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Dental Instruments - A Pocket Guide (Spiral bound, 6th Revised edition): Linda Bartolomucci Boyd Dental Instruments - A Pocket Guide (Spiral bound, 6th Revised edition)
Linda Bartolomucci Boyd
R918 R851 Discovery Miles 8 510 Save R67 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Learn need-to-know information on more than 300 dental instruments! Dental Instruments: A Pocket Guide, 6th Edition, makes it quick and easy for dental assistants and hygienists to master the identification and use of instruments and equipment used in everyday practice. It includes nearly 700 photographs and illustrations along with monographs describing each instrument's use, characteristics, practice considerations, and sterilization. It's also easy to review and to assess your knowledge, thanks to the flashcard-style, flip-book format. This spiral-bound guide is ideal both for study and for chairside reference. Clear, consistent format includes a photo of each instrument along with its name, functions, characteristics, practice notes, and sterilization, with chapters progressing from basic instruments to more specialized instruments. Nearly 700 high-quality photographs and illustrations include both full and close-up views to help you quickly and accurately identify and differentiate dental instruments. Flashcard format makes it easy to quiz yourself and assess your knowledge of dental instruments. Pocket size, spiral binding, and Velcro closure makes the book ideal for on-the-go study and ease of use. Interactive review activities on the Evolve companion website include chapter quizzes as well as tray setup exercises and questions. NEW content includes modern sickle scalers, Invisalign, CAD/CAM for orthodontics, magnified cameras for endodontics, temporary anchorage devices, cordless prophy handpieces, and more. NEW images of instruments include modern professional photographs, specifically many close-up views of instrument tips, and high-quality drawings of details that cannot be shown in a photograph. EXPANDED! In-use photos and illustrations show instruments or equipment within the context of dental care.

Finishing Our Story - Preparing for the End of Life (Paperback): Gregory L. Eastwood, MD Finishing Our Story - Preparing for the End of Life (Paperback)
Gregory L. Eastwood, MD
R263 R245 Discovery Miles 2 450 Save R18 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Death is the destiny we all share. This will not change. But the way we die, which had been the same for many generations, has changed drastically in a relatively short time for those in developed countries with access to healthcare. For generations, if people were lucky enough to reach old age, not having died in infancy or childhood, in childbirth, in war, or by accident, they would take to bed, surrounded by loved ones who cared for them, and fade into death. Most likely, they would have seen their parents and grandparents die the same way, so this manner of dying would be familiar. It was part of the natural cycle of life. Now less than 25 per cent of Americans die at home, at much older ages than people would have dreamed of in past generations, often after surviving many illnesses and even diseases that would have been terminal for their grandparents. We are fortunate to live (and die) today, supported by myriad scientific, medical, and technological advancements. But we also face new problems as a result of the new way that we die. We cannot look forward to a peaceful waning when we know our lives will likely end in hospitals, having endured very expensive care, rather than at home with family. We have to decide what decisions we want our loved ones, or care-givers, to make when we cannot choose for ourselves. We have to think about whether in any circumstances we would seek physician-assisted death. We know we face other questions as well, but we may not even know where to start. In the face of these decisions, we can feel daunted and afraid. The best remedy is information and planning. In this book, Gregory Eastwood - a physician who has cared for dying patients, served as an ethics consultant, and taught end of life issues to medical and other health profession students - draws from his substantial experience with patients and families to provide the information that will help us think clearly about the choices and issues we will face at the end of our lives, and the end of our loved ones'. With sensitivity and profound insight, Eastwood guides us through all the important questions about death and dying in straightforward, clear language and through real-life stories. Throughout, he shows us how we can take ownership of the way we want to die, when we must die, and feel more in control as death approaches.

Postgraduate Haematology Cloth (Hardcover, 7th Edition): A. Victor Hoffbrand, Douglas R. Higgs, David M. Keeling, Atul B. Mehta Postgraduate Haematology Cloth (Hardcover, 7th Edition)
A. Victor Hoffbrand, Douglas R. Higgs, David M. Keeling, Atul B. Mehta
R4,106 R3,128 Discovery Miles 31 280 Save R978 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Highly Commended at the British Medical Association Book Awards 2016 Postgraduate Haematology provides up-to-date knowledge of the pathogenesis, clinical and laboratory features, management and treatment of a wide range of blood and bone marrow disorders in a concise and user friendly style. * Up-to-date knowledge of the pathogenesis, clinical and laboratory features and management of all blood disorders * New sections reflect advances in the specialty, including knowledge gained from new generation sequencing, latest anticoagulant drugs, diagnostic laboratory tools, and treatment strategies * Superb four-color illustrations and photomicrographs of blood cells and tissues throughout * Includes algorithms to aid with decision-making for treatment * Companion website includes figures and tables for download

Counselling Children - A Practical Introduction (Paperback, 5th Revised edition): Kathryn Geldard, David Geldard, Rebecca Yin... Counselling Children - A Practical Introduction (Paperback, 5th Revised edition)
Kathryn Geldard, David Geldard, Rebecca Yin Foo
R699 R651 Discovery Miles 6 510 Save R48 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The definitive guide to the skills and techniques used when working with children experiencing emotional problems, this book covers all you need to know about: The goals for counselling children and the child-counsellor relationship Practice frameworks for working effectively with children Play therapy and the use of different media and activities Building self-esteem and social skills through the use of worksheets. This fifth edition has been updated to include: A new chapter on technology; its influence on children and ways that technology can be used during counselling New content on issues of diversity and difference in counselling children The different contexts in which counselling children occur Discussion of concepts of wellbeing and resilience Updated references and research. The book is supported by a new companion website that provides training materials and handouts on a range of skills for counselling children including: helping the child to tell their story sand tray work, the use of miniature animals, the use of clay, and helping the child to change thoughts and behaviour. This highly practical guide is vital reading for counsellors, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, nurses and teachers working or training to work with children.

Conditions in Occupational Therapy - Effect on Occupational Performance (Paperback, 5th edition): Atchison Conditions in Occupational Therapy - Effect on Occupational Performance (Paperback, 5th edition)
R1,208 R1,055 Discovery Miles 10 550 Save R153 (13%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Now in its 5th Edition, Conditions in Occupational Therapy: Effect on Occupational Performance is now fully aligned with the DSM-5 and Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, 3rd edition, reflects the most current research and brings in 5 new chapters covering conditions your students will see in practice. This with new features and tools further help enhance this essential book. Each chapter of the 5th Edition follows a consistent format-an opening case, followed by definition and descriptions, incidence and prevalence, signs and symptoms, course and prognosis, medical/surgical management, impact on occupational performance, and finally, two case illustrations. This format helps students to prepare for what they will see in practice. With new instructor resources and case studies that connect up-to-date content to practice, this is an essential resource for both occupational therapy and occupational therapy assistant students.

Essential US for Trauma: E-FAST (Paperback, 2014 ed.): Mauro Pietro Zago Essential US for Trauma: E-FAST (Paperback, 2014 ed.)
Mauro Pietro Zago
R1,979 R1,770 Discovery Miles 17 700 Save R209 (11%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

E-FAST (extended focused assessment by sonograpy for trauma) represents the basic ultrasonographic approach to any trauma patient. Identification or exclusion of free fluid and air in the abdominal and thoracic cavities plays a pivotal role in deciding the immediate diagnostic and therapeutic path. Learning E-FAST is mandatory for all acute care surgeons and all physicians involved in trauma management. The structure of the book and its practical approach will make it an easy-to-consult and quick reference tool for beginners and a useful support for more experienced professionals.

Ethics in Psychotherapy and Counseling - A Practical Guide (Paperback, 5th Edition): Kenneth S. Pope, Melba J. Vasquez Ethics in Psychotherapy and Counseling - A Practical Guide (Paperback, 5th Edition)
Kenneth S. Pope, Melba J. Vasquez
R1,172 R843 Discovery Miles 8 430 Save R329 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

The ethics book no psychology student or professional should be without Thoroughly updated and expanded to include recent research findings, landmark legal decisions, the Hoffman Investigation Report, and changes in the ethical guidelines of the American Psychological Association and the Canadian Psychological Association, the new 5th edition of Ethics in Psychotherapy and Counseling covers the latest developments in ethical thinking, standards, and practice. You'll learn how to strengthen your ethical awareness, judgement, and decision-making. Distinguished Emeritus Professor Don Meichenbaum described the 5th edition as 'a MUST READ book for both beginning and seasoned clinicians' and Professor David H. Barlow wrote, 'A stunningly good book...If there is only one book you buy on ethics, this is the one.' * Covers the many changes and challenges brought about by new technology, EHRs, videoconferencing, and texting, as well as practicing across state and provincial borders * Discusses moral distress and moral courage * Includes 5 chapters on different aspects of critical thinking about ethical challenges, including a chapter on 'Ethics Placebos, Cons, and Creative Cheating: A User's Guide' * Deals with complex issue of culture, race, religion, sexual identity, sexual orientation, and politics * Provides steps to strengthen ethics in organizations * Offers guidance on responding to ethics, licensing, and malpractice complaints not to imply that you'll need to after reading this book! * Keeps the focus on practical, creative approaches to the responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities encountered by therapists and counselors in their work

Cancer Immunotherapy Meets Oncology - In Honor of Christoph Huber (Hardcover, 2014 ed.): Cedrik Michael Britten, Sebastian... Cancer Immunotherapy Meets Oncology - In Honor of Christoph Huber (Hardcover, 2014 ed.)
Cedrik Michael Britten, Sebastian Kreiter, Mustafa Diken, Hans-Georg Rammensee
R2,885 R2,572 Discovery Miles 25 720 Save R313 (11%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book provides a comprehensive update on the state of the art in cancer immunology, which has rapidly evolved from a field of clinical research into an established discipline of oncology. The key recent developments in immuno-oncology are all covered, from the ever-changing immunological and regulatory frameworks to the most promising therapeutic concepts. Themes include combination therapies and personalized medicine, as well as identification of biomarkers to guide the clinical development of new approaches and to pinpoint the optimal treatment for each patient. The book acknowledges the continuing dynamic nature of the field as reflected in the development of next-generation immunotherapies that are already in clinical testing.

"Cancer Immunotherapy Meets Oncology" is dedicated to the lifetime achievements of Christoph Huber, founder and chair of the Association for Cancer Immunotherapy (CIMT). It is also a tribute to those researchers and clinicians who are striving to develop novel diagnostics and tailored immunotherapies for the benefit of cancer patients.

Comprehensive Women's Mental Health (Paperback): David J. Castle, Kathryn M. Abel Comprehensive Women's Mental Health (Paperback)
David J. Castle, Kathryn M. Abel
R1,141 R991 Discovery Miles 9 910 Save R150 (13%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This is a comprehensive, up-to-date and evidence-based review of women's mental health. It starts by considering the social and cultural contexts of women's lives today before addressing how developmental aspects pertain to mental health, exploring biological, evolutionary and psychosocial parameters. The heart of the book contains a series of chapters with a clinical emphasis. These aim to elucidate causal mechanisms for gender differences in mental disorder considering hormonal and environmental influences. The therapeutic implications of gender are then addressed in some detail, with a focus on inter-partner and other forms of violence, substance misuse, personality disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. The book concludes with a detailed section considering psychosis and its sequelae in women and their families. The book's scope is intended to be broad, and it is aimed at a clinical audience including psychiatrists and general physicians, as well as mental health nurses, psychologists, social workers and occupational therapists.

Cancer Therapeutic Targets (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): John L. Marshall Cancer Therapeutic Targets (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
John L. Marshall
R13,868 Discovery Miles 138 680 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In the past decade, we have experienced an explosion of new information about cancer therapeutic targets. Many of the targets have been validated by the discovery and approval of new medicines which have been approved for the treatment of cancer. On the heels of these successes, innumerable new targets and new potential therapeutics are being developed by many different groups including government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, academic institutions, and individual investigators. Understanding the expanding "universe" of cancer therapies is therefore becoming impossible and no single source exists which serves as a reference for the involved parties. Further, the interested parties have vastly different areas of expertise, from focused laboratory based science, to clinical research, to corporate and regulatory oversight. The text would be updated every two years, more often depending on pace of change, interest and sales. While useful online, this reference book would likely be kept in hard copy as well.

Talar Osteochondral Defects - Diagnosis, Planning, Treatment, and Rehabilitation (Hardcover, 2014 ed.): C. Niek van Dijk, John... Talar Osteochondral Defects - Diagnosis, Planning, Treatment, and Rehabilitation (Hardcover, 2014 ed.)
C. Niek van Dijk, John G. Kennedy
R3,092 R2,368 Discovery Miles 23 680 Save R724 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book addresses hot topics relating to talar osteochondritis dissecans (OCD): improvements in the accuracy of diagnosis, sound preoperative planning, optimal treatment, and procedure-specific rehabilitation protocols. The technical difficulties in each of these areas are identified and evidence-based guidelines are presented. With regard to diagnosis, several chapters discuss the roles of arthroscopy, standard radiography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and combined imaging modalities (PET/CT and SPECT/CT). The chapters on treatment cover various surgical options and provide an overview of the direct postoperative treatment; in addition, rehabilitation protocols are described for all the treatment procedures. The book has been written by a team of leading experts in the field of foot and ankle surgery from across the globe who have aimed to provide the reader with an up-to-date handbook ideal for use when approaching a patient with a talar OCD. Their reviews and opinions are based firmly on the best currently available evidence.

Comprehensive Atlas of High-Resolution Endoscopy and Narrowband Imaging (Hardcover, 2nd Edition): Jonathan Cohen Comprehensive Atlas of High-Resolution Endoscopy and Narrowband Imaging (Hardcover, 2nd Edition)
Jonathan Cohen
R3,939 R2,987 Discovery Miles 29 870 Save R952 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Previous Edition won First Prize in the Gastroenterology category of the 2008 BMA Medical Book Competition High-resolution endoscopy and narrowband imaging have revolutionized the field. Edited by a gastroenterologist with a reputation for delivering outstanding material, this new edition of an award-winning atlas provides you with an outstanding collection of images, videos and expert diagnostic guidance to enhance your decision making. To accelerate your learning, Dr. Cohen offers more than 2000 endoscopic images, emphasizing conditions for which NBI is particularly useful such as finding dysplasia in Barrett s mucosa, and diagnosing adenomatous colon polyps and providing exceptional preparation for the future of endoscopy practice, with a broad new look at normal and abnormal findings throughout the GI tract. The book is divided into three main parts: The basics of NBI Clinical applications of NBI Atlas of 2000 color images, broken into sections on the pharynx and esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and colon, including correlating histopathology and multiple examples of key pathologies The accompanying website features more than 80 video clips containing over 3 hours of annotated video, to give you a complete sense of how HRE and NBI work and look in real time, including during therapeutic procedures. All of the over 1000 new images appear in much brighter color, reflecting the advance in scope technology since the first edition. New chapters have been added to present the data supporting increased use of NBI in optical diagnosis and in the context of therapeutic procedures. For the first time, brilliant images of the bile duct and pancreas are included as the imaging revolution has expanded to reach these new locations. This spectacular new imaging modality promises to enhance endoscopic decision making in real time, facilitate therapeutic maneuvers, make tissue sampling more precise and make resection of mucosal neoplasia more complete. Expertly guiding you through the latest advances, this book facilitates your mastery of the field, and provides an up-to-date reference for gastroenterologists and endoscopists to improve their practice. www.wiley.com/go/gastroenterology

Clinician's Guide to the Diagnosis and Management of Tooth Sensitivity (Hardcover, 2014 ed.): Sahar Taha, Brian H. Clarkson Clinician's Guide to the Diagnosis and Management of Tooth Sensitivity (Hardcover, 2014 ed.)
Sahar Taha, Brian H. Clarkson
R3,086 R2,361 Discovery Miles 23 610 Save R725 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Tooth sensitivity, or dentin hypersensitivity, has a high prevalence among the general population and is a very common cause of visits to the dentist. This concise, easy-to-read guide provides the clinician with the most important information required for the correct diagnosis and effective management of dentin hypersensitivity. After discussion of theories regarding the underlying mechanisms, predisposing medical and dental conditions are reviewed. The route to an accurate diagnosis, based on determination of the precise cause, is then explained. A range of potential treatment approaches and their applications are discussed, including dentin blocking agents, nerve desensitization, restorative approaches, and periodontal surgery. Preventive, at- home, and in-office treatment modalities are all described, and future treatments are also considered. Helpful flowcharts are included that will facilitate decision making.

Renal Neoplasms - An Integrative Approach To Cytopathologic Diagnosis (Hardcover, 2014 ed.): Tatjana Antic, Jerome B Taxy Renal Neoplasms - An Integrative Approach To Cytopathologic Diagnosis (Hardcover, 2014 ed.)
Tatjana Antic, Jerome B Taxy
R1,505 R1,353 Discovery Miles 13 530 Save R152 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"Renal Neoplasms: An Integrative Approach to Cytopathologic Diagnosis" provides a comprehensive review of cytology and all the morphologic correlates, including their respective limitations, related to a broad spectrum of renal neoplasms with special emphasis on cyto-histo correlation. The book also discusses related usual radiologic appearances, gross features and possible targeted therapies where appropriate. The volume features an integrated approach that provides step-by-step guidance in the morphologic evaluation of renal neoplasms. Furthermore, all chapters are written by experts who deal with this type of specimen in their daily practice and have insights into the pathology as well as the clinical aspects of these tumors.

Illustrated with high quality color microphotographs and formatted for ease of use in the lab, R"enal Neoplasms: An Integrative Approach to Cytopathologic Diagnosis"is a helpful guide to everyday pathology practice, especially for pathologists who rarely encounter this type of specimen."

Handbook of Drugs in Intensive Care - An A-Z Guide (Paperback, 6th Revised edition): Henry Paw, Rob Shulman Handbook of Drugs in Intensive Care - An A-Z Guide (Paperback, 6th Revised edition)
Henry Paw, Rob Shulman
R559 Discovery Miles 5 590 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Now in its sixth edition, the Handbook of Drugs in Intensive Care is the essential guide to using drugs safely and effectively in the intensive care setting. The book is split into two sections: an A-Z guide to the drugs available, and concise notes on the key topics and situations faced on a daily basis. The A-Z section provides succinct information on each drug including uses, limitations, administration directions and adverse effects. The second section details practice guidelines such as insulin therapy, Parkinson's disease therapy when nil-by-mouth and drug dosing in renal failure. This revised edition includes seventeen new drug monographs and covers several new topics, including blood glucose management. A colour chart showing drug compatibility for intravenous administration included at the back of the book. Presented in a concise, compact format, this book is an invaluable resource for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals caring for critically ill patients.

Review Questions for Dentistry (Paperback): Hugh Devlin Review Questions for Dentistry (Paperback)
Hugh Devlin
R541 Discovery Miles 5 410 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Review Questions for Dentistry is an essential exam practice tool designed for undergraduate dentistry students, postgraduate MJDF candidates, and overseas candidates sitting their OREs. Using the questions as a platform for learning consolidation, this exam preparation guide provides feedback to students to enable them to assess their knowledge and understanding of the subject. * Features multiple question formats including MCQs, EMQs, SAQs and find the missing word questions * Answers include detailed explanations to help expand and consolidate learning * The text is divided into two sections; introductory questions and questions exploring the subjects in more detail * The book is accompanied by a companion website offering further interactive self-assessment tools

Annual Update in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine 2014 (Paperback, 2014): Jean-Louis Vincent Annual Update in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine 2014 (Paperback, 2014)
Jean-Louis Vincent
R3,335 R2,547 Discovery Miles 25 470 Save R788 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Yearbook compiles the most recent developments in experimental and clinical research and practice in one comprehensive reference book. The chapters are written by well recognized experts in the field of intensive care and emergency medicine. It is addressed to everyone involved in internal medicine, anesthesia, surgery, pediatrics, intensive care and emergency medicine.

Psychopathology - Research, Assessment and Treatment in Clinical Psychology (Paperback, 2nd Edition): Graham C. Davey Psychopathology - Research, Assessment and Treatment in Clinical Psychology (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
Graham C. Davey
R1,197 R936 Discovery Miles 9 360 Save R261 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Psychopathology has been designed to provide students with a comprehensive coverage of both psychopathology and clinical practice, including extensive treatment techniques for a range of mental health issues. The text is designed to be accessible to students at a range of different learning levels, from first year undergraduates to post-graduate researchers and those undergoing clinical training. Psychopathology is primarily evidence and research based, with coverage of relevant research from as recently as 2013, making it useful to researchers as well as clinicians. The emphasis in the book is on providing students with a real insight into the nature and experience of mental health problems, both through the written coverage and by providing a range of video material covering personal accounts of mental health problems. The text is integrated with a wide variety of teaching and learning features that will enable facilitators to teach more effectively, and students to learn more comprehensively. Many of these features have been updated for the new edition and new material has been included to reflect the changes in DSM-5. Features include Focus Points that discuss contentious or topical issues in detail, Research Methods boxes showing how clinical psychologists do research on psychopathology, and Case Histories detailing a range of mental health problems. Online resources An all new student website is available at www.wiley-psychopathology.com. The website houses a huge variety of new digital material including more than 50 instructional and supplementary videos covering descriptions of symptoms and aetiologies, examples of diagnosis and diagnostic interviews, recounted personal experiences of people with mental health problems, and discussions and examples of treatment. The site also contains hundreds of new student quizzes, as well as revision flashcards, student learning activities, discussion topics, lists of relevant journal articles (many of which provide free links to relevant articles published in Wiley Blackwell journals), and topics for discussion related to clinical research and clinical practice. A fully updated lecturer test bank has also been developed including over 1,000 questions, as well as suggested essay questions and these can be accessed by instructors on our lecturer book companion site.

The Wondrous Story of Anesthesia (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2014, Corr. 2nd printing 2014): Edmond I. Eger, Lawrence J. Saidman, Rod... The Wondrous Story of Anesthesia (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2014, Corr. 2nd printing 2014)
Edmond I. Eger, Lawrence J. Saidman, Rod Westhorpe
R3,660 R3,268 Discovery Miles 32 680 Save R392 (11%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Edited and written by an international "who's who" of more than 100 authors, including anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, bench scientists, a surgeon, and representatives of industry, this text provides a comprehensive history of anesthesia, unique in its focus on the people and events that shaped the specialty around the world, particularly during the past 70 years when anesthesia emerged from empiricism and developed into a science-based practice.

Applied Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist (Paperback, 8th Revised edition): Elena Bablenis Haveles Applied Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist (Paperback, 8th Revised edition)
Elena Bablenis Haveles
R1,431 R1,311 Discovery Miles 13 110 Save R120 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

With a focus on the most commonly used drugs in dentistry, Applied Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist, 8th Edition provides you with an in-depth understanding of the pharmacologic principles needed for safe and effective dental treatment and oral health care. It discusses drug properties and mechanisms of action, dosages, intended effects, interactions, and adverse reactions - both for the medications a patient may already be taking and for the drugs prescribed by the dentist. This new edition has been updated throughout to give you a firm foundation in pharmacology in order to assess and educate patients so they can maintain optimal oral health! IMPROVED! Test Bank with cognitive leveling based on Bloom's Taxonomy mapped to the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination (NBDHE) blueprint. Comprehensive coverage with a dental focus provides you with an in-depth understanding of the most commonly used drugs, how they work, and how they affect patients' oral health and dental treatment options. Multiple opportunities for classroom and board exam prep offers summaries and review questions at the end of each chapter, helping you to assess your knowledge of the material. Key terms are bolded and in color within each chapter and defined in a handy glossary. Full-color design engages the reader and includes additional illustrations showing basic principles and internal processes, along with photographs of oral conditions and side effects. Separate drug index provides easy look-up of specific drugs and types of drugs. Quick-reference appendixes include resources such as the top 200 drugs, medical acronyms, and information on herbal and dietary supplements. NEW! Updated drug content throughout, including new side effects and warnings for many commonly seen drugs. NEW! Elsevier Animation Collection clips on Evolve includes systemic anatomy and physiology.

Essentials of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences (Abridged, Paperback, 3rd abridged edition): Stuart C. Yudofsky,... Essentials of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences (Abridged, Paperback, 3rd abridged edition)
Stuart C. Yudofsky, Robert E. Hales
R1,449 R1,239 Discovery Miles 12 390 Save R210 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The explosive growth in the neurosciences& mdash;growth that prompted the 2002 publication of the timely fourth edition of "The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences"& mdash;continues unabated. To make this vital information more accessible to residents and practitioners alike, the editors have created a unique "Essentials" volume based on that acclaimed textbook.

The "Essentials" is approximately half the 1,400 pages of the complete "Textbook's" fourth edition. As such, it functions as a subspecialty reference that details assessment techniques and the full range of treatments available for patients with neuropsychiatric disorders. Like the tremendously successful fourth edition, this abridged version stands out because of its impressive clinical utility and practicality and because of the singular expertise of its preeminent chapter authors.

With 20 chapters written by 46 of today's leading clinicians and researchers in neuropsychiatry, this concise reference focuses on the key principles of diagnosis and treatment of patients with neuropsychiatric disorders. Like its parent textbook, it includes An extensively revised and expanded chapter on the neuropsychiatric aspects of delirium An ambitious (and new to the fourth edition of the Textbook) section about the clinical relevance of drug-induced delirium A detailed, in-depth index

This volume begins with "assessment" (bedside neuropsychiatry, evaluation, clinical and functional imaging), and continues through "symptomatologies" (delirium, aphasia, memory and amnesia), "disorders" (traumatic brain injury; seizure, sleep, and cerebrovascular disorders; brain tumors; ethanol andother chemical dependencies; Alzheimer's disease and other dementing illnesses; schizophrenia; mood and affective disorders; anxiety disorders; and disorders of childhood and adolescence), and "treatments" (psychopharmacologic, cognitive, and behavioral).

Remarkably relevant and practical, this "Essentials" volume in clinical neurosciences joins an elite group of textbooks that comprise the core curricula of psychiatry and neurology residencies. It will also prove to be an invaluable resource for psychiatry and neurology residents preparing to take the daunting ABPN certification examination.

The Politics of Autism (Hardcover): Bryna Siegel The Politics of Autism (Hardcover)
Bryna Siegel
R476 R360 Discovery Miles 3 600 Save R116 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In 1994 the American Psychiatric Association published the groundbreaking diagnostic criteria for autism ('Autistic Disorder'). Since then, the reported numbers of people with autism have increased from one in every 2,000 children to one in every 50-a 75% rise in just the last decade. With big business emerging for everyone including basic researchers, therapists, and educators, while the media in turn promotes sensationalized reports like autism caused by vaccines, or claims that thousands of hours of 1:1 behavior modification programs can cure it, the need for a level playing field has emerged. The Politics of Autism explores new viewpoints on 'old' issues: Is there more autism? What's wrong with how autism gets diagnosed? Are standard treatments really appropriate given the life course of people with autism? Why does fear of vaccines persist? Are we effectively allocating autism research dollars if the goal is to help people with autism? What does this modern fascination with something like autism tell us about our society today? What does it tell us about what people will believe, and how little it can take to get them to believe something? This book takes on the politics of autism by exposing the sub rosa truths that are often impolitic or seemingly too sensitive to discuss. All drawn from data-readers will explore unabashed contrarian views on autism epidemiology, autism service provision, autism education, and autism research. Each chapter will focus both on the controversies themselves, and how these controversies came to be. Chapters divided to address a different set of issues, data, and social policy recommendations for changes can be read as a sequence or individual treatments on the selected topics. Each chapter will shine light into arenas of the autism world where Bryna Siegel, who has worked in the autism field for 40 years, has had a ringside seat or sometimes been in the ring herself. Each chapter will provide a narrative of the different false alarms, false cures, soft-as-quicksand science, or other snake oil that has heralded the surfacing of some aspect of the world of autism into public consciousness. In addition, readers will find a chapter-by-chapter bibliography with URLs to many engaging references posted on the author's website. References include popular media/internet resources. Dr. Bryna Siegel's work has focused on the development and learning of children with autism. She analyzes autism as the confluence of expected and atypical development as a way to understanding autism-specific learning disabilities and learning styles. Her interest in the politics of autism grows from years of observing disparities in access to autism diagnosis, autism education, and support for families living with autism. In The Politics of Autism, she explores American positivism, internet disinformation, and focuses on autism as a case example of how societal forces have led to wasteful and ineffective autism education, false hope for cures, pyrrhic battles about vaccines, lack of vision to plan for adults with autism, and costly medical research that helps no one with autism, but expropriates dollars that could be directed to improving lives. Analysis of each issue concludes with recommendations for social policy changes.

CT Imaging of Myocardial Perfusion and Viability - Beyond Structure and Function (Hardcover, 2014 ed.): U. Joseph Schoepf,... CT Imaging of Myocardial Perfusion and Viability - Beyond Structure and Function (Hardcover, 2014 ed.)
U. Joseph Schoepf, Fabian Bamberg, Balazs Ruzsics, Rozemarijn Vliegenthart, Gorka Bastarrika
R3,552 R2,919 Discovery Miles 29 190 Save R633 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Recent research has identified the assessment of myocardial perfusion and viability as another promising CT application for the comprehensive diagnosis of coronary heart disease. In this book, the first to be devoted to this novel application of CT, leading experts from across the world present up-to-date information and consider future directions. After short sections outlining the state of the art in the traditional applications of CT to image structure and function, the full range of CT techniques that may be employed to evaluate the myocardial blood supply are discussed in detail. Similarly, diverse CT approaches for the assessment of myocardial viability are described, with careful consideration of the available experimental and clinical evidence and the role of quantitative imaging. Protocol recommendations that will be of invaluable practical assistance are also provided.

Esthetic and Functional Management of Diastema - A Multidisciplinary Approach (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016): Ugur Erdemir, Esra... Esthetic and Functional Management of Diastema - A Multidisciplinary Approach (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
Ugur Erdemir, Esra Yildiz
R3,345 R2,621 Discovery Miles 26 210 Save R724 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book offers detailed guidance on integrated orthodontic, periodontal, and restorative solutions for the treatment of diastema, highlighting the advantages of such a multidisciplinary approach and presenting suitable clinical protocols for esthetic reconstruction and functional improvement. The coverage includes discussion of diagnosis and explanation of important elements of dentofacial, dentolabial, and dental analysis and relevant soft tissue aspects. Clear advice is provided on treatment planning, and the various treatment options are fully described, with consideration of new materials and techniques and attention to timing and sequencing. The book benefits from the inclusion of numerous clinical case photos. It will be an excellent aid to the management of patients in whom correction of diastemas is only possible through multidisciplinary interventions.

Critical Care MCQs - A Companion for Intensive Care Exams (Paperback): Steven Lobaz, Mika Hamilton, Alastair J Glossop, Ajay H... Critical Care MCQs - A Companion for Intensive Care Exams (Paperback)
Steven Lobaz, Mika Hamilton, Alastair J Glossop, Ajay H Raithatha
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"Critical Care MCQs" is the perfect companion for anyone sitting exams in intensive care, as a training resource or just wanting to improve their knowledge in this constantly developing area of medical practice. Written by critical care doctors with experience of UK and European examination formats, this book leads the reader through 450 true/false questions with referenced explanations, covering core syllabus topics and key influential papers to date. A detailed list of further resources and recommendations relevant to critical care revision is also provided to enable readers to further their knowledge and understanding. It is hoped that this book will prove invaluable for preparation and success in upcoming intensive care exams for both candidates and trainers. This book would be useful for not only candidates sitting the UK Final Fellowship of Intensive Care Medicine (FFICM) and European Diploma of Intensive Care (EDIC) exams, but also the Indian Diploma in Critical Care Medicine (IDCCM), the Diploma of the Irish Board of Intensive Care Medicine (DIBICM), the Australia and New Zealand Fellowship of the College of Intensive Care Medicine (CICM), American Board and any other examinations related to intensive care.

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