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Dorohedoro, Vol. 16 (Paperback): Q. Hayashida Dorohedoro, Vol. 16 (Paperback)
Q. Hayashida
R245 R193 Discovery Miles 1 930 Save R52 (21%) Ships in 1 work day

A blood-spattered battle between diabolical sorcerers and the monsters they created. In a city so dismal it's known only as "the Hole," a clan of Sorcerers has been plucking people off the streets to use as guinea pigs for atrocious "experiments" in the black arts. In a dark alley, Nikaido found Caiman, a man with a reptile head and a bad case of amnesia. To undo the spell, they're hunting and killing the Sorcerers in the Hole, hoping that eventually they'll kill the right one. But when En, the head Sorcerer, gets word of a lizard-man slaughtering his people, he sends a crew of "cleaners" into the Hole, igniting a war between two worlds. The Hole can be hell - even for powerful sorcerers. In this volume, Nikaido probes deeper into her past in search of answers. The remnants of the En family continue their attempts to revive their slain leader. And Fujita's mission into the heart of enemy territory takes a terrifying turn. Plus: watch Nikaido make gyoza again!

Outlaw (Paperback): James Swallow Outlaw (Paperback)
James Swallow
R330 R264 Discovery Miles 2 640 Save R66 (20%) Ships in 1 work day

Gutted by the ruthless power brokers known as the Combine, the Rubicon Group is a shadow of its former self, its founder Ekko Solomon missing presumed dead and the members of its private security and intelligence team in hiding, framed for a terrorist atrocity they did not commit. For ex-MI6 officer Marc Dane, his friend and colleague Lucy Keyes, and the survivors of Rubicon's Special Conditions Division, the future is bleak. With no support and no backup, they are living on the edge, and the walls are closing in - so with nothing left to lose, the team will risk everything in a last ditch gambit to strike back at the Combine and bring them down...once and for all. Rising from the ashes of Rubicon's destruction, Marc and the team undertake a high-stakes undercover mission to stop a catastrophic plan to crash the global financial network, with only their cunning and their skills to carry them through. If they succeed, they might just get their lives back. If they fail, it will be the end of everything they've been fighting for...

Treasure Island (Paperback, New edition): Robert Louis Stevenson Treasure Island (Paperback, New edition)
Robert Louis Stevenson; Illustrated by H. M. Brock
R74 R64 Discovery Miles 640 Save R10 (14%) Ships in 1 work day

'Fifteen men on the dead man's chest-Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!' Treasure Island is a tale of pirates and villains, maps, treasure and shipwreck, and is perhaps the best adventure story ever written. When young Jim Hawkins finds a packet in Captain Flint's sea chest, he could not know that the map inside it would lead him to unimaginable treasure. Shipping as cabin boy on the Hispaniola, he sails with Squire Trelawney, Captain Smollett, Dr Livesey, the sinister Long John Silver and a frightening crew to Treasure Island. There, mutiny, murder and mayhem lead to a thrilling climax.

A Crooked Tree (Paperback, Main): Una Mannion A Crooked Tree (Paperback, Main)
Una Mannion
R225 R180 Discovery Miles 1 800 Save R45 (20%) Ships in 1 work day

My mother made a snap decision. How could we know it would change us forever? 'Brimming with curiosity and wonder.' Irish Times 'Lushly atmospheric.' Daily Mail 'Thoroughly gripping.' Lucy Caldwell 'Brilliant.' Sara Baume Rage. That's the feeling engulfing the car as Ellen's mother swerves over to the hard-shoulder and orders her daughter out onto the roadside. Ignoring the protests of her other children, she accelerates away, leaving Ellen standing on the gravel verge in her school pinafore and knee socks as the light fades. What would you do as you watch your little sister getting smaller in the rear view window? How far would you be willing to go to help her? The Gallagher children are going to find out. This moment is the beginning of a summer that will change everything.

In die Sterre Geskryf (Afrikaans, Paperback): Frenette van Wyk In die Sterre Geskryf (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Frenette van Wyk
R165 R142 Discovery Miles 1 420 Save R23 (14%) Ships in 1 work day

Liefde tussen swaarde ...

Chantilly Dubois bevind haar teen haar sin as Papillon op 'n seerowerskip. Hulle word egter deur 'n ander seerowerskip oorrompel en sy moet aanskou hoe haar liefdesdrome in bloed voor haar wegsypel. Maar Papillon neem 'n eed dat sy op El CapitÓn sal wraak neem, hoe lank dit ook al duur, haar dag sal kom. Maande lank, oor oseane en selfs aan die Kaap de Goede Hoop, te midde van groot gevare en ontbering, volg sy hierdie man wat haar geluk gesteel het. Sy verontagsaam selfs die Kaapse goewerneur se besluite oor wat verder in haar lewe moet gebeur. El CapitÓn, daarenteen, sit sy soektog voort na die Peregrina, 'n gesogte pŕrel wat die toekomstige Spaanse koningin toekom as deel van haar bruidskat.

Toe hulle paaie weer kruis, moet Papillon teenoor haarself erken dat die wraak wat sy gekoester het stadig maar seker gemengde gevoelens geword het. Hoe anders, in die aangesig van 'n man wat so sterk en dapper sy posisie handhaaf te midde van 'n ruwe klomp seerowers? Is dit daaroor of bloot omdat sy nie langer teen sy manlike aantrekkingskrag kan veg nie? Haat sy hom of het sy hom liefgekry? Dit is die vraag wat Papillon nie beantwoord kry nie.

Time Out (Paperback): Marita Van Der Vyver Time Out (Paperback)
Marita Van Der Vyver
R229 R188 Discovery Miles 1 880 Save R41 (18%) Ships in 1 work day

Time out is an interesting thematic development in the novels of Marita van der Vyver. She had previously investigated the themes of love and being together (eros), and then she worked with the death of a mother-in-the-text. Now she describes the devastating effect of the death of a little daughter on the mother-in-the-text. She delves further into death's reach (thanatos). And though the Hester Human of the title exists in the spell of her child's death the whole time - in a way she is her child too - it is not a sombre title.

Fates and Furies - the #1 New York Times bestseller (Paperback): Lauren Groff Fates and Furies - the #1 New York Times bestseller (Paperback)
Lauren Groff 2
R215 R172 Discovery Miles 1 720 Save R43 (20%) Ships in 1 work day

**Now available to pre-order, MATRIX, the remarkable new novel from Lauren Groff** _________________________________ 'A really powerful novel' BARACK OBAMA 'Enough betrayal, vengeance and sex to read like one of the Greek tragedies' OBSERVER 'Rich, lyrical and rewarding.' PAULA HAWKINS, author of THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, Guardian Books of the Year Every story has two sides. Every relationship has two perspectives. And sometimes, it turns out, the key to a great marriage is not its truths but its secrets. At age twenty-two, Lotto and Mathilde are tall, glamorous, madly in love, and destined for greatness. A decade later, their marriage is still the envy of their friends, but more complicated than it seems from the outside. As the years pass, stunning revelations threaten to destroy everything they've built together; but the strongest marriages are those that survive the greatest blows. Some secrets are better left in the dark. Others must be torn into the open, no matter how dangerous they are. _________________________________ NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER BARACK OBAMA'S BOOK OF THE YEAR A FINALIST FOR THE 2015 NATIONAL BOOK AWARD SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2015 NATIONAL BOOK CRITICS CIRCLE AWARD AMAZON.COM's 2015 BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR _________________________________ 'A lyrical and, at times, astonishingly beautiful account of how little it is possible to know about those closest to us.' FINANCIAL TIMES 'Addictive to read ... Groff has drawn a woman so complex it seems that with every chapter a new layer is revealed, each as deliciously intriguing as the next ... The result is a compelling portrait of an unconventional marriage across two decades.' STYLIST '[A] stunning achievement. The plotting is elegant, intricate and assured . . . it will give you much to savour.' INDEPENDENT 'Absorbing and beautifully written, this is a riveting study of love, power and creativity.' SUNDAY EXPRESS 'A truly special novel ... if you haven't read her before, I'm delighted to take the credit for introducing you to one of your new favourite authors.' THE POOL 'A searing exploration of how far a person will go for love, loyalty and revenge.' TIME 'Rare and impressive... Groff has created a novel of extraordinary and genuine complexity ... The word "ambitious" is often used as code for "overly ambitious", a signal that an author's execution has fallen short. No such hidden message here. Lauren Groff is a writer of rare gifts, and Fates and Furies is an unabashedly ambitious novel that delivers - with comedy, tragedy, well-deployed erudition and unmistakable glimmers of brilliance throughout.' NEW YORK TIMES

Back To You (Paperback): Tammy Robinson Back To You (Paperback)
Tammy Robinson
R375 R300 Discovery Miles 3 000 Save R75 (20%) Ships in 1 work day

What happens when a couple are torn apart just at the moment when they fall in love?

When Finn and Zoe meet, they fall in love hard and fast. But Finn is about to go travelling, fulfilling a promise to his late sister to raise money in support of her illness. It's terrible timing, but Zoe knows their feelings are strong enough to stand the test of time. While Finn is away, however, Zoe suffers a life-changing injury. And it leaves her wondering whether Finn could possibly still love her when he comes home...

So she cuts all ties and disappears from Finn's life, without telling him why. And now Finn has to decide how hard he's willing to fight for the girl whose heart he's carried with him, while Zoe has to decide if she's got the strength to find her way back to the girl she once was.

Peace Talks (Paperback): Jim Butcher Peace Talks (Paperback)
Jim Butcher 1
R306 Discovery Miles 3 060 Ships in 1 work day

HARRY DRESDEN IS BACK AND READY FOR ACTION, in the new entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling Dresden Files.

When the Supernatural nations of the world meet up to negotiate an end to ongoing hostilities, Harry Dresden, Chicago's only professional wizard, joins the White Council's security team to make sure the talks stay civil. But can he succeed, when dark political manipulations threaten the very existence of Chicago - and all he holds dear?

A Beggar's Kingdom (Paperback): Paullina Simons A Beggar's Kingdom (Paperback)
Paullina Simons
R210 R168 Discovery Miles 1 680 Save R42 (20%) Ships in 1 work day

How much would you sacrifice for true love? The second novel in Paullina Simons' stunning End of Forever saga continues the heartbreaking story of Julian and Josephine, and a love that spans lifetimes. Julian has travelled from the heights of joy to the depths of despair and back again. Having found his love - twice - and lost her - twice, he is resolved to continue his search and find her in the past again. Perhaps this time he can save her. But the journey is never so simple and Julian will have to decide just how much one man can sacrifice. He is willing to give up everything - but he must learn what that truly means, and how much more can be taken from you than you ever believed possible.

The Last Letter from Juliet (Paperback, Digital original): Melanie Hudson The Last Letter from Juliet (Paperback, Digital original)
Melanie Hudson
R260 R208 Discovery Miles 2 080 Save R52 (20%) Ships in 1 work day

The USA TODAY bestseller! Inspired by the brave women of WWII, this is a moving and powerful novel of friendship, love and resilience for fans of My Name is Eva, The Alice Network and The Tattooist of Auschwitz. A story of love not a story of a war... A daring WWII pilot who grew up among the clouds, Juliet Caron's life was one of courage, adventure - and a love torn apart by war. Every nook of her Cornish cottage is alive with memories just waiting to be discovered. Katherine Henderson has escaped to Cornwall for Christmas, but she soon finds there is more to her holiday cottage than meets the eye. And on the eve of Juliet's 100th birthday, Katherine is enlisted to make an old lady's final Christmas wish come true... Me Before You meets The English Patient in this stunning romantic historical novel 'I loved it' Jill Mansell Readers love The Last Letter from Juliet 'OK.... I've finished the book. Holy ******...I had to keep taking breaks in the last 15% just so I didn't break down in a flood of tears' Zoe Hartgen 'Read the first chapter and I. Was. HOOKED!' Skye's Mum 'If you only read one book this year make it The Last Letter from Juliet' Tracey Shults 'I just couldn't put it down until finished' Jeanette 'Captures those stolen moments in dangerous and desperate times...beautiful, nostalgic and emotional' Cheryl M-M 'Jam packed full of emotion...I don't usually read historical fiction but I'm so glad I read this' Jennie Scanlan 'I can highly recommend this beautiful tale of love, sacrifice, friendship, courage and so much more' Nessa Stimpson

The Whisperers, 9 - A Charlie Parker Thriller (Paperback): John Connolly The Whisperers, 9 - A Charlie Parker Thriller (Paperback)
John Connolly
R397 R342 Discovery Miles 3 420 Save R55 (14%) Ships in 1 work day
Interpreter of Maladies (Paperback): Jhumpa Lahiri Interpreter of Maladies (Paperback)
Jhumpa Lahiri 1
R329 R278 Discovery Miles 2 780 Save R51 (16%) Ships in 1 work day
The Farm (Paperback): Tom Rob Smith The Farm (Paperback)
Tom Rob Smith 1
R210 R168 Discovery Miles 1 680 Save R42 (20%) Ships in 1 work day

From the author of Child 44, soon to be a major film starring Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace and Gary Oldman, comes an intricately-knitted thriller in the vein of John Le Carre's APerfect Spy. Daniel believed that his parents were enjoying a peaceful retirement on a remote farm in Sweden, the country of his mother's birth. But with a single phone call, everything changes. Your mother... she's not well, his father tells him. She's been imagining things - terrible, terrible things.In fact, she has been committed to a mental hospital. Before Daniel can board a plane to Sweden, his mother calls: Everything that man has told you is a lie. I'm not mad... I need the police... Meet me at Heathrow. Presented with a horrific crime, a conspiracy that implicates his own father, Daniel must examine the evidence and decide: who is telling the truth, his mother or his father? And he has secrets of his own that for too long he has kept hidden...

As Dit Voel Soos Liefde (Afrikaans, Paperback): Didi Potgieter As Dit Voel Soos Liefde (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Didi Potgieter
R290 R249 Discovery Miles 2 490 Save R41 (14%) Ships in 1 work day

Dis of sy vir die heel eerste keer kan vˇÚl …

Terwyl Natasha haar huwelik probeer ontbind, klou haar ontroue man onverwags daaraan, beslis nie omdat hy skielik ontdek het hy het haar eintlik lief nie.

Saam met die stuiptrekkings van hierdie huwelik, verskyn ’n ander komplikasie in haar lewe: ’n man wat sy vier jaar gelede op haar wittebrood gesien het en nooit kon vergeet nie. Nooit, ooit sal sy haar weer in ’n huwelik begewe omdat dit die regte ding is om te doen nie, neem sy haar voor, of om iemand anders te behaag.

Dit kos haar egter nie juis oorreding om Marc daarvan te oortuig nie. Hy glo trouens glad nie in die huwelik nie, en omdat hy so dikwels vir sy werk in Londen moet wees, is dit nie eens ’n opsie nie.

Al twee weet hul fisieke aantrekkingskrag kan vir hulle net pyn bring. En al twee vind dit ewe moeilik om van mekaar af weg te bly. Toe gebeur daar iets wat hul lewe totaal omvergooi en hulle moet sterk staan in omstandighede wat nie een van hulle voorsien het nie.

I Am Hate (Paperback): Ethan Cross I Am Hate (Paperback)
Ethan Cross
R225 R180 Discovery Miles 1 800 Save R45 (20%) Ships in 1 work day

Most people hate me. But everyone remembers me.

In San Francisco, a ruthless criminal syndicate is building an empire on spilt blood. Among their number is 'The Gladiator'. No ordinary contract killer, the Gladiator sees himself as a modern-day Genghis Khan, determined to carve his very name onto the evolution of mankind.

To stop him Ackerman and Williams face him in an arena of death where violence is inflicted for profit and pleasure. This is the Gladiator's domain, a realm in which he is undefeated... but then he's never encountered Ackerman before.

The Last Crossing - a gripping and unforgettable crime thriller from the New York Times bestselling author (Paperback): Brian... The Last Crossing - a gripping and unforgettable crime thriller from the New York Times bestselling author (Paperback)
Brian McGilloway
R215 R172 Discovery Miles 1 720 Save R43 (20%) Ships in 1 work day

LONGLISTED FOR THE THEAKSTON OLD PECULER CRIME NOVEL OF THE YEAR 2021* 'Poetic, human and gripping... reminded me of Bernard MacLaverty's early work. Yes, it's that good' Ian Rankin 'Moving and powerful, this is an important book, which everyone should read' Ann Cleeves 'The Last Crossing is not only a riveting story about loss and guilt in a fractured society, it is also an important work. Beautifully written and lingers long in the memory' Steve Cavanagh Tony, Hugh and Karen thought they'd seen the last of each other thirty years ago. Half a lifetime has passed and memories have been buried. But when they are asked to reunite - to lay ghosts to rest for the good of the future - they all have their own reasons to agree. As they take the ferry from Northern Ireland to Scotland the past is brought into terrible focus - some things are impossible to leave behind. In The Last Crossing memory is unreliable, truth shifts and slips and the lingering legacy of the Troubles threatens the present once again. Praise for Brian McGilloway '... McGilloway brings a forensic and compassionate eye to bear on the post-Troubles settlement in this thoughtful, moving, morally complex book' The Irish Times 'McGilloway's grasp of characterisation is of the first rank, and more than compensates for the familiarity of the scenario here. The author continues to be one of Ireland's most accomplished crime writers' CrimeTime '[A] superb book... thoughtful and insightful, wrenching and utterly compelling. It says something truly profound and universal about love, loyalty and revenge... If you want to understand Northern Ireland, or any society that has experienced conflict, put it on your list. And the writing is exquisite' Jane Casey 'Unearths individuals truths, unreliable memories and personal mythologies with a complex character-driven story that will leave you breathless until the final page' Gerard Brennan 'As heart-stopping and thrilling as it is exquisitely written and prescient' Claire Allan 'Another extraordinary novel from one of Ireland's crime fiction masters' Adrian McKinty 'A remarkably timely thriller...' Irish World

Buried Angels (Paperback): Camilla Lackberg Buried Angels (Paperback)
Camilla Lackberg 1
R230 R184 Discovery Miles 1 840 Save R46 (20%) Ships in 1 work day

No. 1 international bestseller and Swedish crime sensation Camilla Lackberg's new psychological thriller featuring Detective Patrick Hedstrom and Erica Falck - irresistible for fans of Stieg Larsson and Jo Nesbo. YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE PAST Easter 1974. A family vanishes from their home on an idyllic island off the Swedish coast. They have left everything behind - including their one-year-old daughter, Ebba. Now, years later, Ebba has returned to the island. She and her husband have suffered the loss of their only child and are looking to make a fresh start. But within days, their house is the target of an arson attack. YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE FUTURE Detective Patrik Hedstrom takes on the investigation, aided by his wife, crime writer Erica Falck, who has always been fascinated by the mystery of Ebba's abandonment and the family's tragic history. When dried blood is found under the floorboards of the old house, it seems that the cold case involving the missing family is about to be brought back to life. And soon, Patrik and Erica are consumed by the hunt for a killer who will stop at nothing to keep the past buried...

Judas 62 (Paperback): Charles Cumming Judas 62 (Paperback)
Charles Cumming
R350 R242 Discovery Miles 2 420 Save R108 (31%) Ships in 1 work day

The second book in Charles Cumming's gripping new thriller series surrounding BOX 88 - a covert intelligence organization that operates below the radar.

1993: Student Lachlan Kite is sent to post-Soviet Russia in the guise of a language teacher. In reality, he is there as a spy. Top secret intelligence agency BOX 88 has ordered Kite to extract a chemical weapons scientist before his groundbreaking research falls into the wrong hands. But Kite's mission soon goes wrong and he is left stranded in a hostile city with a former KGB officer on his trail.

2020: Now the director of BOX 88 operations in the UK, Kite discovers he has been placed on the 'JUDAS' list - a record of enemies of Russia who have been targeted for assassination. Kite's fight for survival takes him to Dubai, where he must confront the Russian secret state head on...

Who will come out on top in this deadly game of cat and mouse?

Marvel Encyclopedia, New Edition (Hardcover): Stephen Wiacek, Dk Marvel Encyclopedia, New Edition (Hardcover)
Stephen Wiacek, Dk; Introduction by Stan Lee; Adam Bray
R878 R723 Discovery Miles 7 230 Save R155 (18%) Ships in 1 work day

Discover the essential facts about Marvel Comics' timeless heroes and villains--from Captain America, Spider-Man, and Iron Man to Thanos, Loki, and Kingpin--with an introduction by the legendary Stan Lee. This is the book that mankind has been hungering for, says American comic book writer, editor, publisher, and producer, Stan Lee, a book that is-now and forever-a shining beacon of wonder, a titanic tribute to talent unleashed. With this new edition of DK's best-selling Marvel Encyclopedia, keep up with the ever-expanding Marvel Universe. Updated and expanded, find out vital information and secret histories for more than 1,200 Marvel characters-from classics to brand new ones--while getting the lowdown on recent key events, including Civil War 2, Secret Empire, and Infinity Countdown. From iconic teams-such as the Avengers, X-Men, and Guardians of the Galaxy-to fan favorites-Black Panther, Deadpool, and Captain Marvel to rising stars Amadeus Cho, Squirrel Girl and the Exiles-every significant Marvel character is showcased with the latest comic artwork. Meticulously researched, expertly written, and stunningly illustrated, the Marvel Encyclopedia boasts newly commissioned cover art by one of Marvel's hottest up-and-coming talents. This unique, in-depth, and accessible encyclopedia is an indispensable guide to Marvel Comics that devoted fans and newcomers alike will return to time and again. (c) 2020 MARVEL

Magpie (Paperback): Elizabeth Day Magpie (Paperback)
Elizabeth Day
R330 R264 Discovery Miles 2 640 Save R66 (20%) Ships in 1 work day

'Terrifyingly BRILLIANT' MARIAN KEYES, AUTHOR OF GROWN UPS 'A book that needed to exist in the world. It is the book that was missing' LISA TADDEO, AUTHOR OF THREE WOMEN AND ANIMAL 'Magnificent: I read it one sitting' KATE MOSSE, AUTHOR OF THE CITY OF TEARS Sometimes Marisa gets the fanciful notion that Kate has visited the house before. She makes herself at home without any self-consciousness. She puts her toothbrush right there in the master bathroom, on the shelf next to theirs. In Jake, Marisa has found everything she's ever wanted. Then their new lodger Kate arrives. Something about Kate isn't right. Is it the way she looks at Marisa's boyfriend? Sits too close on the sofa? Constantly asks about the baby they are trying for? Or is it all just in Marisa's head? After all, that's what her Jake keeps telling her. And she trusts him - doesn't she? But Marisa knows something is wrong. That the woman sleeping in their house will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Marisa just doesn't know why. How far will she go to find the answer - and how much is she willing to lose? Sunday Times bestseller 06/09/2021

Scrublands - The stunning, Sunday Times Crime Book of the Year 2019 (Paperback): Chris Hammer Scrublands - The stunning, Sunday Times Crime Book of the Year 2019 (Paperback)
Chris Hammer 1
R240 R192 Discovery Miles 1 920 Save R48 (20%) Ships in 1 work day

* * * WINNER OF THE CWA JOHN CREASEY DAGGER * * * 'Shimmers ... a tortured tale of blood and loss' Val McDermid 'Stunning ... Scrublands is that rare combination, a page-turner that stays long in the memory' Sunday Times (Crime Book of the Month) The #1 Bestselling Australian crime novel, perfect for fans of Peter May and Jane Harper In an isolated country town ravaged by drought, a charismatic young priest opens fire on his congregation, killing five men before being shot dead himself. A year later, journalist Martin Scarsden arrives in Riversend to write a feature on the anniversary of the tragedy. But the stories he hears from the locals don't fit with the accepted version of events. Just as Martin believes he is making headway, a shocking discovery rocks the town. The bodies of two backpackers - missing since the time of the massacre - are found in the scrublands. The media descends on Riversend and Martin is the one in the spotlight. Wrestling with his own demons, Martin finds himself risking everything to uncover a truth that becomes more complex with every twist. But there are powerful forces determined to stop him, and he has no idea how far they will go to make sure the town's secrets stay buried.

The Magical Unicorn Society: The Golden Unicorn - Secrets and Legends (Hardcover): Selwyn E. Phipps, Rae Ritchie, Oana Befort,... The Magical Unicorn Society: The Golden Unicorn - Secrets and Legends (Hardcover)
Selwyn E. Phipps, Rae Ritchie, Oana Befort, Aitch, Harry and Zanna Goldhawk (Papio Goldhawk (Papio Press), … 1
R255 R204 Discovery Miles 2 040 Save R51 (20%) Ships in 1 work day

The Magical Unicorn Society is the official authority on the secrets and legends behind these elusive creatures. Now, they've opened their doors once again, and invite unicorn lovers to enjoy 8 new enchanting tales featuring the magical unicorn families.

Discover the legend of the Golden Unicorn and its escape from icy magic; encounter the mysterious Shadow Night unicorn as it helps stop an audacious robbery in Victorian London; daring tales of Water Moon unicorns and pirates on the high seas; Woodland Flower unicorns and their unlikely appearance in Central Park, New York, as well as the dramatic meeting of all 7 unicorn families, and the appearance of an eighth unicorn type.

As well, discover more of the lore about the unicorns, the workings of the Magical Unicorn Society, and find out which guardian unicorn protects you.

Jolene (Paperback): Mercedes Lackey Jolene (Paperback)
Mercedes Lackey
R195 R168 Discovery Miles 1 680 Save R27 (14%) Ships in 1 work day
The House on Mango Street (Paperback, 1st Vintage contemporaries ed): Sandra Cisneros The House on Mango Street (Paperback, 1st Vintage contemporaries ed)
Sandra Cisneros 1
R215 R172 Discovery Miles 1 720 Save R43 (20%) Ships in 1 work day

A word-of-mouth bestseller.

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