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Blood Money - Stories Of An Ex-Recce's Missions In Iraq (Paperback): Johan Raath Blood Money - Stories Of An Ex-Recce's Missions In Iraq (Paperback)
Johan Raath 2
R260 R208 Discovery Miles 2 080 Save R52 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

A riveting, action-filled account that sheds light on the realities of working in a war-torn country, this is the first book on the war in Iraq by a South African.

Johan Raath and a security team were escorting American engineers to a power plant south of Baghdad when they were ambushed. He had first arrived in Iraq only two weeks before. This was a small taste of what was to come over the next 13 years while he worked there as a private military contractor (PMC). His mission? Not to wage war but to protect lives. Raath acted as a bodyguard for VIPs and, more often, engineers who were involved in construction projects to rebuild the country after the 2003 war. His physical and mental endurance was tested to the limit in his efforts to safeguard construction sites that were regularly subjected to mortar and suicide attacks. Key to his survival was his training as a Special Forces operator, or Recce.

Working in places called the Triangle of Death and driving on the ‘Hell Run’, Raath had numerous hair-raising experiences. As a trained combat medic he also helped to save people’s lives after two suicide bomb attacks on sites he then worked at.

Ratels Aan Die Lomba - Die Storie Van Charlie-eskadron (Afrikaans, Paperback): Leopold Scholtz Ratels Aan Die Lomba - Die Storie Van Charlie-eskadron (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Leopold Scholtz 4
R260 R208 Discovery Miles 2 080 Save R52 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Op 3 Oktober 1987 het Charlie-eskadron – die ystervuis van 61 Gemeganiseerde Bataljongroep – die kritieke geveg tussen die Suid-Afrikaanse Weermag en die Angolese magte op die Lombarivier in die suide van Angola gelei. Dié boek plaas die leser in die midde van die jong dienspligtiges wat na die Grensoorlog weggevoer is om hierdie geveg te gaan voer.

Langs die Lomba het hulle te staan gekom teen ’n Angolese mag met ’n getalsoorwig en beter wapentuig. Boonop was die terrein so dig bebos dat hul sig en beweging aansienlik ingeperk is. Die SAW se taktiese doktrine het duidelik gestel dat tenks teen tenks aangewend moes word. Tog moes die dienspligtiges die Angolese tenks aanvat in pantservoertuie met minder kragtige kanonne en dun pantser wat nie veel meer as gewone geweervuur kon afweer nie. Steeds is 47 Brigade van die Angolese magte amper uitgewis tydens die geveg aan die Lomba.

Scholtz se beskrywing van hierdie David-teen-Goliath-geveg neem die leser na die hart van die aksie. Danksy onderhoude met veterane en dagboekinskrywings dra hierdie eerlike, intense hervertelling die volle drama van die geveg oor. Dit is ook ’n diep menslike verhaal oor hoe individue reageer in die aangesig van die dood en hoe die oorlog hulle nooit uit sy kloue gelaat het nie, selfs nadat hulle teruggekeer het.

SWAPO Captive - A Comrade's Experience Of Betrayal And Torture (Paperback): Oiva Angula SWAPO Captive - A Comrade's Experience Of Betrayal And Torture (Paperback)
Oiva Angula
R250 R200 Discovery Miles 2 000 Save R50 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

A young Namibian goes into exile to join SWAPO’s military wing, PLAN, in the late 1970s. After dedicating his life to the movement, a series of purges within the organisation lead to him being wrongfully branded an apartheid spy and traitor. So begins Oiva Angula’s terrifying story of betrayal and torture by his comrades, which culminates in imprisonment in the omalambo – the hidden pits in Lubango, Angola, into which he, along with many others, is cast and left to die.

SWAPO Captive threads together personal narrative and national history, including childhood impressions that hint at a racially segregated existence, the rising tensions sparked by the apartheid regime’s rule over South West Africa, his father’s role in early liberation movements, and Angula’s own politicisation and decision to join the struggle.

SWAPO Captive reveals little-known narratives from ‘the other side’ of the Border War: life in a PLAN training camp, political education in the Eastern Bloc, and a foot soldier’s role in the war for independence.

Angula also addresses the ‘wall of silence’ imposed after independence in Namibia with respect to possible war crimes committed by SWAPO, condemning the party that claimed to fight for freedom for all.

Soldiers - Great Stories Of War And Peace (Paperback): Max Hastings Soldiers - Great Stories Of War And Peace (Paperback)
Max Hastings
R430 R299 Discovery Miles 2 990 Save R131 (30%) In stock

A stunning anthology of great stories of war and peace collected and edited by Max Hastings.

Soldiers is a very personal gathering of sparkling, gripping tales by many writers, about men and women who have borne arms, reflecting bestselling historian Max Hastings's lifetime of studying war. It rings the changes through the centuries, between the heroic, tragic and comic; the famous and the humble. The nearly 350 stories illustrate vividly what it is like to fight in wars, to live and die as a warrior, from Greek and Roman times through to recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here you will meet Jewish heroes of the Bible, Rome's captain of the gate, Queen Boudicca, Joan of Arc, Cromwell, Wellington, Napoleon's marshals, Ulysses S. Grant, George S. Patton and the modern SAS. There are tales of great writers who served in uniform including Cobbett and Tolstoy, Edward Gibbon and Siegfried Sassoon, Marcel Proust and Evelyn Waugh, George Orwell and George MacDonald Fraser. Here are also stories of the female 'abosi' fighters of Dahomey and heroic ambulance drivers of World War I, together with the new-age women soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The stories reflect a change of mood towards warfare through the ages: though nations and movements continue to inflict terrible violence upon each other, most of humankind has retreated from the old notion of war as a sport or pastime, to acknowledge it as the supreme tragedy. This is a book to inspire in turn fascination, excitement, horror, amazement, occasionally laughter.

Max Hastings mingles respect for the courage of those who fight with compassion for those who become their victims, above all civilians, and especially in the twenty-first century, which some are already calling 'the Post-Heroic Age'.

Fighting And Writing - The Rhodesian Army War And Postwar (Paperback): Luise White Fighting And Writing - The Rhodesian Army War And Postwar (Paperback)
Luise White
R280 R209 Discovery Miles 2 090 Save R71 (25%) In stock

Luise White brings the force of her historical insight to bear on the many war memoirs published by white soldiers who fought for Rhodesia during the 1964–1979 Zimbabwean liberation struggle.

In the memoirs of white soldiers fighting to defend white minority rule in Africa long after other countries were independent, the author finds a robust and contentious conversation about race, difference, and the war itself. These are writings by men who were ambivalent conscripts, generally aware of the futility of their fight—not brutal pawns flawlessly executing the orders and parroting the rhetoric of a racist regime. Moreover, most of these men insisted that the most important aspects of fighting a guerrilla war—tracking and hunting, knowledge of the land and of the ways of African society—were learned from black playmates in idealized rural childhoods.

In these memoirs, African guerrillas never lost their association with the wild, even as white soldiers boasted of bringing Africans into the intimate spaces of regiment and regime.

Robey Leibbrandt - 'n Lewe van Fanatisme (Afrikaans, Paperback): Albert Blake Robey Leibbrandt - 'n Lewe van Fanatisme (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Albert Blake
R275 R220 Discovery Miles 2 200 Save R55 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

’n Epiese reis in ’n klein seiljag van Frankryk tot aan die Namakwalandse kus gedurende die Tweede Wêreldoorlog, sabotasiepogings en planne om Eerste Minister Jan Smuts in ’n sluipmoord om die lewe te bring . . . In die vroeë 1940’s is die Suid-Afrikaanse publiek aangegryp deur die uitdagende optrede van die Olimpiese bokser en swaargewigkampioen Robey Leibbrandt. Hy was dodelik gekant teen Suid-Afrika se deelname aan die oorlog.

Sy ekstremisme, opvlieënd-heid en onverdraagsaamheid was tipies van ’n politieke fanatikus. Leibbrandt het ’n aanhanger van Nasionaal-Sosialisme geword toe hy in 1936 vir Suid-Afrika in Berlyn aan die Olimpiese Spele gaan deelneem het. Hy was besig met opleiding in Europa toe die oorlog uitbreek. Die Duitse militêre intelligensiediens het hom kort daarna gewerf om sabotasieopleiding te ontvang. Die Duitsers het Leibbrandt teruggestuur na Suid-Afrika as deel van Operasie Weissdorn. Sy missie? Om die militante deel van die Afrikaner-opposisie te werf en met hulle hulp skeeps- en haweinstallasies, asook nywerhede, te vernietig, en om oproer in die Uniemagte te stook.

Dit was nie lank nie of die polisie was op Leibbrandt se spoor en hy is ná een van die grootste polisiesoektogte in hegtenis geneem. Sy hoogverraadsaak in 1943 en 1944 het hoofopskrifte gehaal. Dié biografie werp nuwe lig op hierdie enigmatiese historiese figuur en wat sy fanatisme aangevuur het.

Rebel: Die Lewe Van Kommandant Hans Lötter 1873-1901 (Afrikaans, Paperback): Chris Schoeman Rebel: Die Lewe Van Kommandant Hans Lötter 1873-1901 (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Chris Schoeman
R225 Discovery Miles 2 250 Ships in 4 - 8 working days

Van al die gebeure in die Kaapkolonie gedurende die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog het die teregstelling van Hans Lötter, asook dié van kmdt. Gideon Scheepers, die meeste emosie onder Afrikaners ontketen. Lötter en sy mederebelle in die Kolonie het die verbeelding van die plaaslike bevolking aangegryp en die Britte maande lank hoofbrekens besorg. Sy gevangeneming, verhoor en teregstelling deur ’n Britse vuurpeloton op Middelburg, Kaap, het groot woede en verontwaardiging veroorsaak en hom verewig as Boeremartelaar in die Afrikaner-volksoorleweringe. Nou word sy boeiende verhaal vir die eerste keer volledig vertel.

So How Do I Parent This Child? (Paperback): Bill Hendricks So How Do I Parent This Child? (Paperback)
Bill Hendricks
R349 R300 Discovery Miles 3 000 Save R49 (14%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
FORWARD TO THE PAST - Echoes of June 12 and MKO Abiola as pivots in Nigeria's developing democracy (Paperback): Paul Olorih FORWARD TO THE PAST - Echoes of June 12 and MKO Abiola as pivots in Nigeria's developing democracy (Paperback)
Paul Olorih
R389 Discovery Miles 3 890 Ships in 12 - 17 working days
Captain Tom Moore (Paperback): Sally Morgan Captain Tom Moore (Paperback)
Sally Morgan; Illustrated by Sarah Papworth
R128 Discovery Miles 1 280 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Captain Tom Moore: fundraiser, World War Two veteran, the nation's hero. Read all about the life of Captain Tom Moore who went above and beyond for his country and the NHS. From his early life in Keighley, to the fundraiser walk for the NHS Charities that inspired generations, celebrate the life of a hero. A Life Story: this gripping series throws the reader directly into the lives of modern society's most influential figures. With striking black-and-white illustration along with timelines and never-heard-before facts. Also in the series: Katherine Johnson: A Life Story Stephen Hawking: A Life Story Alan Turing: A Life Story Rosalind Franklin: A Life Story Serena Williams: A Life Story Kamala Harris: A Life Story

Research Handbook on the Arms Trade (Hardcover): Andrew T.H. Tan Research Handbook on the Arms Trade (Hardcover)
Andrew T.H. Tan
R5,390 Discovery Miles 53 900 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This comprehensive Research Handbook examines the key drivers of the arms trade, mapping the main trends in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. It also explores the principal defence markets internationally, including the US, China, India, Russia and the UK in greater detail. Across twenty-six chapters, international experts assess the central drivers of the arms trade, such as the insecurities of small states in an increasingly realist world of power politics, the continued presence of conflict, technological change and the presence of corruption. Analysing critical issues from the future of air and naval power and their implications for the trade to the impact of emerging technology and the prospects for arms control, the chapters raise a number of central issues as to the challenges and future direction of the arms trade. The Research Handbook concludes that defence spending and procurement have remained paramount and on a general upward trend since the Cold War, particularly in Asia and the Middle East. This Research Handbook will be a valuable resource for academics and students of international relations, security studies and political science. Its global approach will also be beneficial for arms policy analysts and defence professionals.

Wolford's Cavalry - The Colonel, the War in the West, and the Emancipation Question in Kentucky (Hardcover): Dan Lee Wolford's Cavalry - The Colonel, the War in the West, and the Emancipation Question in Kentucky (Hardcover)
Dan Lee
R750 R620 Discovery Miles 6 200 Save R130 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Colonel Frank Wolford, the acclaimed Civil War colonel of the First Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry, is remembered today primarily for his unenviable reputation. Despite his stellar service record and widespread fame, Wolford ruined his reputation and his career over the question of emancipation and the enlistment of African Americans in the army. Unhappy with Abraham Lincoln's public stance on slavery, Wolford rebelled and made a series of treasonous speeches against the president. Dishonorably discharged and arrested three times, Wolford, on the brink of being exiled beyond federal lines into the Confederacy, was taken in irons to Washington DC to meet with Lincoln. Lincoln spared Wolford, however, and the disgraced colonel returned to Kentucky, where he was admired for his war record and rewarded politically for his racially based rebellion against Lincoln. Although his military record established him as one of the most vigorous, courageous, and original commanders in the cavalry, Wolford's later reputation suffered. Dan Lee restores balance to the story of a crude, complicated, but talented man and the unconventional regiment he led in the fight to save the Union. Placing Wolford in the context of the political and cultural crosscurrents that tore at Kentucky during the war, Lee fills out the historical picture of Old Roman Nose.

Time in the Wilderness - The Formative Years of John "Black Jack" Pershing in the American West (Hardcover): Tim McNeese Time in the Wilderness - The Formative Years of John "Black Jack" Pershing in the American West (Hardcover)
Tim McNeese
R827 R677 Discovery Miles 6 770 Save R150 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Most Americans familiar with General John J. "Black Jack" Pershing know him as the commander of American Expeditionary Forces in Europe during the latter days of World War I. But Pershing was in his late fifties by then. Pershing's military career began in 1886, with his graduation from West Point and his first assignments in the American West as a horsebound cavalry officer during the final days of Apache resistance in the Southwest, where Arizona and New Mexico still represented a frontier of blue-clad soldiers, Native Americans, cowboys, rustlers, and miners. But the Southwest was just the beginning of Pershing's West. He would see assignments over the years in the Dakotas, during the Ghost Dance uprising and the battle of Wounded Knee; a posting at Montana's Fort Assiniboine; and, following his years in Asia, a return to the West with a posting at the Presidio in San Francisco and a prolonged assignment on the Mexican-American border in El Paso, which led to his command of the Punitive Expedition, tasked with riding deep into Northern Mexico to capture the pistolero Pancho Villa. During those thirty years from West Point to the Western Front, Pershing had a colorful and varied military career, including action during the Spanish-American War and lengthy service in the Philippines. Both were new versions of the American frontier abroad, even as the frontier days of the American West were closing. All of Pershing's experiences in the American West prepared himfor his ultimate assignment as the top American commander during the Great War. If the American frontier and, more broadly, the American West provided a cauldron in which Americans tested themselves during the nineteenth century, the same is true for John Pershing. His story is a historical Western.

Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day - My Autobiography - The Sunday Times No 1 Bestseller (Paperback): Captain Tom Moore Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day - My Autobiography - The Sunday Times No 1 Bestseller (Paperback)
Captain Tom Moore
R242 R203 Discovery Miles 2 030 Save R39 (16%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days

Embark on an enchanting journey into our country's past hundred years through the remarkable life of Captain Sir Tom Moore THE NO. 1 SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER 'A wonderful life story with lessons for us all . . . beautifully written' DAILY TELEGRAPH 'Gloriously enthralling' DAILY MAIL __________ Captain Sir Tom Moore's story is all our stories . . . Born at the tail end of the Spanish flu epidemic, Tom Moore was raised in the Yorkshire Dales by a loving family that had not escaped tragedy. Yet when the clouds of war threatened, Tom raised his hand and joined up to fight. The Second World War took him to the Far East, where his can-do spirit was forged. Whether fighting for his life in Burma or helming a firm back home, racing motorbikes or raising a family, he always sought to do his very best. To make a difference to those around him. Captain Tom's story is that of our parents and our grandparents. It is the story of the past hundred years here in Britain. __________ 'Engaging . . . His upbeat nature shines through and reminds us how much worse this year would have been without him' Evening Standard 'A wonderful read. Captain Tom is a beacon of light, and hope, and positivity' Piers Morgan, Life Stories, ITV 'A great book' Good Morning Britain 'A beautiful book. We have so much to learn from Captain Sir Tom' Chris Evans, Virgin Radio 'Fascinating. It's the life story of an ordinary man who is extraordinary' Michael Ball, BBC Radio 2

World War 1 Diaries of Thomas Cheshire (Paperback): Malcolm Channon World War 1 Diaries of Thomas Cheshire (Paperback)
Malcolm Channon
R323 Discovery Miles 3 230 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This book is a transcript of diaries, letters and recollections all written by Thomas Cheshire during the Great War. Thomas Allen Cheshire was born in Crewe in Cheshire in 1889. He served under the Royal Warwickshire Regiment and was 25 when he started writing letters and diaries from the Front line to be sent to his sweetheart, Kit. Dedicated to her, he wanted to give an insight into the social conditions of the war, and to portray the soldier's true character. His first diary commences on the 4th August 1914 when he describes the mobilisation of Great Britain. He continues his daily diaries throughout August, detailing the training, preparation and travels until finally setting sail aboard the SS Caledonia on August 22nd, setting foot on French soil on the 23rd and joining the Battle of Mons on the 25th August 1914. October's diary continues with another battle - the Battle of Meteren. The 2nd diary covers the period from the end of October 1914 to January 1915 and in Thomas's letter to Kit he dedicates the two diaries as a wedding present. Thomas describes life in the trenches in this diary, his meeting of The King in December, and also the `rest' at Christmas. In April 1915, Thomas was badly injured in the arm and sent home from The Front. The 3rd diary is a series of recollections detailing his recuperation during 1915, although it wasn't finished and ready to send to Kit until February 1918. Kit and Thomas got married in January 1916 and welcomed a baby son in February 1917. His marriage and the birth of his only son are touched upon in the 4th Diary, although this was never completed. The last entry is dated 1st March 1918 and Thomas passed away on the 16th October 1918. The diaries and recollections survived the war and were kept and treasured by Kit, until she gave them to a member of Thomas's family for safekeeping. They were then lent to Malcolm to read and he was so taken by them that he felt they ought to be transcribed so that a wider audience could appreciate them. He took upon the task and spent many hours trying to do the diaries justice. Although he completed the actual transcript, Malcolm sadly passed away before publication. The book was completed for Malcolm by his family to honour his wish and in dedication of all his hard work.

Siege at Jadotville - The Irish Army's Forgotten Battle (Paperback): Declan Power, Gerard Doyle Siege at Jadotville - The Irish Army's Forgotten Battle (Paperback)
Declan Power, Gerard Doyle
R376 R324 Discovery Miles 3 240 Save R52 (14%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Hero Code - Lessons on How To Achieve More Than You Ever Thought Possible (Hardcover): William H. McRaven The Hero Code - Lessons on How To Achieve More Than You Ever Thought Possible (Hardcover)
William H. McRaven
R350 R280 Discovery Miles 2 800 Save R70 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

____________________________ From the bestselling author of Make Your Bed: a celebration of real-life heroes and lessons on inspiring trust, overcoming barriers and becoming a great leader. What is it that makes a hero? In the course of his distinguished career Admiral William H. McRaven has met some truly exceptional people, from the men and women he served alongside in the Navy SEALS, to inspiring doctors, scientists, politicians and philanthropists. Drawing on stories of their incredible compassion, humility, courage and capacity for hope, Admiral McRaven has distilled the Hero Code - the ten lessons that make ordinary people capable of extraordinary things. This book will show how we can all persevere to rise above our failures, use humour as a source of strength and inspire trust through integrity, as well as offering practical advice on rising to the occasion and becoming our best selves. The result is a heartfelt tribute to real heroes and the perfect guide for anyone wanting to overcome barriers, lead by example or reach for their ultimate dream.

Gunship Over Angola - The Story Of A Maverick Pilot (Paperback): Steve Joubert Gunship Over Angola - The Story Of A Maverick Pilot (Paperback)
Steve Joubert 3
R265 R212 Discovery Miles 2 120 Save R53 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Steve Joubert had always wanted to be a pilot and the only way he could afford to do so, was to join the South African Air Force in the late 1970s.

As an adventurous young man with a wicked sense of humour, he tells of the many amusing escapades he had as a trainee pilot. But soon he is sent to fight in the Border War in northern Namibia (then South West Africa) where he is exposed to the carnage of war. The pilots of the Alouette helicopters were witness to some of the worst scenes of the Border War. Often, they were the first to arrive after a deadly landmine accident.

In the fiercest battles their gunships regularly supplied life-saving air cover to troops on the ground.

An Unremarked Sacrifice (Paperback): Ken Wayman An Unremarked Sacrifice (Paperback)
Ken Wayman
R452 Discovery Miles 4 520 Ships in 12 - 17 working days
Band Of Brothers (Paperback, Reissue): Stephen E. Ambrose Band Of Brothers (Paperback, Reissue)
Stephen E. Ambrose 2
R259 R193 Discovery Miles 1 930 Save R66 (25%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

**THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER** 25th Anniversary Edition. Foreword by Tom Hanks. The book that inspired Steven Spielberg's acclaimed TV series, produced by Tom Hanks and starring Damian Lewis. In Band of Brothers, Stephen E. Ambrose pays tribute to the men of Easy Company, a crack rifle company in the US Army. From their rigorous training in Georgia in 1942 to the dangerous parachute landings on D-Day and their triumphant capture of Hitler's 'Eagle's Nest' in Berchtesgaden. Ambrose tells the story of this remarkable company. Repeatedly send on the toughest missions, these brave men fought, went hungry, froze and died in the service of their country. Celebrating the 25th anniversary since the original publication, this reissue contains a new foreword from Tom Hanks who was an executive producer on the award-winning HBO series. A tale of heroic adventures and soul-shattering confrontations, Band of Brothers brings back to life, as only Stephen E. Ambrose can, the profound ties of brotherhood forged in the barracks and on the battlefields. 'History boldly told and elegantly written . . . Gripping' Wall Street Journal 'Ambrose proves once again he is a masterful historian . . . spellbinding' People

Buffalo Soldiers in Alaska - Company L, Twenty-Fourth Infantry (Paperback): Brian G. Shellum Buffalo Soldiers in Alaska - Company L, Twenty-Fourth Infantry (Paperback)
Brian G. Shellum
R646 R539 Discovery Miles 5 390 Save R107 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The town of Skagway was born in 1897 after its population quintupled in under a year due to the Klondike gold rush. Balanced on the edge of anarchy, the U.S. Army stationed Company L, a unit of Buffalo Soldiers, there near the end of the gold rush. Buffalo Soldiers in Alaska tells the story of these African American soldiers who kept the peace during a volatile period in America's resource-rich North. It is a fascinating tale that features white officers and Black soldiers safeguarding U.S. territory, supporting the civil authorities, protecting Native Americans, fighting natural disasters, and serving proudly in America's last frontier. Despite the discipline and contributions of soldiers who served honorably, Skagway exhibited the era's persistent racism and maintained a clear color line. However, these Black Regulars carried out their complex and sometimes contradictory mission with a combination of professionalism and restraint that earned the grudging respect of the independently minded citizens of Alaska. The company used the popular sport of baseball to connect with the white citizens of Skagway and in the process gained some measure of acceptance. Though the soldiers left little trace in Skagway, a few remained after their enlistments and achieved success and recognition after settling in other parts of Alaska.

Op kommando met Steyn en de Wet - Oorlogsherinneringe van lt.kol. F.F. Pienaar (Afrikaans, Hardcover): F.F. Pienaar Op kommando met Steyn en de Wet - Oorlogsherinneringe van lt.kol. F.F. Pienaar (Afrikaans, Hardcover)
F.F. Pienaar; Translated by Jan Picard
R163 Discovery Miles 1 630 Ships in 4 - 8 working days

In 1902 het 'n jong Boeretelegrafis en offisier, Filip Pienaar, uit ballingskap in Portugal een van die eerste boeke oor die Boereoorlog geskryf: With Steyn and de Wet. 'n Maand na publikasie is die boek verban – waarskynlik vanwee verwysings in die boek na die juiste feite oor die omstrede figuur van generaal F.J. Pienaar, asook leidrade oor wat met die sogenaamde "Krugergoud" kon gebeur het. Hierdie interessante relaas is die vroee voorgeskiedenis en wat met die skrywer in die oorlog en in ballingskap in Portugal gebeur het.

Lest We Forget: - Beckenham & the Great War (Paperback): Pat Manning, Ian Muir Lest We Forget: - Beckenham & the Great War (Paperback)
Pat Manning, Ian Muir
R293 Discovery Miles 2 930 Ships in 12 - 17 working days
The Armed Forces Officer 2007 (Hardcover, Revised edition): U. S. Department of Defense The Armed Forces Officer 2007 (Hardcover, Revised edition)
U. S. Department of Defense
R533 R449 Discovery Miles 4 490 Save R84 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Initiated in 1950, this 2007 edition is the latest in a classic series of books of the same title. Journalist-historian S. L. A. Marshall wrote the first at the behest of Gen. George C. Marshall, who formed the great citizen army of World War II. The general believed officers of all services needed to base their professional commitment on a common moral-ethical grounding, which S. L. A. Marshall set out to explain. Ever since, these books have provided a foundation of thought, conduct, standards, and duty for American commissioned officers.Available now to the general public, this new edition takes the series' inspirational premise into the new century. It educates officers of all services, as well as civilians, about the fundamental moral-ethical requirements of being a commissioned officer in the armed forces of the United States. Understanding the common foundation of commissioned leadership and command of U.S. military forces is essential for achieving excellence in the joint operations of today's combat environment. This philosophy unites the officers of the uniformed services in the common calling of supporting, defending, and upholding the Constitution in service to their country.

The Scottish Volunteers - History of the 2nd Battalion Glasgow Highlanders (City of Glasgow Regiment) (Paperback): Eric... The Scottish Volunteers - History of the 2nd Battalion Glasgow Highlanders (City of Glasgow Regiment) (Paperback)
Eric Scotchburn-Snell
R786 R742 Discovery Miles 7 420 Save R44 (6%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days
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