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Chairs that Stand Empty - The men behind the names on the Hulme Hall First World War Memorial (Paperback): James Hern Chairs that Stand Empty - The men behind the names on the Hulme Hall First World War Memorial (Paperback)
James Hern
R236 R182 Discovery Miles 1 820 Save R54 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

After the war it was estimated that 230 current and former students and staff of Hulme Hall had served in the Armed Forces between 1914 and 1919. This figure accounts for over 50% of the total number of students who passed through the Hall since it opened in 1887.The first to be killed from the Hall was Second Lieutenant Wilfred Trevelyan who was hit by shrapnel whilst repairing a support trench near Ypres in May 1915. The last was Lieutenant-Colonel Ernest Cunliffe who passed away in the Lake District in March 1919 after contracting an illness at some point whilst serving in Hospitals in Manchester and France. Very few books focus on the life and times of a particular Halls of Residence during the First World War. Piecing together never before published letters, photographs and documents, chairs that stand empty captures the characters and heart-breaking stories behind the names on the Hulme Hall War Memorial. Stories such as those of; Charles Murray Chapman Hamilton whose family posthumously published the children's book he had painstakingly written and illustrated before the start of the war. Best friends Wilfred Treveylan and James Henderson who went off to war together. Wilfred died in action shortly after arriving in France whilst James went to on win the military cross only days later fighting desperately against wave after wave of German attacks. Robert Bedford wrote vividly of his time in Gallipoli, Sinai and finally France; particularly touching is his record of seeing bodies his friends lying in the Gallipoli heat after failed attacks in August 1915. Harold Swift's wife discovered the heartbreaking news her husband had died, a month after his death, when reading the casualty lists published in the Australian press. Arthur Lord fought overseas underage. Wounded twice and prompted to Captain by the age of 19, he twice lied about his age on his medical board forms to avoid questions back in England. Kenneth Barry reluctantly gave up his studies to enlist. He was hoping the war would soon be over so he could continue at Hulme Hall. He never returned.

The Rise of the Elliots of Minto - A Scottish Family's Life in the Eighteenth Century (Hardcover): John P Evans The Rise of the Elliots of Minto - A Scottish Family's Life in the Eighteenth Century (Hardcover)
John P Evans
R587 R473 Discovery Miles 4 730 Save R114 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Rise of the Elliots of Minto begins as battles between Scottish clans and reivers across the English-Scottish border continue. A Gilbert Elliot is helping a Campbell, the earl of Argyll, escape the clutches of the law. Soon afterwards, as a member of the Scottish Parliament, he prospers both socially and financially. Being made a baronet, he retires following the Treaty of Union, dying in 1718. A chronological account of the happenings of six generations of Elliots in the eighteenth century, and a dramatis personae of well over 100, completes the author's trilogy about the family commenced in 2011. Inheritance of the estate in Roxburghshire in the Borders by the second baronet is accompanied by his being made a judge, and by the expansion of his interests in music and rural affairs. Two of three successful marriages among his offspring were then to greatly influence the family's ascendancy from the gentry to the lower ranks of the aristocracy. Key to this was the eventual third baronet who became a politician and a literary patron, and his elder sister Eleanor who was to live the first part of her married life in America. Between them they had at least seventeen children, including an admiral, an army captain, the governor of New York, and a woman poet. A third union between the fourth baronet's sister and William Eden, who was a friend of Pitt the Younger, government minister and diplomat at the time of the American War of Independence, cemented the family's association with the Eden family. Although a social history of the family and several biographies or essays about two or three senior Elliots exist, little has been revealed till now about the fascinating lives of its younger members or the family in the round. The Rise of the Elliots of Minto provides a warm and perceptive glimpse into the life of a far-from-rich aristocratic family, as well as a picture of what the populace at large endured. The lid is lifted a little further on both the conventional and non-conventional in eighteenth-century society, where adventure and death were partners.

Adirondack Park - A Wildlands Quilt (Paperback, 1st ed): Barbara McMartin Adirondack Park - A Wildlands Quilt (Paperback, 1st ed)
Barbara McMartin
R449 R356 Discovery Miles 3 560 Save R93 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Long considered one of the most respected authorities on the history and geography of the Adirondack region, award-winning author and conservationist Barbara McMartin focuses on the uniqueness of the forty-four individual tracts that make up the two-and-one-half-million-acre Forest Preserve within the Adirondack Park.

In The Adirondack Park McMartin has aptly likened the various wild forests, wilderness, recreation and primitive areas to a patchwork quilt, with landscapes connecting to jagged boundaries following rivers and narrow valleys.

Sidebars of "views and visits" give readers an insider's advantage to making the most of any Adirondack expedition. With a storyteller's ease, McMartin provides a brief history and description of each area. She chronicles the preserve's unusual origins, people, politics, and economics that created what is now one of the most important wilderness areas in the eastern United States.

Skillfully combining the results of meticulous research and her life-long passion and advocacy for the Adirondack region, she illuminates the story of how the land parcels were pieced together to become the most sought-after and protected acreage in the east. The book is generously interspersed with maps and vivid geographic descriptions of the forest cover, lakes, mountains, and natural and human history.

Queen of the Free State (Paperback): Jennifer Friedman Queen of the Free State (Paperback)
Jennifer Friedman 1
R280 R241 Discovery Miles 2 410 Save R39 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 15 working days

The outsider on the inside. The one who watches and listens. Growing up Jewish in a small Free State town in the 1950s and ’60s, Jennifer Friedman moves between child and adult, black and white, as Verwoerd’s grand apartheid divides SA. There are midnight escapes, stolen loot, banned comics, hideous encounters with bras, terrifying policemen, albino messengers and Pa’s beatings. Told with humour and pathos, Friedman’s memoir brings to life a strong sense of place, love, rebellion and betrayal.

Children of hope - The Odyssey of the Oromo Slaves from Ethiopia to South Africa (Paperback): Sandra Rowoldt Shell Children of hope - The Odyssey of the Oromo Slaves from Ethiopia to South Africa (Paperback)
Sandra Rowoldt Shell
R420 R347 Discovery Miles 3 470 Save R73 (17%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

UCT Press is delighted to announce its latest title, Children of Hope: The Odyssey of the Oromo Slaves from Ethiopia to South Africa. In this book, historian Sandra Rowoldt Shell traces the lives of 64 Oromo children who were enslaved in Abyssinia (old Ethiopia) in the late nineteenth century. They were crammed into dhows bound for Arabia, liberated by the British navy and ultimately sent for their safety to Lovedale Institution, a Free Church of Scotland mission in the Eastern Cape, which became famous as an educational institution for black teachers. Because Scottish missionaries in Yemen interviewed each of the Oromo children shortly after their liberation, using a questionnaire, we have 64 structured life histories told by the children themselves. This is a unique group biography, or prosopography.

The Lions' Den - Zionism and the Left from Hannah Arendt to Noam Chomsky (Hardcover): Susie Linfield The Lions' Den - Zionism and the Left from Hannah Arendt to Noam Chomsky (Hardcover)
Susie Linfield
R579 R419 Discovery Miles 4 190 Save R160 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

A lively intellectual history that explores how prominent midcentury public intellectuals approached Zionism and then the State of Israel itself and its conflicts with the Arab world

In this lively intellectual history of the political Left, cultural critic Susie Linfield investigates how eight prominent twentieth-century intellectuals struggled with the philosophy of Zionism, and then with Israel and its conflicts with the Arab world. Constructed as a series of interrelated portraits that combine the personal and the political, the book includes philosophers, historians, journalists, and activists such as Hannah Arendt, Arthur Koestler, I. F. Stone, and Noam Chomsky. In their engagement with Zionism, these influential thinkers also wrestled with the twentieth century’s most crucial political dilemmas: socialism, nationalism, democracy, colonialism, terrorism, and anti-Semitism. In other words, in probing Zionism, they confronted the very nature of modernity and the often catastrophic histories of our time. By examining these leftist intellectuals, Linfield also seeks to understand how the contemporary Left has become focused on anti-Zionism and how Israel itself has moved rightward.

Postcard From The Past (Hardcover): Tom Jackson Postcard From The Past (Hardcover)
Tom Jackson 1
R241 R171 Discovery Miles 1 710 Save R70 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY MARK HADDON In Postcard From The Past, Tom Jackson has gathered a collection of the funniest, weirdest and most moving real messages from the backs of old postcards. `Sublimely funny' Jason Hazeley, author of the Ladybird Books for Grown Ups `My favourite Twitter account is now my favourite book. Irresistible!' Jill Mansell `This book is an absolute treat' Holly Walsh `Transfixing, beguiling, warmly haunting. These are the ghosts of a childhood' Robin Ince `A hilarious and occasionally disturbing look at how the British remain resolutely small-minded wherever they go' Charlie Higson `Six by four inch portions of pure heaven' Rachel Johnson `Somehow both poignant and deeply creepy' Samira Ahmed `One of Twitter's most nourishing concepts - each one arriving like a bonsai Alan Bennett play' Danny Baker `Beautiful. Inspiring. Educational. Hilarious' Emma Freud `One of the saddest and funniest picture books you're ever likely to read' Owen Hatherley, author of The Ministry of Nostalgia `Hilarious, haunting, silly, poetic and profound' Danny Wallace `A book of rare and genuine beauty' James O'Brien, LBC

Rosebud, June 17, 1876 - Prelude to the Little Big Horn (Hardcover): Paul L. Hedren Rosebud, June 17, 1876 - Prelude to the Little Big Horn (Hardcover)
Paul L. Hedren
R693 Discovery Miles 6 930 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race (Paperback): Reni Eddo-Lodge Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race (Paperback)
Reni Eddo-Lodge 1
R249 R161 Discovery Miles 1 610 Save R88 (35%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

`Essential' Marlon James, Man Booker Prize-Winner 2015 'One of the most important books of 2017' Nikesh Shukla, editor of The Good Immigrant 'A wake-up call to a country in denial' Observer In 2014, award-winning journalist Reni Eddo-Lodge wrote on her blog about her frustration with the way that discussions of race and racism in Britain were being led by those who weren't affected by it. Her words hit a nerve. The post went viral and comments flooded in from others desperate to speak up about their own experiences. Galvanised, she decided to dig into the source of these feelings. Exploring issues from eradicated black history to the inextricable link between class and race, Reni Eddo-Lodge has written a searing, illuminating, absolutely necessary examination of what it is to be a person of colour in Britain today.

The White Album (Paperback): Joan Didion The White Album (Paperback)
Joan Didion
R236 R145 Discovery Miles 1 450 Save R91 (39%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Joan Didion's hugely influential collection of essays which defines, for many, the America which rose from the ashes of the Sixties. We tell ourselves stories in order to live. The princess is caged in the consulate. The man with the candy will lead the children into the sea. In this now legendary journey into the hinterland of the American psyche, Didion searches for stories as the Sixties implode. She waits for Jim Morrison to show up, visits the Black Panthers in prison, parties with Janis Joplin and buys dresses with Charles Manson's girls. She and her reader emerge, cauterized, from this devastating tour of that age of self discovery into the harsh light of the morning after.

Armenia - Masterpieces from an Enduring Culture (Paperback): Theo Marten van Lint, Robin Meyer Armenia - Masterpieces from an Enduring Culture (Paperback)
Theo Marten van Lint, Robin Meyer
R852 R785 Discovery Miles 7 850 Save R67 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Set like a stronghold south-west of the Caucasus mountains, Armenia is caught between East and West. Briefly a great empire in the first century BCE under King Tigranes the Great, Armenia was later incorporated first by the Sasanian and then the Byzantine Empires. Armenian art, literature, religion and material culture have reinterpreted elements of a wide variety of cultures. Spanning over two and a half millennia, the history of Armenia and the Armenian people is a series of riveting tales, from its first mention under the Achaemenid King Darius I to the independence of the Republic of Armenia from the Soviet Union. With the help of the Bodleian Libraries' magnificent collection of Armenian manuscripts and early printed books, this volume tells the story of the region through the medium of its cultural output. Together with introductions written by experts in their fields, close to one hundred manuscripts, works of art and religious artefacts serve as a guide to Armenian culture and history. Gospel manuscripts splendidly illuminated by Armenian masters feature next to philosophical tractates and merchants' handbooks, affording us an insight into what makes the Armenian people truly unique, especially in the shadow of the genocide that threatened their annihilation a hundred years ago: namely their spirituality, language and perseverance in the face of adversity. VISIT THE EXHIBITION Armenia: Treasures from an Enduring Culture October 2015 - January 2016 Bodleian Library, Oxford

Inventing Baseball Heroes - Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson, and the Sporting Press in America (Hardcover): Amber Roessner Inventing Baseball Heroes - Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson, and the Sporting Press in America (Hardcover)
Amber Roessner
R746 Discovery Miles 7 460 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In Inventing Baseball Heroes, Amber Roessner examines "herocrafting" in sports journalism through an incisive analysis of the work surrounding two of baseball's most enduring personalities -- Detroit Tigers outfielder Ty Cobb and New York Giants pitcher Christy Mathewson. While other scholars have demonstrated that the mythmakers of the Golden Age of Sports Writing (1920--1930) manufactured heroes out of baseball players for the mainstream media, Roessner probes further, with a penetrating look at how sportswriters compromised emerging professional standards of journalism as they crafted heroic tales that sought to teach American boys how to be successful players in the game of life.

Cobb and Mathewson, respectively stereotyped as the game's sinner and saint, helped shape their public images in the mainstream press through their relationship with four of the most prominent sports journalists of the time: Grantland Rice, F. C. Lane, Ring Lardner, and John N. Wheeler. Roessner traces the interactions between the athletes and the reporters, delving into newsgathering strategies as well as rapport-building techniques, and ultimately revealing an inherent tension in objective sports reporting in the era.

Inventing Baseball Heroes will be of interest to scholars of American history, sports history, cultural studies, and communication. Its interdisciplinary approach provides a broad understanding of the role sports journalists played in the production of American heroes.

Not Forgotten - The Great War and Our Modern Memory (Paperback): Neil Oliver Not Forgotten - The Great War and Our Modern Memory (Paperback)
Neil Oliver 1
R258 R216 Discovery Miles 2 160 Save R42 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

There are 37,780 First World War memorials in Britain, listing names from all walks of life - estates, villages, places of work. They stand as landmarks to a defining period in British history - and yet one which is in danger of slipping away from popular memory. NOT FORGOTTEN is a revealing look at the untold stories that lie behind these lists of names - stories of the impact of World War One on British society, the echoes of which can still be felt today. More than a conflict overseas, it was the catalyst for an extraordinary period of rapid and radical change to the social, cultural and political fabric of the nation. Social restrictions on women were revolutionised, from jobs and the vote to new freedoms in dress, behaviour and sexuality. The class system was thrown into disarray, both at home and on the front lines; roles were reversed in family life for a large part of the population, through bereavement, evacuation and children put to work in munitions factories. And as the state took drastic measures to cope with this turmoil, so the foundations were laid for the society in which we live today.

The Big Fella - Babe Ruth and the World He Created (Hardcover): Jane Leavy The Big Fella - Babe Ruth and the World He Created (Hardcover)
Jane Leavy
R614 R455 Discovery Miles 4 550 Save R159 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Follow This Thread - A Maze Book to Get Lost in (Hardcover): Henry Eliot Follow This Thread - A Maze Book to Get Lost in (Hardcover)
Henry Eliot
R337 R258 Discovery Miles 2 580 Save R79 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Worktown - The Astonishing Story of the Project that launched Mass Observation (Paperback): David Hall Worktown - The Astonishing Story of the Project that launched Mass Observation (Paperback)
David Hall 1
R257 R216 Discovery Miles 2 160 Save R41 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The astonishing story of the project that launched Mass Observation In the late 1930s the Lancashire town of Bolton witnessed a ground-breaking social experiment. Over three years, a team of ninety observers recorded, in painstaking detail, the everyday lives of ordinary working people at work and play - in the pub, dance hall, factory and on holiday. Their aim was to create an 'anthropology of ourselves'. The first of its kind, it later grew into the Mass Observation movement that proved so crucial to our understanding of public opinion in future generations. The project attracted a cast of larger-than-life characters, not least its founders, the charismatic and unconventional anthropologist Tom Harrisson and the surrealist intellectuals Charles Madge and Humphrey Jennings. They were joined by a disparate band of men and women - students, artists, writers and photographers, unemployed workers and local volunteers - who worked tirelessly to turn the idle pleasure of people-watching into a science. Drawing on their vivid reports, photographs and first-hand sources, David Hall relates the extraordinary story of this eccentric, short-lived, but hugely influential project. Along the way, he creates a richly detailed, fascinating portrait of a lost chapter of British social history, and of the life of an industrial northern town before the world changed for ever. Published in partnership with the Mass Observation Archive at the University of Sussex, which holds the papers of the British social research organisation Mass Observation from 1937 to the early 1950s, as well as new material collected continuously since 1981 about everyday life in Britain. www.massobs.org.uk @MassObsArchive

50 Years of the Historic Sports Car Club (Hardcover): Stirling Moss 50 Years of the Historic Sports Car Club (Hardcover)
Stirling Moss
R731 R478 Discovery Miles 4 780 Save R253 (35%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This is the story of the Historic Sports Car Club. Over a period of 50 years, the Club grew from the germ of an idea to become Britain's leading race organising Club for cars from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. The Club's strapline is 'pure historic racing'. This unique book, illustrated with over 500 photographs, tells the story of half a century of growth for historic racing in Great Britain. It is a story of ups and downs, of triumph and tragedy. From humble beginnings, the early years were faltering before the Club moved into race organisation in the early 1980s. There were times of financial trauma and upheaval and the Club came close to bankruptcy. However, the last two decades have been spectacularly successful. The race programme has grown, the membership has hit record levels and the portfolio of championships has doubled. Allied to that success, the Club's finances have improved beyond all recognition and its standing in British motor sport has scaled new heights. This is the story of those 50 years: but it is also the story of the people behind the Club, people who cared enough about historic motor racing to play a role in building the Historic Sports Car Club.

The Best Minds of My Generation - A Literary History of the Beats (Paperback): Allen Ginsberg The Best Minds of My Generation - A Literary History of the Beats (Paperback)
Allen Ginsberg; Edited by Bill Morgan
R317 R195 Discovery Miles 1 950 Save R122 (38%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A unique history of the Beats, in the words of the movement's most central member, Allen Ginsberg, based on a seminal series of his lectures In 1977, twenty years after the publication of his landmark poem 'Howl', Allen Ginsberg decided it was time to teach a course on the literary history of the Beat Generation - partly to preserve his own memories of those years. The Best Minds of My Generation presents the best of these candid, intimate and illuminating lectures, revealing Kerouac, Burroughs and the rest of the Beats as Ginsberg knew them: friends, confidantes, literary mentors and fellow visionaries in a group who started a revolution. 'Marvellous ... spellbinding ... preserving intact the story of the literary movement Ginsberg led, promoted and never ceased to embody' The New York Times Book Review 'An awesome exhaustive feat ... fascinatingly readable' Sunday Times 'Astonishingly intimate ... Full of penetrating insight and fascinating literary gossip, the book is a major contribution to the core Beat canon ... situates the Beats in cultural history in a way that no other exploration of their work does' San Francisco Chronicle

Baggage of Empire - Reporting politics and industry in the shadow of imperial decline (Paperback): Martin Adeney Baggage of Empire - Reporting politics and industry in the shadow of imperial decline (Paperback)
Martin Adeney
R308 R247 Discovery Miles 2 470 Save R61 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Born just as the British Empire was taking its last breaths, Martin Adeney was part of the 'twilight generation' caught between the imperial and postimperial ages, forced to navigate the insecurities - political, economic and cultural - faced by the British as we struggled to understand and adapt to our diminished place in the world order.A compelling blend of memoir and narrative history, Baggage of Empire leads us through the crumbling ruins of great industries and imperial trade cities; from the retreat of the northern newspaper empires to an almost exclusively southern, metropolitan viewpoint; through the tumultuous dominance and decline of the trade unions; to the rise of Thatcherism and big business.From the unique vantage point his career as a journalist has given him, particularly as industrial editor of BBC TV, Adeney notes that many of the issues that preoccupied us in the late '60s and early '70s - including immigration, housing, education, industry and communications - remain the daily currency of our political discourse. Despite all of our material prosperity and cultural self-confidence, we are all burdened, in one way or another, by the baggage of empire.

ACT Natural - A Cultural History of Misadventures in Parenting (Hardcover): Jennifer Traig ACT Natural - A Cultural History of Misadventures in Parenting (Hardcover)
Jennifer Traig
R495 R367 Discovery Miles 3 670 Save R128 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
A History of the Indians of the United States (Paperback, New edition): Angie Debo A History of the Indians of the United States (Paperback, New edition)
Angie Debo
R499 R397 Discovery Miles 3 970 Save R102 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Traces the history of the American Indians as a distinct social and cultural group in the United States, providing the basis for a critical reappraisal of government Indian policy.

Forty Miles a Day on Beans and Hay - Enlisted Soldier Fighting the Indian Wars (Paperback): Don Rickey Forty Miles a Day on Beans and Hay - Enlisted Soldier Fighting the Indian Wars (Paperback)
Don Rickey
R369 R300 Discovery Miles 3 000 Save R69 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The enlisted men in the United States Army during the Indian Wars (1866-91) need no longer be mere shadows behind their historically well-documented commanding officers.

As member of the regular army, these men formed an important segment of our usually slighted national military continuum and, through their labors, combats, and endurance, created the framework of law and order within which settlement and development become possible. We should know more about the common soldier in our military past, and here he is.

The rank and file regular, then as now, was psychologically as well as physically isolated from most of his fellow Americans. The people were tired of the military and its connotations after four years of civil war. They arrayed their army between themselves and the Indians, paid its soldiers their pittance, and went about the business of mushrooming the nation's economy.

Because few enlisted men were literarily inclined, many barely able to scribble their names, most previous writings about them have been what officers and others had to say. To find out what the average soldier of the post-Civil War frontier thought, Don Rickey, Jr., asked over three hundred living veterans to supply information about their army experiences by answering questionnaires and writing personal accounts. Many of them who had survived to the mid-1950's contributed much more through additional correspondence and personal interviews.

Whether the soldier is speaking for himself or through the author in his role as commentator-historian, this is the first documented account of the mass personality of the rank and file during the Indian Wars, and is only incidentally a history of those campaigns.

Paris Postcards - The Golden Age (Paperback): Leonard Pitt Paris Postcards - The Golden Age (Paperback)
Leonard Pitt
R430 R355 Discovery Miles 3 550 Save R75 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This collection of postcards provides a window into a world now lost forever: Paris in its golden age. Leonard Pitt's selection offers a stimulating view of an era in which both Paris and the `carte postale' were in vogue. Pitt's choice of medium introduces the reader to a rich and alive social world, in which, during the early years of the twentieth century, over one million postcards were produced and exchanged a day. Exchanges range from the passing romances of Parisian street-vendors through to the lovesick expat writing to his sweetheart back home: revel and be transported by this exciting mix of landmark and anecdote, the glorious and elegant commingling with the quaint and nostalgic.

Why They Marched - Untold Stories of the Women Who Fought for the Right to Vote (Hardcover): Susan Ware Why They Marched - Untold Stories of the Women Who Fought for the Right to Vote (Hardcover)
Susan Ware
R496 R368 Discovery Miles 3 680 Save R128 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Looking beyond the national leadership of the suffrage movement, an acclaimed historian gives voice to the thousands of women from different backgrounds, races, and religions whose local passion and protest resounded throughout the land. For far too long, the history of how American women won the right to vote has been told as the tale of a few iconic leaders, all white and native-born. But Susan Ware uncovered a much broader and more diverse story waiting to be told. Why They Marched is a tribute to the many women who worked tirelessly in communities across the nation, out of the spotlight, protesting, petitioning, and insisting on their right to full citizenship. Ware tells her story through the lives of nineteen activists, most of whom have long been overlooked. We meet Mary Church Terrell, a multilingual African American woman; Rose Schneiderman, a labor activist building coalitions on New York's Lower East Side; Claiborne Catlin, who toured the Massachusetts countryside on horseback to drum up support for the cause; Mary Johnston, an aristocratic novelist bucking the Southern ruling elite; Emmeline W. Wells, a Mormon woman in a polygamous marriage determined to make her voice heard; and others who helped harness a groundswell of popular support. We also see the many places where the suffrage movement unfolded-in church parlors, meeting rooms, and the halls of Congress, but also on college campuses and even at the top of Mount Rainier. Few corners of the United States were untouched by suffrage activism. Ware's deeply moving stories provide a fresh account of one of the most significant moments of political mobilization in American history. The dramatic, often joyous experiences of these women resonate powerfully today, as a new generation of young women demands to be heard.

The Billionaire Raj (Paperback): James Crabtree The Billionaire Raj (Paperback)
James Crabtree 1
R240 R173 Discovery Miles 1 730 Save R67 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days


A Financial Times Book of the Year and an Amazon Top 100 Book of the Year

India’s explosive rise has driven inequality to new extremes, with millions trapped in slums as billionaires spend lavishly and dodge taxes. Controversial prime minister Narendra Modi promised ‘to break the grip’ of the Bollygarchs, but many tycoons continue to thrive amidst the scandals, exerting huge influence over business and politics.

But who are these titans of politics and industry shaping India through this period of breakneck change? And what kind of superpower are they creating?

A vivid portrait of a deeply divided nation, The Billionaire Raj makes clear that India’s destiny – prosperous democratic giant or corrupt authoritarian regime – is something that should concern us all.

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