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Rule Of Law - A Memoir (Paperback): Glynnis Breytenbach, Nechama Brodie Rule Of Law - A Memoir (Paperback)
Glynnis Breytenbach, Nechama Brodie 2
R285 R245 Discovery Miles 2 450 Save R40 (14%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

In Rule Of Law, Glynnis Breytenbach reflects back on her career as a prosecutor, including specific cases she has tried, and on her life to provide a fascinating commentary on the importance of the independence of judicial institutions and the precariousness of this independence.

Her current challenges are directly linked to how outspoken she is and how she continues to campaign fiercely for the rule of law in this country.

Legal Research - Purpose, Planning and Publication (Paperback): Francois Venter Legal Research - Purpose, Planning and Publication (Paperback)
Francois Venter
R270 R228 Discovery Miles 2 280 Save R42 (16%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

Lawyers must be able to do research and should be able to do it well in order to honour their obligations, be those obligations commercial, in the field of criminal justice, constitutional, judicial or academic. Yet much confusion surrounds the nature of research, the need for lawyers and law students to undertake research projects, the requirements for the dissemination of the results, and their impact on policy and practice. Why is legal research needed? What does it entail? Where should one begin? What methods are used for legal research? What are the ethical issues involved? How does one go about publishing the results of one’s research in law, and which are the appropriate publication platforms? How should the quality of legal research be judged?

Legal Research: Purpose, Planning and Publication seeks to begin answering these questions, to introduce law students to legal research, and perhaps even to open up some new perspectives for those in the legal community who wish to sharpen their research skills.

The guidelines and views in Legal Research are not offered as hard doctrine, but rather as a route map for a journey of discovery, in the course of which readers may develop their own approach to the production of valuable legal research results.

Legal Research provides an introduction to ease the way of legal researchers, especially those with little expertise and experience, and perhaps to open a debate among the more experienced lawyers, who have not yet given much thought to the matter, about developing and improving our understanding of legal research in South Africa.

Defending the Guilty - TV Tie-In (Paperback, Media tie-in): Alex McBride Defending the Guilty - TV Tie-In (Paperback, Media tie-in)
Alex McBride 1
R231 R157 Discovery Miles 1 570 Save R74 (32%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The official TV tie-in edition of Defending the Guilty 'Terrific, fascinating, very funny' Daily Mail 'Hilarious' Sun 'Gripping' Literary Review How do we ensure that the guilty are convicted and the innocent walk free? Shortlisted for the Crime Writers Award Gold Dagger for Non-Fiction, true crime meets humour in Defending the Guilty, a hilariously funny and eye-opening expose of the criminal justice system. Every day, criminal barrister Alex McBride stands up in court and attempts to save people from conviction, prison, even a lifetime behind bars. Sometimes it's a hopeless case. Sometimes he has the chance to right a wrong. But mostly his clients are just plain guilty. In Defending the Guilty, McBride takes us behind the scenes of Britain's criminal justice system. He introduces us to its extraordinary characters and arcane eccentricities, and tells astonishing stories of courtroom triumph and defeat. Whether he's defending hapless teenagers at Harlow Youth Court or prosecuting gold bullion robbers at the Old Bailey, these hair-raising tales reveal that justice rarely operates in quite the way we expect. 'Expert, authoritative, hilarious - an insider's fearless account of life at the criminal bar' Craig Raine, Times Literary Supplement, Books of the Year 'McBride details his own cock-ups and disasters with the relish of the born humorous writer. Very funny' Daily Mail 'Rollicks along with a good eye for detail and a neat turn of phrase' Observer 'Gripping, engaging, compelling. The real life of criminal barristers is expertly caught' Literary Review Alex McBride is a criminal barrister. He is the author of the 'Common Law' column in Prospect magazine, has contributed to the New Statesman and various BBC programmes, including From Our Own Correspondent and is the editor of the Famous Trials Penguin Specials series.

Understanding professional conduct and ethics for legal practitioners in Zambia (Paperback): Joseph Chirwa Understanding professional conduct and ethics for legal practitioners in Zambia (Paperback)
Joseph Chirwa
R378 R315 Discovery Miles 3 150 Save R63 (17%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

Ethics are an integral part of the legal profession. Ethics are important because they imbue a sense of orderliness and professionalism in the members of the profession, and hence instil in legal practitioners a sense of responsibility and accountability. Understanding Professional Conduct and Ethics for Legal Practitioners in Zambia covers the following areas: the core ethics of a legal practitioner; the obligations of an advocate; the fraternity of lawyers; undertakings; disciplining an advocate; the conduct and ethics of prosecutors; and judicial officers' conduct and ethics. The book includes the Judicial (Code of Conduct) Act, the Legal Practitioners' Act and the Legal Practitioners' Practice Rules.

Clinical legal education - Law clinic curriculum design and assessment tools (Paperback): M.A. du Plessis Clinical legal education - Law clinic curriculum design and assessment tools (Paperback)
M.A. du Plessis
R530 R432 Discovery Miles 4 320 Save R98 (18%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

Clinical legal education (CLE) is a springboard for entry into legal practice, preparing students for the professional challenges they will face after completing their studies and embarking on their legal careers. In her eight years of conducting research on CLE in South African universities, the author has found that the most urgent needs are in the area of student assessment. Designing a curriculum with assessable content is therefore essential for clinicians who, in certifying students' capabilities, are the gatekeepers to practice. This book identifies curriculum requirements across a number of jurisdictions, and proposes a menu of assessment methods, which may enhance the choices of assessment methodologies available to South African university law clinics. It also covers the setting of parameters for assessment, grading, grade descriptors and moderation systems, and discusses different forms of tests, assignments, essay- and oral-examinations, as well as self- and peer-evaluation, peer editing, case portfolios, and trial advocacy skills. The book addresses challenges such as clinicians' heavy workloads and differing levels of experience in supervision and assessment. It discusses challenges students face and presents solutions enabling clinicians to help them depending on their individual experience and needs. Also discussed are the potential conflicts between the needs of students and those of the local community being served by the law clinic. Although the aim of this book is to find appropriate assessment methods for CLE, the effectiveness of an assessment programme can only be determined when measured against a curriculum. The proposed curriculum is therefore measured against the identified assessment criteria. CLE Lecturers can download assessment forms, checklists and rubrics from the Juta Law website - visit https://juta.co.za/support-material/detail/clinical-legal-education for details.

Fair Labor Lawyer - The Remarkable Life of New Deal Attorney and Supreme Court Advocate Bessie Margolin (Hardcover): Marlene... Fair Labor Lawyer - The Remarkable Life of New Deal Attorney and Supreme Court Advocate Bessie Margolin (Hardcover)
Marlene Trestman
R753 R579 Discovery Miles 5 790 Save R174 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Ethics and Values in Social Work (Paperback, 4th ed. 2012): Sarah Banks Ethics and Values in Social Work (Paperback, 4th ed. 2012)
Sarah Banks
R613 R567 Discovery Miles 5 670 Save R46 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This thoroughly revised edition of a modern social work classic textbook from a leading international author, offers a clear and systematic account of professional ethics in relation to social work practice, framed within a global context, and combines a sound grasp of theoretical issues with a sharp focus on the latest policy and practice. Ethics and Values in Social Work successfully synthesises the complex ideas and concepts that characterise social work's value base. Written with Banks' trademark accessibility and theoretical rigour, this book will continue to be an invaluable resource for all students, educators and practitioners of social work.

Loyola University New Orleans College of Law - A History (Hardcover): Maria Isabel Medina Loyola University New Orleans College of Law - A History (Hardcover)
Maria Isabel Medina
R936 Discovery Miles 9 360 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Under the Wig - A Lawyer's Stories of Murder, Guilt and Innocence (Paperback): William Clegg Under the Wig - A Lawyer's Stories of Murder, Guilt and Innocence (Paperback)
William Clegg 1
R195 R154 Discovery Miles 1 540 Save R41 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

'GRIPPING' - The Times How can you speak up for someone accused of a savage murder? Or sway a jury? Or get a judge to drop a case? In this memoir, murder case lawyer William Clegg revisits his most intriguing trials, from the acquittal of Colin Stagg to the shooting of Jill Dando, to the man given life because of an earprint. All the while he lays bare the secrets of his profession, from the rivalry among barristers to the nervous moments before a verdict comes back, and how our right to a fair trial is now at risk. Under the Wig is for anyone who wants to know the reality of a murder trial. It has been praised as "gripping" by The Times, "riveting" by the Sunday Express and "fascinating" by the Secret Barrister, who described the author as "one of our country's greatest jury advocates." Several prominent barristers, including Matthew Scott and Bob Marshall-Andrews QC, have said Under the Wig is a "must read" for anyone with an interest in the criminal law. Switch off the TV dramas and see real criminal law in action. Well-known cases featured: The Murder of Rachel Nickell on Wimbledon Common The Chillenden Murders (Dr Lin and Megan Russell) The Trial of Private Lee Clegg The Murder of Jill Dando The first Nazi war crimes prosecution in the UK The Murder of Joanna Yeates The Rebekah Brooks Phone Hacking Trial REVIEWS 'This is a gripping memoir from one of our country's greatest jury advocates, offering a fascinating, no-holds-barred tour behind the scenes of some of the most famous criminal cases of modern times.' - The Secret Barrister 'Countless veteran lawyers have produced page-tuners based in the fictional world of law, but in Under the Wig William Clegg, QC, has distilled his extraordinary life in the criminal courtroom into a yarn equally as gripping.' - The Times 'One of England's best barristers provides a fascinating sometimes hilarious combination of a personal odyssey and insider accounts of the most important and famous court cases of recent times. 'From the infamous case of Colin Stagg and the Wimbledon Murders to war crimes in Belarus and Bosnia and the Murdoch phone hacking trials we share and applaud the author's deep commitment to justice and his infectious enthusiasm for one of the world's greatest professions. An absolute must read for anyone who aspires to join it (and anyone who already has.)' - Bob Marshall-Andrews QC 'Bill Clegg's memoir draws on some of the most high-profile criminal prosecutions of recent years to illuminate the career of a defence lawyer at the peak of his success. 'Deftly weaving personal reminiscences into the view from counsel's bench, he solves one high-profile murder case long before the police and ensures that justice is finally done in another after the tactics adopted by a better-known QC have led to a miscarriage of justice. 'Unlike many works of this genre, Clegg's case-book eschews endless exchanges with long-forgotten judges, lawyers and villains. Like the successful jury advocate that he is, Clegg reduces his story to its essence.' - Joshua Rozenberg 'A must read if you've got any interest in the criminal law.' - Matthew Scott, Barrister Blog 'Economically, simply and engagingly written... It is a must read for anyone with an interest in the law and justice, aspiring barristers and those with an interest in legal history.' - Catherine Baksi, Legal Hackette

Law and Ethics in the Business Environment (Paperback, 8th edition): Elaine Ingulli, Terry Halbert Law and Ethics in the Business Environment (Paperback, 8th edition)
Elaine Ingulli, Terry Halbert
R656 R561 Discovery Miles 5 610 Save R95 (14%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

Blending theory with real-life applications, the 8th Edition of LAW AND ETHICS IN THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT presents modern issues and the latest in case law for an exciting and thought-provoking text. Rather than shying away from controversial topics, it encourages lively classroom debate on everything from privacy and workers' rights to diversity and stereotyping. Insightful cases, end-of-chapter questions, historical quotes, and chapter projects sharpen critical thinking skills, while a wealth of interactive assignments like role plays, mock trials, roundtables, and more prepare you for the ethical and legal dilemmas of the business world.

The Relatively Public Life Of Jules Browde (Paperback): Daniel Browde The Relatively Public Life Of Jules Browde (Paperback)
Daniel Browde
R240 R189 Discovery Miles 1 890 Save R51 (21%) In stock

When Daniel is tasked with writing the biography of his grandfather, Jules Browde - one of South Africa’s most celebrated advocates - he gets straight to work. But the task that at first seems so simple comes to overwhelm him.

The troubled progress of Daniel’s book stands in sharp contrast to the clear-edged tales his grandfather tells him. Spanning almost a century, these gripping stories compellingly conjure other worlds: the streets of 1920s Yeoville, the battlefields of the Second World War, the courtrooms of apartheid South Africa.

The Relatively Public Life Of Jules Browde is more than the portrait of an unusual South African life, it is the moving tale of a complex and tender relationship between grandfather and grandson, and an exploration of how we are made and unmade in the stories we tell about our lives.

Truth, Reconciliation and the Apartheid Legal Order (Paperback): David Dyzenhaus Truth, Reconciliation and the Apartheid Legal Order (Paperback)
David Dyzenhaus; Foreword by Kader Asmal
R530 R432 Discovery Miles 4 320 Save R98 (18%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), established in South Africa after the collapse of apartheid, was the bold creation of a people committed to the task of rebuilding a nation and establishing a society founded upon justice, equality and respect for the rule of law. As part of its historic, cathartic mission, the TRC held a special hearing, calling to account the lawyers - judges, academics and members of the bar - who had been crucial participants in the apartheid legal order. This book is an account of those hearings, and an attempt to evaluate, in the light of the theories of adjudication, the historical role of the judiciary and bar in the apartheid years. It argues, often in the words of those who testified, how the judges failed in their duty to uphold the rule of law. For the most part, the lawyers of apartheid are found to have deserted its victims.;The few notable exceptions both illustrate the potential for lawyers to have done more and lay the basis for the respect the rule of law still enjoys in South Africa despite apartheid. Yet, the author argues, many continue to commit a more serious "crime". Failing to confront the past, and in many cases refusing even to attend TRC hearings, the lawyers who could have helped to resist the worst excesses of apartheid remain accomplices to its evil deeds. This book offers us the spectacle of an entire legal system on trial. The echoes from this process are captured here in a way that will appeal to all readers - lawyers and non-lawyers alike - interested in the relationship between law and justice, as it is exposed during a period of transition to democracy.

Notorious RBG - The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Hardcover, Annotated edition): Irin Carmon, Shana Knizhnik Notorious RBG - The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Hardcover, Annotated edition)
Irin Carmon, Shana Knizhnik
R335 R247 Discovery Miles 2 470 Save R88 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Featured in the critically acclaimed documentary RBG "The authors make this unassuming, most studious woman come pulsing to life. . . . Notorious RBG may be a playful project, but it asks to be read seriously. . . . That I responded so personally to it is a testimony to [its] storytelling and panache."- Jennifer Senior, New York Times Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg never asked for fame-she has only tried to make the world a little better and a little freer. But nearly a half-century into her career, something funny happened to the octogenarian: she won the internet. Across America, people who weren't even born when Ginsburg first made her name as a feminist pioneer are tattooing themselves with her face, setting her famously searing dissents to music, and making viral videos in tribute. Notorious RBG, inspired by the Tumblr that amused the Justice herself and brought to you by its founder and an award-winning feminist journalist, is more than just a love letter. It draws on intimate access to Ginsburg's family members, close friends, colleagues, and clerks, as well an interview with the Justice herself. An original hybrid of reported narrative, annotated dissents, rare archival photos and documents, and illustrations, the book tells a never-before-told story of an unusual and transformative woman who transcends generational divides. As the country struggles with the unfinished business of gender equality and civil rights, Ginsburg stands as a testament to how far we can come with a little chutzpah.

Legal Research, Analysis, and Writing (Paperback, 3rd edition): Jennifer Albright, William H Putman Legal Research, Analysis, and Writing (Paperback, 3rd edition)
Jennifer Albright, William H Putman
R913 R776 Discovery Miles 7 760 Save R137 (15%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

Comprehensive yet easy to understand, the third edition of LEGAL RESEARCH, ANALYSIS, AND WRITING teaches the fundamentals in a hands-on, step-by-step format that is designed to build confidence. With coverage of key topics such as research analytical principles, legal research, legal analysis, and legal writing, this popular book covers the information readers need to know in order to find, access, apply, and analyze legal materials. Numerous hypotheticals, examples, and exercises clarify material and give readers additional opportunities for practice. In addition, the third edition includes the most up-to-date information in the field, with special attention given to electronic research programs such as WestlawNext, LexisNexis interface, Shepard's online, and Westlaw's KeyCite.

Law School Exams - Preparing and Writing to Win (Paperback, 2nd ed.): Charles R Calleros Law School Exams - Preparing and Writing to Win (Paperback, 2nd ed.)
Charles R Calleros
R838 Discovery Miles 8 380 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Emanuel Confidential for the MBE (Paperback, New): Steven L Emanuel Emanuel Confidential for the MBE (Paperback, New)
Steven L Emanuel
R526 Discovery Miles 5 260 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Emanuel Confidential for the MBE is the tool you need to get you through the crucial studying period before the bar exam. Emanuel Confidential for the MBE has outlines that thoroughly address key elements of each of the six MBE subject areas in a concise and easy-to-read way. Each outline breaks down complex areas of the law into manageable bullet points, as well as including useful test-taking tips to maximize your knowledge on the bar exam. Emanuel Confidential for the MBE features: Written by Steven Emanuel, author of Law in a Flash flashcards, CrunchTime and Emanuel Law Outlines Organized in outline form for quick reference Step-by-step analysis of each of the six subject areas on the Multistate Bar Exam Illustrative examples to clearly demonstrate complex issues of law Test-taking hints for specific areas of law Portable book design for on the go studying Part of the Emanuel Bar Review series, which resulted in pass rates* 10% higher than average in major markets. * Based on passage rates of students who used Emanuel Bar Review materials in California and New York for Bar Exams in 2008 and 2009 .

Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice (Paperback, 9th edition): Joycelyn M Pollock Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice (Paperback, 9th edition)
Joycelyn M Pollock
R732 R625 Discovery Miles 6 250 Save R107 (15%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

Develop the ethical decision-making skills that are essential in the field of criminal justice with the help of ETHICAL DILEMMAS AND DECISIONS IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE, 9th Edition. Packed with current, real-world examples, the text offers comprehensive coverage of ethics across all three arms of the criminal justice system: the police, the courts, and corrections. It combines coverage of the philosophical principles and theories that are the foundation of ethical decision-making with the latest challenges and issues in criminal justice -- militarization of the police, mass imprisonment, wrongful convictions, the misuse of power by public servants, and more. Hands-on exercises, real-life cases, and practical scenarios illustrate the significance of ethics in today's criminal justice arena. Whether you plan to work in the field of policing, courts, or corrections, this book delivers the information and tools you need to deal effectively with ethical challenges on the job.

In Your Defence - Stories of Life and Law (Paperback): Sarah Langford In Your Defence - Stories of Life and Law (Paperback)
Sarah Langford 1
R195 R154 Discovery Miles 1 540 Save R41 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

____________________ SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER 'A thoughtful, elegant book. ... often as thrilling as a detective novel. ' - Thomas Grant, QC The Times. ____________________ Sarah Langford is a barrister. Her job is to stand in court representing the mad and the bad, the vulnerable, the heartbroken and the hopeful. She must become their voice: weave their story around the black and white of the law and tell it to the courtroom. These stories may not make headlines but they will change the lives of ordinary people in extraordinary ways. They are stories which, but for a twist of luck, might have been yours. With remarkable candour, Sarah describes eleven cases which reveal what goes on in our criminal and family courts: these are tales of domestic fall out, everyday burglary, sexual indiscretion, and children caught up in the law. They are sometimes shocking and they are often heart-stopping. She examines how she feels as she defends the person standing in the dock. She also shows us how our attitudes and actions can shape not only the outcome of a case, but the legal system itself.

Marshall Hall - A Law unto Himself (Hardcover, UK ed.): Sally Smith Marshall Hall - A Law unto Himself (Hardcover, UK ed.)
Sally Smith; Foreword by Clive Anderson
R591 R532 Discovery Miles 5 320 Save R59 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Sir Edward Marshall Hall KC saved more people from the hangman's noose than any other known barrister. In an age of inadequate defence funding, minimal forensic evidence, a rigid moral code making little allowance for human passion and a reactionary judiciary, his only real weapons were his understanding of human psychology and the power of his personality. His charismatic oratory and film star profile made him an Edwardian celebrity. Jurors collapsed and judges wept at the overwhelming power of his performances. Thousands congregated to await the verdicts in the trials in which he appeared for the defence. Curtains were brought down in West End theatres to announce the acquittals he secured. His famous trials included the Camden Town murder, Seddon the Poisoner, the Brides in the Bath, the Green Bicycle Murder and the Murder at the Savoy. As a result of his oratory in these he was adulated as an entertainer, his performances greeted with the same relish as those by the great actors; but he was also loved as a champion of the underdog, who almost single-handedly introduced compassion in to the Edwardian legal system. No other barrister in any age can claim such celebrity, nor such public adoration and affection. Meticulously researched, Marshall Hall: A Law unto Himself is the first modern biography of a complex and influential man and, as a result of access to new material: * Sets the legendary barrister in his social, historical and political context. * Reveals the sensational private life of the man behind the public figure, the two turbulent marriages, and the mistresses. * Tells the full story of his first wife's death. * Examines his magnetic oratory and extraordinary fame from a modern perspective.

Trial by Fire - One Man's Battle to End Corporate Greed and Save Lives (Hardcover): Mike Burg Trial by Fire - One Man's Battle to End Corporate Greed and Save Lives (Hardcover)
Mike Burg; As told to Josh Young; Foreword by Alan Simpson
R483 R384 Discovery Miles 3 840 Save R99 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In the face of corporate bullies, one lawyer's passion and persistence paid off. Bullied as a Jewish kid in the hardscrabble neighborhoods of Chicago, Mike Burg had to learn how to fight at a young age. As an adult who started his own law firm from scratch that fire--and understanding of the underdog--still burns and makes him one of America's top trial lawyers fighting for consumers' rights. In Trial by Fire: One Man's Battle to End Corporate Greed and Save Lives, read about Burg's unwavering personal constitution to stand up for the weary, the weak, and the downtrodden at all costs. Follow the justice as he takes on a negligent gas company and wins not only financial settlement for victims but dramatic changes to a city's pipelines to save thousands of lives. Cheer him on as he leads hundreds of individuals against companies shilling drugs such as Fen-Phen, Yaz, Zyprexa, and Pradaxa. Empathize with him as he fights an eight-year battle against UBS Warburg for knowingly selling risky mortgages to investors before collecting compensation. Root him on as he files a sweeping action against 28 California wineries to force them to stop selling toxic wine contaminated with arsenic. Representing everyone from the Little Rascals to Ralph Tamm in the first NFL steroid case, Burg has lived a thousand lives. Trial by Fire shows that, like with every victory in the courtroom, he doubles down for the next adventure. Performing stand-up comedy alongside Roseanne Barr, golfing with Michael Jordan, and attending President George W. Bush's inauguration with President Bush's father, Burg has a story to tell. His undeniably explosive personality and inspiring tale--complete with theatrics, eccentricities, excitement, humor, and maybe just a hint of craziness--will make you laugh, leave you in disbelief, and, most of all, inspire you.

Law, Life and Laughter - A Personal Verdict (Paperback): Irvine Smith Law, Life and Laughter - A Personal Verdict (Paperback)
Irvine Smith
R215 R166 Discovery Miles 1 660 Save R49 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Legendary Sheriff Irvine Smith QC is one of the most formidable criminal lawyers of his generation. Called to the Bar in 1953, he was involved as Counsel in some of Scotland's biggest cases, including the Glasgow Bank Raid, known at the time as 'the crime of the century'. He also defended five capital murder trials before the abolition of the death penalty and knew the full responsibility of trying to keep defendants from the gallows. He later became a Sheriff, quickly building a reputation as a no-nonsense judge with a sharp intellect and a dry and ready wit. He presided over the test case in the Ibrox Disaster. He was also one of the finest after-dinner speakers of his generation, especially on the theme of St Andrew and Burns. This talent took him to many venues across the world. Irvine Smith's personal recollections are both frank and entertaining, charting the highs and lows of a remarkable life and career lived to the full.

A Life of Crime - The Memoirs of a High Court Judge (Paperback): Harry Ognall A Life of Crime - The Memoirs of a High Court Judge (Paperback)
Harry Ognall
R207 R143 Discovery Miles 1 430 Save R64 (31%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A frank and witty memoir of life at the Bar and on the Bench, from former High Court Judge The Hon. Sir Harry Ognall. For many years, Harry Ognall enjoyed a formidable reputation as an advocate at the criminal Bar. As counsel, and later as judge, he was involved in numerous high-profile trials, both in Britain and abroad. Among many cases as a QC, he prosecuted Peter Sutcliffe, the so-called `Yorkshire Ripper'. He successfully defended six officers of the Air Force of Zimbabwe at their trial in Harare, where they faced a charge of treasonable sabotage. As a judge, he presided over the trial of Colin Stagg (the alleged `Wimbledon Common murderer'), the trial arising from the Lyme Bay canoe tragedy and the trial for the first time in the United Kingdom of a doctor's alleged involvement in euthanasia. Thoughtful and provocative, Sir Harry has advice for the aspiring young advocate, and invests this penetrating memoir with warmth, humour and understanding. His frank portrait of a lifetime in the criminal law offers unique perspectives on some of the most notorious cases of the twentieth century, as well as fascinating insights into a colourful professional life and the burdens and responsibilities that come with the privilege of high judicial office.

Ethics and Professional Responsibility for Paralegals (Paperback, 7th ed.): Therese A Cannon Ethics and Professional Responsibility for Paralegals (Paperback, 7th ed.)
Therese A Cannon
R4,055 Discovery Miles 40 550 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

With complete coverage of the ethical principles that inform the role of the paralegal, Ethics and Professional Responsibility for Paralegals, Seventh Edition, is ideal as both a coursebook and a supplementary text. An authoritative presentation combined with clear and readable pedagogy, enriches all levels of inquiry into the ethics of legal practice. From a highly respected author in paralegal education, Ethics and Professional Responsibility for Paralegals, Seventh Edition, offers: * Comprehensive coverage of the professional responsibilities of paralegals * Illuminating chapter overviews, key terms, and a student-friendly organization * Discussion questions with hypotheticals in every chapter * Chapter review questions reinforce learning and facilitate studying * Research assignments that provide depth and practice in applying the rules * Landmark cases, many involving paralegals, that demonstrate how the principles and rules of ethics are applied Updated throughout, the Seventh Edition features: * Recent changes to the ABA Model Rules and new case law interpreting the rules * Updated ethics opinions, with a focus on technology and social media, supported by new hypotheticals

The Redbook - A Manual on Legal Style (Spiral bound, 4th Revised edition): Garner The Redbook - A Manual on Legal Style (Spiral bound, 4th Revised edition)
R1,631 Discovery Miles 16 310 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Since first appearing in 2002, Bryan Garner's The Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style has established itself as the go-to source for all questions of legal style (apart from citation form). The book isn't just one talented man's effort: Garner has two experienced coauthors plus a hands-on team of 54 editorial advisers, most of whom have long and valuable experience teaching LRW. The book is a one-of-a-kind resource - the legal writer's equivalent of The AP Stylebook or The Chicago Manual of Style. The brand-new fourth edition has lots of new material, including an especially helpful new chapter on handling quotations. The two exhaustive indexes (word and subject), plus the detailed table of contents, make it easy to find authoritative guidance within seconds, whatever the question might be. The author, Bryan Garner, is now the most frequently cited author in opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court. It's true: last term, four of his books were cited a total of 14 times (in the somewhat fewer than 90 cases decided). This term the count is on a similar pace. In American appellate decisions generally, Garner is at the top end of sources relied on.

The Neuroethics of Memory - From Total Recall to Oblivion (Paperback): Walter Glannon The Neuroethics of Memory - From Total Recall to Oblivion (Paperback)
Walter Glannon
R590 Discovery Miles 5 900 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Neuroethics of Memory is a thematically integrated analysis and discussion of neuroethical questions about memory capacity and content, as well as interventions to alter it. These include: how does memory function enable agency, and how does memory dysfunction disable it? To what extent is identity based on our capacity to accurately recall the past? Could a person who becomes aware during surgery be harmed if they have no memory of the experience? How do we weigh the benefits and risks of brain implants designed to enhance, weaken or erase memory? Can a person be responsible for an action if they do not recall it? Would a victim of an assault have an obligation to retain a memory of this act, or the right to erase it? This book uses a framework informed by neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy combined with actual and hypothetical cases to examine these and related questions.

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