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Technology, Information and Market Dynamics - Topics in Advanced Industrial Organization (Hardcover, illustrated edition):... Technology, Information and Market Dynamics - Topics in Advanced Industrial Organization (Hardcover, illustrated edition)
Patrizio Bianchi, Luca Lambertini
R2,607 Discovery Miles 26 070 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This timely volume offers a comprehensive assessment of the dynamics of firms' behaviour and organization, providing an essential outline of the ways in which our understanding of firms and markets is evolving. Key topics, such as the interplay between labour and capital, the choice of the optimal product range and the dynamics of capital accumulation and innovation are investigated. All of these aspects of the evolution of a market are evaluated in connection with the manifold issue of information, be that related to demand uncertainty, accountancy data, the diffusion of technological knowledge, or the nature of strategic interaction among firms in market games. Technology, Information and Market Dynamics is an extensive and detailed book, offering useful indicators for both theoretical and applied research. It will appeal to economists and researchers of industrial organization and innovation.

The Impostor Leaders - Lessons on How Not to Lead (Paperback): Enda M. Larkin The Impostor Leaders - Lessons on How Not to Lead (Paperback)
Enda M. Larkin
R802 Discovery Miles 8 020 Ships in 10 - 20 working days

Taking a novel approach to the subject of leadership, this book uses its dark side as a vehicle to highlight some important leadership lessons, helping all managers to reflect on their own performance. The Impostor Leaders clarifies what is meant by genuine leadership, focusing on the fact that leading and managing go hand in hand. Based on this ability to consistently combine the leadership and management roles, this book describes in detail and practical terms, using real-world examples, the range of good and bad leader-types seen in organizations today. The Leadership Wheel is also introduced as a conceptual framework to isolate eight types of leaders across four categories. Appealing to leaders and managers across industry sectors, this book's substantial analysis of bad leadership gives readers a tangible framework against which to consider their own capabilities.

Introducing Organizational Behaviour and Management (Paperback, 3rd edition): David Knights, Hugh Willmott Introducing Organizational Behaviour and Management (Paperback, 3rd edition)
David Knights, Hugh Willmott
R936 R834 Discovery Miles 8 340 Save R102 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Introducing Organizational Behaviour and Management is written by specialists for students who want to think differently about their understanding of organizational behaviour. This textbook contrasts perspectives on organizational behaviour, discussing the alternative critical or controversial thinking and debate. Key concepts that underpin this diverse subject are identified and explored in a range of international and everyday examples. This book employs the principles of adopting a selective rather than exhaustive approach to introductory organizational behaviour topics. It applies a conceptual framework to the subject matter, and seeks to engage the reader throughout.

Experiencing the New World of Work (Paperback): Jeremy Aroles, Francois-Xavier de Vaujany, Karen Dale Experiencing the New World of Work (Paperback)
Jeremy Aroles, Francois-Xavier de Vaujany, Karen Dale
R633 Discovery Miles 6 330 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Exploring the different facets of the new world of work (including the hacker and maker movements, platform work, and digital nomadism), this edited volume sets out to investigate and theorise how these new work practices are experienced by various actors. It explores such changes at both the micro and macro levels and sets out to link them back to wider social, managerial and political issues. In doing so, it aims to reflect on the similarities and differences between new and 'old' work practices and problematize discourses surrounding the future of work. This volume is characterized by the diversity of methods mobilized, the plurality of concepts, lenses and theories deployed as well as the richness of the empirical accounts used by the authors. It will appeal to a broad readership of management and organizational scholars as well as sociologists interested in current changes to the world of work.

Overload - How Good Jobs Went Bad and What We Can Do about It (Hardcover): Erin L. Kelly, Phyllis Moen Overload - How Good Jobs Went Bad and What We Can Do about It (Hardcover)
Erin L. Kelly, Phyllis Moen
R559 Discovery Miles 5 590 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Why too much work and too little time is hurting workers and companies-and how a proven workplace redesign can benefit employees and the bottom line Today's ways of working are not working-even for professionals in "good" jobs. Responding to global competition and pressure from financial markets, companies are asking employees to do more with less, even as new technologies normalize 24/7 job expectations. In Overload, Erin Kelly and Phyllis Moen document how this new intensification of work creates chronic stress, leading to burnout, attrition, and underperformance. "Flexible" work policies and corporate lip service about "work-life balance" don't come close to fixing the problem. But this unhealthy and unsustainable situation can be changed-and Overload shows how. Drawing on five years of research, including hundreds of interviews with employees and managers, Kelly and Moen tell the story of a major experiment that they helped design and implement at a Fortune 500 firm. The company adopted creative and practical work redesigns that gave workers more control over how and where they worked and encouraged managers to evaluate performance in new ways. The result? Employees' health, well-being, and ability to manage their personal and work lives improved, while the company benefited from higher job satisfaction and lower turnover. And, as Kelly and Moen show, such changes can-and should-be made on a wide scale. Complete with advice about ways that employees, managers, and corporate leaders can begin to question and fix one of today's most serious workplace problems, Overload is an inspiring account about how rethinking and redesigning work could transform our lives and companies.

Soho at Work - Pleasure and Place in Contemporary London (Paperback): Melissa Tyler Soho at Work - Pleasure and Place in Contemporary London (Paperback)
Melissa Tyler
R628 Discovery Miles 6 280 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

What is it like to work in a place that is both a thriving and close-knit community and a globally recognised part of the commercial sex industry? London's Soho has always been a place of complexity, contrast and change throughout its colourful history, yet urban branding, local community initiatives and licensing regulations have combined to 'clean up' Soho, arguably to the point of sanitisation, and commercial over-development remains a continuing threat. In spite of all this, Soho retains its edge and remains a unique place to live, work and consume. Based on a ten-year ethnographic study of working in Soho's sex shops, combining archival material, literary sources, photographic materials and interviews with men and women employed there, Tyler draws together insights from history, geography and cultural studies to tell the unseen story of this fascinating work place.

Crew Resource Management Training - A Competence-based Approach for Airline Pilots (Hardcover): Norman MacLeod Crew Resource Management Training - A Competence-based Approach for Airline Pilots (Hardcover)
Norman MacLeod
R2,582 Discovery Miles 25 820 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The book provides a data-driven approach to real-world crew resource management (CRM) applicable to commercial pilot performance. It addresses the shift to a systems-based resilience thinking that aims to understand how worker performance provides a buffer against failure. This book will be the first to bring these ideas together. Taking a competence-based approach offers a more coherent, relevant approach to CRM. The book presents relevant, real-world examples of the concepts and outlines a change in thinking around pilot performance and data interpretation that is overdue. Airlines, pilots and aviation industry professionals will benefit from the insights into organisational design and alternative approaches to training. FEATURES Approaches CRM from a competence-based perspective Uses a systems model to bring coherence to CRM Includes a chapter on using blended learning and virtual reality to deliver CRM Features research on work/life balance, morale, pilot fatigue and link to error Operationalises 'resilience engineering' in a crew context

William Lazonick, William Mass
R7,607 Discovery Miles 76 070 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

In an age of intense international competition, enterprises, regions and nations depend on their organizational capabilities to gain competitive advantage in global markets. This volume brings together critical scholarly contributions to historical and contemporary debates over the origins and characteristics of organizational capabilities that result in competitive advantage. Included are case studies drawn from textiles, chemicals, automobiles, computers and agriculture that illustrate how organizational capabilities generate sustained competitive success. In a new introduction, the editors, who have themselves been in the forefront of analysing the dynamics of innovation and industrial development, provide a state-of-the-art survey of the subject.

Meet Up! - Better Meetings Through Nudging (Hardcover): Martin J Eppler, Sebastian Kernbach Meet Up! - Better Meetings Through Nudging (Hardcover)
Martin J Eppler, Sebastian Kernbach
R1,157 Discovery Miles 11 570 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This book is about meetings and providing a new perspective from behavioural economics called nudging to make meetings more productive and enjoyable. Nudging hacks into the fast, automatic, subconscious system in human reasoning to breed success in every get-together. Once you know the foundations of focus, orientation, involvement, and commitment, the advantages of nudging are evident. The authors provide an explanation of nudge theory and 6 principles of how nudging affects our behavior. Examples from the actions and choices of the Dalai Lama, Ray Dalio, and Barack Obama demonstrate how nudging can make a difference. Based on theory, the book also gives 100 very practical nudges to improve meeting productivity that can be used by any meeting leader or participant.

Foresight & Strategy in the Asia Pacific Region - Practice and Theory to Build Enterprises of the Future (Hardcover, 1st ed.... Foresight & Strategy in the Asia Pacific Region - Practice and Theory to Build Enterprises of the Future (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
Luke Van Der Laan, Janson Yap
R1,527 Discovery Miles 15 270 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This book explores the importance of strategy and how to make it work in an environment characterised by constant change. With a specific focus on the Asia Pacific region, anticipated to become the epicentre of global economic activity, it offers insights into the optimisation of economic potential and social cohesion enabled by leaders, which is crucial to the global economy and living standards. It highlights sound foresight, strategic thinking and innovation as the critical underpinnings of successful business and provides a comprehensive guide to combining practice and theory to ensure successful strategies, from formulation to execution. The book also builds on the concepts of change, the purpose of business, foresight, strategic thinking, strategic planning and innovation to present a holistic view of how these essential elements can be integrated in practice. Combined with a special contribution by Chaly Mah, the CEO of Deloitte Asia Pacific, the book carefully balances professional and academic insights to optimally benefit its readers and will be of interest to industry practitioners, researchers and students alike.

Psychoanalytic Insights into Social, Political, and Organizational Dynamics - Understanding the Age of Trump (Hardcover): Seth... Psychoanalytic Insights into Social, Political, and Organizational Dynamics - Understanding the Age of Trump (Hardcover)
Seth Allcorn, Howard F Stein
R3,070 Discovery Miles 30 700 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This fascinating interdisciplinary work explores U.S. politics since 2015 and offers psychodynamic insights into the unconscious undercurrents of contemporary culture and politics in the United States. Allcorn and Stein expertly lead readers up the steep learning curve of understanding the Trump era by exploring seven key elements of recent political dynamics. Using the complementary psychodynamic models of object relations, Group Relations and Karen Horney's tripartite theory, this book makes sense of the Age of Trump and its chaotic world of alternate facts, conspiracy theories, reality TV politics, hoax pandemics, and the sweeping chaos of life in the United States. This sense-making relies on two triangulations. The first represents the complex systemic political scene. The second uses three psychoanalytic theories to understand social, political, and organizational dynamics. This book is a key resource for helping readers know and understand ourselves, our fellow citizens, colleagues, family, friends and what Trump and his followers call "them" such as liberals and foreign immigrants, as well as both the larger polarized social and political context in the United States today. The book also provides concrete examples of how these discoveries can be operationalized both in organizations and at the level of national government and leadership. This book is an essential reading for students in organizational behavior including leadership and how governments operate, as well as behavioral health professionals consulting or offering therapy to organizations.

Virtual Coaching to Improve Group Relationships - Process Consultation Reimagined (Paperback): William J Rothwell, Cho Hyun Park Virtual Coaching to Improve Group Relationships - Process Consultation Reimagined (Paperback)
William J Rothwell, Cho Hyun Park
R816 Discovery Miles 8 160 Ships in 10 - 20 working days

Process consultation, invented by Edgar Schein, is both a skill and an organization development change effort. As a skill, process consultation means the ability to observe and provide feedback about small group dynamics to a work group about how well group members interact and how to improve that interaction. Just as facilitators devote their time to (in one word) asking, process consultants devote their time to (in one word) watching-at an expert level. As a change effort, process consultation is a concerted effort to help members of a group work together more effectively. For that reason, the word "process" in this context should be interpreted to mean "interpersonal interaction in small groups." Historically, process consultation has focused attention on face-to-face groups and their group dynamics. But times are changing. More work is done online or in blended (online and onsite) groups than face-to-face alone. A 2017 survey of over 25,000 workers in 12 countries revealed that 62% of global workers are now working flexibly-with some residential work and some virtual work. The same survey found that workers believe that flexible work arrangements make them more productive and that 48% of survey respondents reported that their virtual interactions include representatives of other cultures. It is true that, for workers who can discipline themselves and manage distractions at home, virtual work can be more productive when commuting time is eliminated and workplace distractions are minimized. Virtual work has the advantage of reducing the need for childcare, slashing work wardrobe costs, and cutting unproductive, stressful commuting time. Despite how modes of working together have changed over the years-ranging from face-to-face to some degree of virtual (video conference, audio conference, print-only collaboration, and many blended combinations)-and the growing need for finding ways to help people work together more effectively, there has been no practical guideline of process consultation in a virtual or mixed work setting since Schein's process consultation initially focused on group dynamics in face-to-face settings. Therefore, this book aims to provide practical approaches to process consultation, helping group members discover more effective ways of working together in blended virtual/residential and cross-cultural settings. Essentially, this book provides a practical, how-to guide for virtual coaching, using step-by-step procedural approaches, cases, and helpful platforms/technologies and tools. It also provides information about how to use technology to support the process of improving virtual or mixed group relationship.

The Intelligent Nation - How to Organise a Country (Paperback): John Beckford The Intelligent Nation - How to Organise a Country (Paperback)
John Beckford
R943 Discovery Miles 9 430 Ships in 10 - 20 working days

The Intelligent Nation proposes a systemic and radical transformation of the organisation, management, ownership and performance of the services of the state by capitalising on the potential offered by contemporary information capability and fulfilling the rights and obligations both to and of citizens. In this book, John Beckford shows how, by adopting the principles of an Intelligent Organisation, the state can thrive and meet the needs of its citizens. He proposes a complete rethink of the state as the enabler or provider of public services. In particular, he points to the failure of the public sector to significantly emulate the massive gains in productivity and customer focus experienced in both manufacturing and services (e.g. finance, retailing, insurance). Governance and all public services must be redesigned to align to the contemporary needs of the citizen and exploit the power of information to enable a transformation of their effectiveness, redefine efficiency and support human-based services in crucial areas. Each chapter provides the key learning points, a discussion of the problem in theory and practice, integrated case studies, and discussion points. Written in an accessible style, the book provides thought-provoking supplemental reading for masters and undergraduate students reading organisation theory, organisation development, political science, public administration, healthcare, information systems and business and management science.

Netnography Unlimited - Understanding Technoculture using Qualitative Social Media Research (Paperback): Robert V. Kozinets,... Netnography Unlimited - Understanding Technoculture using Qualitative Social Media Research (Paperback)
Robert V. Kozinets, Rossella Gambetti
R1,155 Discovery Miles 11 550 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Netnography has become an essential tool for qualitative research in the dynamic, complex, and conflicted worlds of contemporary technoculture. Shaped by academic fields, industries, national contexts, technologies and platforms, and languages and cultures for over two decades, netnography has impacted the research practices of scholars around the world. In this volume, 34 researchers present 19 chapters that examine how they have adapted netnography and what those changes can teach us. Positioned for students and researchers in academic and professional fields, this book examines how we can better use netnographic research to understand the many ways networked technologies affect every element of contemporary business life and consumer existence. Netnography Unlimited provides an unprecedented new look at netnography. From COVID-19 to influencer empathy, gambling and the Dark Web to public relations and the military, AI and more-than-human netnography to video-streaming and auto-netnography, there has never been a wider or deeper treatment of technocultural netnographic research in one volume. Readers will learn what kind of work they can do with netnography and gain an up-to-date understanding of the most pressing issues and opportunities. This book is a must-read for those interested in technology, research methods, and contemporary culture.

Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching - A Psychology of Being for a Time of Crisis (Paperback): Aubyn Howard Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching - A Psychology of Being for a Time of Crisis (Paperback)
Aubyn Howard
R692 Discovery Miles 6 920 Ships in 10 - 20 working days

Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching responds to the call of coaches who want to be able to work with the whole person, with the inner as well as the outer worlds, and not just at rational and behavioural levels but at emotional and spiritual levels as well. Psychosynthesis is unique amongst psychologies in the emphasis it places on self and will at the centre of human psychological functioning. This holistic and integrative psychology provides the foundations for working with leaders in ways that respond to today's emergent crises. Psychosynthesis coaching is an increasingly popular approach that is finding its way into the mainstream as a response to the needs of coaching to engage at depth with emotional content and in the transpersonal realm of meaning, purpose and values. This book introduces psychosynthesis coaching to a wider audience and provides a comprehensive guide to this approach for both coaches and leaders. This book provides the context, models, methods, skills and techniques for coaches to engage with their clients within the larger context of Self and Will, alongside working on inner and outer agendas and goals of any description. For coaches, leaders and organisational practitioners alike, this approach is also about coaching our inner leader - knowing that this work always starts with ourselves.

Preparing for High Impact Organizational Change - Experiential Learning and Practice (Hardcover): Gavin M. Schwarz, Anthony F.... Preparing for High Impact Organizational Change - Experiential Learning and Practice (Hardcover)
Gavin M. Schwarz, Anthony F. Buono, Susan M. Adams
R2,631 Discovery Miles 26 310 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Preparing for High Impact Change: Experiential Learning and Practice provides an overview of change processes for teaching, facilitating, and coping with change. Tested high-impact exercises in the book will prepare change leaders at all organizational levels to deal with the myriad of challenges inherent in the process of organizational change. Effective organizational change involves a combination of understanding, learning and unlearning, and practiced behaviour as part of the underlying conceptualization, formulation, and implementation processes. The book presents a series of exercises that promote self-learning and developing readiness for change, from preparing people for change, understanding and managing resistance, and coping with change-related obstacles to seeking buy-in for the change. Emphasis throughout the book is placed on developing change-related competencies. This book is a resource for understanding aspects of change, from theory to practice, for consultants, educators, students and practitioners such as corporate training and development personnel.

Handbook of Employee Commitment (Hardcover): John P. Meyer Handbook of Employee Commitment (Hardcover)
John P. Meyer
R6,100 Discovery Miles 61 000 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

A high level of employee commitment holds particular value for organizations owing to its impact on organizational effectiveness and employee well-being. This Handbook provides an up-to-date review of theory and research pertaining to employee commitment in the workplace, outlining its value for both employers and employees and identifying key factors in its development, maintenance or decline. Including chapters from leading theorists and researchers from around the world, this Handbook presents cumulated and cutting-edge research exploring what commitment is, the different forms it can take, and how it is distinct from related concepts such as employee engagement, work motivation, embeddedness, the psychological contract, and organizational identification. Examining topics such as high-commitment work systems, work attitudes and motivation, the Handbook provides integration with related literatures. Internationally applicable, sections also discuss the implications of culture differences for commitment and present the latest developments in research methods and analytic techniques that can be used to advance our understanding of commitment. Comprehensive and engaging, the Handbook of Employee Commitment is essential reading for commitment scholars and researchers interested in the latest developments in the field as well as for international scholars who will benefit from its guidance on how to approach research in unique cultures. It will also prove of prime interest to managers and management consultants with its wealth of suggestions to guide evidence-based practice. Contributors: S.L. Albrecht, N.J. Allen, B.K. Anderson, L.M. Arciniega, J. Barling, T.E. Becker, K. Bentein, M.E. Bergman, D.R. Bobocel, N.L. Bremner, C.T. Brinsfield, G. Caesens, A.C. Chris, L. Clark, A. Cohen, S. Datta, V.L. Dhir, O.J. Dineen, R. Eisenberger, J.A. Espinoza, J. Felfe, M. Gagne, D.G. Gallagher, I.R. Gellatly, Y. Griep, S.D. Hansen, L.M. Hedberg, M.R.W. Hamstra, B.C. Holtom, P. Horsman, J. Howard, V.A. Jean, K. Jiang, Z. Junhong, E.K. Kelloway, H.J. Klein, J. Koen, E.R. Maltin, B. Marcus, J.P. Meyer, N.A. Morelli, A.J.S. Morin, F. Mu, A. Newman, H. Park, E. Read, R.A. Roe, O.N. Solinger, H. Spence Laschinger, D.J. Stanley, F. Stinglhamber, M. Trivisonno, R. Van Dick, W. Van Olffen, A.E.M. Van Vianen, R.J. Vandenberg, C. Vandenberghe, D. Wang, S.A. Wasti, J. Wombacher

Reshaping HR - The Role of HR in Organizational Change (Paperback): Julie Hodges, Mark Crabtree Reshaping HR - The Role of HR in Organizational Change (Paperback)
Julie Hodges, Mark Crabtree
R936 Discovery Miles 9 360 Ships in 10 - 20 working days

The aim of this book is to explore the contribution HR can make to how organizations enact change within the context of an environment of increasing complexity driven by global forces for change. In particular the book focuses on the role of HR in creating value for organizations and engaging stakeholders during transformations. This aim is achieved in several distinct ways. First, a critical perspective is provided of the role of HR in organizational change by examining evidence-based theories, models and frameworks. Second, the book is grounded in empirical evidence from a study conducted by the authors amongst managers and HR professionals across the globe. This provides unique data on the challenges and opportunities which the practice of HR faces within the context of organizational change. Third, consideration is given as to how HR can play an active and constructive role in co-creating sustainable change with managers, employees and other stakeholders. Fourth, the book identifies the capabilities required by HR professionals in order to engage effectively with organizational change. Finally, aware of the dangers of prescriptive lists, the HR practices offered in this book are provided as a basis for amendment, as necessary, by readers depending upon the context of individual organizations. The book will be of value to practising HR professionals as well as students studying HRM and change and development in organizations. Our proposal in this book is that since people are of significant importance to the success of change, and HR knowledge and expertise is vital to the experience and engagement of individuals and teams, internal and external to the organization, there needs to be clarity about the role of HR in transformations. We suggest that HR's raison d'etre is to focus on the people aspect of organizational change and that this needs to be done within the context of improving organizational effectiveness and wellbeing.

Leadership as Meaning-Making - Take the Hero's Journey to Transformation (Paperback): John Varney Leadership as Meaning-Making - Take the Hero's Journey to Transformation (Paperback)
John Varney
R627 Discovery Miles 6 270 Ships in 10 - 20 working days

Based on the author's 30 years experience of management development and a background in design and psychology, this book takes a fresh look at leadership as a systemic shared phenomenon. It is one aspect of the evolutionary principle of bringing people to maturity as human beings - transforming the immature through purposeful adventure. This is not a "how-to" book of tools and techniques but is a guide to personal development. It plots the territory of the hero's journey (after Joseph Campbell) through unknown worlds. It explains the metaphorical relationship to personal and collective transformation by means of the cyclic pattern of the hero's journey, overlaid with the enneagram framework. Succeeding chapters spell out practical details for making the journey towards maturity, which alone makes leadership a viable possibility. Only such purposeful leadership will enable others to make their own equivalent journeys. If such people are engaged in work, then they will be more conscious and more effective. Essentially, the book is intentionally quickly communicates a broad sweep of related ideas that form a philosophy for the development of the inner qualities of effective leadership, applicable in all walks of life. The story of the archetypical hero's journey is suggested as applying to every individual. The hero's journey is an allegory for a quest for inner growth. It can rub off onto others through what we call "leadership". Such leadership is what brings meaning to people's lives. Thus this book is a counter to the empty manipulative techniques propagated by much of the popular writing on leadership, which pays little attention to transformative interaction. There are exercises at the end of each chapter and additional material is available to readers via the internet.

Spirituality in the Workplace - A Tool for Relations, Sustainability and Growth in Turbulent and Interconnected Markets... Spirituality in the Workplace - A Tool for Relations, Sustainability and Growth in Turbulent and Interconnected Markets (Hardcover)
Stephen J Broadhurst
R3,068 Discovery Miles 30 680 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

As we become more and more of a global trading world, the challenges of leading and managing within this turbulent environment and its associated, complex, interconnected markets and disconnected relationships are indisputable, so just how far can any change requirements be practically engaged with, whilst also keeping the employee at the organisation's central core? Today's business world cries out for people who can lead with a cross-cultural global perspective, who can lead from the heart as well as the mind and address and manage problems on not just an integrated local level, but also with a healthy, holistic perspective. The subject of spirituality has long been discussed within academic research, but there still seems to be a misunderstanding and stagnation of both its real meaning and application amongst business academics, the population and organisations alike. This book aims to provide a realistic message to help those who are looking for some answers; for those who are looking for a way to advance their own skill-set and progress both their careers and the organisation's current standing; to move from being confused and insecure about strategies and tactics, to positively contributing to not only their own, but also to the employees' well-being and the business's overall purpose and intention. By basing the content upon real and relevant, interesting, modern-day perspectives, applications, requirements, opportunities and benefits, all combined into a manual for thought and a practical framework for action, this book will significantly and realistically move the subject of spirituality forward. This book will be of interest to researchers, academics and students with a special interest in the, positive, influence of spirituality within the workplace and everyday healthy living.

Analyzing Organization Cultures (Hardcover): Bruce Fortado Analyzing Organization Cultures (Hardcover)
Bruce Fortado
R3,076 Discovery Miles 30 760 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Certain consultants argue leaders can quickly, easily, and considerably alter their organization cultures to improve performance. Conversely, field researchers have described situations where leaders could do little to alter the existing organization culture. Between these extreme positions, a spectrum of varying degrees of leader influence exists, and organizations fall at various places along this spectrum. This book presents five field studies dealing with team, service, and sales cultures where both expected and unexpected outcomes arose. In multiple instances, leaders hoped showing some employee appreciation would compensate for offering below market average wages. Several leadership groups were prospering based on cost cuts or increased sales. Those below often had their work intensified and they were experiencing greater stress. Eight paradoxical situations were uncovered and the interpretations of the participants were based in part on their personal work histories and the history of their current organization. In each case, evidence of employee informal organization and managerial operating cultures were documented. Analyzing Organization Cultures uses detailed case studies of five work organizations to offer a comparative approach to analyzing organizational culture. It shows the latest state of knowledge on the topic and will be of interest to researchers, academics, and students in the fields of organizational studies, management history, human resource management, and organizational theory.

The Catalyst - How to Change Anyone's Mind (Hardcover): Jonah Berger The Catalyst - How to Change Anyone's Mind (Hardcover)
Jonah Berger
R544 R456 Discovery Miles 4 560 Save R88 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Psychological Insights for Understanding COVID-19 and Work (Paperback): Cary L. Cooper Psychological Insights for Understanding COVID-19 and Work (Paperback)
Cary L. Cooper
R527 Discovery Miles 5 270 Ships in 10 - 20 working days

In the Psychological Insights for Understanding COVID-19 series, international experts introduce important themes in psychological science that engage with people's unprecedented experience of the pandemic, drawing together chapters as they originally appeared before COVID-19 descended on the world. This timely and accessible book brings together a selection of chapters offering insights into issues surrounding work and the COVID-19 pandemic. Featuring content on topics such as health and wellbeing, work-family, flexible hours, organisational communication, talent management, recovery from work, employee engagement and flourishing, burnout, and organisational interventions, the book includes a specially written introduction contextualising the chapters in relation to the COVID-19 crisis. Reflecting on how psychological research is relevant during a significant global event, the introduction examines the potential future impact of the pandemic on the practice and study of psychology and our lives more generally. Featuring theory and research on key topics germane to the global pandemic, the Psychological Insights for Understanding COVID-19 series offers thought-provoking reading for professionals, students, academics and policy makers concerned with the psychological consequences of COVID-19 for individuals, families and society.

Organizational Theory and Aesthetic Philosophies (Paperback): Antonio Strati Organizational Theory and Aesthetic Philosophies (Paperback)
Antonio Strati
R987 Discovery Miles 9 870 Ships in 10 - 20 working days

Diverse philosophies constitute the theoretical ground of the study of the aesthetic side of organization. In fact, there is not a single unique philosophy behind the organizational research of the aesthetic dimension of organizational life. Organizational Theory and Aesthetic Philosophies will illustrate and discuss this complex phenomenon, and it will be dedicated to highlight the philosophical basis of the study of aesthetics, art and design in organization. The book distinguishes three principal "philosophical sensibilities" amongst these philosophies: aesthetic, hermeneutic and performative philosophical sensibility. Each of them is described and critically assessed through the work of philosophers, art theorists, sociologists and social scientists who represent its main protagonists. In this way, the reader will be conducted through the variety of philosophies that constitute a reference for aesthetics and design in organization. The architecture of the book is articulated in two parts in order to provide student and scholars in philosophical aesthetics, in art, in design and in organization studies with an informative and agile instrument for academic research and study.

The Social Psychology of Change Management - Theories and an Evidence-Based Perspective on Social and Organizational Beings... The Social Psychology of Change Management - Theories and an Evidence-Based Perspective on Social and Organizational Beings (Paperback)
Steven Ten Have, John Rijsman, Wouter ten Have, Joris Westhof
R1,002 Discovery Miles 10 020 Ships in 10 - 20 working days

Changes are rarely accomplished by individuals. People are social animals and changes are social processes which have to be organized. Social psychology is essential for the effectiveness and development of the field of change management. It is necessary to understand people in change processes. Social psychology also teaches us that meaning is key during change and intervention. Social psychology makes change management comprehensible to people and allows them to consider their actions in groups and the organization on their merits. They may seem obvious and self-evident, but practice and science, as well as the popular change management literature, show that it is not. Drawing on the field of social psychology and based on primary research, The Social Psychology of Change Management presents more than forty social psychological theories and concepts that are relevant for the field of change management. The theories and concepts are analyzed and categorized following Fiske's five core social motives; belonging, understanding, controlling, enhancing self, and trusting. Each theory will have an introduction in which its assumptions and relevance is explained. By studying the scientific evidence, including meta-analytic evidence, the book provides practitioners, students and academics in the field of change management, organizational behaviour and business strategy the most relevant social psychological ideas and best available evidence, thereby further unleashing the potential of social psychology in order to feed the field of change management. By categorizing and integrating the relevant theories and concepts, change management is enriched and restructured in a prudent, positive and practical way. The overarching goal, however, inspired by the ideas and perspective of leading thinkers like Kurt Lewin, James Q. Wilson and Susan T. Fiske, is to make the world a better place. Social psychologists (being social scientists) study practical social issues, in our case issues related to change management, and application to real-world problems is a key goal. Therefore, this book goes beyond the domain of organizational sciences.

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Organisational Behaviour - Global And…
S.P. Robbins, T.A. Judge, … Paperback  (2)
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A Journey Of Diversity & Inclusion In…
Nene Molefi Paperback R513 Discovery Miles 5 130
Sociology, Work And Organisation
Tony Watson Paperback  (1)
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We Are Still Human - And Work Shouldn't…
Brad Shorkend, Andy Golding Paperback  (2)
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Managing for the Future - Organizational…
John Van Maanen, Maureen Scully, … Paperback R954 R852 Discovery Miles 8 520
Organization Development and Change
Thomas Cummings, Christopher Worley, … Paperback R957 R850 Discovery Miles 8 500
Management Perspectives on the Covid-19…
Kenneth Husted, Rudolf R. Sinkovics Hardcover R2,603 Discovery Miles 26 030
Employee Engagement In A South African…
Hester Nienaber, Nico Martins Paperback R333 Discovery Miles 3 330