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Cognitive Aspects of Visual Languages and Visual Interfaces, Volume 11 (Hardcover): D.E. Mahling, F. Arefi, Martin G. Tauber Cognitive Aspects of Visual Languages and Visual Interfaces, Volume 11 (Hardcover)
D.E. Mahling, F. Arefi, Martin G. Tauber
R3,397 Discovery Miles 33 970 Special order

This volume contains selected papers from the 10th Interdisciplinary Workshop in Informatics and Psychology which had as its theme Cognitive Aspects in Visual Languages and Interfaces. Visual languages in general, visual programming languages in particular, and graphical or visual user interfaces are increasingly regarded as important improvements for the interaction between people and artifacts. Visual and graphical user interfaces have already a history of a number of years in terms of research and development. The focus on visual languages and visual programming languages, however, is more recent. The development of graphical user interfaces was accompanied and reinforced by psychological research but visual languages are still mainly inventions of designers and not designed on the basis of principles derived also from knowledge of psychology or other behavioral sciences.

The presentations and discussions at the workshop showed increasing interest in paradigms of visual languages and their psychological foundation. Visual languages and interfaces must be seen as means to support and enhance represention, application and processing knowledge visually. The study of the cognitive aspects in visual languages and interfaces is thus an important part of Human-Computer Interaction as a discipline "concerned with the design, evaluation and implementation of interactive computer systems for human use and with the study of major phenomena surrounding them" (definition of HCI in the ACM SIGCHI Curricula for Human-Computer Interaction). This book will stimulate future research in the area of Human-Computer Interaction and Visual Languages.

Evidence-Based Adjunctive Treatments (Paperback): William O'Donohue, Nicholas A. Cummings Evidence-Based Adjunctive Treatments (Paperback)
William O'Donohue, Nicholas A. Cummings
R1,124 R1,064 Discovery Miles 10 640 Save R60 (5%) Special order

Adjunctive treatments, in which patients are provided additional modalities that can assist in their behavior change or the maintenance of their behavior change (i.e. telehealth, psychoeducation, consumer-driven treatment planning), have a useful role in addressing problems that can't be solved by face-to-face meetings. The adjunctive therapies covered in this book are all based on improving patient's self management of their problems or the factors that exacerbate their problems.
The book is broadly organized into two sections. The first gives a broad overview of the major adjunctive modalities and the second concentrates on a systematic description of their role in the treatment of a number of special populations while providing practical suggestions for the timing and coordination for the use of the adjunctive therapies discussed in the book.

Advances in the Study of Behavior, Volume 22 (Hardcover): Peter J.B. Slater, Manfred Milinski, Charles T. Snowdon, Jay S.... Advances in the Study of Behavior, Volume 22 (Hardcover)
Peter J.B. Slater, Manfred Milinski, Charles T. Snowdon, Jay S. Rosenblatt
R1,186 Discovery Miles 11 860 Special order

Advances in the Study of Behavior is the leading series in its field. Each volume includes a variety of review essays by experts providing authoritative overviews of key areas of current interest that are invaluable to the teacher, student, and researcher in the field of behavior, whether psychologist or biologist. This volume continues the tradition of excellence in the study of behavior by covering a whole range of biological and psychological research. Each of the chapters presents new ideas, with a particularly interesting approach to sexual coercion. The volume as a whole has a particular strength in the area of behavioral development, which is the main topic of the last three chapters.

Research in Organizational Behavior, Volume 26 - An Annual Series of Analytical Essays and Critical Reviews (Hardcover, New):... Research in Organizational Behavior, Volume 26 - An Annual Series of Analytical Essays and Critical Reviews (Hardcover, New)
Barry M. Staw, Roderick M. Kramer
R1,778 Discovery Miles 17 780 Special order

This twenty-sixth volume of Research in Organizational Behavior presents a set of well-crafted and thoughtful essays on a series of research topics. They range from efforts to redirect the study of leadership, to analyses of interpersonal relationships, to considerations of cross-cultural issues in organizing work, to discussions of institutional and environmental forces on organizational outcomes. Each of these essays includes a thorough review of the relevant literature, and more importantly, pushes that literature forward with new conceptual analysis and theory. In short, these essays continue the spirit of "rigorous eclecticism" that has exemplified the annual publication of ROB.

As a collection, this year's set of essays provides a healthy advance for the field of organizational behavior. They are examples of serious scholarship that extend and challenge our current thinking about organizations and the behavior of its participants. Many of these chapters will take their place among the best presented by the Research in Organizational Behavior series.

- Revisiting the Meaning of Leadership

- When and How Team Leaders Matter

- Normal Act of Irrational Trust: Motivated Attributions and the Trust
Development Process

- Gender Stereotypes and Negotiation Performance: An Examination of
Theory and Research

- Third-Party Reactions to Employee (Mis)treatment: A Justice Perspective
- Subgroup Dynamics in Internationally Distributed Teams: Ethnocentrism or Cross-National Learning?

- Protestant Relational Ideology: The Cognitive Underpinnings and Organizational
Implications of an American Anomaly
- Isomorphism In Reverse: Institutional Theory asan Explanation For Recent
Increases in Intraindustry Heterogeneity and Managerial Discretion

- The Red Queen: History-Dependent Competition Among Organizations

Adolescence - Development During a Global Era (Hardcover): Dena Phillips Swanson, Malik C. Edwards, Margaret Beale Spencer Adolescence - Development During a Global Era (Hardcover)
Dena Phillips Swanson, Malik C. Edwards, Margaret Beale Spencer
R2,148 Discovery Miles 21 480 Special order

This edited textbook will be appropriate for use in advanced undergraduate and graduate level courses and will serve as a comprehensive and timely introduction to the field of adolescent development, providing students with a strong foundation for understanding the biological, cognitive and psychosocial transitions occurring during adolescence. While certain normative biological and cognitive processes are relevant for all youth, development varies dramatically based on a youth's position in society. The volume will focus on contextual factors such as culture, racial identity, socioeconomic position and sociopolitical and historical events, highlighting the impact such factors have on the physiological and psychological processes and treating them as key elements in understanding development during this life stage. The authors will cover the major theoretical positions (both historical and contemporary) about adolescence as well as the relevant research and application. Additionally, modern phenomena - the ever-increasing influence of pop culture (i.e. Hip Hop), mass media and technology (i.e., the internet, gaming) and the evolution of family, education and the church - will be explored in depth. Each chapter will be written by a known expert in the field.
* More extensive analysis of cultural, political and socioeconomic factors impacting development than competing texts
* Research-to-Practice section covers evidence-based research on practice implementation
*The only advanced text with ancillary support and pedagogy--instructor website with test bank and image collection, plus summary box and study questions in each chapter

Television - What's on, Who's Watching, and What it Means (Hardcover): George Comstock, Erica Scharrer Television - What's on, Who's Watching, and What it Means (Hardcover)
George Comstock, Erica Scharrer
R1,851 Discovery Miles 18 510 Special order

Television: What's On, Who's Watching, and What It Means presents a comprehensive examination of the role of television in one's life. The emphasis is on data collected over the past two decades pointing to an increasing and in some instances a surprising influence of the medium. Television is not only watched but its messages are attended to and well understood. There is no shame in spending hours in front of the set, in fact, people over-estimate the time they spend viewing. Television advertising no longer persuades--it sells by creating a burst of emotional liking for the commercial. The emphases of television news determine not only what voters think about but also the presidential candidate they expect to support on election day. Children and teenagers who watch a great deal of television perform poorly on standardized achievement tests, and among the reasons are the usurpation of time spent learning to read and the discouragement of book reading. Television violence frightens some children and excites others, but its foremost effect is to increase aggressive behavior that sometimes spills over into seriously harmful antisocial behavior.
Key Features
* Incorporates social psychology, political science, sociology, child development, and the growing field of communications
* Presents tables and graphs clarifying theories and linking sets of data
* Paints concise portraits of the role of television in entertainment, politics, and child-rearing
* Contains background for dozens of lectures and articles
* Contains a comprehensive bibliography of more than 1000 citations, many recent

Vision in Vehicles, II - Vision in Vehicles II 2nd International Conference : Selected Papers (Hardcover): M.H. Freeman, Peter... Vision in Vehicles, II - Vision in Vehicles II 2nd International Conference : Selected Papers (Hardcover)
M.H. Freeman, Peter Smith, A.G. Gale, S.P. Taylor, C.M. Haslegrave
R4,419 Discovery Miles 44 190 Special order

An integrated approach to the problems of vision and vehicle control is presented in this volume.
Current work on all aspects of vision and its relationship to vehicle design is reported on, including the internal and external design of vehicles, visual displays, and the perceptual and cognitive capabilities of the controller of the vehicle. Environmental influences, the effects of alcohol, and visual standards are among the topics discussed. All types of vehicles (including ships and combat aircraft) are considered, though the majority of papers deal with automobiles and their drivers.

Handbook of Aging and the Social Sciences (Paperback, 7th Revised edition): Robert H. Binstock, Linda K. George Handbook of Aging and the Social Sciences (Paperback, 7th Revised edition)
Robert H. Binstock, Linda K. George
R1,834 R1,721 Discovery Miles 17 210 Save R113 (6%) Special order

Handbook of Aging and the Social Sciences, Seventh Edition, provides extensive reviews and critical evaluations of research on the social aspects of aging. It also makes available major references and identifies high-priority topics for future research. The book is organized into four parts. Part 1 reviews developments in the field of age and the life course (ALC) studies and presents guidelines on conducting cohort analysis. Part 2 covers the demographic aspects of aging; longevity trends; disability and aging; and stratification and inequality research. Part 3 includes chapters that examine socioeconomic position and racial/ethnic disparities in health at older ages; the role of social factors in the distribution, antecedents, and consequences of depression; and aspects of private wealth transfers and the changing nature of family gift-giving. Part 4 deals with pension reform in Europe; the political activities of older Americans; the future of retirement security; and gender differences in old age. The Handbook is intended for researchers, professional practitioners, and students in the field of aging. It can also serve as a basic reference tool for scholars, professionals, and others who are not presently engaged in research and practice directly focused on aging and the aged. * Contains all the main areas of social science gerontological research in one volume* Begins with a section on theory and methods* Edited by one of the fathers of gerontology (Binstock) and contributors represent top scholars in gerontology

Intelligence (Hardcover, 2nd edition): Nathan Brody Intelligence (Hardcover, 2nd edition)
Nathan Brody
R959 Discovery Miles 9 590 Special order

This is the Second Edition of Nathan Brody's popular book Intelligence, originally published in 1976. It presents a comprehensive review of contemporary research in this field, including coverage of such controversial topics as the genetic and environmental influences on IQ and individual and group differences in intelligence. The book also discusses both the psychometric and cognitive approaches to intelligence as well as new theories in the field.
Key Features
* Discusses both the psychometric and cognitive approaches to intelligence
* Provides a comprehensive review of contemporary research in this realm
* Covers new theories of intelligence

Self-Injurious Behavior in Intellectual Disabilities, Volume 2 (Hardcover, 2nd edition): Johannes Rojahn, Stephen R. Schroeder,... Self-Injurious Behavior in Intellectual Disabilities, Volume 2 (Hardcover, 2nd edition)
Johannes Rojahn, Stephen R. Schroeder, Theodore A Hoch
R2,006 R1,879 Discovery Miles 18 790 Save R127 (6%) Special order

Intended to give a broad overview of the literature in the area of self-injurious behavior in people with intellectual disabilities, but most of the text is dedicated to the review of the behavioral and biological research in this field. In fact, it is our view that the most promising heuristic approach for the advancement of our understanding of this phenomenon and for its management and treatment is likely the bio-behavioral perspective in which behavior can be studied at the intersect of learning and the biological bases of behavior. We will propose an overarching heuristic model, which we will call the Gene-Brain-Behavior Model of Self-Injurious Behavior that presents a platform to integrate disparate, and previously isolated scientific approaches.
*Written by 3 authors to provide cohesive coverage
*Bridges the gap between psychological behavior and psychiatry
*Examines the overlap between intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities

Psychology of Learning and Motivation, Volume 39 - Advances in Research and Theory (Hardcover): Douglas Medin Psychology of Learning and Motivation, Volume 39 - Advances in Research and Theory (Hardcover)
Douglas Medin
R2,480 Discovery Miles 24 800 Special order

Psychology of Learning and Motivation publishes empirical and theoretical contributions in cognitive and experimental psychology, ranging from classical and instrumental conditioning to complex learning and problem solving. Each chapter provides a thoughtful integration of a body of work. Volume 39 includes in its coverage chapters on category learning, relational timing, infant memory, depression and memory, goals and choice, and more.

Children and Adolescents: Clinical Formulation and Treatment - Comprehensive Clinical Psychology, Volume 5 (Paperback): Thomas... Children and Adolescents: Clinical Formulation and Treatment - Comprehensive Clinical Psychology, Volume 5 (Paperback)
Thomas H. Ollendick
R3,847 Discovery Miles 38 470 Special order

"Children & Adolescents: Clinical Formulation & Treatment" draws on the experience and research of leading scientists and clinicians from the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Israel and Canada to present state-of-the-art information on all aspects of child psychology and psychiatry. Special attention is given to the psychopathology, assessment, treatment, and prevention of childhood behavioral disorders.

The volume highlights the developmental-contextual framework used in the clinical formulation of these disorders, as well as process and outcome issues in treatment. Various theoretical perspectives are also reviewed, including applied behavior analysis, family systems therapy, play therapy, and pharmacologic therapy. In the final section, all of the major childhood disorders found in the DSM and ICD are described, with information on their prevalence, etiology, assessment, and treatment. This section also analyzes the empirical status of the various therapies used for the treatment of childhood disorders.

Section I examines the foundations for the conceptualization, assessment, and treatment of child psychopathology.
Section II reviews major theoretical approaches that have been used in the treatment of diverse child behavior disorders. Chapters use a similar format to discuss the approach including the following: theoretical underpinnings; history and current status; assessment and clinical formulation; description of the intervention procedures; proposed mechanisms of change; research findings; future directions for research and practice.
Section III addresses major child psychopathologies, their assessment, and treatment. Also using a structured format, chapters in this section include: a review of the disorder under consideration and exploration of its phenomenology, prevalence, etiology, and diagnostic features; a detailed examination of the conceptualization and clinical formulation of the disorder, its multimethod and multisource assessment; psychosocial and pharmacological treatment; future directions for research and practice.
"Children & Adolescents: Clinical Formulation & Treatment" was previously published as Volume 5 of the highly acclaimed major reference work, "Comprehensive Clinical Psychology," the single, most comprehensive source of information in the field of Clinical Psychology."

"Children are not miniature adults, rather they are growing, developing organisms who are richly embedded in diverse social contexts including the family, school, and communities in which they live. As such, they need to be viewed as distinct from adults and as important in their own right. Children have come of age. Hopefully, this volume will assist in their ongoing recognition and provide the reader with much information about assessment and treatment practices that are in their best interests."" Professor Thomas Ollendick, Preface to Volume 5, Comprehensive Clinical Psychology, 1998.

Aging, Ageism and Abuse - Moving from Awareness to Action (Hardcover, New): Gloria Gutman, Charmaine Spencer Aging, Ageism and Abuse - Moving from Awareness to Action (Hardcover, New)
Gloria Gutman, Charmaine Spencer
R1,155 R1,092 Discovery Miles 10 920 Save R63 (5%) Special order

Population aging is occurring worldwide. Reports of abuse and neglect of older men and women are also evident on a global basis. While much of the work on identification, treatment and prevention of abuse of older persons has been within the family setting, it cannot be separated from the broader experience of growing old in contemporary society. Time and time again, issues around legislation, policy and practice collide with human rights, societal attitudes and stereotypes.

Raising awareness of the linkamong aging, ageism and abuse, is one goal of this book and a necessary first step in the battle to eliminate abuse and neglect of older persons. But awareness is not enough, action needs to be taken to develop, case finding procedures and remedial and preventive policies and programs that are elder-friendly both in intent and in the way that they are implemented. This book offers a thought-provoking examination of selected current policies and programs that have been developed within the health, social services and criminal justice systems. It highlights the special issues and vulnerabilities of older women, older men and persons from the LGTB community. It also features a unique approach to reaching young people through an educational program that shapes attitudes and behavior via graphic art.
* Clear, straightforward writing style - reader does not have to contend with murky theories and obscure references

* Practical approach - readers can relate to the examples that are provided of situations in which abuse and neglect has or can occur"

Problems in Movement Control, Volume 74 (Hardcover): G. Reid Problems in Movement Control, Volume 74 (Hardcover)
G. Reid
R2,878 Discovery Miles 28 780 Special order

Difficulties in motor behavior are commonly associated with a variety of disabilities. Early research efforts focused on descriptions of specific groups of people or on evaluations of intervention programs. Only recently have investigators begun to explore questions from a variety of theoretical positions in an attempt to build a more fundamental understanding of the disabled person. The present volume represents views of major methodological issues, current research fronts and selected applied concerns from the perspective of the disabled performer. Authors write from a number of theoretical viewpoints and sketch future research directions in these chapters.

Social Cognition and Aging (Hardcover): Thomas M. Hess, Fredda Blanchard-Fields Social Cognition and Aging (Hardcover)
Thomas M. Hess, Fredda Blanchard-Fields
R2,747 Discovery Miles 27 470 Special order

Most of the research done in social cognition has been conducted with younger adults and may not be applicable to a much older population. Social Cognition and Aging provides a snapshot view of research that has been done with older adults or is directly applicable to this population. Focusing on issues of self identity, social interactions, and social perceptions, this book provides a broad overview of how aging affects one's own perceptions and actions as well as how others perceive and interact with the aged. Coverage includes such topics as self-control, memory, resilience, age stereotypes, moral development, and the "art" of living. With contributions from top researchers in both gerontology and psychology, this book is an important reference for academics and professionals alike in personality, cognition, social psychology, adult development, sociology, and gerontology.

WJ III Clinical Use and Interpretation - Scientist-Practitioner Perspectives (Hardcover, New): Fredrick A. Schrank, Dawn P.... WJ III Clinical Use and Interpretation - Scientist-Practitioner Perspectives (Hardcover, New)
Fredrick A. Schrank, Dawn P. Flanagan
R1,398 R1,318 Discovery Miles 13 180 Save R80 (6%) Special order

WJ III Clinical Use and Interpretation presents a wide variety of clinical applications of the WJ III from leading experts. Each chapter will provide the reader with insights into patterns of cluster and test scores from both the WJ III "Tests of Cognitive Abilities" and WJ III "Tests of Achievement" that can assist with interpretation and formulation of diagnostic hypotheses for clinical practice. WJ III Clinical Use and Interpretation provides expert guidance for using the WJ III with individuals with a broad array of learning and neuropsychological problems, including learning disabilities and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. New research included in this volume emphasizes the value of the WJ III for identification of gifted children and adolescents and young children with developmental delays.
* Written by the leading experts on the WJ III
* Coverage of both the "Tests of Cognitive Abilities" and "Tests of Achievement"
* Provides expert guidance on using the WJ III with a variety of clinical populations
* Includes new research and illustrative case studies
* Goes beyond interpretive material published in the Examiner's Manuals and other resource books

Therapist's Guide to Substance Abuse Intervention (Paperback): Sharon L. Johnson Therapist's Guide to Substance Abuse Intervention (Paperback)
Sharon L. Johnson
R1,249 R1,184 Discovery Miles 11 840 Save R65 (5%) Special order

Author of AP's bestselling "Therapist's Guide to Clinical Intervention" now turns her attention to substance abuse intervention. The book will follow a similar format to her previous book, presenting information in easy to read outline form, with relevant forms, patient questionnaires, checklists, business documents, etc.
Part I discusses the social impact of substance abuse and provides a general overview of the physiological and psychological characteristics of abuse, DSM IV definition of abuse, and classifications of the varying types of drugs. Part II is the main section of the book and covers assessment, different stages of abuse/recovery, and treatment choices. Coverage includes the discussion of myriad self help choices (e.g. AA), group therapy, brief therapy, and more. Discussion will also include making a determination of treatment as inpatient or outpatient, and issues relevant to special populations (teenagers, geriatrics, comorbidity patients, etc.). Part III presents skill building resources. Part IV covers prevention, quality assurance, and also includes a glossary.
* Outlines treatment goals and objectives
* Outlines for assessing special circumstances
* Offers skill building resources to supplement treatment

Learning and Memory in Normal Aging (Hardcover): Donald H. Kausler Learning and Memory in Normal Aging (Hardcover)
Donald H. Kausler
R1,146 R1,087 Discovery Miles 10 870 Save R59 (5%) Special order

Donald Kausler is one of the founding fathers of research on aging. Internationally recognized, his efforts have formed the cornerstone of research on how age affects memory and learning. Now, in one comprehensive volume, Kausler condenses research findings in this realm into one engaging and forthright book. What are the effects of aging on classical and operant conditioning? How does age affect memory capacity/transfer of learning skill acquisition? Kausler addresses all of these issues and more in a clearly presented, easily understood review of major research findings.
Key Features
* Single authored for clarity and consistency of presentation
* Comprehensive coverage of the effects of age on all aspects of learning and memory
* Focus on aspects of normal aging rather than pathological states

Competition and Variation in Natural Languages - The Case for Case (Hardcover, New): Mengistu Amberber, Helen de Hoop Competition and Variation in Natural Languages - The Case for Case (Hardcover, New)
Mengistu Amberber, Helen de Hoop
R1,749 R1,641 Discovery Miles 16 410 Save R108 (6%) Special order

This volume combines different perspectives on case-marking: (1) typological and descriptive approaches of various types and instances of case-marking in the languages of the world as well as comparison with languages that express similar types of relations without morphological case-marking; (2) formal analyses in different theoretical frameworks of the syntactic, semantic, and morphological properties of case-marking; (3) a historical approach of case-marking; (4) a psycholinguistic approach of case-marking.

Although there are a number of publications on case related issues, there is no volume such as the present one, which exclusively looks at case marking, competition and variation from a cross-linguistic perspective and within the context of different contemporary theoretical approaches to the study of language.

In addition to chapters with broad conceptual orientation, the volume offers detailed empirical studies of case in a number of diverse languages including: Amharic, Basque, Dutch, Hindi, Japanese, Kuuk Thaayorre, Malagasy and Yurakare.

The volume will be of interest to researchers and advanced students in the cognitive sciences, general linguistics, typology, historical linguistics, formal linguistics, and psycholinguistics. The book will interest scholars working within the context of formal syntactic and semantic theories as it provides insight into the properties of case from a cross-linguistic perspective. The book also will be of interest to cognitive scientists interested in the relationship between meaning and grammar, in particular, and the human mind's capacity in the mapping of meaning onto grammar, in general.

Adaptive User Interfaces, Volume 10 - Principles and Practice (Hardcover): Matthias Schneider-Hufschmidt, T. Kuhme, U.... Adaptive User Interfaces, Volume 10 - Principles and Practice (Hardcover)
Matthias Schneider-Hufschmidt, T. Kuhme, U. Malinowski
R3,137 Discovery Miles 31 370 Special order

The area of intelligent and adaptive user interfaces has been of interest to the research community for a long time. Much effort has been spent in trying to find a stable theoretical base for adaptivity in human-computer interaction and to build prototypical systems showing features of adaptivity in real-life interfaces. To date research in this field has not led to a coherent view of problems, let alone solutions. A workshop was organized, which brought together a number of well-known researchers in the area of adaptive user interfaces with a view to

develop a coherent view of the results accomplished in the field

organize basic ideas which might lead to a more general methodology for adaptivity in order to overcome the problem of specialized, non-generalizable solutions, and

discuss possible areas for future research in the field and to define criteria for the selection of the most promising directions of such research.

The results of the workshop are presented in this volume. The authors have collected papers from the participants which describe both their research and their views on questions which were dealt with during the workshop. A state-of-the-art report and taxonomy for the field of adaptive interfaces and a discussion summary are also included in this volume.

Evidence-Based Educational Methods (Hardcover, New): Daniel J. Moran, Richard W Malott Evidence-Based Educational Methods (Hardcover, New)
Daniel J. Moran, Richard W Malott
R1,680 R1,578 Discovery Miles 15 780 Save R102 (6%) Special order

Evidence-Based Educational Methods answers the challenge of the "No Child Left Behind Act" of 2001 by promoting evidence-based educational methods designed to improve student learning. Behavioral scientists have been refining these instructional methods for decades before the current call for evidence-based education. Precision Teaching, Direct Instruction, Computerized Teaching, Personalized System of Instruction, and other unique applications of behavior analysis are all informed by the scientific principles of learning, have been tested in the laboratory, and are often shown to have significant success in field applications. This book details each of these approaches to education based on the principles of behavior analysis. Individuals and agencies responsible for instruction that leaves no child behind will find this compendium an important resource for meeting that challenge, and young educators will greatly benefit from this text, as they will see a blueprint of the evidence-based education systems being planned for the future.
* The education literature is replete with fly-by-night ideas and unresearched opinions about how to teach children. This book has none of that. The reader is given researched educational methods. In fact, some methods draw on 3 or 4 decades of experimental data. The whole book is cohesive, not just a patchwork of different educators' opinions. All of the chapters are built on basic scientific principles of behavior, and all of the methods can be used with one another
* This is a book by scientist-practitioners, but not for scientists only. A parent can read many of these chapters, see the merit in the methods, and convey the need and the process for each of the methods
* No book stands alone, but is connected to a greater literature base. The reader is shown where other information can be found about these methods.
* The only thing better than scientific data is scientific data supported by consumer testimonial

The Psychology Of Humor - An Integrative Approach (Hardcover): Rod A. Martin The Psychology Of Humor - An Integrative Approach (Hardcover)
Rod A. Martin
R1,411 R1,331 Discovery Miles 13 310 Save R80 (6%) Special order

Research on humor is carried out in a number of areas in psychology, including the cognitive (What makes something funny?), developmental (when do we develop a sense of humor?), and social (how is humor used in social interactions?) Although there is enough interest in the area to have spawned several societies, the literature is dispersed in a number of primary journals, with little in the way of integration of the material into a book.
Dr. Martin is one of the best known researchers in the area, and his research goes across subdisciplines in psychology to be of wide appeal. This is a singly authored monograph that provides in one source, a summary of information researchers might wish to know about research into the psychology of humor. The material is scholarly, but the presentation of the material is suitable for people unfamiliar with the subject-making the book suitable for use for advanced undergraduate and graduate level courses on the psychology of humor-which have not had a textbook source.
2007 AATH Book Award for Humor/Laughter Research category
*Up-to-date coverage of research on humor and laughter in every area of psychology
*Research findings are integrated into a coherent conceptual framework
*Includes recent brain imaging studies, evolutionary models, and animal research
*Draws on contributions from sociology, linguistics, neuroscience, and anthropology
*Provides an overview of theories of humor and early research
*Explores applications of humor in psychotherapy, education, and the workplace
*Points out interesting topics for further research and promising research methodologies
*Written in a scholarly yet easily accessible style
*2007 AATH Book Award for Humor/Laughter Research category

Adaptive Behavior Assessment System-II - Clinical Use and Interpretation (Hardcover): Thomas Oakland, Patti L. Harrison Adaptive Behavior Assessment System-II - Clinical Use and Interpretation (Hardcover)
Thomas Oakland, Patti L. Harrison
R1,092 R997 Discovery Miles 9 970 Save R95 (9%) Special order

This book summarizes information on adaptive behavior and skills as well as general issues in adaptive behavior assessment with the goal of promoting sound assessment practice during uses, interpretations, and applications of the Adaptive Behavior Assessment System-II.
Adaptive behavior and skills refer to personal qualities associated with the ability to meet one s personal needs such as communication, self-care, socialization, etc. and those of others. Data from measures of adaptive behavior have been used most commonly in assessment and intervention services for persons with mental retardation. However, the display of adaptive behaviors and skills is relevant to all persons. The Adaptive Behavior Assessment System-II (ABAS-II) provides a comprehensive, norm-referenced assessment of the adaptive behavior and skills of individuals from birth through age 89. The comprehensive natures of the ABAS-II, ease in administration and scoring, and wide age range have resulted in its widespread use for a large number of assessment purposes. The book provides practical information and thus serves as a valuable resource for those who use the ABAS-II.
* Assists in the functional use of the ABAS-II
* Provides case studies illustrating use of the ABAS-II in comprehensive assessment and intervention planning
* Reviews scholarship on adaptive behaviors and skills
* Describes legal, ethical, and other professional standards and guidelines that apply to the use of the ABAS-II and other measures of adaptive behavior
* Discusses the use of the ABAS-II with autism, mental retardation; young children and those in elementary and secondary school; as well as incarcerated persons being evaluated for possible mental retardation"

Adolescent Brain Development - Implications for Behavior (Paperback, New): Michelle K. Jetha, Sidney Segalowitz Adolescent Brain Development - Implications for Behavior (Paperback, New)
Michelle K. Jetha, Sidney Segalowitz
R682 Discovery Miles 6 820 Special order

This comprehensive yet brief overview of the adolescent human brain discusses how the brain develops during this critical period of life and how that development impacts decision-making and risk-taking behavior in the adolescent.

This originated as a white paper requested by the Canadian government for a specific group looking to understand adolescent brain development in the context of adolescent behavior. The paper was not made available to the Canadian government outside of the specific task force that requested it nor to the general public. The authors have since decided that having put so much effort into concisely summarizing research on adolescent brain development, it would be a useful addition to researchers in psychology generally. The original paper has since been updated and revised considerably.

Doing What Works in Brief Therapy - A Strategic Solution Focused Approach (Paperback, 2nd edition): Ellen K. Quick Doing What Works in Brief Therapy - A Strategic Solution Focused Approach (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Ellen K. Quick
R899 Discovery Miles 8 990 Special order

This book is both a set of procedures for the therapist and a philosophy- one that is shared with clients and one that guides the work of the therapist. This second edition continues its excellence in offering clinicians a guide to doing what works in brief therapy- for whom, and when and how to use it. Psychotherapy that follows these guidelines validates the client's most important concerns - and it often turns out to be surprisingly brief. Author, Ellen Quick integrates strategic and solution focused therapy and includes guidelines for tailoring technique and interventions to client characteristics and preferences. With clinically rich examples throughout, this book offers applications for couples, including indications for individual or conjoint sessions.
* Chapter summaries highlighting key points
* Presents ways of eliciting what clients most want to remember
* Describes the "Doing What Works Group," including outcome research findings and all materials needed to run the group
* Addresses the relationship between the positive psychology movement and this approach and the potential for collaboration
* Emphasizes an acceptance-based stance and how acceptance often leads to change
* Proposes that "doing what works and changing what doesn't" can provide a transtheoretical perspective for therapists of any orientation

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Evidence-Based Counseling and…
Morley D. Glicken Hardcover R1,309 R1,093 Discovery Miles 10 930
Human Factors in Aviation
Eduardo Salas, Florian Jentsch, … Paperback R1,915 R1,767 Discovery Miles 17 670
Human Factors Psychology, Volume 47
Peter A. Hancock Hardcover R1,423 Discovery Miles 14 230
Therapist's Guide to Clinical…
Sharon L. Johnson Paperback R1,068 Discovery Miles 10 680
Crew Resource Management
Earl L. Wiener, Barbara G. Kanki, … Paperback R2,072 R1,684 Discovery Miles 16 840
Psychopathology and the Family
Jennifer L. Hudson, Ronald M Rapee Hardcover R2,404 Discovery Miles 24 040


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