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Yeshiva Fundamentalism - Piety, Gender, and Resistance in the Ultra-Orthodox World (Hardcover): Nurit Stadler Yeshiva Fundamentalism - Piety, Gender, and Resistance in the Ultra-Orthodox World (Hardcover)
Nurit Stadler
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aIn this ground-breaking work, Nurit Stadler accomplishes the seemingly impossible by penetrating the exclusive male enclave of the ultra-orthodox yeshiva. Her methods are not merely innovative, but truly inspired. The results are remarkable.a
--Shaul Kelner, Vanderbilt University

The ultra-Orthodox yeshiva, or Jewish seminary, is a space reserved for men, and for a focus on religious ideals. Fundamentalist forms of piety are usually believed to be quite resistant to change. In Yeshiva Fundamentalism, Nurit Stadler uncovers surprising evidence that firmly religious and pious young men of this community are seeking to change their institutions to incorporate several key dimensions of the secular world: a redefinition of masculinity along with a transformation of the family, and participation in civic society through the labor market, the army, and the construction of organizations that aid terror victims. In their private thoughts and sometimes public actions, they are resisting the demands placed on them to reject all aspects of the secular world.

Because women are not allowed in the yeshiva setting, Stadleras research methods had to be creative. She invented a way to simulate yeshiva learning with young yeshiva men by first studying with an informant to learn key religious texts, often having to do with family life, sexuality, or participation in the larger society. This informant then invited students over to discuss these texts with Stadler and himself outside of the yeshiva setting. This strategy enabled Stadler to gain access to aspects of yeshiva life in which a woman is usually unable to participate, and to hear aunofficiala thoughts and reactions which would have beensuppressed had the interviews taken place within the yeshiva.

Yeshiva Fundamentalism provides an intriguing -- and at times surprising -- glimpse inside the all-male world of the ultra-orthodox yeshivas in Israel, while providing insights relevant to the larger context of transformations of fundamentalism worldwide. While there has been much research into how contemporary feminism has influenced the study of fundamentalist groups worldwide, little work has focused on ultra-Orthodox menas desires to change, as Stadler does here, showing how fundamentalist men are themselves involved in the formulation of new meanings of piety, gender, modernity and relations with the Israeli state.

Revolutionary Roots of Modern Yiddish, 1903-1917 (Hardcover): Barry Trachtenberg Revolutionary Roots of Modern Yiddish, 1903-1917 (Hardcover)
Barry Trachtenberg
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At the beginning of the twentieth century, Yiddish was widely viewed, even by many of its speakers, as a corrupt form of German that Jews had to abandon if they hoped to engage in serious intellectual, cultural, or political work. Yet, by 1917 it was the dominant language of the Russian Jewish press, a medium for modern literary criticism, a vehicle for science and learning, and the foundation of an ideology of Jewish liberation. ""The Revolutionary Roots of Modern Yiddish, 1903-1917"" investigates how this change in status occurred and three major figures responsible for its transformation.Trachtenberg reveals how, following the model set by other nationalist movements that were developing in the Russian empire, one-time revolutionaries such as the literary critic Shmuel Niger, the Marxist Zionist leader Ber Borochov, and the linguist Nokhem Shtif committed themselves to the creation of a new branch of Jewish scholarship dedicated to their native language. The new 'Yiddish science' was concerned with the tasks of standardizing Yiddish grammar, orthography, and word corpus; establishing a Yiddish literary tradition; exploring Jewish folk traditions; and creating an institutional structure to support their language's development. In doing so, the author argues, they hoped to reimagine Russian Jewry as a modern nation with a mature language and culture and one that deserved the same collective rights and autonomy that were being demanded by other groups in the empire.

Philip Roth Studies Volume 14-2 (Paperback): David Brauner, Debra Shostak Philip Roth Studies Volume 14-2 (Paperback)
David Brauner, Debra Shostak
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Philip Roth Studies, a peer-reviewed semiannual journal published by Purdue University Press in cooperation with the Philip Roth Society, welcomes all writing pertaining entirely or in part to Philip Roth, his fiction, and his literary and cultural significance. Recently-published articles include ""It Is Happening Here: The Plot Against America and the Political Movement,"" and ""Impotence and the Futility of Liberation in Portnoy's Complaint.

Defenders of the Faith - The History of Jews' College and the London School of Jewish Studies (Hardcover): Derek Taylor Defenders of the Faith - The History of Jews' College and the London School of Jewish Studies (Hardcover)
Derek Taylor
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The Seven Lives of Colonel Patterson - How an Irish Lion Hunter Led the Jewish Legion to Victory (Hardcover): Denis Brian The Seven Lives of Colonel Patterson - How an Irish Lion Hunter Led the Jewish Legion to Victory (Hardcover)
Denis Brian
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In this biography of Colonel John Henry Patterson, Denis Brian reveals his subject to be a composite of diverse identities. An Irish-born soldier, lion hunter, bridge builder, East African game warden, author, man-about-town, and Zionist, Patterson's life is a fascinating story, and Brian's well-researched account gives a revealing look into the ebb and flow of circumstances that produced such a colorful character.Brian begins the narrative with Patterson's assignment in East Africa, where lion attacks were terrorizing workers on a railroad project. With the sure hand of the storyteller, Brian details accounts of Patterson quelling the rebellion and killing the lions himself. The colonel's indomitable energy and courage become a consistent theme in the book as the author traces Patterson's life from his days as a British socialite to his command of the Jewish Legion of volunteers who helped drive the Turks out of Palestine.Patterson spent most of his later years as an ardent Zionist, working for the creation of a Jewish homeland until his death in 1947, a year before the birth of the state of Israel. Drawing on an impressive range of sources, Brian's biography of this ""Righteous Gentile"" is an incisive portrait of a key figure in both Israeli and colonial British history.

Neither With Them Nor Without Them - The Russian Writer and the Jew in the Age of Realism (Hardcover): Elena M. Katz Neither With Them Nor Without Them - The Russian Writer and the Jew in the Age of Realism (Hardcover)
Elena M. Katz
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Debate over the representation of Jews in Russian literature has long been dominated by the dichotomy of anti- and philo-Semitic discourses. Rather than analyzing ""the image of the Jew"" in terms of negative or positive characteristics, and branding the authors respectively as anti- or philo-Semitic, Elena M. Katz explores the complex and the ambiguous construction of Jewishness as ""Otherness"" in the works of three of Russia's greatest nineteenth-century authors. Katz identifies Gogol, Dostoevsky, and Turgenev as creators of special modes of Jewish discourse in Russian literature. She tackles traditional tropes of Jews in light of the sociohistoric and cultural contexts of the time and of the writers' own politics and aesthetics.

My Future Is in America - Autobiographies of Eastern European Jewish Immigrants (Paperback): Jocelyn Cohen, Daniel Soyer My Future Is in America - Autobiographies of Eastern European Jewish Immigrants (Paperback)
Jocelyn Cohen, Daniel Soyer
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View the Table of Contents
Read the Introduction

"Cohen and Soyer have done a masterful job of collecting and translating these gripping immigrant narratives. A must read for anyone interested in immigration, American history, or the Jewish experience in America."
--Beth S. Wenger, Katz Family Chair in American Jewish History, University of Pennsylvania.

"This unique volume introduces readers to the complex world of Yiddish-speaking immigrants while at the same time elucidating important themes and topics of interest to those in immigration studies, ethnic studies, labor history, and literary studies."

"A treasure trove of Yiddish autobiographical gems available for the first time in English. These heartfelt and moving narratives reveal the rich, complex and multi-textured experience of the East European Jewish immigrant milieu. The masterful translations rendered by Cohen and Soyer capture the lyric, sophisticated and often times profound dimensions of the writers' contributions. To this considerable achievement, Cohen and Soyer add a valuable introductory essay and detailed notes that make the book accessible to students, researchers and thoughtful readers alike. This volume plugs a significant gap in the field of modern Jewish studies and belongs in every library collection, where it will update and complement classics like "A Bintel Brief "and "World of Our Fathers,"
"--Mark A. Raider, author of "American Jewish Women and the Zionist Enterprise"and "The Plough Woman: Records of the Pioneer Women of Palestine"

In 1942, YIVO held a contest for the best autobiography by a Jewish immigrant on the theme "Why I Left the Old Country and What I HaveAccomplished in America." Chosen from over two hundred entries, and translated from Yiddish, the nine life stories in My Future Is in America provide a compelling portrait of American Jewish life in the immigrant generation at the turn of the twentieth century.

The writers arrived in America in every decade from the 1890s to the 1920s. They include manual workers, shopkeepers, housewives, communal activists, and professionals who came from all parts of Eastern Europe and ushered in a new era in American Jewish history. In their own words, the immigrant writers convey the complexities of the transition between the Old and New Worlds.

An Introduction places the writings in historical and literary context, and annotations explain historical and cultural allusions made by the writers. This unique volume introduces readers to the complex world of Yiddish-speaking immigrants while at the same time elucidating important themes and topics of interest to those in immigration studies, ethnic studies, labor history, and literary studies.

Published in conjunction with the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

Moses Montefiore - Jewish Liberator, Imperial Hero (Paperback): Abigail Green Moses Montefiore - Jewish Liberator, Imperial Hero (Paperback)
Abigail Green
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Humanitarian, philanthropist, and campaigner for Jewish emancipation on a grand scale, Sir Moses Montefiore (1784-1885) was the preeminent Jewish figure of the nineteenth century-and one of the first truly global celebrities. His story, told here in full for the first time, is a remarkable and illuminating tale of diplomacy and adventure. Abigail Green's sweeping biography follows Montefiore through the realms of court and ghetto, tsar and sultan, synagogue and stock exchange. Interweaving the public triumph of Montefiore's foreign missions with the private tragedy of his childless marriage, this book brings the diversity of nineteenth-century Jewry brilliantly to life-from London to Jerusalem, Rome to St. Petersburg, Morocco to Istanbul. Here we see the origins of Zionism and the rise of international Jewish consciousness, the faltering birth of international human rights, and the making of the modern Middle East. With the globalization and mobilization of religious identities now at the top of the political agenda, Montefiore's life story is relevant as never before. Mining materials from eleven countries in nine languages, Green's masterly biography bridges the East-West divide in modern Jewish history, presenting the transformation of Jewish life in Europe, the Middle East, and the New World as part of a single global phenomenon. As it reestablishes Montefiore's status as a major historical player, it also restores a significant chapter to the history of our modern world.

Jewish Dimensions in Modern Visual Culture (Hardcover): Rose-Carol Washton Long, Milly Heyd, Matthew Baigell Jewish Dimensions in Modern Visual Culture (Hardcover)
Rose-Carol Washton Long, Milly Heyd, Matthew Baigell
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In modern western history, the cultural and social developments of modernism have long been associated with Jews. For conservative groups this has been a negative association: the perceived breakdown of traditional norms was blamed on Jewish influence in politics, society, and the arts. Throughout Europe, Jews were viewed as carriers of industrialized and cosmopolitan developments that threatened to undermine a cherished way of life.
This anthology speaks to this issue through the lens of modernist visual production including paintings, posters, sculpture, and architecture. Essays by scholars from the U.S. and Israel confront the contradictory impulses that modernism's interaction with Jewish culture provoked. Discussing how religion, class, race, and political alignments were used to provide attacks on modern art, the scholars also comment on visual responses to anti-semitism and the mainstream success of artists in the U.S. and Israel since World War II.

The Jewish Response to German Culture (Paperback): Jehuda Reinharz The Jewish Response to German Culture (Paperback)
Jehuda Reinharz
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Seventeen scholars explore the interaction between a Jewish culture with its ancient heritage and an expansive German culture in the process of modernization.

Irish Questions and Jewish Questions - Crossovers in Culture (Paperback): Aidan Beatty, Dan O'Brien Irish Questions and Jewish Questions - Crossovers in Culture (Paperback)
Aidan Beatty, Dan O'Brien
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The Irish and the Jews are two of the classic outliers of modern Europe. Both struggled with their lack of formal political sovereignty in the nineteenth-century. Simultaneously European and not European, both endured a bifurcated status, perceived as racially inferior and yet also seen as a natural part of the European landscape. Both sought to deal with their subaltern status through nationalism; both had a tangled, ambiguous, and sometimes violent relationship with Britain and the British Empire; and both sought to revive ancient languages as part of their drive to create a new identity. The career of Irish politician Robert Briscoe and the travails of Leopold Bloom are just two examples of the delicate balancing of Irish and Jewish identities in the first half of the twentieth century. Irish Questions and Jewish Questions explores these shared histories, covering several centuries of the Jewish experience in Ireland, as well as events in Israel-Palestine and North America. The authors examine the leading figures of both national movements to reveal how each had an active interest in the successes, and failures, of the other. Bringing together leading and emerging scholars from the fields of Irish studies and Jewish studies, this volume captures the most recent scholarship on their comparative history with nuance and remarkable insight.

Waiting For America - A Story of Emigration (Hardcover): Maxim D. Shrayer, Herman R. Goldberg Waiting For America - A Story of Emigration (Hardcover)
Maxim D. Shrayer, Herman R. Goldberg
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In 1987, a young Jewish man, the central figure in this captivating book, leaves Moscow for good with his parents. They celebrate their freedom in opulent Vienna and spend two months in Rome and the coastal resort of Ladispoli. While waiting in Europe for a U.S. refugee visa, the book's twenty-year-old poet quenches his thirst for sexual and cultural discovery. Through his colorful Austrian and Italian misadventures, he experiences the shock, thrill, and anonymity of being in a Western democracy, running into European roadblocks while shedding Soviet social taboos. As he anticipates entering a new life in America, he movingly describes the baggage that exiles bring with them, from the inescapable family ties to the sweet cargo of memory. An emigration story, ""Waiting for America"" explores the rapid expansion of identity at the cusp of a new, American life. Told in a revelatory first-person narrative, ""Waiting for America"" is also a vibrant love story, in which the romantic protagonist is torn between Russian and Western women. Filled with poignant humor and reinforced by hope and idealism, the author's confessional voice carries the reader in the same way one is carried through literary memoirs like Tolstoy's ""Childhood"", ""Boyhood"", ""Youth"", Hemingway's ""Moveable Feast"", or Nabokov's ""Speak"", ""Memory"". Babel, Sebald, and Singer - all transcultural masters of identity writing - are the coordinates that help to locate Waiting for America on the greater map of literature.

The Political Right in Israel - Different Faces of Jewish Populism (Paperback): Dani Filc MD The Political Right in Israel - Different Faces of Jewish Populism (Paperback)
Dani Filc MD
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This book takes a fresh look at the trajectories of Israeli politics since the election of Likud in 1977, examining how right wing parties have adopted populist policies in order to carve out an identity and win support at the polls. As such it demonstrates how populism has become a hugely significant factor in shaping Israeli politics and society. The original perspective taken by the author allows for an understanding of the central phenomena of the contemporary political system in Israel, such as the Likud's party centrality in Israeli politics, the political force of the religious Shas party and the growing influence of certain political leaders. Through this innovative analysis of the concept of populism, the book contributes to a better understanding of the Israeli political system. With Israel playing such a central role in the Middle East conflict, this analysis of the ways in which populism contributes to the consolidation of governing political forces in Israel will allow for a better understanding of this conflict. Combining the theoretical elaboration of the concept of populism with its application in the analysis of a specific test-case, this novel approach contributes to the ongoing research on populist politics, and as such will be a useful tool for understanding many issues in the study of populism, comparative politics and the Middle East.

Jewish Connection to Israel, the Promised Land - A Brief Introduction for Christians (Paperback): Eugene Korn Jewish Connection to Israel, the Promised Land - A Brief Introduction for Christians (Paperback)
Eugene Korn
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A window into the Jewish People s connection to Israel
written especially for Christians.

Israel has taken Jewish sacred history, peoplehood, and ethics out of the realm of speculation and put them into the crucible of real life experience. In returning the Jewish People to its homeland, Israel has returned Jews to material reality with all its challenges. The Jewish People s return to the Land returns Judaism to its original vision and the Jewish People to the responsibilities of the biblical covenant. from Chapter 9

Along with illuminating the importance of Israel for Jews, this special book examines the Jewish return to Zion as a significant theological event that strengthens the foundations of the Christian faith and its mission.

In clear and accessible language, this introduction guides Christians through the essential meanings of Israel for the Jewish People and for the world. It defines Israel as an indispensable part of Judaism s vision for the Jewish People to be a kingdom of priests and a holy people, as a partner with God in the Bible s sacred covenant. It examines Israel, a sovereign Jewish state, as a safe refuge and home for Jews fleeing persecution anywhere in the world, and how this gives meaning to the Jewish People s convictions that the future can be more secure than the past.

The State of Israel stands at the center of how Jews see themselves today as individuals as well as at the center of the Jewish People s collective self-perception. As a result, understanding Judaism and the Jewish People is possible only by grasping the Jewish hopes, dreams and experiences that center around Israel, the promised land.

Beyond the Border - Huguenot Goldsmiths in Northern Europe and North America (Hardcover): Tessa Murdoch Beyond the Border - Huguenot Goldsmiths in Northern Europe and North America (Hardcover)
Tessa Murdoch
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"Beyond the Border" sets the lives and work of Huguenot goldsmiths in the context of the different societies in which they lived and worked. Distinguished international scholars explore the contributions of individual goldsmiths drawing on new research. Michele Bimbenet Privat examines the lives and work of Huguenot goldsmiths in France during times of tolerance of the Protestant religion in the 16th and 17th centuries. She explains how protestant craftsmen dominated regional centres but found establishing a presence in the metropolis more challenging. The influence of the Louis XIV style was greater on the leading Dutch goldsmiths in the late 17th and 18th centuries. In contrast to London, first generation Huguenot goldsmiths played only a minor role in their adopted cities of The Hague and Amsterdam. Those who settled in Berlin and Kassel, often from Metz in Northern France, made a greater impact through the purity of style in which they continued to work in the 18th century. Those who settled in the English speaking world benefited from ambitious patronage from noble and professional clients. Goldsmiths who settled in the American colonies had more in common stylistically with those who worked in Dublin and Cork. First generation Huguenot goldsmiths in London set the pace for the next generation which produced in Paul de Lamerie one of the most successful craft businesses of his generation. "Beyond the Border" explores the transatlantic links between the Huguenot goldsmiths who settled in Europe and America.

Muslims and Jews in France - History of a Conflict (Hardcover): Maud S. Mandel Muslims and Jews in France - History of a Conflict (Hardcover)
Maud S. Mandel
R688 R528 Discovery Miles 5 280 Save R160 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book traces the global, national, and local origins of the conflict between Muslims and Jews in France, challenging the belief that rising anti-Semitism in France is rooted solely in the unfolding crisis in Israel and Palestine. Maud Mandel shows how the conflict in fact emerged from processes internal to French society itself even as it was shaped by affairs elsewhere, particularly in North Africa during the era of decolonization.

Mandel examines moments in which conflicts between Muslims and Jews became a matter of concern to French police, the media, and an array of self-appointed spokesmen from both communities: Israel's War of Independence in 1948, France's decolonization of North Africa, the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, the 1968 student riots, and Francois Mitterrand's experiments with multiculturalism in the 1980s. She takes an in-depth, on-the-ground look at interethnic relations in Marseille, which is home to the country's largest Muslim and Jewish populations outside of Paris. She reveals how Muslims and Jews in France have related to each other in diverse ways throughout this history--as former residents of French North Africa, as immigrants competing for limited resources, as employers and employees, as victims of racist aggression, as religious minorities in a secularizing state, and as French citizens.

In "Muslims and Jews in France," Mandel traces the way these multiple, complex interactions have been overshadowed and obscured by a reductionist narrative of Muslim-Jewish polarization."

Jerusalem - The Holy City in the Eyes of Chroniclers, Visitors, Pilgrims, and Prophets from the Days of Abraham to the... Jerusalem - The Holy City in the Eyes of Chroniclers, Visitors, Pilgrims, and Prophets from the Days of Abraham to the Beginnings of Modern Times (Hardcover)
F.E. Peters
R4,174 R3,396 Discovery Miles 33 960 Save R778 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

This remarkable portrayal of Jerusalem has become a favorite of many readers interested in this city's dramatic past. Through a collection of firsthand accounts, we see Jerusalem as it appeared through the centuries to a fascinating variety of observers--Jews, Christians, Muslims, and secularists, from pilgrim to warrior to merchant. F. E. Peters skillfully unites these moving eyewitness statements in an immensely readable narrative commentary. Originally published in 1995. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

Jewish Women Pioneering the Frontier Trail - A History in the American West (Hardcover): Jeanne E Abrams Jewish Women Pioneering the Frontier Trail - A History in the American West (Hardcover)
Jeanne E Abrams
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View the Table of Contents. Read the Introduction.

aAbramas path-breaking study is filled with remarkable stories, attesting to the fact that Jewish women played a prominent role in commerce, politics, education, the professions, and religious life.
--"Reform Judaism"

aRespected authority Abrams breaks new ground with this work broadly researched in newspapers, memoirs, correspondence, other archival materials, and a vast secondary literature.a

aAbrams has written a sweeping, challenging, and provocative history of Jewish women in the American West. . . . Overall, Jewish Women is a pathbreaking work. . . . It is a fast and engrossing read. As a piece of scholarly writing it should be required reading in any course on the American West that seeks to broaden the definition of what it means to be a westerner.a
--"Colorado Book Review Center"

a[This book] is a landmark of scholarship in western womenas history.a
--"Oregon Historical Quarterly"

aReaders interested in a unique chapter in Jewish history will find this book a thoughtful and generally engaging read.a
--"The New Mexico Reader"

"Jeanne Abrams knows more than almost anybody else about Jewish women in the American west, and in this well-researched volume she shares that knowledge with her readers. This pioneering study pushes the frontier of Jewish women's history and broadens our understanding of the American Jewish experience as a whole."
--Jonathan D. Sarna, Joseph H. & Belle R. Braun Professor of American Jewish History and author of "American Judaism: A History"

aI donat normally give astarsa to a history book, but this one deserves a full five- both for its importantcontribution to the field of Jewish history, and also for Abramas enthralling narrative style that makes this book both a captivating and edifying text to read!a
--"History in Review"

"Jeanne Abrams' remarkable scholarly contribution stands at the intersection of American Jewish history, women's history, Western history and migration history. While others have written of women's lives in steamy urban tenements, no other volume conveys the variety of important roles that Jewish women played in the development of the American West and especially its Jewish communities. Abrams' thoughtful, clear analysis and eye for rich anecdote make her book at once a great read as well an essential addition to historians' bookshelves."
--Alan M. Kraut, Professor of History, American University, and author of "Goldberger's War: The Life and Work of a Public Health Crusader"

"This engaging and enlightening volume brings together two often neglected topics in the study of American Jews-the roles of women and of Jewish communities outside the Northeast. [Historian Jeanne] Abrams illuminates the experiences of these women and the ways in which they differed from those of Jewish women in other parts of the country. In so doing, she fills a significant gap in our understanding of the development of American Jewry."--Frederick Greenspahn, Gimelstob Eminent Scholar in Judaic Studies, Florida Atlantic University

The image of the West looms large in the American imagination. Yet the history of American Jewry-and particularly of American Jewish women--has been heavily weighted toward the East. Jewish Women Pioneering the Frontier Trail rectifies this omission as the first full book to trace the historyand contributions of Jewish women in the American West.

In many ways, the Jewish experience in the West was distinct. Given the still-forming social landscape, beginning with the 1848 Gold Rush, Jews were able to integrate more fully into local communities than they had in the East. Jewish women in the West took advantage of the unsettled nature of the region to "open new doors" for themselves in the public sphere in ways often not yet possible elsewhere in the country. Women were crucial to the survival of early communities, and made distinct contributions not only in shaping Jewish communal life but outside the Jewish community as well. Western Jewish women's level of involvement at the vanguard of social welfare and progressive reform, commerce, politics, and higher education and the professions is striking given their relatively small numbers.

This engaging work--full of stories from the memoirs and records of Jewish pioneer women--illuminates the pivotal role these women played in settling America's Western frontier.

The Healthy Jew - The Symbiosis of Judaism and Modern Medicine (Hardcover): Mitchell B. Hart The Healthy Jew - The Symbiosis of Judaism and Modern Medicine (Hardcover)
Mitchell B. Hart
R1,535 R1,141 Discovery Miles 11 410 Save R394 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The Healthy Jew traces the culturally revealing story of how Moses, the rabbis, and other Jewish thinkers came to be understood as medical authorities in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Such a radically different interpretation, by scholars and popular writers alike, resulted in new, widespread views on the salubrious effects of, for example, circumcision, Jewish sexual purity laws, and kosher foods. The Healthy Jew explores this interpretative tradition in the light of a number of broader debates over 'civilization' and 'culture, ' Orientalism, religion and science (in the wake of Darwin), anti-Semitism and Jewish apologetics, and the scientific and medical discoveries and debates that revolutionized the fields of bacteriology, preventive medicine, and genetics/eugenics.

Intimations of Difference - Dvora Baron in the Modern Hebrew Renaissance (Hardcover): Sheila E. Jelen Intimations of Difference - Dvora Baron in the Modern Hebrew Renaissance (Hardcover)
Sheila E. Jelen
R545 Discovery Miles 5 450 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Dvora Baron (1887-1956) has been called ""the founding mother of Hebrew women's literature."" Born in a small town on the outskirts of Minsk to the community rabbi, Baron immigrated from the Jewish Pale of Settlement to Palestine in 1910. Although she was not the only woman writing in Hebrew in the first few decades of the twentieth century, Baron was the only woman to achieve recognition in the canon of Modern Hebrew fiction during that period. As such, her work reflects both the revolutionary and conservative qualities of the Modern Hebrew Renaissance. Rooted in the Jewish tradition and using the Hebrew language as its battle cry, the Modern Hebrew Renaissance can be said to have distinguished itself from its patriarchal past by fostering a woman's literary emergence. At the same time, the fact that Dvora Baron was the only woman writing in the first decades of the twentieth century who was included into the Renaissance's literary canon indicates the movement's resistance to its own potentially revolutionary nature. Sheila E. Jelen reveals how Baron viewed her own singularity and what this teaches us about the contours of the Modern Hebrew Renaissance - its imperatives and assumptions, its successes and failures. This is the first full-length, English language treatment of Baron's Hebrew corpus. It will be of interest to scholars of literary studies, gender studies, Jewish cultural studies, Jewish literary studies, and Hebrew literary studies.

Silent No More - Saving the Jews of Russia, the American Jewish Effort, 1967-1989 (Hardcover): Henry L. Feingold Silent No More - Saving the Jews of Russia, the American Jewish Effort, 1967-1989 (Hardcover)
Henry L. Feingold
R961 Discovery Miles 9 610 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Leading scholar and author of the celebrated five-volume series, ""The Jewish People in America"", Henry L. Feingold offers a fresh and inspiring look at the Russian/Soviet Jewish emigration phenomenon. Haunted by its sense of failure during the Holocaust, the Soviet Jewry movement set for itself an almost unrealizable goal of finding sanctuary for Jews from a hostile Soviet government. Working together with activists in Israel and Europe, and with a remarkable group of refuseniks that had been denied the right to emigrate, this courageous group mounted a relentless campaign lasting almost three decades. Although Feingold credits Israel with initiating the struggle for Soviet Jewry and fostering it within American Jewry, he maintains that it was the actions of a secure and confident American Jewry that finally delivered the Jews from the Soviet Union. Feingold's mastery of detail and broadness of scope provide a prodigious and sweeping account of the American Jewish movement. He finds early roots of the effort in the American Jewish involvement with Jewish emigration in late Tsarist Russia which bear a startling resemblance to the Kremlin's reaction during the cold war. He highlights both the human dimension of the exodus as well as the complex international ramifications of the movement especially in the Middle East. ""Silent No More"" concludes by pondering the role of the movement's effective public relations campaign, which focused on the human right of freedom of movement in hastening the collapse of the Soviet empire. His rigorous scholarship sheds light on an important, yet rarely told episode in history, one that will enliven further examination of the subject. This book will be of interest to scholars of American Jewish history, the cold war, Israeli studies, and American ethnic and immigration history.

A Dybbuk - Or Between Two Worlds (Paperback): Tony Kushner A Dybbuk - Or Between Two Worlds (Paperback)
Tony Kushner; S. Ansky; Translated by Joachim Neugroschel
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In Lieu of Memory - Contemporary Jewish Writing in France (Hardcover): Thomas Nolden In Lieu of Memory - Contemporary Jewish Writing in France (Hardcover)
Thomas Nolden
R640 Discovery Miles 6 400 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

An encyclopedic introduction to French Jewish literature as it has emerged since the late 1960s. This book provides a wide-ranging analysis of French Jewish authors born after the Shoal and traces the development of the rich agenda of jeune litterature juive (young Jewish writing) from its beginnings in the late 1970s, into the 1980s and 1990s, when it gained intense momentum. Thomas Nolden uses a wealth of biographical information to expound on his central thesis: the abrupt interruption of transmission of the Jewish heritage by assimilation, migration, and near-extermination required these writers to reinvent themselves their past, and their memories as Jews. Nolden provides concise readings of the fiction of more than two dozen writers of both Sephardic and Ashkenazi background living in present-day France. He demonstrates how contemporary Jewish writing has responded historically, culturally, politically, and aesthetically to developments in French society and in Jewish culture. His critical analysis of the major themes, concerns, and stylistic features of the authors' work connects Jewish writing in France to the traditions of Jewish writing both during the diaspora and in Israel.

American Artists, Jewish Images (Hardcover): Matthew Baigell American Artists, Jewish Images (Hardcover)
Matthew Baigell
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Born over a fifty-year period, the artists in this volume represent several generations of twentieth-century artists. Examining the work of such influential artists as Mark Rothko, Max Weber, and Ruth Weisberg, Baigell directly confronts their Jewish identity - as a religious, cultural, and psychological component of their lives - and explores the way in which this influence is reflected in their art. Drawing upon their common heritage, Baigell reveals the different ways these artists responded to the Great Immigration, the Depression, the Holocaust, the founding of the state of Israel, and the rise of feminism. Each artist's varied Jewish experiences have contributed to the creation of a visual language and subject matter that reflect both Jewish assimilation and Jewish continuity in ways that inform modern Jewish history and changes in present-day America. Offering a fresh examination of well-known artists, as well as long overdue attention to lesser-known artists, Baigell's incisive observations are indispensable to our understanding of the Jewish themes in these artists' work. Written in a lively and spirited prose, this book is compulsory reading for those interested in modern American art and Jewish studies.

Observing America's Jews (Paperback, Revised): Marshall Sklare Observing America's Jews (Paperback, Revised)
Marshall Sklare; Edited by Jonathan D. Sarna; Contributions by Charles S. Liebman
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Collected essays by a preeminent authority on American Jewish history.

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