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The Duchess (Paperback): Danielle Steel The Duchess (Paperback)
Danielle Steel 1
R318 R205 Discovery Miles 2 050 Save R113 (36%) Within 7 - 12 working days

Angélique Latham has grown up at magnificent Belgrave Castle under the loving tutelage of her father, the Duke of Westerfield, after the death of her aristocratic French mother. At eighteen she is her father’s closest, most trusted child, schooled in managing their grand estate. But when he dies, her half-brothers brutally turn her out, denying her very existence. Angélique has a keen mind, remarkable beauty, and an envelope of money her father pressed upon her. To survive, she will need all her resources—and one bold stroke of fortune.

Unable to secure employment without references or connections, Angélique desperately makes her way to Paris, where she rescues a young woman fleeing an abusive madam—and suddenly sees a possibility: Open an elegant house of pleasure that will protect its women and serve only the best clients. With her upper-class breeding, her impeccable style, and her father’s bequest, Angélique creates Le Boudoir, soon a sensational establishment where powerful men, secret desires, and beautiful, sophisticated women come together. But living on the edge of scandal, can she ever make a life of her own—or regain her rightful place in the world.

From England to Paris and New York, Danielle Steel captures an age of upheaval and the struggles of women in a male-ruled society—and paints a captivating portrait of a woman of unquenchable spirit, who in houses great or humble is every ounce a duchess.

The Pearl Sister (Paperback): Lucinda Riley The Pearl Sister (Paperback)
Lucinda Riley 2
R338 R228 Discovery Miles 2 280 Save R110 (33%) Within 7 - 12 working days

The Pearl Sister is the fourth book in the number one international bestselling Seven Sisters series by Lucinda Riley.

CeCe D’Aplièse has never felt she fitted in anywhere. Following the death of her father, the elusive billionaire Pa Salt – so-called by the six daughters he adopted from around the globe and named after the Seven Sisters star cluster – she finds herself at breaking point. Dropping out of art college, CeCe watches as Star, her beloved sister, distances herself to follow her new love, leaving her completely alone.

In desperation, she decides to flee England and discover her past; the only clues she has are a black-and-white photograph and the name of a woman pioneer who lived in Australia over one hundred years ago. En-route to Sydney, CeCe heads to the one place she has ever felt close to being herself: the stunning beaches of Krabi, Thailand. There amongst the backpackers, she meets the mysterious Ace, a man as lonely as she is and whom she subsequently realizes has a secret to hide . . .

A hundred years earlier, Kitty McBride, daughter of an Edinburgh clergyman, is given the opportunity to travel to Australia as the companion of the wealthy Mrs McCrombie. In Adelaide, her fate becomes entwined with Mrs McCrombie’s family, including the identical, yet very different, twin brothers: impetuous Drummond, and ambitious Andrew, the heir to a pearling fortune.

When CeCe finally reaches the searing heat and dusty plains of the Red Centre of Australia, she begins the search for her past. As something deep within her responds to the energy of the area and the ancient culture of the Aboriginal people, her creativity reawakens once more. With help from those she meets on her journey, CeCe begins to believe that this wild, vast continent could offer her something she never thought possible: a sense of belonging, and a home . . .

The Sapphire Widow (Paperback): Dinah Jefferies The Sapphire Widow (Paperback)
Dinah Jefferies 1
R215 R130 Discovery Miles 1 300 Save R85 (40%) Within 7 - 12 working days

A sweeping, breath-taking story of love and betrayal from the Number One Sunday Times bestselling author of The Tea Planter's Wife.

Ceylon, 1935. Louisa Reeve, the daughter of a successful British gem trader, and her husband Elliot, a charming, thrill-seeking businessman, seem like the couple who have it all. Except what they long for more than anything: a child. While Louisa struggles with miscarriages, Elliot is increasingly absent, spending much of his time at a nearby cinnamon plantation, overlooking the Indian ocean. After his sudden death, Louisa is left alone to solve the mystery he left behind.

Revisiting the plantation at Cinnamon Hills, she finds herself unexpectedly drawn towards the owner Leo, a rugged outdoors man with a chequered past. The plantation casts a spell, but all is not as it seems. And when Elliot's shocking betrayal is revealed, Louisa has only Leo to turn to...

The House Across The Street (Paperback): Lesley Pearse The House Across The Street (Paperback)
Lesley Pearse 1
R290 R209 Discovery Miles 2 090 Save R81 (28%) Pre-order

Twenty-three year old Katy Speed is fascinated by the house across the street. The woman who lives there, Gloria, is the most glamorous neighbour on the avenue, owning a fashionable dress shop in Bexhill-on-Sea. But who is the woman who arrives in the black car most Saturdays while Gloria is at work? Sometimes she brings women to the house, other times they have children.

Hilda, Katy's mother, disapproves of Gloria. She wonders if these mysterious visitors have just been released from prison. Is Gloria secretly bringing criminals, or worse, into the heart of the community?

Then one night, the house burns down. In the wreckage, the bodies of Gloria and her daughter are found. Katy is sure the unexplained visitors must be responsible until her father is arrested and charged with murder. Have the police arrested the correct person? Are the rest of the street safe? Can Katy find the truth before it's too late?

The Sapphire Widow (Hardcover): Dinah Jefferies The Sapphire Widow (Hardcover)
Dinah Jefferies
R476 R360 Discovery Miles 3 600 Save R116 (24%) Within 7 - 11 working days
The Woolgrower's Companion (Hardcover): Joy Rhoades The Woolgrower's Companion (Hardcover)
Joy Rhoades 3
R290 R232 Discovery Miles 2 320 Save R58 (20%) In stock

Kate Dowd's mother raised her to be a lady but she must put away her white gloves and pearls to help save her family's sheep farm in New South Wales.

It is 1945, the war drags bitterly on and it feels like the rains will never come again. All the local, able-bodied young men, including Jack, the husband Kate barely knows, have enlisted and Kate's father is struggling with his debts and his wounds from the Great War. He borrows recklessly from the bank and enlists two Italian prisoners of war to live and work on the farm. With their own scars and their defiance, the POWs Luca and Vittorio offer an apparent threat to Kate and Daisy, the family's young Aboriginal maid. But danger comes from surprising corners and Kate finds herself more drawn to Luca than afraid of him. Scorned bank managers, snobbish neighbours and a distant husband expect Kate to fail and give up her home but over the course of a dry, desperate year she finds within herself reserves of strength and rebellion that she could never have expected.

The Woolgrower's Companion is the gripping story of one woman's fight to save her home and a passionate tribute to Australia's landscape and its people.

Die Mannheim-sage 2: Die Goudkewers (Afrikaans, Paperback, 2de Uitgawe): Lerina Erasmus Die Mannheim-sage 2: Die Goudkewers (Afrikaans, Paperback, 2de Uitgawe)
Lerina Erasmus
R321 Discovery Miles 3 210 Within 7 - 15 working days

Johannesburg dreig om ’n spookdorp te word. Die stad se myne is deurspek met piriet, en op politieke gebied word die fondamente gele vir die Anglo-Boereoorlog. Dit is teen hierdie agtergrond dat die liefdesverhaal van Deborah Mannheim en Kit Malloy afspeel. Maar Deborah sal uiteindelik moet kies: Kies sy haar liefde vir Kit, of eerder die verpligtinge teenoor haar man, Karl, en die skatryk Mannheim-familie, wie se myne skielik haar verantwoordelikheid geword het?

The Governess Game (Paperback): Tessa Dare The Governess Game (Paperback)
Tessa Dare
R154 R129 Discovery Miles 1 290 Save R25 (16%) Within 7 - 15 working days
A Question of Trust (Hardcover): Penny Vincenzi A Question of Trust (Hardcover)
Penny Vincenzi
R542 R410 Discovery Miles 4 100 Save R132 (24%) Within 7 - 11 working days
So Much Life Left Over (Hardcover): Louis De Bernieres So Much Life Left Over (Hardcover)
Louis De Bernieres
R488 R367 Discovery Miles 3 670 Save R121 (25%) Within 7 - 11 working days
Marry Me by Sundown (Hardcover): Johanna Lindsey Marry Me by Sundown (Hardcover)
Johanna Lindsey
R469 R353 Discovery Miles 3 530 Save R116 (25%) Within 7 - 11 working days
Becoming Belle (Hardcover): Nuala O'Connor Becoming Belle (Hardcover)
Nuala O'Connor
R460 R350 Discovery Miles 3 500 Save R110 (24%) Within 7 - 11 working days
Fatal Inheritance (Hardcover): Rachel Rhys Fatal Inheritance (Hardcover)
Rachel Rhys 1
R391 R309 Discovery Miles 3 090 Save R82 (21%) Within 7 - 12 working days

`Fatal Inheritance is GLORIOUS! Hugely enjoyable escapism, featuring The South of France, film stars, gorgeous villas, lavender-scented air, ex-Nazis, family secrets and more besides! I enjoyed it ENORMOUSLY.' MARIAN KEYES London 1948: Eve Forrester is trapped in a loveless marriage, in a gloomy house, in a grey suburb. Out of the blue, she receives a solicitor's letter. A wealthy stranger has left her a mystery inheritance but in order to find out more, she must travel to the glittering French Riviera. Eve discovers her legacy is an enchanting villa overlooking the Mediterranean sea and suddenly, life could not be more glamorous. Alone in paradise, Eve must unlock the story behind her surprise bequest - before events turn deadly... Reminiscent of a Golden Age mystery, Fatal Inheritance is an intoxicating story of dysfunctional families and long-hidden secrets, set against the razzle-dazzle and decadence of the French Riviera. 'With a dash of Agatha Christie and a nod to Zelda Fitzgerald, Rachel Rhys' historical mystery is simply gorgeous. . .will have you yearning to sip a gin fizz while watching the sun sink into the Mediterranean' KATE RIORDAN `A transporting golden-age infused mystery caper' Sunday Times 'An exquisite and shimmering read. I completely lost myself in Rhys's lovingly evoked 1940s French Riviera and was gripped by the slow-burn mystery. An essential summer read!' LISA JEWELL

Born to Be Wilde - The Wildes of Lindow Castle (Paperback): Eloisa James Born to Be Wilde - The Wildes of Lindow Castle (Paperback)
Eloisa James
R150 R108 Discovery Miles 1 080 Save R42 (28%) Within 7 - 12 working days
Katryn (Afrikaans, Paperback): Winnie Rust Katryn (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Winnie Rust
R222 Discovery Miles 2 220 In stock

Weens die gruwelike moord op Winnie Rust in Mei 2016 is hierdie roman postuum gepubliseer. Sy het reeds in 2014 aan die verhaal begin werk, en volgens ’n vriendin het sy slegs ’n dag of wat voor haar dood gesê sy is uiteindelik klaar met die hersiening daarvan. Dat sy só sou sterf, met haar laaste manuskrip pas afgehandel en reg vir publikasie, is ’n troosvolle gedagte.

Once a Scoundrel (Hardcover): Mary Jo Putney Once a Scoundrel (Hardcover)
Mary Jo Putney
R492 R365 Discovery Miles 3 650 Save R127 (26%) Within 7 - 11 working days
Last Letter from Istanbul - Escape with This Epic Holiday Read of Secrets and Forbidden Love (Paperback, Edition): Lucy Foley Last Letter from Istanbul - Escape with This Epic Holiday Read of Secrets and Forbidden Love (Paperback, Edition)
Lucy Foley 1
R216 R133 Discovery Miles 1 330 Save R83 (38%) Within 7 - 12 working days

`This will sweep you away for the summer. Lucy Foley blends a rich history, haunting secrets and a timeless love story' Santa Montefiore, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Deverill series ISTANBUL, 1921 Before the Occupation, Nur's city was a tapestry of treasures: the Grand Bazaar alive with colour, trinkets and spices; saffron sunsets melting into the black waters of the Bosphorus; the sweet fragrance of the fig trees dancing on the summer breeze . . . Now the shadow of war hangs over the city, and Nur lives for the protection of a young boy with a terrible secret. Stumbling through the streets, carrying the embroideries that have become her livelihood, she avoids the gazes of the Allied soldiers. Survival is everything. When Nur chances upon George Monroe, a medical officer in the British Army, it is easy to hate him. Yet the lines between enemy and friend grow fainter. She and the boy would both be at risk. Nur knows that she cannot afford to fall - impossibly and dangerously - in love . . .

Queen of the North (Hardcover, Epub Edition): Anne O'Brien Queen of the North (Hardcover, Epub Edition)
Anne O'Brien 1
R354 R253 Discovery Miles 2 530 Save R101 (29%) Within 7 - 12 working days

From Sunday Times bestseller Anne O'Brien . . . To those around her she was a loyal subject. In her heart she was a traitor. 1399: England's crown is under threat. King Richard II holds onto his power by an ever-weakening thread, with exiled Henry of Lancaster back to reclaim his place on the throne. For Elizabeth Mortimer, there is only one rightful King - her eight-year-old nephew, Edmund. Only he can guarantee her fortunes, and protect her family's rule over the precious Northern lands bordering Scotland. But many, including Elizabeth's husband, do not want another child-King. Elizabeth must hide her true ambitions in Court, and go against her husband's wishes to help build a rebel army. To question her loyalty to the King places Elizabeth in the shadow of the axe. To concede would curdle her Plantagenet blood. This is one woman's quest to turn history on its head. `O'Brien is now approaching Philippa Gregory status' Reader's Digest `O'Brien is a terrific storyteller' Daily Telegraph `O'Brien cleverly intertwines the personal and political' The Times

The Secret Legacy (Paperback, Edition): Sara Alexander The Secret Legacy (Paperback, Edition)
Sara Alexander 1
R188 R135 Discovery Miles 1 350 Save R53 (28%) Within 7 - 12 working days

'A delightful read' Booklist Some loves are worth sacrificing everything for . . . Santina is spending her final days at her home, Villa San Vito, in the beautiful Italian town of Positano. As she decides the fate of the magnificent eighteenth century palazzo she must confront the choices that led her here. In 1949, hoping to escape poverty, young Santina becomes housekeeper to a distinguished British major and his creative, impulsive wife, Adeline. When they move to Positano, Santina joins them, raising their daughter as Adeline's mental health declines. With each passing year, Santina becomes more deeply entwined with the family, trying to navigate her complicated feelings for a man who is much more than an employer - while hiding secrets that could shatter the only home she knows . . . Readers love Sara Alexander: 'A riveting read' Amazon reviewer 'Fabulous' Amazon reviewer 'A wonderful story' Amazon reviewer

Born to Be Wilde - The Wildes of Lindow Castle (Hardcover): Eloisa James Born to Be Wilde - The Wildes of Lindow Castle (Hardcover)
Eloisa James
R482 R361 Discovery Miles 3 610 Save R121 (25%) Within 7 - 11 working days
A Candlelit Regency Christmas - His Housekeeper's Christmas Wish (Lords of Disgrace, Book 1) / His Christmas Countess... A Candlelit Regency Christmas - His Housekeeper's Christmas Wish (Lords of Disgrace, Book 1) / His Christmas Countess (Lords of Disgrace, Book 2) (Paperback)
Louise Allen
R266 Discovery Miles 2 660 Within 7 - 12 working days

His Housekeeper's Christmas Wish Resolute bachelor Alexander Tempest, Viscount Weybourn, accidentally collided with penniless, curvy Tess Ellery on the icy streets of Ghent but he did his indolent best to make amends. But Tess is left stranded, so Alex is honour-bound to take her home...as his housekeeper! And, despite his long-held rule of spending Christmas alone, Tess's warmth soon has this brooding Lord determined to make all her wishes come true! His Christmas Countess Grant Rivers, Earl of Allundale, is desperate to get home to his son in time for Christmas. But when he stumbles upon a gentlewoman all alone in a tumbledown shack, having a baby, it's his duty to help her. Grant knows all too well the risks of childbirth and, once he's saved her life, he is determined to save Kate's reputation too...if she will consent to marrying a stranger on Christmas Day!

The Other Lady Vanishes (Hardcover): Amanda Quick The Other Lady Vanishes (Hardcover)
Amanda Quick
R491 R370 Discovery Miles 3 700 Save R121 (25%) Within 7 - 11 working days
The Woman in the Wood - A missing teenager. An outcast woman in the woods. And a girl determined to find the truth. From The... The Woman in the Wood - A missing teenager. An outcast woman in the woods. And a girl determined to find the truth. From The Sunday Times bestselling author (Paperback)
Lesley Pearse 1
R187 R131 Discovery Miles 1 310 Save R56 (30%) Within 7 - 12 working days

'A gripping new novel' HELLO! Magazine _______________ London, 1960 The lives of teenage twins Maisy and Duncan change forever the night their sick mother is taken to an asylum. Sent to live in the New Forest with their cold-hearted grandmother, Mrs Mitcham, they feel unloved and abandoned. And when one day Duncan doesn't come home from exploring in the forest, no one - least of all his grandmother - appears to care about his disappearance. The police, who've found the bodies of other missing boys, offer little hope of finding Duncan alive. Yet Maisy refuses to give up. Though she doesn't know the woods well, she knows someone who does. The strange old woman who lives at their heart. Dare Maisy enlist the help of the woman in the wood? _______________ 'A real page-turner, a family story that is multi-layered just as you'd expect from Lesley Pearse, who is deservedly one of the world's favourite story tellers' My Weekly 'Characters it is impossible not to care about . . . this is storytelling at its very best' Daily Mail

Wedding The Widow (Paperback): Jenna Jaxon Wedding The Widow (Paperback)
Jenna Jaxon
R96 R76 Discovery Miles 760 Save R20 (21%) Within 7 - 11 working days
The Hour of Separation - From the bestselling author of Richard & Judy book club pick, The Rose of Sebastopol (Hardcover):... The Hour of Separation - From the bestselling author of Richard & Judy book club pick, The Rose of Sebastopol (Hardcover)
Katharine McMahon 1
R400 R317 Discovery Miles 3 170 Save R83 (21%) Within 7 - 12 working days

March 1939 Estelle is the headstrong daughter of Fleur, a Resistance legend who disappeared during the Great War, supposedly killed while helping Allied soldiers to escape. Christa, an only child, longs to break free from the constraints of London suburbia, and fantasises about the ethereal Belgian heroine who saved her father. When Estelle comes looking for the truth about the mother she believes deserted her, an intense friendship grows between the two young women. Estelle invites Christa to De Eikenhoeve, her family's idyllic country estate. There, Christa encounters Estelle's two brothers - brooding, tempestuous Robbe and dependable, golden-haired Pieter - and during that long hot summer, passions run high. When war breaks out Christa is forced to return home, but not before she has done something she will regret for the rest of her life. Christa arrives back in England a changed woman, while Estelle decides to follow in her mother's footsteps and join the Resistance. Little do they dream that Fleur was betrayed by someone close to them, and that the legacy of this betrayal will have heartbreaking consequences for them all.

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