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Leading With Awareness - A Roadmap for Awakened Leaders (Hardcover): Joan Marques Leading With Awareness - A Roadmap for Awakened Leaders (Hardcover)
Joan Marques
R3,099 Discovery Miles 30 990 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Presenting the essentials of awakened leadership through 50 contemplative branches, this text is a revolutionary yet sensible leadership manual that takes the reader from self-reflection to interaction, touching on internal and external factors that influence business decision-making. This book is designed to expand awareness within those who lead at present or those who aspire to lead. One can only lead others responsibly having understood how to lead the self, becoming an "awakened leader." Awakened leaders stay true to their values but are very much aware that life and business are continuous processes of growth and change-an awareness more critical than ever in today's VUCA world. Awakened leaders recognize that these constant changes are calls to regular reflection, enabling greater empathy, understanding, and ultimately, improved decision-making. Postgraduate students and practicing leaders in the workplace will value this book, which tells them in a straightforward way how to undertake no-nonsense action with a compassionate and visionary foundation.

Seven Essentials for Business Success - Lessons from Legendary Professors (Paperback): George Siedel Seven Essentials for Business Success - Lessons from Legendary Professors (Paperback)
George Siedel
R798 Discovery Miles 7 980 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Successful leaders are great teachers, and successful teachers serve as models of leadership. This book enables both leaders and teachers to understand and use the best practices developed by award-winning professors, each of whom teaches one of the seven areas that are essential for business success. These professors candidly discuss their successes and failures in the classroom, the mentors who inspired them, how they developed their teaching methods, and their rigorous preparation for class. Through descriptions of the professors in action, readers will gain an insider's perspective on their teaching skills, and witness how they teach the seven essentials for success in a variety of settings-MBA, Executive MBA, and executive education courses. The chapters also describe the daily lives (professional and personal) of the professors, and the impact they have beyond the classroom in improving organizations and society. If you are a leader or teacher-or if you are interested in the content of a business school education-this book provides an insider's perspective on the best practices used by legendary professors when teaching the seven essentials that represent the core body of knowledge for business success.

Facing the Challenges of a Multi-Age Workforce - A Use-Inspired Approach (Hardcover): Lisa M. Finkelstein, Donald M. Truxillo,... Facing the Challenges of a Multi-Age Workforce - A Use-Inspired Approach (Hardcover)
Lisa M. Finkelstein, Donald M. Truxillo, Franco Fraccaroli, Ruth Kanfer
R3,230 Discovery Miles 32 300 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Facing the Challenges of a Multi-Age Workforce examines the shifting economic, cultural, and technological trends in the modern workplace that are taking place as a result of the aging global workforce. Taking an international perspective, contributors address workforce aging issues around the world, allowing for productive cross-cultural comparisons. Chapters adopt a use-inspired approach, with contributors proposing solutions to real problems faced by organizations, including global teamwork, unemployed youth, job obsolescence and over-qualification, heavy emotional labor and physically demanding jobs, and cross-age perceptions and communication. Additional commentaries from sociologists, gerontologists, economists, and scholars of labor and government round out the volume and demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of this important topic.

Managing Change in Museums and Galleries - A Practical Guide (Paperback): Piotr Bienkowski, Hilary McGowan Managing Change in Museums and Galleries - A Practical Guide (Paperback)
Piotr Bienkowski, Hilary McGowan
R793 Discovery Miles 7 930 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Managing Change in Museums and Galleries is the first practical book to provide guidance on how to deal with organisational change in museums, galleries or heritage organisations. Written by two authors who have direct experience of leading change, running change programmes and advising on change in more than 250 museums and galleries, the book identifies the various problems, issues and challenges that any professional in a museum or heritage organisation is likely to encounter and provides advice on how to deal with them. The book's six parts treat change holistically, and help the reader understand what change entails, prepare for it and lead it, ensure that everyone in the museum is involved, understand what can go wrong and evaluate and learn from it. Each chapter is devoted to a specific challenge that is often encountered during change and is extensively cross-referenced to other relevant chapters. Including a list of helpful resources and suggestions of useful publications for further reading, this book is a unique guide to change in museums. Managing Change in Museums and Galleries is an essential resource for all museum practitioners - whether they be the people in museums and galleries who are leading change, or those affected by change as a leader, a member of staff or a volunteer.

Handbook on Organisational Entrepreneurship (Hardcover): Daniel Hjorth Handbook on Organisational Entrepreneurship (Hardcover)
Daniel Hjorth
R4,727 Discovery Miles 47 270 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This Handbook brings together pioneering, original work on organisational entrepreneurship. It provides a broad coverage and rich agenda for future research and teaching on the entrepreneurship-organisation relationship.Organizational entrepreneurship represents an interdisciplinary field of research that relates organisation, entrepreneurship and innovation studies in new ways. This Handbook establishes the scope of this interdisciplinary domain, challenges our perception of relationships between organization(s) and entrepreneurship, and asks new questions central to our capacity to describe, analyze and understand organizational entrepreneurship. Providing a broad and rich set of examples of interdisciplinary research and bridging the fields of strategic management, organization studies, entrepreneurship, innovation, art and aesthetics, this important compendium will prove invaluable to graduate students and scholars in these fields. Contributors: H. Ahl, H.E. Aldrich, E. Barinaga, T. Beyes, P.L. Bylund, L. Devin, N.J. Foss, W.B. Gartner, P. Guillet de Monthoux, R.D. Hisrich, D. Hjorth, C. Jones, C. Kearney, P.G. Klein, A. Kovalainen, D.F. Kuratko, J. Lyngsie, M. Martinez, A.-M. Murtola, S. O'Donnell, S. Sarasvathy, D. Smallbone, B.M. Sorensen, C. Steyaert, E. Sundin, R. Swedberg, F. Welter

Cybersecurity Readiness - A Holistic and High-Performance Approach (Hardcover): Dave Chatterjee Cybersecurity Readiness - A Holistic and High-Performance Approach (Hardcover)
Dave Chatterjee
R1,284 Discovery Miles 12 840 Ships in 10 - 20 working days

With rapidly expanding attacks and evolving methods of attack, organizations are in a perpetual state of breach and must deal with this existential threat head-on. Cybersecurity Readiness is intended to help students and practitioners develop and enhance this capability, as individuals continue to be both the strongest and weakest links in a cyber defense system. In addition to providing the non-specialist with a jargon-free overview of cybersecurity threats, Dr. Chatterjee focuses most of the book on developing a practical and easy-to-comprehend management framework and success factors that will help leaders assess cybersecurity risks, address organizational weaknesses, and build a collaborative culture that is informed and responsive. Through brief case studies, literature review, and practical tools, he creates a manual for the student and professional alike to put into practice essential skills for any workplace.

Leadership as Meaning-Making - Take the Hero's Journey to Transformation (Paperback): John Varney Leadership as Meaning-Making - Take the Hero's Journey to Transformation (Paperback)
John Varney
R614 Discovery Miles 6 140 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Based on the author's 30 years experience of management development and a background in design and psychology, this book takes a fresh look at leadership as a systemic shared phenomenon. It is one aspect of the evolutionary principle of bringing people to maturity as human beings - transforming the immature through purposeful adventure. This is not a "how-to" book of tools and techniques but is a guide to personal development. It plots the territory of the hero's journey (after Joseph Campbell) through unknown worlds. It explains the metaphorical relationship to personal and collective transformation by means of the cyclic pattern of the hero's journey, overlaid with the enneagram framework. Succeeding chapters spell out practical details for making the journey towards maturity, which alone makes leadership a viable possibility. Only such purposeful leadership will enable others to make their own equivalent journeys. If such people are engaged in work, then they will be more conscious and more effective. Essentially, the book is intentionally quickly communicates a broad sweep of related ideas that form a philosophy for the development of the inner qualities of effective leadership, applicable in all walks of life. The story of the archetypical hero's journey is suggested as applying to every individual. The hero's journey is an allegory for a quest for inner growth. It can rub off onto others through what we call "leadership". Such leadership is what brings meaning to people's lives. Thus this book is a counter to the empty manipulative techniques propagated by much of the popular writing on leadership, which pays little attention to transformative interaction. There are exercises at the end of each chapter and additional material is available to readers via the internet.

Inclusify - The Power of Uniqueness and Belonging to Build Innovative Teams (Hardcover): Stefanie K. Johnson Inclusify - The Power of Uniqueness and Belonging to Build Innovative Teams (Hardcover)
Stefanie K. Johnson
R565 R446 Discovery Miles 4 460 Save R119 (21%) In stock

Wall Street Journal Bestseller In this groundbreaking guide, a management expert outlines the transformative leadership skill of tomorrow-one that can make it possible to build truly diverse and inclusive teams which value employees' need to belong while being themselves. Humans have two basic desires: to stand out and to fit in. Companies respond by creating groups that tend to the extreme-where everyone fits in and no one stands out, or where everyone stands out and no one fits in. How do we find that happy medium where workers can demonstrate their individuality while also feeling they belong? The answer, according to Stefanie Johnson, is to Inclusify. In this essential handbook, she explains what it means to Inclusify and how it can be used to strengthen any business. Inclusifying-unlike "diversifying" or "including"- implies a continuous, sustained effort towards helping diverse teams feel engaged, empowered, accepted, and valued. It's no use having diversity if everyone feels like an outsider, she contends. In her research, Johnson found common problems leaders exhibit which frustrate their attempts to create diverse and cohesive teams. Leaders that underestimated the importance of group coherence and dynamics often have employees who do not feel like they belong; leaders that ignore the benefits of listening to different perspectives leave some people feeling like they cannot be their authentic selves. By contrast, leaders who Inclusify can forge strong relationships with their teams, inspire greater productivity from all of their workers, and create a more positive environment for everyone. Having a true range of different voices is good for the bottom line-it allows for the development of the best, most innovative, and creative solutions that are essential to success. Inclusify reveals the unexpected ways that well-intentioned leaders undermine their teams, explains how to recognize the myths and misperceptions that drive these behaviors, and provides practical strategies to become an Inclusifyer. By learning why uniqueness and belonging are so imperative, leaders can better understand what makes their employees tick and find ways to encourage them to be themselves while ensuring they feel like they are fully part of the group. The result is a fully engaged team filled with diverse perspectives-the key to creating innovative and imaginative ideas that drive value.

Netnography Unlimited - Understanding Technoculture using Qualitative Social Media Research (Paperback): Robert V. Kozinets,... Netnography Unlimited - Understanding Technoculture using Qualitative Social Media Research (Paperback)
Robert V. Kozinets, Rossella Gambetti
R1,124 Discovery Miles 11 240 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Netnography has become an essential tool for qualitative research in the dynamic, complex, and conflicted worlds of contemporary technoculture. Shaped by academic fields, industries, national contexts, technologies and platforms, and languages and cultures for over two decades, netnography has impacted the research practices of scholars around the world. In this volume, 34 researchers present 19 chapters that examine how they have adapted netnography and what those changes can teach us. Positioned for students and researchers in academic and professional fields, this book examines how we can better use netnographic research to understand the many ways networked technologies affect every element of contemporary business life and consumer existence. Netnography Unlimited provides an unprecedented new look at netnography. From COVID-19 to influencer empathy, gambling and the Dark Web to public relations and the military, AI and more-than-human netnography to video-streaming and auto-netnography, there has never been a wider or deeper treatment of technocultural netnographic research in one volume. Readers will learn what kind of work they can do with netnography and gain an up-to-date understanding of the most pressing issues and opportunities. This book is a must-read for those interested in technology, research methods, and contemporary culture.

Psychological Insights for Understanding COVID-19 and Work (Paperback): Cary L. Cooper Psychological Insights for Understanding COVID-19 and Work (Paperback)
Cary L. Cooper
R517 Discovery Miles 5 170 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

In the Psychological Insights for Understanding COVID-19 series, international experts introduce important themes in psychological science that engage with people's unprecedented experience of the pandemic, drawing together chapters as they originally appeared before COVID-19 descended on the world. This timely and accessible book brings together a selection of chapters offering insights into issues surrounding work and the COVID-19 pandemic. Featuring content on topics such as health and wellbeing, work-family, flexible hours, organisational communication, talent management, recovery from work, employee engagement and flourishing, burnout, and organisational interventions, the book includes a specially written introduction contextualising the chapters in relation to the COVID-19 crisis. Reflecting on how psychological research is relevant during a significant global event, the introduction examines the potential future impact of the pandemic on the practice and study of psychology and our lives more generally. Featuring theory and research on key topics germane to the global pandemic, the Psychological Insights for Understanding COVID-19 series offers thought-provoking reading for professionals, students, academics and policy makers concerned with the psychological consequences of COVID-19 for individuals, families and society.

Understanding the Business Environment (Paperback, 3rd edition): Claire Capon Understanding the Business Environment (Paperback, 3rd edition)
Claire Capon
R1,639 Discovery Miles 16 390 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Understanding the Business Environment introduces the nature and environment of organisations to the first-time student of business. Clearly and accessibly, the book examines the external and competitive environment of business, as well as the structure, culture, resources and functions inside organisations. This combination of both the internal and external environment of organisations is unusual, and marks this book out as particularly valuable for courses aiming to give students a rounded introduction to business. It is written for students on undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in business, or business-related disciplines. The following online resources support the text: For Students: self-assessment questions, glossary, revision "flashcards" For Instructors: teaching manual, powerpoint slides

Soho at Work - Pleasure and Place in Contemporary London (Paperback): Melissa Tyler Soho at Work - Pleasure and Place in Contemporary London (Paperback)
Melissa Tyler
R609 Discovery Miles 6 090 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

What is it like to work in a place that is both a thriving and close-knit community and a globally recognised part of the commercial sex industry? London's Soho has always been a place of complexity, contrast and change throughout its colourful history, yet urban branding, local community initiatives and licensing regulations have combined to 'clean up' Soho, arguably to the point of sanitisation, and commercial over-development remains a continuing threat. In spite of all this, Soho retains its edge and remains a unique place to live, work and consume. Based on a ten-year ethnographic study of working in Soho's sex shops, combining archival material, literary sources, photographic materials and interviews with men and women employed there, Tyler draws together insights from history, geography and cultural studies to tell the unseen story of this fascinating work place.

Paradox and Power in Caring Leadership - Critical and Philosophical Reflections (Hardcover): Leah Tomkins Paradox and Power in Caring Leadership - Critical and Philosophical Reflections (Hardcover)
Leah Tomkins
R2,556 Discovery Miles 25 560 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Why does it matter that our leaders care about us? What might we reasonably expect from a caring leader, and what price are we prepared to pay for it? Is caring leadership something 'soft', or can it be linked to strategy and delivery? International scholars from the fields of ancient and modern philosophy, psychology, organization studies and leadership development offer a strikingly original debate on what it means for leaders to care. At a time when the challenges of leadership are rarely out of the headlines, this ground-breaking work takes us beyond the demand that leaders should be competent at what they do, and into the moral and emotional politics of their influence on others. Debates include the costs of caring both too much and too little, the connections between care and feelings, how care affects the self, and caring leadership as collective responsibility. A key resource for scholars and practitioners in leadership and management, cultural studies, sociology and politics, this book offers an exciting, multi-disciplinary perspective on one of the most fascinating topics in contemporary leadership debates.

Relational Analytics - Guidelines for Analysis and Action (Paperback): Jody Hoffer Gittell, Hebatallah Naim Ali Relational Analytics - Guidelines for Analysis and Action (Paperback)
Jody Hoffer Gittell, Hebatallah Naim Ali
R769 Discovery Miles 7 690 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This guidebook goes beyond people analytics to provide a research-based, practice-tested methodology for doing relational analytics, based on the science of relational coordination. We are witnessing a revolution in people analytics, where data are used to identify and leverage human talent to drive performance outcomes. Today's workplace is interdependent, however, and individuals drive performance through networks that span department, organization and sector boundaries. This book shares the relational coordination framework, with a validated scalable analytic tool that has been used successfully across dozens of countries and industries to understand, measure and influence networks of relationships in and across organizations, and which can be applied at any level in the private and public sectors worldwide. Graduate students and practitioners in human resource management, health policy and management, organizational behavior, engineering and network analysis will appreciate the methodology and hands-on guidance this book provides, with its focus on identifying, analyzing and building networks of productive interdependence. Online resources include data appendices and statistical commands that can be used to conduct all these analyses in readers' own organizations.

Reimagining Faith and Management - The Impact of Faith in the Workplace (Hardcover): Edwina Pio, Robert Kilpatrick, Timothy... Reimagining Faith and Management - The Impact of Faith in the Workplace (Hardcover)
Edwina Pio, Robert Kilpatrick, Timothy Pratt
R2,981 Discovery Miles 29 810 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Much contemporary research ignores or is dismissive of the growth of global religiosity, even though 90 percent of the global population sees the world through a commitment to some kind of faith. Reimagining Faith and Management addresses this issue and extends the research on the impact of faith in various aspects of management, such as negotiation, leadership, entrepreneurship, governance, innovation, ethics, finance and careers. Faith impacts how individuals and organisations envision, manage and respond to their various stakeholders, communities, the natural environment and the world around them. This book presents various facets of how faith, values and/or ideological outlook which informs, influences and adds mystery to inspire and impel individuals and organisations. The 21 chapters are based on academic research and offer practical managerial recommendations. The book is divided into three sections: faithful futures impacting individuals; faithful futures impacting organisations and faithful futures impacting society. Each chapter presents a theoretical base and includes practical implications. The book is ideal reading for educators, practitioners, researchers and students of business, management, career studies, faith-based organisations, corporate governance and business ethics, as well as religious studies, including applied theology.

Rethinking Leadership - A Critique of Contemporary Theories (Hardcover): Annabel Beerel Rethinking Leadership - A Critique of Contemporary Theories (Hardcover)
Annabel Beerel
R4,210 Discovery Miles 42 100 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This book provides a detailed review of the key leadership theories and skills required during times of crises and radical uncertainty, how these can be developed, and how they can be applied in practice. Written over the course of the 2020 pandemic, the book highlights the immense lack of leadership competencies required for effective leadership in times of radical uncertainty and provides in-depth insights into the capacities and skills that should be part of all leadership development. The latest leadership theories, as well as existing key styles, including mindful leadership, the neuroscience of leadership, and transpersonal and adaptive leadership, are discussed and critiqued along with their potential contribution to developing effective leaders. Each chapter concludes with a convenient executive summary and questions that can be used for teaching purposes and class discussion. This is a comprehensive book about the interdisciplinary and multifaceted requirements of leadership and how to attain those capacities to develop effective leaders. It will be valuable for advanced undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses as a foundational resource on leadership theory and its application in practice.

The Routledge Companion to Ethics, Politics and Organizations (Paperback): Alison Pullen, Carl Rhodes The Routledge Companion to Ethics, Politics and Organizations (Paperback)
Alison Pullen, Carl Rhodes
R1,075 Discovery Miles 10 750 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The Routledge Companion to Ethics, Politics and Organizations synthesizes and extends existing research on ethics in organizations by explicitly focusing on 'ethico-politics' - where ethics informs political action. It draws connections between ethics and politics in and around organizations and the workplace, examines cutting-edge areas and sets the scene for future research. Through a wealth of international and multidisciplinary contributions this volume considers the broad range of ways in which ethics and politics can be conceived and understood. The chapters look at various ethical traditions, as well as the discursive deployment of ethical terminology in organizational settings, and they also examine large scale political structures and processes and how they relate to different forms of politics which affect behaviour in organizations. These many possibilities are united by a focus on how ethics can be used to inform and justify the exercise of power in organizations. This collection will be a valuable reference source for students and researchers across the disciplines of organizational studies, ethics and politics.

Ethics, Meaningfulness, and Mutuality (Paperback): Ruth Yeoman Ethics, Meaningfulness, and Mutuality (Paperback)
Ruth Yeoman
R970 Discovery Miles 9 700 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

There is an urgent need to understand how private and public organisations can play a role in promoting human values such as fairness, dignity, respect and care. Globalisation, technological advance and climate change are changing work, organisations and systems in ways which foster inequality, alienation and collective risk. Against this backdrop, organisations are being urged to make their contribution to the common good, take account of the interests of multiple stakeholders, and respond ethically as well as efficiently to complex challenges which transcend traditional organisational and state boundaries. Ethics, Meaningfulness, and Mutuality poses critical questions related to organisational design by challenging limits to current thinking, such as the neglect by political philosophers of markets, firms and stakeholders, or by organisational theorists of business ethics. In so doing, the book advances our understanding of the theory and practice of ethical organising. Specifically, meaningfulness and mutuality will be used to yield values and principles for a philosophy of ethical organising which includes an account of human values in morally desirable collective action, and examines the relationship of collective action to the contested concept of shared value creation. Within a philosophy of ethical organising, mutuality permits an examination of the unavoidable relational nature of collective action, whereas meaningfulness addresses fundamental human concerns for significance and leading a life we have reason to value. By addressing our status as relational beings with human needs for meaning, a philosophy of ethical organising brings critical thinking to the creation of morally informed organisational practices which are not only instrumentally beneficial for addressing wicked problems, but are normatively desirable for human flourishing.

Founders and Organizational Development - The Etiology and Theory of Founder's Syndrome (Hardcover): Stephen R Block,... Founders and Organizational Development - The Etiology and Theory of Founder's Syndrome (Hardcover)
Stephen R Block, Katrina Miller-Stevens
R2,979 Discovery Miles 29 790 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Founders and Organizational Development: The Etiology and Theory of Founder's Syndrome is designed to help today's researchers, faculty, students and practitioners become familiar with the etiology and dynamics of Founder's Syndrome as an organizational condition challenging nonprofit/nongovernmental, social enterprise, and for-profit and publicly traded organizations. The book uses applied social and psychological theories and concepts to peel away the layers of an organizational enigma, revealing three causes of Founder's Syndrome and insight into the power and privileges assumed by founders who engage in undesirable and self-destructive behaviors leading to their termination; going from hero status to antihero. Researchers, instructors, students, and practitioners will find thought-provoking case studies from the real world of organization development practice. Segments from interviews during interventions reveal the type of emotional turmoil experienced in organizations where founder's syndrome is present. Insight is provided into accounts of well-known founders who were terminated or forced to resign. The unique features of this book include: integrating theory into practice, describing a new theory about the psychological reaction of founder's syndrome victims, prevention ideas when designing new organizations, strategies for intervention, using content based on research and organization development consultation experiences, and, integrating feedback from students who have launched organizations.

The Intelligent Nation - How to Organise a Country (Paperback): John Beckford The Intelligent Nation - How to Organise a Country (Paperback)
John Beckford
R919 Discovery Miles 9 190 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The Intelligent Nation proposes a systemic and radical transformation of the organisation, management, ownership and performance of the services of the state by capitalising on the potential offered by contemporary information capability and fulfilling the rights and obligations both to and of citizens. In this book, John Beckford shows how, by adopting the principles of an Intelligent Organisation, the state can thrive and meet the needs of its citizens. He proposes a complete rethink of the state as the enabler or provider of public services. In particular, he points to the failure of the public sector to significantly emulate the massive gains in productivity and customer focus experienced in both manufacturing and services (e.g. finance, retailing, insurance). Governance and all public services must be redesigned to align to the contemporary needs of the citizen and exploit the power of information to enable a transformation of their effectiveness, redefine efficiency and support human-based services in crucial areas. Each chapter provides the key learning points, a discussion of the problem in theory and practice, integrated case studies, and discussion points. Written in an accessible style, the book provides thought-provoking supplemental reading for masters and undergraduate students reading organisation theory, organisation development, political science, public administration, healthcare, information systems and business and management science.

Demystifying Organisational Development - Practical capacity-building experiences of African NGOs (Paperback): Rick James Demystifying Organisational Development - Practical capacity-building experiences of African NGOs (Paperback)
Rick James
R184 Discovery Miles 1 840 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Organization Development (OD) consultancy is being prioritized by many Northern NGOs as a key strategy for building the capacity for NGOs in the South. Few NGO decision-makers, however, are sure of what OD consultancy looks like in practice; whether it does really strengthen NGOs; and on what factors its success is contingent.

Technology, Information and Market Dynamics - Topics in Advanced Industrial Organization (Hardcover, illustrated edition):... Technology, Information and Market Dynamics - Topics in Advanced Industrial Organization (Hardcover, illustrated edition)
Patrizio Bianchi, Luca Lambertini
R2,533 Discovery Miles 25 330 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This timely volume offers a comprehensive assessment of the dynamics of firms' behaviour and organization, providing an essential outline of the ways in which our understanding of firms and markets is evolving. Key topics, such as the interplay between labour and capital, the choice of the optimal product range and the dynamics of capital accumulation and innovation are investigated. All of these aspects of the evolution of a market are evaluated in connection with the manifold issue of information, be that related to demand uncertainty, accountancy data, the diffusion of technological knowledge, or the nature of strategic interaction among firms in market games. Technology, Information and Market Dynamics is an extensive and detailed book, offering useful indicators for both theoretical and applied research. It will appeal to economists and researchers of industrial organization and innovation.

Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching - A Psychology of Being for a Time of Crisis (Paperback): Aubyn Howard Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching - A Psychology of Being for a Time of Crisis (Paperback)
Aubyn Howard
R677 Discovery Miles 6 770 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching responds to the call of coaches who want to be able to work with the whole person, with the inner as well as the outer worlds, and not just at rational and behavioural levels but at emotional and spiritual levels as well. Psychosynthesis is unique amongst psychologies in the emphasis it places on self and will at the centre of human psychological functioning. This holistic and integrative psychology provides the foundations for working with leaders in ways that respond to today's emergent crises. Psychosynthesis coaching is an increasingly popular approach that is finding its way into the mainstream as a response to the needs of coaching to engage at depth with emotional content and in the transpersonal realm of meaning, purpose and values. This book introduces psychosynthesis coaching to a wider audience and provides a comprehensive guide to this approach for both coaches and leaders. This book provides the context, models, methods, skills and techniques for coaches to engage with their clients within the larger context of Self and Will, alongside working on inner and outer agendas and goals of any description. For coaches, leaders and organisational practitioners alike, this approach is also about coaching our inner leader - knowing that this work always starts with ourselves.

Understanding Trust in Organizations - A Multilevel Perspective (Hardcover): Nicole Gillespie, C. Ashley Fulmer, Roy J. Lewicki Understanding Trust in Organizations - A Multilevel Perspective (Hardcover)
Nicole Gillespie, C. Ashley Fulmer, Roy J. Lewicki
R2,760 Discovery Miles 27 600 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Understanding Trust in Organizations: A Multilevel Perspective examines trust within organizations from a multilevel perspective, bringing together internationally renowned trust scholars to advance our understanding of how trust is affected by both macro and micro forces, such as those operating at the societal, institutional, network, organizational, team, and individual levels. Understanding Trust in Organizations synthesizes and promotes new scholarly work examining the emergence and embeddedness of multilevel trust within organizations. It provides a much-needed integration and novel conceptual advances regarding the dynamic interplay between micro and macro levels that influence trust. This volume brings new insights into how trust in groups, networks, and organizations forms, and why employees can differ in their trust in leaders and teams. Providing rich and nuanced insights into how to develop, maintain, and restore trust in the workplace, Understanding Trust in Organizations is a critical resource for scholars, graduate students, and researchers of industrial and organizational psychology, as well as practitioners in fields such as human resource management and strategic management.

How Successful Leaders Do Business with Their World - The Navigational Stance (Hardcover): Stephen Barden How Successful Leaders Do Business with Their World - The Navigational Stance (Hardcover)
Stephen Barden
R1,197 Discovery Miles 11 970 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

In this rigorously researched book Stephen Barden presents compelling evidence that top leaders learn from a very early age to 'do business with the world' by using their power and authority to partner with it, rather than impose themselves on it. Based on interviews with military, corporate and educational leaders, How Successful Leaders Do Business with Their World offers powerful insight into how these findings can be applied in practice. The book illustrates how the assumptions leaders formed as children, and the way they learned to 'make space for themselves', directly links to the way they exercise their leadership as adults. Barden uses these findings and insights, as well as studies from his own corporate leadership career and coaching practice, to describe a set of common assumptions held by successful leaders. The book clearly outlines several key concepts - the Navigational Stance, the Partnering Stance, the Oppositional Stance and the Navigational Compass - illustrates each with relevant examples and makes recommendations for applying these insights in practice. How Successful Leaders Do Business with Their World will be a valuable asset for coaches, leaders, HR and L&D professionals, and all professionals working with leaders. To learn more about the author and his work, please visit stephenbarden.org.

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