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Unlocking the Church - The lost secrets of Victorian sacred space (Paperback): William Whyte Unlocking the Church - The lost secrets of Victorian sacred space (Paperback)
William Whyte
R374 Discovery Miles 3 740 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Victorians built tens of thousands of churches in the hundred years between 1800 and 1900. Wherever you might be in the English-speaking world, you will be close to a Victorian built or remodelled ecclesiastical building. Contemporary experience of church buildings is almost entirely down to the zeal of Victorians such as John Henry Newman, Henry Wilberforce and Augustus Pugin, and their ideas about the role of architecture in our spiritual life and well-being. In Unlocking the Church, William Whyte explores a forgotten revolution in social and architectural history and in the history of the Church. He details the architectural and theological debates of the day, explaining how the Tractarians of Oxford and the Ecclesiologists of Cambridge were embroiled in the aesthetics of architecture, and how the Victorians profoundly changed the ways in which buildings were understood and experienced. No longer mere receptacles for worship, churches became active agents in their own rights, capable of conveying theological ideas and designed to shape people's emotions. These church buildings are now a challenge: their maintenance, repair or repurposing are pressing problems for parishes in age of declining attendance and dwindling funds. By understanding their past, unlocking the secrets of their space, there might be answers in how to deal with the legacy of the Victorians now and into the future.

The British Mosque - An architectural and social history (Hardcover): Shahed Saleem The British Mosque - An architectural and social history (Hardcover)
Shahed Saleem
R1,667 Discovery Miles 16 670 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book presents the first overview of Muslim architecture in Britain, from the earliest examples in the late 19th century, to mosques being built today. Key architectural stages are identified and explained alongside the social history of Muslim settlement and growth. The analysis focuses on the way in which the mosque as a new cultural and architectural form has benefitted into the existing urban fabric of Britain's towns and cities, and how this new building type has then impacted its urban landscape, socially, culturally and architecturally. The British Mosque is an architectural as well as a social history, and describes the evolution of Britain's Muslim communities through the buildings they have built. By presenting this architectural narrative for the first time, the book opens up a new field of British Islamic Architecture. The architectural story charts a course from the earliest mosques formed through the conversion of houses, to other large scale conversions through to purpose built mosques and with these the emergence of an Islamic architectural expression in Britain. As the mosque is not solely considered in terms of its architectural style, but also from its social history and cultural meaning, this book provides an observation into the character of British Muslim life and practice and how these have been embodied through its buildings. The future of Islamic architecture in Britain is also considered, and how this will be affected by the growing cultural and social diversification of Britain's Muslim communities.

Ships Of Heaven - The Private Life of Britain's Cathedrals (Paperback): Christopher Somerville Ships Of Heaven - The Private Life of Britain's Cathedrals (Paperback)
Christopher Somerville 1
R265 R217 Discovery Miles 2 170 Save R48 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

'Somerville is one of our finest gazetteers of the British countryside. He brings his formidable knowledge to bear on his personal quest to explore the cathedrals in this entrancing book' The Spectator Christopher Somerville, author of the acclaimed The January Man, pictured cathedrals as great unmoving bastions of tradition. But as he journeys among Britian's favourites, old and new, he discovers buildings and communities that have been in constant upheaval for a thousand years. Here are stories of the monarchs and bishops who ordered the construction of these buildings, the masons whose genius brought them into being, and the peasants who worked and died on the scaffolding. We learn of rogue saints exploited by holy sinners, the pomp and prosperity that followed these ships of stone, the towns that grew up in their shadows. Meeting believers and non-believers, architects and archaeologists, the cleaner who dusts the monuments and the mason who judges stone by its taste, we delve deep into the private lives and the uncertain future of these ever-voyaging Ships of Heaven. 'Somerville paints word pictures of exquisite quality' Church Times

Jocelin of Wells: Bishop, Builder, Courtier (Hardcover, New): Robert Dunning Jocelin of Wells: Bishop, Builder, Courtier (Hardcover, New)
Robert Dunning
R1,612 Discovery Miles 16 120 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Jocelin, bishop of Wells (d. 1242), is an iconic figure in his native city; but his career as courtier and statesman moved far beyond the west country. From a family network which had produced bishops over several generations, he played a major role in a developing diocese and mother church, and in the growth of towns, fairs and markets in early thirteenth-century Somerset. He had a crucial influence on the completion of what was to become Wells Cathedral, and on the Bishop's Palace beside it. The essays in this volume look at Jocelin's life and career from a variety of perspectives, with a particular focus on his involvement in the building work to complete the Cathedral, as well as the erection of the earliest part of the Bishop's Palace. Architectural, archaeological and even botanical approaches are used to explain the curious physical nature of the Palace site, the significance of the work still standing there from Jocelin's time, and the possible sites of other contemporary work. A final chapter studies the design and purpose of Robert Burnell's additions to Jocelin's work. Contributors: Robert Dunning, Nicholas Vincent, Jane Sayers, Diana Greenway, Sethina Watson, Tim Tatton-Brown, Jerry Sampson, Alex Turner, Christopher Gerrard, Keith Wilkinson, Mark Horton, David J. Hill, Matthew Reeve.

Gaudi. The Complete Works - 40th Anniversary Edition (Hardcover): Rainer Zerbst Gaudi. The Complete Works - 40th Anniversary Edition (Hardcover)
Rainer Zerbst 1
R592 R491 Discovery Miles 4 910 Save R101 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The life of Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926) was full of complexity and contradictions. As a young man he joined the Catalonian nationalist movement and was critical of the church; toward the end of his life he devoted himself completely to the construction of one single spectacular church, La Sagrada Familia. In his youth, he courted a glamorous social life and the demeanor of a dandy. By the time of his death in a tram accident on the streets of Barcelona, his clothes were so shabby that passersby assumed he was a beggar. Gaudi's incomparable architecture channels much of this multifaceted intricacy. From the shimmering surface textures and skeletal forms of Casa Batllo to the Hispano-Arabic matrix of Casa Vicens, his work merged the influences of Orientalism, natural forms, new materials, and religious faith into a unique Modernista aesthetic. Today, his buildings enjoy global popularity and acclaim; his magnum opus, the Sagrada Familia, is the most-visited monument in Spain and seven of his works are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Packed full of expert texts and hundreds of full-color illustrations, including new photography, this book presents Gaudi's complete oeuvre. Like a personal tour through Barcelona, we explore his residential, religious, and public projects. We see how the "Dante of architecture" was a builder in the truest sense of the word, crafting extraordinary constructions out of minute and mesmerizing details, transforming fantastical visions into realities on the city streets. About the series TASCHEN turns 40 this year! Since we started our work as cultural archaeologists in 1980, TASCHEN has become synonymous with accessible publishing, helping bookworms around the world curate their own library of art, anthropology, and aphrodisia at an unbeatable price. In 2020, we celebrate 40 years of incredible books by staying true to our company credo. The 40 series presents new editions of some of the stars of our program-now more compact, friendly in price, and still realized with the same commitment to impeccable production.

Mosques - Splendors of Islam (Hardcover): Leyla Uluhanli Mosques - Splendors of Islam (Hardcover)
Leyla Uluhanli
R1,609 R1,245 Discovery Miles 12 450 Save R364 (23%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Mosques are among the greatest architectural feats and have a profound beauty: their spiritual purpose adds to their mystery and lustre. This visually stunning volume illustrates the development of the basic mosque structural and decorative elements through sixty examples including the most venerated, such as the Great Mosque of Cordoba, Spain; the Imam Mosque of Isfahan, Iran; and Istanbul s Suleymaniye Mosque along with such innovative new expressions as Doha s Abu al-Qabib Mosque. Mosques from Europe, the Indian subcontinent, North America, North Africa and the sub-Sahara, the Middle East, and Russia and the Caucasus are showcased, from their origins in Mecca and Medina through their major stylistic transformations under the Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal empires up to the present. Stunning original and archival photographs show striking exterior and interior views as well as adjacent gardens and fountains that grace these magnificent structures. Essays by prominent architecture and design authorities cover topics such as the iconographic and decorative elements of the mosque, including the calligraphy and tilework that adorn these important sanctuaries, as well as regional architecture styles. This important volume is a must for those interested in architecture and design, as well as lovers of Islamic art.

Canterbury Cathedral 96 (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Jonathan Keates, Angelo Hornak Canterbury Cathedral 96 (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Jonathan Keates, Angelo Hornak
R276 R234 Discovery Miles 2 340 Save R42 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Canterbury Cathedral is a major centre of Christianity and a place of pilgrimage to the shrine of one of England's most important saints, Thomas Becket. This publication incorporates a radically new presentation of the cathedral and its history. By means of a careful interaction of text and images, the guide conveys the sense of the Cathedral as a working institution and brings to life dynamically the history of the Cathedral. This is reinforced by highlighted text and illustration spreads on historic figures associated with the Cathedral, such as The Black Prince, Chaucer and Saint Augustine. The guide presents accessible information about the Cathedral, by means of a walking guide divided into small sections, which highlight such features as the West Door, the Nave and Crypt. The use of plans and colour coding also helps orientate the visitor easily through the Cathedral complex. Images of special events and processions, as well as architectural details, reinforce the notion of the Cathedral as a living community and evoke the essential spirit of this magnificent building. AUTHOR: Jonathan Keates is an author, critic and a teacher of history. 150 colour illustrations

Sacred Ground - The Cemeteries of New Orleans (Hardcover): Robert S. Brantley Sacred Ground - The Cemeteries of New Orleans (Hardcover)
Robert S. Brantley; Introduction by Frederick Starr
R805 R568 Discovery Miles 5 680 Save R237 (29%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Sacred Ground is a sumptuous photographic portrait of New Orleans's legendary cemeteries. Robert S. Brantley celebrates the otherworldly landscapes, intricate ironwork, evocative memorials, and stately monuments as vibrant sites of remembrance. New Orleans history is further revealed through biographies of twenty individuals whose grave sites are among those featured, including entrepreneurs, celebrated musicians, a world-class violin maker, an ex-slave turned minister, a ship's captain, and a young soldier felled by Spanish flu while in basic training for World War I. The rich duotone photographs, organized by cemetery, are followed by an index identifying the tombs and their iconography; an introduction by S. Frederick Starr provides background on New Orleans cemetery history, culture, and burial customs. Sacred Ground provides a stunning exploration of the traditions born of New Orleans's unique religious, cultural, and ethnic diversity.

Worldly Gurus and Spiritual Kings - Architecture and Asceticism in Medieval India (Hardcover): Tamara I Sears Worldly Gurus and Spiritual Kings - Architecture and Asceticism in Medieval India (Hardcover)
Tamara I Sears
R1,463 R1,341 Discovery Miles 13 410 Save R122 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The first major study of the Hindu monastery, a highly complex architectural form in the heart of the Indian subcontinent. This pioneering book is the first full-length study of the matha, or Hindu monastery, which developed in India at the turn of the first millennium. Rendered monumentally in stone, the matha represented more than just an architectural innovation: it signaled the institutionalization of asceticism into a formalized monastic practice, as well as the emergence of the guru as an influential public figure. With entirely new primary research, Tamara I. Sears examines the architectural and archaeological histories of six little-known monasteries in Central India and reveals the relationships between political power, religion, and the production of sacred space. This important work of scholarship features scrupulous original measured drawings, providing a vast amount of new material and a much-needed contribution to the fields of Asian art, religious studies, and cultural history. In introducing new categories of architecture, this book illuminates the potential of buildings to reconfigure not only social and ritual relationships but also the fundamental ontology of the world.

Communicating The New - Methods to Shape and Accelerate Innovation (Paperback): Kim Erwin Communicating The New - Methods to Shape and Accelerate Innovation (Paperback)
Kim Erwin
R789 R505 Discovery Miles 5 050 Save R284 (36%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"Communicating radical innovation is very different from discussing marginal change. Erwin's book provides a serious analysis of why, in this era of VUCA Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity we need to change our individual and organizational modes of communication. Erwin then provides a series of concrete, practical communication methodologies that we so need. Communicating the New is a book that needs to be offered in all of our best business-school classes." Bruce Nussbaum, author of Creative Intelligence, former assistant managing editor for BusinessWeek, and Professor of Innovation & Design at Parsons The New School of Design "One of the main problems with executing innovation in organizations is also one of the least obvious. Communicating The New reminds us about an often neglected but crucial part in the innovation process. Applying the principles contained in this book will increase your chances for innovation success, both inside your company overcoming organizational barriers, as well as outside convincing your customers. This is an essential read for those who not only preach for improving the current state of things, but more important to those responsible for executing it." Luis Arnal, Managing Partner, INSITUM "I was hooked instantly. The names of people that I should give this book to keep building with each new chapter. Communicating the New is thorough as well as thoughtful in providing an impressive compendium of models, framework, methods, and tools for navigating the 21st-century challenges of creating The New. Finally, a useful resource to navigate the complexity of creating The New." Clement Mok, Designer, Entrepreneur, and Instigator "Anyone who has experienced the challenge of co-creating The New and engaging enterprise audiences will find useful ways to produce insight, influence, and impact." Paul Siebert, Director of Research + Strategy, Steelcase

Nonconformist places of worship - Introductions to Heritage Assets (Paperback): Christopher Wakeling Nonconformist places of worship - Introductions to Heritage Assets (Paperback)
Christopher Wakeling
R490 Discovery Miles 4 900 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

`Nonconformist' has long been used as a description of Protestant Christians in England and Wales who were not part of the Church of England. Among the numerous denominations are the Baptists, Methodists, Quakers and the Salvation Army. By the mid-nineteenth century their chapels and meeting houses, the subject of this brief introduction, outnumbered the buildings of the Church of England's. While many chapels are now disused or have seen conversion, they remain characteristic and often notable buildings in settlements in all parts of the country.

The 50 Greatest Churches and Cathedrals (Paperback): Sue Dobson The 50 Greatest Churches and Cathedrals (Paperback)
Sue Dobson 1
R241 R181 Discovery Miles 1 810 Save R60 (25%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Cathedrals and great churches are among the most iconic sights of the world's towns and cities. Visible from miles around, the cathedrals of Canterbury, St Paul's, Chartres and St Stephen's in Vienna dominate their skylines. Others surprise by their statistics: Salisbury has Britain's tallest spire, Wells the largest display of medieval sculptures in the world, while King's College Chapel in Cambridge boasts the largest fan vaulting in existence. Not all are ancient: Dresden's reconstructed Frauenkirche opened in 2005 and Gaudi's masterpiece in Barcelona is still under construction. Award-winning travel writer Sue Dobson gives us a highly personal tour of their highlights.

Art and Identity in Thirteenth-Century Byzantium - Hagia Sophia and the Empire of Trebizond (Hardcover, New Ed): Antony Eastmond Art and Identity in Thirteenth-Century Byzantium - Hagia Sophia and the Empire of Trebizond (Hardcover, New Ed)
Antony Eastmond
R2,904 Discovery Miles 29 040 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The church of Hagia Sophia in Trebizond, built by the emperor Manuel I Grand Komnenos (1238-63) in the aftermath of the fall of Constantinople to the Fourth Crusade, is the finest surviving Byzantine imperial monument of its period. Art and Identity in Thirteenth-Century Byzantium is the first investigation of the church in more than thirty years, and is extensively illustrated in colour and black-and-white, with many images that have never previously been published. Antony Eastmond examines the architectural, sculptural and painted decorations of the church, placing them in the context of contemporary developments elsewhere in the Byzantine world, in Seljuq Anatolia and among the Caucasian neighbours of Trebizond. Knowledge of this area has been transformed in the last twenty years, following the collapse of the Soviet Union. The new evidence that has emerged enables a radically different interpretation of the church to be reached, and raises questions of cultural interchange on the borders of the Christian and Muslim worlds of eastern Anatolia, the Caucasus and Persia. This study uses the church and its decoration to examine questions of Byzantine identity and imperial ideology in the thirteenth century. This is central to any understanding of the period, as the fall of Constantinople in 1204 divided the Byzantine empire and forced the successor states in Nicaea, Epiros and Trebizond to redefine their concepts of empire in exile. Art is here exploited as significant historical evidence for the nature of imperial power in a contested empire. It is suggested that imperial identity was determined as much by craftsmen and expectations of imperial power as by the emperor's decree; and that this was a credible alternative Byzantine identity to that developed in the empire of Nicaea.

The Honan Chapel - A Golden Vision (Hardcover): Virginia Teehan, Elizabeth Wincott Heckett The Honan Chapel - A Golden Vision (Hardcover)
Virginia Teehan, Elizabeth Wincott Heckett
R1,364 R1,260 Discovery Miles 12 600 Save R104 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"The strength of the book is its marvelously rich and detailed discussion of a 'case study' within the Arts and Crafts movement and the carefully constructed description of every aspect of the Chapel provides a coherency to Irish Arts and Crafts that enriches studies of the area." -- Professor Janice Helland Queen s University Ontario The Honan Chapel is a brilliant compilation of the finest skills of the Irish Arts and Crafts movement of the early twentieth century.The Honan Chapel at University College Cork, consecrated in 1916, was a unique concept, reflecting in both its architecture and decoration every element of the Irish arts and crafts movement. It was founded in the belief that it is essential for a University College to meet both the spiritual and academic needs of students. Associated with this was the belief that the chapel s design must be truly Irish in inspiration and representative of early Irish ecclesiastical art. Internally the extraordinary collection of chapel furnishings, textiles, vestments etc. was conceived and executed at the height of the early twentieth century Celtic revival and is a unique expression of that renaissance. It contains items in silver and wood, cloth, paper and stone, providing a valuable and unique record of the best of Irish ecclesiastical art at the time, and is a remarkable expression of the Irish Arts and Crafts movement.The contributors to this volume illustrate different aspects of the Honan collection, the social and cultural context in which pieces were made, as well as the artistic environment of the arts and crafts movement. The book also includes the first a comprehensive inventory of the contents of the collection, And over 150 stunning photographs using the latest digital technology."

Notre Dame de Paris - A Celebration of the Cathedral (Hardcover): Kathy Borrus Notre Dame de Paris - A Celebration of the Cathedral (Hardcover)
Kathy Borrus
R440 R352 Discovery Miles 3 520 Save R88 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

On April 16, 2019, five days before the celebration of Easter, a blazing fire engulfed the world famous Notre-Dame de Paris. A marvel of Gothic architecture, construction on the Notre Dame Cathedral was begun in 1160 and completed in 1345. For almost nine centuries it has served as a house of worship and refuge; a stalwart soldier that has survived wars and revolutions, and hosted weddings, coronations, and funerals for kings and queens, presidents, and political dignitaries. The cathedral has also offered solace and sanctuary to tourists, locals, and one very famous fictional hunchback. It's this rich mixture of social history and human ingenuity that makes the Notre Dame, in the words of one art scholar, "one of the great monuments to the best of civilisation." Wounded but still standing, the world now watches as France rebuilds. Notre Dame de Paris: A Celebration of the Cathedral will detail the impressive architecture of the building, the priceless artefacts it contains, and the major historical events that have taken place in its presence. It will also show, through film stills and artwork reproductions, the ways in which the Notre Dame has permeated our popular culture. Coupled with informative text for each image, Notre Dame is the definitive book on the history of this landmark building.

The 50 Greatest Churches and Cathedrals of Great Britain (Paperback): Sue Dobson The 50 Greatest Churches and Cathedrals of Great Britain (Paperback)
Sue Dobson 1
R243 R199 Discovery Miles 1 990 Save R44 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Britain is well-known for its churches and cathedrals; buildings of great architecture and religious grandeur that form many of our recognisable skylines. But these grand structures are also full of facts, histories and stories that you may not have been aware of.

Did you know that there are only three cathedrals in Britain without a ringing bell? Or that St Davids Cathedral, nestled away in a Welsh valley, has a very unique choir, where the top line is sung only by female choristers, aged eight to eighteen? How about that the Great Pyramids in Egypt were the world's tallest structures for over 3,870 years, until the construction of Lincoln Cathedral in 1311?

Award-wining travel writer and editor Sue Dobson takes us on a journey around the United Kingdom, showing us her highlights while providing fascinating details and stories along the way.

Essence of Japan - A Coloring Journey (Paperback): Joyce Yoshihara Will Essence of Japan - A Coloring Journey (Paperback)
Joyce Yoshihara Will; Joyce Yoshihara Will
R245 R200 Discovery Miles 2 000 Save R45 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Pantheon - Design, Meaning, and Progeny, With a New Foreword by John Pinto, Second Edition (Paperback, 2nd New edition):... The Pantheon - Design, Meaning, and Progeny, With a New Foreword by John Pinto, Second Edition (Paperback, 2nd New edition)
William L. MacDonald; Foreword by John Pinto
R625 Discovery Miles 6 250 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Pantheon in Rome is one of the grand architectural statements of all ages. This richly illustrated book isolates the reasons for its extraordinary impact on Western architecture, discussing the Pantheon as a building in its time but also as a building for all time.

Mr. MacDonald traces the history of the structure since its completion and examines its progeny--domed rotundas with temple-fronted porches built from the second century to the twentieth--relating them to the original. He analyzes the Pantheon's design and the details of its technology and construction, and explores the meaning of the building on the basis of ancient texts, formal symbolism, and architectural analogy. He sees the immense unobstructed interior, with its disk of light that marks the sun's passage through the day, as an architectural metaphor for the ecumenical pretensions of the Roman Empire.

Past discussions of the Pantheon have tended to center on design and structure. These are but the starting point for Mr. MacDonald, who goes on to show why it ranks--along with Cheops's pyramid, the Parthenon, Wren's churches, Mansard's palaces-as an architectural archetype.

Amazing Churches of the World (Hardcover): Michael Kerrigan Amazing Churches of the World (Hardcover)
Michael Kerrigan
R588 R487 Discovery Miles 4 870 Save R101 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Every great church makes a statement, and it is seldom simply theological. An offering of thanks to a beloved minister, a monument to a powerful ruler, a colonialist vaunt - a church is never really just a church. Ornate or spartan, immense or intimate, from the Middle East and across Europe, from Alaska to Argentina, Asia to Africa, the construction of churches has given the world some of its most beautiful buildings - its most splendid interiors, its most atmospheric spaces, an inspiration not just to Christians but to humankind. Including Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, Coptic, Lutheran, Baptist, Calvinist, Pentecostal and Mormon places of worship, Amazing Churches of the World features early basilicas and magnificent medieval cathedrals, mud-hut churches and soaring 21st century edifices. In exploring these sacred places, Michael Kerrigan reveals not just the different approaches to faith across continents and over centuries, but gives us a glimpse into a wider history of the world touched by Christianity. Illustrated with more than 190 photographs, Amazing Churches of the World includes more than 150 chapels, basilicas and cathedrals dating from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Cathedrals Built by the Masons (Hardcover): Russell Herner Cathedrals Built by the Masons (Hardcover)
Russell Herner
R1,181 R881 Discovery Miles 8 810 Save R300 (25%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Through well-researched text, as well as drawings and color photography, this book captures the magnificence of European cathedrals and the brilliance of the Master Builders and craftsmen who designed and built them. Cathedral building is a fusion of man's greatest accomplishments in the arts, sciences, and humanities over the centuries. More than 250 photos and drawings capture the quality and craftsmanship built into these stunning structures created to replicate God's house or heaven on Earth. Color photos illustrate the gorgeous naves, detailed fan vaulted ceilings, beautiful stained-glass windows, flying buttresses, and 650-year-old parchment drawings of the cathedrals. Discover the origin of Gothic architecture, see how Gothic cathedrals were built using primitive tools, and learn about the development of Freemasonry and its direct descent from the stonemasons of the Middle Ages. Enjoy 30 cathedral tours and acquire a few Masonic secrets of the stonemasons.

Devon's Torre Abbey - Faith, Politics and Grand Designs (Hardcover): Michael Rhodes Devon's Torre Abbey - Faith, Politics and Grand Designs (Hardcover)
Michael Rhodes
R477 R384 Discovery Miles 3 840 Save R93 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Torre Abbey is an archaeological site of national importance. Founded in 1196, it became the wealthiest English monastery of the order of Premonstratensian canons. The extent of its survival makes Torre Abbey the best preserved medieval abbey in Devon and Cornwall. After King Henry VIII closed the monastery in 1539, two of its former ranges were adapted for use as a private house. From 1662, this house became the home of the Roman Catholic Cary family, who lived there for nearly 300 years. The story of Torre Abbey mirrors in a remarkable way the story of English Catholics during the years of the penal laws. The local council acquired Torre Abbey in 1930, and adapted it for use as an art gallery and Mayor's Parlour. Today, the abbey provides an ideal setting for Torbay's collection of paintings and antiques, most of which have been donated by local people. It has recently been restored and modernised. This book is the first complete history of Torre Abbey. It is based on the latest historical and architectural research, and is richly illustrated throughout.

Art of Empire - The Roman Frescoes and Imperial Cult Chamber in Luxor Temple (Hardcover): Michael Jones, Susanna McFadden Art of Empire - The Roman Frescoes and Imperial Cult Chamber in Luxor Temple (Hardcover)
Michael Jones, Susanna McFadden
R1,484 R1,363 Discovery Miles 13 630 Save R121 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Luxor Temple of Amun-Re, built to commemorate the divine power of the pharaohs, is one of the iconic monuments of New Kingdom Egypt. In the 4th century C.E., the Roman Imperial government, capitalizing on the site's earlier significance, converted the temple into a military camp and constructed a lavishly painted cult chamber dedicated to the four emperors of the Tetrarchy. These frescoes provide fascinating insight into the political landscape of the late Roman Empire and, as the only surviving wall paintings from the tetrarchic period, into the history of Roman art. The culmination of a groundbreaking conservation project, this volume brings together scholars across disciplines for a comprehensive look at the frescoes and their architectural, archaeological, and historical contexts. More than 150 stunning illustrations present the paintings for the first time in their newly conserved state, along with a selection of 19th-century documentary watercolors. This remarkable publication illustrates how physical context, iconography, and style were used to convey ideology throughout Rome's provinces.

After the Fire - London Churches in the Age of Wren, Hooke, Hawksmoor and Gibbs (Hardcover): Angelo Hornak After the Fire - London Churches in the Age of Wren, Hooke, Hawksmoor and Gibbs (Hardcover)
Angelo Hornak; Foreword by Stephen Platten 1
R1,372 R931 Discovery Miles 9 310 Save R441 (32%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

'London was but is no more!' In these words diarist John Evelyn summed up the destruction wrought by the Great Fire that swept through the City of London in 1666. The losses included St Paul's Cathedral and eight-seven parish churches (as well as at least thirteen thousand houses). In After the Fire, celebrated photographer and architectural historian Angelo Hornak explores, with the help of his own stunning photographs, the churches built in London during the sixty years that followed the Great Fire, as London rose from the ashes, more beautiful - and far more spectacular - than ever before. The catastrophe offered a unique opportunity to Christopher Wren and his colleagues - including Robert Hooke and Nicholas Hawksmoor - who, over the next forty years, rebuilt St Paul's and fifty-one other London churches in a dramatic new style inspired by the European Baroque. Forty-five years after the Fire, the Fifty New Churches Act of 1711 gave Nicholas Hawksmoor the scope to build breathtaking (and controversial) new churches including St Anne's Limehouse, Christ Church Spitalfields and St George's Bloomsbury. By the 1720s the pendulum was swinging away from the Baroque of Wren and Hawksmoor, and it was James Gibbs' more restrained St Martin-in the-Fields that was to provide the prototype for churches throughout the English-speaking world - especially in North America - for the next hundred years.

Bramante's Tempietto, the Roman Renaissance, and the Spanish Crown (Hardcover): Jack Freiberg Bramante's Tempietto, the Roman Renaissance, and the Spanish Crown (Hardcover)
Jack Freiberg
R2,353 R2,204 Discovery Miles 22 040 Save R149 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Tempietto, the embodiment of the Renaissance mastery of classical architecture and its Christian reinvention, was also the pre-eminent commission of the Catholic kings, Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabel of Castile, in papal Rome. This groundbreaking book situates Bramante's time-honored memorial dedicated to Saint Peter and the origins of the Roman Catholic Church at the center of a coordinated program of the arts exalting Spain's leadership in the quest for Christian hegemony. The innovations in form and iconography that made the Tempietto an authoritative model for Western architecture were fortified in legacy monuments created by the popes in Rome and the kings in Spain from the later Renaissance to the present day. New photographs expressly taken for this study capture comprehensive views and focused details of this exemplar of Renaissance art and statecraft.

Mosques in Calcutta (with Colour Photographs) (Hardcover): Pijush Kanti Roy Mosques in Calcutta (with Colour Photographs) (Hardcover)
Pijush Kanti Roy
R684 Discovery Miles 6 840 Ships in 10 - 15 working days
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