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Pharmacology for nurses (Paperback, 4th ed): A. Dreyer, R. Kharwa, S. Moch, Y. Thandar Pharmacology for nurses (Paperback, 4th ed)
A. Dreyer, R. Kharwa, S. Moch, Y. Thandar
R408 R352 Discovery Miles 3 520 Save R56 (14%) Shipped within 4 - 9 working days

One of the most important functions that nurses have is the handling and administration of all drug schedules for patients under their care. Another vital function is the monitoring of their patientsí responses to these drug schedules. Both functions are crucial in making sure that patients under their care benefit optimally from the drug therapy they receive. To ensure that nurses are fully competent to carry out these critical functions of drug handling, administration and evaluation, the content of this fourth edition of Pharmacology for Nurses has been updated to include the most recent developments in drug therapy. For example, the chapter on administration of drugs to patients has been expanded. Similarly, the section on therapeutic uses of alpha agonists now includes subsections on cardiac arrest, as well as on hypotension and shock.

Blaber's Foundations for Paramedic Practice: A Theoretical Perspective (Paperback, 3rd edition): Amanda Blaber Blaber's Foundations for Paramedic Practice: A Theoretical Perspective (Paperback, 3rd edition)
Amanda Blaber
R666 R616 Discovery Miles 6 160 Save R50 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This bestselling undergraduate level book is an ideal resource for student paramedics looking for an excellent introduction to the main theoretical subjects studied in paramedic courses, and links practice issues to the all-important theory base. The chapters bring to life a wide variety of academic subjects, making complex subjects easily readable and encouraging reflection on how theory fits with practice. This third edition has been expanded throughout and includes five new chapters on research and evidence-based practice, human factors affecting paramedic practice, developing resilience, caring for people with dementia, and public health perspectives. This new edition also covers: * Ethics and law for the paramedic * Reflective practice and communication * Professional issues, including clinical audit and governance and anti-discriminatory practice * Psychological perspectives on health and ill health * Social factors * Care of vulnerable adults and end of life care * Safeguarding children * Managing change, decision making and leadership theory Written by a team of experienced paramedics, specialist health care professionals and doctors from across the UK, the book includes numerous links to practice, a wide selection of case studies and examples which encourage you to `stop and think' and reflect upon your practice experience. Blaber's Foundations for Paramedic Practice: A Theoretical Perspective, Third Edition is a core text for student paramedics and a valuable resource for students of all allied health professions. 'This book should be considered essential reading material for student paramedics endeavouring to understand the vital core concepts that underpin paramedic science. This clear, concise and user-friendly text is also invaluable for newly qualified paramedics, experienced paramedics looking to continue their own professional development and those acting as Practice Educators'. Sarah Christopher, PGC LTHE, BSc (Hons), MA Ed, FHEA, MC Para, Programme Lead for Paramedic Science, The University of Lincoln, UK

STUDY SKILLS IN HEALTH CARE -FNHCS (Paperback, New edition): Jayne Taylor STUDY SKILLS IN HEALTH CARE -FNHCS (Paperback, New edition)
Jayne Taylor
R719 R607 Discovery Miles 6 070 Save R112 (16%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

An essential guide for all areas of study for students undergoing health care training in the UK, this book: covers the preparation and putting together of various types of presentations; gives advice on time and financial management; deals with stress in relation to work and study; and provides information on copyright law, essay and report writing.

PATHOLOGY & PHARMACOLOGY MENTAL ILLNESS (Paperback, New Ed): Mark Wilbourn, Sylvia Prosser, Bob Prosser PATHOLOGY & PHARMACOLOGY MENTAL ILLNESS (Paperback, New Ed)
Mark Wilbourn, Sylvia Prosser, Bob Prosser
R885 R743 Discovery Miles 7 430 Save R142 (16%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

In this text mental illness is examined from the perspectives of pathology and pharmacology. Using case studies, it focuses on the major mental disorders, addressing their pathologies and pharmacological treatments. Topics include: depression; anxiety and sleep disorders; obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder and phobic disorders; psychosis and schizophrenia; dementia; substance abuse; and physical conditions which can mimic mental illness.

Midwifery at a Glance (Paperback): Eleanor Forrest Midwifery at a Glance (Paperback)
Eleanor Forrest
R712 R674 Discovery Miles 6 740 Save R38 (5%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Midwifery at a Glance offers an easy-to-read yet comprehensive overview of everything a midwifery student needs to know, from conception to care of the newborn. This practical guide provides coverage of normal pregnancy, maternal and foetal physiology, and pre-existing medical conditions and how these affect pregnancy and birth. It also features vital information on the role of the midwife, evidence-based practice, health promotion education, and perinatal mental health, as well as neonatal care and an overview of emergency situations. Midwifery at a Glance Contains superb full colour illustrations throughout Is written specifically for midwifery students and includes all the concepts found on the midwifery curriculum Demonstrates links with other relevant multidisciplinary healthcare professionals Midwifery at a Glance is the ideal guide, offering educational support for midwifery students in the application of midwifery knowledge into clinical practice.

Adult Nurse Practitioner Exam Secrets, Study Guide - NP Test Review for the Nurse Practitioner Exam (Counterpack  empty):... Adult Nurse Practitioner Exam Secrets, Study Guide - NP Test Review for the Nurse Practitioner Exam (Counterpack empty)
Mometrix Media
R1,183 R1,029 Discovery Miles 10 290 Save R154 (13%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
The Vital Glutes - Connecting the Gait Cycle to Pain and Dysfunction (Paperback): John Gibbons The Vital Glutes - Connecting the Gait Cycle to Pain and Dysfunction (Paperback)
John Gibbons
R467 R379 Discovery Miles 3 790 Save R88 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

John Gibbons looks at one of the most neglected areas of the body: the gluteal muscles. The Vital Glutes takes you on a fascinating journey of enlightenment, teaching the reader to recognize pain and dysfunctional patterns that arise from the gluteal muscles. Questions answered in the book include: Why are the glutes potentially causing pain and dysfunction to distant sites of the body? How does the gait pattern contribute to pain and dysfunction? And, how can the application of gluteal specific Muscle Energy Techniques aid full body wellbeing? This book also offers the reader step-by-step tasks to identify and correct a number of dysfunctional patterns, and functional gluteal exercises in order to aid recovery.

A Woman's Journal: Helping Women Recover (Paperback, 3rd Edition): Stephanie S. Covington A Woman's Journal: Helping Women Recover (Paperback, 3rd Edition)
Stephanie S. Covington
R630 R440 Discovery Miles 4 400 Save R190 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Biomechanics and Biomaterials in Orthopedics (Hardcover, 2nd ed. 2016): Dominique G. Poitout Biomechanics and Biomaterials in Orthopedics (Hardcover, 2nd ed. 2016)
Dominique G. Poitout
R4,041 R3,558 Discovery Miles 35 580 Save R483 (12%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

With the constant evolution of implant technology, and improvement in the production of allograft and bone substitutes, the armamentarium of the orthopaedic surgeon has significantly expanded. In particular, the recent involvement of nanotechnologies opens up the possibilities of new approaches in the interactive interfaces of implants. With many important developments occurring since the first edition of this well-received book, this updated resource informs orthopaedic practitioners on a wide range of biomechanical advances in one complete reference guide. Biomechanics and Biomaterials in Orthopedics, 2nd edition compiles the most prominent work in the discipline to offer newly-qualified orthopedic surgeons a summary of the fundamental skills that they will need to apply in their day-to-day work, while also updating the knowledge of experienced surgeons. This book covers both basic concepts concerning biomaterials and biomechanics as well as their clinical application and the experience from everyday practical use. This book will be of great value to specialists in orthopedics and traumatology, while also providing an important basis for graduate and postgraduate learning.

Nutrition for Health and Health Care (Paperback, 7th edition): Kathryn Pinna, Linda DeBruyne Nutrition for Health and Health Care (Paperback, 7th edition)
Kathryn Pinna, Linda DeBruyne
R856 R732 Discovery Miles 7 320 Save R124 (14%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

How does nutrition factor into nursing and health care careers? Find out with NUTRITION FOR HEALTH AND HEALTH CARE, 7th Edition! Packed with the latest clinical know-how, this resource enables you to leverage the power of diet therapy to make a real impact on patient lives. You'll uncover the science behind macro-nutrients, vitamins, minerals and metabolism, along with the many ways nutrition affects drugs, diseases and the human life cycle. And to support your success, the interactive MindTap platform features nutrition and diet therapy case studies, N.C.L.E.X.-style practice problems, the Diet & Wellness Plus app for setting and tracking nutritional goals--even an ebook that can read aloud to you!

Knowledge Development in Nursing - Theory and Process (Paperback, 9th Revised edition): Peggy L. Chinn, Maeona K. Kramer Knowledge Development in Nursing - Theory and Process (Paperback, 9th Revised edition)
Peggy L. Chinn, Maeona K. Kramer
R1,026 R900 Discovery Miles 9 000 Save R126 (12%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Showing how the different types of knowledge affect nursing theory, Knowledge Development in Nursing: Theory and Process, 9th Edition helps you understand nursing theory and its links with nursing research and practice. It examines the principles of knowledge development, including the relationship between patterns of knowing, and explores how evidence-based nursing theory can be used to improve patient care. Written by nursing educators Peggy Chinn and Maeona Kramer, this edition is updated with the latest advances in theory development and additional examples of how nursing theory applies to clinical practice. Discussion of Patterns of Knowing includes empiric, personal, aesthetic, ethical, and emancipatory knowledge, defining the five different types of knowledge and how they relate to each other. Full-color map in the front of the book enhances your understanding with a visual representation of how the patterns of knowing are related. Discussion of evidence-based practice provides examples of how the five patterns of knowing may be applied to nursing practice. A comprehensive discussion of theory, theory development, and the relationship of theory to nursing research and practice helps you learn to apply theory to practice. Think About It questions sharpen your understanding of the emancipatory knowing process of praxis - critical reflection and action that transforms experience. Interpretive summaries highlight the essential features of major theories, making conceptual frameworks easier to learn and remember. A glossary defines the key terms and concepts of nursing theory. An Evolve companion website includes more case studies, a Pattern of Knowing animation, and additional learning resources.

Phlebotomy - Worktext and Procedures Manual (Paperback, 4th Revised edition): Robin S. Warekois, Richard Robinson Phlebotomy - Worktext and Procedures Manual (Paperback, 4th Revised edition)
Robin S. Warekois, Richard Robinson
R1,340 R1,229 Discovery Miles 12 290 Save R111 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

With a storyboard format and full-color illustrations, Phlebotomy: Worktext and Procedures Manual describes all aspects of phlebotomy, with complete coverage of equipment, safety procedures, arterial blood gases, point-of-care testing, and practical phlebotomy skills. Procedures are outlined in a detailed storyboard format, pairing steps with full-color photos to help you understand the equipment and techniques such as venipuncture, dermal puncture, arterial blood collection, and special procedures. Written by Robin Warekois and Richard Robinson, this book also includes workbook sections for review, study questions, competency checklists, and a mock certification exam providing effective preparation for the phlebotomy certification exam. A detailed, storyboard format outlines common procedures, with steps accompanied by new full-color photos. Study and certification exam preparation questions in each chapter help you review and remember the material. A mock certification exam in the appendix mirrors the format of the actual phlebotomy certification exam, allowing you to review for the exam with 150 multiple-choice questions. Competency Checklists at the end of the book summarize the most critical and important steps in phlebotomy procedures. Clinical scenarios and tips encourage you apply your knowledge to real-life challenges in the workplace. Student resources on an Evolve companion website include a pre-test, animations, a new procedural video collection, interactive exercises, a mock certification exam, and an audio glossary. An anatomy and physiology section offers illustrated, in-depth information on body systems. A perforated bookmark on the back cover serves as a quick, portable reminder of which stopper tops to use for various diagnostic tests. Flashbacks and Flashforwards provide a cross reference to related information in previous or upcoming chapters. NEW video collection on the Evolve companion website demonstrates how critical procedures are performed. NEW photos have been added, in addition to new content on professionalism and HIPAA, equipment, and technology. NEW! Avoid That Error scenarios help you develop critical thinking skills and provide helpful tips on resolving problematic situations.

Healthcare Simulation at a Glance (Paperback): Kirsty Forrest, Judy McKimm Healthcare Simulation at a Glance (Paperback)
Kirsty Forrest, Judy McKimm
R634 R602 Discovery Miles 6 020 Save R32 (5%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Healthcare Simulation at a Glance provides an accessible overview to key educational aspects of simulation education, and how they relate to simulation in clinical practice and university based education. Structured into five sections, it begins with an introduction to simulation before moving on to focusing on the learning theories that underpins the approaches, and how to embed simulation into a programme. Sections three and four look at the technical and nontechnical features of simulation in various contexts, and how it can be used in assessment and providing feedback to health professionals. The last section considers how simulation educators can develop their own practice through different activities and approaches. Using case examples and practical tips, Healthcare Simulation at a Glance offers structure and a framework applicable to a complex area, and is ideal for those new to using simulation in education, as well as experienced academics.

Fundamentals of Care - A Textbook for Health and Social Care Assistants (Paperback): Ian Peate Fundamentals of Care - A Textbook for Health and Social Care Assistants (Paperback)
Ian Peate
R577 Discovery Miles 5 770 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Fundamentals of Care is an accessible introductory textbook for all health care assistants; assistant practitioners and social care support workers who are undertaking the newly introduced, mandatory Care Certificate, as well as offering a resource for providing care and support. Practically focused, each chapter begins with the outcomes associated with each standard, which helps contextualise and focus the reader on the content and relevance to the Care Certificate. The book also includes exercises to encourage the reader to stop, look, listen and act, thinking cap activity promotes further thinking and application to care and support provision along with case studies and resource files. Written to help the reader come to terms with the role and function of the heath and care assistants, Fundamentals of Care offers support to those undertaking the Care Certificate and to assist those who already work as health and care assistants, helping them in their quest to enhance safe and effective care.

Sociology for Nurses (Paperback, 3rd Edition): Elaine Denny, Sarah Earle, Alistair Hewison Sociology for Nurses (Paperback, 3rd Edition)
Elaine Denny, Sarah Earle, Alistair Hewison
R481 R453 Discovery Miles 4 530 Save R28 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Sociology for Nurses has become a leading textbook and an invaluable companion for students wishing to get to grips with how sociology can positively transform professional nursing practice. This thoroughly revised new edition maintains its commitment to providing jargon-free explanations of sociological theories and evidence to show how studying sociology can be useful in all branches of nursing. Readers will develop a clear understanding of what sociology is and why it is essential to practice, gain deeper awareness of social issues such as gender, ethnicity, class and the life course, and become more familiar with the social contexts of health policy and nursing as a profession. With updates in every chapter, the third edition includes a new chapter on research methods, a reorganized collection of chapters on health policy, extended coverage of long-term illness and disability, as well as contemporary case studies on topical healthcare issues such as dementia, the `obesity epidemic' and recent attempts to integrate health and social care. In addition, the book provides clearly defined learning aims, a useful glossary of sociological concepts, structured activities and questions for discussion, and annotated suggestions for further reading. The editors and contributing authors to the book have a wealth of experience teaching sociology to nurses at diploma and degree pre-registration and post-registration levels. Their book will continue to spark interest and debate among all student nurses, particularly those approaching sociology for the first time. Please visit the accompanying website at: http://www.politybooks.com/sociologyfornurses.

Nursing Diagnosis (Paperback, Fifteenth, International Edition): Lynda Juall Carpenito Nursing Diagnosis (Paperback, Fifteenth, International Edition)
Lynda Juall Carpenito
R1,296 R1,114 Discovery Miles 11 140 Save R182 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Prepare your students to effectively apply nursing diagnosis to clinical practice. Reflecting the challenges of ongoing rapid change in the nursing profession, this 15th edition of Lynda Carpenito s respected resource offers definitive guidance on nursing diagnosis, its role in the nursingprocess, and its application to clinical practice.Nursing diagnoses define the science and art of nursing; this vital book gives nurses-in-training the information they need for creative clinical nursing practice from assessment criteria to specific interventions Highlights of the 15th Edition: A comprehensive A-to-Z guide to current nursing diagnoses includes the most recent diagnoses approved by NANDA International.Nursing Interventions Classifications (NIC) and Nursing Outcomes Classifications (NOC) are listed for every NANDA-I diagnosis; NANDA-I diagnoses have been updated.Author's Notes and Errors in Diagnostic Statements help students understand the concept behind the diagnosis, differentiate one diagnosis from another, and avoid diagnostic errors. Carp s Cues appear throughout and consist of notes from the author to emphasize a certain principle of care, a controversial issue, or an ethical challenge.Key Concepts and Interventions are grouped by specific population--older adult, child, maternal, and transcultural--to help clarify the differences between the client groups.Section 3: Manual of Collaborative Problems shows how to integrate nursing care and diagnosis with the efforts of other healthcare professionals for optimum care of the client.A Nursing Diagnosis Index provides an at-a-glance, alphabetical reference that makes finding diagnoses quick and easy. "

Ultimate Gastric Sleeve Success - A Practical Patient Guide to Help Maximize Your Weight Loss Results (Paperback): Duc C. Vuong Ultimate Gastric Sleeve Success - A Practical Patient Guide to Help Maximize Your Weight Loss Results (Paperback)
Duc C. Vuong
R366 Discovery Miles 3 660 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Building on his popular Ultimate Success series, "Support Surgeon" Dr. Duc Vuong returns with his latest weight loss surgery guide, this time for Gastric Sleeve patients. Written in an easy-to-understand manner, he explains some of the anatomical and surgical aspects of this newer surgical procedure, while providing practical strategies on how to be successful long-term. He delves into some of the most elusive topics that plague weight loss surgery patients, such as weight loss plateaus, social eating, and long-term follow-up testing requirements. Maintaining the quiz and answer format of his previous books, this book is a must read for all weight loss surgery patients who are looking to maximize their weight loss surgery tool. Here are just a few of the topics that are discussed in Ultimate Gastric Sleeve Success: Understanding Your Gastric Sleeve Surgery--describes the antomy and the sleeve surgery in plain, easy-to-understand language Preoperative Sleeve Knowledge Test--gets your expectations inline for the surgery Basic Nutrition Test--basic but very practical information The Texture Scale--a concept developed by Dr. Vuong that will change how you think about food How Do You Know When You Are Full?--teaches you how to know when to stop eating Social Eating with the Gastric Sleeve--celebrations are just a part of living.

Case Studies in Communication Disorders (Paperback): Louise Cummings Case Studies in Communication Disorders (Paperback)
Louise Cummings
R843 Discovery Miles 8 430 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Designed for students of speech-language pathology, audiology and clinical linguistics, this valuable text introduces students to all aspects of the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of clients with developmental and acquired communication disorders through a series of structured case studies. Each case study includes questions which direct readers to important features of the case that will facilitate clinical learning. A selection of further readings encourages students to extend their knowledge of communication disorders. Key features of this book include: * 48 detailed case studies based on actual clients with communication disorders * 25 questions within each case study * Fully-worked answers to every question * 105 suggestions for further reading The text also develops knowledge of the epidemiology, aetiology, and linguistic and cognitive features of communication disorders, highlights salient aspects of client histories, and examines assessments and interventions used in the management of clients.

Edwards' Treatment of Drinking Problems - A Guide for the Helping Professions (Paperback, 6th Revised edition): Keith... Edwards' Treatment of Drinking Problems - A Guide for the Helping Professions (Paperback, 6th Revised edition)
Keith Humphreys, Anne Lingford-Hughes
R1,121 R965 Discovery Miles 9 650 Save R156 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Presenting state-of-the-art, accessible reviews of the expanding science of alcohol treatment, integrated with down to earth, practical guides to the management of a wide range of clinical situations, this new edition is compassionate toward patients, optimistic about treatment, and candid about the clinical and professional challenges embedded in the treatment endeavour. The coverage updates the science that has occurred in the half-decade since the last edition, most notably in the areas of neuroscience, neuroimaging and pharmacotherapy, and includes expanded discussion of historical and public policy forces that have shaped the alcohol treatment field. The book recognizes that drinking problems occur across all social structures and cannot be neatly confined to the specialist addiction treatment sector. This text is relevant to all those working to help those with a drinking problem, meeting the needs of general medical practitioners, psychiatrists and other medical specialists, nurses, psychotherapists, counselors, psychologists, alcohol support workers, social workers and occupational therapists, amongst others.

A Nurse at the Front - The First World War Diaries of Sister Edith Appleton (Paperback): Ruth Cowen A Nurse at the Front - The First World War Diaries of Sister Edith Appleton (Paperback)
Ruth Cowen 1
R234 R153 Discovery Miles 1 530 Save R81 (35%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book, the second in a series of four unique War Diaries produced in conjunction with the Imperial War Museum, tells a story that is rarely heard: the experiences of a nurse working close to the Western Front in the First World War. Incredibly, Edith Appleton served in France for the whole of the conflict. Her bravery and dedication won her the Military OBE, the Royal Red Cross and the Belgian Queen Elizabeth medal among others. Her diary details with compassion all the horrors of the 'war to end wars', including the first use of poison gas and the terrible cost of battles such as Ypres, but she also records what life was like for nurses and how she spent her time off-duty. There are moments of humour amongst the tragedy, and even lyrical accounts of the natural beauty that still existed amidst all the destruction.

Willard and Spackman's Occupational Therapy (Hardcover, Thirteenth, International Edition): John Doe Willard and Spackman's Occupational Therapy (Hardcover, Thirteenth, International Edition)
John Doe
R1,601 R1,305 Discovery Miles 13 050 Save R296 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Coaching for Caregivers - How to Reach Out Before You Burn Out (Color Edition) (Paperback, Full Color ed.): Yosaif August Coaching for Caregivers - How to Reach Out Before You Burn Out (Color Edition) (Paperback, Full Color ed.)
Yosaif August
R317 R255 Discovery Miles 2 550 Save R62 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

"If you're ready to show up for practice, Yosaif 's coaching can help you and your loved one get the love and support you need." -Bernie Siegel, MD, Author of Love, Medicine and Miracles; co-author with Yosaif August, of Help Me to Heal (Hay House, 2003) This book promotes caregivers' resiliency and helps them sustain themselves by reaching out for the love and support they and their loved ones need. It addresses the paradox of how difficult it is to help people who are stressed out and overwhelmed without, inadvertently, adding to their stress. This is especially so with caregivers who are at risk of burning out. This lively and easy to use how-to manual coaches caregivers - family and friends who are providing care to a loved one - to reach out for help before they, themselves, get so depleted that they burn out (and, in turn, need caregivers for themselves ). It does it in a way that their reaching out does not become just another item on their to-do list. In his introduction, Yosaif August, the author, invites caregivers to use the book as a just-in-time resource - to leaf through it, find topics that speak to them and then use it in a series of ten minute reads. Part One of the book coaches them to take stock of what they need, what their strengths and resources are, and any beliefs they have that may be holding them back from reaching out for love and support. Part Two coaches them in finding the best ways for them to do it, including using the new caresites i.e. free websites for them to use in communicating with people who care about them. The third section provides resources for them to use to help sustain them in providing care for their loved one. Mr. August is an award-winning healthcare innovator (inventor of Bedscapes(r)), life coach and keynote presenter. He was a family caregiver for his own parents and mother-in-law. In this book he draws on what he learned from those experiences, from his life coaching clients and research interviews he conducted with family caregivers who have been especially effective in reaching out for what they and their loved ones needed. Besides the caregivers themselves, it is also a valuable resource for friends, neighbors, professional colleagues, fellow congregants and others who are concerned that these caregivers are at risk of burning out but haven't yet found a way to help them. As the author says, "friends don't let friends burn out any more than friends let friends drive drunk." With this book in hand, they can reach out to the caregiver and offer to help them use it. This book is endorsed by a wide range of respected experts in the world of caregiving, spirituality and medicine - and by the leaders of the three major caresites (CarePages, Caring Bridge and Lotsa Helping Hands) - who also recommend its use by professionals: social workers, therapists, nurses, healthcare chaplains, physicians and others. "Yosaif August is the Vince Lombardi of coaching for caregivers." -Andrew Schorr, two-time cancer patient; Author of The Web-Savvy Patient, Founder, PatientPower.info ..". Written as if the author is speaking directly to you." -Louise Knight, M.S.W., LCSW-C, OSW-C, Director, Family Patient and Family Services Program, Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins Yosaif August is quite the caregiving coach. His book provides a thorough compilation of resources for our nation's caregivers. But what makes his book truly tremendous is his focus, not just on how to reach out for help, but on putting caregiver needs first to avoid burnout. -Hal Chapel, CEO and Co-Founder, Lotsa Helping Hands It's vital to take care of the caregiver Yosaif does a terrific job of breaking down ways to do just that in a very consumable way. -Sona Mehring, CaringBridge Founder and C

History Taking and Physical Examination - Textbook (Paperback): History Taking and Physical Examination - Textbook (Paperback)
R452 R387 Discovery Miles 3 870 Save R65 (14%) Shipped within 4 - 9 working days
Leddy & Pepper's Professional Nursing (Paperback, Ninth, International Edition): John Doe Leddy & Pepper's Professional Nursing (Paperback, Ninth, International Edition)
John Doe
R1,724 R1,277 Discovery Miles 12 770 Save R447 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Now in a full color, visually improved design , Leddy & Pepper's Professional Nursing, 9th Edition provides an easy to read, highly practical, broad overview of the nursing profession, addressing philosophical, developmental, sociocultural, environmental, political, health care delivery, and leadership issues vital for career enhancement. The author covers professional nursing roles and client care issues and presents strategies to deal with the emotional and ethical dimensions of professional practice. Appealing to today's learners, this edition features videos and interactive resources in the accompanying ancillary package. For online or hybrid, this textbook is also integrated into Lippincott RN to BSN Online. Lippincott RN to BSN Online, a full curriculum online course solution aligned to the guiding nursing curriculum standards The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice and the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses Competencies , uniquely features self-paced multimedia modules that foster experiential, active learning.

Steal Like an Artist - 10 Things Nobody Told You about Being Creative (Paperback): Austin Kleon Steal Like an Artist - 10 Things Nobody Told You about Being Creative (Paperback)
Austin Kleon
R233 R190 Discovery Miles 1 900 Save R43 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

When asked to talk to students at Broome Community College in upstate New York in the spring of 2011, Austin Kleon wrote a simple list often things he wished he'd heard when he was their age: 'Steal like an artist; Don't wait until you know who you are to start making things; Write the book you want to read; Use your hands; Side projects are important; Do good work and put it where people can see it; Geography is no longer our master; Be nice (the world is a small town.); Be boring (it's the only way to get work done.); and, Creativity is subtraction.' After giving the speech, he posted the text and slides to his popular blog, where it quickly went viral. Now Kleon has expanded his original manifesto into an illustrated guide to the creative life for writers, artists, entrepreneurs, designers, photographers, musicians, and anyone attempting to make things - art, a career, a life - in the digital age. Brief, direct, and visually interactive, the book includes illustrative anecdotes and mini-exercise sections calling out practical actions readers can take to unleash their own creative spirits.

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