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Business and Buddhism (Paperback): Joan Marques Business and Buddhism (Paperback)
Joan Marques
R1,141 Discovery Miles 11 410 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Business and Buddhism explores alternative ways of leading in the aftermath of the Great Recession and the many stories of fraud and greed that emerged. The book explores shifts in business perspectives as more value is placed on soft skills like emotional intelligence and listening, and introduces the reader to the principles in Buddhist philosophy that can be applied in the workplace. Buddhist practices are increasingly understood as spiritual, rather than religious per se. In fact, Buddhism is alternately referred to as a philosophy or psychology. In this book, Marques explores the value of applying the positive psychology of Buddhism to work settings. She outlines the ways in which it offers highly effective solutions to addressing important management and organizational behavior related issues, but also flags up critical areas for caution. For example, Buddhism is non-confrontational, and promotes detachment. How can business leaders negotiate these principles in light of the demands of modern day pressures? The book includes end of chapter questions to promote reflection and critical thinking, and examples of Buddhist leaders in action. It will prove a captivating read for students of organizational behavior, management, leadership, diversity and ethics, as well as business consultants.

Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong - Embrace the Power of Emptiness (Paperback): Zhongxian Wu Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong - Embrace the Power of Emptiness (Paperback)
Zhongxian Wu
R458 Discovery Miles 4 580 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong is a uniquely classical practice designed to bolster our health, activate our inner life power, and deepen our spiritual connection to universal energy. This book illustrates the philosophy and cultivating method of the Tiger Qigong form and unlocks the mysterious internal alchemy principle of LaoHu (Shamanic Tiger) Gong. By delving further into Xiang (Daoist symbolism) of Tiger, practitioners will receive greater benefits from studying this book and their own Tiger Qigong practice. Master Wu also shares how each movement in the Tiger Qigong practice relates to the eight extraordinary meridians, twelve organ meridians and twenty four JieQi (seasons). This knowledge will help seasoned practitioners experience new dimensions of their cultivation and sharpen their healing tools.

Essence of the Upanishads - A Key to Indian Spirituality (Paperback): Eknath Easwaran Essence of the Upanishads - A Key to Indian Spirituality (Paperback)
Eknath Easwaran
R318 R289 Discovery Miles 2 890 Save R29 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Through his interpretation of one important Upanishad, an ancient wisdom text, Eknath Easwaran shows how the timeless Indian tradition offers guidance on how to live today. Lyrical, dramatic, and inspiring, the Katha Upanishad presents the core ideas of Indian mysticism in a mythic story all can relate to -- the adventure of a young hero, Nachiketa, who passes into the kingdom of Death in search of immortality. The King of Death tests his resolve, but the teenager stands firm, demanding answers to the age-old questions, "What is the purpose of life? What happens to me when I die?" Death emerges as the perfect spiritual guide -- direct, uncompromising, and challenging. Easwaran's approach to the Katha is both practical and universal. He explains key Sanskrit terms like "karma" and "prana, " illustrating them through everyday anecdotes and entertaining analogies while placing Indian spirituality into the broader context of world mysticism.

The Wabi-Sabi Way - Simple Principles to Bring Calm, Meaning & Authenticity to Your Daily Life (Paperback): Mike Sturm The Wabi-Sabi Way - Simple Principles to Bring Calm, Meaning & Authenticity to Your Daily Life (Paperback)
Mike Sturm
R261 R213 Discovery Miles 2 130 Save R48 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Confucianism: A Very Short Introduction (Paperback): Daniel K Gardner Confucianism: A Very Short Introduction (Paperback)
Daniel K Gardner
R220 R177 Discovery Miles 1 770 Save R43 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

To understand China, it is essential to understand Confucianism. First formulated in the sixth century BCE, the teachings of Confucius would come to dominate Chinese society, politics, economics, and ethics. In this Very Short Introduction, Daniel K. Gardner explores the major philosophical ideas of the Confucian tradition, showing their profound impact on state ideology and imperial government, the civil service examination system, domestic life, and social relations over the course of twenty-six centuries. Gardner focuses on two of the Sage's most crucial philosophical problems-what makes for a good person, and what constitutes good government-and demonstrates the enduring significance of these questions today.
This volume shows the influence of the Sage's teachings over the course of Chinese history--on state ideology, the civil service examination system, imperial government, the family, and social relations--and the fate of Confucianism in China in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as China developed alongside a modernizing West and Japan. Some Chinese intellectuals attempted to reform the Confucian tradition to address new needs; others argued for jettisoning it altogether in favor of Western ideas and technology; still others condemned it angrily, arguing that Confucius and his legacy were responsible for China's feudal, ''backward'' conditions in the twentieth century and launching campaigns to eradicate its influences. Yet Chinese continue to turn to the teachings of Confucianism for guidance in their daily lives.
In addition to a survey of the philosophy and history of Confucianism, Gardner offers an examination of the resurgence of Confucianism in China today, and explores what such a revival means for the Chinese government and the Chinese people.
About the Series:
Oxford's Very Short Introductions series offers concise and original introductions to a wide range of subjects--from Islam to Sociology, Politics to Classics, Literary Theory to History, and Archaeology to the Bible. Not simply a textbook of definitions, each volume in this series provides trenchant and provocative--yet always balanced and complete--discussions of the central issues in a given discipline or field. Every Very Short Introduction gives a readable evolution of the subject in question, demonstrating how the subject has developed and how it has influenced society. Eventually, the series will encompass every major academic discipline, offering all students an accessible and abundant reference library. Whatever the area of study that one deems important or appealing, whatever the topic that fascinates the general reader, the Very Short Introductions series has a handy and affordable guide that will likely prove indispensable.

The Essential Mozi - Ethical, Political, and Dialectical Writings (Paperback): Mozi The Essential Mozi - Ethical, Political, and Dialectical Writings (Paperback)
Mozi; Edited by Chris Fraser
R361 R293 Discovery Miles 2 930 Save R68 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

'The task of the benevolent person is surely to diligently seek to promote the benefit of the world and eliminate harm to the world' The Mozi is among the founding texts of the Chinese philosophical tradition, presenting China's earliest ethical, political, and logical theories. The collected works introduce concepts, assumptions, and issues that had a profound, lasting influence throughout the classical and early imperial eras. Mozi and his followers developed the world's first ethical theory, and presented China's first account of the origin of political authority from a state of nature. They were prominent social activists whose moral and political reform movement sought to improve the welfare of the common people and eliminate elite extravagance and misuse of power. In this new translation, Chris Fraser focuses on the philosophical aspects of the writing and allows readers to truly enter the Mohists' world of thought. This abridged edition includes the essential political and social topics of concern to this vital movement. Informed by traditional and recent scholarship, the translation presents the Mohists' ideas and arguments clearly, precisely, and coherently, while accurately reflecting the meaning, terminology, and style of the original.

The Four Noble Truths - A Guide to Everyday Life (Paperback): Lama Zopa Rinpoche The Four Noble Truths - A Guide to Everyday Life (Paperback)
Lama Zopa Rinpoche
R402 R292 Discovery Miles 2 920 Save R110 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
The Paradox of Being - Truth, Identity, and Images in Daoism (Hardcover): Poul Andersen The Paradox of Being - Truth, Identity, and Images in Daoism (Hardcover)
Poul Andersen
R1,661 R1,495 Discovery Miles 14 950 Save R166 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The question of truth has never been more urgent than today, when the distortion of facts and the imposition of pseudo-realities in the service of the powerful have become the order of the day. In The Paradox of Being Poul Andersen addresses the concept of truth in Chinese Daoist philosophy and ritual. His approach is unapologetically universalist, and the book may be read as a call for a new way of studying Chinese culture, one that does not shy away from approaching "the other" in terms of an engagement with "our own" philosophical heritage. The basic Chinese word for truth is zhen, which means both true and real, and it bypasses the separation of the two ideas insisted on in much of the Western philosophical tradition. Through wide-ranging research into Daoist ritual, both in history and as it survives in the present day, Andersen shows that the concept of true reality that informs this tradition posits being as a paradox anchored in the inexistent Way (Dao). The preferred way of life suggested by this insight consists in seeking to be an exception to ordinary norms and rules of behavior which nonetheless engages what is common to us all.

Secret Teachings of the Tao Te Ching (Paperback, 2): Mantak Chia, Tao Huang Secret Teachings of the Tao Te Ching (Paperback, 2)
Mantak Chia, Tao Huang
R423 R274 Discovery Miles 2 740 Save R149 (35%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

TAOISM / EASTERN PHILOSOPHYFor over 2,500 years the words of the Tao Te Ching, the primary scripture of Laoism and Taoism, have been regarded as among the greatest treasures of the world. Lao Tzu, whose name means "the ancient child," wrote these essential verses that have both confounded and conferred blessings on humankind. Now Taoist masters Mantak Chia and Tao Huang guide readers through the origins of this philosophy, the meaning behind its 5,000 pictographs, and the way of living that generations have followed.While the text of the Tao Te Ching has been passed down in literary form for generations, the essence of the text can be understood only through heart awakening--a true integration of body and mind--made possible with the insights and exercises in this book. The authors analyze Lao Tzu's teachings, line by line, and offer meditations, interpretations, and energy cultivation practices that illuminate the true meaning of this classic text.A student of several Taoist masters, MANTAK CHIA founded the Healing Tao System in North America in 1979 and developed it worldwide as European Tao Yoga and Universal Healing Tao. He has taught and certified tens of thousands of students and instructors from all over the world and tours the United States annually, giving workshops and lectures. He is the director of the Tao Garden Health Spa and Resort training center in northern Thailand and the author of twenty-five books, including the bestselling "The Multi-Orgasmic Man." TAO HUANG was born in Dingxi in Northwest China. In 1990 he came to the United States to present the teachings of Laoism and the practices of Taoism. He is the author of "Laoism: The Complete Teachings of Lao Zi."

The Philosophy of the Kyoto School (Hardcover, 1st Ed. 2018): Masakatsu Fujita The Philosophy of the Kyoto School (Hardcover, 1st Ed. 2018)
Masakatsu Fujita; Translated by Robert Chapeskie, John W. M. Krummel
R2,644 Discovery Miles 26 440 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The main purpose of this book is to offer to philosophers and students abroad who show a great interest in Japanese philosophy and the philosophy of the Kyoto school major texts of the leading philosophers. This interest has surely developed out of a desire to obtain from the thought of these philosophers, who stood within the interstice between East and West, a clue to reassessing the issues of philosophy from the ground up or to drawing new creative possibilities.The present condition seems to be, however, that the material made available to further realize this kind of intellectual dialogue is far too scarce. This book is intended to be of some help in this regard.The book presents selected texts of representative philosophers of the Kyoto school such as Nishida Kitaro, Tanabe Hajime, Miki Kiyoshi, Nishitani Keiji, and others who best illustrate the characteristics of this school, and works that together portray its image as a whole. Those who are interested in Japanese philosophy or specifically the philosophy of the Kyoto School can survey a comprehensive representation from this book.These texts are, of course, quite difficult and cannot be well understood without sufficient preliminary knowledge. Expository essays have therefore been included after each text to provide guidance. In each of these commentaries a scholar of our time with deep understanding of the philosopher in question has provided an account of his life, intellectual journey, and the significance of the text included here.From this book will emerge a new dialogue of ideas that in turn will engender new developments in philosophy, thereby further expanding the network of philosophical thought worldwide.

Meditating Selflessly - Practical Neural Zen (Paperback): James H Austin Meditating Selflessly - Practical Neural Zen (Paperback)
James H Austin
R523 R425 Discovery Miles 4 250 Save R98 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A guide to Zen meditative practice informed by the latest findings in brain research. This is not the usual kind of self-help book. Indeed, its major premise heeds a Zen master's advice to be less self-centered. Yes, it is "one more book of words about Zen," as the author concedes, yet this book explains meditative practices from the perspective of a "neural Zen." The latest findings in brain research inform its suggestions. In Meditating Selflessly, James Austin-Zen practitioner, neurologist, and author of three acclaimed books on Zen and neuroscience-guides readers toward that open awareness already awaiting them on the cushion and in the natural world. Austin offers concrete advice-often in a simplified question-and-answer format-about different ways to meditate. He clarifies both the concentrative and receptive styles of meditation. Drawing widely from the exciting new field of contemplative neuroscience, Austin helps resolve an ancient paradox: why both insight wisdom and selflessness arise simultaneously during enlightened states of consciousness.

The Huainanzi (Hardcover): John Major, Sarah Queen, Andrew Seth Meyer, Harold Roth The Huainanzi (Hardcover)
John Major, Sarah Queen, Andrew Seth Meyer, Harold Roth; As told to Michael Puett, …
R2,083 R1,572 Discovery Miles 15 720 Save R511 (25%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Compiled by scholars at the court of Liu An, king of Huainan, in the second century B.C.E, "The Huainanzi" is a tightly organized, sophisticated articulation of Western Han philosophy and statecraft. Outlining "all that a modern monarch needs to know," the text emphasizes rigorous self-cultivation and mental discipline, brilliantly synthesizing for readers past and present the full spectrum of early Chinese thought.

"The Huainanzi" locates the key to successful rule in a balance of broad knowledge, diligent application, and the penetrating wisdom of a sage. It is a unique and creative synthesis of Daoist classics, such as the "Laozi" and the "Zhuangzi"; works associated with the Confucian tradition, such as the "Changes," the "Odes," and the "Documents"; and a wide range of other foundational philosophical and literary texts from the "Mozi" to the "Hanfeizi."

The product of twelve years of scholarship, this remarkable translation preserves "The Huainanzi"'s special rhetorical features, such as parallel prose and verse, and showcases a compositional technique that conveys the work's powerful philosophical appeal. This path-breaking volume will have a transformative impact on the field of early Chinese intellectual history and will be of great interest to scholars and students alike.

Autobiography of a Yogi (Paperback): Paramahansa Yogananda Autobiography of a Yogi (Paperback)
Paramahansa Yogananda
R452 Discovery Miles 4 520 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Autobiography of a Yogi is one of the 20th century's best-loved spiritual classics. This book is the original edition first published in 1946. It details the life of Paramahansa Yogananda - one of India's Spiritual guru's, who is often referred to particularly in the West as, the Father of Yoga. Yogananda chronicles his life's journey and his many encounters with spiritual luminaries such as Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Therese Neumann, and many more. On meeting Gandhi Yogananda observed - "The tiny 100-pound saint radiated physical, mental, and spiritual health. His soft brown eyes shone with intelligence, sincerity, and discrimination; this statesman has matched wits and emerged the victor in a thousand legal, social, and political battles. No other leader in the world has attained the secure niche in the hearts of his people that Gandhi occupies for India's millions. The result is wondrous, and profoundly inspiring." In 1935 Yogananda travelled to Bavaria to meet Therese Neumann, the famous Catholic Mystic who was also a stigmatic. It is said that Neumann survived without food or water and her only intake was one consecrated sacred Host a day. At his meeting with Neumann, Yogananda asked - "Don't you eat anything?" I wanted to hear the answer from her own lips. "No, except a consecrated rice-flour wafer, once every morning at six o'clock." "How large is the wafer?" "It is paper-thin, the size of a small coin." She added, "I take it for sacramental reasons; if it is unconsecrated, I am unable to swallow it." "Certainly you could not have lived on that, for twelve whole years?" "I live by God's light." How simple her reply, how Einsteinian! "I see you realize that energy flows to your body from the ether, sun, and air." A swift smile broke over her face. "I am so happy to know you understand how I live." "Your sacred life is a daily demonstration of the truth uttered by Christ: 'Man shall not live by bread, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.'" In his foreword, Walter Evans-Wentz, the co-editor and translator of The Tibetan Book of the Dead observe; "The value of Yogananda's autobiography is greatly enhanced by the fact that it is one of the few books in English about the wise men of India which has been written, not by a journalist or foreigner, but by one of their own race and training - in short, a book about yogis by a yogi. As an eyewitness account of the extraordinary lives and powers of modern Hindu saints, the book has importance both timely and timeless. To its illustrious author, whom I have had the pleasure of knowing both in India and America, may every reader render due appreciation and gratitude. His unusual life-document is certainly one of the most revealing of the depths of the Hindu mind and heart, and of the spiritual wealth of India, ever to be published in the West.

The Ten Grounds Sutra - The Da?abh?mika S?tra (Paperback, 10th ed.): Kum?raj?va, Bhikshu Dharmamitra The Ten Grounds Sutra - The Daśabhūmika Sūtra (Paperback, 10th ed.)
Kumārajīva, Bhikshu Dharmamitra
R557 Discovery Miles 5 570 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
N?g?rjuna's Treatise on the Ten Bodhisattva Grounds (Bilingual) - Volume Two - The Da?abh?mika Vibh??? (Paperback,... Nāgārjuna's Treatise on the Ten Bodhisattva Grounds (Bilingual) - Volume Two - The Daśabhūmika Vibhāṣā (Paperback, Annotated edition)
Nagarjuna; Translated by Kumārajīva, Bhikshu Dharmamitra
R628 Discovery Miles 6 280 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
American Sutra - A Story of Faith and Freedom in the Second World War (Hardcover): Duncan Ryuken Williams American Sutra - A Story of Faith and Freedom in the Second World War (Hardcover)
Duncan Ryuken Williams
R688 R644 Discovery Miles 6 440 Save R44 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This groundbreaking history tells the little-known story of how, in one of our country's darkest hours, Japanese Americans fought to defend their faith and preserve religious freedom. The mass incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II is not only a tale of injustice; it is a moving story of faith. In this pathbreaking account, Duncan Ryuken Williams reveals how, even as they were stripped of their homes and imprisoned in camps, Japanese American Buddhists launched one of the most inspiring defenses of religious freedom in our nation's history, insisting that they could be both Buddhist and American. Nearly all Americans of Japanese descent were subject to bigotry and accusations of disloyalty, but Buddhists aroused particular suspicion. Government officials, from the White House to small-town mayors, believed that Buddhism was incompatible with American values. Intelligence agencies targeted the Buddhist community for surveillance, and Buddhist priests were deemed a threat to national security. On December 7, 1941, as the bombs fell on Pearl Harbor, Attorney General Francis Biddle issued a warrant to "take into custody all Japanese" classified as potential national security threats. The first person detained was Bishop Gikyo Kuchiba, leader of the Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist sect in Hawai`i. In the face of discrimination, dislocation, dispossession, and confinement, Japanese Americans turned to their faith to sustain them, whether they were behind barbed wire in camps or serving in one of the most decorated combat units in the European theater. Using newly translated sources and extensive interviews with survivors of the camps and veterans of the war, American Sutra reveals how the Japanese American community broadened our country's conception of religious freedom and forged a new American Buddhism.

An Introduction to Indian Philosophy - Perspectives on Reality, Knowledge, and Freedom (Hardcover): Bina Gupta An Introduction to Indian Philosophy - Perspectives on Reality, Knowledge, and Freedom (Hardcover)
Bina Gupta
R2,719 Discovery Miles 27 190 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

An Introduction to Indian Philosophy offers a profound yet accessible survey of the development of India 's philosophical tradition. Beginning with the formation of Brahmanical, Jaina, Materialist, and Buddhist traditions, Bina Gupta guides the reader through the classical schools of Indian thought, culminating in a look at how these traditions inform Indian philosophy and society in modern times. Offering translations from source texts and clear explanations of philosophical terms, this text provides a rigorous overview of Indian philosophical contributions to epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of language, and ethics. This is a must-read for anyone seeking a reliable and illuminating introduction to Indian philosophy.

A Guide to Asian Philosophy Classics (Paperback): Puqun Li A Guide to Asian Philosophy Classics (Paperback)
Puqun Li
R930 R865 Discovery Miles 8 650 Save R65 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book guides readers through ten classic works of Asian philosophy. Several major schools of Eastern thought are discussed, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism/Taoism, and Chan/Zen. The author connects the ideas of these schools to those of Western philosophy, thereby making the material accessible to people who are unfamiliar with the cultures and intellectual traditions of Asia. A wide range of important topics are addressed: reality, time, self, knowledge, ethics, human nature, enlightenment, and death.

Daoism & Ecology - Ways Within a Cosmic Landscape (Paperback): N. J. Girardot, James Miller, Xiaogan Liu Daoism & Ecology - Ways Within a Cosmic Landscape (Paperback)
N. J. Girardot, James Miller, Xiaogan Liu
R784 R740 Discovery Miles 7 400 Save R44 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Until now, no single work has been devoted to both a scholarly understanding of the complexities of the Daoist tradition and a critical exploration of its contribution to recent environmental concerns. The authors in this volume consider the intersection of Daoism and ecology, looking at the theoretical and historical implications associated with a Daoist approach to the environment. They also analyze perspectives found in Daoist religious texts and within the larger Chinese cultural context in order to delineate key issues found in the classical texts. Through these analyses, they assess the applicability of modern-day Daoist thought and practice in China and the West, with respect to the contemporary ecological situation.

Buddha at Work - Finding Purpose, Balance, and Happiness at Your Workplace (Paperback): Geetanjali Pandit Buddha at Work - Finding Purpose, Balance, and Happiness at Your Workplace (Paperback)
Geetanjali Pandit
R396 R321 Discovery Miles 3 210 Save R75 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Zhuangzi: The Essential Writings - With Selections from Traditional Commentaries (Paperback): Zhuang zi Zhuangzi: The Essential Writings - With Selections from Traditional Commentaries (Paperback)
Zhuang zi; Translated by Brook Ziporyn
R497 R438 Discovery Miles 4 380 Save R59 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Ideal for students and scholars alike, this edition of Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu) includes the complete Inner Chapters, extensive selections from the Outer and Miscellaneous Chapters, and judicious selections from two thousand years of traditional Chinese commentaries, which provide the reader access to the text as well as to its reception and interpretation. A glossary, brief biographies of the commentators, a bibliography, and an index are also included.

2020 ZEN Wall Calendar (Calendar): David Schiller 2020 ZEN Wall Calendar (Calendar)
David Schiller; As told to Workman Calendars 1
R327 Discovery Miles 3 270 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A visual ode to the ever-elusive beauty of Zen. Every month of Zen Wall Calendar features luminous color photograph or exquisite black-and-white ink drawing that captures the quiet reflection that nature's beauty inspires. They're paired with koans, parables, sutras, and inspiring quotes--the sage, the surprising, the paradoxical--that will suffuse your worldview with a new, intriguing perspective: "In this very breath that we take now lies the secret that all great teachers try to tell us." --Peter Matthiessen.

The Non-Existence of the Real World (Hardcover): Jan Westerhoff The Non-Existence of the Real World (Hardcover)
Jan Westerhoff
R2,216 Discovery Miles 22 160 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Does the real world, defined as a world of objects that exist independent of human interests, concerns, and cognitive activities, really exist? Jan Westerhoff argues that we have good reason to believe it does not. His discussion considers four main facets of the idea of the real world, ranging from the existence of a separate external and internal world (comprising various mental states congregated around a self), to the existence of an ontological foundation that grounds the existence of all the entities in the world, and the existence of an ultimately true theory that provides a final account of all there is. As Westerhoff discusses the reasons for rejecting the postulation of an external world behind our representations, he asserts that the internal world is not as epistemically transparent as is usually assumed, and that there are good reasons for adopting an anti-foundational account of ontological dependence. Drawing on conclusions from the ancient Indian philosophical system of Madhyamaka Buddhism, Westerhoff defends his stance in a purely Western philosophical framework, and affirms that ontology, and philosophy more generally, need not be conceived as providing an ultimately true theory of the world.

Chinese Buddhism - A Thematic History (Hardcover): Chun-Fang Yu Chinese Buddhism - A Thematic History (Hardcover)
Chun-Fang Yu
R2,084 Discovery Miles 20 840 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

What are the foundational scriptures and major schools for Chinese Buddhists? What divinities do they worship? What festivals do they celebrate? These are some of the basic questions addressed in this book, the first introduction to Chinese Buddhism written expressly for students and those interested in an accessible yet authoritative overview of the subject based on current scholarship.After presenting the basic tenets of the Buddha's teachings and the Chinese religious traditions, the book focuses on topics essential for understanding Chinese Buddhism: major scriptures, worship of buddhas and bodhisattvas, rituals and festivals, the monastic order, Buddhist schools such as Tiantai and Chan, Buddhism and gender, and current trends - notably humanistic Buddhism in Taiwan and the resurgence of Buddhism in post-Mao China. Each chapter ends with discussion questions and suggestions for further reading. A convenient glossary of common terms, titles, and names is included.

Gandhi and the Stoics - Modern Experiments on Ancient Values (Paperback): Richard Sorabji Gandhi and the Stoics - Modern Experiments on Ancient Values (Paperback)
Richard Sorabji
R540 Discovery Miles 5 400 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Richard Sorabji presents a fascinating study of Gandhi's philosophy in comparison with Christian and Stoic thought. Sorabji shows that Gandhi was a true philosopher. He not only aimed to give a consistent self-critical rationale for his views, but also thought himself obliged to live by what he taught-something that he had in common with the ancient Greek and Christian ethical traditions. Understanding his philosophy helps with re-assessing the consistency of his positions and life. Gandhi was less influenced by the Stoics than by Socrates, Christ, Christian writers, and Indian thought. But whereas he re-interpreted those, he discovered the congeniality of the Stoics too late to re-process them. They could supply even more of the consistency he sought. He could show them the effect of putting their unrealised ideals into actual practice. They from the Cynics, he from the Bhagavadgita, learnt the indifference of most objectives. But both had to square that with their love for all humans and their political engagement. Indifference was to both a source of freedom. Gandhi was converted to non-violence by Tolstoy's picture of Christ. But he addressed the sacrifice it called for, and called even protective killing violent. He was nonetheless not a pacifist, because he recognized the double-bind of rival duties, and the different duties of different individuals, which was a Stoic theme. For both Gandhi and the Stoics it accompanied doubts about universal rules. Sorabji's expert understanding of these ethical traditions allows him to offer illuminating new perspectives on a key intellectual figure of the modern world, and to show the continuing resonance of ancient philosophical ideas.

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