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HIV and AIDS: Education, Care and Counselling - A Multicultural Approach (Paperback, 6th ed): A. Van Dyk, E.  Tlou, P. Van Dyk HIV and AIDS: Education, Care and Counselling - A Multicultural Approach (Paperback, 6th ed)
A. Van Dyk, E. Tlou, P. Van Dyk 3
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Since the first edition of HIV and AIDS Education, Care and Counselling was published almost 20 years ago, it has become the standard handbook in Africa for thousands of HIV and AIDS practitioners. However, ongoing HIV and AIDS research requires regular revisions to the handbook for it to remain current with developments in prevention and treatment. Consequently, this new edition has been updated with input from two new specialist co-authors. This has strengthened the multicultural and multidisciplinary approach of this edition to Africa's unique challenges. Key features: A new design that improves readability and accessibility; In situ definitions and explanations of key terms and concepts; An updated glossary of important HIV and AIDS terminology; and Terminology, Frequently Asked Questions and Enrichment boxes that provide insight into specific aspects of HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment. Key updates: This edition includes a wealth of new information for healthcare practitioners on nursing care principles covering co-infections and complications of HIV infection and ART; infection control; and management of TB, drug-resistant TB, STIs and comorbidities. Specifically, the sixth edition includes: The latest ARV protocols in South Africa; The WHO's best practice suggestions; ART treatment as prevention; HIV, TB and STI prevention and management for schoolchildren, aligned with the Department of Basic Education's Life Skills and Life Orientation criteria; Development of children and adolescents from traditional, communal or collectivistic backgrounds; and The Dual Process Model (DPM), focusing on the latest research in bereavement counselling.

Trauma counselling - Principles and practice in South Africa today (Paperback): Alida Herbst, Gerda Reitsma Trauma counselling - Principles and practice in South Africa today (Paperback)
Alida Herbst, Gerda Reitsma
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South Africa has one of the highest rates of extreme violence cases in the world, which has created a critical need for counsellors to be trained specifically in this area. In Trauma counselling: Principles and practice in South Africa today, a team of academics and practitioners have compiled a hands-on, yet theoretically grounded and evidence-based South African textbook on counselling victims of trauma. The first part of this publication focuses on the range of potentially traumatic events that commonly occur in South Africa. It clearly describes themes related to traumatic events and traumatic stress and introduces the basic principles of trauma counselling. This section also focuses on how traumatic stress may manifest in different client groups. The second part aims to familiarise students with a range of strategies suitable for trauma counselling, such as brief interventions, cognitive behaviour therapy, the narrative approach, strength-based interventions and integrated or alternative approaches. The final chapter is a personal one, in which the authors reflect on the lessons they have learnt from their own practice and the techniques they have developed to protect themselves from vicarious trauma.

Patient-based communication and counselling - Principles and practice (Paperback): Angelika Reinbrech-Schutte, Deidre... Patient-based communication and counselling - Principles and practice (Paperback)
Angelika Reinbrech-Schutte, Deidre Pretorius, Marietjie Van Rooyen
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Book & DVD. Communication and counselling in the healthcare setting encompasses a broad range of practical skills, self-knowledge and ethical-legal knowledge. The patient-centred approach is adaptable and suitable for use in different cultural healthcare settings. Key features for students and educators: Summary tables for quick reference; Provides information for students related to examination and communication skill assessments; Critical thinking activities at the end of each section make it a practical training guide; The accompanying DVD contains role plays of common counselling and communication situations. The DVD allows ample opportunity to assess, critique and improve on communication skills and counselling processes. The content follows international guidelines.

Working with People with Learning Disabilities - Systemic Approaches (Paperback, 1st ed. 2019): Victoria Jones, Mark... Working with People with Learning Disabilities - Systemic Approaches (Paperback, 1st ed. 2019)
Victoria Jones, Mark Haydon-Laurelut
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This multi-disciplinary textbook provides a comprehensive guide for anyone working with people with learning disabilities. It considers how we can engage with people with learning disabilities and their networks of relationships. Throughout, the book demonstrates how theory can be applied to practice with a wide range of contemporary examples. Each chapter is written by a key clinician or writer in this area, incorporating the disciplines of nursing, clinical psychology, and psychotherapy. The chapters also include summaries, reflective questions and explanations of key terms to reinforce themes and topics. The authors provide practical ideas for applying theory across agency contexts including inpatient hospital settings and explore the potential opportunities and future directions for the field. This is a must-read book for students who work with people with learning disabilities including nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, psychiatrists and social workers.

The Antidote to Suffering - How Compassionate Connected Care Can Improve Safety, Quality, and Experience (Hardcover): Christina... The Antidote to Suffering - How Compassionate Connected Care Can Improve Safety, Quality, and Experience (Hardcover)
Christina Dempsey
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An indispensable guide to reducing the suffering of patients and caregivers alike and to improving healthcare delivery for all In our efforts to treat patients, cure illness, and manage institutions, healthcare professionals too often overlook the fundamental purpose everyone in the industry shares: to alleviate suffering. Press Ganey's Chief Nursing Officer, Christina Dempsey, has worked everywhere in healthcare, from the ward floor to the hospital boardroom. She has also experienced the system as a patient and as a family member of a critically ill patient. In The Antidote to Suffering, this 30-year healthcare veteran and patient-experience thought leader argues that the key to improving healthcare is to reduce the suffering--physical, psychological, and emotional--of patients and caregivers alike through Compassionate Connected CareTM. Drawing on her 360-degree perspective, Dempsey offers a comprehensive, detailed, evidence-based plan that addresses the clinical, operational, cultural, and behavioral dimensions of care that every patient and caregiver experiences, in every setting. When suffering decreases, Dempsey argues, outcomes improve for patients and those who care for them. A virtuous cycle takes hold, leading to increases in morale, loyalty, and productivity and results in a culture that drives quality, safety, and value. It paves the path for creating a new national healthcare culture--one that values compassion, fosters efficiency, and drives innovation The Antidote to Suffering is the first book to explore the pervasiveness of suffering in our healthcare system, and to provide the strategies and tools to: * Identify and measure suffering throughout your organization * Create a system in which every clinical response is informed by compassion * Operationalize staff behavior to promote meaning and purpose * Increase productivity by building a culture of collaboration Reducing human suffering isn't just a moral imperative for healthcare providers. It's a practical way to improve organizations and fix our broken system--without sacrificing the respect, dignity, and compassion we all deserve.

Facilitating the Genetic Counseling Process - Practice-Based Skills (Paperback, 2nd ed. 2018): Patricia McCarthy Veach, Bonnie... Facilitating the Genetic Counseling Process - Practice-Based Skills (Paperback, 2nd ed. 2018)
Patricia McCarthy Veach, Bonnie S. Leroy, Nancy P. Callanan
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Designed as an aid to students in Genetics counseling classes and professionals interested in honing their skills, Facilitating the Genetic Counseling Process will guide the reader through the why's and how's of assisting clients with these complex issues. The authors' collective years of both teaching students and counseling clients is reflected in the clear, practical approach of this manual.

The Nature of Existence - Health, WellBeing and the Natural World (Paperback, 1st ed. 2019): Charlotte Harkness The Nature of Existence - Health, WellBeing and the Natural World (Paperback, 1st ed. 2019)
Charlotte Harkness
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This textbook explores the relationship between the natural world and psychological well-being. It draws upon a wide context, brings the experience of our existence as part of the wider natural world to the forefront throughout, and relates it to therapy practice in mainstream settings.

Caring for Autism - Practical Advice from a Parent and Physician (Paperback): Michael Ellis Caring for Autism - Practical Advice from a Parent and Physician (Paperback)
Michael Ellis
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When a professional states,"Your child has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)", it is enough to make your whole world fall apart. What does it mean to be on the autism spectrum? How will this affect your child's life, your life, the life of your family, and others you interact with? What sorts of medications, therapies, and alternative methods are used to help manage the disorder? What are the financial and legal ramifications? How will this affect schooling, your spiritual growth, and everyday life? These are just a few of the questions that will rapidly cross your mind. Caring for Autism: Practical Advice from a Parent and Physician delves into all these questions and more. As the father of a daughter with ASD and as a trained psychiatrist who specializes in ASD, Dr. Michael A. Ellis provides a holistic view of what comes after diagnosis. In user-friendly tones, he answers the most commonly asked questions about what it's actually like to live with ASD, what medications and therapies are available, and the global impact it has on the child's environment. With the help of his wife to provide a mother's perspective, Dr. Ellis shares personal stories of their 10-year journey in order to provide insight and support for anyone - patient, parent, caregiver - traversing the difficulties of autism.

Shame, Guilt, and Alcoholism - Treatment Issues in Clinical Practice (Hardcover): Ron Potter-Efron, Bruce Carruth Shame, Guilt, and Alcoholism - Treatment Issues in Clinical Practice (Hardcover)
Ron Potter-Efron, Bruce Carruth
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Increase your understanding of the link between alcoholism and shame and guilt with this tremendously important book that adds to our understanding of the total recovery process. This practical volume authoritatively defines the often elusive terms of shame and guilt and provides constructive suggestions to therapists for treating alcoholic clients and affected family members who are suffering from excessive quantities of shame and guilt. Shame, Guilt, and Alcoholism thoroughly explains to therapists the significant differences between shame and guilt as displayed by clients'experiences of failure, primary responses and feelings, precipitating events and involvement of self, and origins and central fears. Author Potter-Efron includes creative approaches to the general treatment of shame and guilt, explores the positive functions of shame and guilt, describes the conscious and subconscious defense mechanisms against shame and guilt, and highlights the very crucial family behaviors that initiate and encourage shame and guilt. Shame, Guilt, and Alcoholism adds immeasurably to our understanding of the total recovery process.

Coping with Illness Digitally (Hardcover): Stephen A. Rains Coping with Illness Digitally (Hardcover)
Stephen A. Rains
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An examination of "digital coping" involving the use of communication technologies, particularly social media, in responding to illness. Communication technologies have become a valuable resource for responding to the profound challenges posed by illness. Medical websites make it possible to find information about specific health conditions, e-mail provides a means to communicate with health care providers, social network sites can be used to solidify existing relationships, online communities provide opportunities for expanding support networks, and blogs offer a forum for articulating illness-related experiences. In this book, Stephen Rains examines this kind of "digital coping" involving the use of communication technologies, particularly social media, in responding to illness. Synthesizing a diverse body of existing empirical research, Rains offers the first book-length exploration of what it means to cope with illness digitally. Rains examines the implications of digital communication technologies on a series of specific challenges raised by illness and discusses the unique affordances of these technologies as coping resources. He considers patients' motivations for forging relationships online and the structure of those networks; the exchange of social support and the outcomes of sharing illness experiences; online health information searches by patients and surrogates; the effects of Internet use on patient-provider communication; and digital coping mechanisms for end-of-life and bereavement, including telehospice, social media memorials, and online grief support. Finally, Rains presents an original model of digital coping that builds on issues discussed to summarize how and with what effects patients use communication technologies to cope with illness.

Counseling About Cancer - Strategies for Genetic Counseling (Paperback, 3rd Edition): Katherine A. Schneider Counseling About Cancer - Strategies for Genetic Counseling (Paperback, 3rd Edition)
Katherine A. Schneider
R1,409 R1,009 Discovery Miles 10 090 Save R400 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Important scientific discoveries and ever-changing guidelines for how to identify and manage patients with hereditary cancer syndromes are constantly evolving. This Third Edition of Counseling About Cancer is completely updated and expanded to feature five entirely new chapters on breast cancer, colon cancer, other solid tumors, clients and families, and genetic test results and follow-up. This is the only reference and clinical book on the market for cancer genetics counselors and other healthcare providers who must quickly assimilate complex and ever-changing data on the hereditary risk for cancer.

Science and Pseudoscience in Clinical Psychology (Paperback): Scott O. Lilienfeld, Steven Jay Lynn, Jeffrey M. Lohr Science and Pseudoscience in Clinical Psychology (Paperback)
Scott O. Lilienfeld, Steven Jay Lynn, Jeffrey M. Lohr; Foreword by Carol Tavris
R688 Discovery Miles 6 880 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book offers a rigorous examination of a variety of therapeutic, assessment, and diagnostic techniques in clinical psychology, focusing on practices that are popular and influential but lack a solid grounding in empirical research. Featuring chapters from leading clinical researchers, the text helps professionals and students evaluate the merits of novel and controversial techniques and differentiate between those that can stand up to scientific scrutiny and those that cannot. Reviewed are widely used therapies for alcoholism, infantile autism, and ADHD; the use of EMDR in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder; herbal remedies for depression and anxiety; suggestive techniques for memory recovery; and self-help models. Other topics covered include issues surrounding psychological expert testimony, the uses and abuses of projective assessment techniques, and unanswered questions about dissociative identity disorder. Offering a balanced, constructive review of available research, each accessibly written chapter concludes with a glossary of key terms. Timothy Anderson, Ohio University, Athens, OH.; Laura Arnstein, State University of New York at Binghamton, Binghamton, NY.

Culturally Diverse Mental Health - The Challenges of Research and Resistance (Hardcover): Jeffery Scott Mio, Gayle Y. Iwamasa Culturally Diverse Mental Health - The Challenges of Research and Resistance (Hardcover)
Jeffery Scott Mio, Gayle Y. Iwamasa
R2,011 Discovery Miles 20 110 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Culturally Diverse Mental Health ventures beyond the issues of traditionally conceptualized ethnic populations - African Americans, Latinos, Asians, and American Indians - and broadly defines multiculturalism to include other often overlooked and non-ethnic populations. In this comprehensive text, leading experts in the field unite and explore the mental health concerns of women, gays and lesbians, the deaf, the elderly, and religiously diverse populations while also examining issues particular to bi-racial individuals, and differences within and between various cultures. The authors present an extensive literature review across chapters that elucidates the relevant mental health research, as well as valuable intervention strategies essential to the treatment of culturally diverse individuals. A vital resource for students and therapists treating multicultural populations, as well as anyone interested in developing multicultural sensitivity, this text provides critical insight into the widespread resistance to multiculturalism and poses suggestions for the future that will encourage knowledge, sensitivity, and awarenesss to an increasingly multicultural society.

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A Guide to Genetic Counseling (Paperback, 2nd Edition): Wendy R. Uhlmann, Jane L. Schuette, Beverly Yashar A Guide to Genetic Counseling (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
Wendy R. Uhlmann, Jane L. Schuette, Beverly Yashar
R1,856 R1,320 Discovery Miles 13 200 Save R536 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

The first book devoted exclusively to the principles and practice of genetic counseling--now in a new edition

First published in 1998, "A Guide to Genetic Counseling" quickly became a bestselling and widely recognized text, used nationally and internationally in genetic counseling training programs. Now in its eagerly anticipated Second Edition, it provides a thoroughly revised and comprehensive overview of genetic counseling, focusing on the components, theoretical framework, and unique approach to patient care that are the basis of this profession. The book defines the core competencies and covers the genetic counseling process from case initiation to completion--in addition to addressing global professional issues--with an emphasis on describing fundamental principles and practices.

Chapters are written by leaders in the field of genetic counseling and are organized to facilitate academic instruction and skill attainment. They provide the most up-to-date coverage of:

The history and practice of genetic counseling

Family history


Case preparation and management

Psychosocial counseling

Patient education

Risk communication and decision-making

Medical genetics evaluation

Understanding genetic testing

Medical documentation

Multicultural counseling

Ethical and legal issues

Student supervision

Genetic counseling research

Professional development

Genetics education and outreach

Evolving roles and expanding opportunities

Case examples

"A Guide to Genetic Counseling," Second Edition belongs on the syllabi of all medical and human genetics and genetic counseling training programs. It is an indispensable reference for both students and healthcare professionals working with patients who have or are at risk for genetic conditions.

Life to be lived - Challenges and choices for patients and carers in life-threatening illnesses (Paperback): Catherine Proot,... Life to be lived - Challenges and choices for patients and carers in life-threatening illnesses (Paperback)
Catherine Proot, Michael Yorke
R788 Discovery Miles 7 880 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

How do people face life-limiting illness and death? This challenging question is discussed in-depth in Life to be Lived by looking at the feelings, hopes, fears and stresses associated with life-threatening illnesses, often experienced by patients and their carers. Drawn from research, clinical, and pastoral experiences, the authors examine the process of adjustment that patients and their families go through in major illnesses and when approaching the end of life. Life to be Lived is written in an accessible style using many stories shared by counsellors, chaplains, patients and relatives. Describing the messiness, uncertainties, and paradoxes that are part and parcel of living through an advanced illness, dying, and bereavement, but also what helps and heals, it reviews a range of responses to the challenges to patients and carers and the support, both personal and organisational. Life to be Lived is essential reading for professionals and trained volunteers who work as a part of multidisciplinary teams in palliative and end-of-life care to improve their understanding of the attitudes and behaviour of patients and carers. Families and friends will also benefit from this book as they try to come to terms with their own situations and how they can cope better with them.

Listening, Learning, Caring & Counselling - The Essential Manual for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counsellors and Other... Listening, Learning, Caring & Counselling - The Essential Manual for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counsellors and Other Healthcare Professionals on Caring for Their Clients (Hardcover)
Cate Howell
R481 R336 Discovery Miles 3 360 Save R145 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

At the centre of any caring role is listening attentively to the concerns, stories and needs of others. But to develop the skills of listening, learning, caring and counselling, you need support and training. Listening, Learning, Caring and Counselling (LLCC)is the comprehensive guide, full of ideas and techniques, to fill that role. It is not a book about fundamental counselling skills. Instead, Author Dr. Cate Howell focuses on how professionals can assist clients as they work through the issues they commonly present with - such as low mood, relationship issues, loss and grief. A number of different therapies and their related techniques are described and synthesized into the LLCC approach, while case-studies, skills and tips for everyday practice make it a practical and user-friendly resource. LLCC is essential reading for counsellors, support workers, case workers, medical practitioners, health professionals, emergency workers and those in the fields of human resources and life coaching.

Clinician's Guide to Evidence-Based Practices - Behavioral Health and Addictions (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): John C... Clinician's Guide to Evidence-Based Practices - Behavioral Health and Addictions (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
John C Norcross, Thomas P. Hogan, Gerald P. Koocher, Lauren A Maggio
R947 Discovery Miles 9 470 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Everyone, it seems, is talking and arguing about Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). Those therapies and assessments designated as EBP increasingly determine what is taught, researched, and reimbursed in health care. But exactly what is it, and how do you do it? The second edition of Clinician's Guide to Evidence-Based Practices is the concise, practitioner-friendly guide to applying EBPs in mental health. Step-by-step it explains how to conduct the entire EBP process-asking the right questions, accessing the best available research, appraising the research, translating that research into practice, integrating that research with clinician expertise and patient characteristics, evaluating the entire enterprise, attending to the ethical considerations, and when done, moving the EBP process forward by teaching and disseminating it. This book will help you: * Formulate useful questions that research can address * Search the research literature efficiently for best practices * Make sense out of the research morass, sifting wheat from chaff * Incorporate patient values and diversity into the selection of EBP * Blend clinician expertise with the research evidence * Translate empirical research into practice * Ensure that your clients receive effective, research-supported services * Infuse the EBP process into your organizational setting and training methods * Identify and integrate ethics in the context of EBP Coauthored by a distinguished quartet of clinicians, researchers, and a health care librarian, the Clinician's Guide has become the classic for graduate students and busy professionals mastering EBP.

How to Become a Counselling Psychologist (Paperback): Elaine Kasket How to Become a Counselling Psychologist (Paperback)
Elaine Kasket
R341 Discovery Miles 3 410 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Counselling psychologists can play a fundamental and inspiring role in people's lives. Their aim is to address a range of psychological and emotional issues, helping people to live more skilful, effective, and meaningful lives. But how do you qualify, and what is being a counselling psychologist really like? How to Become a Counselling Psychologist is the first book to provide a clear, practical guide to the pathway to qualifying as a counselling psychologist. Written by an experienced practitioner, and incorporating testimonials from trainees, trainers, and qualified counselling psychologists, it explains every step of the journey, including advice on a suitable degree course, making the most of a training placement, how to prepare for the job interview, and the challenges of making the transition from training to qualification. Written for anyone from current students to those interested in a change of career, How to Become a Counselling Psychologist is an indispensable guide for anyone interested in this rich and varied branch of psychology.

Getting the Message Across - Communication with Diverse Populations in Clinical Genetics (Paperback): Jennifer Wiggins, Anna... Getting the Message Across - Communication with Diverse Populations in Clinical Genetics (Paperback)
Jennifer Wiggins, Anna Middleton
R1,027 Discovery Miles 10 270 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Communicating with patients about genetic concepts is fraught with complications. In addition to the hazy takeaway messages and the likelihood of peripheral findings, the diverse cultural backgrounds of patients in a genetics clinic present another layer of challenge for clinicians and genetic counselors in their aim to communicate important findings effectively and respectfully.
This book provides practical advice to assist genetic counselors, geneticists, and other health professionals wanting to engage appropriately with different clients from different communities -- patients who are hearing and/or visually impaired, patients with diverse sex development or religious backgrounds, and those who are available only through interpreter or telephone consultation. With chapter-based practical entries on effective communication with these and other diverse population groups, this volume is an invaluable pocket tool for clinicians and counselors to effectively get the message across.

Parents and Bereavement - A Personal and Professional Exploration (Paperback, New): Christine Young, Tracy Dowling Parents and Bereavement - A Personal and Professional Exploration (Paperback, New)
Christine Young, Tracy Dowling
R779 R739 Discovery Miles 7 390 Save R40 (5%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Grief is a very individual experience and it can impact all aspects of a person's life. Parents and Bereavement: A Personal and Professional Exploration of Grief brings together latest research and practice from the pioneering children and young adults' hospice - Helen and Douglas House, alongside the personal experience of a parent. The book includes information on a range of challenges faced by parents, including supporting surviving children, making challenging decisions about subsequent pregnancies, managing the impact of grief on relationships, and facing birthdays and anniversaries. It discusses both, the theories and the day-to-day experience of grief, and what might make a difference to how people manage it. This will be an invaluable resource for professionals involved in supporting families with end of life care and bereavement issues, including palliative care professionals, counsellors, and social workers. Parents and Bereavement will also help parents, family, and friends to understand and support each other through such loss.

The Hidden Worldviews of Psychology's Theory, Research, and Practice (Hardcover): Brent D. Slife, Kari A. O'Grady,... The Hidden Worldviews of Psychology's Theory, Research, and Practice (Hardcover)
Brent D. Slife, Kari A. O'Grady, Russell D. Kosits
bundle available
R1,032 Discovery Miles 10 320 In stock

By revealing underlying assumptions that influence the field of psychology, The Hidden Worldviews of Psychology's Theory, Research, and Practice challenges psychologists to reconsider the origins of ideas they may take as psychological truths. Worldviews, or the systems of assumptions that provide a framework for psychological thinking, have great influence on psychological theory, research, and practice. This book attempts to correct assumptions by describing the worldviews that have shaped psychological theory, practice, and research and demonstrating how taking worldviews into account can greatly advance psychology as a whole.

Neuroscience at the Intersection of Mind and Brain (Paperback): Jack M. Gorman Neuroscience at the Intersection of Mind and Brain (Paperback)
Jack M. Gorman
R599 Discovery Miles 5 990 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Neuroscience, the study of the structure and function of the brain, has captured our imaginations. Breakthrough technologies permit neuroscientists to probe how the human brain works in ever-more fascinating detail, revealing what happens when we think, move, love, hate, and fear. We know more than ever before about what goes wrong in the brain when we develop psychiatric and neurological illnesses like depression, dementia, epilepsy, panic attacks, and schizophrenia. We also now have clues about how treatments for those disorders change the way our brains look and function. Neuroscience at the Intersection of Mind and Brain has three main purposes. First, it makes complicated concepts and findings in modern neuroscience accessible to anyone with an interest in how the brain works. Second, it explains in detail how every experience we have from the moment we are conceived changes our brains. Third, it advances the idea that psychotherapy is a type of life experience that alters brain function and corrects aberrant brain connections. Among the topics covered are: what makes our brains different from those of other primates, our nearest genetic neighbors? How do life's experiences affect genetic expression of the brain and the way neurons connect with each other? Why are connections between different parts of the brain important in both health and disease? What happens in the brains of animals and humans when we are suddenly afraid of something, get depressed, or fall in love? How do medications and psychotherapies work? The information in this book is based on cutting-edge research in neuroscience, psychiatry, and psychology. Written by an author who studied human behavior and brain function for three decades, it is presented in a highly accessible manner, full of personal anecdotes and observations, and touches on many of the controversies in contemporary mental health practice.

Counselling for Depression (Paperback): Paul Lockley Counselling for Depression (Paperback)
Paul Lockley
R495 Discovery Miles 4 950 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Written by the author of the best-selling Counselling Heroin and Other Drug Users and Counselling Women in Violent Relationships, this book is another highly practical guide for therapists and those who are seeking to help depressed people. Paul Lockley shows how to employ techniques which open up life again for the depressed. His method requires the active participation of depressed clients for a successful outcome. Lockley explores the cognitive aspects of depression, how feelings affect the thinking process, and thinking influences feelings. He views depression as a continuum, ranging from mild feelings of being unnaturally 'down' to the disabling severe clinical state. This absence of labeling allows clients to help themselves through taking greater control of their situation. The therapist becomes the enabler to the client, who learns to work constructively within a gradually expanding environment. Enabling self-help begins with ensuring that clients are well informed about their condition, able to normalise rather than to 'psychiatrise' it. They are also helped to work towards accepting their feelings and learning how best to deal with them on a day-to-day basis. The book discusses the sometimes unhelpful modification of feelings through the use of alcohol or drugs. Practical measures are explained whereby clients can help themselves through work at home, doing their own exercises of relaxation, guided imagination, and journal work. Tackling depression should be supplemented, where relevant, by more specific counselling for past abuse, loss or grief. Work, family and personal stress should also reviewed be as possible contributory factors. This book is drawn from Paul Lockley's extensive experience in counselling for depression. It is both informative and inspiring.

Adaptation and Well-Being - Meeting the Challenges of Life (Paperback): Knud S. Larsen Adaptation and Well-Being - Meeting the Challenges of Life (Paperback)
Knud S. Larsen
R711 Discovery Miles 7 110 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"According to Leo Tolstoy's famous statement "all happy families are alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way". Knud Larsen in his book on human happines proves the opposite. Summarizing the classical and recent research in successful human adaptation, adjustment and well-being of the soul and body he shows the many faces of individual human happiness. Moreover, the book opens the perspective into the directions of social, cultural and biological evolution. What I like most in the book, is its usefulness. Knud has many practical pieces of advice suggesting that we can improve our well-being if we try. I wish Anna Karenina had read this well-conceived, well written text.", Gyorgy Csepeli, Professor of Social Psychology, Chair of the Interdisciplinary Social Research Program of the Doctoral School of the Faculty of Social Science at ELTE, Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Studies at Koszeg (iASK) "This unique, reader-friendly volume covers psychological aspects of successful living with such diversity and depth that I have not encountered hitherto. It is essential reading for psychology undergraduates as well as more seasoned academics and practitioners", Howie Giles, Distinguished Professor Communication, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA & Honorary Professor of Psychology, University of Queensland, Australia "This book by Professor Larsen is very enjoyable reading and covers the many challenges humans face across the lifespan. The focus is on positive psychology as supportive solutions are offered for the many challenges of living. This is also a relatively rare book that evaluates adaptation from a socio-cultural perspective since most books today emphasize cognitive aspects of coping and development. I especially appreciated how Professor Larsen weaved his salient knowledge of cross-cultural psychology into this important work on human adaptation. In the book the author discusses the issue of adaptation in its varying aspects of human life and through the prism of cultural influence on personality and behavior.", Askar Jumageldinov, Ph.D, Assistant Professor at Catholic University in Lyon "This book uniquely ties together the author's personal experiences with in-depth research on human adaptation. What strikes the reader is the very personal narrative that illustrates the many points of struggling with the challenges of being human. The book combines the best of classical literature along with very current and meaningful research. The whole human journey is evaluated from identity and finding meaning, through optimizing health in midlife to facing the final existential questions related to both death and longevity. A very thoughtful book.", Sven Morch, Ph.D , Professor, University of Copenhagen "An enlightened and enlightening story of the challenges we meet through our life course. Although the general reader may find useful information to the journey of life it is also a volume packed with research-based information from the psychological and social sciences with implications for how we can grow as human beings and live satisfying lives together.", Reidar Ommundsen, Professor Emeritus, University of Oslo "I have found the work of Knud Larsen to dove-tail with my own work on behalf of indigenous and third world peoples since I first became acquainted with him in the context of supporting the People of Cuba. Dr. Larsen, as manifest in this career-capping work, has the ability - rare among non-ethnologist academics - to be engaged in the inner cognitive world of people inside other cultures while viewing their society in his own unique perspective. This broad and deep treatment will deepen and broaden my own view of the peoples that I have engaged with on the cognitive level. It also broadens my view of the challenges of my own life and how to live a happy life.", John Allison, Cognitive ethnologist and author

Theory &  Practice in Clinical Social Work (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition): Jerrold R. Brandell Theory & Practice in Clinical Social Work (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition)
Jerrold R. Brandell
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Today's clinical social workers face a spectrum of social issues and problems of a scope and severity hardly imagined just a few years ago and an ever-widening domain of responsibility to overcome them. Theory and Practice in Clinical Social Work is the authoritative handbook for social work clinicians and graduate social work students, that keeps pace with rapid social changes and presents carefully devised methods, models, and techniques for responding to the needs of an increasingly diverse clientele. Following an overview of the principal frameworks for clinical practice, including systems theory, behavioral and cognitive theories, psychoanalytic theory, and neurobiological theory, the book goes on to present the major social crises, problems, and new populations the social work clinician confronts each day. Theory and Practice in Clinical Social Work includes 29 original chapters, many with carefully crafted and detailed clinical illustrations, by leading social work scholars and master clinicians who represent the widest variety of clinical orientations and specializations. Collectively, these leading authors have treated nearly every conceivable clinical population, in virtually every practice context, using a full array of treatment approaches and modalities. Included in this volume are chapters on practice with adults and children, clinical social work with adolescents, family therapy, and children's treatment groups; other chapters focus on social work with communities affected by disasters and terrorism, clinical case management, cross-cultural clinical practice, psychopharmacology, practice with older adults, and mourning and loss. The extraordinary breadth of coverage will make this book an essential source of information for students in advanced practice courses and practicing social workers alike.

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