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The Value Imperative - Harvesting Value from Your IT Initiatives (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016): Gerald G Grant, Robert Collins The Value Imperative - Harvesting Value from Your IT Initiatives (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
Gerald G Grant, Robert Collins
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Organizational executives must change the way they think about how to invest in and manage IT if they want to get lasting value from computer-based innovations. The old way of thinking has not served organizations well. They continue to experience high levels of technological and operational failures even though they apply a wide variety of industry best practices. The rapid pace of technological advancement has tended to hide some fundamental problems that have existed from the start. These involve, not the technology only, but also the management and application of that technology. The human and organizational factors have not kept pace. They have remained relatively static and, to a shocking degree, ineffective. As a result, the IT department in many organizations has remained a breed apart. Communication between IT and the rest of the organization is fraught with misunderstanding. This leads to failures, recrimination, and, sometimes, wholesale changes which fall well short of their goals. The authors wrote this book because they wanted to help both business and IT to shift their focus from technology project implementation to that of value realization. In The Value Imperative readers will be introduced to a new business model called The Agricultural Model created by the authors for managing IT in organizations. This innovative model will help you learn how to change the mindset of people in your organization about how IT should be invested in and managed; key considerations for ensuring that business value is delivered from IT investments; how to measure that value that has been delivered and whether there has been effective return on the investments made; and finally the authors challenge business and IT managers to focus on the business value that customers seek which will help companies.

Inspired - How to Create Tech Products Customers Love (Hardcover, 2nd Edition): Marty Cagan Inspired - How to Create Tech Products Customers Love (Hardcover, 2nd Edition)
Marty Cagan
R698 R465 Discovery Miles 4 650 Save R233 (33%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

How do today's most successful tech companies--Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Tesla--design, develop, and deploy the products that have earned the love of literally billions of people around the world? Perhaps surprisingly, they do it very differently than the vast majority of tech companies. In INSPIRED, technology product management thought leader Marty Cagan provides readers with a master class in how to structure and staff a vibrant and successful product organization, and how to discover and deliver technology products that your customers will love--and that will work for your business. With sections on assembling the right people and skillsets, discovering the right product, embracing an effective yet lightweight process, and creating a strong product culture, readers can take the information they learn and immediately leverage it within their own organizations--dramatically improving their own product efforts. Whether you're an early stage startup working to get to product/market fit, or a growth-stage company working to scale your product organization, or a large, long-established company trying to regain your ability to consistently deliver new value for your customers, INSPIRED will take you and your product organization to a new level of customer engagement, consistent innovation, and business success. Filled with the author's own personal stories--and profiles of some of today's most-successful product managers and technology-powered product companies, including Adobe, Apple, BBC, Google, Microsoft, and Netflix--INSPIRED will show you how to turn up the dial of your own product efforts, creating technology products your customers love. The first edition of INSPIRED, published ten years ago, established itself as the primary reference for technology product managers, and can be found on the shelves of nearly every successful technology product company worldwide. This thoroughly updated second edition shares the same objective of being the most valuable resource for technology product managers, yet it is completely new--sharing the latest practices and techniques of today's most-successful tech product companies, and the men and women behind every great product.

The Social Value of New Technology (Hardcover): Albert N Link, John T. Scott The Social Value of New Technology (Hardcover)
Albert N Link, John T. Scott
R2,765 Discovery Miles 27 650 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

New technologies, with their practical contributions, provide social value. The chapters in this volume view this social value from a program evaluation perspective, and the focus of the evaluations is the generation of new technology funded by public sector agencies. Through keen and approachable analysis, the authors provide important background on both methodology and application. Link and Scott have assembled a collection of their seminal works on the social value of new technology. The first paper provides a general, hands-on overview of the theory and practice of program evaluation, while remaining chapters go on to focus on a number of public sector programs ranging from the U.S. Department of Defense Small Business Innovation Research program to Canada's programs to support the development of medical imaging technology. The authors demonstrate that this area of research is relevant not only to established scholars and practitioners, but also to students. This book will serve as a valuable resource to academic researchers and graduate students in public administration, public policy, and economics, as well as practitioners in the evaluation field.

Empowered - Ordinary People, Extraordinary Products (Hardcover): Marty Cagan, Chris Jones Empowered - Ordinary People, Extraordinary Products (Hardcover)
Marty Cagan, Chris Jones
R469 Discovery Miles 4 690 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

What is it about the top tech product companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Netflix and Tesla that enables their record of consistent innovation? Most people think it's because these companies are somehow able to find and attract a level of talent that makes this innovation possible. But the real advantage these companies have is not so much who they hire, but rather how they enable their people to work together to solve hard problems and create extraordinary products. As legendary Silicon Valley coach--and coach to the founders of several of today's leading tech companies--Bill Campbell said, "Leadership is about recognizing that there's a greatness in everyone, and your job is to create an environment where that greatness can emerge." The goal of EMPOWERED is to provide you, as a leader of product management, product design, or engineering, with everything you'll need to create just such an environment. As partners at The Silicon Valley Product Group, Marty Cagan and Chris Jones have long worked to reveal the best practices of the most consistently innovative companies in the world. A natural companion to the bestseller INSPIRED, EMPOWERED tackles head-on the reason why most companies fail to truly leverage the potential of their people to innovate: product leadership. The book covers: what it means to be an empowered product team, and how this is different from the "feature teams" used by most companies to build technology products recruiting and coaching the members of product teams, first to competence, and then to reach their potential creating an inspiring product vision along with an insights-driven product strategy translating that strategy into action by empowering teams with specific objectives--problems to solve--rather than features to build redefining the relationship of the product teams to the rest of the company detailing the changes necessary to effectively and successfully transform your organization to truly empowered product teams EMPOWERED puts decades of lessons learned from the best leaders of the top technology companies in your hand as a guide. It shows you how to become the leader your team and company needs to not only survive but thrive.

Creativity and Innovation in Business and Beyond - Social Science Perspectives and Policy Implications (Paperback): Leon Mann,... Creativity and Innovation in Business and Beyond - Social Science Perspectives and Policy Implications (Paperback)
Leon Mann, Janet Chan
R1,062 Discovery Miles 10 620 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

In many modern economies, creativity, the essential prerequisite for innovation, tends to be assumed or neglected while the catchphrase "innovation" dominates the field of business as the key to national performance and competitiveness. Creativity and Innovation in Business and Beyond illustrates the ways in which creativity spurs innovation and innovation enables creativity - not only in the realms of business and management, where the innovation is regularly acknowledged and discussed, but throughout the social sciences. With contributions from experts in fields as far-flung as policy, history, economics, economic geography, sociology, law, psychology, social psychology and education, in addition to business and management, this volume explores the manifold avenues for creativity and innovation at many levels including nation, region, city, institution, organisation, and team across a multitude of sectors and settings.

Introduction to research in management-related fields (Paperback, 2nd ed): P.A. Brynard, S.X. Hanekom Introduction to research in management-related fields (Paperback, 2nd ed)
P.A. Brynard, S.X. Hanekom
R179 R166 Discovery Miles 1 660 Save R13 (7%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

This title is designed to provide an introduction to research methodology, as well as offer much-needed assistance to students and practitioners in the management sciences, who are often confronted with problems pertaining to the writing and successful completion of a research report, dissertation or thesis. This title is a resource, especially in light of the new emphasis on research in higher education.

Participatory development in South Africa - A development management perspective (Paperback, illustrated edition): F. Theron,... Participatory development in South Africa - A development management perspective (Paperback, illustrated edition)
F. Theron, I. Davids, K.J. Maphunye
R250 R231 Discovery Miles 2 310 Save R19 (8%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

Participatory development in South Africa: a development management perspective, follows a holistic, multidisciplinary approach in assessing development management principles and strategies in South Africa. The authors represent a broad teaching, research and management background, which allows them to functionally integrate some of the most important challenges in development management and related practice and policy interventions in this title. The work therefore captures the fundamental basis upon which most development projects and practices are based, namely cooperation, collaboration and public participation.

New Product Development - Successful Innovation in the Marketplace (Paperback): Erdener Kaynak, Nicholas Mills, Michael Z.... New Product Development - Successful Innovation in the Marketplace (Paperback)
Erdener Kaynak, Nicholas Mills, Michael Z. Brooke
R1,479 Discovery Miles 14 790 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Keep ahead of your competitors New Product Development will help you and your company overcome an expensive and common weakness: the lack of adequate new product development. This vital book examines the requirements of new product development in detail as well as in the context of corporate strategy. Packed with practical information that can immediately be put into effect, New Product Development can help you keep your company on the leading edge, no matter what type of industry you?re in This uniquely insightful volume will help you become a successful innovator by showing you how to plan and execute strategies for developing a continuous flow of new products and services to help you stay ahead of the competition. It demonstrates how innovation, far from being a staff function, is a dynamic line management task. It calls for the same aggressive thrust as marketing and sales, and every officer of the company, from the president on down, has a share in this responsibility.Medium size, small, and even large companies constantly face a mass of problems in achieving successful innovation. New Product Development will help you deal with issues including: inaccurate budgeting costs exceeding budgets faulty market and technical research findings flaws in design inadequately durable materials unforeseen consumer rejection caused by the lack of proper consumer trials leakage of plans to competition failure by outside suppliers missed opportunities for cooperation with outside specialists poorly coordinated development staff ineffective leadership and much more Beginning with an "executive summary" that will guide you quickly to the chapters most relevant to your business, this well-organized book should be on the shelf of every company officer who wants to see his firm prosper, innovate, and create new products that sell-now and for years to come

How Management Works - The Concepts Visually Explained (Hardcover): Dk How Management Works - The Concepts Visually Explained (Hardcover)
Dk 1
R325 R260 Discovery Miles 2 600 Save R65 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Discover everything you need to know to improve your management skills, and understand key management and business theories with this unique graphic guide. Combining clear, jargon-free language and bold, eye-catching graphics, How Management Works is a definitive and user-friendly guide to all aspects of organizational management. Learn whether it is more e ffective to lead through influence or control? Is delegation the key to productivity and how do you deal with di fferent personalities? Drawing on the latest theories and practices - and packed with graphics and diagrams that demystify complex management concepts - this book explains everything you need to know to build your management skills and get the very best out of your team. It is essential reading if you are an established or aspiring manager, or are studying a course in business or management. Much more than a standard business-management or self-help book, How Management Works shows you what other titles only tell you, combining solid reference with no-nonsense advice. It is the perfect primer for anyone looking to start their own business, become a more effective leader, or simply learn more about the world of business and management

A guide to managing research (Paperback): William Fox, Mohamed Saheed Bayat A guide to managing research (Paperback)
William Fox, Mohamed Saheed Bayat
R400 R352 Discovery Miles 3 520 Save R48 (12%) Ships in 4 - 8 working days

In teaching research methodology to a wide range of students at both graduate and undergraduate levels, we have always been fortunate to have a variety of textbooks on research at our disposal. Through the years we have quite successfully used many of these books. We have also both been practising managers for a number of years and have encountered situations where we have had to use our knowledge of research methodology. In some academic and managerial contexts we have felt the need for a textbook aimed specifically at managers and potential managers. It was out of that need that this title was borne. Effective research results, whether the research is performed in an academic or a practical situation, are not possible if you do not have a sound knowledge of research theory. Therefore, we have had to focus the largest part of the title on explaining what the scientific method is all about. However, the title is not aimed at giving you an in-depth insight into the philosophy of science, but rather as being a practical textbook that will help you resolve many issues, solve many problems and answer many questions in an acceptable way. When you follow our guidelines, the results of your endeavours may be challenged, but the methods used (if used correctly) will be beyond dispute and will validate those results. We do not claim to have extensive knowledge of all aspects of research in a managerial environment. We do not want to discount some of the condensed, tried and proven methods used in, say, market research, but in such cases we hope that you will gain further knowledge of a wider range of options that may be open to you.

Professionalism: Pearson New International Edition - Skills for Workplace Success (Paperback, 3rd edition): Lydia Anderson,... Professionalism: Pearson New International Edition - Skills for Workplace Success (Paperback, 3rd edition)
Lydia Anderson, Sandra Bolt
R1,773 Discovery Miles 17 730 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

For courses in Career/Workforce Readiness, Capstone and Internship/Externship related coursework, Human Relations, Professional and Career Development and Resume, Job Search and Interview Skills. Professionalism: Skills for Workplace Success extends beyond a typical resume/job search text to seamlessly emphasize the relationship between resume development, job search skills, and human relations. Developed with input from industry leaders, it addresses topics students need to know when transitioning from campus to the workplace using case examples, activities, exercises, online video, and an interactive website. Updated to reflect the latest in technology tools and the business climate, this third edition sets the standard by skillfully merging self-management topics, workplace basics, relationships and career planning tools. TECHNOLOGY OFFERING: MyStudentSuccessLab is available with this book upon request. It is an online solution designed to help students 'Start strong, Finish stronger' by building skills for ongoing personal and professional development. Go to http: //mystudentsuccesslab.com/mssl3 for a Point and Click DEMO of the Time Management module

Next Generation Product Development - How Increase Productivity, Cut Costs, and Reduce Cycle Times (Hardcover): Michael McGrath Next Generation Product Development - How Increase Productivity, Cut Costs, and Reduce Cycle Times (Hardcover)
Michael McGrath
R1,096 R857 Discovery Miles 8 570 Save R239 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A Hands-on managers guide to making the most of todays product development breakthroughs

A quarter century after MRP first transformed the global manufacturing arena, Next Generation Product Development stands poised to similarly impact new product development. This movement-defining book gives R&D professionals an in-depth explanation of the ways in which companies are able to achieve substantially higher levels of development productivity, while better aligning product development with strategy through new practices and systems.

Processes explored in Next Generation Product Development, and enabled by cutting-edge new-enterprise software, promise to explode the possibilities of what product development professionals can accomplish. This hands-on practitioners guidebook will:

  • Establish a common set of frameworks and concepts
  • Introduce new project portfolio and product strategy management practices
  • Help R&D professionals increase productivity by 30 to 50 percent

Urban Studies and Entrepreneurship (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2020): Muhammad Naveed Iftikhar, Jonathan B Justice, David B. Audretsch Urban Studies and Entrepreneurship (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2020)
Muhammad Naveed Iftikhar, Jonathan B Justice, David B. Audretsch
R4,131 Discovery Miles 41 310 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book attempts to advance critical knowledge and practices for fostering a variety of entrepreneurship at a city level. The book aims to connect scholarship and policy practice in two disciplines: Urban Studies and Entrepreneurship. The book has included contributions from developed, emerging, and developing countries. The chapters are clubbed under five main sections; I. Startups and Entrepreneurial Opportunities, II. Knowledge Spillover, III. Social and Bureaucratic Entrepreneurialism, IV. Demography and Informal Entrepreneurs V. Perspectives from Emerging and Developing Economies. In this regard, the book explores a number of questions, such as: what are the important varieties of entrepreneurship, how can they be observed and measured, and how does each variety emerge and operate under various conditions of infrastructure and opportunity? Which type(s) of entrepreneurship should a city prefer? What can cities do to stimulate desirable forms of entrepreneurship or is it more of a spontaneous phenomenon? Why do policies that enhance entrepreneurship in some contexts seem instead to promote crony capitalism and rent-seeking in other contexts? Should cities focus on growing their own entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial enterprises or on luring them from other cities and countries? How can a collective action in a city promote (or hinder) entrepreneurship? The contributions in the present volume address head-on these questions at the intersection of urban studies, economic theory, and the practicalities of economic development and urban governance, in a genuinely global range of places and applications.

Promoting learner development - Preventing and working with barriers to learning (Paperback): L. Green, E. Swart, N.... Promoting learner development - Preventing and working with barriers to learning (Paperback)
L. Green, E. Swart, N. Muthukrishna; Edited by Petra Engelbrecht
R505 R460 Discovery Miles 4 600 Save R45 (9%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

This title complements and is an extention of Inclusive education in action in South Africa and provides educators and psychologists with the specific information needed to respond to and support learner diversity within inclusive classrooms. This involves the identification and minimising of barriers to learning and development and the maximising of resources to support learning and development. The title examines current thinking about development and learning support against the background of recent policy development.

Project Management for Engineering, Business and Technology (Paperback, 6th New edition): John M. Nicholas, Herman Steyn Project Management for Engineering, Business and Technology (Paperback, 6th New edition)
John M. Nicholas, Herman Steyn
R500 R464 Discovery Miles 4 640 Save R36 (7%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Project Management for Engineering, Business and Technology is a highly regarded textbook that addresses project management across all industries. First covering the essential background, from origins and philosophy to methodology, the bulk of the book is dedicated to concepts and techniques for practical application. Coverage includes project initiation and proposals, scope and task definition, scheduling, budgeting, risk analysis, control, project selection and portfolio management, program management, project organization, and all-important "people" aspects-project leadership, team building, conflict resolution, and stress management. The systems development cycle is used as a framework to discuss project management in a variety of situations, making this the go-to book for managing virtually any kind of project, program, or task force. The authors focus on the ultimate purpose of project management-to unify and integrate the interests, resources and work efforts of many stakeholders, as well as the planning, scheduling, and budgeting needed to accomplish overall project goals. This sixth edition features: updates throughout to cover the latest developments in project management methodologies; a new chapter on project procurement management and contracts; an expansion of case study coverage throughout, including those on the topic of sustainability and climate change, as well as cases and examples from across the globe, including India, Africa, Asia, and Australia; and extensive instructor support materials, including an instructor's manual, PowerPoint slides, answers to chapter review questions and a test bank of questions. Taking a technical yet accessible approach, this book is an ideal resource and reference for all advanced undergraduate and graduate students in project management courses, as well as for practicing project managers across all industry sectors.

Research Handbook on Innovation Governance for Emerging Economies - Towards Better Models (Hardcover): Stefan Kuhlmann, Gonzalo... Research Handbook on Innovation Governance for Emerging Economies - Towards Better Models (Hardcover)
Stefan Kuhlmann, Gonzalo Ordonez-Matamoros
R5,041 Discovery Miles 50 410 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Although in recent years some emerging economies have improved their performance in terms of research and development (R&D) investment, outputs and innovative capacity, these countries are still blighted by extreme poverty, inequality and social exclusion. Hence, emerging countries are exposed to conditions which differ quite substantially from the dominant OECD model of innovation policy for development and welfare. This Research Handbook contributes to the debate by looking at how innovation theory, policy and practice interact, and explains different types of configurations in countries that are characterized by two contrasting but mutually reinforcing features: systemic failure and resourcefulness. Focusing on innovation governance and public policies, it aims to understand related governance failures and to explore options for alternative, more efficient approaches. This book brings to the fore new concepts, theories and questions about the Global South, across multiple disciplines. It discusses specific country cases, exploring overarching patterns and lessons that address development bottlenecks and policy designs aimed at improving quality of life and economic progress in emerging economies. Defining more adequate development strategies by balancing economic well-being with social inclusion, this book will be of great interest to scholars, students and policy makers of innovation, growth and development studies.

The Future of Leadership - Rise of Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (Paperback): Brigette Tasha Hyacinth The Future of Leadership - Rise of Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (Paperback)
Brigette Tasha Hyacinth
R613 Discovery Miles 6 130 In stock

Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) our greatest existential threat? Will AI take your Job? Is Privacy dead? Is Universal Basic Income a viable strategy or just a temporary bandage? Will AI solve all our problems? Will it make us happier? We can’t put the genie back in the bottle once it’s out. If we don't candidly answer the pertinent questions, we will only paint a false picture.

We are standing at a crucial and pivotal point in history. It’s time for diversity in AI. This unprecedented technology will affect society as a whole and we need individuals from diverse disciplines and backgrounds to join the discussion. The issues surrounding AI can’t be left to a small group of scientists, technologists or business executives to address. Our future and our children's future are at stake.

More than ever, we need leaders who will stand on integrity and who will put people first.

Do you want to take a glimpse into the future of leadership? The Future of Leadership: Rise of Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence offers the most comprehensive view of what is taking place in the world of AI and emerging technologies, and gives valuable insights that will allow you to successfully navigate the tsunami of technology that is coming our way.

The Internationalisation of Business R&D (Hardcover): Bernhard Dachs, Robert Stehrer, Georg Zahradnik The Internationalisation of Business R&D (Hardcover)
Bernhard Dachs, Robert Stehrer, Georg Zahradnik
R2,585 Discovery Miles 25 850 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

It has become clear over the past few decades that enterprises not only produce and sell abroad but increasingly also develop goods and services outside their home countries; a development now known as the internationalisation of business R&D. This book presents a comprehensive picture of the current state of internationalisation of R&D in the business sector. The contributors explore key patterns of the internationalisation of R&D across various countries and sectors using case studies to underpin empirical evidence. They examine the drivers of the process, revealing the impacts of R&D internationalisation on both home and host countries using both qualitative and quantitative analysis. Topics discussed include: * Why firms locate R&D activities abroad * Data availability, quality and comparability * The role of the EU and the US in the internationalisation of R&D * Country-level factors such as size, workforce and FDI as determinants of R&D internationalisation * Impacts of R&D internationalisation on home and host countries. This book will prove an insightful read for academics, researchers and students with an interest in economics - particularly the economics of innovation - business and management, and science and technology. It will also prove a valuable resource for R&D policymakers and public administrators.

End-to-end Data Analytics for Product Development - A Practical Guide for Fast Consumer Goods Companies, Chemical Industry and... End-to-end Data Analytics for Product Development - A Practical Guide for Fast Consumer Goods Companies, Chemical Industry and Processing Tools Manufacturers (Hardcover)
Rosa Arboretti Giancristofaro, Mattia De Dominicis, Chris Jones, Luigi Salmaso
R1,576 Discovery Miles 15 760 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

An interactive guide to the statistical tools used to solve problems during product and process innovation End to End Data Analytics for Product Development is an accessible guide designed for practitioners in the industrial field. It offers an introduction to data analytics and the design of experiments (DoE) whilst covering the basic statistical concepts useful to an understanding of DoE. The text supports product innovation and development across a range of consumer goods and pharmaceutical organizations in order to improve the quality and speed of implementation through data analytics, statistical design and data prediction. The book reviews information on feasibility screening, formulation and packaging development, sensory tests, and more. The authors - noted experts in the field - explore relevant techniques for data analytics and present the guidelines for data interpretation. In addition, the book contains information on process development and product validation that can be optimized through data understanding, analysis and validation. The authors present an accessible, hands-on approach that uses MINITAB and JMP software. The book: - Presents a guide to innovation feasibility and formulation and process development - Contains the statistical tools used to solve challenges faced during product innovation and feasibility - Offers information on stability studies which are common especially in chemical or pharmaceutical fields - Includes a companion website which contains videos summarizing main concepts Written for undergraduate students and practitioners in industry, End to End Data Analytics for Product Development offers resources for the planning, conducting, analyzing and interpreting of controlled tests in order to develop effective products and processes.

Managing Work in the Digital Economy - Challenges, Strategies and Practices for the Next Decade (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2021):... Managing Work in the Digital Economy - Challenges, Strategies and Practices for the Next Decade (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2021)
Stefan Guldenberg, Ekkehard Ernst, Klaus North
R1,564 Discovery Miles 15 640 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This book provides well-founded insights and guidance to (self-)manage work in a globalized and digitalized knowledge economy with a perspective of the year 2030. International researchers and practitioners draw a picture of how, when, and where we will work most probably in 10 years. Many cases and examples make this work a compendium for learning and for implementing new leadership and management practices. The book assists managers, knowledge workers, human resource professionals, consultants, trainers, coaches in business, public administration, and non-profit organizations to shape the future of work. Drawing on the authors' more than twenty years of research, teaching, and consulting experience, this is one of the first professional guidebooks to analyze and discuss strategies for digital and disruptive changes at the workplace.

Joint Research and Development under US Antitrust and EU Competition Law (Hardcover): Bjoern Lundqvist Joint Research and Development under US Antitrust and EU Competition Law (Hardcover)
Bjoern Lundqvist
R2,761 Discovery Miles 27 610 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Due to disagreement between policymakers and innovation economists, antitrust agencies have been rather confused over when and how to use competition law in reference to research and development (R&D) joint ventures and collaborations. This important book dissects the antitrust treatment, in the USA and under EU law, of joint R&D ventures from the 1970s to the present day. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the modifications and amendments made to legal acts and guidelines. It also looks at the slow shift in the scant case law detected both under the antitrust laws of the USA and the competition rules of the EU. Bjoern Lundqvist demonstrates that the prevailing antitrust policies towards R&D collaborations are very similar in the USA and the EU, and that they both mirror a lenient attitude towards collaboration between competitors. Nonetheless, ultimately, the book shows that a more stringent attitude from the antitrust establishment can be discerned, and that the concept of the 'innovation market' could possibly soon have a revival. This fascinating book caters to both researchers and practitioners in competition law and economics. The easy-to-follow chart and boxes will be particularly useful for practitioners when setting up R&D joint ventures.

Regional Conference on Science, Technology and Social Sciences (RCSTSS 2016) - Theoretical and Applied Sciences (Paperback,... Regional Conference on Science, Technology and Social Sciences (RCSTSS 2016) - Theoretical and Applied Sciences (Paperback, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2018)
Nor Azizah Yacob, Nur Asmaliza Mohd Noor, Nor Yuziah Mohd Yunus, Rahmah Lob Yussof, Shaikh Abdul Karim Yamani Zakaria
R4,947 Discovery Miles 49 470 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book gathers selected theoretical and applied science papers presented at the 2016 Regional Conference of Sciences, Technology and Social Sciences (RCSTSS 2016), organized biannually by the Universiti Teknologi MARA Pahang, Malaysia. Addressing a broad range of topics, including architecture, computer science, engineering, environmental and management, furniture, forestry, health and medicine, material science, mathematics, plantation and agrotechnology, sports science and statistics, the book serves as an essential platform for disseminating research findings, and inspires positive innovations in the region's development. The carefully reviewed papers in this volume present work by researchers of local, regional and global prominence. Taken together, they offer a valuable reference guide and point of departure for all academics and students who want to pursue further research in their respective fields.

Start With What Works - A Faster Way To Grow Your Business (Paperback): Andy Bass Start With What Works - A Faster Way To Grow Your Business (Paperback)
Andy Bass
R290 R256 Discovery Miles 2 560 Save R34 (12%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Start with What Works helps you to create new growth opportunities using the resources you already have at hand. It sounds obvious but frequently, managers discount the value of their familiar resources, and instead, they look outside for something new. This can demotivate employees and be costly in terms of money and time. It’s often a lot quicker, cheaper and safer to see your existing resources with fresh eyes. This book shows you how to recognise overlooked potential in existing resources, and how to flip the right switches to activate that potential.

Covering nine lessons you can use for a variety of situations, each will feature a case study and a new mindset to adopt. With practical tools and templates, each will trigger fruitful discussions and insights for your organisation. You’ll learn how to apply them to the situations you face, so that you can identify new opportunities, and turn those opportunities into action.

The Legal Technology Guidebook (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Kimberly Williams, John M. Facciola, Peter McCann, Vincent M.... The Legal Technology Guidebook (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Kimberly Williams, John M. Facciola, Peter McCann, Vincent M. Catanzaro
R2,369 Discovery Miles 23 690 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book explores the transformational impact of new technological developments on legal practice. More specifically, it addresses knowledge management, communication, and e-discovery related technologies, and helps readers develop the project management and data analysis skills needed to effectively navigate the current, and future, landscapes. It studies the impact of current trends on business practices, as well as the ethical, procedural, and evidentiary concerns involved. Introducing novel interactive technologies as well as traditional content, the book reflects expertise from across the legal industry, including practitioners, the bench, academia, and legal technology consultants. All of the contributing authors currently teach aspiring lawyers and/or paralegals and have identified a gap in the available instructional material. Rapid technology advances have radically changed the way we all live and work, and the legal profession is by no means exempt from the impact of these changes. In order to better assist their clients, and to better compete on the legal market, it is imperative for lawyers to understand the ethical, functional, and business consequences of new technologies on their respective practices. This book provides the necessary content by including legal technology texts, information about novel pedagogical technologies, helpful tools for managing legal technologies and IT staff, statistical methods, tips and checklists.

Rethinking Real Estate - A Roadmap to Technology's Impact on the World's Largest Asset Class (Hardcover, 1st ed.... Rethinking Real Estate - A Roadmap to Technology's Impact on the World's Largest Asset Class (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2020)
Dror Poleg
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Technology is revolutionizing the way real estate is designed, operated, and valued. It is democratizing access to capital and information, changing the way tenants use space, and eroding the power of regulation. Billions of dollars are funding these new real estate technologies and operating models. Value is shifting away from the assets themselves toward those who understand the needs of specific end-users and can use technology to deliver comprehensive, on-demand solutions. With all of these developments, there is an urgent need for a resource that helps industry practitioners think differently about their investment, customers, and competition. Rethinking Real Estate answers that call. It explores the impact of technology on all asset types - from retail projects, through lodging and residential properties, to office buildings and industrial facilities. Based on the author's two decades of experience working across four continents alongside the world's leading real estate investors, as well as hundreds of conversations with start-up founders and venture capitalists, this book provides practitioners with key insights, methodologies, and practical strategies to identify risks, take advantage of emerging opportunities, evaluate new competitors, and transform their organization, project, venture, or career. Whether you are an investor, developer, operator, broker, lender, facility manager, designer, planner, or technology entrepreneur, this book will help you navigate the exciting period ahead.

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