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Families in a Global Context (Paperback): Charles B. Hennon, Stephan M Wilson Families in a Global Context (Paperback)
Charles B. Hennon, Stephan M Wilson
R2,088 Discovery Miles 20 880 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Learn what trends and factors are influencing families globally How are families the same or different around the world? Families in a Global Context puts the similarities and differences into perspective, presenting an in-depth comparative analysis of family life in 17 countries around the world. Contributors discuss different countries' family life by using a standard framework to review major influences and patterns. The framework allows readers to do comparative reflection across several countries on a variety of daily living elements, including social and economic forces such as urbanization and modernization, changes in gender/courtship/spousal patterns, and war. This book provides an informative illustration of current as well as future trends of family life worldwide. Each chapter in Families in a Global Context describes customary types of family patterns within each country's social organization and culture. Important social, economic, political, and other trends are explored in detail, and major ethnic, religious, or other subcultures are noted emphasizing marriage and family patterns that differ from the more typical ones. The book is extensively referenced and includes tables to clearly present data. Countries explored in Families in a Global Context include: European countries of Wales, Sweden, Germany, Romania, and Italy African countries of Sierra Leone, South Africa, and Kenya Middle Eastern countries of Turkey and Iran Asian and Oceanian countries of India, China, the Philippines, and Australia Latin American countries of Brazil, Mexico, and Cuba Topics discussed for each country in Families in a Global Context include: demographics mate selection patterns with an emphasis on the dynamics of couple formation marital roles the place and role of children and parenting in families socialization for gender roles differences in education, employment, and other opportunities major stressors affecting families, coping, and adaptation aging and life expectancy issues and much more! Families in a Global Context is an insightful resource for researchers, educators, and advanced undergraduate and graduate students investigating comparative family topics of family life around the world and in cultural context.

Care of the Mentally Disordered Offender in the Community (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Alec Buchanan, Lisa Wootton Care of the Mentally Disordered Offender in the Community (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Alec Buchanan, Lisa Wootton
R1,034 R969 Discovery Miles 9 690 Save R65 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This revised and updated edition of Care of the Mentally Disordered Offender in the Community provides a comprehensive, evidence-based guide to theory and practice. The social and clinical context within which mental health care is provided to offenders in community settings has changed significantly in recent years. An increasing proportion of all mental health care is provided in the community and our knowledge of the links between violence and mental illness has advanced. Existing psychological and pharmacological treatments have been refined and new treatments have been introduced. Epidemiological and intervention-based research has evaluated these changes and suggested new avenues for clinical development. Over three sections, the second edition of Care of the Mentally Disordered Offender in the Community explores the key areas of the field. Part 1 describes the social, administrative and clinical context within which care is now given. Part 2 discusses treatment and the evaluation of violence risk when determining the most appropriate treatment. Part 3 explores psychiatric services and their relationship with other agencies. The text has been updated to cover recent developments in theory and practice. New chapters have been added that cover US provision for people with mental disorders leaving prison, the community management of sexual offenders, the relationship between care and coercion and the treatment of personality disorders. Written by a global team of experts, the book provides critical insights into the social, clinical, and institutional aspects of an increasingly important part of psychiatric community care.

The Foundations of the Welfare State (Hardcover): Robert E. Goodin, Deborah Mitchell The Foundations of the Welfare State (Hardcover)
Robert E. Goodin, Deborah Mitchell
R14,959 Discovery Miles 149 590 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This three-volume compendium reproduces all the key texts on the welfare state - its rise and fall, its varying rationales and instrumentalities, its different forms in different periods and different places. Political history and social theory are interspersed with sociology and economics, and neo-liberal analyses sit alongside socialist and feminist ones, making for an invigorating blend of opposing perspectives. Anglo-American experiences are contrasted not just with those of Germany and Scandinavia but also with Japan and Taiwan, Italy and Hungary, Australia and South Asia, thus highlighting the many distinct styles of welfare states and the distinctive social, economic, political and cultural forces driving them. The juxtaposition of all the standard texts alongside many others which are deeply revealing but virtually unknown makes this an indispensable reference source for all serious students of the welfare state.

See You in Court, Second Edition - A Social Worker's Guide to Presenting Evidence in Care Proceedings (Paperback, 2nd... See You in Court, Second Edition - A Social Worker's Guide to Presenting Evidence in Care Proceedings (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Lynn Davis
R445 Discovery Miles 4 450 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Now fully revised and updated, See You in Court is an accessible guide for social workers on being a witness in care proceedings. This book de-mystifies the court system explaining court structures and procedures, roles and responsibilities and basic rules of evidence. It considers how to present effective written evidence as well as preparing for the court day itself. It answers questions frequently asked by social workers on how to present oral evidence including how to deal with cross-examination. The material is supported by case studies and checklists. Updates to the second edition reflect recent changes to the family court system, a revised Public Law Outline and the increased recognition of social workers as experts in their own right. An essential addition to every social worker's bookshelf, particularly those working with children and families.

Economic Welfare (Hardcover): Tyler Cowen Economic Welfare (Hardcover)
Tyler Cowen
R6,533 Discovery Miles 65 330 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Economic Welfare presents an important collection of leading writings in the fields of policy evaluation. The volume focuses on the conceptual issues behind welfare economics, drawing upon contributions from economics, moral philosophy and social philosophy. The selected readings are designed to present the case both for and against extant approaches to economic welfare. Modern welfare economics comprises three contrasting approaches. Pure Paretianism focuses on cases where everyone is made better off or worse off. This approach commands broad (although not universal) assent but does not apply to most real world choices. Cost-benefit analysis does most of the practical work for economic policy evaluation, but does not offer fully sound foundations. Newer approaches treat economic welfare as either cardinal or measurable in nature, often dropping the traditional strictures against interpersonal utility comparisons. This collection brings together these three approaches, examines their strengths and weaknesses and asks whether they share a common future. Economic Welfare will provide an indispensable reference source for students, academics and practitioners.

Journeys Through Mental Illness - Client Experiences and Understandings of Mental Distress (Paperback, New): Juliet Foster Journeys Through Mental Illness - Client Experiences and Understandings of Mental Distress (Paperback, New)
Juliet Foster
R720 R662 Discovery Miles 6 620 Save R58 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Mental health problems, and the way we understand them, are a perennial source of fascination, but there is a surprising gap in the literature when it comes to mental health service clients' own understandings of mental ill health. At a time when service users' perspectives are increasingly recognised in healthcare, this seminal book highlights the importance of clients' perceptions of all aspects of mental illness. It examines the implications of these understandings, especially in relation to clients' relationships with services.

Globalization and the Welfare State (Hardcover): Ramesh Mishra Globalization and the Welfare State (Hardcover)
Ramesh Mishra
R2,028 Discovery Miles 20 280 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Does globalization mean a race to the bottom in social standards and the inevitable decay of the welfare state? Ramesh Mishra - a leading authority on social policy - examines the implications of globalization in respect of social policy and social standards in advanced industrial countries. Globalization is a form of international neo-liberalism supported by the United States, world markets and organizations such as the IMF and OECD, whose policies are becoming increasingly influential and are putting nation states under pressure to reduce social standards. In this book Ramesh Mishra considers the impact of globalization on full employment and the labour market, income distribution, taxation and social protection in developed capitalist countries. He argues that social standards have declined far more in English speaking countries than in continental Europe and Japan, and that globalization is as much a political and ideological phenomenon as it is economic. In conclusion, Professor Mishra argues the case for a transnational approach to social policy to ensure that social standards rise in line with economic growth. Globalization and the Welfare State is highly accessible and will be welcomed by students and scholars of social policy, social work, political science and sociology as well as by policymakers in international organizations and government.

The Welfare State in Europe - Challenges and Reforms (Hardcover): Marco Buti, Daniele Franco, Lucio R. Pench The Welfare State in Europe - Challenges and Reforms (Hardcover)
Marco Buti, Daniele Franco, Lucio R. Pench
R3,223 Discovery Miles 32 230 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book analyses the main problems in the functioning of the welfare state and possible actions for its reform. Focusing on the European Union, it looks at the achievements of and challenges to the welfare state as we enter the 21st century. The authors consider the general problem of redistribution and how to make it more efficient, by reducing huge benefits and tax disincentives that individuals encounter in different life periods or life choices. In addition, they analyse issues such as: * economic effects of the welfare state * mechanisms for improving incentives in the welfare state * implications of Economic and Monetary Union for the welfare state * options in pension funding * impact of ageing on the pensions systems in the European Union * detailed projections of social expenditure The Welfare State in Europe will be essential reading for those working in the areas of public administration and finance, European studies, social policy, economics and political science. In its provision of policy suggestions it will also be welcomed by policymakers and government advisers.

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 - A Guide for Practice (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition): Robert A. Brown, Paul Barber, Debbie... The Mental Capacity Act 2005 - A Guide for Practice (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition)
Robert A. Brown, Paul Barber, Debbie Martin
R711 R609 Discovery Miles 6 090 Save R102 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 and its accompanying Codes of Practice continue to have a huge impact on mental health professionals working with some of the most vulnerable people throughout England and Wales. Whether you are a Social Worker, Best Interest Assessor, Mental Health Nurse, Doctor, Psychiatrist or an Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP), understanding the Mental Capacity Act and its implications for practice is essential and this indispensable guide will help you do just that. The Mental Capacity Act 2005 is designed to protect and empower individuals who may lack the mental capacity to make their own decisions about their care and treatment and this bestselling book will provide invaluable support to busy practitioners needing to draw on the Act in the following ways: - Sets out the full text of the main body of the Act for quick reference - Contains practical advice and checklists for working with the Act and the main principles and Codes of Practice - Shows how the Mental Health Act and Mental Capacity Act interact so that statutory requirements can be put into practice. Written in a style accessible to all professionals, this fully updated Third Edition has been revised and enlarged to incorporate revisions to the Mental Health Act Code of Practice 2015 and the crucial impact of the Supreme Court decisions in the Cheshire West cases.

A Handbook for the Study of Mental Health - Social Contexts, Theories, and Systems (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition): Teresa L.... A Handbook for the Study of Mental Health - Social Contexts, Theories, and Systems (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition)
Teresa L. Scheid, Eric R Wright
R1,039 Discovery Miles 10 390 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

With chapters written by leading scholars and researchers, the third edition of A Handbook for the Study of Mental Health provides an updated, comprehensive review of the sociology of mental health. The volume presents an overview of the historical, social, and institutional frameworks for understanding mental health and illness. Part I examines the social factors that shape psychiatric diagnosis and the measurement of mental health and illness, the theories that explain the definition and treatment of mental disorders, and cultural variability in mental health. The section addresses the DSM-5 and its potential influence on diagnosis and research on mental health outcomes. Part II investigates the effects of social context on mental health and illness. Part III focuses on the organization, delivery, and social context of mental health treatment. The chapters in Part III address the likely impact of the Affordable Care Act on mental health care. This volume is a key resource for students, researchers, advocates, and policymakers seeking to understand mental health and mental health delivery systems.

The Politics of Post-Industrial Welfare States - Adapting Post-War Social Policies to New Social Risks (Paperback): Klaus... The Politics of Post-Industrial Welfare States - Adapting Post-War Social Policies to New Social Risks (Paperback)
Klaus Armingeon, Giuliano Bonoli
R801 Discovery Miles 8 010 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This new study assesses the welfare state to ask key questions and draw new conclusions about its place in modern society. It shows how the welfare states that we have inherited from the early post-war years had one main objective: to protect the income of the male breadwinner. Today, however, massive social change, in particular the shift from industrial to post-industrial societies and economies, have resulted in new demands being put on welfare states. These demands originate from situations that are typical of the new family and labour market structures that have become widespread in western countries since the 1970s and 1980s, characterised by the clear prevalence of service employment and by the massive entry of women in the labour market. Against this background, this book: * presents a precise and clear definition of 'new social risks'. A concept being increasingly used in welfare state literature. * focuses on the groups that are mostly exposed to new social risks (women, the young, the low-skilled) in order to study their political behaviour. * assesses policymaking processes that can lead to successful adaptation. It covers key areas such as child care, care for elderly people, adapting pensions to atypical career patterns, active labour market policies, and policy making at the EU level. This book will be of great interest for all students and scholars of politics, sociology and the welfare state in particular.

Moving Working Families Forward - Third Way Policies That Can Work (Paperback): Robert Cherry Moving Working Families Forward - Third Way Policies That Can Work (Paperback)
Robert Cherry; As told to Robert I. Lerman
R502 R434 Discovery Miles 4 340 Save R68 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"Cherry and Lerman have written a compelling book that challenges the orthodoxies of both the political `left' and `right', and that promotes a set of policies to improve the economic status of lower-to-middle income working families. All who care about the well-being of working families will learn a great deal from their analysis." -Harry Holzer, Professor of Public Policy, Georgetown University "Offers highly sophisticated proposals for helping working families advance in the wake of welfare reform. Cherry and Lerman are very expert, and they write very well."-Lawrence M. Mead, Professor of Politics and Public Policy, New York University Even as our political system remains deeply divided between right and left, there is a clear yearning for a more moderate third way that navigates an intermediate position to address the most pressing issues facing the United States today. Moving Working Families Forward points to a Third Way between liberals and conservatives, combining a commitment to government expenditures that enhance the incomes of working families while recognizing that concerns for program effectiveness, individual responsibility, and underutilization of market incentives are justified. Robert Cherry and Robert Lerman provide the context to understand the distinctive qualities of Third Way policies, focusing on seven areas that substantially affect working families: immigration, race and gender earnings disparities, education, housing, strengthening partnerships, and federal taxes. Balancing empirical studies with voices of working class people, they offer an important perspective on how public policies should be changed. A timely approach, Moving Working Families Forward makes policy recommendations that are both practical and transformative.

Economic Welfare: Concepts and Measurement (Hardcover): John Creedy Economic Welfare: Concepts and Measurement (Hardcover)
John Creedy
R8,456 Discovery Miles 84 560 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In conducting a rational analysis of public policy, it is very important to quantify the extent of costs and benefits to individuals resulting from changes in taxes and the price level. Economists seek to provide a money measure of the changing welfare facing different types of individuals. There has been a great deal of research activity in this central area of economics in recent years. Economic Welfare: Concepts and Measurement is a two volume collection of the most important previously published papers on economic welfare, supplemented by a lengthy introduction by the editor which defines the basic concepts and places the contributions in context. Topics covered include: the basic concepts of welfare change and excess burden; approximations and marginal changes; marginal welfare cost and cost of funds; empirical measurement.

Organization Practice - A Guide to Understanding Human Service Organizations (Paperback, 2nd Edition): Mary Katherine... Organization Practice - A Guide to Understanding Human Service Organizations (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
Mary Katherine O'Connor, F. Ellen Netting
R1,348 R1,208 Discovery Miles 12 080 Save R140 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Human service organizations are under increasing pressure to demonstrate that their programs work. Organization Practice, Second Edition helps students and professionals in human services and nonprofit management understand complex behaviors in organizations. This new edition provides a new, practical model for understanding cultural identities within organizations. Also, it is significantly revised to include numerous real-world cases, critical thinking questions, empirical support, and engaging exercises. Social workers, as well as public health and nonprofit administrators will benefit from the insights in this book.

Reunification Family Therapy:  A Treatment Manual 2018 (Paperback): Jan Faust Reunification Family Therapy: A Treatment Manual 2018 (Paperback)
Jan Faust
R976 R798 Discovery Miles 7 980 Save R178 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Childhood problems are often related to and exacerbated by the disintegration of the family structure, whether through parental separation and divorce, military service, or incarceration. Reunification therapy is a therapeutic process incorporating different empirically based methods (CBT, humanistic, and systemic) to help repair relationships between parents and children and restore not only physical contact but also meaningful social, emotional, and interpersonal exchanges between parents and children. This unique manual, bringing together the vast experience of the author, outlines the many situations many families currently face and why the need for reunification therapy exists. The therapist works firstly with the individual family members and then with all family members in conjoint sessions. The manual expertly guides clinicians through pretreatment decisions and processes to enable them to decide where, when, and in what form reunification therapy is appropriate, taking into account ethical, legal, and special family issues. Detailed chapters outline the structure and issues for the individual and conjoint sessions, as well as a step-bystep treatment plan template. Additional tools in the Appendix enable clinicians to monitor and effectuate change.

Third Parties - Victims and the Criminal Justice System (Paperback): Leslie Sebba Third Parties - Victims and the Criminal Justice System (Paperback)
Leslie Sebba
R887 Discovery Miles 8 870 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Social Work Practice in Community-Based Health Care (Hardcover): Marcia Egan, Goldie Kadushin Social Work Practice in Community-Based Health Care (Hardcover)
Marcia Egan, Goldie Kadushin
R3,422 R3,239 Discovery Miles 32 390 Save R183 (5%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Make sure your practice skills are up-to-date with the changes brought on by managed care As a result of escalating costs, the focus of health care in the United States has shifted from inpatient, hospital-based care to outpatient care in the community. Social Work Practice in Community-Based Health Care is a comprehensive guide to the knowledge and skills needed to provide effective and efficient practice within a managed-care context that's focused on a diversified, aging consumer population and high-risk health conditions. This unique book examines the essential elements of community health practice, including logic modeling for planning and evaluation, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the use of technology and telemedicine in social work practice. Social Work Practice in Community-Based Health Care presents practical information for social workers in the wake of the insertion of managed care as a "third party" to the relationship between physicians and their patients, and advances in medical care that are transforming previously acute and life-threatening illnesses to chronic conditions. The book offers a critical analysis of available research and model service delivery innovations, applying evidence-based practice to case studies in a style that's easily accessible to practitioners, administrators, supervisors, and social work students. The book also includes glossaries at the end of each chapter and appendices that analyze online resources and address cultural background assessment questions. Topics discussed in Social Work Practice in Community-Based Health Care include: the revolution in funding and delivery evolving trends and healthcare needs of the consumer population a conceptual framework for culturally competent practice the nature of social work in ambulatory health a brief history of healthcare social work emerging practice settings the use of new communication technologies in practice methods for evaluating direct practice ethical considerations current community-based programs for culturally diverse and at-risk populations and much more Social Work Practice in Community-Based Health Care is an important resource for social work practitioners, academics, and students.

The Political Economy of the New Deal (Hardcover): Jim F. Couch, William F. Shughart The Political Economy of the New Deal (Hardcover)
Jim F. Couch, William F. Shughart
R2,218 Discovery Miles 22 180 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Political Economy of the New Deal explores the political and economic forces that shaped the highly uneven distribution of federal emergency relief spending during the Great Depression. It presents new empirical evidence on the Roosevelt administration's response to the Great Depression, and shows how this was influenced more by presidential politics than by the plight of the unemployed millions. The authors apply public choice theory to data produced by the Roosevelt administration to produce an empirical model of New Deal spending decisions. It reassesses the role played by politics in shaping the policies adopted by the New Dealers through a detailed analysis of the distribution of federal emergency relief funds. The authors present new econometric evidence supporting the idea that President Roosevelt used the New Deal to buy electoral votes. They suggest that states with healthier economies attracted disproportionately larger shares of the federal government's relief funds simply because they could afford the programs' costs; and that states whose citizens were in greatest economic need were required to bear more of the cost of financing projects. The results from this analysis suggest that while economic need was certainly not ignored, political considerations dominated the distribution of New Deal dollars. This book examines the origins of the modern American welfare state from a public choice perspective and will be of great interest to economists and political scientists, as well as those interested in the economic history of the United States.

Vroue van Atlantis (Afrikaans, Paperback): Anastasia De Vries, Eldridge Jason Vroue van Atlantis (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Anastasia De Vries, Eldridge Jason
R230 R198 Discovery Miles 1 980 Save R32 (14%) Shipped within 10 - 15 working days

Twaalf ongelooflike vroue wat 地 verskil maak tussen die bendes, die werkloosheid en die koeels. Atlantis is steeds die verlore stad, maar hierdie twaalf vroue se verhale inspireer. Hulle het besluit om nie moed op te gee nie. Hulle stories is die van moed, optimisme en inspirasie. Dit is 地 moetlees vir almal wat glo dat liefde en geloof 地 verskil kan maak. Atlantis aan die Weskus was die breinkind van 地 vorige regering se 電esentralisasiebeleid maar is tans die toonvenster van ontheemding. Uit hierdie wanhoop, brand die twaalf vroue se stories soos fakkelligte in 地 lang, donker nag. Hulle is: Francis Brown, Mary-Ann Cedras, Chrissie Cloete, Mandy Jonker, Christine Lewis, Sylvia Losper, Lenie Maya, Carol Muller, Sillene Oppel, Olivia Pharo, Mary Tenggren en Rachael Watson. Die verhale strek van gemeenskapdiens aan gestremde persone, bejaardes en kankerlyers, rehabilitasie van dwelmafhanklikes, MIV/Vigs-voorkoming en -destigmatisering tot inspirerende vroue wat staan in die onderwys, verpleegdiens, uitsaaiwese, asook 地 sangeres, 地 atleet en 地 tuinier. Die opbrengs van die boek sal deur die Departement Afrikaans en Nederlands, Universiteit Wes-Kaapland (UWK) aangewend word as studentebeurse.

Enterprise and the Welfare State (Paperback, New edition): Martin Rein, Eskil Wadensjo Enterprise and the Welfare State (Paperback, New edition)
Martin Rein, Eskil Wadensjo
R777 Discovery Miles 7 770 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The economic demands of an ageing population, coupled with the crisis of public spending pose one of the greatest challenges to social policy in both the East and West. This book focuses on the political economy of pensions, particularly on the interaction between private and state provision. Enterprise and the Welfare State argues that there is more to welfare than simply provision by the state and so the focus of this book is on the welfare society rather than the welfare state. This requires a new system of statistical accounting and a different focus for case studies. A multidisciplinary approach is used to examine the design of the pensions system in nine countries with different institutional welfare mixes. Using a common conceptual framework, it compares and contrasts the goals and realities of the welfare systems in France, Germany, The Netherlands and Sweden, where strong occupational pensions are in operation, with the more modest welfare states in Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. Each country case study provides a grounded analysis of the evolution of pension design and traces the impact of the policies on the economic well-being of the aged and the performance of the economy. It offers new data on the level of spending of enterprise based occupational pensions and examines the implications for redistribution resulting from changes in the design of state and occupational pensions. This book will be essential reading for academics, students and public policymakers interested in the economics of welfare, social policy and the future of pension provision.

Economics and Social Justice - Essays on Power, Labor and Institutional Change (Hardcover): David M. Gordon Economics and Social Justice - Essays on Power, Labor and Institutional Change (Hardcover)
David M. Gordon; Volume editing by Thomas E Weisskopf, Samuel Bowles
R3,332 Discovery Miles 33 320 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

David Gordon was a pioneer in the burgeoning field of institutional growth economics, introducing the concept of a `social structure of accumulation', and richly illustrating its usefulness with both econometric and historical studies. Gordon also helped to develop the theory of segmented labor markets and contributed to the econometric and historical analysis of their evolution. This authoritative collection of his most influential works - selected and introduced by his two closest collaborators - embraces the full range of his lifelong scholarly endeavor to deploy modern economic reasoning in the cause of social justice. The work opens with an introduction and overview of David Gordon's career and published work. This is followed by his major essays on a great variety of topics, including the economics of crime, urban history, wage stagnation in the US economy, the organization of work, the `top-heavy' modern corporation, the social and institutional determinants of productivity growth and the globalization of economic life, as well as labor market segmentation and the social structure of accumulation. Gordon's synthesis of questions of neo-Marxian and more conventional provenance, and his integration of historical and econometric methods in providing answers, makes Economics and Social Justice a unique and intellectually rewarding analysis of contemporary capitalism.

The Political Economy of Population Ageing (Hardcover, illustrated edition): William A. Jackson The Political Economy of Population Ageing (Hardcover, illustrated edition)
William A. Jackson
R2,032 Discovery Miles 20 320 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Population ageing has been the subject of much discussion in recent years, often expressed in alarmist language that advocates evasive policy action to avert an imminent demographic crisis. This forward-looking book evaluates the debates surrounding population ageing and offers a more optimistic outlook on its effect on the economy. William Jackson initially considers general theoretical approaches to population ageing, particularly in relation to the rising dependency burden. He then goes on to examine traditional topics such as employment, productivity, pensions and social security, along with less traditional topics such as informal care, within the context of long-run structural changes. The author draws on an extensive range of economic literature and considers neoclassical arguments before analysing the issue from a non-neoclassical economic, social gerontological and sociological perspective. He maintains that conventional economic theory tends to overstate the effects of population ageing on the economy. Thus, he argues that while population ageing is a complex issue requiring some policy adjustments, it is a less acute problem than is suggested in popular and academic discussion. This book will be of great importance to scholars and students with an interest in population economics and the economics of social policy.

China's Hidden Children - Abandonment, Adoption, and the Human Costs of the One-Child Policy (Paperback): Kay Ann Johnson China's Hidden Children - Abandonment, Adoption, and the Human Costs of the One-Child Policy (Paperback)
Kay Ann Johnson
R310 R253 Discovery Miles 2 530 Save R57 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In the thirty-five years since China instituted its One-Child Policy, 120,000 children mostly girls have left China through international adoption, including 85,000 to the United States. It's generally assumed that this diaspora is the result of China's approach to population control, but there is also the underlying belief that the majority of adoptees are daughters because the One-Child Policy often collides with the traditional preference for a son. While there is some truth to this, it does not tell the full story a story with deep personal resonance to Kay Ann Johnson, a China scholar and mother to an adopted Chinese daughter. Johnson spent years talking with the Chinese parents driven to relinquish their daughters during the brutal birth-planning campaigns of the 1990s and early 2000s, and, with China's Hidden Children, she paints a startlingly different picture. The decision to give up a daughter, she shows, is not a facile one, but one almost always fraught with grief and dictated by fear. Were it not for the constant threat of punishment for breaching the country's stringent birth-planning policies, most Chinese parents would have raised their daughters despite the cultural preference for sons. With clear understanding and compassion for the families, Johnson describes their desperate efforts to conceal the birth of second or third daughters from the authorities. As the Chinese government cracked down on those caught concealing an out-of-plan child, strategies for surrendering children changed from arranging adoptions or sending them to live with rural family to secret placement at carefully chosen doorsteps and, finally, abandonment in public places. In the twenty-first century, China's so-called abandoned children have increasingly become "stolen" children, as declining fertility rates have left the dwindling number of children available for adoption more vulnerable to child trafficking. In addition, government seizures of locally but illegally adopted children and children hidden within their birth families mean that even legal adopters have unknowingly adopted children taken from parents and sent to orphanages. The image of the "unwanted daughter" remains commonplace in Western conceptions of China. With China's Hidden Children, Johnson reveals the complex web of love, secrecy, and pain woven in the coerced decision to give one's child up for adoption and the profound negative impact China's birth-planning campaigns have on Chinese families.

Essential Interviewing Skills for the Helping Professions - A Social Justice and Wellness Approach (Paperback): Nicole Nicotera Essential Interviewing Skills for the Helping Professions - A Social Justice and Wellness Approach (Paperback)
Nicole Nicotera
R580 Discovery Miles 5 800 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Essential Interviewing Skills for the Helping Professions reaches beyond most other essential skills for clinical interviewing books with its emphasis on social justice, attention to the role of microaggressions in clinical practice, and the upmost importance of practitioner wellness as integral to longevity in the helping professions. Each chapter addresses interviewing skills that are foundational to the helping professions from mental health to physical health, includes detailed exercises, addresses social justice, and discusses practitioner wellness opportunities. Sometimes clients' stories are fraught with trauma, other times their stories are bound within generations of substance addiction or family violence, while other clinical stories present personal and social obstacles that arise from years of oppression at the hands of prejudice and discrimination. This book therefore goes beyond the basic ideas of choosing when to use an open question or to reflect emotions by covering how to integrate social justice and knowledge of power, privilege, and oppression into the interviewing arena. Essential interviewing skills require the practitioner to not only purposefully listen to the client's story, but also to be self-aware and willing to acknowledge mistakes and learn from them. The work of the clinical interviewer is a continuous challenge of balancing listening, responding, action, and self-awareness, and this book is designed to help.

The Handbook of Counselling Children & Young People (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Maggie Robson, Sue Pattison The Handbook of Counselling Children & Young People (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Maggie Robson, Sue Pattison
R796 R682 Discovery Miles 6 820 Save R114 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Expert authors from a wide range of backgrounds bring together the fundamentals of counselling practice with children and young people in this landmark handbook. It covers all your students need to know about theory and practice approaches, the counselling process, and practice issues and settings. This second edition is updated with the latest developments and research in an ever-changing field, and includes new content on: Diversity and difference Mental illness Safeguarding and risk assessment Child and young people's development Attachment theory and application Each chapter includes a chapter introduction and summary, reflective questions and activities, helping trainees to cement their learning. With chapters contributed by leading specialists and academics in the field, this book is essential reading for trainees and practitioners working with children and young people.

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Child Abuse: An evidence base for…
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