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Oxford AQA History for A Level: Wars and Welfare: Britain in Transition 1906-1957 (Paperback): Michael Willis, Chris Rowe, J.... Oxford AQA History for A Level: Wars and Welfare: Britain in Transition 1906-1957 (Paperback)
Michael Willis, Chris Rowe, J. Thomas; Series edited by Sally Waller
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Retaining well-loved features from the previous editions, Wars and Welfare has been approved by AQA and matched to the new 2015 specification. This textbook explores in depth a transformative period of British history, during which democratically elected government faced a series of challenges, and British society underwent fundamental change. It focuses on key ideas such as reform, patriotism and pacifism, and covers events and developments with precision.Students can further develop vital skills such as historical interpretations and source analyses via specially selected sources and extracts. Practice questions and study tips provide additional support to help familiarize students with the new exam style questions, and help them achieve their best in the exam.

Cocaine (Paperback): Miriam Joseph Cocaine (Paperback)
Miriam Joseph
R142 R100 Discovery Miles 1 000 Save R42 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This series will trace the history, describe the invention or discovery, generally for honorable reasons, and the transition to illegal and 'recreational' use.

White Magic - The Age of Paper (Paperback): Lothar Muller White Magic - The Age of Paper (Paperback)
Lothar Muller
R360 R300 Discovery Miles 3 000 Save R60 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Paper is older than the printing press, and even in its unprinted state it was the great network medium behind the emergence of modern civilization. In the shape of bills, banknotes and accounting books it was indispensible to the economy. As forms and files it was essential to bureaucracy. As letters it became the setting for the invention of the modern soul, and as newsprint it became a stage for politics. In this brilliant new book Lothar Muller describes how paper made its way from China through the Arab world to Europe, where it permeated everyday life in a variety of formats from the thirteenth century onwards, and how the paper technology revolution of the nineteenth century paved the way for the creation of the modern daily press. His key witnesses are the works of Rabelais and Grimmelshausen, Balzac and Herman Melville, James Joyce and Paul Valery. Muller writes not only about books, however: he also writes about pamphlets, playing cards, papercutting and legal pads. We think we understand the ?Gutenberg era?, but we can understand it better when we explore the world that underpinned it: the paper age. Today, with the proliferation of digital devices, paper may seem to be a residue of the past, but Muller shows that the humble technology of paper is in many ways the most fundamental medium of the modern world.

The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain 7 Volume Hardback Set, Volume 7 - The Twentieth Century and Beyond (Hardcover):... The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain 7 Volume Hardback Set, Volume 7 - The Twentieth Century and Beyond (Hardcover)
Andrew Nash, Claire Squires, I.R. Willison
R2,578 Discovery Miles 25 780 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain is an authoritative series which surveys the history of publishing, bookselling, authorship and reading in Britain. This seventh and final volume surveys the twentieth and twenty-first centuries from a range of perspectives in order to create a comprehensive guide, from growing professionalisation at the beginning of the twentieth century, to the impact of digital technologies at the end. Its multi-authored focus on the material book and its manufacture broadens to a study of the book's authorship and readership, and its production and dissemination via publishing and bookselling. It examines in detail key market sectors over the course of the period, and concludes with a series of essays concentrating on aspects of book history: the book in wartime; class, democracy and value; books and other media; intellectual property and copyright; and imperialism and post-imperialism.

South Jersey Towns - History and Legends (Paperback): William McMahon South Jersey Towns - History and Legends (Paperback)
William McMahon
R661 Discovery Miles 6 610 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

No region in the nation has a richer heritage than the eight counties of South Jersey--Cape May, Salem, Cumberland, Atlantic, Gloucester, Camden, Burlington, and Ocean. In this book William McMahon has collected an assortment of little-known information and historical anecdotes about the people and places of this area. "Mr. McMahon offers a chronicle that is full of storms and fires, shipbuilding and shipwrecks, privateers and pirates, taverns and publick houses, Indians and Liberty Boys, boom towns and ghost towns, moonshining and medicine shows, stagecoach lines and railroads, spies and betrayals, and--botanically--cranberries, eelgrass, and poison love apples (tomatoes)."--New York Times Book Review

A Russian American Photographer in Tlingit Country - Vincent Soboleff in Alaska (Hardcover): Sergei Kan A Russian American Photographer in Tlingit Country - Vincent Soboleff in Alaska (Hardcover)
Sergei Kan
R965 Discovery Miles 9 650 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

This book is a rich record of life in small-town southeastern Alaska in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It is the first book to showcase the photographs of Vincent Soboleff, an amateur Russian American photographer whose community included Tlingit Indians from a nearby village as well as Russian Americans, so-called Creoles, who worked in a local fertilizer factory. Using a Kodak camera, Soboleff, the son of a Russian Orthodox priest, documented the life of this multiethnic parish at work and at play until 1920. Despite their significance, few of Soboleff's photographs have been published since their discovery in 1950. Anthropologist Sergei Kan rectifies that oversight in "A Russian American Photographer in Tlingit Country," which brings together more than 100 of Soboleff's striking black-and-white images.

Combining Soboleff's photographs with ethnographic fieldwork and archival research, Kan brings to life the communities of Killisnoo, where Soboleff grew up, and Angoon, the Tlingit village. The photographs gathered here depict Russian Creoles, Euro-Americans, the operation of the Killisnoo factory, and the daily life of its workers. But Soboleff's work is especially valuable as a record of Tlingit life. As a member of this multiethnic community, he was able to take unusually personal photographs of people and daily life. Soboleff's photographs offer candid and intimate glimpses into Tlingit people's then-new economic pursuits such as commercial fishing, selling berries, and making "Indian curios" to sell to tourists. Other images show white, Creole, and Native factory workers rubbing shoulders while keeping a certain distance during leisure time.

Kan offers readers, historians, and photography lovers a beautiful visual resource on Tlingit and Russian American life that shows how the two cultures intertwined in southeastern Alaska at the turn of the past century.

Indian Alliances and the Spanish in the Southwest, 750-1750 (Paperback): William B. Carter Indian Alliances and the Spanish in the Southwest, 750-1750 (Paperback)
William B. Carter
R569 Discovery Miles 5 690 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

When considering the history of the Southwest, scholars have typically viewed Apaches, Navajos, and other Athabaskans as marauders who preyed on Pueblo towns and Spanish settlements. William B. Carter now offers a multilayered reassessment of historical events and environmental and social change to show how mutually supportive networks among Native peoples created alliances in the centuries before and after Spanish settlement.

Combining recent scholarship on southwestern prehistory and the history of northern New Spain, Carter describes how environmental changes shaped American Indian settlement in the Southwest and how Athapaskan and Puebloan peoples formed alliances that endured until the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 and even afterward. Established initially for trade, Pueblo-Athapaskan ties deepened with intermarriage and developments in the political realities of the region. Carter also shows how Athapaskans influenced Pueblo economies far more than previously supposed, and helped to erode Spanish influence.

In clearly explaining Native prehistory, Carter integrates clan origins with archeological data and historical accounts. He then shows how the Spanish conquest of New Mexico affected Native populations and the relations between them. His analysis of the Pueblo Revolt reveals that Athapaskan and Puebloan peoples were in close contact, underscoring the instrumental role that Athapaskan allies played in Native anticolonial resistance in New Mexico throughout the seventeenth century.

Written to appeal to both students and general readers, this fresh interpretation of borderlands ethnohistory provides a broad view as well as important insights for assessing subsequent social change in the region.

Iroquois Art, Power, and History (Hardcover): Neal B Keating Iroquois Art, Power, and History (Hardcover)
Neal B Keating
R1,220 Discovery Miles 12 200 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In this richly illustrated book, Neal B. Keating explores Iroquois visual expression through more than five thousand years, from its emergence in ancient North America into the early twenty-first century. Drawing on extensive archival research and fieldwork with Iroquois artists and communities, Keating foregrounds the voices and visions of Iroquois peoples, revealing how they have continuously used visual expression to adapt creatively to shifting political and economic environments.

Iroquois, or Haudenosaunee, peoples have long been the subjects of Western study. From the seventeenth to the nineteenth century, European and Euro- American writers classified Iroquois works not as art but as culturally lower forms of expression. During the twentieth century, Western critics commonly rejected contemporary Native art both as art and as an "inauthentic" expression of Indianness. Keating exposes the false assumptions underlying these perceptions. Approaching his subject from the perspective of an anthropologist, he focuses on the social relations and processes that are indexed by Iroquois visual culture through time, and he shows how Iroquois images are deployed in colonized contexts.

As he traces the history of Iroquois art practice, Keating seeks a middle road between ethnohistorical approaches and the activist perspectives of contemporaryartists. He is one of the first scholars in Iroquois studies to emphasize painting, a popular art form among present-day Iroquois. He conceptualizes painting broadly, to include writing, incising, drawing, tattoo, body painting, photography, videography, and digital media. Featuring more than 100 color and black-and-white reproductions, this volume embraces a wide array of artworks in diverse media, prompting new appreciation--and deeper understanding--of Iroquois art and its historical and contemporary significance.

Madiba's Boys (Paperback): Madiba's Boys (Paperback)
R150 R129 Discovery Miles 1 290 Save R21 (14%) Out of stock

A look at the early years of the great Lucas Radebe and Mark Fish, one black and one white footballer. It moves from football played with rolled-up old socks on the dusty veldt, to the glamour and passion of the English Premiership and the World Cup.;It traces the struggle for liberation in the township of Diepklooit and the backlash of apartheid Pretoria to the establishment of a democratic state. We follow Mark and Lucas's efforts on behalf of Bafana Bafana, at times heroic, at times controversial, as they steer their national side from African soccer baby to football giant in less than a decade.

The Last Landlady - An English Memoir (Hardcover): Laura Thompson The Last Landlady - An English Memoir (Hardcover)
Laura Thompson 1
R399 R279 Discovery Miles 2 790 Save R120 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Laura Thompson s grandmother Violet was one of the great landladies. Born in a London pub, she became the first woman to be given a publican s licence in her own name and, just as pubs defined her life, she seemed in many ways to embody their essence. Laura spent part of her childhood in Violet s Home Counties establishment, mesmerised by her gift for cultivating the mix of cosiness and glamour that defined the pub s atmosphere, making it a unique reflection of the national character. Her memories of this time are just as intoxicating: beer and ash on the carpets in the morning, the deepening rhythms of mirth at night, the magical brightness of glass behind the bar Through them Laura traces the story of the English pub, asking why it has occupied such a treasured position in our culture. But even Violet, as she grew older, recognised that places like hers were a dying breed, and Laura also considers the precarious future they face. Part memoir, part social history, part elegy, The Last Landlady pays tribute to an extraordinary woman and the world she epitomised.

Mavericks, Mystics & False Messiahs - Episodes from the Margins of Jewish History (Hardcover): Pini Dunner Mavericks, Mystics & False Messiahs - Episodes from the Margins of Jewish History (Hardcover)
Pini Dunner
R482 R380 Discovery Miles 3 800 Save R102 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
How to Be a Good Husband (Hardcover): How to Be a Good Husband (Hardcover)
R120 R96 Discovery Miles 960 Save R24 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"Don't think that your wife has placed waste-paper baskets in the rooms as ornaments."
" "
"Don't forget that very true remark that while face powder may catch a man, baking powder is the stuff to hold him."
Marriage can be a series of humorous miscommunications, a power struggle, or a diplomatic nightmare. Men and women have long struggled to figure each other out--and the misunderstandings can continue well after they've been joined in matrimony. But long before "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus," couples turned to self-help booklets such as "How to Be a Good" "Husband "and "How to Be a Good Wife," two historic advice books that are now delightfully reproduced by the Bodleian Library.
The books, originally published in the 1930s for middle-class British couples, are filled with witty and charming aphorisms on how wives and husbands should treat each other. Some advice is unquestionably outdated--"It is a wife's duty to look her best. If you don't tidy yourself up, don't be surprised if your husband begins to compare you unfavorably with the typist at the office"--but many other pieces of advice are wholly applicable today. They include such insightful sayings as: "Don't tell your wife terminological inexactitudes, which are, in plain English, lies. A woman has wonderful intuition for spotting even minor departures from the truth"; "After all is said and done, husbands are not terribly difficult to manage"; or "Don't squeeze the tube of toothpaste from the top instead of from the bottom. This is one of the small things of life that always irritates a careful wife."
Entertaining and charmingly illustrated, "How to Be a Good Husband" and "How to Be a Good Wife"offer enduringly useful advice for all couples, from the newly engaged to those celebrating their golden anniversary.

Heroin (Paperback): Julian Durlacher Heroin (Paperback)
Julian Durlacher
R143 R101 Discovery Miles 1 010 Save R42 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

An illustrated history of the development of illicit drugs, which focuses on the use of heroin. It traces the history of the drug and explains the chemistry behind its effects.

For the Love of Scotland - A Celebration of All Things Scottish (Hardcover): Norman Ferguson For the Love of Scotland - A Celebration of All Things Scottish (Hardcover)
Norman Ferguson
R279 R173 Discovery Miles 1 730 Save R106 (38%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Did you know? Nessie is not the only monster supposedly living in a Scottish loch. Loch Morar has its own: Morag. The first Open golf Championship was played in Scotland, at Prestwick in 1860. As well as television, insulin, chloroform and the telephone, Scotland has given the world kaleidoscopes, contour lines, tinned salmon and Andy Murray. This miscellany of all things Scottish will have you quoting Burns, reeling off famous battles and fizzing with fascinating trivia in no time. As well as getting the low-down on the who, what, when and where of Scottish history - including profiles of William Wallace, Mary Queen of Scots and Bonnie Prince Charlie - you'll gain plenty of insight into the food, drink, landscape, culture and everything else that makes Scotland exceptional.

Denmark Veseyas Garden - Slavery and Memory in the Cradle of the Confederacy (Paperback): Ethan J. Kytle, Blain Roberts Denmark Veseyas Garden - Slavery and Memory in the Cradle of the Confederacy (Paperback)
Ethan J. Kytle, Blain Roberts
R382 R293 Discovery Miles 2 930 Save R89 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Safe - On Black British Men Reclaiming Space (Hardcover): Derek Owusu Safe - On Black British Men Reclaiming Space (Hardcover)
Derek Owusu 1
R398 R321 Discovery Miles 3 210 Save R77 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

An anthology of powerful essays reflecting on the Black British male experience, collated and edited by Mostly Lit podcast host Derek Owusu. What is the experience of Black men in Britain? With continued conversation around British identity, racism and diversity, there is no better time to explore this question and give Black British men a platform to answer it. SAFE: On Black British Men Reclaiming Space is that platform. Including essays from top poets, writers, musicians, actors and journalists, this timely and accessible book brings together a selection of powerful reflections exploring the Black British male experience and what it really means to reclaim and hold space in the landscape of our society. Where do Black men belong in school, in the media, in their own families, in the conversation about mental health, in the LGBT community, in grime music - and how can these voices inspire, educate and add to the dialogue of diversity already taking place? Following on from discussions raised by The Good Immigrant and Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race, this collection takes readers on a rich and varied path to confront and question the position of Black men in Britain today, and shines a light on the way forward. Contributors include poet Suli Breaks, award-winning author Alex Wheatle, Channel 4 news reporter Symeon Brown, Guardian journalist Joseph Harker and many more.

Violent Encounters - Interviews on Western Massacres (Hardcover): Deborah Lawrence, Jon Lawrence Violent Encounters - Interviews on Western Massacres (Hardcover)
Deborah Lawrence, Jon Lawrence
R572 Discovery Miles 5 720 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Merciless killing in the nineteenth-century American West, as this unusual book shows, was not as simple as depicted in dime novels and movie Westerns. The scholars interviewed here, experts on violence in the West, embrace a wide range of approaches and perspectives and challenge both traditional views of western expansion and politically correct ideologies.

The Battle of the Little Big Horn, the Sand Creek Massacre, the Battle of the Washita, and the Mountain Meadows Massacre are iconic events that have been repeatedly described and analyzed, but the interviews included in this volume offer new points of view. Other events discussed here are little-known today, such as the Camp Grant Massacre, in which Anglo-Americans, Mexican Americans, and Tohono O'odham Indians killed more than a hundred Pinal and Aravaipa Apache men, women, and children.

In addition to specific events, the interviews cover broader themes such as violence in early California; hostilities between the frontier army and the Sioux, including the Santee Sioux Revolt and Wounded Knee; and violence between European Americans and Great Basin tribes, such as the Bear River Massacre. The scholars interviewed include academic historians, public historians, an anthropologist, and a journalist. The interview format provides insights into the methodology and tools of historical research and allows questions and speculations often absent from conventional, written accounts. The scholars share their latest thoughts on long-standing controversies, address the political uses often made of history, and discuss the need to incorporate multiple viewpoints.

Scholars and students of history and historiography will be fascinated by the nuts-and-bolts information about the practice of history revealed in these interviews. In addition, readers with specific interests in the events discussed will gain much new information and many fresh insights.

A History of the County of Middlesex - Volume XII: Chelsea (Hardcover): Patricia E.C. Croot A History of the County of Middlesex - Volume XII: Chelsea (Hardcover)
Patricia E.C. Croot
R2,226 Discovery Miles 22 260 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Chelsea was a desirable riverside residence for wealthy merchants, lawyers, and courtiers from the fifteenth century, and a pleasure resort for all ranks of society from the eighteenth; it is now one of the most expensive and desirable places to live in London. This new volume relates all this and more, including a re-examination of the location of Sir Thomas More's house, a reassessment of Henry VIII's relationship with the manor house, the history of a major estate not previously identified, and a survey of the farm-gardening which gave prosperity to some local inhabitants. Facets of Chelsea's more recent history covered include the rebuilding of eastern Chelsea, which removed a large lower middle- and working-class population and replaced their accommodation with houses for the well-off; the artistic community which grew up in the late nineteenth century from which Chelsea derived its bohemian reputation; and the cultural and commercial changes of the Swinging Sixties.

A History of American Higher Education (Paperback, second edition): John R. Thelin A History of American Higher Education (Paperback, second edition)
John R. Thelin
R489 R430 Discovery Miles 4 300 Save R59 (12%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Colleges and universities are among the most cherished--and controversial--institutions in the United States. In this updated edition of "A History of American Higher Education," John R. Thelin offers welcome perspective on the triumphs and crises of this highly influential sector in American life.

Thelin's work has distinguished itself as the most wide-ranging and engaging account of the origins and evolution of America's institutions of higher learning. This edition brings the discussion of perennial hot-button issues such as big-time sports programs up to date and addresses such current areas of contention as the changing role of governing boards and the financial challenges posed by the economic downturn.

London - Prints & Drawings before 1800 (Hardcover): Bernard Nurse London - Prints & Drawings before 1800 (Hardcover)
Bernard Nurse
R747 R694 Discovery Miles 6 940 Save R53 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

By the end of the eighteenth century London was the second largest city in the world, its relentless growth fuelled by Britain's expanding empire. Before the age of photography, the most widely used means of creating a visual record of the changing capital was through engravings and drawings, and those that survive today are invaluable in showing us what the capital was like in the century leading up to the Industrial Revolution. This book contains over one hundred images of the Greater London area before 1800 from maps, drawings, manuscripts, printed books and engravings, all from the Gough Collection at the Bodleian Library. Examples are drawn from the present Greater London to contrast town and countryside at the time. Panoramas of the river Thames were popular illustrations of the day, and the extraordinarily detailed engravings made by the Buck brothers are reproduced here. The construction, and destruction, of landmark bridges across the river are also shown in contemporary engravings. Prints made of London before and after the Great Fire show how artists and engravers responded to contemporary events such as executions, riots, fires and even the effects of a tornado. They also recorded public spectacles, creating beautiful images of firework displays and frost fairs on the river Thames. This book presents rare material from the most extensive collection on British topography assembled in this period by a private collector, providing a fascinating insight into life in Georgian London.

Wives and Husbands - Gender and Age in Southern Arapaho History (Hardcover): Loretta Fowler Wives and Husbands - Gender and Age in Southern Arapaho History (Hardcover)
Loretta Fowler
R884 Discovery Miles 8 840 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In "Wives and Husbands," distinguished anthropologist Loretta Fowler deepens readers' understanding of the gendered dimension of cultural encounters by exploring how the Arapaho gender system affected and was affected by the encounter with Americans as government officials, troops, missionaries, and settlers moved west into Arapaho country. Fowler examines Arapaho history from 1805 to 1936 through the lens of five cohorts, groups of women and men born during different year spans. Through the life stories of individual Arapahos, she vividly illustrates the experiences and actions of each cohort during a time when Americans tried to impose gender asymmetry and to undermine the Arapahos' hierarchical age relations.

Fowler examines the Arapaho gender system and its transformations by considering the partnerships between, rather than focusing on comparisons of, women and men. She argues that in particular cohorts, partnerships between women and men -- both in households and in the community -- shaped Arapahos' social and cultural transformations while they struggled with American domination.

Over time Arapahos both reinforced and challenged Arapaho hierarchies while accommodating and resisting American dominance. Fowler shows how, in the process of reconfiguring their world, Arapahos confronted Americans by uniting behind strategies of conciliation in the early nineteenth century, of civilization in the late nineteenth century, and of confrontation in the early twentieth century. At the same time, women and men in particular cohorts were revamping Arapaho politico-religious ideas and organizations. Gender played a part in these transformations, giving shape to new leadership traditions and other adaptations.

Don't Touch My Hair (Hardcover): Emma Dabiri Don't Touch My Hair (Hardcover)
Emma Dabiri 1
R393 R267 Discovery Miles 2 670 Save R126 (32%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Straightened. Stigmatised. 'Tamed'. Celebrated. Erased. Managed. Appropriated. Forever misunderstood. Black hair is never 'just hair'. This book is about why black hair matters and how it can be viewed as a blueprint for decolonisation. Emma Dabiri takes us from pre-colonial Africa, through the Harlem Renaissance, Black Power and on to today's Natural Hair Movement, the Cultural Appropriation Wars and beyond. We look at everything from hair capitalists like Madam C.J. Walker in the early 1900s to the rise of Shea Moisture today, from women's solidarity and friendship to 'black people time', forgotten African scholars and the dubious provenance of Kim Kardashian's braids. The scope of black hairstyling ranges from pop culture to cosmology, from prehistoric times to the (afro)futuristic. Uncovering sophisticated indigenous mathematical systems in black hairstyles, alongside styles that served as secret intelligence networks leading enslaved Africans to freedom, Don't Touch My Hair proves that far from being only hair, black hairstyling culture can be understood as an allegory for black oppression and, ultimately, liberation.

The Relatively Public Life Of Jules Browde (Paperback): Daniel Browde The Relatively Public Life Of Jules Browde (Paperback)
Daniel Browde
R240 R80 Discovery Miles 800 Save R160 (67%) In stock

When Daniel is tasked with writing the biography of his grandfather, Jules Browde - one of South Africa’s most celebrated advocates - he gets straight to work. But the task that at first seems so simple comes to overwhelm him.

The troubled progress of Daniel’s book stands in sharp contrast to the clear-edged tales his grandfather tells him. Spanning almost a century, these gripping stories compellingly conjure other worlds: the streets of 1920s Yeoville, the battlefields of the Second World War, the courtrooms of apartheid South Africa.

The Relatively Public Life Of Jules Browde is more than the portrait of an unusual South African life, it is the moving tale of a complex and tender relationship between grandfather and grandson, and an exploration of how we are made and unmade in the stories we tell about our lives.

Black Diamonds - The Rise and Fall of an English Dynasty (Paperback): Catherine Bailey Black Diamonds - The Rise and Fall of an English Dynasty (Paperback)
Catherine Bailey 2
R242 R169 Discovery Miles 1 690 Save R73 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Catherine Bailey's Black Diamonds is an extraordinary tale of family feuds, forbidden love, civil unrest and the downfall of a mining dynasty. Wentworth in Yorkshire was surrounded by 70 collieries employing tens of thousands of men. It is the finest and largest Georgian house in Britain andbelonged to the Fitzwilliam family. It is England's forgotten palace which belonged to Britain's richest aristocrats. Black Diamonds tells the story of its demise: family feuds, forbidden love, class war, and a tragic and violent death played their part. But coal, one of the most emotive issues in twentieth century British politics, lies at its heart. This is the extraordinary story of how the fabric of English society shifted beyond recognition in fifty turbulent years in the twentieth century. 'Magnificent . . . peels back the grand facade of Wentworth toreveal a family riven with fueds, mental illness and forbidden love' Tatler 'A compelling new history . . . fascinating insights into the dynasty that once ruled this Yorkshire roost' Daily Mail 'An aristocratic tale of epic proportions, this gripping novel cleverly interweaves interviews, letters and historical fact . . .Fascinating' Easy Living Catherine Bailey read history at Oxford University. She is a successful, award-winning television producer and director, making a range of critically acclaimed documentary films inspired by her interest in twentieth century history. She is the author of Black Diamonds and The Secret Rooms: A True Gothic Mystery. She lives in West London.

Notes from the Cevennes - Half a Lifetime in Provincial France (Paperback): Adam Thorpe Notes from the Cevennes - Half a Lifetime in Provincial France (Paperback)
Adam Thorpe 1
R231 R180 Discovery Miles 1 800 Save R51 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Adam Thorpe's home for the past 25 years has been an old house in the CÚvennes, a wild range of mountains in southern France. Prior to this, in an ancient millhouse in the oxbow of a CÚvenol river, he wrote the novel that would become the Booker Prize-nominated Ulverton, now a Vintage Classic.

In more recent writing Thorpe has explored the CÚvennes, drawing on the legends, history and above all the people of this part of France for his inspiration. In his charming journal, Notes from the CÚvennes, Thorpe takes up these themes, writing about his surroundings, the village and his house at the heart of it, as well as the contrasts of city life in nearby Nţmes. In particular he is interested in how the past leaves impressions - marks - on our landscape and on us. What do we find in the grass, earth and stone beneath our feet and in the objects around us? How do they tie us to our forebears? What traces have been left behind and what marks do we leave now?

He finds a fossil imprinted in the single worked stone of his house's front doorstep, explores the attic once used as a silk factory and contemplates the stamp of a chance paw in a fragment of Roman roof-tile. Elsewhere, he ponders mutilated fleur-de-lys (French royalist symbols) in his study door and unwittingly uses the tomb-rail of two sisters buried in the garden as a gazebo. Then there are the personal fragments that make up a life and a family history: memories dredged up by 'dusty toys, dried-up poster paints, a painted clay lump in the bottom of a box.'

Part celebration of both rustic and urban France, part memoir, Thorpe's humorous and precise prose shows a wonderful stylist at work, recalling classics such as Robert Louis Stevenson's Travels with a Donkey in the CÚvennes.

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