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Build It - The Rebel Playbook for World-Class Employee Engagement (Hardcover): Debra Corey, Glenn Elliott Build It - The Rebel Playbook for World-Class Employee Engagement (Hardcover)
Debra Corey, Glenn Elliott
R540 R401 Discovery Miles 4 010 Save R139 (26%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The current way of treating people at work has failed. Globally, only 30% of employees are engaged in their jobs, and in this fast-paced world that's just not enough. The world's best companies understand this, and have been quietly treating people differently for nearly two decades. Now you can learn their secrets and discover The Engagement Bridge(TM) model, proven to build bottom line value for companies through sustainable employee engagement. Companies with the best cultures generate stock market returns of twice the general market and enjoy half the employee turnover of their peers. Their staff innovate more, deliver better customer service and, hands-down, beat the competition. These companies outperform and disrupt their markets. They break the rules of traditional HR, they rebel against the status quo. Build it has found these rebels and the rulebreakers. From small startups to global powerhouses, this book shows that courage, commitment, and a people-centric mindset, rather than money and resources, are what you need to turn an average business into a category leader. The book follows the clear and proven Engagement Bridge(TM) model, developed from working with thousands of leading companies worldwide on their own employee engagement journeys. The practical model highlights the areas that leaders need to examine in order to build a highly engaged company culture and provides a framework for success. Build it is packed with tips, tools and real-life examples from employers including NASDAQ, Unilever, IBM, KPMG, 3M, and McDonald's to help you start doing this not tomorrow, but today. Readers will learn: How employee engagement helps companies perform The key factors that drive engagement, and how they work together What the world's most rebellious companies have done to break the rules of traditional HR and improve engagement How to implement The Engagement BridgeTM model to boost productivity, innovation, and better decision-making Unique in this category, Build it is written from two sharply different perspectives. Glenn Elliott is a multi-award winning Entrepreneur of the Year, CEO and growth investor. He talks candidly about the mistakes and missteps he has made whilst building Reward Gateway into a $300m category leader in employee engagement technology. Debra Corey brings 30 years experience in senior level HR roles at global companies such as Gap, Quintiles, Honeywell and Merlin Entertainments. She shares the practical tools and case studies that can kickstart your employee engagement plan, bringing her own pragmatic and engaging style to each situation.

Sync or Swim (Paperback): Gary D Chapman Sync or Swim (Paperback)
Gary D Chapman
R346 R280 Discovery Miles 2 800 Save R66 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Sustainable Business - A One Planet Approach (Paperback): Sally Jeanrenaud, Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud, Jonathan Gosling Sustainable Business - A One Planet Approach (Paperback)
Sally Jeanrenaud, Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud, Jonathan Gosling
R1,113 R1,029 Discovery Miles 10 290 Save R84 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

What is a 'one planet' approach to sustainable business? Why is it important? What are businesses doing to achieve sustainability? What do business leaders need to learn? Sustainable Business: A One Planet Approach is a textbook for contemporary business. Recognizing the realities of global sustainability challenges, this book covers the knowledge, frameworks and techniques that will underpin emerging solutions to those challenges. Published in association with WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature) Sustainable Business is an ideal basis for students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level looking to master an understanding of the relationship between sustainability and business. Edited by three influential figures from sustainable business education, and co-authored by several leading academics, this book offers a wealth of insight and interpretation into new ways of doing business that have a positive impact on people, planet and prosperity. In addition to the many case studies and real-life examples included throughout the book, lecturer slides and recommended web links can be accessed at www.wiley.com. Sustainable Business also includes a foreword by Yolanda Kakabadse, President of WWF. The Editors are co-founders of the One Planet MBA at Exeter University, UK and Directors of OPEN for Business (One Planet Education Network).

Gung Ho! - How to Motivate People in Any Organization (Paperback, New edition): Kennethh Blanchard, Sheldon Bowles Gung Ho! - How to Motivate People in Any Organization (Paperback, New edition)
Kennethh Blanchard, Sheldon Bowles 1
R230 R181 Discovery Miles 1 810 Save R49 (21%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Every day thousands of uninspired employees trudge to work – often dooming their companies to failure with their lack of motivation.

Here, from the authors of the bestselling 'The One Minute Manager' and 'Raving Fans', is an invaluable management tool which outlines foolproof ways to increase productivity by fostering excellent morale in the workplace. Drawing on over 20 years' experience of working with hundreds of corporations – including, America Online, Eastman Kodak, General Motors, Hershey Chocolate and Microsoft – Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles reveal a surefire system for boosting employee enthusiasm, energy and performance.

'Gung Ho' presents a surprisingly simple, yet powerful strategy for inspiring employees. Based on three core ideas: work must be seen as important, workers must be put in control of their own production and managers must cheer their workers on – 'Gung Ho!' ensures that employees are committed to success.

With a clear game plan, and a step-by-step outline for implementing these ideas, this book is destined to become a business classic.

Human Resource Information Systems - Basics, Applications, and Future Directions (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition): Michael J... Human Resource Information Systems - Basics, Applications, and Future Directions (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition)
Michael J Kavanagh, Mohan Thite, Richard D. Johnson
R1,940 Discovery Miles 19 400 In stock

With the emergence of the Enterprise Resource Planning System that seamlessly integrates various business modules within the information architecture of any business enterprise, Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) has become a crucial focus for management professionals. This cross-disciplinary book provides a thorough introduction to the field of HRIS, which combines two major management fields that impact the competitive advantage of companies--human resources and information systems. Unlike other HRIS textbooks that flood students with technical info and jargon, Human Resource Information Systems: Basics, Applications, and Future Directions offers a balanced approach in dealing with HR and IT/IS issues by drawing from experts in both areas. Editorial introductions to each section provide the reader with a helpful framework, introducing the links between chapters and highlighting the key learning objectives for each chapter. Key Features Presents a balanced perspective linking HR concepts to technology and demonstrating how HR professionals can apply these practices to their day-to-day functioning Provides an organizational system template, offering a holistic picture of different HRIS within an organizational framework to depict how these systems, used in conjunction, can contribute to a firm's success Features extensive case studies to gain real-world, problem-solving perspectives Supplies opening vignettes to provide a glimpse of real organizational problems, the solutions for which can be found in the key themes of the relevant chapter Identifies key Web sites for HRIS that direct students to supplemental material in HRM, IS/IT, and HRIS that will deepen and enhance their learning experiences

Leadership Is Language - The Hidden Power of What You Say and What You Don't (Paperback): L. David Marquet Leadership Is Language - The Hidden Power of What You Say and What You Don't (Paperback)
L. David Marquet 1
R340 R267 Discovery Miles 2 670 Save R73 (21%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

'Full of compelling advice on how to lead more effectively by choosing your words more wisely' - ADAM GRANT, author of Originals and Give and Take FT Book of the Month Your words matter more than you think Most of us use the language we inherited from a time when workers worked with their hands and managers worked with their heads. Today, your people do much more than simply follow orders. They contribute to performance and solve problems, and it's time we updated our language to reflect that. In Leadership Is Language, former US Navy captain L. David Marquet offers a radical playbook to empower your people and put your team on a path to continuous improvement. The framework will help you achieve the right balance between deliberation and action, and take bold risks without endangering your mission. Among other things, you'll learn: * How to avoid the seven common sins of questioning, from binary questions (should we do A or B?) to self-affirming questions (B is the better option, right?) * Why you should vote first, then discuss, when deciding on a plan with your team, rather than voting after discussion * Why it's better to give your people information instead of instructions As a submarine captain, Marquet used his counterintuitive model of leadership to turn the worst-performing submarine crew into the best-performing one in the fleet, a story he recounted in his bestselling book Turn the Ship Around! Now, in Leadership Is Language, he draws on a wide range of examples, from the 2017 Oscars Best Picture mishap to the tragic sinking of the SS El Faro, to show you exactly how the words you use (and don't use) impact how your people contribute.

Lessons from a Warzone - How to be a Resilient Leader in Times of Crisis (Hardcover): Louai Al Roumani Lessons from a Warzone - How to be a Resilient Leader in Times of Crisis (Hardcover)
Louai Al Roumani 1
R465 R365 Discovery Miles 3 650 Save R100 (22%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

'A compelling guide for leaders grappling with the pandemic' Financial Times 'A remarkable book telling business leaders what to do when disaster strikes' The Times AN INSPIRING STORY OF RESILIENT LEADERSHIP IN THE TOUGHEST OF TIMES Louai Al Roumani was head of finance and planning at one of the largest banks in Syria, when the war broke out in 2011. In Lessons from a Warzone, Al Roumani shares his very personal account of coping with the day-to-day realities of leading an organization in dangerous and hostile conditions. His story shows how inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of places - from the timeless wisdom of merchants in ancient souks to the changing patterns of military checkpoints. During that time, not only did the bank remain robust when others faltered - it thrived and became the undisputed leading bank as people's trust in its capability to safeguard their life-long savings strengthened. In this book, Al Roumani distils the knowledge and skills he and his colleagues developed while steering the bank through four impossible years into ten lessons applicable to any leader facing a crisis today. His valuable, and often counterintuitive, advice - ranging from resisting over-planning to hacking your own IT department to cutting costs (but not morale) - will help anyone understand how to be resilient even in the most challenging of times.

Basic Psychology For Human Resource Practitioners (Paperback, 3rd Edition): Janie Steyn Basic Psychology For Human Resource Practitioners (Paperback, 3rd Edition)
Janie Steyn
R520 R434 Discovery Miles 4 340 Save R86 (17%) Ships in 4 - 8 working days

Differences in personality and behaviour are part of the dynamic workplace. They can be understood better, and managed if necessary, if the HR practitioner or HR Manager has some knowledge of psychology. Basic Psychology for Human Resource Practitioners third edition discussed individual differences, abilities, attitudes, perceptions, ways of learning and personalities, and covers the most important aspects of measuring personality traits. It also explains aspects of group behaviour, be they social, political, cultural or recreational.

The book deals with the historical development of human resource management, the functions of human resource departments, and current and future trends in human resource management in South Africa. An update of the 2015 edition, it references more recent sources, and uses practical examples that reflect new developments in the field.

Key features:

  • Study objectives to guide students through the individual chapters.
  • Clear examples relevant to South Africa.
  • Activities and ‘test yourself’ questions that enable students to measure their understanding of the subject.
Effective communication - Empowering the workforce (Paperback, 2nd ed): Marietta Swart, Marietha Hairbottle, Rynette Scheun,... Effective communication - Empowering the workforce (Paperback, 2nd ed)
Marietta Swart, Marietha Hairbottle, Rynette Scheun, Lisel Erasmus-Kritzinger
R290 R257 Discovery Miles 2 570 Save R33 (11%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

A comprehensive, up-to-date and relevant communication text which engages readers through both a theoretical and an applied lens. Blends technological awareness and ability with basic communication skills and practices. Provides numerous examples as well as video clips. Aimed at students and employees, including those at executive management level.

Renewing Workers' Education - A Radical Vision (Paperback): Linda Cooper, Sheri Hamilton Renewing Workers' Education - A Radical Vision (Paperback)
Linda Cooper, Sheri Hamilton
R350 R278 Discovery Miles 2 780 Save R72 (21%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Renewing Workers' Education focuses on educational forms created by workers for workers. It extends beyond trade unions to include the range of educational initiatives aimed at the working class more generally, including working class women, casual and informal sector workers, migrant workers, and workers' political parties. This book contributes to filling the gap in the South African literature on workers' education and documents the more recent history of workers' education as well as current practices and perspectives, including some international experiences. It explores conceptual tools that may assist in reflecting on and theorising the practice of workers' education and analyses current challenges. This essential book also seeks to inform future policy and practices on workers' education and is key for those who wish to reinvigorate and contribute to building an alternative future for workers' education.

Management across Cultures - Challenges, Strategies, and Skills (Paperback, 4th Revised edition): Richard M Steers, Joyce S.... Management across Cultures - Challenges, Strategies, and Skills (Paperback, 4th Revised edition)
Richard M Steers, Joyce S. Osland
R1,095 Discovery Miles 10 950 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In today's competitive global economy, most managers are - or will be - global managers. They may work in their home country, but are influenced by global events and have to manage diverse workforces. As such, they need multicultural competence and global management skills to work successfully across cultures. This new edition pairs a richly illustrated text with management applications, key concepts, discussion questions, web-based cases and skill-building exercises aimed at current and aspiring managers. Each chapter is accompanied by a Manager's Notebook highlighting field strategies and encouraging students to develop multicultural competence that will be highly valued by future employers. Exploring the challenges and opportunities facing global managers, readers can examine cultural, organizational, and managerial environments before developing a range of skills from communication and leadership to negotiation and global team management. Suitable for students taking courses in international management, cross-cultural management or international HRM at advanced undergraduate, Masters and MBA levels.

People leadership in education (Paperback): J. Heystek, R. Nieman, J. Van Rooyen People leadership in education (Paperback)
J. Heystek, R. Nieman, J. Van Rooyen
R420 R355 Discovery Miles 3 550 Save R65 (15%) In stock

People Leadership in Education, the new edition of Human Resource Management in Education, focuses on the value of people in an organisation and emphasises the importance of acknowledging individuals and groups in the South African educational context. The book covers issues around the professional development of leaders in schools and is a must-have for all managers who will lead South African education into a successful future.

No Rules Rules - Netflix And The Culture Of Reinvention (Paperback): Reed Hastings, Erin Meyer No Rules Rules - Netflix And The Culture Of Reinvention (Paperback)
Reed Hastings, Erin Meyer 1
R340 R243 Discovery Miles 2 430 Save R97 (29%) Pre-order

How do you build the most dynamic, disruptive business on earth? This is the Netflix founder's radical blueprint.

*Hard work is irrelevant.
*Be radically honest.
*Adequate performance gets a generous severance.
*And never, ever try to please your boss.

These are some of the ground rules if you work at Netflix. They are part of a unique cultural experiment that explains how the company has transformed itself at lightning speed from a DVD mail order service into a streaming superpower – with 125 million fervent subscribers and a market capitalisation bigger than Disney. Finally Reed Hastings, Netflix Chairman and CEO, is sharing the secrets that have revolutionised the entertainment and tech industries. With INSEAD business school professor Erin Meyer, he will explore his leadership philosophy – which begins by rejecting the accepted beliefs under which most companies operate – and how it plays out in practice at Netflix.

From unlimited holidays to abolishing financial approvals, Netflix offers a fundamentally different way to run any organisation, one far more in tune with a fast-paced world. For anyone interested in creativity, productivity and innovation, the Netflix culture is something close to a holy grail. This book will make it, and its creator, fully accessible for the first time.

Introduction to human resource management (Paperback): Marius Meyer, Erna Kruger-Pretorius Introduction to human resource management (Paperback)
Marius Meyer, Erna Kruger-Pretorius
R405 R359 Discovery Miles 3 590 Save R46 (11%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

The field of human resource management (HRM) has grown significantly over the last 50 years. Although HRM is relatively new to the South African business environment, many companies started employing personnel managers (later to become known as HR managers) to head up personnel departments during the 1980s, primarily to help employers deal with the industrial action of trade unions. Their role has since expanded way beyond that. These days, HR managers play an important role in ensuring that companies utilise their human resources optimally. Introduction to human resource management provides a basic understanding of the principles of HRM and how it contributes to achieving organisational goals. Introduction to human resource management examines the essential aspects of the practice of HRM in the modern workplace. Essential theory is supplemented with practical guidelines for managing employees as well as other general functions in an organisation. Introduction to Human Resource Management is aimed at undergraduate students at further and higher education institutions within South Africa as well as managers and human resource practitioners.

Human Resource Management - Functions, Applications, and Skill Development (Mixed media product, 3 Revised Edition): John R... Human Resource Management - Functions, Applications, and Skill Development (Mixed media product, 3 Revised Edition)
John R Hendon
R2,831 Discovery Miles 28 310 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Get 12 months FREE access to an interactive eBook when purchasing the paperback* An exploration into the important strategic function HR plays in today's organizations that uses a wide variety of applications, self-assessments, and experiential exercises to help students develop the skills they need to recruit, select, train, and development talent. The book includes all of the latest SHRM 2016 Curriculum Guidebook listings, covering every SHRM guide item, including both the SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) and the Human Resource Certification Institute Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification exam-a total of more than 210 individual content requirements from the SHRM curriculum guide. A three-pronged approach-functions, applications, skill development-helps students master the concepts, apply them, and build the skills needed in the workplace. This is supported by self-assessments in each chapter and a Current Trends section, which covers the latest developments in the HR field, particularly trends related to data analytics, social media, ethics, privacy, and working in diverse, global organizations New to this edition New Skill Builder exercises allow students to experience HR as they practice making decisions, working in teams, and participating in role-plays. Assignable SAGE Premium Video (available via the interactive eBook version, linked through SAGE coursepacks) is tied to learning objectives and illustrates HRM in action. The book is complemented by online resources, featuring a range of tools and materials for lecturers and students, including diagnostic chapter pre tests and post tests, Test banks, Assignable SAGE Premium Video, videos from SAGE Knowledge illustrating Human Resource Management concepts, PowerPoint (R) slides, Sample course syllabi, Lecture notes, eFlashcards, eQuizzes, and all tables and figures from the textbook. Suitable for modules on Human Resource Management *Interactivity only available through Vitalsource eBook included as part of paperback product (ISBN 9781544331317). Access not guaranteed on second-hand copies (as access code may have previously been redeemed).

The Little Book of Coaching - Motivating People to be Winners (Paperback): Kenneth Blanchard, Don Shula The Little Book of Coaching - Motivating People to be Winners (Paperback)
Kenneth Blanchard, Don Shula 2
R245 R178 Discovery Miles 1 780 Save R67 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

For more than thirty years renowned business consultant and top selling author Ken Blanchard, and legendary NFL coach Don Shula, have motivated teams to achieve excellence.

At the heart of the book is a simple acronym that describes the qualities of an effective leader:
C onviction-drive – Never compromise your beliefs
O verlearning – Practice until it’s perfect
A udible-ready – Know when to change
C onsistency – Respond predictably to performance
H onesty-based – Walk your talk.

Using a highly effective ‘tag-team’ approach, Blanchard and Shula impart the five leadership secrets behind this acronym: Shula explains how each coach concept works on the field, and then Blanchard explains how you can apply each concept to a leadership situation.

Program Evaluation - Methods and Case Studies, International Student Edition (Paperback, 8th New edition): Emil J. Posavac Program Evaluation - Methods and Case Studies, International Student Edition (Paperback, 8th New edition)
Emil J. Posavac
R1,376 Discovery Miles 13 760 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Comprehensive yet accessible, this text provides a practical introduction to the skills, attitudes, and methods required to assess the worth and value of human services offered in public and private organizations in a wide range of fields. Students are introduced to the need for such activities, the methods for carrying out evaluations, and the essential steps in organizing findings into reports. The text focuses on the work of people who are closely associated with the service to be evaluated, and is designed to help program planners, developers, and evaluators to work with program staff members who might be threatened by program evaluation.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: Poster, 2nd Edition (Poster, 2nd Revised edition): Patrick M. Lencioni The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: Poster, 2nd Edition (Poster, 2nd Revised edition)
Patrick M. Lencioni
R267 R198 Discovery Miles 1 980 Save R69 (26%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The blockbuster bestseller now in a manga edition--fully illustrated and fun to read
Beautifully illustrated by Kensuke Okabayashi, this enthralling edition of Patrick Lencioni's massive bestseller gives readers a new format in which to understand the fascinating, complex world of teams. Kathryn Petersen, Decision Tech's CEO, faces the ultimate leadership crisis: Uniting a team in such disarray that it threatens to bring down the entire company. Will she succeed? Will she be fired? Will the company fail? Lencioni's gripping tale serves as a timeless reminder that leadership requires as much courage as it does insight.
Throughout the story, Lencioni reveals the five dysfunctions that go to the heart of why teams--even the best ones--often struggle. He outlines a powerful model and actionable steps that can be used to overcome these common hurdles and build a cohesive, effective team. This is a compelling fable with a powerful, yet deceptively simple message for all those who strive to be exceptional leaders.
Kensuke Okabayashi (Jersey City, NJ) is a working illustrator, a graduate of the School of Visual Arts, and an instructor at the Educational Alliance Art School in New York City.

Coaching Skills: The definitive guide to being a coach (Paperback, 4th edition): Jenny Rogers Coaching Skills: The definitive guide to being a coach (Paperback, 4th edition)
Jenny Rogers
R987 R823 Discovery Miles 8 230 Save R164 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book has been a best seller for coaches all over the world since the first edition was published in 2004. Coaches appreciate its straightforward advice on how to coach and the truthful way the book captures the actual experience of coaching. This 4th edition has been extensively updated. It keeps the most popular features of earlier editions and also includes material on: * The magic ingredients that determine whether the coach-client relationship works * Why goal-setting and questioning are such important skills for any coach and how you can acquire them * How to use the insights that are emerging from neuropsychology * How as a coach you can work with clients to get them past their blocks and barriers * How to cope with clients who cry or who report traumatic experience - and where the boundaries are with therapy * How to give vital information - but in coaching style * How to blend challenge with support * Tips and hints on how to coach by phone * A full template on how to run the first session 'There are a multitude of reasons why the latest edition of this best-selling book deserves a place on the bookshelves of both new and more experienced coaches ... Practical exercises and techniques, such as the Life Scan Wheel, Magic Questions, Immunity to Change grid and the OSCAR model, are clearly explained, and new to this edition is a useful and detailed first-session template ... She has gathered together insights and gems from books as diverse as Daniel Kahnemann's Thinking, Fast and Slow and Carl Jung's Modern Man in Search of a Soul. It transforms what could have been a dry manual into a stimulating and pleasurable read, as well as an information dense resource, and a worthy investment of any coach's time and money'. Review in Coaching Today, January 2017, Issue 21

Men Is Cheap - Exposing the Frauds of Free Labor in Civil War America (Hardcover): Brian P. Luskey Men Is Cheap - Exposing the Frauds of Free Labor in Civil War America (Hardcover)
Brian P. Luskey
R904 Discovery Miles 9 040 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

When a Civil War substitute broker told business associates that "Men is cheep here to Day," he exposed an unsettling contradiction at the heart of the Union's war effort. Despite Northerners' devotion to the principles of free labor, the war produced rampant speculation and coercive labor arrangements that many Americans labeled fraudulent. Debates about this contradiction focused on employment agencies called "intelligence offices," institutions of dubious character that nevertheless served the military and domestic necessities of the Union army and Northern households. Northerners condemned labor agents for pocketing fees above and beyond contracts for wages between employers and employees. Yet the transactions these middlemen brokered with vulnerable Irish immigrants, Union soldiers and veterans, former slaves, and Confederate deserters defined the limits of independence in the wage labor economy and clarified who could prosper in it. Men Is Cheap shows that in the process of winning the war, Northerners were forced to grapple with the frauds of free labor. Labor brokers, by helping to staff the Union military and Yankee households, did indispensable work that helped the Northern state and Northern employers emerge victorious. They also gave rise to an economic and political system that enriched the managerial class at the expense of laborers--a reality that resonates to this day.

An Introduction to Human Resource Management Paperback with Interactive Ebook (Paperback, 4 Revised Edition): Nick Wilton An Introduction to Human Resource Management Paperback with Interactive Ebook (Paperback, 4 Revised Edition)
Nick Wilton 1
R1,317 R1,190 Discovery Miles 11 900 Save R127 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Reflecting the global nature of the workplace with its use of real world examples and case studies, the book goes beyond a prescriptive approach in the practice of strategic HRM, and offers a concise introduction that encourages critical reflection. The NEW fourth edition includes: Discussions on employee engagement, the role and benefits of social media, and the impact of culture and global mobility The latest surveys and research and recent case studies and examples from a cross section industries and global companies, such as Zurich Insurance, Uber, Adobe, Deloitte and Netflix. A FREE interactive eBook giving students digital access to all the content as well as author videos, case studies, web-links, journal articles and quizzes. Lecturers can also access PowerPoint slides, teaching videos, a testbank and an Instructor's Manual.

Managing human capital in the public sector (Paperback): D.M. Mello Managing human capital in the public sector (Paperback)
D.M. Mello
R475 R418 Discovery Miles 4 180 Save R57 (12%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

Governments of today are under increasing pressure to deliver more and better services within the constraints of limited resources. Employees are central to service delivery and the calibre of those appointed in a public institution is often evident in the quality of services rendered and the number of complaints received. Managing human capital in the public sector encompasses all activities starting from the recruitment of staff to the final termination of services. Managing human capital in the public sector is rooted in theory while using case studies to bring the learning experience closer to a public sector work environment. It supports a problem-based learning approach and prepares graduates to perform duties in a human capital environment with minimal on-the-job training. Contents include the following: Strategic human capital management; Acquisition and assimilation of employees into the workplace; Affirmative action, employment equity and managing diversity; Public sector compensation; Motivating staff; Performance management; Training in the public sector; Career management; Talent and retention management; Employee relations; Managing employee wellness in the workplace. Managing human capital in the public sector is aimed at students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as human capital practitioners in the public sector.

California Employment Law - An Employer's Guide (Paperback, None ed.): James J McDonald California Employment Law - An Employer's Guide (Paperback, None ed.)
James J McDonald
R1,200 R1,050 Discovery Miles 10 500 Save R150 (13%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Written for HR professionals and business people, California Employment Law: An Employer's Guide is the essential resource for avoiding the many traps set for California employers. This valuable reference is updated to address new developments in 2018, including: California's new Ban the Box law; New parental leave requirement for smaller employers; Prohibition on salary history inquiries; Prohibition on employer cooperation with immigration authorities; Requirement that employees not be on call during rest breaks; Requirement that employees be given one day's rest in seven; New protections for transgender employees; Increased minimum wage; Increased pay thresholds for overtime exemptions; WARN Act coverage of brief furlough; and much more.

Human resource management - Induction and employment equity (Paperback): E. Cloete, C. Allen-Payne Human resource management - Induction and employment equity (Paperback)
E. Cloete, C. Allen-Payne
R375 R333 Discovery Miles 3 330 Save R42 (11%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

A user-friendly guide to designing, establishing, managing and evaluating an induction programme. Uses an outcomes-based approach while integrating relevant unit standards and industry best practices, as well as SAQA specific outcomes, assessment criteria and reflexive competence. Includes practical work-related examples, case studies and activities, providing the optimal usage of notional hours within the SAQA framework. Aimed primarily at students.

Training & Development For Dummies (Paperback): Elaine Biech Training & Development For Dummies (Paperback)
Elaine Biech
R573 R410 Discovery Miles 4 100 Save R163 (28%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Develop and deliver a robust employee training and development program Training and Development For Dummies gives you the tools you need to develop a strong and effective training and development program. Covering the latest in talent development, this informative guide addresses classroom, virtual, and blended learning to open up your options and help you design the program that's right for your company. You'll explore the different modes of formal learning, including social learning, m-learning, and MOOCs, and delve into the benefits and implementation of self-directed and informal learning. The discussion covers mentoring and coaching, rotational and stretch assignments, and how to align talent development with the company's needs. You'll learn how to assess employee skills, design and deliver training, and evaluate each step of the process to achieve the goals of both the employee and the organization. Most employees have some weaknesses in their skill sets. A robust training program allows you to strengthen those skills, and a development program brings all employees up to the highest possible level of productivity and success. This book helps you create consistency in your company by developing and delivering the exact training and development program your people need. * Develop a strong training and development program * Foster a supportive and innovative work environment * Learn about social learning, m-learning, and MOOCs * Assess and evaluate your staff more effectively A great training and development program boosts performance, productivity, job satisfaction, and quality of services, while reducing costs and supervision. Investing in your employees gives an excellent ROI, as talent development is a primary driver behind both motivation and loyalty. Training and Development For Dummies shows you how to reap these benefits, with step by step guidance and essential expert insight.

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