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Explore Lightroom 4 - A Roadmap for Photographers (Paperback, New Ed): Gene McCullagh Explore Lightroom 4 - A Roadmap for Photographers (Paperback, New Ed)
Gene McCullagh
R798 R584 Discovery Miles 5 840 Save R214 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 is today's premier tool for managing digital images. Photographers at every level, from beginner to pro, appreciate Lightroom for its power, its ease of use, and its ability to impose order on sometimes unruly photo collections. Whether you're new to Lightroom or an old hand ready to master its latest features, EXPLORE LIGHTROOM 4: A ROADMAP FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS will show you how to use the program to develop an efficient workflow and edit, organize, sort, and share your photos and photo collections. Adobe Community Professional Gene McCullagh offers sure, thorough guidance on all the features and benefits of Lightroom 4, including: Lightroom's newest capabilities, such as soft-proofing, photo book creation, and extended video support; organizing your Lightroom library with keywords, geotagging, mapping, and more; editing techniques using Lightroom's rich palette of tools--to refine and enhance your photos; and outputting your photos via print, slideshows, and websites. With today's large-capacity digital cameras, it's easy to fill a hard drive with photos that are unorganized and, all too often, ignored. Take control--let EXPLORE LIGHTROOM 4: A ROADMAP FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS help you get your hands around your photo collection, perfect your images, and share them with the world.

3D Game Programming All in One, Third Edition (Hardcover, 3rd edition): Kenneth Finney 3D Game Programming All in One, Third Edition (Hardcover, 3rd edition)
Kenneth Finney
R1,019 R869 Discovery Miles 8 690 Save R150 (15%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

3D GAME PROGRAMMING ALL IN ONE, THIRD EDITION is perfect for anyone interested in learning the skills and processes involved in making 3D games. This new edition of the bestselling book shows you how to design and create every aspect of a fully featured game using the Torque 3D game engine. Starting with an introduction to game programming, this comprehensive book provides an overview of the gaming industry, game engines, programming, 3D concepts, texturing and modeling, and even audio engineering. After all the techniques are presented, you will use your new skills and the material on the DVD to create a game. The DVD contains everything you need to create a complete game, including all of the TorqueScript source code in sample and final form, the Torque 3D Tools Demo game engine, MilkShape 3D for 3D player and item modeling, The Gimp 2 for texture and image manipulation, Audacity for sound editing and recording, UVMapper for performing UV unwrapping tasks, and Torsion, the Integrated Development Environment tool for TorqueScript code.

Photoshop Elements 2019 Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts in easy steps (Paperback, 2nd edition): Nick Vandome Photoshop Elements 2019 Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts in easy steps (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Nick Vandome
R288 R238 Discovery Miles 2 380 Save R50 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Practical Machine Learning and Image Processing - For Facial Recognition, Object Detection, and Pattern Recognition Using... Practical Machine Learning and Image Processing - For Facial Recognition, Object Detection, and Pattern Recognition Using Python (Paperback, 1st ed.)
Himanshu Singh
R673 R450 Discovery Miles 4 500 Save R223 (33%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Gain insights into image-processing methodologies and algorithms, using machine learning and neural networks in Python. This book begins with the environment setup, understanding basic image-processing terminology, and exploring Python concepts that will be useful for implementing the algorithms discussed in the book. You will then cover all the core image processing algorithms in detail before moving onto the biggest computer vision library: OpenCV. You'll see the OpenCV algorithms and how to use them for image processing. The next section looks at advanced machine learning and deep learning methods for image processing and classification. You'll work with concepts such as pulse coupled neural networks, AdaBoost, XG boost, and convolutional neural networks for image-specific applications. Later you'll explore how models are made in real time and then deployed using various DevOps tools. All the concepts in Practical Machine Learning and Image Processing are explained using real-life scenarios. After reading this book you will be able to apply image processing techniques and make machine learning models for customized application. What You Will Learn Discover image-processing algorithms and their applications using Python Explore image processing using the OpenCV library Use TensorFlow, scikit-learn, NumPy, and other libraries Work with machine learning and deep learning algorithms for image processing Apply image-processing techniques to five real-time projects Who This Book Is For Data scientists and software developers interested in image processing and computer vision.

Real-Time Recursive Hyperspectral Sample and Band Processing - Algorithm Architecture and Implementation (Hardcover, 1st ed.... Real-Time Recursive Hyperspectral Sample and Band Processing - Algorithm Architecture and Implementation (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Chein-I Chang
R4,025 R3,582 Discovery Miles 35 820 Save R443 (11%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book explores recursive architectures in designing progressive hyperspectral imaging algorithms. In particular, it makes progressive imaging algorithms recursive by introducing the concept of Kalman filtering in algorithm design so that hyperspectral imagery can be processed not only progressively sample by sample or band by band but also recursively via recursive equations. This book can be considered a companion book of author's books, Real-Time Progressive Hyperspectral Image Processing, published by Springer in 2016.

Robotics, Vision and Control - Fundamental Algorithms In MATLAB (R) Second, Completely Revised, Extended And Updated Edition... Robotics, Vision and Control - Fundamental Algorithms In MATLAB (R) Second, Completely Revised, Extended And Updated Edition (Paperback, 2nd ed. 2017)
Peter Corke
R1,529 R1,193 Discovery Miles 11 930 Save R336 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Robotic vision, the combination of robotics and computer vision, involves the application of computer algorithms to data acquired from sensors. The research community has developed a large body of such algorithms but for a newcomer to the field this can be quite daunting. For over 20 years the author has maintained two open-source MATLAB (R) Toolboxes, one for robotics and one for vision. They provide implementations of many important algorithms and allow users to work with real problems, not just trivial examples. This book makes the fundamental algorithms of robotics, vision and control accessible to all. It weaves together theory, algorithms and examples in a narrative that covers robotics and computer vision separately and together. Using the latest versions of the Toolboxes the author shows how complex problems can be decomposed and solved using just a few simple lines of code. The topics covered are guided by real problems observed by the author over many years as a practitioner of both robotics and computer vision. It is written in an accessible but informative style, easy to read and absorb, and includes over 1000 MATLAB and Simulink (R) examples and over 400 figures. The book is a real walk through the fundamentals of mobile robots, arm robots. then camera models, image processing, feature extraction and multi-view geometry and finally bringing it all together with an extensive discussion of visual servo systems. This second edition is completely revised, updated and extended with coverage of Lie groups, matrix exponentials and twists; inertial navigation; differential drive robots; lattice planners; pose-graph SLAM and map making; restructured material on arm-robot kinematics and dynamics; series-elastic actuators and operational-space control; Lab color spaces; light field cameras; structured light, bundle adjustment and visual odometry; and photometric visual servoing. "An authoritative book, reaching across fields, thoughtfully conceived and brilliantly accomplished!" OUSSAMA KHATIB, Stanford

Partial Differential Equation Methods for Image Inpainting (Hardcover): Carola-Bibiane Schonlieb Partial Differential Equation Methods for Image Inpainting (Hardcover)
Carola-Bibiane Schonlieb
R1,716 R1,609 Discovery Miles 16 090 Save R107 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book is concerned with digital image processing techniques that use partial differential equations (PDEs) for the task of image 'inpainting', an artistic term for virtual image restoration or interpolation, whereby missing or occluded parts in images are completed based on information provided by intact parts. Computer graphic designers, artists and photographers have long used manual inpainting to restore damaged paintings or manipulate photographs. Today, mathematicians apply powerful methods based on PDEs to automate this task. This book introduces the mathematical concept of PDEs for virtual image restoration. It gives the full picture, from the first modelling steps originating in Gestalt theory and arts restoration to the analysis of resulting PDE models, numerical realisation and real-world application. This broad approach also gives insight into functional analysis, variational calculus, optimisation and numerical analysis and will appeal to researchers and graduate students in mathematics with an interest in image processing and mathematical analysis.

The Green Screen Makerspace Project Book (Paperback, Ed): Todd Burleson The Green Screen Makerspace Project Book (Paperback, Ed)
Todd Burleson
R372 R303 Discovery Miles 3 030 Save R69 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Take your video projects to the next level with the power of green screen! This easy-to-follow guide clearly explains green screen technology and shows, step-by-step, how to dream up and create professional-grade video effects. Written by a teacher-maker-librarian, The Green Screen Makerspace Project Book features 25 low-cost DIY projects that include materials lists, start-to-finish instructions, and detailed photos. You will get coverage of software that readers at any skill level, in any makerspace-from a library to a living room-can use to produce videos with high-quality green screen effects. *Learn about the history and evolution of green screen *Explore the underlying science and technology *Build your own inexpensive-or free!-green screen *Choose a suitable lighting kit or find the best natural light *Put it all together and create visually interesting presentations *Edit your videos using PC, Mac, and Chromebook programs

Carrara 5 Pro Handbook (Paperback): Mike De La Flor Carrara 5 Pro Handbook (Paperback)
Mike De La Flor
R1,604 R1,129 Discovery Miles 11 290 Save R475 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Whether you are a new or seasoned user, you'll find everything you need to get started with Carrara 5 in The Carrara 5 Pro Handbook. This edition has been completely updated to teach everything you need to know about Carrara, especially many of the new and advanced features. Explore new and creative ways to use Carrara through a great collection of step-by-step tutorials written by industry experts, including two bonus comprehensive modeling tutorials with Eovia's newest application Hexagon. These hands-on tutorials progress from basic to advanced, guiding you from the basics of 3D modeling to the challenges of animation. The book is structured so that the process of creating 3D illustrations and animations flows logically from one chapter to another. And by using this approach you can easily learn the technical aspects of working with Carrara Pro and achieve a tangible understanding of the workflow involved in creating 3D content. By the end of the book, you'll know how to use the powerful tools of Carrara 5 Pro, have new and improved 3D skills, and have gained experience in 3D production concepts. This is a must-have resource for new and seasoned users a like!

Graph Analysis and Visualization - Discovering Business Opportunity in Linked Data (Paperback): Richard Brath, David Jonker Graph Analysis and Visualization - Discovering Business Opportunity in Linked Data (Paperback)
Richard Brath, David Jonker
R903 R665 Discovery Miles 6 650 Save R238 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Wring more out of the data with a scientific approach to analysis Graph Analysis and Visualization brings graph theory out of the lab and into the real world. Using sophisticated methods and tools that span analysis functions, this guide shows you how to exploit graph and network analytic techniques to enable the discovery of new business insights and opportunities. Published in full color, the book describes the process of creating powerful visualizations using a rich and engaging set of examples from sports, finance, marketing, security, social media, and more. You will find practical guidance toward pattern identification and using various data sources, including Big Data, plus clear instruction on the use of software and programming. The companion website offers data sets, full code examples in Python, and links to all the tools covered in the book. Science has already reaped the benefit of network and graph theory, which has powered breakthroughs in physics, economics, genetics, and more. This book brings those proven techniques into the world of business, finance, strategy, and design, helping extract more information from data and better communicate the results to decision-makers. * Study graphical examples of networks using clear and insightful visualizations * Analyze specifically-curated, easy-to-use data sets from various industries * Learn the software tools and programming languages that extract insights from data * Code examples using the popular Python programming language There is a tremendous body of scientific work on network and graph theory, but very little of it directly applies to analyst functions outside of the core sciences until now. Written for those seeking empirically based, systematic analysis methods and powerful tools that apply outside the lab, Graph Analysis and Visualization is a thorough, authoritative resource.

Guide to Signals and Patterns in Image Processing - Foundations, Methods and Applications (Hardcover, Softcover reprint of the... Guide to Signals and Patterns in Image Processing - Foundations, Methods and Applications (Hardcover, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2015)
Apurba Das
R2,244 R1,688 Discovery Miles 16 880 Save R556 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This text reviews the field of digital image processing from the different perspectives offered by the separate domains of signal processing and pattern recognition. The book describes a rich array of applications, representing the latest trends in industry and academic research. To inspire further interest in the field, a selection of worked-out numerical problems is also included in the text. The content is presented in an accessible manner, examining each topic in depth without assuming any prior knowledge from the reader, and providing additional background material in the appendices. Features: covers image enhancement techniques in the spatial domain, the frequency domain, and the wavelet domain; reviews compression methods and formats for encoding images; discusses morphology-based image processing; investigates the modeling of object recognition in the human visual system; provides supplementary material, including MATLAB and C++ code, and interactive GUI-based modules, at an associated website.

Animal Biometrics - Techniques and Applications (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Santosh Kumar, Sanjay Kumar Singh, Rishav Singh,... Animal Biometrics - Techniques and Applications (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Santosh Kumar, Sanjay Kumar Singh, Rishav Singh, Amit Kumar Singh
R1,865 R1,673 Discovery Miles 16 730 Save R192 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book presents state-of-the-art methodologies and a comprehensive introduction to the recognition and representation of species and individual animals based on their physiological and phenotypic appearances, biometric characteristics, and morphological image patterns. It provides in-depth coverage of this emerging area, with an emphasis on the design and analysis techniques used in visual animal biometrics-based recognition systems. The book offers a comprehensive introduction to visual animal biometrics, addressing a range of recent advances and practices like sensing, feature extraction, feature selection and representation, matching, indexing of feature sets, and animal biometrics-based multimodal systems. It provides authoritative information on all the major concepts, as well as highly specific topics, e.g. the identification of cattle based on their muzzle point image pattern and face images to prevent false insurance claims, or the monitoring and registration of animals based on their biometric features. As such, the book provides a sound platform for understanding the Visual Animal Biometrics paradigm, a vital catalyst for researchers in the field, and a valuable guide for professionals. In addition, it can help both private and public organizations adapt and enhance their classical animal recognition systems.

Camera RAW 101 - Better Photos with Photoshop, Elements, and Lightroom (Paperback): Jon Canfield Camera RAW 101 - Better Photos with Photoshop, Elements, and Lightroom (Paperback)
Jon Canfield
R430 R275 Discovery Miles 2 750 Save R155 (36%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The most up-to-date techniques for shooting in RAW format, using the newest features of the latest software

Many serious amateur photographers have trouble getting that "wow" shot from their digital cameras. And they're discovering that working in RAW (the digital equivalent of a film negative) takes their photographs to the next level, giving them the control they need to get the highest image quality possible. The problem is, while most photographers know how to shoot RAW, they might not understand how to best deal with "RAW captures" to achieve the ultimate goal: producing the best images.
In "Camera RAW 101," digital photography and software expert Jon Canfield explains everything you need to know to make the most of RAW captures using the newest versions of Photoshop, Elements, and Lightroom. You'll find out how to get the most detail from your RAW files-whether it's correcting shadows and highlights, fixing white balance, or getting rid of noise. You'll learn how to convert RAW images using both basic and advanced techniques, as well as how to download and organize the images, and put the finishing touches on them after conversion.
Packed with beautiful images, solid instruction, and working examples-including screen grabs and before-and-after contrasts that show each step-this is a must-have for any serious amateur photographer who wants to take better, more creative photographs.

Adobe Flash Animation: Creative Storytelling for Web and TV (Paperback): Philip Carrera Adobe Flash Animation: Creative Storytelling for Web and TV (Paperback)
Philip Carrera
R954 Discovery Miles 9 540 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Whether You'Re A Student Of Animation, New Media Or Film, Or A Working Professional, This Book Will Teach You From Beginning To End, How To Create An Independent Animated Film For Festival Submission, Prepare An Animatic For TV Commercials, And Create Animated Shorts For The Web, Corporate Presentations, Lectures, Classrooms, Digital Kiosks, And Even Mobile Devices. Using Industry Standards And Professional Tips And Tricks You'Ll Be Guided Step-By-Step Through The Production Process. From Concept And Writing, To Animatic Preparation, Character And Background Design, Animation And Export, You'Ll Learn The Most Efficient Methods For Preparing Your Film'S Assets For Delivery To The Web Or DVD. All Mac Users Will Need Flip4mac Application And The Latest Version Of Quicktime To View The Quicktime Movies From The Below Samples Tab.

Ray Tracing Gems - High-Quality and Real-Time Rendering with DXR and Other APIs (Hardcover, 1st ed.): Eric Haines, Tomas... Ray Tracing Gems - High-Quality and Real-Time Rendering with DXR and Other APIs (Hardcover, 1st ed.)
Eric Haines, Tomas Akenine-Moller
R1,204 R869 Discovery Miles 8 690 Save R335 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book is a must-have for anyone serious about rendering in real time. With the announcement of new ray tracing APIs and hardware to support them, developers can easily create real-time applications with ray tracing as a core component. As ray tracing on the GPU becomes faster, it will play a more central role in real-time rendering. Ray Tracing Gems provides key building blocks for developers of games, architectural applications, visualizations, and more. Experts in rendering share their knowledge by explaining everything from nitty-gritty techniques that will improve any ray tracer to mastery of the new capabilities of current and future hardware. What you'll learn: The latest ray tracing techniques for developing real-time applications in multiple domains Guidance, advice, and best practices for rendering applications with Microsoft DirectX Raytracing (DXR) How to implement high-performance graphics for interactive visualizations, games, simulations, and more Who this book is for: Developers who are looking to leverage the latest APIs and GPU technology for real-time rendering and ray tracing Students looking to learn about best practices in these areas Enthusiasts who want to understand and experiment with their new GPUs

Mastering Autodesk Maya 2016 - Autodesk Official Press (Paperback): Todd Palamar Mastering Autodesk Maya 2016 - Autodesk Official Press (Paperback)
Todd Palamar
R1,271 R827 Discovery Miles 8 270 Save R444 (35%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Go from 'beginner' to 'expert' with this professional, tutorial-based guide to Maya 2016 Mastering Autodesk Maya 2016 is your professional hands-on coverage to getting the most out of Maya. If you already know the basics of Maya, this book is your ticket to full coverage of all Maya 2016's latest features, and showcases the tools and methods used in real-world 3D animation and visual effects. From modeling, texturing, animation, and effects to high-level techniques for film, television, games, and more, this book expands your skill set, and helps you prepare for the Autodesk Maya certification exam. Filled with challenging tutorials and real-world scenarios this book provides valuable insight into the entire CG production timeline. Take your Maya skills to the next level with step-by-step instruction and insight from the industry professionals. * Learn professional techniques used in real-world visual effects * Master Dynamics, Maya Muscle, Stereo Cameras, mental ray, and more * Expand your skills with advanced techniques for cloth, fur, and fluids * Understand everything you need to know for the Maya certification exam

Essential Lightwave V9: The Fastest and Easiest Way to Master Lightwave 3D, v. 9 (Paperback): Steve Warner, Kevin Phillips,... Essential Lightwave V9: The Fastest and Easiest Way to Master Lightwave 3D, v. 9 (Paperback)
Steve Warner, Kevin Phillips, Timothy Albee; Contributions by Cesar Alejandro Montero Orozco
R1,514 Discovery Miles 15 140 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Book & DVD. Nearly 1200 illustrations and screen captures help reinforce the written explanations and clarify difficult concepts. Offers an unparalleled development strategy for graphic designers, illustrators, video producers, motion graphic artists, visual effects artists, and animators who are interested in getting the most out of LightWave 3D. As the book touches on nearly every aspect of the software, it is ideal for all skill levels. Beginners learn the fundamentals of working in LightWave including an introduction to 3D and the 3D pipeline, an in-depth look at the LightWave interface, the primary tenets of polygonal modeling and keyframe animation, the key principles of lighting and surfacing, and tricks on how to get the best looking renders.Intermediate users advance their understanding of polygonal modelling and begin building complex objects. They will also learn about textures, how to use HDRI for photorealistic lighting, how to properly use UV maps, and how to construct 3D environments, and will gain an understanding of particle animation, including the use of Hypervoxels for simulated snow and rain. Advanced users explore subdivision surface modelling while building an entire 3D character (which they will later animate). They will expand their sculpting skills by learning how to model a realistic human head with splines, and learn about LightWave v9's new Node Editor including how to use the Sub Surface Scattering Node to simulate realistic skin.Additional topics include advanced hair and fur simulation, cloth and rigid body dynamics, advanced mesh control with LightWave v9's APS technology, and traditional character rigging and character animation using LightWave's powerful IKBoost. Scripting to automate repetitive tasks and setting up a rendering farm using LightWave's ScreamerNet technology wrap up the advanced portion of the book. After all of this, users will be treated to a list of cutting-edge plug-ins (many of which are included on the book's companion DVD) and the best print and web resources to help further their learning. LEVEL: Introductory to advanced.

Document Analysis And Text Recognition: Benchmarking State-of-the-art Systems (Hardcover): Volker Margner, Umapada Pal,... Document Analysis And Text Recognition: Benchmarking State-of-the-art Systems (Hardcover)
Volker Margner, Umapada Pal, Apostolos Antonacopoulos
R2,274 Discovery Miles 22 740 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The compendium presents the latest results of the most prominent competitions held in the field of Document Analysis and Text Recognition. It includes a description of the participating systems and the underlying methods on one hand and the datasets used together with evaluation metrics on the other hand. This volume also demonstrates with examples, how to organize a competition and how to make it successful. It will be an indispensable handbook to the document image analysis community.

Design First for 3D Artists (Paperback, New): Geoffrey Kater Design First for 3D Artists (Paperback, New)
Geoffrey Kater
R1,136 Discovery Miles 11 360 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Working On A Project For Most 3D Artists Means Hitting The Keyboard First Without Ever Touching A Pencil. But In The World Of Animation, The Pencil Is Revered As The Most Powerful Tool In The Animation Process, Because It Directly Addresses The Design Aesthetic Of An Animated Project. Production Design Is The Process By Which An Artist Establishes The Tone For A Particular Film By Offering A Unique Aesthetic Vision That Is In Support Of The Story. As A 3D Artist, To Overlook Design Is To Overlook The Fundamental Process That Greatly Influences Not Only The Film Itself But Also Your Contributions As A Professional. To Combine The Disciplines Of Traditional Design And 3D Animation Is A Choice That Only You Can Make. The Result Of This Choice Is A Broader Artistic Skill Set That Increases Your Creativity And Consequently Increases Your Worth As A Professional. Plain And Simple, Design First For 3D Artists Is Going To Teach You Easy-To-Use Design Techniques That Will Make You A Better Designer And Increase Your Worth As A 3D Artist.

Game Anim - Video Game Animation Explained (Paperback): Jonathan Cooper Game Anim - Video Game Animation Explained (Paperback)
Jonathan Cooper
R975 R870 Discovery Miles 8 700 Save R105 (11%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

What makes the difference between great video game animation and the purely functional, and how does this relatively new medium of non-linear animation creation differ from the more traditional fields of film and television? This book de-mystifies the animation side of game development, explaining every step of the process while providing valuable insights and work philosophies for creating the best game animation for beginners and professionals alike. Taking readers through a complete game production, this book provides a clear understanding of expectations of the game animator at every stage, featuring game animation fundamentals and how they fit within an overall project to offer a holistic approach to the field of game animation. Key Features Accumulated knowledge based on nearly two decades of insightful experience in all areas of video game animation. Establishes the fundamentals of creating great video game animation, and how to achieve them. A step-by-step explanation of every stage of a game production from the animator's perspective. Readers should come away with an understanding of the expectations of a video game animator.

Python Graphics - A Reference for Creating 2D and 3D Images (Paperback, 1st ed.): B. J Korites Python Graphics - A Reference for Creating 2D and 3D Images (Paperback, 1st ed.)
B. J Korites
R609 R478 Discovery Miles 4 780 Save R131 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Use Python's built-in features to create innovative graphics for data visualization and technical illustrations. This book goes beyond simple commands and libraries to explain how to not only display but also rotate, shade, and edit graphics for any purpose. Starting with the essential Python functions to set up a plotting space and produce 2 and 3-dimensional objects, you'll learn how to construct more complex objects, translate and rotate them, remove hidden lines, introduce shading to add realism, and project images to visualize any dataset. The final chapter includes several worked applications in science and engineering including planetary models, which you can adapt for your own use. Written for developers who want to harness Python's capabilities to fine-tune their images, Python Graphics covers the different commands for plotting dots, lines, arrows, or arcs, creating custom plotting grids, correcting distortions, adding text and labels to illustrations, manipulating arcs and circles, specify and use colors, and more. Armed with these techniques and core math skills, you'll be ready to create and customize detailed technical illustrations or data visualizations. What You'll Learn Use Python's built-in commands for plotting, removing distortions, and rotating objects Create and edit 2D and 3D objects Develop illustrations for scientific and engineering applications Who This Book Is For Python developers looking for tips on how to create illustrations and visualizations, as well as scientists, engineers, or students using Python. It assumes familiarity with vectors, matrices, geometry and trigonometry.

3ds Max Lighting (with CD) (Paperback): Nicholas Boughen 3ds Max Lighting (with CD) (Paperback)
Nicholas Boughen
R1,390 Discovery Miles 13 900 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Lighting is arguably the single most critical element in creating a 'believable' look in computer games or animation. Film, television, and broadcast graphics all require a high level of skill and artistry in lighting. 3DS MAX Lighting is targeted at all levels of animators and visual effects artists who wish to display world-class quality in their CG lighting environments. No other book on the market covers lighting in 3DS MAX and this is a 'must-have' for every animator and game/animation studio. It teaches lighting theory and introduces the lighting tools in 3DS MAX coupled with numerous practical examples.;CD included.

Final Cut Pro X 10.4 - Apple Pro Training Series - Professional Post-Production (Paperback): Brendan Boykin Final Cut Pro X 10.4 - Apple Pro Training Series - Professional Post-Production (Paperback)
Brendan Boykin
R1,048 R911 Discovery Miles 9 110 Save R137 (13%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The Apple-Certified Way to Learn This fully updated Apple-certified guide presents a real-world workflow from raw media to finished project to demonstrate the features of Final Cut Pro X 10.4 and the practical techniques you will use in editing projects. Using professionally acquired media, you'll utilize the same tools and editing techniques used by editors worldwide in this revolutionary editing software. Renowned editor and master trainer Brendan Boykin starts with basic video editing techniques and takes you all the way through Final Cut Pro's powerful features. The lessons start as real world as it gets--with an empty application. After downloading the media files, you will be guided through creating a project from scratch to finished draft. The basic workflow and tools are covered in Lessons 1 through 4 where you create a rough cut. The real-world workflow continues through the remaining lessons as you take the basic project and enhance it with a dive into more robust features including the newest Final Cut Pro X 10.4 tools for 360 editing, precision color grading, and more. - Downloadable lesson and media files to work sequentially through exercises for hours of hands-on training. - Focused lessons teach concepts and take students step by step through professional, real-world editing scenarios to create a final project. - Chapter review questions summarize what students learn to prepare them for the Apple certification exam. - Web Edition provides full text of the book available online with revised content for significant software updates. The Apple Pro Training Series is both a self-paced learning tool and the official curriculum of the Apple Training and Certification program. Upon completing the course material in this guide, you can become Apple Certified by passing the certification exam at an Apple Authorized Training Center. To find an Apple Authorized Training Center near you, please visit training.apple.com.

Developing Turn-Based Multiplayer Games - with GameMaker Studio 2 and NodeJS (Paperback, 1st ed.): Yadu Rajiv Developing Turn-Based Multiplayer Games - with GameMaker Studio 2 and NodeJS (Paperback, 1st ed.)
Yadu Rajiv
R583 R452 Discovery Miles 4 520 Save R131 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Create your first turn-based multiplayer game using GameMaker Studio 2's built-in networking functions as well as using a simple NodeJS server. This book introduces you to the complexities of network programming and communication, where the focus will be on building the game from the ground up. You will start with a brief introduction to GameMaker Studio 2 and GML coding before diving into the essential principles of game design. Following this, you will go through an introductory section on NodeJS where you will learn how to create a server and send and receive data from it as well as integrating it with GameMaker Studio. You will then apply multiplayer gaming logic to your server and unlock multiplayer game features such as locating a player, syncing their data, and recording their session. What You Will Learn Discover the architecture of GameMaker Studio 2 Add new features to your game with NodeJS modules Integrate GameMaker Studio 2 with NodeJS Master GameMaker Studio 2's built-in networking functions Who This Book Is For GameMaker Studio users who want to understand how the networking components of GMS 2 work. Basic JavaScript knowledge is required.

CGAL Arrangements and Their Applications - A Step-by-Step Guide (Hardcover, 2012): Efi Fogel, Dan Halperin, Ron Wein CGAL Arrangements and Their Applications - A Step-by-Step Guide (Hardcover, 2012)
Efi Fogel, Dan Halperin, Ron Wein
R1,922 R1,533 Discovery Miles 15 330 Save R389 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Arrangements of curves constitute fundamental structures that have been intensively studied in computational geometry. Arrangements have numerous applications in a wide range of areas - examples include geographic information systems, robot motion planning, statistics, computer-assisted surgery and molecular biology. Implementing robust algorithms for arrangements is a notoriously difficult task, and the CGAL arrangements package is the first robust, comprehensive, generic and efficient implementation of data structures and algorithms for arrangements of curves. This book is about how to use CGAL two-dimensional arrangements to solve problems. The authors first demonstrate the features of the arrangement package and related packages using small example programs. They then describe applications, i.e., complete standalone programs written on top of CGAL arrangements used to solve meaningful problems - for example, finding the minimum-area triangle defined by a set of points, planning the motion of a polygon translating among polygons in the plane, computing the offset polygon, finding the largest common point sets under approximate congruence, constructing the farthest-point Voronoi diagram, coordinating the motion of two discs moving among obstacles in the plane, and performing Boolean operations on curved polygons. The book contains comprehensive explanations of the solution programs, many illustrations, and detailed notes on further reading, and it is supported by a website that contains downloadable software and exercises. It will be suitable for graduate students and researchers involved in applied research in computational geometry, and for professionals who require worked-out solutions to real-life geometric problems. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the C++ programming-language and with the basics of the generic-programming paradigm.

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Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova Paperback  (1)
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Explainable and Interpretable Models in…
Hugo Jair Escalante, Sergio Escalera, … Book R2,006 R1,797 Discovery Miles 17 970
How to Photograph Absolutely Everything…
Tom Ang Hardcover  (1)
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Adobe Photoshop CC for Photographers…
Martin Evening Paperback R1,265 R1,136 Discovery Miles 11 360
Introducing Autodesk Maya 2016…
Dariush Derakhshani Paperback R1,002 R664 Discovery Miles 6 640
KSI: I Am a Bellend
Ksi Hardcover  (1)
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