutinizes key IS publications explaining the motivating beliefs of the leadership. He exposes the cruel nature of life under IS rule. He argues that it cannot be defeated by military means but must be delegitimised by the encouragement of reform movements within the Muslim community.

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