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Motorola Connect HD Wi-Fi HD Video Baby Monitor (MBP853): Motorola Connect HD Wi-Fi HD Video Baby Monitor (MBP853)
R4,599 Discovery Miles 45 990 Within 5 - 10 working days

A baby monitor and Wi-Fi camera to keep an eye on your child from the 3.5" in-home monitor or your compatible smartphone, tablet, or computer. Stay connected to your baby wherever you are using the Hubble app on your compatible smartphone, tablet, or computer. Stream real time HD (720p) video of your home and receive motion, sound, and room temperature notifications to stay informed of what’s going on. Add Hubble’s optional Cloud Video Recording (CVR) service to capture all the action on video as it unfolds in your home: http://hubbleconnected.com/plans/. The video is stored securely in the cloud, which you can access at any time on your compatible device and share with family and friends - depending on plan you are subscribed to. The MBP853CONNECT's remote pan, tilt, and zoom function gives you a 300 degree view of your child’s room, while infrared night vision helps you see your little one in low light levels. Communicate with your baby from anywhere with the convenient two-way communication feature. An integrated temperature sensor enables you to keep an eye on the room temperature from the parent unit or receive free alerts to your device if the room gets too hot or too cold. Choose from five integrated lullabies that help keep your baby calm and relaxed, soothing them back to sleep.

Dreambaby Bath Thermometer Fish: Dreambaby Bath Thermometer Fish
R66 Discovery Miles 660 In stock

The DreambabyŽ Bath Tub Thermometer is a must for your getting-ready-for-baby checklist. Prevent scalds and make sure your precious little one loves bath time. The DreambabyŽ Bath Tub Thermometer takes the guesswork out of knowing if your baby’s bath is too hot or cold.

Dreambaby Wrist Buddy: Dreambaby Wrist Buddy
R101 Discovery Miles 1 010 In stock

DreambabyŽ Wrist Buddies help keep toddlers on the go from running off and possibly coming to harm. Simply slip over your little one’s wrist and adjust comfortably.

Dreambaby Nasal Aspirator: Dreambaby Nasal Aspirator
R41 Discovery Miles 410 In stock

DreambabyŽ Nasal Aspirators help relieve baby’s nasal congestion by gently drawing mucus from the nose and reducing the discomfort of cold symptoms.

Dreambaby Angle Lock - 2 Pack: Dreambaby Angle Lock - 2 Pack
R105 Discovery Miles 1 050 In stock

DreambabyŽ Angle Locks help keep children safe from harm and are suitable for corner drawers, cabinets, appliances and laundry cabinets. The super-strong adhesive backing means there’s no screws or tools required so your home can be safer within minutes.

Dreambaby Toilet Lock: Dreambaby Toilet Lock
R72 Discovery Miles 720 In stock

DreambabyŽ Toilet Locks help prevent children from opening toilets, one of the most unhygienic areas of even the cleanest home. They may also be suitable for appliances, cupboards and cabinets. DreambabyŽ Toilet Locks not only prevent dangerous accidents before they can happen, but also help stop the spread of illness causing germs and stop toddlers from throwing toys and valuables into the toilet. Super-strong adhesive makes applying the lock fast and easy.

Dreambaby Medicine Dropper: Dreambaby Medicine Dropper
R32 Discovery Miles 320 In stock

DreambabyŽ Medicine Droppers are a sure-fire way to help take the worry out of ensuring your little one gets the correct dose during those stressful times when they’re unwell, injured or teething.

Dreambaby Cabinet Glide Lock - Extra Long: Dreambaby Cabinet Glide Lock - Extra Long
R71 Discovery Miles 710 In stock

DreambabyŽ Cabinet Glide Locks fit easily over mushroom or D-shaped cabinet knobs or handles. With its extra-long length, it opens to a distance of 21cm. DreambabyŽ Cabinet Glide Locks help prevent children from opening cabinets and cupboards with potentially dangerous contents in any area of the home including the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, garage and living areas.

Dreambaby Glass Table & Shelf Corner Cushions - 4 Pack: Dreambaby Glass Table & Shelf Corner Cushions - 4 Pack
R45 Discovery Miles 450 In stock

DreambabyŽ Corner Cushions help protect on-the-go children from nasty injuries that can occur from a fall into glass tables and shelves or other sharp corners anywhere around the home. DreambabyŽ Glass Table & Corner Cushions are strong yet soft and designed to fit easily onto glass. Adhesive backing makes them easy to install and remove.

Angelcare Digital Sound Monitor (AC420): Angelcare Digital Sound Monitor (AC420)
R1,099 Discovery Miles 10 990 In stock

As a parent, your baby’s safety and wellbeing are always at the top of your mind. Luckily, the Angelcare AC420 Sound Monitor offers crystal-clear sound quality so you hear every peep, every cry, every laugh that baby makes when you are out of the room. Plus, the Parent Unit features all the latest in baby technology including a full colour digital display with Temperature Display so you know that baby is sleeping in comfort and Sound Lights that “show” you any noises coming from the nursery.

For all Angelcare product queries, customer support queries, technical queries or any repairs, please refer to Angelcare’s CUSTOMER CARE CENTRE, available during office hours Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm.
Contact: 011 791 6309 E-mail: angelcare@grobaby.co.za

Repairs and replacement parts for monitors are available on Angelcare’s website www.angelcare-monitor.co.za or contact the Customer Care Centre.

For frequently asked questions for all Angelcare Monitors pertaining to the set-up process and troubleshooting assistance for technical queries, please go to http://www.angelcarebaby.com/international-customer-service/troubleshooting. If you are still unable to resolve your query, please contact the Customer Care Centre.

Dreambaby 3 Piece Medicine Set - Spoon/Dropper/Syringe: Dreambaby 3 Piece Medicine Set - Spoon/Dropper/Syringe
R122 Discovery Miles 1 220 In stock

DreambabyŽ Medicine Sets contain a medicine spoon with dropper, medicine syringe, and medicine dropper – everything you need for those stressful times when your little ones are unwell, injured or teething.

Dreambaby Baby On Board Sign: Dreambaby Baby On Board Sign
R36 Discovery Miles 360 In stock

DreambabyŽ Baby on Board Signs alert other drivers to pay attention to road safety to help protect your precious cargo from road accidents and tragedies.

Dreambaby Cabinet Sliding Lock: Dreambaby Cabinet Sliding Lock
R41 Discovery Miles 410 In stock

DreambabyŽ Sliding Locks are the fastest and most secure way to lock cupboard and cabinet doors and keep small children safe from what’s inside. They are suitable for D-Shaped handles and require no installation. Simply push down and slide the lock tight against the handles. DreambabyŽ Sliding Locks are a must for your home safety checklist and offer a fuss-free safety solution for any room in the home.

Dreambaby Ezy-Check Swivel Oven Lock: Dreambaby Ezy-Check Swivel Oven Lock
R97 Discovery Miles 970 In stock

DreambabyŽ Ezycheck™ Swivel Appliance Latches with heat-resistant adhesive are suitable for most ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and clothes driers. A simple colour indicator shows if the lock is on or off.

Dreambaby 27cm Extension - Liberty - White: Dreambaby 27cm Extension - Liberty - White
R399 R371 Discovery Miles 3 710 Save R28 (7%) In stock

DreambabyŽ Gate Extensions can be added to DreambabyŽ Doorway or Hallway Gates to extend the width for extra-wide openings to help make your home as safe and secure as possible for your little ones.

Dreambaby Clinical Digital Thermometer - Flexi Tip: Dreambaby Clinical Digital Thermometer - Flexi Tip
R123 Discovery Miles 1 230 In stock

The DreambabyŽ Clinical Digital Thermometer is a must for your getting-ready-for-baby checklist. Be prepared for any emergency or simply put your mind at ease with an accurate reading in just 30 seconds.

Dreambaby Secure-A-Lock: Dreambaby Secure-A-Lock
R51 Discovery Miles 510 In stock

DreambabyŽ Secure-A-Locks can be applied to cupboards and cabinets with mushroom shaped knobs or D-shaped handles. They help keep children safe in any room of the home with a quick snap lock motion. The DreambabyŽ Secure-A-Lock has a different opening and closing mechanism to other DreambabyŽ products. Installing a variety of safety latches in your home helps prevent your child learning how to use the latches by doing what children do best – watching and mimicking.

Dreambaby Foam Corner Cushions - 4 Pack (4cm Brown): Dreambaby Foam Corner Cushions - 4 Pack (4cm Brown)
R92 Discovery Miles 920 In stock

DreambabyŽ Foam Corner Protectors help protect children from nasty accidents and injuries that can occur from falling into a hard, sharp bench, table or furniture corner. •Adhesive tape attaches protectors to all kinds of furniture without causing any damage or marks

Philips AVENT Microwave Steriliser: Philips AVENT Microwave Steriliser
R649 R551 Discovery Miles 5 510 Save R98 (15%) In stock

Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer's lightweight, compact design makes it ideal for use in and out of the home. Contents remain sterile for up to 24 hours if lid is unopened.

Dreambaby Door Stopper: Dreambaby Door Stopper
R67 R52 Discovery Miles 520 Save R15 (22%) In stock

DreambabyŽ Door Stoppers help prevent little ones from jamming their tiny fingers in doors. Made from soft, flexible foam, they slot easily on to the top or side of most doors.

Dreambaby Safety Harness: Dreambaby Safety Harness
R233 Discovery Miles 2 330 In stock

DreambabyŽ Safety Harnesses help keep toddlers from climbing out of high chairs, strollers and seats. Simply slip over your little one’s shoulders and attach behind the chair or stroller.

Dreambaby Medicine Syringe: Dreambaby Medicine Syringe
R66 Discovery Miles 660 In stock

DreambabyŽ Medicine Syringes hold up to 5ml (1 teaspoon). The syringe may be placed directly into the medicine bottle or the adaptor can be used. The unique cone shaped adapter fits into just about any medicine bottle to help ensure your little one gets the correct dose.

Dreambaby Extra Wide Adjustable Car Shade: Dreambaby Extra Wide Adjustable Car Shade
R253 Discovery Miles 2 530 In stock

DreambabyŽ Extra Wide Car Window Shades are suitable for stationary or wind down windows. They unroll to 50cm.

Dreambaby Outlet Plugs - 12 Pack: Dreambaby Outlet Plugs - 12 Pack
R41 Discovery Miles 410 In stock

DreambabyŽ Outlet Plugs help keep your children safe from electric shock. Simply place the Outlet Plugs into all unused power outlets to prevent curious kids from inserting foreign objects into the source of dangerous electrical currents. These hard-wearing safety devices are an essential part of childproofing your home and can help prevent children from serious harm.

Elektra Anti-Mozzi Lamp: Elektra Anti-Mozzi Lamp
R301 Discovery Miles 3 010 In stock
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