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Learning ActionScript 3.0 (Paperback, 2nd edition): Richard Shupe, Zevan Rosser Learning ActionScript 3.0 (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Richard Shupe, Zevan Rosser
R936 R620 Discovery Miles 6 200 Save R316 (34%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

If you're new to ActionScript 3.0, this is the ideal introductory guide. Flash designers, developers, and programmers alike will find this book invaluable for navigating ActionScript 3.0's steeper learning curve. You'll learn the language and how it works through hands-on exercises that build skills as the book progresses. You will learn how to: * Harness the power and performance of ActionScript 3.0 * Manipulate text, work with sound and video, and draw with code * Animate graphics, create particle systems, and apply simple physics * Avoid common coding mistakes and reuse code for improved productivity * Load SWF, image, text, HTML, CSS, and XML file formats, and more This second edition enhances the text further with improvements to clarity and understanding, tighter code examples, and new material. The skills taught, and majority of code examples, are fully compatible with Flash Professional versions CS3 through the present. Select new features introduced in versions CS4 or CS5 round out the content, including: * Manipulating assets using the basic 3D engine in Flash Player 10 * Significantly improved text control using the new Text Layout Framework * Expanded access to the user's microphone at runtime, and more This acclaimed four-color book features illustrations and screenshots throughout, but also presents all code examples in color. Syntax-colored scripts help you quickly identify key elements of the language and make it easier to compare the printed code to your own. The companion website is an additional resource for source files, short quizzes to test your knowledge of key concepts, and valuable supplemental material. Learning ActionScript 3.0 explains topics using simple examples written in the timeline, but also introduces object-oriented programming over time so you can get the most out of your reading. Or, if you prefer, the companion website includes class-based examples for every chapter, allowing you to choose if and when you immerse yourself in OOP. Written by teachers for students, authors Rich Shupe and Zevan Rosser draw on their vast experience as Flash developers and instructors to give you a solid ActionScript foundation, without losing site of creativity.

Video Production - Disciplines and Techniques (Paperback, 12th New edition): Jim Foust, Edward J Fink, Lynne Gross Video Production - Disciplines and Techniques (Paperback, 12th New edition)
Jim Foust, Edward J Fink, Lynne Gross
R1,384 Discovery Miles 13 840 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The revised twelfth edition of Video Production: Disciplines and Techniques introduces readers to the operations underlying video production. It provides thorough coverage of the theory and techniques readers need to know, balancing complexity with practical how-to information about detailed subjects in a concise, conversational style. The book has been updated to incorporate recent changes in the video production pipeline-emphasizing digital video, non-linear video production, streaming platforms, and mobile production-while maintaining the foundational, nuanced, teamwork-based approach that has made the book popular. Each chapter includes key takeaways, review questions, and on-set exercises, and a comprehensive glossary defines all the key production terms discussed. An accompanying eResource includes downloadable versions of the forms and paperwork used in the book, in addition to links to further online resources.

Smart Phone Smart Photography - Simple Techniques for Taking Incredible Pictures with iPhone and Android (Paperback): Jo... Smart Phone Smart Photography - Simple Techniques for Taking Incredible Pictures with iPhone and Android (Paperback)
Jo Bradford 1
R311 R234 Discovery Miles 2 340 Save R77 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"... a genuinely useful guide to the more technical side of phone shooting, including editing with popular apps like Snapseed. Jo Bradford makes the most of the creative possibilities of modern smartphone cameras, and her tips on improving exposure and ensuring decent prints are really useful." Awarded 5 stars by Amateur Photographer Maximize your potential to get the shots you want with this guide to photography for both Apple and Android phones. There's a saying that the best camera for the job is the one you have with you when an opportunity arises. Thanks to the boom in camera-phone technology, today we're lucky enough to have a camera to hand to capture all those incredible moments. But are you making the most of that powerful tool in your pocket? Do the photos you have taken tend to be blurry, or look nothing like what you're seeing? If you want to shoot incredible images with your phone, buy Smart Phone, Smart Photography. Covering simple techniques that will allow you to get the image that you see every single time, you will soon be telling your camera what to do with confidence. Start with The Big Picture and get to know your camera phone and the rules behind taking the perfect shot. The next chapter, Taking Great Pictures, explains the key disciplines of photography - portrait, abstraction, macro, still life and plenty more. Finally, the Post-production chapter demonstrates how to use apps to edit and enhance your images and create incredible prints for display.

The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro - Learn advanced editing techniques to dramatically speed up your workflow (Paperback, 2nd ed.):... The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro - Learn advanced editing techniques to dramatically speed up your workflow (Paperback, 2nd ed.)
Jarle Leirpoll
R1,362 R1,236 Discovery Miles 12 360 Save R126 (9%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Gain in-depth knowledge of Premiere Pro, and learn how the software "thinks." You'll acquire new skills that will help you choose the best workflow for your project, and simplify and accelerate your video editing process. Learn how you can edit a lot faster with smarter workflows that automate several steps in the editing process. You'll also see how custom settings, presets, keyboard shortcuts and templates saves hours of work. By tailoring the software to your needs you save clicks on just about every task. With many traditional jobs now being done by one person, its important to understand audio smoothing, color grading, motion graphics, and advanced editing techniques. You'll learn these skills and disciplines and see how they'll enhance your project's workflow. All the authors are professional editors and want to know exactly how to cut your film as fast as possible with top quality output. There is invaluable information in The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro that's not available anywhere else - not even in Adobe's own manuals. What You'll Learn Edit faster, no matter what the project Understand the technical stuff, like timeline settings, render codecs, color subsampling, export settings, effect controls and monitor settings Know when to send your clips to other Adobe software, and how to treat them there. Master the Premiere Pro timeline, even stacks of timelines, and edit, trim and adjust with ease Who This Book Is For Video journalists (and everyone else) will learn how to edit faster and get home in time for dinner. Bloggers will learn how to make their online video and audio "pop". Film cutters will learn how to organize, rough cut and fine tune huge amounts of material effectively and how to output for digital cinema. Experienced video editors will learn how to deal with multi-track audio and to work faster in every step of the edit. Marketing people who edit video for social media and web pages will learn simpler ways to make a faster cut. Teachers in media studies will understand the logic in Premiere Pro, and be better prepared for teaching video editing.

Essential Skills in Organic Modeling (Paperback): Nicholas Bernhardt Zeman Essential Skills in Organic Modeling (Paperback)
Nicholas Bernhardt Zeman
R1,068 Discovery Miles 10 680 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This is a beginner's guide to learning and implementing the essential aspects of modeling organic objects and using an organic workflow to model anything. This book gives an aspiring modeler all the tools that they need to know in order to begin creating great models that are efficient and laid out properly for rigging and texturing. The reader will be taken through all the primary techniques and methodologies for making "liveable" creatures for video, film, or games. The reader will also learn the basic physical structure that designates something as organic vs artificial, and how these varying structures can be tackled from a modeling perspective.through a practical, hands-on approach. Features Designed to approach organic modeling in a software-independent manner. Builds fundamental knowledge of 3D digital art from the ground up. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson. Has industry standard knowledge, based on simplicity and efficiency that will work for either production rendering or game development. Defines what organic modeling is and how it works, and why each technique was developed and implemented as it currently stands.

Game Anim - Video Game Animation Explained (Paperback): Jonathan Cooper Game Anim - Video Game Animation Explained (Paperback)
Jonathan Cooper
R965 R858 Discovery Miles 8 580 Save R107 (11%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

What makes the difference between great video game animation and the purely functional, and how does this relatively new medium of non-linear animation creation differ from the more traditional fields of film and television? This book de-mystifies the animation side of game development, explaining every step of the process while providing valuable insights and work philosophies for creating the best game animation for beginners and professionals alike. Taking readers through a complete game production, this book provides a clear understanding of expectations of the game animator at every stage, featuring game animation fundamentals and how they fit within an overall project to offer a holistic approach to the field of game animation. Key Features Accumulated knowledge based on nearly two decades of insightful experience in all areas of video game animation. Establishes the fundamentals of creating great video game animation, and how to achieve them. A step-by-step explanation of every stage of a game production from the animator's perspective. Readers should come away with an understanding of the expectations of a video game animator.

Adaptation for Animation - Transforming Literature Frame by Frame (Paperback): Hannes Rall Adaptation for Animation - Transforming Literature Frame by Frame (Paperback)
Hannes Rall
R951 Discovery Miles 9 510 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Talented animation artists often neglect successful storytelling in favour of strong visuals, but now you can have both with this complete guide to adaptation for animation. Veteran independent filmmaker Hannes Rall teaches you how to draw and adapt inspiration from copyright-free materials like fairy tales, myths, and classic literature, making it easier than ever to create your own compelling narrative. With sections on subjects like transcultural adaptations, storyboarding, visual poetry, and colour scripts, this book is just the right mix of practical advice, lavish illustrations, and industry case studies to give you everything you need to start adapting your story today. Key Features Learn how to find free and un-copyrighted materials and adapt them into a unique story for your own animated narrative Includes exclusive interviews with famous Disney animator Andreas Deja and esteemed animation historian Giannalberto Bendazzi Hundreds of full-colour visuals from case studies of adapted animated films from around the world

How to Do Everything with Podcasting (Paperback, Ed): Shel Holtz, Neville Hobson How to Do Everything with Podcasting (Paperback, Ed)
Shel Holtz, Neville Hobson
R555 R438 Discovery Miles 4 380 Save R117 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Reach a targeted and influential audience using the medium that's gone from underground scene to mainstream. How to Do Everything with Podcasting walks you, step by step, through the process of creating, broadcasting, and promoting your own podcast. You'll get tips for targeting your audience, refining your content, integrating various technologies, and profiting from your podcast. You'll also discover how businesses can use podcasting as a fresh, inexpensive way to communicate with customers, investors, and employees. Subscribe to, download, and listen to podcastsGet the right hardware and software Plan, record, edit, and release your own podcast Incorporate music, sweeps, interviews, and other elements Connect with listeners using blogs, live chats, and user-created contentProfit from your podcast through advertising, networking, and merchandisingTap into support services for help with production, hosting, bandwidth, and moreCreate customer-focused or business-to-business podcasts

Media Composer 6 - Professional Picture and Sound Editing (Paperback): Woody Lidstone Media Composer 6 - Professional Picture and Sound Editing (Paperback)
Woody Lidstone
R1,092 R793 Discovery Miles 7 930 Save R299 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

MEDIA COMPOSER 6: PROFESSIONAL PICTURE AND SOUND EDITING will give you the skills and in-depth, under-the-hood knowledge you need to distinguish yourself as a true editing professional and go for the high-profile jobs you want. With the step-by-step guidance in this book, you'll learn the skills you need to work on big-budget productions: media management (become the media management guru others look to for expert advice), advanced picture editing (learn precision cutting techniques and how to master Script Integration for long-form projects), and advanced sound editing (learn to impress your producer by creating great audio mixes). The book includes media and projects that you can work with at your own pace. As an official part of the Avid Learning Series for Media Composer, MEDIA COMPOSER 6: PROFESSIONAL PICTURE AND SOUND EDITING, along with its counterpart, Media Composer 6: Professional Effects and Compositing, will prepare you for Professional Media Composer 6 certification at an Avid Learning Partner. MEDIA COMPOSER 6: PROFESSIONAL PICTURE AND SOUND EDITING (Course # MC 201) is part of the Avid Learning Series. To find more books on Media Composer, Pro Tools, Sibelius, or any other Avid product, visit www.courseptr.com/avid.

GIMP Bible (Paperback): Jason Van Gumster, Robert Shimonski GIMP Bible (Paperback)
Jason Van Gumster, Robert Shimonski
R895 R597 Discovery Miles 5 970 Save R298 (33%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The ultimate reference and guide to the GNU image manipulation program

GIMP is a free, Photoshop-like image manipulation program, and as its use grows, so does the demand for detailed instruction on how to get the very most out of it. "GIMP Bible" is the most comprehensive and current independent GIMP reference available that goes beyond official documentation.

If you're a digital artist or photographer, the step-by-step explanations in this authoritative guide show you how to power-use GIMP throughout a production pipeline. Topics include understanding the GIMP interface and how to work with it, how to use all of GIMP's tools to create high-quality images, GIMP's default filters and plug-ins, advanced techniques for customization with Python and Scheme scripting, and much more.GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free graphics editor that runs on Linux, Windows, or Macs; it is used to process digital graphics and photographs including creating graphics and logos, resizing and cropping photos, altering colors, combining images, creating basic GIF animated images, and moreWhether you're a digital artist, professional photographer, or beginner, this detailed how-to shows you best practices, valuable techniques, and helpful tips for getting the most out of GIMP for your projectsTopics include the GIMP interface and how to work with it, in-depth description of GIMP's tools and how to use them to create high-quality images, a comprehensive reference for all of GIMP's default filters and common plug-ins, and advanced customization with Python and Scheme scripting

Get the most out of this free image editing tool for your production pipeline with the "GIMP Bible."

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

Multi Modality State-of-the-Art Medical Image Segmentation and Registration Methodologies - Volume II (Hardcover, 2011 ed.):... Multi Modality State-of-the-Art Medical Image Segmentation and Registration Methodologies - Volume II (Hardcover, 2011 ed.)
Ayman S. El-Baz, Rajendra Acharya U., Andrew F. Laine, Jasjit S. Suri
R4,854 R4,060 Discovery Miles 40 600 Save R794 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

With the advances in image guided surgery for cancer treatment, the role of image segmentation and registration has become very critical. The central engine of any image guided surgery product is its ability to quantify the organ or segment the organ whether it is a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT), X-ray, PET, SPECT, Ultrasound, and Molecular imaging modality. Sophisticated segmentation algorithms can help the physicians delineate better the anatomical structures present in the input images, enhance the accuracy of medical diagnosis and facilitate the best treatment planning system designs. The focus of this book in towards the state of the art techniques in the area of image segmentation and registration.

Soft Computing Applications - Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop Soft Computing Applications (SOFA 2014), Volume 2... Soft Computing Applications - Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop Soft Computing Applications (SOFA 2014), Volume 2 (Paperback, 1st ed. 2016)
Valentina Emilia Balas, Lakhmi C. Jain, Branko Kovacevic
R4,889 R3,957 Discovery Miles 39 570 Save R932 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

These volumes constitute the Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Soft Computing Applications, or SOFA 2014, held on 24-26 July 2014 in Timisoara, Romania. This edition was organized by the University of Belgrade, Serbia in conjunction with Romanian Society of Control Engineering and Technical Informatics (SRAIT) - Arad Section, The General Association of Engineers in Romania - Arad Section, Institute of Computer Science, Iasi Branch of the Romanian Academy and IEEE Romanian Section. The Soft Computing concept was introduced by Lotfi Zadeh in 1991 and serves to highlight the emergence of computing methodologies in which the accent is on exploiting the tolerance for imprecision and uncertainty to achieve tractability, robustness and low solution cost. Soft computing facilitates the use of fuzzy logic, neurocomputing, evolutionary computing and probabilistic computing in combination, leading to the concept of hybrid intelligent systems. The combination of such intelligent systems tools and a large number of applications introduce a need for a synergy of scientific and technological disciplines in order to show the great potential of Soft Computing in all domains. The conference papers included in these proceedings, published post conference, were grouped into the following area of research: * Image, Text and Signal Processing Intelligent Transportation Modeling and Applications Biomedical Applications Neural Network and ApplicationsKnowledge-Based Technologies for Web Applications, Cloud Computing, Security, Algorithms and Computer Networks Knowledge-Based Technologies Soft Computing Techniques for Time Series Analysis Soft Computing and Fuzzy Logic in Biometrics Fuzzy Applications Theory and Fuzzy Control Business Process Management Methods and Applications in Electrical Engineering The volumes provide useful information to professors, researchers and graduated students in area of soft computing techniques and applications, as they report new research work on challenging issues.

Computer Graphics Programming in OpenGL with C++ (Hardcover): V Scott Gordon, John Clevenger Computer Graphics Programming in OpenGL with C++ (Hardcover)
V Scott Gordon, John Clevenger
R1,227 R921 Discovery Miles 9 210 Save R306 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

This book provides step-by-step instruction on modern 3D graphics shader programming in C++ and OpenGL. It is appropriate for computer science undergraduate graphics programming courses and for professionals who are interested in mastering 3D graphics skills. It has been designed in a 4-color, teach-yourself format with numerous examples that the reader can run just as presented. The book is unique in its heavy emphasis on student learning, making the complex topic of shader programming as accessible as possible. Includes companion files with source code and images. FEATURES: Covers OpenGL 4.0+ shader programming using C++, using Windows or Mac. Includes companion files with code, models, textures, images from the book, and more. Illustrates every technique with complete running code examples. Everything needed to install and run every example is provided and fully explained. Includes step-by-step instruction for every GLSL programmable pipeline stage (vertex, tessellation, geometry, and fragment) - with examples. Explains how to install and use essential OpenGL libraries such as GLEW, GLFW, glm, and others, for both Windows and Mac.

Beginning Microsoft Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 - Motion and Depth Sensing for Natural User Interfaces (Paperback, 1st ed.):... Beginning Microsoft Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 - Motion and Depth Sensing for Natural User Interfaces (Paperback, 1st ed.)
Mansib Rahman
R1,164 R1,001 Discovery Miles 10 010 Save R163 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Develop applications in Microsoft Kinect 2 using gesture and speech recognition, scanning of objects in 3D, and body tracking. Create motion-sensing applications for entertainment and practical uses, including for commercial products and industrial applications. Beginning Microsoft Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 is dense with code and examples to ensure that you understand how to build Kinect applications that can be used in the real world. Techniques and ideas are presented to facilitate incorporation of the Kinect with other technologies. What You Will Learn Set up Kinect 2 and a workspace for Kinect application development Access audio, color, infrared, and skeletal data streams from Kinect Use gesture and speech recognition Perform computer vision manipulations on image data streams Develop Windows Store apps and Unity3D applications with Kinect 2 Take advantage of Kinect Fusion (3D object mapping technology) and Kinect Ripple (Kinect projector infotainment system) Who This Book Is For Developers who want to include the simple but powerful Kinect technology into their projects, including amateurs and hobbyists, and professional developers

3D Object Processing - Compression, Indexing and Watermarking (Hardcover): Jean--Luc Dugelay, Atilla Baskurt, Mohamed Daoudi 3D Object Processing - Compression, Indexing and Watermarking (Hardcover)
Jean--Luc Dugelay, Atilla Baskurt, Mohamed Daoudi
R2,134 R1,504 Discovery Miles 15 040 Save R630 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

The arrival, and continuing evolution, of high quality 3D objects has been made possible by recent progress in 3D scanner acquisition and 3D graphics rendering. With this increasing quality comes a corresponding increase in the size and complexity of the data files and the necessity for advances in compression techniques. Effective indexing to facilitate the retrieval of the 3D data is then required to efficiently store, search and recapture the objects that have been compressed. The application of 3D images in fields such as communications, medicine and the military also calls for copyright protection, or watermarking, to secure the data for transmission.

Written by expert contributors, this timely text brings together the three important and complementary topics of compression, retrieval and watermarking techniques for 3D objects. 3D object processing applications are developing rapidly and this book tackles the challenges and opportunities presented, focusing on the secure transmission, sharing and searching of 3D objects on networks, and includes: an introduction to the commonly used 3D representation schemes; the characteristics, advantages and limitations of polygonal meshes, surface based models and volumetric models; 3D compression techniques; the 3D coding and decoding schemes for reducing the size of 3D data to reduce transmission time and minimize distortion; state of the art responses to the intrinsic challenges of building a 3D-model search engine, considering view-based, structural and full-3D approaches; watermarking techniques for ensuring intellectual property protection and content security without altering the visual quality of the 3D object.

"3D Object Processing: Compression, Indexing and Watermarking" is an invaluable resource for graduate students and researchers working in signal and image processing, computer aided design, animation and imaging systems. Practising engineers who want to expand their knowledge of 3D video objects, including data compression, indexing, security, and copyrighting of information, will also find this book of great use.

Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 Essentials (Paperback): Dariush Derakhshani, Randi L. Derakhshani Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 Essentials (Paperback)
Dariush Derakhshani, Randi L. Derakhshani
R892 R593 Discovery Miles 5 930 Save R299 (34%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Start animating right away with this tutorial-based guide to Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 Essentials is your perfect hands-on guide to start animating quickly. Using approachable, real-world exercises, you'll master the fundamentals of this leading animation software by following full-color screen shots step by step. Each chapter opens with a quick discussion of concepts and learning objectives, and then launches into hands-on tutorials that give you firsthand experience and a good start on preparing for the 3ds Max certification exam. You'll learn the basics of modeling, texturing, animating, and visual effects as you create a retro-style alarm clock, animate a thrown knife, model a chair, and more. Whether you're a complete beginner or migrating from another 3D application, this task-based book provides the solid grounding you need in Autodesk 3ds Max 2016. * Model your character with polygons, meshes, and more * Add motion with simple and complex animations * Add color and textures to visualize materials and surfaces * Render interior scenes with great lighting and camera placement If you want to learn 3ds Max quickly and painlessly, Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 Essentials helps you start animating today.

Advanced Audio Visualization Using ThMAD - Creating Amazing Graphics with Open Source Software (Paperback, 1st ed.): Peter Spath Advanced Audio Visualization Using ThMAD - Creating Amazing Graphics with Open Source Software (Paperback, 1st ed.)
Peter Spath
R570 R456 Discovery Miles 4 560 Save R114 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Learn advanced techniques and improve your audio visualization skills with Thinking Machine Audio Dreams (ThMAD). With this book, you can concentrate on advanced examples and usage patterns, including using shaders in a more profound way, and how to incorporate ThMAD into a tool chain using the professional sound server JACK. Advanced Audio Visualization Using ThMAD provides advanced techniques for generating graphics, improving performance, and providing readers with the skills needed to create more interesting visualizations. You will also learn professional setups with highly developed visual and aural art tool chains. What You'll Learn Use the ThMAD software for advanced setups in their personal and professional projects Gain a pragmatic introduction to using shaders Use JACK sound servers with ThMAD Control the timing ThMAD Work with advanced configurations Who This Book Is For Artists and developers already familiar with ThMAD and looking to enhance their projects. In addition, readers primarily interested in using shaders or the Jack audio server for graphics generation can benefit from the book as well.

Developing Professional iPhone Photography - Using Photoshop, Lightroom, and other iOS and Desktop Apps to Create and Edit... Developing Professional iPhone Photography - Using Photoshop, Lightroom, and other iOS and Desktop Apps to Create and Edit Photos (Paperback, 1st ed.)
Rafiq Elmansy
R565 R495 Discovery Miles 4 950 Save R70 (12%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Leverage the photo taking power of your iPhone with desktop and iOS apps to capture, retouch, manipulate, organize, and sell your photography. This book shows you how to edit photos using Adobe mobile apps and other apps, integrate Adobe mobile apps with desktop applications, such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and finally sell those photos online. Developing Professional iPhone Photography provides a practical guide to creating a professional photography portfolio with your iPhone and features iPhonoegraphy examples from professional photographers to showcase what can be done. You can then share your workflow with your desktop programs, such as Adobe Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Fix, and Lightroom apps iPhone camera and photography capabilities have dramatically improved to a professional level and mobile and desktop software have come right along with them. Now it's not only possible to take worthwhile photos on your phone but also to edit and develop them to a professional level. What You'll Learn Use Adobe Mobile and Apple apps for retouching and photo manipulation Transform your iPhone into a piece of your professional workflow Market and sell photos directly from your iPhone Who This Book Is For Photographers and other iPhone owners who want to make the most of the editing and capturing the power of their iOS devices

Handbook of Digital Image Synthesis - Scientific Foundations of Rendering (Hardcover): Vincent Pegoraro Handbook of Digital Image Synthesis - Scientific Foundations of Rendering (Hardcover)
Vincent Pegoraro
R2,341 Discovery Miles 23 410 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Handbook of Digital Image Synthesis is the most up-to-date reference guide in the rapidly developing field of computer graphics. A wide range of topics, such as, applied mathematics, data structures, and optical perception and imaging help to provide a well-rounded view of the necessary formulas for computer rendering. In addition to this diverse approach, the presentation of the material is substantiated by numerous figures and computer-generated images. From basic principles to advanced theories, this book, provides the reader with a strong foundation of computer formulas and rendering through a step-by-step process. . Key Features: Provides unified coverage of the broad range of fundamental topics in rendering Gives in-depth treatment of the basic and advanced concepts in each topic Presents a step-by-step derivation of the theoretical results needed for implementation Illustrates the concepts with numerous figures and computer-generated images Illustrates the core algorithms using platform-independent pseudo-code

Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing - 16th International Workshop, CASC 2014, Warsaw, Poland, September 8-12, 2014.... Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing - 16th International Workshop, CASC 2014, Warsaw, Poland, September 8-12, 2014. Proceedings (Paperback, 2014 ed.)
Vladimir P. Gerdt, Wolfram Koepf, Werner M. Seiler, Evgenii V. Vorozhtsov
R2,294 R1,732 Discovery Miles 17 320 Save R562 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 16th International Workshop on Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing, CASC 2014, held in Warsaw, Poland, in September 2014. The 33 full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in this book. The papers address issues such as Studies in polynomial algebra are represented by contributions devoted to factoring sparse bivariate polynomials using the priority queue, the construction of irreducible polynomials by using the Newton index, real polynomial root finding by means of matrix and polynomial iterations, application of the eigenvalue method with symmetry for solving polynomial systems arising in the vibration analysis of mechanical structures with symmetry properties, application of Groebner systems for computing the (absolute) reduction number of polynomial ideals, the application of cylindrical algebraic decomposition for solving the quantifier elimination problems, certification of approximate roots of overdetermined and singular polynomial systems via the recovery of an exact rational univariate representation from approximate numerical data, new parallel algorithms for operations on univariate polynomials (multi-point evaluation, interpolation) based on subproduct tree techniques.

The Computer Graphics Manual (Hardcover, 2011): David Salomon The Computer Graphics Manual (Hardcover, 2011)
David Salomon
R3,672 R2,896 Discovery Miles 28 960 Save R776 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book presents a broad overview of computer graphics (CG), its history, and the hardware tools it employs. Covering a substantial number of concepts and algorithms, the text describes the techniques, approaches, and algorithms at the core of this field. Emphasis is placed on practical design and implementation, highlighting how graphics software works, and explaining how current CG can generate and display realistic-looking objects. The mathematics is non-rigorous, with the necessary mathematical background introduced in the Appendixes. It includes numerous figures, examples and solved exercises. It discusses the key 2D and 3D transformations, and the main types of projections. It presents an extensive selection of methods, algorithms, and techniques. It examines advanced techniques in CG, including the nature and properties of light and color, graphics standards and file formats, and fractals. It explores the principles of image compression; describes the important input/output graphics devices.

Streampunks - How YouTube and the New Creators are Transforming Our Lives (Paperback): Robert Kyncl, Maany Peyvan Streampunks - How YouTube and the New Creators are Transforming Our Lives (Paperback)
Robert Kyncl, Maany Peyvan 1
R320 R252 Discovery Miles 2 520 Save R68 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

***Axiom Business Book Award Winner!*** Something massive is shifting in the world of entertainment. Across the planet, humans spend more of their free time watching video than doing anything else. But increasingly it's not TV they're watching, but online video. In 2016, Swedish vlogger PewDiePie made a record $15 million from his YouTube videos, beating Hollywood A-listers like Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts and Amy Adams. Something massive is shifting in the world of entertainment. Since its founding in 2005, YouTube has become the first and only truly global media platform, with over a billion users worldwide. It has changed the media industry as profoundly as the development of radio, film and television. In Streampunks, YouTube's Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl gets to the heart of this creative revolution through behind-the-scenes stories of its biggest stars - YouTubers like Tyler Oakley, Lilly Singh, and Casey Neistat-and the dealmakers brokering the future of media, like Scooter Braun, who scouted 12-year old Justin Bieber on YouTube, and Vice media mogul Shane Smith who used the platform to turn young people onto news and current affairs. By giving anyone with a smartphone their own TV channel, YouTube is fuelling a new creative boom. Not only is it generating the new faces of entertainment, but also changing how students are taught, how social issues are discussed and how small businesses advertise and develop. Streampunks is the definitive book on the modern pop-culture juggernaut Youtube, the platform remaking the face of entertainment.

Game Engine Architecture, Third Edition (Hardcover, 3rd New edition): Jason Gregory Game Engine Architecture, Third Edition (Hardcover, 3rd New edition)
Jason Gregory
R1,653 Discovery Miles 16 530 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In this new and improved third edition of the highly popular Game Engine Architecture, Jason Gregory draws on his nearly two decades of experience at Midway, Electronic Arts and Naughty Dog to present both the theory and practice of game engine software development. In this book, the broad range of technologies and techniques used by AAA game studios are each explained in detail, and their roles within a real industrial-strength game engine are illustrated. New to the Third Edition This third edition offers the same comprehensive coverage of game engine architecture provided by previous editions, along with updated coverage of: computer and CPU hardware and memory caches, compiler optimizations, C++ language standardization, the IEEE-754 floating-point representation, 2D user interfaces, plus an entirely new chapter on hardware parallelism and concurrent programming. This book is intended to serve as an introductory text, but it also offers the experienced game programmer a useful perspective on aspects of game development technology with which they may not have deep experience. As always, copious references and citations are provided in this edition, making it an excellent jumping off point for those who wish to dig deeper into any particular aspect of the game development process. Key Features Covers both the theory and practice of game engine software development Examples are grounded in specific technologies, but discussion extends beyond any particular engine or API. Includes all mathematical background needed. Comprehensive text for beginners and also has content for senior engineers.

Photo Restoration and Retouching Using Corel (R) PaintShop Pro (R) X5 (Paperback, 4th edition): Robert Correll Photo Restoration and Retouching Using Corel (R) PaintShop Pro (R) X5 (Paperback, 4th edition)
Robert Correll
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PaintShop Pro, the popular graphics software that lets you create and edit beautiful images for home, work, or the Web, also offers powerful capabilities for enhancing and restoring photographs. This completely new edition of PHOTO RESTORATION AND RETOUCHING USING COREL PAINSHOP PRO X5 is a comprehensive, friendly guide to using the latest version of PaintShop Pro to improve your photographs. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to working with digital images, you'll appreciate the book's step-by-step, visual approach, covering topics such as improving brightness and contrast, solving color problems, removing specks and dust, repairing scratches, tears, creases, and holes, retouching people, and much more Included are more than 50 detailed photo studies that teach you how to tackle specific problems--like red eyes, blemishes, and poor lighting. With photo editing expert Robert Correll as your guide, you'll learn pro-level retouching techniques that will help you create great photos you'll be proud to share with friends, family, and the world.

Adobe Premiere Pro For Dummies (Paperback): Keith Underdahl Adobe Premiere Pro For Dummies (Paperback)
Keith Underdahl
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* An essential resource for anyone who wants to get up and running with this popular video-editing application, from amateur and hobbyist filmmakers to professionals who want to explore the possibilities of editing on a PC* Explains how to shoot good footage, get digital video onto a PC, set up a Premiere production studio, edit clips, add effects, work with audio, and output the finished product or share it online* Released day and date with the new software version, the book covers the latest Premiere features and improvements* Keith Underdahl, the author of Digital Video For Dummies (0-7645-4114-5) and other books on digital video, has broad experience as both an amateur videographer and professional video producer

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