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South Africa, Settler Colonialism And The Failures Of Liberal Democracy (Paperback): Thiven Reddy South Africa, Settler Colonialism And The Failures Of Liberal Democracy (Paperback)
Thiven Reddy
R385 R318 Discovery Miles 3 180 Save R67 (17%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

In South Africa, two unmistakable features describe post-Apartheid politics. The first is the formal framework of liberal democracy, including regular elections, multiple political parties and a range of progressive social rights. The second is the politics of the ‘extraordinary’, which includes a political discourse that relies on threats and the use of violence, the crude re-racialization of numerous conflicts, and protests over various popular grievances. In this highly original work, Thiven Reddy shows how conventional approaches to understanding democratization have failed to capture the complexities of South Africa’s post-Apartheid transition. Rather, as a product of imperial expansion, the South African state, capitalism and citizen identities have been uniquely shaped by a particular mode of domination, namely settler colonialism. South Africa, Settler Colonialism and the Failures of Liberal Democracy is an important work that sheds light on the nature of modernity, democracy and the complex politics of contemporary South Africa.

Conflict Mediation Across Cultures - Pathways and Patterns (Paperback): David W Augsburger Conflict Mediation Across Cultures - Pathways and Patterns (Paperback)
David W Augsburger
R628 R498 Discovery Miles 4 980 Save R130 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Believing not only that conflict is inevitable in human life but that it is essential and can be quite constructive, Augsburger proposes a shift to an "international" approach in resolving conflict. Augsburger focuses on interpersonal and group conflicts and provides a comparison of conflict patterns within and among various cultures.

How Violence Shapes Religion - Belief and Conflict in the Middle East and Africa (Paperback): Ziya Meral How Violence Shapes Religion - Belief and Conflict in the Middle East and Africa (Paperback)
Ziya Meral
R399 Discovery Miles 3 990 In stock

Is there an inevitable global violent clash unfolding between the world's largest religions: Islam and Christianity? Do religions cause violent conflicts, or are there other factors at play? How can we make sense of increasing reports of violence between Christian and Muslim ethnic communities across the world? By seeking to answer such questions about the relationship between religion and violence in today's world, Ziya Meral challenges popular theories and offers an alternative explanation, grounded on insights inferred from real cases of ethno-religious violence in Africa and the Middle East.

The relationship between religion and violence runs deep and both are intrinsic to the human story. Violence leads to and shapes religion, while religion acts to enable violence as well as providing responses that contain and prevent it. However, with religious violence being one of the most serious challenges facing the modern world, Meral shows that we need to de-globalise our analysis and focus on individual conflicts, instead of attempting to provide single answers to complex questions.

Cool It! (Paperback): Mark Potter, Colin Northmore Cool It! (Paperback)
Mark Potter, Colin Northmore
R57 Discovery Miles 570 Ships in 5 - 10 working days

One of the greatest challenges that teachers face when starting out in their careers is learning how to deal with unruly and badly behaved learners so that the rest of the class can get on with the lesson. Teachers often say that they are not paid to discipline learners, they are paid to teach them. However, without discipline there can be little learning.

The State of Northern Ireland and the Democratic Deficit: Between Sectarianism and Neo-Liberalism (Paperback): Paul Stewart,... The State of Northern Ireland and the Democratic Deficit: Between Sectarianism and Neo-Liberalism (Paperback)
Paul Stewart, Tommy McKearney, Gearoid O Machail, Patricia Campbell, Brian Garvey
R411 Discovery Miles 4 110 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, the image projected of Northern Ireland in the mainstream media is frequently that of a newly prosperous, modern, post-conflict society - a rare example of a successful peace process. Promoted as a great place to live and work, the garden seemed to be getting rosier by the day, that is until the Stormont Assembly collapsed in 2017. Written to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the GFA, this book argues that the seeds of recent problems were sown in the 1998 agreement. The fiasco of a Renewable Heating Incentive that overpaid participants, the lingering whiff of corruption, communities in crisis and growing poverty are all symptoms of the inherent failings of the supposed settlement. Current difficulties are more than teething problems arising from the transition from war to peace and neo-liberalism; they're the first instalment of a deeper crisis in a northern Irish state and society, which has never properly addressed the corrosive nature of sectarianism. Rather than ridding Northern Ireland of sectarianism, neo-liberalism, operating in the absence of armed conflict, has been able to accommodate and, in some instances, create a new form of sectarianism. The GFA has led to a profound democratic deficit. This book focuses on the nature of the North's new sectarian political class who are the principal beneficiaries of the GFA, but attention is also drawn to the labour movement, the plight of precarious and migrant workers, and the undermining of third sector autonomy. Behind the latter is the continuing suffering within communities still impacted by the long period of armed conflict and the evolution of republicanism and Unionism-Loyalism.

Radical Peacemaker Adam Curle - Radical Peacemaker (Paperback, New edition): John Paul Ledereach, Tom Woodhouse Radical Peacemaker Adam Curle - Radical Peacemaker (Paperback, New edition)
John Paul Ledereach, Tom Woodhouse
R826 R341 Discovery Miles 3 410 Save R485 (59%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Adam Curle's pioneering work as founding Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University was far more significant in the peace studies field than is generally understood. Even though his ideas were way ahead of his time, they have not been adequately taught and understood-partly because of the dominance of realistic approaches to political science and partly because his writings are not easily available. So this book captures his core contributions in an accessible, edited form, so that the breadth of his work can be introduced to new students. One unique feature is his stimulating work on the inner spiritual and outer dimensions of peacemaking.

The Power of Nonviolence (Paperback): Richard Bartlett Gregg The Power of Nonviolence (Paperback)
Richard Bartlett Gregg; Edited by James Tully
R586 R468 Discovery Miles 4 680 Save R118 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Power of Nonviolence, written by Richard Bartlett Gregg in 1934 and revised in 1944 and 1959, is the most important and influential theory of principled or integral nonviolence published in the twentieth century. Drawing on Gandhi's ideas and practice, Gregg explains in detail how the organized power of nonviolence (power-with) exercised against violent opponents can bring about small and large transformative social change and provide an effective substitute for war. This edition includes a major introduction by political theorist, James Tully, situating the text in its contexts from 1934 to 1959, and showing its great relevance today. The text is the definitive 1959 edition with a foreword by Martin Luther King, Jr. It includes forewords from earlier editions, the chapter on class struggle and nonviolent resistance from 1934, a crucial excerpt from a 1929 preliminary study, a biography and bibliography of Gregg, and a bibliography of recent work on nonviolence.

Gandhi and Jesus - The Saving Power of Nonviolence (Paperback): Terrance J. Rynne Gandhi and Jesus - The Saving Power of Nonviolence (Paperback)
Terrance J. Rynne
R489 R450 Discovery Miles 4 500 Save R39 (8%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

As the daily newscasts shout violence and fear, Terrence Rynne reminds us that there is a better way. He shows how Mohandas Gandhi, inspired by the Sermon on the Mount and the death of Jesus on the cross, offers hope for the world now. Gandhi's example and the record of nonviolent action since his death ???????????????????????? liberation of much of the world, from Poland to South Africa to the Philippines ???????????????????????? offers not only a model but a new way of understanding Christian salvation and our purpose on earth. Mr. Rynne makes the "better way" clear and compelling for both individuals and nations.

When Truth Mattered - The Kent State Shootings 50 Years Later (Paperback): Robert Giles When Truth Mattered - The Kent State Shootings 50 Years Later (Paperback)
Robert Giles
R462 R381 Discovery Miles 3 810 Save R81 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Learning Lessons From Waco - When Parties Bring Their Gods to the Negotiation Table (Paperback, lst ed): Jayne Seminare Docherty Learning Lessons From Waco - When Parties Bring Their Gods to the Negotiation Table (Paperback, lst ed)
Jayne Seminare Docherty
R672 Discovery Miles 6 720 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This intensive case study derives lessons for negotiation theory, research, and practice from the Waco disaster. The siege at Waco simply refuses to disappear. Recently uncovered evidence, an ongoing civil suit, and the Danforth investigation fuel public interest and controversy. Heated debates about ""what really happened in Waco"" are a recurring public drama. Yet, little or no attention has been given to the work of the negotiator who talked with the Branch Davidians. This important book utilizes largely unexplored sources of data to explain why fifty-one days of negotiations by federal officials failed to get Branch Davidians to exit the compound, as desired. Learning Lessons from Waco applies a theory of worldview conflict to the more than 12,000 pages of negotiation transcripts from Waco. Through perceptive analysis of the situation, Jayne Seminare Docherty offers a fresh perspective on the activities of law enforcement agents. She shows how the Waco conflict resulted from a collision of two distinct worldviews - the FBI's and the Davidians' - and their divergent notions of reality. By exploring the failures of the negotiations, she also urges a better understanding of encounters between rising religious movements and dominant social institutions. Finally, the resulting model is applicable to other conflict resolution processes such as mediation and facilitated problem solving.

Face It! (Paperback): Anne Baker, Lindsay McCay, Mark Potterton Face It! (Paperback)
Anne Baker, Lindsay McCay, Mark Potterton
R57 Discovery Miles 570 Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Every school needs to know how to deal with conflict and how to solve problems. This booklet will assist your school in dealing with conflict. By dealing with conflict your school will be better placed to fufill its task of educating young people. The booklet will encourage your school to create a positive environment where everyone works together in peace.

What the West is Getting Wrong about the Middle East - Why Islam is Not the Problem (Hardcover): OEmer Taspinar What the West is Getting Wrong about the Middle East - Why Islam is Not the Problem (Hardcover)
OEmer Taspinar
R634 R503 Discovery Miles 5 030 Save R131 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The West's actions in the Middle East are based on a fundamental misunderstanding: political Islam is repeatedly assumed to be the main cause of conflict and unrest in the region. The idea that we can decipher Jihadist radicalization or problems in the Middle East simply by reading the Qur'an has now become symptomatic of our age. This dangerous over-simplification and the West's obsession with Islam dominates media and policy analysis, ultimately skewing intervention and preventing long-term solutions and stability in the region. OEmer Taspinar, who has 20 years' research and policymaking experience, explains here what is really going on in the Middle East. The book is based on three of the most pressing cases currently under the spotlight: the role of Erdogan and the unrest in Turkey; the sectarian clashes in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon; and the existence of the so-called Islamic State. Islam is often seen as the root cause of the challenge associated with these cases. But by unpacking the real issues, such as entrenched authoritarianism, vast energy resources, excessive defense spending, and the youth bulge, the book demystifies what is happening and cites governance and nationalism as the main drivers of conflict. The book shows the importance of treating the causes - which are economic, social and institutional - rather than the symptom - the continued and growing success of Islamist parties and jihadist movements in assessing the Middle East. In revealing exactly how Islamism is activated and by analyzing the structural challenges of the region, this unique insider's account provides a map to understanding Middle Eastern wars and conflicts and the prospects for the future.

Violence and Islam - Conversations with Houria Abdelouahed (Hardcover): Adonis Violence and Islam - Conversations with Houria Abdelouahed (Hardcover)
R424 R295 Discovery Miles 2 950 Save R129 (30%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Adonis' influence on Arabic literature has been likened to that of T. S. Eliot in the English-speaking world. Yet alongside this spearheading of a modernist literary revolution, the secular Syrian-born poet is also renowned for his persistent and staunch attacks on despotism across the Arab world. In these conversations with the psychoanalyst Houria Abdelouahed, Adonis brings into sharp relief the latest wave of violence and war to engulf Arabic countries, tracing the cause of ongoing tensions back to the beginnings of Islam itself. Since the death of the prophet Muhammad, Islam has been used as a political and economic weapon, exploiting and reinforcing tribal divisions to aid the pursuit of power. Adonis argues that recent events in the Middle East from the failures of the Arab Spring to the rise of ISIS and the bloody war in his native Syria attest to the destructive effects of an Islamic worldview that prohibits any notion of plurality and breeds violence. If there is to be any hope of peace or progress in the Arab world, it is therefore imperative that these mentalities are overcome. In their place, Adonis urges a new spirit of enquiry, embodied in the freedoms to interrogate the past and to question cultural norms. Adonis' penetrating analysis comes at a critical time, offering an alternative path to the cycle of violence that plagues the Arab world today.

Who killed Hammarskjold (Paperback): Susan Williams Who killed Hammarskjold (Paperback)
Susan Williams
R220 R182 Discovery Miles 1 820 Save R38 (17%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

One of the outstanding mysteries of the twentieth century, and one with huge political resonance, is the death of Dag Hammarskjold and his UN team in a plane crash in central Africa in 1961. Just minutes after midnight, his aircraft plunged into thick forest in the British colony of Northern Rhodesia (Zambia), abruptly ending his mission to bring peace to the Congo. Across the world, many suspected sabotage, accusing the multi-nationals and the governments of Britain, Belgium, the USA and South Africa of involvement in the disaster. These suspicions have never gone away. British High Commissioner Lord Alport was waiting at the airport when the aircraft crashed nearby. He bizarrely insisted to the airport management that Hammarskjold had flown elsewhere - even though his aircraft was reported overhead. This postponed a search for so long that the wreckage of the plane was not found for fifteen hours. White mercenaries were at the airport that night too, including the South African pilot Jerry Puren, whose bombing of Congolese villages led, in his own words, to `flaming huts . . . destruction and death'. These soldiers of fortune were backed by Sir Roy Welensky, Prime Minister of the Rhodesian Federation, who was ready to stop at nothing to maintain white rule and thought the United Nations was synonymous with the Nazis. The Rhodesian government conducted an official inquiry, which blamed pilot error. But as this book will show, it was a massive cover-up that suppressed and dismissed a mass of crucial evidence, especially that of African eyewitnesses. A subsequent UN inquiry was unable to rule out foul play - but had no access to the evidence to show how and why. Now, for the first time, this story can be told. Who Killed Hammarskjoeld? follows the author on her intriguing and often frightening journey of research to Zambia, South Africa, the USA, Sweden, Norway, Britain, France and Belgium, where she unearthed a mass of new and hitherto secret documentary and photographic evidence.

The Future of Africa - A New Order in Sight (Paperback): Jeffrey Herbst The Future of Africa - A New Order in Sight (Paperback)
Jeffrey Herbst
R609 Discovery Miles 6 090 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In an age of unprecedented world-wide prosperity, forty per cent of Africa's 600 million people exist on less than US $1 per day, and a third of its 53 states are affected by conflict.
The African Union (AU) is intended, in part, to mark a new beginning where Africans are more focused on the current issues they confront. In particular, the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) has been hailed by African leaders as an important new initiative in development that asks the Africans themselves to assume responsibility for fostering democracy, good governance, and conflict resolution.
Now is therefore an appropriate time to examine the prospects for African development and conflict resolution. Does NEPAD represent an approach that could at least provide some hope to ending Africa's poor economic performance and does it and the AU represent a new approach towards conflict resolution? Will NEPAD have a marked impact on the quality of political, economic and corporate governance in Africa? Or are NEPAD and the AU just two more grand proposals destined to die rather quickly?
This book provides a brief review of African development and security over the past three decades. It assesses the progress made by South Africa since 1994 and describes current Western approaches to Africa with a focus on how much opportunity these stances provide for countries south of the Sahara to develop comprehensive new ideas to address their problems. The book reviews NEPAD and the AU to gauge the potential of these initiatives to take advantage of Western policies and to address Africa's structural problems. It suggests what must be done for African countries to reverse their growth and security trajectories by asking if any African country will establish the prerequisites for sustained high-level growth.

Teen Spirits - Music And Identity In Media Education (Paperback): Chris Richards Teen Spirits - Music And Identity In Media Education (Paperback)
Chris Richards
R951 Discovery Miles 9 510 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Relating to both the practice of teaching media studies and also to theoretical questions within media and cultural studies, this study examines pop music, media studies and the micro-cultural politics of adolescence. It argues that media education has neglected pop music, and that, as something of enormous significance in the lives of young people, it merits a serious place in the field.; The author provides accounts of media studies in action, including detailed accounts of classroom discussions, interviews with students and teachers, examples of students' work and their biographical reflections. He links this to broader debates both within cultural studies and around the place of pop music in young people's lives.; Teen Spirits should be of interest to students of media and cultural studies, as well as to practicing teachers, and readers with an interest in questions of youth and identity.

Peacebuilding in Language Education - Innovations in Theory and Practice (Paperback): Rebecca L. Oxford, Maria Matilde Olivero,... Peacebuilding in Language Education - Innovations in Theory and Practice (Paperback)
Rebecca L. Oxford, Maria Matilde Olivero, Melinda Harrison, Tammy Gregersen
R1,317 Discovery Miles 13 170 Pre-order

This innovative, much-needed book shares powerful wisdom and practical strategies to help language teachers, teacher educators and peace educators communicate peace, contribute to peace and weave peacebuilding into classrooms and daily life. The clear, six-part Language of Peace Approach underlies more than 50 creative activities that can promote peacebuilding competence in secondary and post-secondary students, current and prospective educators and community members outside of academia. Chapters span the spectrum from cross-cultural peace education to the positive psychology of peace, from nonverbal peace language to transformative language teaching for peace, and from the needs of language learners to the needs of language educators. The book makes a unique and valuable contribution to the discussion of how we can live together peacefully in a changing world.

Trust Repair - It Is Possible! (Paperback): Wendy Fraser Ph D Trust Repair - It Is Possible! (Paperback)
Wendy Fraser Ph D
R431 R352 Discovery Miles 3 520 Save R79 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The World's Most Prestigious Prize - The Inside Story of the Nobel Peace Prize (Hardcover): Geir Lundestad The World's Most Prestigious Prize - The Inside Story of the Nobel Peace Prize (Hardcover)
Geir Lundestad
R613 R416 Discovery Miles 4 160 Save R197 (32%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The World's Most Prestigious Prize: The Inside Story of the Nobel Peace Prize is a fascinating, insider account of the Nobel peace prize. Drawing on unprecedented access to the Norwegian Nobel Institute's vast archive, it offers a gripping account of the founding of the prize, as well as its highs and lows, triumphs and disasters, over the last one-hundred-and-twenty years. But more than that, the book also draws on the author's unique insight during his twenty-five years as Director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute and Secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. It reveals the real story of all the laureates of that period - some of them among the most controversial in the history of the prize (Gorbachev, Arafat, Peres and Rabin, Mandela and De Klerk, Obama, and Liu Xiaobo) - and exactly why they came to receive the prize. Despite all that has been written about the Nobel Peace Prize, this is the first-ever account written by a prominent insider in the Nobel system.

After Victory - Institutions, Strategic Restraint, and the Rebuilding of Order after Major Wars, New Edition - New Edition... After Victory - Institutions, Strategic Restraint, and the Rebuilding of Order after Major Wars, New Edition - New Edition (Paperback, Revised edition)
G.John Ikenberry
R491 R399 Discovery Miles 3 990 Save R92 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The end of the Cold War was a "big bang" reminiscent of earlier moments after major wars, such as the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815 and the end of the World Wars in 1919 and 1945. Here John Ikenberry asks the question, what do states that win wars do with their newfound power and how do they use it to build order? In examining the postwar settlements in modern history, he argues that powerful countries do seek to build stable and cooperative relations, but the type of order that emerges hinges on their ability to make commitments and restrain power. The author explains that only with the spread of democracy in the twentieth century and the innovative use of international institutions--both linked to the emergence of the United States as a world power--has order been created that goes beyond balance of power politics to exhibit "constitutional" characteristics. The open character of the American polity and a web of multilateral institutions allow the United States to exercise strategic restraint and establish stable relations among the industrial democracies despite rapid shifts and extreme disparities in power. This volume includes a new preface reflecting on the reverberating impact of past postwar settlements and the lessons that hold contemporary relevance. Blending comparative politics with international relations, and history with theory, After Victory will be of interest to anyone concerned with the organization of world order, the role of institutions in world politics, and the lessons of past postwar settlements for today. It also speaks to today's debate over the ability of the United States to lead in an era of unipolar power.

Amity in the Middle East - How the World Sports Peace Project and the Passion for Football Brought (Paperback): Geoffrey... Amity in the Middle East - How the World Sports Peace Project and the Passion for Football Brought (Paperback)
Geoffrey Whitfield
R418 R329 Discovery Miles 3 290 Save R89 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The World Sports Project brought together Israeli and Arab youngsters and adults from towns in Israel, staff and students from four English universities, Premier League clubs, most notably Arsenal, the British Embassy and the British Council in Israel, the Israel Sports Authority, and runners in the Flora London Marathon. It became a pointer to more creative ways for community relations in divided societies. Who is this book intended for? For those wanting to read about Arab and Jewish youngsters playing football together; for those interested in conflict prevention and peace-making; and for those wanting to run such a project in other political climes. Over three years, a successful Football/Conflict Prevention Project took place on an annual basis, close to Nazareth. Those who took part will be able to tell their children and grandchildren of the time when Jews and Arab-Christians and Arab-Moslems played in mixed teams against mixed teams. Their team could only win when they learned to work together, when trust and confidence in each other overrode political antagonisms. With such a model, the future of peoples in other strife-torn communities could move forward to hope, and not backward to despair.

Endangered Species - How We Can Avoid Mass Destruction and Build a Lasting Peace (Paperback): Stephen M. Younger Endangered Species - How We Can Avoid Mass Destruction and Build a Lasting Peace (Paperback)
Stephen M. Younger
R324 R303 Discovery Miles 3 030 Save R21 (6%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A former nuclear weapons designer, Stephen M. Younger understands, as few others can, humankind's potential for violence. He knows that the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction means that any nation, group, or even individual could cause unimaginable carnage--and the accelerating pace of communications and transportation means that things can happen faster than we can think about them.

In "Endangered Species," Younger peers into the heart of modern civilization to present a practical plan for ending mass violence, the scourge of our times and a threat to our survival as a species. Looking across our knowledge of psychology, history, politics, and technology, Younger presents a convincing argument that we can escape our spiral into global destruction. But we haven't a moment to lose.

To Perpetual Peace - A Philosophical Sketch (Paperback): Immanuel Kant To Perpetual Peace - A Philosophical Sketch (Paperback)
Immanuel Kant; Translated by Ted Humphrey
R244 R212 Discovery Miles 2 120 Save R32 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

What is the standing of a sovereign nation and what are its rights relative to other sovereign nations? What is our obligation to pursue peace? Can intervention in the affairs of another sovereign nation be justified? Who, if any one, has the right to intervene? In this short essay, Kant completes his political theory and philosophy of history, considering the prospects for peace among nations and addressing questions that remain central to our thoughts about nationalism, war, and peace. Ted Humphrey provides an eminently readable translation, along with a brief introduction that sketches Kant's argument.

Sex and World Peace (Paperback, Revised Edition): Valerie M. Hudson, Bonnie Ballif-Spanvill, Mary Caprioli, Chad F. Emmett Sex and World Peace (Paperback, Revised Edition)
Valerie M. Hudson, Bonnie Ballif-Spanvill, Mary Caprioli, Chad F. Emmett
R601 R358 Discovery Miles 3 580 Save R243 (40%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Sex and World Peace unsettles a variety of assumptions in political and security discourse, demonstrating that the security of women is a vital factor in the security of the state and its incidence of conflict and war. The authors compare micro-level gender violence and macro-level state peacefulness in global settings, supporting their findings with detailed analyses and color maps. Harnessing an immense amount of data, they call attention to discrepancies between national laws protecting women and the enforcement of those laws, and they note the adverse effects on state security of abnormal sex ratios favoring males, the practice of polygamy, and inequitable realities in family law, among other gendered aggressions. The authors find that the treatment of women informs human interaction at all levels of society. Their research challenges conventional definitions of security and democracy and shows that the treatment of gender, played out on the world stage, informs the true clash of civilizations. In terms of resolving these injustices, the authors examine top-down and bottom-up approaches to healing wounds of violence against women, as well as ways to rectify inequalities in family law and the lack of parity in decision-making councils. Emphasizing the importance of an R2PW, or state responsibility to protect women, they mount a solid campaign against women's systemic insecurity, which effectively unravels the security of all.

The State of Post-conflict Reconstruction - Land, Urban Development and State-building in Juba, Southern Sudan (Hardcover):... The State of Post-conflict Reconstruction - Land, Urban Development and State-building in Juba, Southern Sudan (Hardcover)
Naseem Badiey
R1,473 Discovery Miles 14 730 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Naseem Badiey examines the local dynamics of the emerging capital city of Juba, Southern Sudan, during the historically pivotal transition period following the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). Focusing on the intersections of land tenure reform and urban development, she challenges the dominant paradigm of 'post-conflict reconstruction' and re-conceptualizes state-building as a social process underpinned by negotiation. Badiey explores local resistance to reconstruction programmes, debates over the interpretation of peace settlements, and competing claims to land and resources not as problems to be solved through interventions but as negotiations of authority which are fundamental to shaping the character of the 'state'. While donors and aid agency officials anticipated clashes between the Government of Sudan and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) following the CPA, they did not foresee internal divisions that impeded reconstruction in Southern Sudan, raising serious questions about the viability of an independent state. In Juba local elites interpreted the CPA in line with their economic and political interests, using claims to land, authority and political power to challenge the SPLM's agenda for urban reconstruction. In revealing how local actors strategically interpreted the framework of land rights in Southern Sudan, the book offers a basis for understanding the challenges that confront the nascent South Sudan's state-builders and their international partners in the future. NASEEM BADIEY is Assistant Professor of International Development and Humanitarian Action at California State University Monterey Bay.

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