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Prisoners' Self Help Litigation Manual (Paperback, 4th Revised edition): John Boston, Daniel E Manville Prisoners' Self Help Litigation Manual (Paperback, 4th Revised edition)
John Boston, Daniel E Manville
R1,524 Discovery Miles 15 240 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Prisoners' Self-Help Litigation Manual, in its much-anticipated fourth edition, is an indispensable guide for prisoners and prisoner advocates seeking to understand the rights guaranteed to prisoners by law and how to protect those rights. Clear, comprehensive, practical advice provides prisoners with everything they need to know on conditions of confinement, civil liberties in prison, procedural due process, the legal system, how to litigate, conducting effective legal research, and writing legal documents.
Over the past decade, prison law and conditions have changed significantly. This new edition is updated to include the most relevant prisoners' rights topics and approaches to litigation. Updates include all aspects of prison life as well as material on legal research, legal writing, types of legal remedies, and how to effectively use those remedies.
This book succeeds the highly successful third edition of Prisoners' Self-Help Litigation Manual. Written by two legal and penitentiary experts with intimate knowledge of prisoner's rights and legal aid work, authors John Boston and Daniel E. Manville strategically focus on federal constitutional law, providing prisoners and those wishing to assist them with the most important information concerning legal rights.
To litigate effectively, several features of the book are designed to make finding information easy. A detailed Table of Contents and Index make for effortless access to specific information within the chapters, which are conveniently divided into smaller sections and subsections. Each page contains Footnotes with authoritative case citations, statutory references, and other necessary information. Additionally, the manual provides a Table of Cases, Forms, Sources of Assistance and other books and publications to further aid research.
Certainly the most authoritative, well-organized and relevant prisoner's rights manual available - - the eagerly awaited fourth edition should be purchased by everyone interested in civil rights for the incarcerated.

Inleiding tot die onderwysreg (Paperback, 3): J.P. Rossouw, A. de Wet Inleiding tot die onderwysreg (Paperback, 3)
J.P. Rossouw, A. de Wet; Edited by I.J. Oosthuizen
R310 R275 Discovery Miles 2 750 Save R35 (11%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

Die arbeidswetgewing wat betrekking het op die onderwysomgewing is omvattend en dek 'n groot verskeidenheid aspekte waarmee almal binne hierdie omgewing op een of ander stadium te doen kry. Waar daar in die verlede moontlik 'n vae begrip van veral wette en regulasies ten opsigte van diensvoorwaardes by meeste werknemers in die onderwys teenwoordig was, is dit nou onontbeerlik om 'n basiese begrip van alle relevante wetgewing en regulasies wat van toepassing is, te he. Veral onderwysers kan hulle in die spreekwoordelike mynveld bevind indien hulle nie seker maak dat hulle oor die basiese kennis van onderwysreg beskik nie. Dit word gestaaf deur die talle hofsake, dispute, mediasie, dissiplinere verhore en die dikwels onaangename implikasies daarvan vir indiwidue (en hul gesinne) wat voortspruit uit aanklagte teen oortreders in alle sektore van die onderwys. Wetswysigings na aanleiding van veranderde omstandighede binne die onderwys, lei tot die behoefte om voortdurend op die hoogte van die implikasies en toepassing daarvan te wees. Hierdie dringende behoefte geld nie alleen vir skoolhoofde nie, maar vir elkeen betrokke by onderwys. Aan die een kant berus die korrekte toepassing en implementering by die beheerliggaam en die hoof van 'n inrigting, maar aan die anderkant raak dit die mense wat daar werksaam is. Die skrywers van hierdie boek het nie alleen 'n deeglike besef van hierdie noodsaaklike behoefte nie, hulle spreek dit ook baie effektief aan deur middel van hulle uiters waardevolle ervaring. Hierdie ervaring spruit voort uit praktiese betrokkenheid by die onderwys asook deeglike navorsing op die terrein van onderwysreg. Kennis van al die aspekte wat in hierdie boek aangespreek word, verbeter ongetwyfeld die kwaliteit van die onderrig- en leerproses in die klaskamer - 'n broodnodige doelwit om na te streef. Dit skep ook 'n veiliger omgewing waarbinne elkeen funksioneer. Persoonlik is ek baie dankbaar vir die bydrae wat deur middel van hierdie handige handleiding gemaak word tot die uiteindelike kwaliteit van onderwys in Suid Afrika. Dr. Jopie Breed President: SAOU

Law for Social Workers (Paperback, 15th Revised edition): Helen Carr, David Goosey Law for Social Workers (Paperback, 15th Revised edition)
Helen Carr, David Goosey
R885 Discovery Miles 8 850 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Law for Social Workers has been supporting social work students and professionals for over 25 years. Written by an expert team with practical experience, this book provides the perfect combination of legal explanation and practical insight and is the ideal text to see students through their course and career. This edition continues to provide an accurate, jargon-free account of the law social workers need to know, with helpful diagrams and case studies included throughout to explain areas of difficulty and ensure understanding for students and professionals at all levels. The 15th edition includes an expanded Social Worker's Toolkit, offering practical advice on topics such as going to court, preparing evidence, and writing reports, providing the ideal support while on placement or in the workplace. Online resources The book is accompanied by the following online resources: For students -Video tutorials on a range of practical topics -Multiple choice questions for students to test their knowledge -Guidance on answering the exercises from the book -Further reading suggestions -Glossary of legal jargon For lecturers -PowerPoint slide lecture outlines for each chapter -Notes to accompany the slides with discussion of key issues to consider when teaching this area of law

Introduction to Business Law (Paperback, 5th Revised edition): Lucy Jones Introduction to Business Law (Paperback, 5th Revised edition)
Lucy Jones
R1,054 Discovery Miles 10 540 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The bestselling textbook in this subject area, Introduction to Business Law introduces students to the core legal areas relevant to the world of business and work. Known for its visual approach and engaging writing style, the book features over 90 full colour diagrams to illustrate complex issues, while practical examples and case studies are included throughout to put the law into context. The book contains a chapter on study skills and revision, guiding business students on how to tackle legal exam questions and how to approach case law and statutes. At the end of each chapter students can practise applying their knowledge and legal skills by answering sample essay and problem questions. Digital formats and resources This edition is available for students and institutions to purchase in a variety of formats, and is supported by online resources. - The e-book offers a mobile experience and convenient access along with functionality tools, navigation features, and links that offer extra learning support: www.oxfordtextbooks.co.uk/ebooks - The online resources include: Student resources - Multiple choice questions with instant feedback - Suggested answers to end-of-chapter questions - Flashcard glossary of key terms - Exam tips and advice - Chapter summary documents Lecturer resources - Additional assignment questions - Group exercises - Research exercises

Medicine, Patients and the Law - Sixth Edition (Paperback, 6th edition): Margaret Brazier, Emma Cave Medicine, Patients and the Law - Sixth Edition (Paperback, 6th edition)
Margaret Brazier, Emma Cave
R515 Discovery Miles 5 150 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Embryo research, cloning, assisted conception, neonatal care, saviour siblings, organ transplants, drug trials - modern developments have transformed the field of medicine almost beyond recognition in recent decades and the law struggles to keep up. In this highly acclaimed and very accessible book, now in its sixth edition, Margaret Brazier and Emma Cave provide an incisive survey of the legal situation in areas as diverse as fertility treatment, patient consent, assisted dying, malpractice and medical privacy. The book has been fully revised and updated to cover the latest cases, from assisted dying to informed consent; legislative reform of the NHS, professional regulation and redress; European regulations on data protection and clinical trials; and legislation and policy reforms on organ donation, assisted conception and mental capacity. Essential reading for healthcare professionals, lecturers, medical and law students, this book is of relevance to all whose perusal of the daily news causes wonder, hope and consternation at the advances and limitations of medicine, patients and the law. -- .

Social Care and the Law in Scotland - 11th Edition September 2018 (Spiral bound, 11th Revised edition): Siobhan Maclean, Mark... Social Care and the Law in Scotland - 11th Edition September 2018 (Spiral bound, 11th Revised edition)
Siobhan Maclean, Mark Shiner
R418 Discovery Miles 4 180 Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Media Law (Hardcover): Eric Barendt Media Law (Hardcover)
Eric Barendt
R3,617 Discovery Miles 36 170 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This crucial volume focusing on free speech, media, and law confronts complicated issues that are of interest not only to media law scholars, but to anyone concerned with the First Amendment. It questions whether freedom of speech is identical to freedom of the press and explores why the law restrains free speech for broadcast media but not for traditional print media. In dealing with the often opposing ideals of the rights of the media versus the rights of the individual, this volume tackles difficult legal and social questions of the day.

Computers and the Law (Paperback, 2nd edition): Dana van der Merwe Computers and the Law (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Dana van der Merwe
R404 R356 Discovery Miles 3 560 Save R48 (12%) Ships in 4 - 8 working days

On publication of the previous edition of Computers and the Law, developments such as the Internet and electronic commerce were as yet unthought of. The second edition strives to bring the reader up to date with such developments. It also attempts to gauge the law's reaction, or lack of it, to these developments.

The Whistle-Blower: The Life of Maurice Pappworth - the story of one man's battle against the medical establishment... The Whistle-Blower: The Life of Maurice Pappworth - the story of one man's battle against the medical establishment (Hardcover)
Joanna Seldon
R410 R345 Discovery Miles 3 450 Save R65 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"No doctor, however great his capacity or original his ideas, has the right to choose martyrs for science or for the general good." Human Guinea Pigs: Experimentation on Man.Whistle-blowers tend not to be very popular. Maurice Pappworth's whistle was in the form of Human Guinea Pigs, the controversial book published in 1967 which examined unethical medical experimentation on humans and identified the researchers and institutions responsible. The ground-breaking text took the medical establishment by storm and provoked questions in Parliament. Brilliant, Jewish, already an outsider, Pappworth was recognised as the best medical teacher in the country. But convinced that the reason for these experiments being carried out was purely to advance the careers of ambitious practitioners, Pappworth had to speak up. In the wake of his expose, stricter codes of practice for human experimentation were put into place and the establishment of the research ethics committees was formed, which remains in place today. Maurice Pappworth's daughter, the late Joanna Seldon, re-assesses the importance of Human Guinea Pigs in her book Whistle-blower: The Life of Maurice Pappworth. She considers her father's text a major milestone in the development of current medical research ethics and demands a re-evaluation of the pioneering medical ethicist who compromised his own career in order to ensure the protection of the patient.

Managing the Entrepreneurial University - Legal Issues and Commercial Realities (Hardcover): J. Douglas Toma Managing the Entrepreneurial University - Legal Issues and Commercial Realities (Hardcover)
J. Douglas Toma
R3,797 Discovery Miles 37 970 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Managing the Entrepreneurial University is essential reading for both higher education administrators and those studying to enter the field. As universities have become more market focused, they have changed dramatically. But has the law kept up? This book explains fundamental legal concepts in clear, non-technical language and grounds them in practical management situations, indicating where doctrines and standards have evolved, identifying where legal difficulties may be more likely to arise, and suggesting where change may be merited. In its chapters on process, discrimination, employment, students, and regulation, the book: Provides lively case studies applicable to every type of institution Includes a simulation exercise at the end of each chapter for use in teaching or training Draws on an over 550-source bibliography A hypothetical case spans each chapter, addressing not only research universities and elite liberal arts colleges, but also community colleges, small private colleges, and regional comprehensive universities. Readers working across functional areas and at various institution types will find the book directly relevant in clarifying and deepening their understanding of the legal environment associated with their responsibilities within the entrepreneurial university.

Business - Its Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment (Hardcover, 10th edition): Marianne Jennings Business - Its Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment (Hardcover, 10th edition)
Marianne Jennings
R1,783 R1,490 Discovery Miles 14 900 Save R293 (16%) Ships in 15 - 25 working days

Comprehensive and practical, BUSINESS: ITS LEGAL, ETHICAL, AND GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT, 10TH EDITION emphasizes real-world applications and encourages critical thinking skills. While exploring the intersection of law, business strategy, and ethics in the text, readers apply the concepts to more than 200 real-world situations and a wealth of learning features, while heightening their own sense of morality. BUSINESS: ITS LEGAL, ETHICAL, AND GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT, 10TH EDITION effectively illustrates how law and ethics apply to issues in the workplace, and is an excellent resource for future business managers.

The Illustrator's Guide to Law and Business Practice (Paperback): Simon Stern The Illustrator's Guide to Law and Business Practice (Paperback)
Simon Stern
R673 Discovery Miles 6 730 Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Landlord's Legal Kit For Dummies (Paperback): Robert S. Griswold, Laurence Harmon Landlord's Legal Kit For Dummies (Paperback)
Robert S. Griswold, Laurence Harmon
R659 R482 Discovery Miles 4 820 Save R177 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The landlord's essential guide to residential rental law Landlord's Legal Kit For Dummies is a comprehensive guide to the laws and legalities of renting property. This one-stop legal reference provides both guidance and the correct forms that help landlords avoid tenant issues, which could lead to legal ramifications. From screening potential tenants to handling your own insurance and taxes, you'll find expert insight in this easy-to-read style that simplifies complex legal matters into understandable terms. The book includes access to all the needed legal forms in both English and Spanish, and contains current information about applicable codes, ordinances, and policies across the country. Landlords have a responsibility to provide a safe, fully operational home for their tenants, and oversights can result in major court settlements. As a landlord, you need to know what the law requires of you. You also need to understand your rights, and the actions available to you when the tenant is in the wrong. This resource brings you up to speed, with the most current information about residential rental property law. The book covers privacy rights, domicile laws, paperwork, and more. * Features up-to-date lease forms and contracts available for download online * Provides information about applicant screening questionnaires and anti-discrimination policies * Includes state and local building codes, health ordinances, and landlord-tenant laws * Instructs you how to handle breach of lease situations and evictions There's even guidance on hiring a lawyer to protect your assets, property, and rights. Ignorance of the law is no excuse in court, and it frequently leads to misunderstandings that can hurt your wallet and your reputation. Before you lease another property, get all your ducks in a row with the essential instruction and tools in Landlord's Legal Kit For Dummies.

Architect's Legal Pocket Book (Paperback, 3rd New edition): Matthew Cousins Architect's Legal Pocket Book (Paperback, 3rd New edition)
Matthew Cousins
R840 Discovery Miles 8 400 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A little book that's big on information, the Architect's Legal Pocket Book is the definitive reference guide on legal issues for architects and architectural students. This handy pocket guide covers key legal principles which will help you to quickly understand the law and where to go for further information. Now in its third edition, this bestselling book has been fully updated throughout to provide you with the most current information available. Subjects include contract administration, building legislation, planning, listed buildings, contract law, negligence, liability and dispute resolution. This edition also contains new cases and legislation, government policy, contract terms and certificates including the RIBA contract administration certificates, inspection duties and practical completion, The Building a Safer Future, Proposals for Reform of the Building Safety Regulatory System Report, the Hackitt review, the Report of the Independent Inquiry into the Construction of Edinburgh Schools and practical issues facing architects. Illustrated with clear diagrams and featuring key cases, this is a comprehensive guide to current law for architects and an invaluable source of information. It is a book no architect should be without.

Guide to JCT Design and Build Building Contract (Paperback, Fourth edition): Sarah Lupton Guide to JCT Design and Build Building Contract (Paperback, Fourth edition)
Sarah Lupton
R1,169 Discovery Miles 11 690 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Guide to JCT Design & Build, the new edition of Sarah Lupton's ever popular Guide to DB11, is a practical guide to the operation and administration of the JCT Design & Build Contract suite 2016. All of the contract's provisions, procedures and conditions are organised and explained by subject, clearly distinguishing the different obligations due to various parties and the contractual issues arising during the course of a job - all backed up by the latest legislation and case law. Changes to this new edition include: thorough explanation and analysis of the new JCT Design & Build Contract 2016 comprehensive update on legislative changes since 2011, such as the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 and CDM Regulations 2015 coverage of key case law developments, on issues such as the meaning residential occupier, choice of contract, access to site, concurrent delay, inspection, practical completion, certification, payment, termination and mediation objective commentary and comparison with relevant features of the new RIBA Building Contracts brand new content to improve coverage and overall value to the reader fresh new design. Not only is this an indispensable reference for the hard-pressed practitioner, but, assuming no prior knowledge of JCT contracts or the law, it is also ideal for architecture and other construction students on the threshold of undertaking their professional exams.

Employment Law - An Introduction (Paperback, 5th Revised edition): Stephen Taylor, Astra Emir Employment Law - An Introduction (Paperback, 5th Revised edition)
Stephen Taylor, Astra Emir
R1,167 Discovery Miles 11 670 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Written with human resources and business students in mind, and suitable for those on CIPD courses, Taylor and Emir provide a complete and practical introduction to legal issues in the workplace. Conversational and contextual in style, the authors guide students through this technical subject area by explaining the law in uncomplicated language and using supportive examples. Activities are interspersed throughout the text, presenting readers with realistic problems, enabling them to see the law at work and consider how the legal rules might apply. Regular 'Exhibit' boxes present significant case examples and academic debates helping students digest the salient principles. A unique part on law in action introduced students to the employment tribunal procedure and walks them through how to prepare and present a case equipping them with practical skills for beyond their studies. Online Resources Further resources are provided online including self-test questions with instant feedback and lecturer access to additional case studies and questions to support your teaching.

The Building Regulations - Explained and Illustrated (Paperback, 14th Edition): M.J. Billington, S.P. Barnshaw, K T Bright, A.... The Building Regulations - Explained and Illustrated (Paperback, 14th Edition)
M.J. Billington, S.P. Barnshaw, K T Bright, A. Crooks
R1,113 Discovery Miles 11 130 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Since publication of the first edition in 1976, The Building Regulations: Explained and Illustrated has provided a detailed, authoritative, highly illustrated and accessible guide to the regulations that must be adhered to when constructing, altering or extending a building in England and Wales. This latest edition has been fully revised throughout. Much of the content has been completely rewritten to cover the substantial changes to the Regulations since publication of the 13th edition, to ensure it continues to provide the detailed guidance needed by all those concerned with building work, including architects, building control officers, Approved Inspectors, Competent Persons, building surveyors, engineers, contractors and students in the relevant disciplines.

Employment Law in Context - An Introduction for HR Professionals (Paperback, 4th edition): Brian Willey Employment Law in Context - An Introduction for HR Professionals (Paperback, 4th edition)
Brian Willey
R1,343 Discovery Miles 13 430 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Employment Law in Context combines clear and lively explanations of legal principles with a highly practical approach to provide greater support to the HR student.

The Legal Environment of Business (Hardcover, 12th edition): Roger E. Meiners, Al H. Ringleb, Frances Edwards The Legal Environment of Business (Hardcover, 12th edition)
Roger E. Meiners, Al H. Ringleb, Frances Edwards
R1,417 R1,196 Discovery Miles 11 960 Save R221 (16%) Ships in 15 - 25 working days

THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS provides a practical introduction to the structure and function of the legal system from the perspective of the professional nonlawyer. While noting our legal heritage, there is a strong emphasis on the nuts and bolts of basic legal rules that most impact business today. This popular text effectively adapts a traditional case focus for the unique needs of business students. Incorporating clear and concise coverage of a wide range of up-to-date topics, the twelfth edition of this trusted text introduces key points of law through business-specific examples and realistic scenarios that students can appreciate. The authors' readable style complements their extensive knowledge of domestic and international business to make the text a favorite among instructors and students alike. To complement this edition, CourseMate and CengageNOW are available as online solutions to help engage and prepare students for this course.

Dimond's Legal Aspects of Nursing, 8th edition - A definitive guide to law for nurses (Paperback, 8th edition): Iwan... Dimond's Legal Aspects of Nursing, 8th edition - A definitive guide to law for nurses (Paperback, 8th edition)
Iwan Dowie, Richard Griffith
R1,023 Discovery Miles 10 230 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The definitive guide to the law that all nurses need to know. Written specifically for student nurses as well as those already in practice, Dimond's Legal Aspects of Nursing is your essential practical guide to the legal principles you need to be aware of in your everyday nursing practice. Building on previous editions of the book by Bridgit Dimond, this 8th edition has been significantly reworked by a new author team with extensive experience in teaching nursing law. It has also been fully updated and revised in line with recent legal developments and the new Nursing standards to ensure it continues to meet the requirements of nursing law modules. New to this edition: Introduction of new and updated Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) Fitness to Practise procedures Reference to the NMC Code 2015 (updated 2018) including Duty of candour Data Protection legislation updated including reference to the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 Greater reference to the devolved UK administrations Updated overview of a nurses' duty of care Reference to the new NMC approved curriculum, and the introduction of nursing associates Introduction of upcoming changes to the Mental Capacity Act 2005 Comprehensive discussion of the practice implications of the Supreme Court Decisions in Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board [2015] Consideration of the revised Health and Social Care Act 2008 (regulated activities) regulations 2014 Updated consideration of gross negligence manslaughter Practical implications of the extension of the crimes of ill treatment and willful neglect under the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 section 20 and 21

Case and Exercises in Business, Finance and The Law (Paperback): James Jacob Ravelle Case and Exercises in Business, Finance and The Law (Paperback)
James Jacob Ravelle
R748 Discovery Miles 7 480 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Professional Services Agreements Second edition - A Guide for Construction Professionals (Hardcover, 2nd edition): Rachel Barnes Professional Services Agreements Second edition - A Guide for Construction Professionals (Hardcover, 2nd edition)
Rachel Barnes
R2,006 Discovery Miles 20 060 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This is a comprehensive review of the issues that readers need to be aware of when negotiating the minefield of professional services contracts in the construction industry. It is practical and accessible in its approach, and addresses professional obligations when engaged under such agreements. It advises on the principle areas of consultancy risk and makes reference to some of the standard conditions produced by professional bodies. This book is an essential reference for consultants, project managers, architects as well as their legal advisors and insurers, enabling them to better understand and negotiate the contracts prepared by the client side of the industry for their professional services. It covers the contracts themselves and related legal issues and principles and is written in a way that will be accessible to non-legally trained readers. Uniquely the book provides an understanding of the risks, both legal and commercial, inherent in these types of professional appointments and therefore helps the reader to manage those risks. Another key feature is that it provides a supporting commentary on the 'benchmark' professional service agreements, including the RIBA, ACE and RICS appointments, and explains the differences. The revised version will now also cover the NEC3 PSC contract.

Law (in Plain English) for Galleries - A Guide for Selling Arts and Crafts (Paperback, 3rd Critical ed.): Leonard D Duboff,... Law (in Plain English) for Galleries - A Guide for Selling Arts and Crafts (Paperback, 3rd Critical ed.)
Leonard D Duboff, Christopher Perea
R561 R463 Discovery Miles 4 630 Save R98 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

An Essential Reference for Sellers of Arts and Crafts In The Law (in Plain English)(R) for Galleries, Third Edition, Leonard DuBoff and Christopher Perea walk readers through the legal intricacies of selling arts and crafts. This helpful guide provides clear explanations and examples of real cases to furnish readers with a strong understanding of their obligations and vulnerabilities. Updated to reflect recent changes in the market and technology, this new edition is the go-to guide for all aspects of running a gallery. Chapters cover a wide range of topics, including: Organizing a business Franchising Working with employees and contractors Selling pieces Contracts Artists' and galleries' rights Catalogs and online sales Copyright and trademark Customer relations Product liability Filing taxes Estate planning Gallerists, artists, craftspeople, and anyone else interested in the buying and selling of arts and crafts must have this book in their libraries.

Card & James' Business Law (Paperback, 4th Revised edition): Lee Roach Card & James' Business Law (Paperback, 4th Revised edition)
Lee Roach
R1,266 Discovery Miles 12 660 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Card and James' Business Law is the most detailed account of business law, providing commanding analysis of the English legal system, contract law, the law of tort, employment law, and partnership and company law. Discussion of the core elements is supplemented with learning features which have been integrated throughout to support study and make the subject more accessible. Relevant examples from the business environment and the key legal cases are presented to help students build a greater understanding of the interconnections between the law and the corporate setting. Chapter introductions and summaries help students identify the salient points of each chapter, while self-test questions allow students to reinforce understanding. The book is accompanied by a collection of online resources to help students approach assessments with confidence: including supplementary problem and essay questions, multiple choice questions with instant feedback, and revision summaries.

Law of Recreational Boating (Paperback): Eric E. Lenck Law of Recreational Boating (Paperback)
Eric E. Lenck
R628 R503 Discovery Miles 5 030 Save R125 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Recreational boating presents more than its fair share of legal hazards. An unsuspecting buyer may discover too late that the yacht is encumbered by secret maritime liens incurred by a previous owner. A marine insurer may deny coverage for a total loss based on a seemingly innocent misrepresentation in the insurance application. A boat owner may mistakenly believe that a rescue from a grounding is covered by a prepaid towage plan, when in fact the rescuer will be making a very expensive claim for marine salvage. These and other dilemmas unique to maritime law appear repeatedly in the court decisions relating to recreational boating. This book focuses on those maritime law issues that are most likely to affect the typical recreational boater. It explains the legal concepts in plain language, giving examples from reported cases. Where possible, the author provides practical advice on how to avoid the most-common pitfalls. It is a guide for all those in the recreational boating industry who want a better understanding of maritime law, and even for lawyers looking for a primer in this very specialized area of the law.

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