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Critical Practices in Post-Franco Spain (Paperback, Minnesota Archi): Silvia Lopez, Jenaro Talens, Dario Villanueva Critical Practices in Post-Franco Spain (Paperback, Minnesota Archi)
Silvia Lopez, Jenaro Talens, Dario Villanueva
R1,058 Discovery Miles 10 580 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

"Critical Practices in Post-Franco Spain " was first published in 1994. Minnesota Archive Editions uses digital technology to make long-unavailable books once again accessible, and are published unaltered from the original University of Minnesota Press editions.

This volume offers a sample of Spanish critical work in literary theory and cultural studies. Like all critical histories, Spain's is political: Philology dominated the critical scene during the Franco years, and after Franco, this hegemony has been contested by semiotics, poststructuralism, psychoanalysis, and feminisms. Without trying to represent all the theoretical projects presently underway in Spanish criticism, this book opens a window on the vast field of new critical practices in Spain and provides a general picture of influential theoretical currents.The essays collected here range widely in topic and style, and they reflect a new generation's preoccupation with critical problems that go beyond the field of literary studies. The authors focus on new discourse in various print and electronic media, on the discursive construction of the museum space, and on literary theory as it confronts issues of translation, subjectivity, writing, and narratology.

Silvia Lopez is assistant professor of Spanish at Carlton Collegea doctoral candidate in the departments of cultural studies and comparative literature at the University of Minnesota. Jenaro Talens is professor of Hispanic literature and comparative literature at the University of Geneva. He is the author of "The Branded Eye: Bunuel's Un Chien Andalou," (Minnesota 1993). Dario Villanueva is professor of theory of literature at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Dead Voices - Natural Agonies in the New World (Paperback, New edition): Gerald Robert Vizenor Dead Voices - Natural Agonies in the New World (Paperback, New edition)
Gerald Robert Vizenor
R402 Discovery Miles 4 020 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Gerald Vizenor gives life to traditional tribal stories by presenting them in a new perspective: he challenges the idyllic perception of rural life, offering in its stead an unusual vision of survival in the cities-the sanctuaries for humans and animals. It is a tribal vision, a quest for liberation from forces that would deny the full realization of human possibilities. In this modern world his characters insist upon survival through an imaginative affirmation of the self.

In Dead Voices Vizenor, using tales drawn from traditional tribal stories, illuminates the centuries of conflict between American Indians and Europeans, or "wordies." Bagese, a tribal woman transformed into a bear, has discovered a new urban world, and in a cycle of tales she describes this world from the perspective of animals-fleas, squirrels, mantis, crows, beavers, and finally Trickster, Vizenor's central and unifying figure. The stories reveal unpleasant aspects of the dominate culture and American Indian culture such as the fur trade, the educational system, tribal gambling, reservation life, and in each the animals, who represent crossbloods, connect with their tribal traditions, often in comic fashion.

As in his other fiction, Vizenor upsets our ideas of what fiction should be. His plot is fantastic; his story line is a roller-coaster ride requiring that we accept the idea of transformation, a key element in all his work. Unlike other Indian novelists, who use the novel as a means of cultural recovery, Vizenor finds the crossblood a cause for celebration.

The General Prologue, Pt.1A & B - General Prologue (Hardcover): Geoffrey Chaucer The General Prologue, Pt.1A & B - General Prologue (Hardcover)
Geoffrey Chaucer; Volume editing by Malcolm Andrew, Etc; Edited by Charles Moorman, Daniel J. Ransom
R2,739 Discovery Miles 27 390 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Part One

This monumental edition, in two volumes, presents a full record of commentary, both textual and interpretive, on the best known and most widely studied part of Chaucer's work, The General Prologue of The Canterbury Tales.

Part One A contains a critical commentary, a textual commentary, text, collations, textual notes, an appendix of sources for the first eighteen lines of The General Prologue, and a bibliographical index.

Because most explication of The General Prologue is directed to particular points, details, and passages, the present edition has devoted Part One B to the record of such commentary. This volume, compiled by Malcolm Andrew, also includes overviews of commentary on coherent passages such as the portraits of the pilgrims.

Tacitus Annals I: A Selection (Paperback): Katharine Radice, Roland Mayer Tacitus Annals I: A Selection (Paperback)
Katharine Radice, Roland Mayer 1
R379 Discovery Miles 3 790 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This is the OCR-endorsed publication from Bloomsbury for the Latin AS and A-Level (Group 1) prescription of Annals Book I sections 16-30 and the A-Level (Group 2) prescription of Annals Book I sections 3-7, 11-14 and 46-49, giving full Latin text, commentary and vocabulary, with a detailed introduction that also covers the prescribed text to be read in English for A Level. Annals I starts with the death of Augustus and the beginning of Tiberius' principate. Tacitus chronicles the uneasy and unprecedented transition from one to the other, in the context of a political elite shaken by years of civil war and unsure as to how best to protect their own interests and the stability Augustus had brought to Rome. With damning references to the servile nature of the new regime, Tacitus vividly paints scenes of confused senatorial debates, and Tiberius' own uncertainty over his own position and the best decisions to make. Opportunistic rebellions in the army are described with dramatic brilliance.

Aristotle's "Art of Rhetoric" (Hardcover, Annotated edition): Aristotle Aristotle's "Art of Rhetoric" (Hardcover, Annotated edition)
Aristotle; Translated by Bartlett; Commentary by Bartlett
R694 R641 Discovery Miles 6 410 Save R53 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

For more than two thousand years. Aristotle's "Art of Rhetoric" has shaped thought on the theory and practice of rhetoric, the art of persuasive speech. In three sections, Aristotle discusses what rhetoric is, as well as the three kinds of rhetoric (deliberative, judicial, and epideictic), the three rhetorical modes of persuasion, and the diction, style, and necessary parts of a successful speech. Throughout, Aristotle defends rhetoric as an art and a crucial tool for deliberative politics while also recognizing its capacity to be misused by unscrupulous politicians to mislead or illegitimately persuade others. Here Robert C. Bartlett offers a literal, yet easily readable, new translation of Aristotle's "Art of Rhetoric," one that takes into account important alternatives in the manuscript and is fully annotated to explain historical, literary, and other allusions. Bartlett's translation is also accompanied by an outline of the argument of each book; copious indexes, including subjects, proper names, and literary citations; a glossary of key terms; and a substantial interpretive essay.

Summer in the Spring - Anishinaabe Lyric Poems and Stories (Paperback, New edition): Gerald Robert Vizenor Summer in the Spring - Anishinaabe Lyric Poems and Stories (Paperback, New edition)
Gerald Robert Vizenor
R401 Discovery Miles 4 010 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The Anishinaabe, otherwise named the Ojibwe or Chippewa, are famous for their lyric songs and stories, particularly because of their compassionate trickster, naanabozbo, and the healing rituals still practiced today in the society of the Midewiwin. The poems and tales, interpreted and reexpressed here by the distinguished Anishinaabe author Gerald Vizenor, were first transcribed more than a century ago by pioneering ethnographer Frances Densmore and Theodore Hudson Beaulieu, a newspaper editor on the White Earth Reservation in northern Minnesota.

This superb anthology, illustrated with tribal pictomyths and helpfully annotated, includes translations and a glossary of the Anishinaabe words in which the poems and stories originally were spoken.

Handbook of Pre-Modern Nordic Memory Studies - Interdisciplinary Approaches (Hardcover, Teilbande ed.): Jurg Glauser, Pernille... Handbook of Pre-Modern Nordic Memory Studies - Interdisciplinary Approaches (Hardcover, Teilbande ed.)
Jurg Glauser, Pernille Hermann, Stephen A. Mitchell
R4,704 R3,970 Discovery Miles 39 700 Save R734 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
A History of English Literature (Paperback, 3rd ed. 2013): Michael Alexander A History of English Literature (Paperback, 3rd ed. 2013)
Michael Alexander
R730 R597 Discovery Miles 5 970 Save R133 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A History of English Literature has received exceptional reviews. Tracing the development of one of the world's richest literatures from the Old English period through to the present day, the narrative discusses a wide range of key authors but never loses its clarity or verve.
Building on the book's established reputation and success, the third edition has been revised and updated throughout. It now provides a full final chapter on the contemporary scene, with more on genres and the impact of globalization.
Features of this best-selling book include:
- a helpful overview of each chapter
- boxed biographies of authors, and tables of publications and historical events
- on-page definitions of important terms and concepts
- suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter to aid study
- portraits of authors, illustrations, maps and an index.
A History of English Literature remains the essential companion for anyone wishing to follow the unfolding of writing in England since the Middle Ages. It is ideal for those who know a few landmark texts, but little of the literary landscape that surrounds them; those who want to know what English literature consists of; and those who simply want to read its fascinating story.

Practicing Literary Theory in the Middle Ages - Ethics and the Mixed Form in Chaucer, Gower, Usk, and Hoccleve (Paperback):... Practicing Literary Theory in the Middle Ages - Ethics and the Mixed Form in Chaucer, Gower, Usk, and Hoccleve (Paperback)
Eleanor Johnson
R603 R559 Discovery Miles 5 590 Save R44 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Literary scholars often avoid the category of the aesthetic in discussions of ethics, believing that purely aesthetic judgments can vitiate analyses of a literary work's sociopolitical heft and meaning. In Practicing Literary Theory in the Middle Ages, Eleanor Johnson reveals that aesthetics the formal aspects of literary language that make it sense-perceptible are indeed inextricable from ethics in the writing of medieval literature. Johnson brings a keen formalist eye to bear on the prosimetric form: the mixing of prose with lyrical poetry. This form descends from the writings of the sixth-century Christian philosopher Boethius specifically his famous prison text, Consolation of Philosophy to the late medieval English tradition. Johnson argues that Boethius's text had a broad influence not simply on the thematic and philosophical content of subsequent literary writing, but also on the specific aesthetic construction of several vernacular traditions. She demonstrates the underlying prosimetric structures in a variety of Middle English texts including Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde and portions of the Canterbury Tales, Thomas Usk's Testament of Love, John Gower's Confessio amantis, and Thomas Hoccleve's autobiographical poetry and asks how particular formal choices work, how they resonate with medieval literary-theoretical ideas, and how particular poems and prose works mediate the tricky business of modeling ethical transformation for a readership.

Antigone; Oedipus the King; Electra (Paperback): Sophocles Antigone; Oedipus the King; Electra (Paperback)
Sophocles; Translated by H.D.F. Kitto; Edited by Edith Hall
R163 R125 Discovery Miles 1 250 Save R38 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Love and loyalty, hatred and revenge, fear, deprivation, and political ambition: these are the motives which thrust the characters portrayed in these three Sophoclean masterpieces on to their collision course with catastrophe. Recognized in his own day as perhaps the greatest of the Greek tragedians, Sophocles' reputation has remained undimmed for two and a half thousand years. His greatest innovation in the tragic medium was his development of a central tragic figure, faced with a test of will and character, risking obloquy and death rather than compromise his or her principles: it is striking that Antigone and Electra both have a woman as their intransigent 'hero'. Antigone dies rather neglect her duty to her family, Oedipus' determination to save his city results in the horrific discovery that he has committed both incest and parricide, and Electra's unremitting anger at her mother and her lover keeps her in servitude and despair. These vivid translations combine elegance and modernity, and are remarkable for their lucidity and accuracy. Their sonorous diction, economy, and sensitivity to the varied metres and modes of the original musical delivery make them equally suitable for reading or theatrical peformance. ABOUT THE SERIES: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the widest range of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.

The Writers Game - Classic Authors (Game): Lesley Buckingham The Writers Game - Classic Authors (Game)
Lesley Buckingham
R300 R194 Discovery Miles 1 940 Save R106 (35%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The pen is mightier than the sword, but whose pen is the mightiest of them all? Who wrote more, Charlotte Bronte or Fyodor Dostoyevsky? Who created more memorable characters, Jane Austen or William Shakespeare? Whose life was more eventful, Cervantes or Byron? Pit 32 of the greatest writers of all time against each other with these illustrated cards. .

Reclaiming Catherine of Siena - Literacy, Literature, and the Signs of Others (Paperback): Jane Tylus Reclaiming Catherine of Siena - Literacy, Literature, and the Signs of Others (Paperback)
Jane Tylus
R785 R720 Discovery Miles 7 200 Save R65 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Catherine of Siena (1347-1380) wrote almost four hundred epistles in her lifetime, effectively insinuating herself into the literary, political, and theological debates of her day. At the same time, as the daughter of a Sienese dyer, Catherine had no formal education, and her accomplishments were considered miracles rather than the work of her own hand. As a result, she has been largely excluded from accounts of the development of European humanism and the language and literature of Italy. Reclaiming Catherine of Siena makes the case for considering Catherine alongside literary giants such as Dante and Petrarch, as it underscores Catherine's commitment to using the vernacular to manifest Christ's message and her own. Jane Tylus charts here the contested struggles of scholars over the centuries to situate Catherine in the history of Italian culture in early modernity. But she mainly focuses on Catherine's works, calling attention to the interplay between orality and textuality in the letters and demonstrating why it was so important for Catherine to envision herself as a writer. Tylus argues for a reevalution of Catherine as not just a medieval saint, but one of the major figures at the birth of the Italian literary canon.

All a Novelist Needs - Colm Toibin on Henry James (Paperback): Colm Toibin All a Novelist Needs - Colm Toibin on Henry James (Paperback)
Colm Toibin; Edited by Susan M. Griffin; Introduction by Susan M. Griffin
R483 R420 Discovery Miles 4 200 Save R63 (13%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book collects, for the first time, Colm Toibin's critical essays on Henry James. Shortlisted for the Booker Prize for his novel about James's life, "The Master," Toibin brilliantly analyzes James from a novelist's point of view.

Known for his acuity and originality, Toibin is himself a master of fiction and critical works, which makes this collection of his writings on Henry James essential reading for literary critics. But he also writes for general readers. Until now, these writings have been scattered in introductions, essays in the "Dublin Times," reviews in the "New York Review of Books," and other disparate venues.

With humor and verve, Toibin approaches Henry James's life and work in many and various ways. He reveals a novelist haunted by George Eliot and shows how thoroughly James was a New Yorker. He demonstrates how a new edition of Henry James's letters along with a biography of James's sister-in-law alter and enlarge our understanding of the master. His "Afterword" is a fictional meditation on the written and the unwritten.

Toibin's remarkable insights provide scholars, students, and general readers a fresh encounter with James's well-known texts.

The French Revolution (Paperback): Thomas Carlyle The French Revolution (Paperback)
Thomas Carlyle; Edited by David R. Sorensen, Brent E. Kinser
R386 R270 Discovery Miles 2 700 Save R116 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

'It is I think the most radical Book that has been written in these late centuries . . . and will give pleasure and displeasure, one may expect, to almost all classes of persons.' Carlyle Thomas Carlyle's history of the French Revolution opens with the death of Louis XV in 1774 and ends with Napoleon suppressing the insurrection of the 13th Vendemaire. Both in Its form and content, the work was intended as a revolt against history writing itself, with Carlyle exploding the eighteenth-century conventions of dignified gentlemanly discourse. Immersing himself in his French sources with unprecedented imaginative and intellectual engagement, he recreates the upheaval in a language that evokes the chaotic atmosphere of the events. In the French Revolution Carlyle achieves the most vivid historical reconstruction of the crisis of his, or any other, age. This new edition offers an authoritative text, a comprehensive record of Carlyle's French, English, and German sources, a select bibliography of editions, related writings, and critical studies, chronologies of both Thomas Carlyle and the French Revolution, and a new and full index. In addition, Carlyle's work is placed in the context of both British and European history and writing, and linked to a variety of major figures, including Edward Gibbon, Friedrich Nietzsche, George Eliot, John Stuart Mill, Hegel, and R. G. Collingwood.

The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas (Paperback, New Ed): Gertrude Stein The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas (Paperback, New Ed)
Gertrude Stein
R231 R157 Discovery Miles 1 570 Save R74 (32%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

For Gertrude Stein and her companion Alice B. Toklas, life in Paris was based upon the rue de Fleurus and the Saturday evenings and ‘it was like a kaleidoscope slowly turning’. Picasso was there with ‘his high whinnying spanish giggle’, as were Cezanne and Matisse, Hemingway and Fitzgerald. As Toklas put it – ‘The geniuses came and talked to Gertrude Stein and the wives sat with me’.

A light-hearted entertainment, this is in fact Gertrude Stein’s own autobiography and a roll-call of all the extraordinary painters and writers she met between 1903 and 1932. Audacious, sardonic and characteristically self-confident, this is a definitive account by the American in Paris.
In Search of Stevie Smith (Paperback, New): Sanford Sternlicht In Search of Stevie Smith (Paperback, New)
Sanford Sternlicht
R411 Discovery Miles 4 110 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Stevie Smith earned two seperate and distinct reputations in her lifetime: first as the young, avant-garde novelist of the 1930s who wrote in stream-of-conciousness fashion with the feminist sensibility of Virginia Woolf; and then, over 20 years later, as the laconic, piquant, fiercely honest poet of the 1960s. She was awarded the Queen's Medal for Poetry in 1969, and the feminist movement has come to hail her as a harbinger of the expression of modern women's disaffection with the gender values and practices of the West. This volume brings together for the first time the most trechant commentary on Stevie Smith's life and work by some of the finest British and American writers and critics, including Joyce Carol Oates, Seamus Heaney, Philip Larkin, Terry Eagleton, Muriel Spark, Christopher Ricks, and Mary Gordon. These illuminating essays, together with an introduction by Sanford Sternlicht, tell much about Stevie Smith's life, the sources of her inspiration, her poetry and fiction, and her place in 20th century British literature.

The Squire's Tale (Hardcover, New): Geoffrey Chaucer The Squire's Tale (Hardcover, New)
Geoffrey Chaucer; Volume editing by Donald C. Baker; Edited by Paul G. Ruggiers, Daniel J. Ransom
R1,103 Discovery Miles 11 030 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Part Twelve

In the list of scholarly problems it presents, The Squire's Tale ranks among the highest in The Canterbury Tales. Being incomplete and coming to a halt on a baffling note-was it in fact evolving into a tale of incest?-the tale has undergone the most remarkable shift in critic acceptance of any of Chaucer's works.

This tale of oriental wonder, with its strong base in magic, excited the admiration of Chaucer's contemporaries and inspired Spenser's imitative speculation and Milton's famous desire that the old poet be summoned up to finish his task. It retained for the eighteenth and most of the nineteenth centuries its Gothic fascination, being ranked with the very best of Chaucer's work. In the second half of the twentieth century, it has been seen from a number of provocative perspectives. Is it a parody of the long Eastern romance? Is it a satire on the values of an aristocracy whose time is past? Is it a rhetorical joke on Chaucer's part, extending the character of the young Squire into an earnest and somewhat naive competition with his father, the Knight? The concerns of contemporary scholarship reveal as much about the critical temper of the time as about the work itself.

On its own merits The Squire's Tale compels our attention as an example of Chaucer's wide-ranging and sometimes inscrutable genius. It provides us with an exotic literary type not otherwise represented in the Tales. It reverberates, in its discussion of 'gentilesse' with other such discussions in Chaucer's poetry; it demonstrates, in its use of the love-vision and the complaint, the experimental ways in which Chaucer handles the conventions of French poetry. Perhaps most fascinating is the range of Chaucer's mind revealed by the casual uses of the science of his time: its knowledge of meteorology, optics, glass and metal work, astrology, and astronomy. The tale offers yet one more example of Chaucer's genius at work, speaking to us in a voice that is at once suggestive, provocative, and mystifying as always.

Mindhunter - Inside the Fbi's Elite Serial Crime Unit (Paperback, Media Tie-In ed.): John E. Douglas, Mark Olshaker Mindhunter - Inside the Fbi's Elite Serial Crime Unit (Paperback, Media Tie-In ed.)
John E. Douglas, Mark Olshaker
R338 R278 Discovery Miles 2 780 Save R60 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Women, Art, and Literature in the Iranian Diaspora (Paperback): Mehraneh Ebrahimi Women, Art, and Literature in the Iranian Diaspora (Paperback)
Mehraneh Ebrahimi
R506 Discovery Miles 5 060 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Does the study of aesthetics have tangible effects in the real world? Does examining the work of diaspora writers and artists change our view of ""the Other""? In this thoughtful book, Ebrahimi argues that an education in the humanities is as essential as one in politics and ethics, critically training the imagination toward greater empathy. Despite the surge in Iranian memoirs, their contributions to debunking an abstract idea of terror and their role in encouraging democratic thinking remain understudied. In examining creative work by women of Iranian descent, Ebrahimi argues that Shirin Neshat, Marjane Satrapi, and Parsua Bashi make the Other familiar and break a cycle of reactionary xenophobia. These authors, instead of relying on indignation, build imaginative bridges in their work that make it impossible to blame one evil, external enemy. Ebrahimi explores both classic and hybrid art forms, including graphic novels and photo-poetry, to advocate for the importance of aesthetics to inform and influence a global community. Drawing on the theories of Ranciere, Butler, Arendt, and Levinas, Ebrahimi identifies the ways in which these works give a human face to the Other, creating the space and language to imagine a new political and ethical landscape.

The Oxford Handbook of John Donne (Paperback): Jeanne Shami, Dennis Flynn, M. Thomas Hester The Oxford Handbook of John Donne (Paperback)
Jeanne Shami, Dennis Flynn, M. Thomas Hester
R822 Discovery Miles 8 220 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Oxford Handbook of John Donne presents scholars with the history of Donne studies and provides tools to orient scholarship in this field in the twenty-first century and beyond. Though profoundly historical in its orientation, the Handbook is not a summary of existing knowledge but a resource that reveals patterns of literary and historical attention and the new directions that these patterns enable or obstruct. Part I - Research resources in Donne Studies and why they they matter - emphasizes the heuristic and practical orientation of the Handbook, examining prevailing assumptions and reviewing the specialized scholarly tools available. This section provides a brief evaluation and description of the scholarly strengths, shortcomings, and significance of each resource, focusing on a balanced evaluation of the opportunities and the hazards each offers. Part II- - Donne's genres - begins with an introduction that explores the significance and differentiation of the numerous genres in which Donne wrote, including discussion of the problems posed by his overlapping and bending of genres. Essays trace the conventions and histories of the genres concered and study the ways in which Donne's works confirm how and why his 'fresh invention' illustrates his responses to the literary and non-literary contexts of their composition. Part III - Biographical and historical contexts- - creates perspective on what is known about Donne's life; shows how his life and writings epitomized and affected important controversial issues of his day; and brings to bear on Donne studies some of the most stimulating and creative ideas developed in recent decades by historians of early modern England. Part IV- - Problems of literary interpretation that have been traditionally and generally important in Donne Studies- - introduces students and researchers to major critical debates affecting the reception of Donne from the 17th through to the 21st centuries. Contents List

The White Monk - Essay on Dostoevsky and Melville (Hardcover): F.D. Reeve The White Monk - Essay on Dostoevsky and Melville (Hardcover)
F.D. Reeve
R1,678 Discovery Miles 16 780 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Cambridge Introductions to Literature - The Cambridge Introduction to British Fiction, 1900-1950 (Paperback): Robert L. Caserio Cambridge Introductions to Literature - The Cambridge Introduction to British Fiction, 1900-1950 (Paperback)
Robert L. Caserio
R518 Discovery Miles 5 180 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Examining the work of more than one hundred writers, in a wide variety of genres including detective, spy, gothic, fantasy, comic, and science fiction, this book is an unusually comprehensive introduction to the novels and short stories of the period. Providing fresh readings of famous modernist figures (Conrad, Ford Madox Ford, Joyce, Woolf, Forster, Lawrence, and others), Robert L. Caserio also brings new attention to lesser-known writers who merit increased attention. He provides readers with an overview of modernist fiction's intellectual milieu, and addresses its contextualization by history and politics - feminism, global war, and the emergence of the welfare state after World War II. An ideal introduction for the student, this book offers a thought-provoking re-examination of literary history, and an exploration of the unique value of fiction's portrayals of the world.

World War One, American Literature, and the Federal State (Hardcover): Mark Whalan World War One, American Literature, and the Federal State (Hardcover)
Mark Whalan
R632 Discovery Miles 6 320 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In this book, Mark Whalan argues that World War One's major impact on US culture was not the experience of combat trauma, but rather the effects of the expanded federal state bequeathed by US mobilization. Writers bristled at the state's new intrusions and coercions, but were also intrigued by its creation of new social ties and political identities. This excitement informed early American modernism, whose literary experiments often engaged the political innovations of the Progressive state at war. Writers such as Wallace Stevens, John Dos Passos, Willa Cather, Zane Grey, and Edith Wharton were fascinated by wartime discussions over the nature of US citizenship, and also crafted new forms of writing that could represent a state now so complex it seemed to defy representation at all. And many looked to ordinary activities transformed by the war - such as sending mail, receiving healthcare, or driving a car - to explore the state's everyday presence in American lives.

Electronic Literature (Paperback): Scott Rettberg Electronic Literature (Paperback)
Scott Rettberg
R439 R358 Discovery Miles 3 580 Save R81 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Electronic Literature considers new forms and genres of writing that exploit the capabilities of computers and networks - literature that would not be possible without the contemporary digital context. In this book, Rettberg places the most significant genres of electronic literature in historical, technological, and cultural contexts. These include combinatory poetics, hypertext fiction, interactive fiction (and other game-based digital literary work), kinetic and interactive poetry, and networked writing based on our collective experience of the Internet. He argues that electronic literature demands to be read both through the lens of experimental literary practices dating back to the early twentieth century and through the specificities of the technology and software used to produce the work. Considering electronic literature as a subject in totality, this book provides a vital introduction to a dynamic field that both reacts to avant-garde literary and art traditions and generates new forms of narrative and poetic work particular to the twenty-first century. It is essential reading for students and researchers in disciplines including literary studies, media and communications, art, and creative writing.

C. S. Lewis: A Very Short Introduction (Paperback): James Como C. S. Lewis: A Very Short Introduction (Paperback)
James Como
R117 R104 Discovery Miles 1 040 Save R13 (11%) Shipped within 4 - 9 working days

Beloved by children and adults worldwide, the writings of C.S. Lewis have a broad and enduring appeal. Although he is best known for the iconic Chronicles of Narnia series, C. S. Lewis was actually a man of many literary parts. Already well-known as a scholar in the thirties, he became a famous broadcaster during World War Two and wrote in many genres, including satire (The Screwtape Letters), science fiction ( Perelandra), a novel (Till We Have Faces), and many other books on Christian belief, such as Mere Christianity and Miracles. His few sermons remain touchstones of their type. In addition to these, Lewis wrote hundreds of poems and articles on social and cultural issues, many books and articles in his field of literary criticism and history, and thousands of letters. At Oxford University he became a charismatic lecturer and conversationalist. Taken together his writings have engaged and influenced, often very deeply, millions of readers. Now Lewis societies, television documentaries, movies, radio plays, and theatrical treatments of his work and life have become common, and he is frequently quoted by journalists, critics, and public thinkers. This Very Short Introduciton delves into the vast corpus of C. S. Lewis' work, discussing its core themes and lasting appeal. As James Como shows, C. S. Lewis' life is just as interesting as his work. A complex man, he came to his knowledge, beliefs, and wisdom only after much tortuous soul-searching and many painful events. Moving chronologically through Lewis' life, Como provides throughout a picture of the whole man, his work, and his enduring legacy. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

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