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Eye Movement Research, Volume 6 - Mechanisms, Processes and Applications (Hardcover): J. M. Findlay, R Walker, R.W. Kentridge Eye Movement Research, Volume 6 - Mechanisms, Processes and Applications (Hardcover)
J. M. Findlay, R Walker, R.W. Kentridge
R3,800 Discovery Miles 38 000 Special order

This volume contains selected and edited papers from the 7th European Conference on Eye Movements (ECEM 7) held in Durham, UK on August 31-September 3 1993. The volume is organized as follows: - Invited Lectures, Pursuit and Co-Ordination, Saccade and Fixation Control, Oculomotor Physiology, Clinical and Medical Aspects of Eye Movements, Eye Movements and Cognition, Eye Movements and Language and finally, Displays and Applications

A Psychological Approach to Ethical Reality, Volume 132 (Hardcover): K. Hillner A Psychological Approach to Ethical Reality, Volume 132 (Hardcover)
K. Hillner
R2,609 Discovery Miles 26 090 Special order

The pre-eminent 19th century British ethicist, Henry Sidgwick once said:
"All important ethical notions are also psychological, except perhaps the fundamental antitheses of 'good' and 'bad' and 'wrong', with which psychology, as it treats of what is and not of what ought to be, is not directly concerned" (quoted in T.N. Tice and T.P. Slavens, 1983).
Sidgwick's statement can be interpreted to mean that psychology is relevant for ethics or that psychological knowledge contributes to the construction of an ethical reality. This interpretation serves as the basic impetus to this book, but Sidgwick's statement is also analyzed in detail to demonstrate why a current exposition on the relevance of psychology for ethical reality is necessary and germane.

The Scientific Study of General Intelligence - Tribute to Arthur Jensen (Hardcover): Helmuth Nyborg The Scientific Study of General Intelligence - Tribute to Arthur Jensen (Hardcover)
Helmuth Nyborg
R3,297 Discovery Miles 32 970 Special order

This book celebrates two triumphs in modern psychology: the successful development and application of a solid measure of general intelligence; and the personal courage and skills of the man who made this possible - Arthur R. Jensen from Berkeley University.
The volume traces the history of intelligence from the early 19th century approaches, to the most recent analyses of the hierarchical structure of cognitive abilities, and documents the transition from a hopelessly confused concept of intelligence to the development of an objective measure of psychometric g. The contributions illustrate the impressive power g has with respect to predicting educational achievement, getting an attractive job, or social stratification.
The book is divided into six parts as follows: Part I presents the most recent higher-stream analysis of cognitive abilities, Part II deals with biological aspects of g, such as research on brain imaging, glucose uptake, working memory, reaction time, inspection time, and other biological correlates, and concludes with the latest findings in g-related molecular genetics. Part III addresses demographic aspects of g, such as geographic-, race-, and sex-differences, and introduces differential psychological aspects as well. Part IV concentrates on the g nexus, and relates such highly diverse topics as sociology, genius, retardation, training, education, jobs, and crime to g. Part V contains chapters critical of research on g and its genetic relationship, and also presents a rejoinder. Part VI looks at one of the greatest contemporary psychologists, Professor Emeritus Arthur R. Jensen as teacher and mentor.

Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (Hardcover, New): Sanna Jarvela Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (Hardcover, New)
Sanna Jarvela
R1,636 Discovery Miles 16 360 Special order

Social and emotional aspects of schooling and the learning environment can dramatically affect one's attention, understanding, and memory for learning. This topic has been of increasing interest in both psychology and education, leading to an entire section being devoted to it in the third edition of the "International Encyclopedia of Education."Thirty-three articles from the Encyclopedia form this concise reference which focuses on such topics as social and emotional development, anxiety in schools, effects of mood on motivation, peer learning, and friendship and social networks.
Saves researchers time in summarizing in one place what is otherwise an interdisciplinary field in cognitive psychology, personality, sociology, and educationLevel of presentation focuses on critical research, leaving out the extraneous and focusing on need-to-know informationContains contributions from top international researchers in the fieldMakes MRW content affordable to individual researchers"

Profiles in Caregiving - The Unexpected Career (Paperback): Carol S. Aneshensel, Leonard I. Pearlin, Joseph T. Mullan, Steven... Profiles in Caregiving - The Unexpected Career (Paperback)
Carol S. Aneshensel, Leonard I. Pearlin, Joseph T. Mullan, Steven H. Zarit, Carol J. Whitlatch
R1,183 Discovery Miles 11 830 Special order

Given medical advances and greater understanding of healthful living habits, people are living longer lives. Proportionally speaking, a greater percentage of the population is elderly. Despite medical advances, there is still no cure for dementia, and as elderly individuals succumb to Alzheimer's Disease or related dementia, more and more people are having to care their elderly parents and /or siblings. Profiles in Caregiving is practical source of information for anyone who teaches caregiving, acts as a caregiver, or studies caregiving.
This book discusses recent research on stress factors associated with caregiving, and what factors impact on successful versus non-successful adaptation to the care-giving role. This is an expanding field in gerontology, and is also of interest to personality and social psychologists studying stress and interpersonal relations. Although there are many books on the cause and treatment of dementia, there has been a book that provides a research investigation into the factors associated with effective caregiving to dementia patients.
Key Features
* Conceptualizes caregiving as a multistage career whose impact on the caregiver continues to be felt after in-home care has ceased
* Based upon a longitudinal survey of a demographically diverse sample of principal caregivers over a three-year period
* Identifies caregivers who are most at-risk for adverse adaptation to the role
* Describes preventative and clinical intervention strategies
* Identifies post-care risk and issues
* Identifies antecedents to successful adaptation
* State of the art analytic techniques
* Graphic presentation of empirical findings
* Renowned multidisciplinary research team

Exceptional Life Journeys - Stories of Childhood Disorder (Hardcover): Jac Andrews, Peter Istvanffy Exceptional Life Journeys - Stories of Childhood Disorder (Hardcover)
Jac Andrews, Peter Istvanffy
R1,086 R1,029 Discovery Miles 10 290 Save R57 (5%) Special order

Most students in training to become teachers, psychologists, physicians, and social workers as well as many practicing professionals in these disciplines do not get the opportunity to fully understand and appreciate the circumstances of children, parents, and teachers who have had to cope and adapt to childhood disorder. Most professionals in the field of childhood disorders are well trained in assessment and treatment methods and are aware of the clinical, theoretical, and empirical foundations of the work they do. In their training, they get some experience in diagnosing the educational, psychological, social, and medical problems of children through their supervised clinical internships. In their training and in their professional practice they get to interview, discuss, consult and collaborate with children and their families regarding developmental issues and treatment plans, however, they rarely get an opportunity to fully realize and understand what it is like to have a disorder and what it is like to be a mother, or father, or teacher of children with disorders.

This book provides an opportunity for students in training and professionals in the field to gain some awareness of the life journeys of some exceptional children, their families and their teachers.
Focuses on those childhood disorders that are most common or what are sometimes referred to as high incidence disorders such as learning disabilities, autism, behavior disorder, depression, and anxietyBeyond, a clinical, empirical, and theoretical description of childhood disorders or a personal account relative to one particular disorder, this book provides rich narratives of experience from multiple perspectives with respect to numerous childhood disordersProvides readers with insight by sharing examples of personal contexts and situations, significant life issues, challenges and barriers, successes, and recommendations relative to particular circumstances

Thought Suppression (Hardcover): Eric Rassin Thought Suppression (Hardcover)
Eric Rassin
R1,671 R1,568 Discovery Miles 15 680 Save R103 (6%) Special order

Is it possible to ban unwanted thoughts from consciousness? According to the literature on thought suppression, the answer is no. In the 1980s, Wegner and colleges demonstrated that the average person cannot prevent a trivial thought like that of a polar bear from entering consciousness approximately seven times in a five minute period. This experimental finding was followed by a substantial number of replications. This book provides an up-to-date overview of the thought suppression literature. First, similarities and differences between suppression, repression, and dissociation are discussed. Methodological issues are then considered. Finally, the clinical applications of the thought suppression literature are discussed. Although there are numerous conditions to which the phenomenon of suppression can be applied, obsession and traumatic recollection are the main applications. In addition to offering an overview of the literature, this book links the thought suppression paradigm to other research fields, such as directed forgetting and repressive coping. Furthermore, it discusses the phenomenon of thought suppression in the light of broader theories such as the cognitive theory of obsession, and the ego depletion hypothesis. Clinical implications and directions for future research are offered.

Advances in the Study of Behavior, Volume 29 (Hardcover): Peter J.B. Slater, Jay S. Rosenblatt, Charles T. Snowdon, Timothy J.... Advances in the Study of Behavior, Volume 29 (Hardcover)
Peter J.B. Slater, Jay S. Rosenblatt, Charles T. Snowdon, Timothy J. Roper
R2,741 Discovery Miles 27 410 Special order

Advances in the Study of Behavior, Volume 29 continues to serve scientists across a wide spectrum of disciplines. Focusing on new theories and research developments with respect to behavioral ecology, evolutionary biology, and comparative psychology, these volumes foster cooperation and communications in these dense fields.
The aim of Advances in the Study of Behavior remains as it has been since the series began: to serve the increasing number of scientists who are engaged in the study of animal behavior by presenting their theoretical ideas and research to their colleagues and to those in neighboring fields. We hope that the series will continue its "contribution to the development of the field," as its intended role was phrased in the Preface to the first volume in 1965. Since that time, traditional areas of animal behavior have achieved new vigor by the links they have formed with related fields and by the closer relationship that now exists between those studying animal and human subjects.

Qualitative Research Methods for Psychologists - Introduction through Empirical Studies (Hardcover): Constance T. Fischer Qualitative Research Methods for Psychologists - Introduction through Empirical Studies (Hardcover)
Constance T. Fischer
R1,975 R1,851 Discovery Miles 18 510 Save R124 (6%) Special order

This collection of 14 original articles teaches readers how to conduct qualitative research. Instead of characterizing and justifying certain methods, the contributors show by means of actual research studies what assumptions, procedures, and dilemmas they encountered. Fischer's introduction, which emphasizes the practical nature of qualitative research and the closing chapter, which uses a question-and-answer format to investigate, among other subjects, what is scientific about qualitative research, are complemented by a glossary and other features that increase the book's utility and value.
* Addresses a range of practical examples from different traditions such as phenomology, grounded theory, ethnography and discourse analysis through actual case studies
* Discusses various methodology and combinations of methods like assimilation analysis, dialogal approach, intuitive inquiry, and conceptual encounter
* Terms are defined within chapters and/or in a glossary
* Helps readers bridge from experimental to qualitative methods
* Provides in-depth, philosophically grounded, and compelling research findings
* Includes practical introduction about steps in qualitative research

Foundations of Perceptual Theory, Volume 99 (Hardcover): S.C. Masin Foundations of Perceptual Theory, Volume 99 (Hardcover)
S.C. Masin
R1,836 Discovery Miles 18 360 Special order

Historical analysis reveals that perceptual theories and models are doomed to relatively short lives. The most popular contemporary theories in perceptual science do not have as wide an acceptance among researchers as do some of those in other sciences. To understand these difficulties, the authors of the present volume explore the conceptual and philosophical foundations of perceptual science. Based on logical analyses of various problems, theories, and models, they offer a number of reasons for the current weakness of perceptual explanations. New theoretical approaches are also proposed. At the end of each chapter, dicussants contribute to the conclusions by critically examining the authors' ideas and analyses.

Time-to-Contact, Volume 135 (Hardcover, New): Heiko Hecht, Geert J.P. Savelsbergh Time-to-Contact, Volume 135 (Hardcover, New)
Heiko Hecht, Geert J.P. Savelsbergh
R2,198 Discovery Miles 21 980 Special order

Time-to-contact is the visual information that observers use in fundamental tasks such as landing an airplane or hitting a ball. Time-to-contact has been a hot topic in perception and action for many years and although many articles have been published on this topic, a comprehensive overview or assessment of the theory does not yet exist. This book fills an important gap and will have appeal to the perception and action community. The book is divided into four sections. Section one covers the foundation of time-to-contact, Section two covers different behavioral approaches to time-to-contact estimation, Section three focuses on time-to-contact as perception and strategy, and Section four covers time-to-contact and action regulation.

Learning and Cognition (Hardcover, New): Vibeke Grover Aukrust Learning and Cognition (Hardcover, New)
Vibeke Grover Aukrust
R1,633 Discovery Miles 16 330 Special order

Thiscollection of 58 articles from therecently-published third edition of the INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EDUCATION focus on learning, memory, attention, problem solving, concept formation, and language. Learning and cognition is the foundation of cognitive psychology and encompasses many topics including attention, memory, categorization, etc. Most books in the area either focus on one subtopic in-depth (e.g. an entire book on memory) or cover the gamut of subjects in a series of long, technical handbook-like chapters. This concise reference offers researchers and professors teaching in the area a new take on the material that is comprehensive in breadth, but lighter in depth - focusing on main findings, established facts, and minimizing the amount of space taken up by large, multi-volume references.
An introduction to a complex field via summaries of main topics in this disciplineContains contributions from the foremost international researchers in the fieldMakes content available to individual cognitive psychology researchers"

Product Experience (Hardcover): Hendrik N. J. Schifferstein, Paul Hekkert Product Experience (Hardcover)
Hendrik N. J. Schifferstein, Paul Hekkert
R3,655 R3,404 Discovery Miles 34 040 Save R251 (7%) Special order

The book brings together research that investigates how people experience products: durable, non-durable, or virtual. In contrast to other books, the present book takes a very broad, possibly all-inclusive perspective, on how people experience products. It thereby bridges gaps between several areas within psychology (e.g. perception, cognition, emotion) and links these areas to more applied areas of science, such as product design, human-computer interaction and marketing.
The field of product experience research will include some of the research from four areas: Arts, Ergonomics, Technology, and Marketing. Traditionally, each of these four fields seems to have a natural emphasis on the human (ergonomics and marketing), the product (technology) or the experience (arts). However, to fully understand human product experience, we need to use different approaches and we need to build bridges between these various fields of expertise
*Most comprehensive collection of psychological research behind product design and usability
*Consistenly addresses the 3 components of human-product experience: the human, the product, and the experience
*International contributions from experts in the field

Vision in Vehicles III (Hardcover): I. D. Brown, I. Moorhead, C.M. Haslegrave, S.P. Taylor Vision in Vehicles III (Hardcover)
I. D. Brown, I. Moorhead, C.M. Haslegrave, S.P. Taylor; Edited by A.G. Gale
R4,430 Discovery Miles 44 300 Special order

This book is a new interdisciplinary work which presents the proceedings of the third international conference on Vision in Vehicles, the aim of which was to provide an international forum for the exchange of information on current work on all aspects of vision and its relationship to vehicle design. This includes both the internal and external design of the vehicle and its environmental displays, as well as the perceptual and cognitive capabilities of the vehicle controllers.

Clinical Assessment and Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders (Hardcover): Johnny L. Matson Clinical Assessment and Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders (Hardcover)
Johnny L. Matson
R1,397 R1,317 Discovery Miles 13 170 Save R80 (6%) Special order

Autism spectrum disorder has received increasing research in recent years, with more information on assessment and treatment than can be readily assimilated from primary literature by clinicians. Clinical Assessment and Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders summarizes evidence-based assessments and intervention for Autism across the life-span, providing clinicians with a practical overview of how best to assess and treat this disorder. The book begins with a discussion of what warrants a determination of being "evidence based" and a description of the disorder from a life span perspective. The book also provides a chapter on differential diagnosis of autism relative to other disorders. What follows are separate sections on assessment and intervention. These chapters discuss first how to assess and then separately how to treat behavioral problems, communication and social skills issues, academic and vocational skills, and the use of pharmacology and an assessment of possible pharmacological effects. Intended for practitioners assessing and treating children with developmental delays, the book provides clinicians with best practices for assessing and treating delays associated with autism.
* Covers the full range of Autism Spectrum Disorders
* Covers the lifespan
* Focuses on evidence-based asssessment and treatment

Vocal Communication in Birds and Mammals, Volume 40 (Hardcover, 40th edition): Marc Naguib, Vincent Janik, Nicola Clayton,... Vocal Communication in Birds and Mammals, Volume 40 (Hardcover, 40th edition)
Marc Naguib, Vincent Janik, Nicola Clayton, Klaus Zuberbuhler
R2,973 Discovery Miles 29 730 Special order

"Advances in the Study of Behavior" was initiated over 40 years ago to serve the increasing number of scientists engaged in the study of animal behavior. That number is still expanding. This thematic volume, "Vocal Communication in Birds and Mammals, "makes another important "contribution to the development of the field" by presenting theoretical ideas and research to those studying animal behavior and to their colleagues in neighboring fields.

Psychology of Learning and Motivation, Volume 27 - Advances in Research and Theory (Hardcover): Gordon H. Bower Psychology of Learning and Motivation, Volume 27 - Advances in Research and Theory (Hardcover)
Gordon H. Bower
R1,189 Discovery Miles 11 890 Special order

This work offers information on recent advances in the psychology of learning and motivation. Among the topics covered are the deriving of categories to achieve goals, the application of category knowledge in unsupervised domains and spatial mental models.

The ABCs of Learning Disabilities (Hardcover, 2nd edition): Bernice Y.L. Wong, Lorraine Graham, Maureen Hoskyn, Jeanette Berman The ABCs of Learning Disabilities (Hardcover, 2nd edition)
Bernice Y.L. Wong, Lorraine Graham, Maureen Hoskyn, Jeanette Berman
R980 Discovery Miles 9 800 Special order

The ABCs of Learning Disabilities, Second Edition, discusses major research findings on learning disabilities in children, adolescents and adults in language, memory, social skills, self-regulation, reading, mathematics, and writing, with an additional chapter on assessment. This concise primer is intended for use as an undergraduate introductory text to the field. Written with an evenness of tone, breadth, and depth, the conveys an engaging style meant to encourage the beginning student to identify the big picture and to be interested in conceptual issues as well as research findings.
* Undergraduate level text
* 90% new material
* Concise introduction to field
* Covers current concepts like removing the IQ-performance discrepancy formula in diagnosing learning disabilities
* New chapter on self-regulation and learning disabilities
* Whole school approach to social skills intervention

Anomia - Neuroanatomical and Cognitive Correlates (Hardcover): Harold Goodglass, Arthur Wingfield Anomia - Neuroanatomical and Cognitive Correlates (Hardcover)
Harold Goodglass, Arthur Wingfield
R1,496 R1,408 Discovery Miles 14 080 Save R88 (6%) Special order

Anomia is the inability to access spoken names for objects, most often associated with the elderly or those with brain damage to the left hemisphere. Anomia offers the state-of-the-art review of disorders of naming, written by acknowledged experts from around the world, approached from both clinical and theoretical viewpoints. Goodglass, known around the world for his research in aphasia and speech pathology, edits this first book devoted exclusively to naming and its disorders. Wingfield is known for his classic studies of lexical processing in aphasic and normal speakers. The book includes comprehensive literature reviews, a summary of relevant research data, as well as astudy of recent advances in cognitive analysis and anatomic findings. Anomia is an immensely useful work for all those involved in the study of language, particularly those in cognitive neuroscience, neurology, speech pathology, and linguistics.
Key Features
* Devoted entirely to naming and its disorders
* Includes up-to-date descriptions of advances in cognitive analysis
* Contains approaches from both clinical and theoretical viewpoints
* Brings together the top researchers from the U.S., England, and Italy

Advances in the Study of Behavior, Volume 35 (Hardcover): Peter J.B. Slater, Charles T. Snowdon, Timothy J. Roper, H. Jane... Advances in the Study of Behavior, Volume 35 (Hardcover)
Peter J.B. Slater, Charles T. Snowdon, Timothy J. Roper, H. Jane Brockmann, Marc Naguib
R2,746 Discovery Miles 27 460 Special order

The aim of Advances in the Study of Behavior is to serve scientists engaged in the study of animal behavior, including psychologists, neuroscientists, biologists, ethologists, pharmacologists, endocrinologists, ecologists, and geneticists. Articles in the series present critical reviews of significant research programs with theoretical syntheses, reformulation of persistent problems, and/or highlighting new and exciting research concepts. Volume 35 is an eclectic volume that includes the mechanisms and evolution of arthropod and anuran communal sexual displays, a functional analysis of feeding, the sexual behavior and breeding system of tufted capuchin monkeys, acoustic communication in noise, ethics and behavioral biology, prenatal sensory ecology and experience, conflict and cooperation in chimpanzees, and the tradeoffs in the adaptive use of social and asocial learning.

Psychology of Learning and Motivation, Volume 28 - Advances in Research and Theory (Hardcover): Douglas Medin Psychology of Learning and Motivation, Volume 28 - Advances in Research and Theory (Hardcover)
Douglas Medin
R1,184 Discovery Miles 11 840 Special order

The objective of the series has always been to provide a forum in which leading contributors to an area can write about significant bodies of research in which they are involved. The operating procedure has been to invite contributions from interesting, active investigators, and then allow them essentially free rein to present their perspectives on important research problems. The result of such invitations over the past two decades has been collections of papers which consist of thoughtful integrations providing an overview of a particular scientific problem. The series has an excellent tradition of high quality papers and is widely read by researchers incognitive and experimental psychology. The volume presents research ranging from classical and instrumental conditioning to complex learning and problem solving. Topics covered fall within a wide range of disciplines from neuroscience to artificial intelligence.

On the Psychobiology of Personality - Essays in Honor of Marvin Zuckerman (Hardcover, New): Robert M. Stelmack On the Psychobiology of Personality - Essays in Honor of Marvin Zuckerman (Hardcover, New)
Robert M. Stelmack
R2,582 R2,412 Discovery Miles 24 120 Save R170 (7%) Special order

Zuckerman received his Ph.D. in psychology from New York University, Graduate School of Arts and Science in 1954 with a specialization in clinical psychology. After graduation, he worked for three years as a clinical psychologist in state hospitals in Norwich, Connecticut and Indianapolis, Indiana. While in the latter position the Institute for Psychiatric Research was opened in the same medical center where he was working as a clinical psychologist. He obtained a position there with a joint appointment in the department of psychiatry. This was his first interdisciplinary experience with other researchers in psychiatry, biochemistry, psychopharmacology, and psychology.

His first research areas were personality assessment and the relation between parental attitudes and psychopathology. During this time, he developed the first real trait-state test for affects, starting with the Affect Adjective Check List for anxiety and then broadening it to a three-factor trait-state test including anxiety, depression, and hostility (Multiple Affect Adjective Check List). Later, positive affect scales were added.

Toward the end of his years at the institute, the first reports of the effects of sensory deprivation appeared and he began his own experiments in this field. These experiments, supported by grants from NIMH, occupied him for the next 10 years during his time at Brooklyn College, Adelphi University, and the research labs at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. This last job was his second interdisciplinary experience working in close collaboration with Harold Persky who added measures of hormonal changes to the sensory deprivation experiments. He collaborated with Persky in studies of hormonal changes during experimentally (hypnotically) induced emotions.

During his time at Einstein, he established relationships with other principal investigators in the area of sensory deprivation and they collaborated on the book Sensory Deprivation: 15 years of research edited by John Zubek (1969). His chapter on theoretical constructs contained the idea of using individual differences in optimal levels of stimulation and arousal as an explanation for some of the variations in response to sensory deprivation. The first sensation seeking scale (SSS) had been developed in the early 1960's based on these constructs.

At the time of his move to the University of Delaware in 1969, he turned his full attention to the SSS as the operational measure of the optimal level constructs. This was the time of the drug and sexual revolutions on and off campuses and research relating experience in these areas to the basic trait paid off and is continuing to this day in many laboratories. Two books have been written on this topic: Sensation Seeking: Beyond the Optimal Level of Arousal, 1979; Behavioral Expressions and Biosocial Bases of Sensation Seeking, 1994. Research on sensation seeking in America and countries around the world continues at an unabated level of journal articles, several hundred appearing since the 1994 book on the subject.

The theoretical model of sensation seeking changed as a consequence of research on the biological correlates of sensation seeking which included biochemical as well as psychophysiological variables. Genetic studies also indicated that sensation seeking was a major trait with a strong genetic/ biological basis. Zuckerman and his colleagues conducted research on the psychophysiological correlates of sensation seeking. One of these areas, augmenting/reducing of the cortical evoked potential, has provided a well replicated model of brain functioning in high and low sensation seekers, and Siegel has extended this into a model for sensation seeking in cats and rats. This animal model provides a link between sensation seeking and behavioral, genetic, physiological, and biochemical bases for the trait in other species. Investigators at other universities, Bardo at the University of Kentucky and LeMoal and Simon at the University of Bordeaux, have used the sensation seeking model to investigate the psychobiological basis of novelty seeking in rats.

Zuckerman's interest in the biological basis of the trait of sensation seeking broadened into a more general interest in the biological bases of personality, culminating in his book: "Psychobiology of Personality," 1991 and many book chapters and articles on the subject. His perspective in the area was broadened by sabbaticals spent with leaders in the field in England: Hans Eysenck, Jeffrey Gray, and Robert Plomin.

More recent research attempted to place sensation seeking within the context of new structural models for personality traits. Factor analytic studies showed that a combined factor of impulsivity and sensation seeking formed one of five, robust and replicable factors of personality. Research on this new measure of the basic trait is ongoing.

Handbook for the Assessment of Driving Capacity (Hardcover): Maria T. Schultheis, John DeLuca, Douglas L. Chute Handbook for the Assessment of Driving Capacity (Hardcover)
Maria T. Schultheis, John DeLuca, Douglas L. Chute
R1,387 R1,307 Discovery Miles 13 070 Save R80 (6%) Special order

This is a resource for professionals involved in determining the driving capacity of individuals with neurological involvement and or trauma. While much work has been completed in this new and growing field, this is the first attempt to bring together clinical work on assessing driving capacity for different clinical populations and conditions. Specific topics include, traumatic brain injury, stroke, dementia, normal aging, medications, retraining, interventions, medical conditions, legal issues, practical issues, assessment instruments, simulators, research and epidemiology. Each chapter will address clinically relevant issues specific to the clinical population. This comprehensive compilation of driving assessment of cognitively compromised populations is the first of its kind and Dr. Schultheis is regarded as a leader in the field.
*The first definitive handbook about driving assessment of cognitively impaired populations, a growing area of research
*Addresses a myriad of clinical populations and conditions such as brain injured and elderly patients
*Written by nationally recognized leaders in their fields of expertise

Human Aggression - Theories, Research, and Implications for Social Policy (Hardcover): Russell G. Geen, Edward D Donnerstein Human Aggression - Theories, Research, and Implications for Social Policy (Hardcover)
Russell G. Geen, Edward D Donnerstein
R1,976 Discovery Miles 19 760 Special order

For centuries, scholars have debated the causes of aggression and the means to reduce its occurrence. Human Aggression brings together internationally recognized experts discussing the most current psychological research on the causes and prevention of aggression. Scholars, policy makers, practitioners, and those generally concerned with the growing issue of aggression find this a much needed reference work. Topics include how aggression is related to the usage of drugs, how temperature affects aggression, the effect of the mass media on aggression, violence by men against women, and the treatment of anger/aggression in clinical settings. The book also provides a comprehensive review of theory and methodology in the study of aggression.
Key Features
*Presents the latest research findings from internationally recognized researchers
* Familiarizes the reader with implications of aggression research
* Examines the causes and prevention of aggression
* Offers perspectives for both the researcher and policy maker

Advances in Child Development and Behavior, Volume 29 (Hardcover): Robert V. Kail, Hayne W. Reese Advances in Child Development and Behavior, Volume 29 (Hardcover)
Robert V. Kail, Hayne W. Reese
R2,020 Discovery Miles 20 200 Special order

Advances in Child Development and Behavior is intended to ease the task faced by researchers, instructors, and students who are confronted by the vast amount of research and theoretical discussion in child development and behavior. The serial provides scholarly technical articles with critical reviews, recent advances in research, and fresh theoretical viewpoints. Volume 29 discusses working memory, parent-adolescent relationships, maternal responsiveness and early language acquisition, early knowledge acquisition, schooling as a cultural process, and pre-adolescent peer relations.

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