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Books > History > European history > From 1900 > Second World War > The Holocaust

Narrative Reflections - How Witnessing Their Stories Changes Our Lives (Paperback): Lucy S. Raizman, Bea Hollander-Goldfein Narrative Reflections - How Witnessing Their Stories Changes Our Lives (Paperback)
Lucy S. Raizman, Bea Hollander-Goldfein
R739 Discovery Miles 7 390 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Narrative Reflections presents a series of poignant personal reflections by mental health professionals, triggered by reading interviews of Holocaust survivors and their families. Inspired by the practice of narrative therapy, these essays bear witness to the experience of survivors and facilitate deeper levels of self-awareness by each of the contributors. In each chapter, the themes of struggle, survival, and resilience demonstrate the power of narrative reflection as well as the role that narrative therapy might play for clinical mental health professionals. Together, co-editors Lucy S. Raizman and Bea Hollander-Goldfein and contributors Kilian Fritsch, Ruthy Kaiser, Peter Capper, Lyn Groome, Margaret S. Roth, and Michael Izzo engaged in a process that put each of them in closer contact with their own lives.

Holocaust to Resistance - My Journey (Paperback): Suzanne Berliner Weiss Holocaust to Resistance - My Journey (Paperback)
Suzanne Berliner Weiss
R408 Discovery Miles 4 080 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Holocaust to Resistance, My Journey is a powerful, awe-inspiring memoir from author and activist Suzanne Berliner Weiss. Born to Jewish parents in Paris in 1941, Suzanne was hidden from the Nazis on a farm in rural France. Alone after the war, she lived in Communist-run orphanages, where she gained a belief in peace and brotherhood. Adoption by a New York family led to a tumultuous youth haunted by domestic conflict, fear of nuclear war and anti-communist repression, consignment to a detention home and magical steps toward relinking with her origins in Europe. At age seventeen, Suzanne became a lifelong social activist, engaged in student radicalization, the Cuban Revolution, and movements for Black Power, women's liberation, peace in Vietnam and freedom for Palestine. Now nearing eighty, Suzanne tells how the ties of friendship, solidarity and resistance that saved her as a child speak to the needs of our planet today.

Remaking Holocaust Memory - Documentary Cinema by Third Generation Survivors in Israel (Paperback): Liat Steir Livny Remaking Holocaust Memory - Documentary Cinema by Third Generation Survivors in Israel (Paperback)
Liat Steir Livny
R847 Discovery Miles 8 470 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

Since the late 1990s in Israel, third-generation Holocaust survivors have become the new custodians of cultural memory, and the documentary films they produce play a major role in shaping a societal consensus of commemoration. In Remaking Holocaust Memory, a pioneering analysis of third-generation Holocaust documentaries in Israel, Steir-Livny investigates compelling films that have been screened in Israel, Europe, and the United States, appeared in numerous international film festivals, and won international awards, but have yet to receive significant academic attention. Steir-Livny's comprehensive investigation reveals how the ""absolute truths"" that appeared in the majority of second-generation films are deconstructed and disputed in the newer films, which do not dismiss their ""cinematic parents' "" approach but rather rethink fixed notions, extend the debates, and pose questions where previously there had been exclamation marks. Steir-Livny also explores the ways in which the third-generation's perspectives on Holocaust memory govern cinematic trends and aesthetic choices, and how these might impact the moral recollection of the past. Finally, Remaking Holocaust Memory serves as an excellent reference tool, as it helpfully lists all of the second- and third-generation films available, as well as the festival screenings and awards they have garnered.

Primo Levi (Spanish, Paperback): Matteo Mastragostino Primo Levi (Spanish, Paperback)
Matteo Mastragostino
R459 R389 Discovery Miles 3 890 Save R70 (15%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days
Life in Transit - Jews in Postwar Lodz, 1945-1950 (Paperback): Shimon Redlich Life in Transit - Jews in Postwar Lodz, 1945-1950 (Paperback)
Shimon Redlich
R822 R425 Discovery Miles 4 250 Save R397 (48%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Life in Transit is the long-awaited sequel to Shimon Redlich's widely acclaimed Together and Apart in Brzezany, in which he discussed his childhood during the War and the Holocaust. Life in Transit tells the story of his adolescence in the city of Lodz in postwar Poland. Redlich's personal memories are placed within the wider historical context of Jewish life in Poland and in Lodz during the immediate postwar years. Lodz in the years 1945-1950 was the second-largest city in the country and the major urban center of the Jewish population. Redlich's research based on conventional sources and numerous interviews indicates that although the survivors still lived in the shadow of the Holocaust, postwar Jewish Lodz was permeated with a sense of vitality and hope.

Personal Engagement and the Holocaust (Hardcover): Noah Benninga, Katrina Stoll Personal Engagement and the Holocaust (Hardcover)
Noah Benninga, Katrina Stoll
R1,375 Discovery Miles 13 750 Ships in 12 - 17 work days
Judy Glickman Lauder: Beyond the Shadows - The Holocaust and the Danish Exception (Hardcover): Judy Glickman Lauder Judy Glickman Lauder: Beyond the Shadows - The Holocaust and the Danish Exception (Hardcover)
Judy Glickman Lauder; Text written by Michael Berenbaum, Judith S Goldstein, Elie Wiesel
R1,098 R912 Discovery Miles 9 120 Save R186 (17%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days
The Book Smugglers - Partisans, Poets, and the Race to Save Jewish Treasures from the Nazis (Paperback): David Fishman The Book Smugglers - Partisans, Poets, and the Race to Save Jewish Treasures from the Nazis (Paperback)
David Fishman
R551 Discovery Miles 5 510 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Winner of the National Jewish Book Award, Holocaust category (2017) Runner-up for the National Jewish Book Award, history category (2017) The Book Smugglers is the nearly unbelievable story of ghetto residents who rescued thousands of rare books and manuscripts-first from the Nazis and then from the Soviets-by hiding them on their bodies, burying them in bunkers, and smuggling them across borders. It is a tale of heroism and resistance, of friendship and romance, and of unwavering devotion-including the readiness to risk one's life-to literature and art. And it is entirely true. Based on Jewish, German, and Soviet documents, including diaries, letters, memoirs, and the author's interviews with several of the story's participants, The Book Smugglers chronicles the daring activities of a group of poets turned partisans and scholars turned smugglers in Vilna, "The Jerusalem of Lithuania." The rescuers were pitted against Johannes Pohl, a Nazi "expert" on the Jews, who had been dispatched to Vilna by the Nazi looting agency, Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg, to organize the seizure of the city's great collections of Jewish books. Pohl and his Einsatzstab staff planned to ship the most valuable materials to Germany and incinerate the rest. The Germans used forty ghetto inmates as slave-laborers to sort, select, pack, and transport the materials, either to Germany or to nearby paper mills. This group, nicknamed "the Paper Brigade," and informally led by poet Shmerke Kaczerginski, a garrulous, street-smart adventurer and master of deception, smuggled thousands of books and manuscripts past German guards. If caught, the men would have faced death by firing squad at Ponar, the mass-murder site outside of Vilna. To store the rescued manuscripts, poet Abraham Sutzkever helped build an underground book-bunker sixty feet beneath the Vilna ghetto. Kaczerginski smuggled weapons as well, using the group's worksite, the former building of the Yiddish Scientific Institute, to purchase arms for the ghetto's secret partisan organization. All the while, both men wrote poetry that was recited and sung by the fast-dwindling population of ghetto inhabitants. With the Soviet "liberation" of Vilna (now known as Vilnius), the Paper Brigade thought themselves and their precious cultural treasures saved-only to learn that their new masters were no more welcoming toward Jewish culture than the old, and the books must now be smuggled out of the USSR. Thoroughly researched by the foremost scholar of the Vilna Ghetto-a writer of exceptional daring, style, and reach-The Book Smugglers is an epic story of human heroism, a little-known tale from the blackest days of the war.

Walter Benjamin's Grave (Paperback, New edition): Michael Taussig Walter Benjamin's Grave (Paperback, New edition)
Michael Taussig
R834 Discovery Miles 8 340 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

In September 1940, Walter Benjamin committed suicide in Port Bou on the Spanish-French border when it appeared that he and his travelling partners would be denied passage into Spain in their attempt to escape the Nazis. In 2002, one of anthropology's - and indeed today's - most distinctive writers, Michael Taussig, visited Benjamin's grave in Port Bou. The result is "Walter Benjamin's Grave," a moving essay about the cemetery, eyewitness accounts of Benjamin's border travails, and the circumstances of his demise. It is the most recent of eight revelatory essays collected in this volume of the same name. "Looking over these essays written over the past decade," writes Taussig, "I think what they share is a love of muted and defective storytelling as a form of analysis. Strange love indeed; love of the wound, love of the last gasp." Although thematically these essays run the gamut - covering the monument and graveyard at Port Bou, discussions of peasant poetry in Colombia, a pact with the devil, the peculiarities of a shaman's body, transgression, the disappearance of the sea, New York City cops, and the relationship between flowers and violence - each shares Taussig's highly individual brand of storytelling, one that depends on a deep appreciation of objects and things as a way to retrieve even deeper philosophical and anthropological meanings. Whether he finds himself in Australia, Colombia, Manhattan, or Spain, in the midst of a book or a beach, whether talking to friends or staring at a monument, Taussig makes clear through these marvelous essays that materialist knowledge offers a crucial alternative to the increasingly abstract, globalized, homogenized, and digitized world we inhabit. Pursuing an adventure that is part ethnography, part autobiography, and part cultural criticism refracted through the object that is Walter Benjamin's grave, Taussig, with this collection, provides his own literary memorial to the twentieth century's greatest cultural critic.

Journey to the Holocaust - Anti-Semitism, the Bible and History (Paperback): Susanna Kokkonen Journey to the Holocaust - Anti-Semitism, the Bible and History (Paperback)
Susanna Kokkonen
R390 Discovery Miles 3 900 Ships in 7 - 11 work days
Journey to Poland - Documentary Landscapes of the Holocaust (Paperback): Maurizio Cinquegrani Journey to Poland - Documentary Landscapes of the Holocaust (Paperback)
Maurizio Cinquegrani
R522 R473 Discovery Miles 4 730 Save R49 (9%) Ships in 10 - 20 work days

Journey to Poland addresses crucial issues of memory and history in relation to the Holocaust as it unfolded in the territories of the Second Polish Republic. Aiming to understand the ways past events inform present-day landscapes, and the way in which we engage with memory, witnessing and representation, the book creates a coherent cinematic map of this landscape through the study of previously neglected film and TV documentaries that focus on survivors and bystanders, as well as on members of the post-war generation. Applying a spatial and geographical approach to a debate previously organised around other frameworks of analysis, Journey to Poland uncovers vital new perspectives on the Holocaust.

A Physician Under the Nazis - Memoirs of Henry Glenwick (Paperback): David Glenwick A Physician Under the Nazis - Memoirs of Henry Glenwick (Paperback)
David Glenwick; Foreword by Thane Rosenbaum
R668 Discovery Miles 6 680 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

A Physician Under the Nazis are the memoirs of the first forty years (1909-1948) of the life of Henry Glenwick. It focuses on his experiences as a physician in Russian-occupied Ukraine after the outbreak of World War II, his return to the Warsaw ghetto, and his subsequent journey through labor and concentration camps in Poland and Germany. Following a post-war period in Displaced Persons camps in Germany, the book concludes with the writer's cross-Atlantic trip to New York and the beginnings of his life in the United States. This memoir provides the rarely-heard perspective on the Holocaust of a Jewish physician who served both Russian and German occupiers during the war.

Escaping Extermination - Hungarian Prodigy to American Musician, Feminist, and Activist (Paperback): Agi Jambor Escaping Extermination - Hungarian Prodigy to American Musician, Feminist, and Activist (Paperback)
Agi Jambor; Edited by Frances Pinter
R414 R351 Discovery Miles 3 510 Save R63 (15%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days

Written shortly after the close of World War II, Escaping Extermination tells the poignant story of war, survival, and rebirth for a young, already acclaimed, Jewish Hungarian concert pianist, Agi Jambor. From the hell that was the siege of Budapest to a fresh start in America. Agi Jambor describes how she and her husband escaped the extermination of Hungary's Jews through a combination of luck and wit. As a child prodigy studying with the great musicians of Budapest and Berlin before the war, Agi played piano duets with Albert Einstein and won a prize in the 1937 International Chopin Piano Competition. Trapped with her husband, prominent physicist Imre Patai, after the Nazis overran Holland, they returned to the illusory safety of Hungary just before the roundup of Jews to be sent to Auschwitz was about to begin. Agi participated in the Resistance, often dressed as a prostitute in seductive clothes and heavy makeup, calling herself Maryushka. Under constant threat by the Gestapo and Hungarian collaborators, the couple was forced out of their flat after Agi gave birth to a baby who survived only a few days. They avoided arrest by seeking refuge in dwellings of friendly Hungarians, while knowing betrayal could come at any moment. Facing starvation, they saw the war end while crouching in a cellar with freezing water up to their knees. After moving to America in 1947, Agi made a brilliant new career as a musician, feminist, political activist, professor, and role model for the younger generation. She played for President Harry Truman in the White House, performed with the Philadelphia Orchestra, and became a recording artist with Capitol Records. Unpublished until now but written in the immediacy of the horrors of World War II and the Holocaust, Escaping Extermination is a story of hope, resilience, and even humor in the fight against evil.

Eyewitness Auschwitz - Three Years in the Gas Chambers (Paperback): Filip Muller Eyewitness Auschwitz - Three Years in the Gas Chambers (Paperback)
Filip Muller
R318 R272 Discovery Miles 2 720 Save R46 (14%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days

Filip Muller came to Auschwitz with one of the earliest transports from Slovakia in April 1942 and began working in the gassing installations and crematoria in May. He was still alive when the gassings ceased in November 1944. He saw millions come and disappear; by sheer luck he survived. Muller is neither a historian nor a psychologist; he is a source one of the few prisoners who saw the Jewish people die and lived to tell about it. Eyewitness Auschwitz is one of the key documents of the Holocaust. Published in association with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. "A shattering, centrally important testimony." from the Foreword by Yehuda Bauer. "A very detailed description of day-to-day life, if we can call it that, in Hell s inmost circle...Having read other books of this kind, I had expected to read this one straight through. But no, Eyewitness Auschwitz is jammed with infernal information too terrible to be taken all at once." Terrence Des Pres, New Republic. "Riveting...It is a tale of unprecedented, incomparable horror. Profoundly, intensely painful; but it is essential reading." Jewish Press Features.

Nazi Crimes and Their Punishment, 1943-1950 - A Short History with Documents (Hardcover): Michael S. Bryant Nazi Crimes and Their Punishment, 1943-1950 - A Short History with Documents (Hardcover)
Michael S. Bryant
R969 Discovery Miles 9 690 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

"With this timely book in Hackett Publishing's Passages series, Michael Bryant presents a wide-ranging survey of the trials of Nazi war criminals in the wartime and immediate postwar period. Introduced by an extensive historical survey putting these proceedings into their international context, this volume makes the case, central to Hackett's collection for undergraduate courses, that these events constituted a 'key moment' that has influenced the course of history. Appended to Bryant's analysis is a substantial section of primary sources that should stimulate student discussion and raise questions that are pertinent to warfare and human rights abuses today." -Michael R. Marrus, Chancellor Rose and Ray Wolfe Professor Emeritus of Holocaust Studies at the University of Toronto

My Dear Ones - One Family and the Final Solution (Paperback): Jonathan Wittenberg My Dear Ones - One Family and the Final Solution (Paperback)
Jonathan Wittenberg 1
R247 R197 Discovery Miles 1 970 Save R50 (20%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

'Moving - at times almost unbearably so - and fascinating' Antonia Fraser A family's story of human tenacity, faith and a race for survival in the face of unspeakable horror and cruelty perpetrated by the Nazi regime against the Jewish people. Growing up in the safety of Britain, Jonathan Wittenberg was deeply aware of his legacy as the child of refugees from Nazi Germany. Yet, like so many others there is much he failed to ask while those who could have answered his questions were still alive. After burying their aunt Steffi in the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives, Jonathan, now a rabbi, accompanies his cousin Michal as she begins to clear the flat in Jerusalem where the family have lived since fleeing Germany in the 1930s. Inside an old suitcase abandoned on the balcony they discover a linen bag containing a bundle of letters left untouched for decades. Jonathan's attention is immediately captivated as he tries to decipher the faded writing on the long-forgotten letters. They eventually draw him into a profound and challenging quest to uncover the painful details of his father's family's history. Through the wartime correspondence of his great-grandmother Regina and his grandmother, aunts and uncles, Jonathan weaves together the strands of an ancient rabbinical family with the history of Europe during the Second World War and the unfolding policies of the Nazis, telling the moving story of a family whose lives are as fragile as the paper on which they write, but whose faith in God remains steadfast.

The Touch of an Angel (Paperback): Henryk Schoenker The Touch of an Angel (Paperback)
Henryk Schoenker; Translated by Scotia Gilroy
R769 Discovery Miles 7 690 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

The Touch of an Angel is the extraordinary story of a child's survival of the Holocaust. Henryk Schoenker was born in 1931 into one of the most prominent and highly esteemed Jewish families of Oswiecim-the Polish town renamed Auschwitz during the German occupation. He and his family managed to flee Oswiecim shortly before the creation of the Auschwitz death camp, and survived the war through sheer luck and a strong will to survive. The Schoenker family's return to Oswiecim in 1945 provides a fascinating glimpse of challenges faced by Jewish people who chose to remain in Poland after the war and attempted to rebuild their lives there. Schoenker's testimony also reveals an astonishing fact: the town of Oswiecim could have become the departure point for a mass emigration of Jewish people instead of the place of their annihilation. Documents included with the narrative provide support for this claim. Although he was only a child at the time, Henryk Schoenker's life experience was the Holocaust. Even so, death and the threat of death are not the focus of this memoir. Instead, Schoenker, with a touching personal style, chooses to focus on how life can defy destruction, how spirituality can protect physical existence, and how real the presence of higher powers can be if one never loses faith. His story has been made into an award-winning documentary film in Polish and German, The Touch of an Angel, directed by Marek T. Pawlowski.

Talking with Angels (Paperback, 4 Revised Edition): Gitta Mallasz Talking with Angels (Paperback, 4 Revised Edition)
Gitta Mallasz
R860 R724 Discovery Miles 7 240 Save R136 (16%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

The true story of four young Hungarians in search of inner meaning at a time of outer upheaval - the holocaust - who encountered luminous forces that helped them find new direction and hope in their shattered lives. These forces, which came to be known as angels, accompanied them for seventeen perilous months, until three of them met their deaths in Nazi concentration camps. Only Gitta Mallasz survived to bring their story and these remarkable dialogues to the world. Gitta Mallasz always rejected any notion of 'authorship' for this book, saying, "I am merely the 'scribe' of the angels."

Defying the Tide - An Account of Authentic Compassion During the Holocaust (Paperback): Reha Sokolow, Al Sokolow Defying the Tide - An Account of Authentic Compassion During the Holocaust (Paperback)
Reha Sokolow, Al Sokolow
R250 Discovery Miles 2 500 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

Ruth Abraham and Maria Nickel would never have met each other if it hadn't been for the Shoah. But when Hitler turned Germany into a cauldron of anti-Semitism, Maria Nickel decided that morality and ethics were more important than even life itself. This story of unbridled compassion made world headlines in May 2000 in Berlin Germany when Ruth, then 87 and recovering from heart bypass surgery, met her friend Maria, 90, for the last time. In 1942 Ruth, eight months pregnant, and on her way to certain death, was stopped by a German woman in a grey coat who offered her food, saying, "Take this. It's the Christmas rations for Germans. I can't have Christmas with my family knowing that you are carrying a baby and don't have enough to eat." Their long and arduous journey together reached its climax when Maria and her husband gave their identity papers to Ruth and Walter and with it the precious gift of life. Reha Sokolow, the daughter of Ruth and Walter, tells the story of her parents' escape from death using the voice of both Maria and Ruth so that the reader begins to understand the many levels of fear, trepidation, and love that was an integral part of the lives of both the saviour and the saved.

Trauma and Resilience in Holocaust Memoir - Strategies of Self-Preservation and Inter-Generational Encounter with Narrative... Trauma and Resilience in Holocaust Memoir - Strategies of Self-Preservation and Inter-Generational Encounter with Narrative (Hardcover)
Shira Birnbaum
R1,729 Discovery Miles 17 290 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Through narrative analysis of the memoirs of six holocaust survivors from a single extended family, Trauma and Resilience in Holocaust Memoir: Strategies of Self-Preservation and Inter-Generational Encounter with Narrative examines strategies of self-preservation of young people exposed to violence and persecution at different ages and life stages. Through the lens of studying resilience in child development, this book describes the striking diversity of holocaust-era experiences and traces the arc of a remarkable global diaspora. Birnbaum argues that stories from the past can enhance understanding of the internal lives of today's young refugees and survivors of violent conflict. Exploring the socio-politics of narrative and memory, this book considers the ways that children of holocaust survivors may honor the past while also allowing a new generation to engage family history in a conversation with contemporary concerns.

Genocide and the Modern Age - Etiology and Cases Studies of Mass Death (Paperback, New edition): Isidor Wallimann, Michael N.... Genocide and the Modern Age - Etiology and Cases Studies of Mass Death (Paperback, New edition)
Isidor Wallimann, Michael N. Dobkowski
R630 Discovery Miles 6 300 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

In the preface to this new edition, authors Isidor Wallimann and Michael N. Dobkowski point out that as we enter a new millennium it is important to take stock of the twentieth century, which has been labled as the "Age of Genocide". This collection is crucial to understanding this phenomenon.

Osnabruck Station to Jerusalem (Hardcover): Helene Cixous Osnabruck Station to Jerusalem (Hardcover)
Helene Cixous; Translated by Peggy Kamuf; Foreword by Eva Hoffman
R513 R429 Discovery Miles 4 290 Save R84 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days

An inventive literary account of Cixous's remarkable journey to her mother's birthplace Winner, French Voices Award for Excellence in Publication and Translation For about eighty years, the Jonas family of Osnabruck were part of a small but vibrant Jewish community in this mid-size city of Lower Saxony. After the war, Osnabruck counted not a single Jew. Most had been deported and murdered in the camps, others emigrated if they could and if they managed to overcome their own inertia. It is this inertia and failure to escape that Helene Cixous seeks to account for in Osnabruck Station to Jerusalem. Vicious anti-Semitism hounded all of Osnabruck's Jews long before the Nazis' rise to power in 1933. So why did people wait to leave when the threat was so patent, so in-their-face? Drawn from the stories told to Cixous by her mother, Eve, and grandmother, Rosalie (Rosi), this literary work reimagines fragments of Eve's and Rosi's stories, including the death of Eve's uncle, Onkel Andre. Piecing together the story of Andreas Jonas from what she was told and from what she envisages, Cixous recounts the tragedy of the one she calls the King Lear of Osnabruck, who followed his daughter to Jerusalem only to be sent away by her and to return to Osnabruck in time to be deported to a death camp. Cixous wanders the streets of the city she had heard about all her life in her mother's and grandmother's stories, digs into its archives, meets city officials, all the while wondering if she should have come. These hesitations and reflections in the present, often voiced in dialogues staged with her own son or daughter, are woven with scenes from her childhood in Algeria and the half-remembered, half-invented stories of the Jonas family, making Osnabruck Station to Jerusalem one of the author's most intensely engaging books. This work received the French Voices Award for excellence in publication and translation. French Voices is a program created and funded by the French Embassy in the United States and FACE (French American Cultural Exchange).

The War Came to Me - A Story of Endurance and Survival (Paperback): Eva Broessler Weissman, Gregory Moore The War Came to Me - A Story of Endurance and Survival (Paperback)
Eva Broessler Weissman, Gregory Moore
R762 Discovery Miles 7 620 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

The War Came to Me is a testament to the many persons throughout Europe that risked their lives to save Jews from the extermination effort by the Nazis. This book tells the story of the courageous and compassionate Dutch citizens who helped two young Austrian sisters avoid deportation to the death camps where they almost certainly would have perished. The sisters, Eva and Ruth, were sent by their parents to the Netherlands in order to escape the increasing persecution of Jews in their homeland. They would endure years of separation from their parents and each other, before the family was eventually reunited. Through the daring efforts of these Dutch families, Eva and Ruth were able to escape Nazi persecution and survive the war. Their story serves as a reminder that the best of humanity can be discovered even in the darkest of times.

In Our Hearts We Were Giants (Paperback, First Trade Paper Edition): Eilat Negev, Yehuda Koren In Our Hearts We Were Giants (Paperback, First Trade Paper Edition)
Eilat Negev, Yehuda Koren
R404 R368 Discovery Miles 3 680 Save R36 (9%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days

This remarkable, never-before-told account of the Ovitz family, seven of whose ten members were dwarfs, bears witness to the best and worst of humanity and to the terrible irony of the Ovitzes' fate: being burdened with dwarfism helped them endure the Holocaust. Through dogged research and interviews with Perla, the youngest Ovitz daughter and last surviving sibling, and other relatives, authors Yehuda Koren and Eilat Negev weave the tale of a beloved and successful family of performers who were popular entertainers in Central Europe until the Nazis deported them to Auschwitz in May 1944. Descending from the transport train into the hell of the concentration camp, the Ovitz family-known widely as the Lilliput Troupe-was separated from other Jewish victims. When Dr. Josef Mengele was then notified of their arrival, he assigned them to sequestered quarters. His horrific "research" on twins and other genetically unique individuals already under way, Mengele had special plans for the Ovitzes. The authors chronicle Mengele's loathsome experiments upon the family members, the disturbing fondness he developed for these small people, and their interminable will to make it out alive. Dozens of telling photographs are included in this horrifying yet remarkable tale of survival.

Holocaust - The Nazis' Wartime Jewish Atrocities (Hardcover): Stephen Wynn Holocaust - The Nazis' Wartime Jewish Atrocities (Hardcover)
Stephen Wynn
R355 R305 Discovery Miles 3 050 Save R50 (14%) Ships in 5 - 10 work days

The Holocaust is without doubt one of the most abhorrent and despicable events not only of the Second World War, but of the twentieth century. What makes it even more staggering is that it was not perpetrated by just one individual, but by thousands of men and women who had become part of the Nazi ideology and belief that Jews were responsible for all of their woes. This book looks at the build up to the Second World War, from the time of Hitler's appointment as Chancellor of Germany in January 1933, as the Nazi Party rose to power in a country that was still struggling to recover politically, socially and financially from the aftermath of the First World War, whilst at the same time, through the enactment of a number of laws, making life extremely difficult for German Jews. Some saw the dangers ahead for Jews in Germany and did their best to get out, some managed to do so, but millions more did not. The book then moves on to look at a wartime Nazi Germany and how the dislike of the Jews had gone from painting the star of David on shop windows, to their mass murder in the thousands of concentration camp that were scattered throughout Germany. As well as the camps, it looks at some of those who were culpable for the atrocities that were carried out in the name of Nazism. Not all those who were murdered lost their lives in concentration camps. Some were killed in massacres, some in ghettos and some by the feared and hated Einsatzgruppen.

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