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Bosch Sensixx Secure Steam Iron (2400W | Black): Bosch Sensixx Secure Steam Iron (2400W | Black)
R999 R759 Discovery Miles 7 590 Save R240 (24%) In stock
Lumina Clip on Portrait Selfie Ring Light for Smartphones: Lumina Clip on Portrait Selfie Ring Light for Smartphones
R300 R179 Discovery Miles 1 790 Save R121 (40%) In stock

This little device is easy to use and is small enough to take anywhere! It has a 2 hours battery life and can charge quickly in 30 minutes! Adjust it to whatever brightness you would like and take top-quality selfies anywhere, anytime!

- 3 light modes
- Battery life of approximately 2 hours
- Compatible with most smartphones
- Ideal for selfies
- Portable and lightweight

Adjustable Ring Light
This portable selfie light with a thickness of 16mm is made of ABS and silicone gel which is designed to protect against the scratches. The ring light has 40 built-in LEDs, with 3 settings (cold light, white light and warm light), you can change the brightness level by lightly pressing the dimmer button, and it will gradually lighten or darken when you hold down the power.
USB Rechargeable and Portable Design
The ring light can be charged via a USB cable (included) which means you don't need to worry about replacing the battery. The selfie ring light is small and portable, which you can keep in your pocket or backpack.

Excellent Lighting Effect
The light emitted from this lightweight ring light is centred and has a non-glare feature making your face and eyes look younger by not creating shadows and or crease lines. It will evenly distribute the light therefore, you can still take selfies in the dark. This selfie ring clip light is the ideal gift for selfie lovers.

Wide range of uses
This selfie fill light is compatible with many digital devices, as long as its thickness is within 16mm, it can be clipped to Android, iPhone, Tablet, etc. The mini phone light can be used in many low-light places, such as selfies, makeup, reading and so on. Moreover, the product can also be used as a bicycle light or emergency light and so much more. This light guarantees that you can still take good pictures in low-light situations, anytime and anywhere!

Sunbeam Steam / Spray / Surge Iron: Sunbeam Steam / Spray / Surge Iron
R379 R226 Discovery Miles 2 260 Save R153 (40%) In stock

Through smart innovation and intelligent design, Sunbeam aims to make everyday tasks at home simpler and easier. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, organising or even entertaining, this quality appliance range offers practical solutions to suit every need.

Milex 7L Air Cooler with Remote Control: Milex 7L Air Cooler with Remote Control
R1,999 R1,399 Discovery Miles 13 990 Save R600 (30%) In stock

Stay cool and refreshed this summer with the Milex Air Cooler 7L
Not only does the Air Cooler bring effective cooling, it also has a purification system that purifies, humidifies and adds moisture to the clean air blowing out.

Betty Ball Bra Protector: Betty Ball Bra Protector
R179 R127 Discovery Miles 1 270 Save R52 (29%) In stock

The Betty Ball protects your bra during washing in the washing machine and so extends the life of your valuable bra! You will not get dents or wrinkles in the cups of your bra!

Lock, place and wash...  Simplicity with staggering results every time!

With the simple but unique design of the Betty Ball you can wash your bra with confidence in your washing machine.

Copper String LED Lights (10m): Copper String LED Lights (10m)
R199 R99 Discovery Miles 990 Save R100 (50%) In stock

This copper string of LED Lights is perfect for lighting improvements, it’s made of a fine bendable copper wire that you can fabricate it to any shape you need: around on the Christmas trees, hang on the divider or light up your garden (not waterproof). Wherever you decide to use them - let them brighten up your life. They are perfect for spicing-up your decor or creating a romantic setting.

Russell Hobbs Ideal Temperature Iron: Russell Hobbs Ideal Temperature Iron
R999 R894 Discovery Miles 8 940 Save R105 (11%) In stock

Say goodbye to complex settings, damaged clothes and wrinkles. With high performance steam features, Easy-Glide ceramic soleplate and 2200W of crease-crushing power, the Ideal Temp Iron is always at the right temperature, no adjustments needed.

Somnia Luxury Twin Bed Size 4.5kg Gravity Weighted Blanket - Grey: Somnia Luxury Twin Bed Size 4.5kg Gravity Weighted Blanket - Grey
R1,400 R949 Discovery Miles 9 490 Save R451 (32%) In stock

Many medical professionals worldwide agree that deep pressure stimulation helps relax and soothe the human body. Weighted blankets uses this simulation of pressure to offer relief and therapeutic support.
What is a Weighted Blanket?A weighted blanket is in essence, a blanket with extra weight in it.Weighted blankets provide deep touch pressure or DTP.DTP is about gently applying pressure to the body to increase the release of serotonin, a chemical in the body that promotes relaxation.
Benefits of a weighted BlanketWeighted therapy can help increase the levels of Serotonin and Melatonin overnight.Researchers also found that deep pressure significantly decreases cortisol levels. After applying deep pressure, cortisol levels dropped by 31%.
Fights InsomniaHeavy blankets are mostly used for those with autism or sensory processing disorder, but more and more often they are being used for those with sleeping disorders, like insomnia or restless leg syndrome, as well as people who simply would like to improve their sleep overall.
The soothing effect of a weighted blanket can create a more comfortable environment for falling asleep by imitating the feeling of being swaddled tightly in bed. This close physical connection provides a sense of warmth and safety, making it easier for the body to relax.
Reduces AnxietyA weighted blanket is a safe way to lower your stress level and help you reach a relaxed state.The “relaxed state” results from serotonin production, which is necessary to release melatonin - the sleep hormone, which helps determine when we go to sleep and wake up based on our circadian rhythm.This means it’ll be faster to fall asleep, reduce anxiety, go into deeper sleep, and move less throughout the night.
Triggers Release of Feel-Good HormonesDeep pressure touch triggers the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which are the two major feel-good hormones for your brain. Both these beneficial compounds can combat stress, depression, and anxiety, giving you an emotional pick-me-up after a quick snuggle session.
Mimics a HugBoth hugs and heavy blankets trigger the release of oxytocin, a hormone that slows down your heart rate, reduces blood pressure, and promotes feelings of relaxation.
Material:100% cotton with glass beads
Size:100 x 152 cm (Child size bed)
Weight:4.5kg - the weight of the blanket you order, should be 7%-13% of your weight
Please Note:A weighted blanket would be smaller than an equally sized bed or ordinary blanket because it is supposed to cover your body, not the entire bed.
For the first few nights, you may feel it is too heavy or too light weight. Getting used to a weighted
What's in the box1 x 100 x 152cm/4.5kg Weighted Blanket

Mellerware Vortex Upright Vacuum Cleaner (1000W | Grey): Mellerware Vortex Upright Vacuum Cleaner (1000W | Grey)
R1,699 R1,499 Discovery Miles 14 990 Save R200 (12%) In stock

Mellerware is proud to present the Upright cyclonic vacuum cleaner. With its bagless cyclonic suction system and high efficiency filtration system it is a valuable addition to any household. It saves energy with its Eco design and provides high efficiency on low energy consumption. |

HomeFX Rolling Drawer Storage Cart: HomeFX Rolling Drawer Storage Cart
R1,100 R759 Discovery Miles 7 590 Save R341 (31%) In stock

Organize your office and life with this 4-drawer rolling cart!

- Drawers are clear to easily identify contents.
- Casters allow for easy mobility so you can move your cart from room to room.
- Made with PP plastic material.
- It has a 4 layer design so that you have more space to easily store your things.
- Simple but elegant, and it is practical so it is perfect as a storage organizer in your house.

- Colour: White
- Level: 4-Drawers
- Size: 41.5 x 26 x 86.5cm
- Weight: 3.55Kg

What's in the box
x4 Draws
x1 Frame

Russell Hobbs Pro-glide Steam & Spray Iron (2200W): Russell Hobbs Pro-glide Steam & Spray Iron (2200W)
R399 R349 Discovery Miles 3 490 Save R50 (13%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

Packed with features, engineered for performance and designed for ease of use - the Russell Hobbs garment care range amplifies simplicity and great value.

Conti Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner (1600W): Conti Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner (1600W)
R1,399 R1,179 Discovery Miles 11 790 Save R220 (16%) In stock

Conti is a leading manufacturer and exporter of small electrical household appliances in Turkey.

Our well-known products such as vacuum cleaners, steam irons, steam station, blenders, mixers, choppers, kettles, grills, toasters, and fan heaters are sold in many countries from South America to Far East, from Europe to South Africa.

All Conti appliances are the result of meticulous research & development efforts and most of the cosmetic designs are made by well-known European artists.

Thomas Quickstick Turbo Plus Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: Thomas Quickstick Turbo Plus Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
R9,299 R7,499 Discovery Miles 74 990 Save R1,800 (19%) In stock

Thomas Quickstick Turbo Plus Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

- Quick vacuuming in between: The cordless handheld vacuum cleaner goes just about anywhere. It effortlessly removes dust, animal hair and crumbs from under cupboards, in living rooms and in the kitchen. Bathroom floors are also clean in no time.

- It effortlessly removes dust, animal hair and crumbs with its electric turbo upholstery nozzle and electric turbo floor nozzle, with LED light and 180-degree swivel.

- Mobility on all floors ensures easy vacuuming, even under cupboards.

- In just a few simple steps, the device can be converted for versatile and easy cleaning of stairs, cars or upholstered furniture.

- An electric turbo upholstery nozzle, a 2 in 1 combination nozzle for furniture and upholstery cleaning as well as an extra-long, flexible crevice nozzle form part of the standard accessories

- Easily removable microfiber roller: Easy handling, even when cleaning the electric turbo floor brush. With just one click, the microfiber roller can be removed, and lint and hair can be cleaned off

- Electric turbo upholstery nozzle: Remove crumbs, dirt and animal hair from furniture and upholstery quickly and thoroughly thanks to the electrically driven turbo upholstery nozzle of the QUICK STICK TURBO PLUS.

- 2-in-1 combi nozzle: The 2 in 1 combi nozzle can be used to vacuum upholstery and furniture in no time, as the interchangeable nozzle is always at hand.

- Thanks to its light weight, even ceilings can be quickly and easily cleared of dust. The QUICKSTICK TURBO PLUS comes up with an extra-long and flexible crevice nozzle that easily reaches and thoroughly cleans even high ceilings, corners and hard-to-reach areas.

- Effortless emptying of the dust box. The container of the cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner can be emptied quickly and easily with just one click without contact with the dust.

- Easy battery change: Click out, change the battery and continue to vacuum comfortably.
Without annoying tripping hazards.

- LED battery charge indicator

- Practical wall bracket: Thanks to the practical wall bracket with accessory holder and integrated charging station, the THOMAS QUICK STICK TURBO PLUS is always at hand and ready for use. For quick vacuuming in between.

- Easy filter change: The washable hygiene filter can be removed and changed quickly and easily.

Home-Quip USB Rechargeable Emergency Lantern (500 Lumens): Home-Quip USB Rechargeable Emergency Lantern (500 Lumens)
R299 R199 Discovery Miles 1 990 Save R100 (33%) Ships in 5 - 11 working days

Home-Quip USB Rechargeable Emergency Lantern - (500 Lumen)

Lumina Full Spectrum Phyto Dual Grow Lamp: Lumina Full Spectrum Phyto Dual Grow Lamp
R800 R509 Discovery Miles 5 090 Save R291 (36%) In stock

Clip on Clamp, 360° Rotation, Flexible Arms, USB Powered, 40 LED
Accelerate the growth of indoor plants, seedlings, flowers, foliage and succulents with this adjustable grow lamp that assists in every stage of development

-Sturdy Clamp with Soft pad
-360°rotation Flexible Gooseneck
-9 Dimmable Levels
-Heat Dissipation
-3 light modes – Blue, Red and Blue&Red
-40 LEDs (26 RED and 14 Blue)

3 Modes & 9 Dimmable Level
This LED dual grow lamp has 9 dimmable levels of brightness to adjust the grow light intensity for different stages of plant growth. This light allows you to modify the mode and adjust the grow light to meet different plants’ needs. You can turn on/off and change the grow light intensity for each arm individually, giving you the freedom to use this light for more than 1 plant.

Full Spectrum
This grow light has both Red & Blue LEDs which will give off a targeted spectrum range from 450nm to 660nm.

Red Light (660nm)
The Red light promotes photosynthesis, germination and which is good to ensure that your flower blooms and/or your plant bears fruit. Additionally this Red light can encourage stem rooting and carbohydrate accumulation.

Blue Light(440nm)
The Blue light can encourage the formation of chlorophyll and absorption of carotenoids. The light can also delay the aging process of plants, and improve the colour of your plants – brighter colour means a healthy plant.

Red & Blue Light
The Red&Blue light combination can promote overall healthy growth of your plant. Using these 2 lights together provides a more effective light which could be essential to solving issues such as small roots, yellow leaves and immature green fruit.

Sturdy & Flexible Neck
This Lumina Grow light with 360-degree flexible gooseneck and clamp allow you to adjust the angle and distance between the lamp and plants meaning a more efficient illumination light for more plants at the same time.
The anti-slip clamp is sturdy enough to firmly hold an extended position for the best coverage around the plants, which allows this grow light to be placed anywhere in your home or office.
Heat Dissipation
This grow light has high-density aviation aluminium which easily dissipates the heat and aids to a low power consumption.
Auto On/Off & Timing Function
This LED Grow Light has an automatic timing function however it can be programmed with the 3/9/12H timer setting(also has memory function) . Once set the light needs no further manual operation meaning it can be left on when you are on holiday or leaving the office for a weekend.
Eco-Friendly & Easy to Use
This dual lamp is Mercury-free with no UV or IR which means there is no harm to the environment or your family.
The LED growing light has a USB connector plug with an attached control switch which makes it convenient to connect and use, anywhere in your home or office

Maisonware Space Saving U-Hanger Set of 10: Maisonware Space Saving U-Hanger Set of 10
R500 R329 Discovery Miles 3 290 Save R171 (34%) In stock

Looking for a solution to organise and maximise space in your cupboard?
Then this space-saving U-Hanger is what you need!

Turn an inch space of your closet into five inches! A perfect fit in houses, apartments, dorms and other limited spaces.

- Closet Space Saver:
Whether you have a small cupboard in an apartment, dorm or any other space, this U-Hanger will save up to 60% of the space as well as assist in organising your cupboard.
- Premium Quality:
Made from high-quality stainless steel which is sturdy and long-lasting this U-Hanger won’t bend or break and can hold up 13kg of clothes.
- Organize Your Clothes Neatly: You can hang these space-saving hangers horizontally or vertically depending on your requirements.
- Smoothed Edge Design: The new S hook design will stop hangers from slipping and the smooth edging will prevent your clothes from hooking and potentially tearing.

- Product Size: 5,4 x 20 x 0.7cm
- Package Weight: 900g
- Material: Stainless Steel

What's in the box
10x Maisonware Space Saving U-Hangers

Mellerware Easy Dry Electric Clothes Dryer (10kg Washing Load): Mellerware Easy Dry Electric Clothes Dryer (10kg Washing Load)
R1,299 R962 Discovery Miles 9 620 Save R337 (26%) In stock

Beat any rainy day blues with the Mellerware Easy Dry – Electric Clothes Dryer. It has a massive 10kg capacity that will allow you to dry in no time something for every member of the family. The Easy Dry keeps a constant temperature between 65-75 degrees celcius saving you time and also helps with ironing due to reduces creasing during the process. The Easy Dry’s PTC heating technology with its high temperature will help keep you family safe as it eliminates bacteria.

Candy Sprint EVO Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (2000W | Blue): Candy Sprint EVO Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (2000W | Blue)
R1,700 R1,499 Discovery Miles 14 990 Save R201 (12%) In stock

Candy is an international brand that offers a comprehensive range of practical, high performance, freestanding and built-in appliances; skillfully combining the most advanced technologies with stylish Italian design. Throughout the decades Candy's mission has always remained the same; to meet the needs of consumers with innovative, easy to use products that represent great value for money at affordable prices.

Sprint Evo offers easy, effortless vacuuming. Weighing less than 4kg, its designed to be light weight, nimble and extremely easy to handle. You can use it on all types of floors and there is a zinl dusting brush and crevice tool to help you effectively clean in a wide range of surfaces, nooks and crannies. All tools are conveniently stored on board and its efficient design will also take up minimal storage space at home.

TinyTot Star Galaxy Rotating Night Light (Blue): TinyTot Star Galaxy Rotating Night Light (Blue)
R350 R259 Discovery Miles 2 590 Save R91 (26%) In stock

Illuminate your bedroom and marvel at the night sky indoors.

This Projector rotates 360-degrees, provides a fantastic moving starry sky. It provides a calming nightlight effect

It has 3 modes:
- A mode: Steady on night light (To turn off, press A button again)
- B mode: Different colour changing (Keep pressing B button until it turns off)
- C mode: Rotation switch (Press C button again to turn rotation off)

For better projection, please remove the white dome first and use in a small, low ceiling room.

- Light Source: 4 LED Bulbs
- The battery case has a tight clip lid without a screw
- Material: Plastic + electronic components
- Easy operation: Powered by 4 x AAA batteries (not included) or USB cable (included)

Crystal Aire Rain Drop Aroma Diffuser: Crystal Aire Rain Drop Aroma Diffuser
R699 R539 Discovery Miles 5 390 Save R160 (23%) Ships in 5 - 8 working days

Humidify your living space to prevent dry, stuffy air and fill your home with lovely fragrance using essential aroma oils. Ultrasonic technology uses no heat, maintaining the holistic and therapeutic properties of essential oils, and no filters to clean.

HomeFX Foldable Storage Bins Cubes Organizer (Set of 6): HomeFX Foldable Storage Bins Cubes Organizer (Set of 6)
R600 R429 Discovery Miles 4 290 Save R171 (29%) In stock

Easily clean up the clutter with these HomeFX Foldable Storage Cubes. The versatile open-top bins provide a neatly tailored appearance and a functional design.
It is perfect for a bedroom, craft room, kid’s play area, or office.

Maisonware Electric Toothbrush Holder: Maisonware Electric Toothbrush Holder
R200 R149 Discovery Miles 1 490 Save R51 (26%) In stock

This electric toothbrush holder fits 98% of all electric toothbrushes currently in the market which means you can keep your toothbrush head dry thus preventing bacterial growth.

Removable Design
This electric toothbrush holder can be disassembled easily to wash even after wall installation meaning cleaning the unit is hassle-free.

Save Your Space
Comes with some double-sided tape which enables it to be mounted on the wall which then clears space on your counter.

Charging Well
This electric toothbrush holder has an opening at the bottom and as well as the sides, meaning you can easily charge your toothbrush while it is in the holder.

Environment & Health
Made of high-quality ABS material, that is durable and safe to use.

Maisonware Wall Mounted Organizer Storage Rack: Maisonware Wall Mounted Organizer Storage Rack
R400 R239 Discovery Miles 2 390 Save R161 (40%) In stock

Use the Closet wall-mounted accessory storage box to keep your belts, ties and jewellery in order. The eight large hooks are convenient for storing bracelets and large costume jewellery, while 11 smaller hooks can hold necklaces. The included basket can store rings, hair accessories, cosmetics and other items in a convenient place. It can be easily installed on the wall of a closet, bathroom or bedroom with the included hardware accessories.

Easy to organize:
This wall-mounted accessory organizer can easily add convenient custom storage space to any wardrobe or room; all your jewelry and accessories are neat and organized; maximize the unused wall and door space and turn it into additional storage opportunities.

Easy to use:
This stylish wardrobe organizer can be easily installed on the wall of a closet, bedroom or bathroom; suitable for men, women, and children's accessories.

Function and general purpose:
8 big hooks and 11 small hooks, all for hanging necklaces, bracelets, bracelets, small wallets, wristbands and scarves; the top basket contains room for wallets, sunglasses, reading glasses, mobile phones, smartwatch straps, and loose items.

Quality structure:
Made of sturdy steel wire, the surface is durable and rust-proof; includes mounting hardware and it is easy to take care of-wipe with a damp cloth.

Lumina Mini Water-Resistant Portable Collapsible LED Lantern Torch (2 Pack): Lumina Mini Water-Resistant Portable Collapsible LED Lantern Torch (2 Pack)
R300 R239 Discovery Miles 2 390 Save R61 (20%) In stock

The Lumina compact, lightweight and collapsible lantern is ideal for home and outdoor use.
This collapsible lantern offers ultra-bright light and energy efficiency using COB (chips on board) LED’s. The water-resistant plastic cover is perfect for use when camping, travelling, hiking, cycling, backpacking, fishing or simply for use in your home or office especially during load shedding.
The innovative construction and design make using this lantern a breeze. Simply open and close to switch it on and off. Collapse it and fold the handles away and you have a compact lantern that is as easy to store as it is to use.

-360 degree LED illumination
-Versatile indoor and outdoor use
-Durable and sturdy
-Water-resistant plastic cover
-Collapsible and lightweight design
-Portable and compact
-Stainless steel handles
- Ultra-bright 200 lumens
Easy to Operate
Simply open and close the lantern to switch it on and off.

Portable and Space Saving

This LED lamp is conveniently collapsible, compact and portable. The stainless-steel foldaway handles allow you to carry the lantern by hand or hang the lantern where needed.

Energy Efficient

Having COB LED’s inside this lantern as a light source ensures that the light, is not only effective but also efficient as minimal battery power will be used. This means that you do not have to change the batteries as often as other products currently on the market.

Please Note:
1.Do not shine the light directly into people’s eyes.
2.This product is water-resistant under daily use and can be used in rainy/wet conditions however is must not be submerged into a water source.

Alva Essential Oil Diffuser: Alva Essential Oil Diffuser
R629 R499 Discovery Miles 4 990 Save R130 (21%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

• Works best with distilled water
• Contemporary, captivating design with subtle mood lighting to compliment your home
• Diffuser - can also be used with Essential Oils to create a relaxing body & mind aromatherapy experience
• LED Lighting – Provides a soothing ambiance; either rotate through all 7 colours or choose your favourite colour, or even leave the effect off
• Quiet operation and energy saving
• Auto Off: Safety cut-off when water level is low
• 12 Month warranty

• Essential oils sold separately

Capacity: 200ml
Mist Output: 20-25ml/hr
Room Size: 15-20m˛
Timer: 2 or 4 hours
Lighting: 7 colours
Measurements Ř15cm x 12.3cm height
Power: 12W
Power Adapter Input: 100-240V
Diffuser: 24V DC

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