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Music in the Present Tense - Rossini's Italian Operas in Their Time (Hardcover): Emanuele Senici Music in the Present Tense - Rossini's Italian Operas in Their Time (Hardcover)
Emanuele Senici
R1,076 Discovery Miles 10 760 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

In the early 1800s, Rossini's operas permeated Italian culture, from the opera house to myriad arrangements heard in public and private. But after Rossini stopped composing new works there was a sharp decline in popularity that drove most of his works out of the repertory. In the past half century, they have made a spectacular return to operatic stages worldwide, but this newly found fame has not been accompanied by a comparable critical reevaluation. Emanuele Senici's new book provides a fresh look at the motives behind the Rossinian furore and its aftermath by placing his works into the culture and society in which they were conceived, performed, seen, heard, and discussed. The book does so by situating the operas firmly in the context of the social practices, cultural formations, ideological currents, and political events of nineteenth-century Italy, revealing how Rossini's dramaturgy emerges as a radically new and specifically Italian reaction to the epoch-making changes witnessed in Europe at the time. The first book-length study of Rossini's Italian operas to appear in English, Music in the Present Tense opens up new ways to explore nineteenth-century music and addresses crucial issues in the history of modernity such as trauma, repetition, and the healing power of theatricality.

The Street Where I Live - A Memoir (Paperback): Alan J. Lerner The Street Where I Live - A Memoir (Paperback)
Alan J. Lerner
R375 Discovery Miles 3 750 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

The Street Where I Live is at once an intimate biography of three great shows-My Fair Lady, Gigi, and Camelot-and a candid account of the life and times of Alan J. Lerner, one of America's most acclaimed and popular lyricists. Large-hearted, humorous, and often poignant in its reverence for a celebrated era in the American theater, this is the story of what Lerner calls "the sundown of wit, eccentricity, and glamour." Try as he might to keep himself out of these pages, Lerner reveals himself to be a man of great talent, laughter, and love. Along the way, we meet a sensational supporting cast: Moss Hart, Fritz Loewe, Julie Andrews, Richard Burton, Rex Harrison, Cecil Beaton, Louis Jourdan, and Maurice Chevalier, to name a few. They are seen in moments of triumph and disaster, but all are professionals at the creation of theater. And the creation of theater is the matrix of this wonderful book. Included are the complete lyrics to My Fair Lady, Gigi, and Camelot.

Trittico in Full Score (Paperback): Giacomo Puccini Trittico in Full Score (Paperback)
Giacomo Puccini
R810 R678 Discovery Miles 6 780 Save R132 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days

The composer's gifts for lush melody, rapturous lyricism and electrifying drama are evident in Il Trittico ("Triptych"), three highly individual one-act operas patterned after the Parisian Grand Guignol's three-part scheme of horror, tragedy and farce. Reprinted from authoritative early scores. Lists of Characters. Instrumentation.

In the Wake of Medea - Neoclassical Theater and the Arts of Destruction (Paperback): Juliette Cherbuliez In the Wake of Medea - Neoclassical Theater and the Arts of Destruction (Paperback)
Juliette Cherbuliez
R606 Discovery Miles 6 060 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

In the Wake of Medea examines the violence of seventeenth-century French political dramas. French tragedy has traditionally been taken to be a passionless, cerebral genre that refused all forms of violence. This book explores the rhetorical, literary, and performance strategies through which violence persists, contextualizing it in a longer literary and philosophical history from Ovid to Pasolini. The mythological figure of Medea, foreigner who massacres her brother, murders kings, burns down Corinth, and kills her own children, exemplifies the persistence of violence in literature and art. A refugee who is welcomed yet feared, who confirms the social while threatening its integrity, Medea offers an alternative to western philosophy's ethical paradigm of Antigone. The Medean presence, Cherbuliez shows, offers a model of radically persistent and disruptive outsiderness, both for classical theater and for its wake in literary theory. In the Wake of Medea explores a range of artistic strategies integrating violence into drama, from rhetorical devices like ekphrasis to dramaturgical mechanisms like machinery, all of which involve temporal disruption. The full range of this Medean presence is explored in treatments of the character Medea and in works figuratively invoking a Medean presence, from the well-known tragedies of Racine and Corneille through a range of other neoclassical political theater, including spectacular machine plays, Neo-Stoic parables, didactic Christian theater. In the Wake of Medea recognizes the violence within these tragedies to explain why violence remains so integral to literature and arts today.

Teaching Postdramatic Theatre - Anxieties, Aporias and Disclosures (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018): Glenn D'Cruz Teaching Postdramatic Theatre - Anxieties, Aporias and Disclosures (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Glenn D'Cruz
R2,278 R2,130 Discovery Miles 21 300 Save R148 (6%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

This book explores the concept and vocabulary of postdramatic theatre from a pedagogical perspective. It identifies some of the major anxieties and paradoxes generated by teaching postdramatic theatre through practice, with reference to the aesthetic, cultural and institutional pressures that shape teaching practices. It also presents a series of case studies that identify the pedagogical fault lines that expose the power-relations inherent in teaching (with a focus on the higher education sector as opposed to actor training institutions). It uses auto-ethnography, performance analysis and critical theory to assist university teachers involved in directing theatre productions to deepen their understanding of the concept of postdramatic theatre.

The Politics of Princely Entertainment - Music and Spectacle in the Lives of Lorenzo Onofrio and Maria Mancini Colonna... The Politics of Princely Entertainment - Music and Spectacle in the Lives of Lorenzo Onofrio and Maria Mancini Colonna (Hardcover)
Valeria De Lucca
R1,166 Discovery Miles 11 660 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Throughout early modern Europe, patronage became a means for the dominant classes to highlight their wealth, intellectual finesse, and cultural and political agendas, particularly within the court and religious institutions. Musical events like operas and carnival parades were an especially essential component of this patronage. However, the ways in which music patronage changed during the second half of the seventeenth century have largely remained underexplored. At the time, profound social and cultural transformations influenced the production and consumption of music in radical and permanent ways, not least through the influence of the Colonna family - Prince Lorenzo Onofrio Colonna and his wife Maria Mancini. Two of the most active patrons of seventeenth-century Italy, they were particularly active in the musical life of Rome. Through their sponsorship of an unprecedented number of operas, serenatas, and oratorios, they supported the careers of the most prominent composers, librettists, and musicians of the period. A new exploration of this period of music patronage, The Politics of Princely Entertainment follows Lorenzo Onofrio and Maria beyond the borders of Rome and through their far-reaching personal and institutional travels - to Venice, Naples, and the Kingdom of Aragon. Author Valeria De Lucca traces the journeys of not only scores and librettos, but also the singers, composers, and librettists whose art reached these distant corners of Europe through the Colonna family's patronage activities. The Politics of Princely Entertainment is a welcome addition to scholarly understanding of music patronage beyond traditional boundaries of gender, geography, and institutions.

Using the Sky - a dance (Paperback): Deborah Hay Using the Sky - a dance (Paperback)
Deborah Hay
R661 Discovery Miles 6 610 Ships in 10 - 20 work days

In the mid 1990's Deborah Hay's work took a new turn. From her early experiments with untrained dancers, and after a decade of focusing on solo work, the choreographer began to explore new grounds of choreographic notation and transmission by working with experienced performers and choreographers. Using the Sky: a dance follows a similar path as Hay's previous books-Lamb at the Altar and My Body the Buddhist-by exploring her unrelenting quest for ways to both define and rethink her choreographic imagery through a broad range of alternately intimate, descriptive, poetic, analytical and often playful engagement with language and writing. This book is a reflection on the experiments that Hay set up for herself and her collaborators, and the ideas she discovered while choreographing four dances, If I Sing to You (2008), No Time to Fly (2010), A Lecture on the Performance of Beauty (2003), and the solo My Choreographed Body (2014). The works are revisited by unfolding a trove of notes and journal entries, resulting in a dance score in its own right, and providing an insight into Hay's extensive legacy and her profound influence on the current conversations in contemporary performance arts.

Stage and Picture in the English Renaissance - The Mirror up to Nature (Hardcover): John H. Astington Stage and Picture in the English Renaissance - The Mirror up to Nature (Hardcover)
John H. Astington
R2,012 Discovery Miles 20 120 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

This book presents a new approach to the relationship between traditional pictorial arts and the theatre in Renaissance England. Demonstrating the range of visual culture in evidence from the mid-sixteenth to mid-seventeenth century, from the grandeur of court murals to the cheap amusement of woodcut prints, John H. Astington shows how English drama drew heavily on this imagery to stimulate the imagination of the audience. He analyses the intersection of the theatrical and the visual through such topics as Shakespeare's Roman plays and the contemporary interest in Roman architecture and sculpture; the central myth of Troy and its widely recognised iconography; scriptural drama and biblical illustration; and the emblem of the theatre itself. The book demonstrates how the art that surrounded Shakespeare and his contemporaries had a profound influence on the ways in which theatre was produced and received.

Wagner - L'Opera Hors de Soi: La Pensee et L'art (French, Hardcover): Charles Mela, Christophe Imperiali Wagner - L'Opera Hors de Soi: La Pensee et L'art (French, Hardcover)
Charles Mela, Christophe Imperiali
R1,013 Discovery Miles 10 130 Ships in 12 - 17 work days
Historical Dictionary of Modern Japanese Literature and Theater (Hardcover): Scott J Miller Historical Dictionary of Modern Japanese Literature and Theater (Hardcover)
Scott J Miller
R2,268 Discovery Miles 22 680 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

With the Meiji Restoration in 1868, Japan opened its doors to the West and underwent remarkable changes as it sought to become a modern nation. Accompanying the political changes that Western trade ushered in were widespread social and cultural changes. Newspapers, novels, poems, and plays from the Western world were soon adapted and translated into Japanese. The combination of the rich storytelling tradition of Japan with the realism and modernism of the West produced some of the greatest literature of the modern age. Historical Dictionary of Modern Japanese Literature and Theater presents a broad perspective on the development and history of literature narrative, poetry, and drama in modern Japan. This book offers a chronology, introduction, bibliography, and over 400 cross-referenced dictionary entries on authors, literary and historical developments, trends, genres, and concepts that played a central role in the evolution of modern Japanese literature."

Theory for Theatre Studies: Memory (Hardcover): Milija Gluhovic Theory for Theatre Studies: Memory (Hardcover)
Milija Gluhovic
R1,206 Discovery Miles 12 060 Ships in 10 - 20 work days

Why has memory become such an important political tool in response to the challenges of modernity? How can performance be used to probe and recuperate aspects of the past, and what are the ethical and political questions that arise when it does so? And how should the discipline of theatre studies define and deploy the term 'memory' theoretically and in practice? Theory for Theatre Studies: Memory provides a comprehensive introduction to the intersections between contemporary theatre and performance, the field of memory studies and the politics of memory across the globe. Beginning by offering a fresh critical snapshot of the major theoretical foundations for the study of memory today, the author presents vivid theatrical examples drawn from a wide variety of cultural contexts and compellingly illustrates the centrality of memory for the theatre as well as the vital role of theatre in transmitting individual and collective memories. Featuring in-depth case studies of a range of performance works - including Lola Arias's Minefield, Yael Ronen's Common Ground and Robert Lepage's The Seven Streams of the River Ota - it explores how theatre artists have grappled with issues of memory and the tensions between memory and history. A final section examines the problematics of memory in a global context by exploring the subject of migration/immigration. Memory is supported by further online resources including section overviews and discussion questions. Online resources to accompany this book are available at: https://www.bloomsbury.com/theory-for-theatre-studies-memory-9781474246651/

From Silence - Finding Calm in a Dissonant World (Hardcover): From Silence - Finding Calm in a Dissonant World (Hardcover)
R529 Discovery Miles 5 290 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

A powerful and thought provoking memoir from one of the world's most successful orchestral conductors, whose life story, talent and dedication to music is an inspiration to read. A tragic car accident when Welser-Moest was a student shaped both his career and approach to music in the most profound and unexpected way, while the book documents an insider's view of the complex relationships between an opera house, its orchestra, the conductor and singers, and the creative struggle by all these parts to achieve perfection in every performance. Welser-Moest's book was published in Austria in July 2020 and rapidly became a no 1 bestseller. It remains a bestseller in the German language today. This edition will satisfy all lovers of opera and classical music who are English language readers.

Our American Cousin - A three-act play written by English playwright Tom Taylor (Paperback): Tom Taylor Our American Cousin - A three-act play written by English playwright Tom Taylor (Paperback)
Tom Taylor
R311 R279 Discovery Miles 2 790 Save R32 (10%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days
The Audience & The Playwright - How to Get the Most Out of Live Theatre (Hardcover, New): Mayo Simon The Audience & The Playwright - How to Get the Most Out of Live Theatre (Hardcover, New)
Mayo Simon
R471 Discovery Miles 4 710 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

(Applause Books). Have you ever noticed how clever you feel in the theatre? You get the joke when no one on the stage is laughing. You see the threat that no one on the stage seems to notice. You weep when leading characters do not shed a tear. Sometimes you feel an almost God-like understanding of people and events. Who put you in this privileged position? The Audience & The Playwright analyzes the tactics used by all playwrights, from Sophocles to David Mamet, to give the audience extraordinary powers and a unique role that it will play perfectly and without rehearsal. Structured as an evening in the theatre, the book is analytical but straightforward, serious but entertaining. A working playwright's view of what really happens between the stage and the audience, from the beginning of the play until the end, it is a book for the serious theatregoer, as well as a book for the college classroom. "Mayo Simon would be a wonderful opening night date. He knows the theatre like the palm of his hand, loves it, and articulates it. Short of Mayo as a date, this book is your best companion." Jon Jory Professor of Acting & Directing, University of Washington School of Drama

An Introduction To The Theatre Arts (Paperback): Jacques Compton An Introduction To The Theatre Arts (Paperback)
Jacques Compton
R236 R202 Discovery Miles 2 020 Save R34 (14%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Drama in schools is growing in popularity in the Commonwealth Caribbean. The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) has now included Theatre Arts as one of its subjects, and an increasing number of secondary school students are now taking part. This essential resource book introduces teachers to various aspects of Theatre Arts and helps to prepare students taking the subject for CXC. It will also be useful to the many amateur theatre groups throughout the Caribbean and will assist them to better understand the intricacies of theatrical productions.

Chekhov's Letters - Biography, Context, Poetics (Paperback): Carol Apollonio, Radislav Lapushin Chekhov's Letters - Biography, Context, Poetics (Paperback)
Carol Apollonio, Radislav Lapushin; Contributions by Carol Apollonio, Rosamund Bartlett, Liya Bushkanets, …
R828 Discovery Miles 8 280 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Of the thirty volumes in the authoritative Academy edition of Chekhov's collected works, fully twelve are devoted to the writer's letters. This is the first book in English or Russian addressing this substantial-though until now neglected-epistolary corpus. The majority of the essays gathered here represent new contributions by the world's major Chekhov scholars, written especially for this volume, or classics of Russian criticism appearing in English for the first time. The introduction addresses the role of letters in Chekhov's life and characterizes the writer's key epistolary concerns. After a series of essays addressing publication history, translation, and problems of censorship, scholars analyze the letters' generic qualities that draw upon, variously, prose, poetry, and drama. Individual thematic studies focus on the letters as documents reflecting biographical, cultural, and philosophical issues. The book culminates in a collection of short, at times lyrical, essays by eminent scholars and writers addressing a particularly memorable Chekhov letter. Chekhov's Letters appeals to scholars, writers, and theater professionals, as well to a general audience.

The Oxford Handbook of the Operatic Canon (Hardcover): Cormac Newark, William Weber The Oxford Handbook of the Operatic Canon (Hardcover)
Cormac Newark, William Weber
R3,313 Discovery Miles 33 130 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Opera has always been a vital and complex mixture of commercial and aesthetic concerns, of bourgeois politics and elite privilege. In its long heyday in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, it came to occupy a special place not only among the arts but in urban planning, too - this is, perhaps surprisingly, often still the case. The Oxford Handbook of the Operatic Canon examines how opera has become the concrete edifice it was never meant to be, by tracing its evolution from a market entirely driven by novelty to one of the most canonic art forms still in existence. Throughout the book, a lively assembly of musicologists, historians, and industry professionals tackle key questions of opera's past, present, and future. Why did its canon evolve so differently from that of concert music? Why do its top ten titles, all more than a century old, now account for nearly a quarter of all performances worldwide? Why is this system of production becoming still more top-heavy, even while the repertory seemingly expands, notably to include early music? Topics range from the seventeenth century to the present day, from Russia to England and continental Europe to the Americas. To reflect the contested nature of many of them, each is addressed in paired chapters. These complement each other in different ways: by treating the same geographical location in different periods, by providing different national or regional perspectives on the same period, or by thinking through similar conceptual issues in contrasting or changing contexts. Posing its questions in fresh, provocative terms, The Oxford Handbook of the Operatic Canon challenges scholarly assumptions in music and cultural history, and reinvigorates the dialogue with an industry that is, despite everything, still growing.

This House (Paperback): James Graham This House (Paperback)
James Graham; Edited by Nicholas Holden
R330 Discovery Miles 3 300 Ships in 10 - 20 work days

For the first time, this play - first performed in 2012 at the National Theatre - is published in the Methuen Drama Student Edition series. It features commentary & notes by Nicholas Holden, Lecturer in Drama at the University of Greenwich, UK, that help the student unpack the play's social, political and cultural context, as well as its themes, language, structure and production history. In tough times, the British do what we have always done. We muddle through. This House is a razor-sharp political comedy exploring Westminster and the 1974 British hung parliament, which provides a timely historical correlative to the current political climate. It's the play that secured the then-30-year-old James Graham's reputation as one of the UK's most important and revered dramatists, gaining critical acclaim, enjoying a sell-out run at the National Theatre's Olivier in 2013 and being revived in the West End in 2017, when it was Olivier-nominated. With well-paced, witty and waspish dialogue, it explores the childish digs and chauvinistic attitudes that have riddled political life both then and continue to do so now.

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf - From Flower Maiden to Marschallin (Hardcover): Kirsten Liese Elisabeth Schwarzkopf - From Flower Maiden to Marschallin (Hardcover)
Kirsten Liese
R610 Discovery Miles 6 100 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Dame Schwarzkopf (1915-2006) was a Flower Maiden in Wagner's "Parsifal" in her opera debut. As Marchallin in Strauss' "Rosenkavalier" she made history. This book is a homage to one of the greatest singers of the last century. Honored by Queen Elisabeth II, she not only posessed an unmistakable timbre, but also a bewitching beauty.This pictorial volume, on which the soprano collaborated right up until the time of her sudden death, contains hundreds of costume and portrait photographs from her private estate that together provide a lasting reflection of her personality and elegance. The core pictures were taken by the Viennese photographer to the stars, Lillian Fayer, who for many years was the trusted companion of Elisabeth Schwarzkopf.

The Director's Eye - A Comprehensive Textbook For Directors And Actors (Paperback, 1st ed): John Ahart The Director's Eye - A Comprehensive Textbook For Directors And Actors (Paperback, 1st ed)
John Ahart
R642 R534 Discovery Miles 5 340 Save R108 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days

Can a theatre class textbook be both inspirational and informative? Yes! This holistic book on directing and acting does it all. Students will keep it as a lifelong career reference on how to make things work. Written subjectively, it's based on nearly a half-century of teaching and directing. A text that compels involvement in all the layers of creating memorable theatre. Thirty-five chapters in seven sections with assignments and convenient section summaries make it a complete semester course. This text is far more than "how-to." It's a narrative about artistic discovery. Experientially it reveals how to joit lagging imaginations into an ensemble of lively and involved performers. Adaptable for use by student directors and actors from secondary to graduate level. Recommended by leading theatre educators as the text they've been waiting for. Sample chapters: The Nature of Theatre, Finding Dramatic Action, Pinter Sketches, Rehearsal Rhythm, Memorization, Scenes from Waiting for Godot, Introduction to Style, Comedy Nuts and Bolts, Theatrical Space.

Il Vagabondo: An Urban Opera - A Tale of Gusto and Enchantment, Adaptation, Loss, and Preserving the Old Ways of Making a Life... Il Vagabondo: An Urban Opera - A Tale of Gusto and Enchantment, Adaptation, Loss, and Preserving the Old Ways of Making a Life (Paperback)
Glenn Carley
R492 Discovery Miles 4 920 Ships in 12 - 17 work days
The Richmond Theater Fire - Early America's First Great Disaster (Hardcover, New): Meredith Henne Baker The Richmond Theater Fire - Early America's First Great Disaster (Hardcover, New)
Meredith Henne Baker
R976 Discovery Miles 9 760 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

On the day after Christmas in 1811, the state of Virginia lost its governor and almost one hundred citizens in a devastating nighttime fire that consumed a Richmond playhouse. During the second act of a melodramatic tale of bandits, ghosts, and murder, a small fire kindled behind the backdrop. Within minutes, it raced to the ceiling timbers and enveloped the audience in flames. The tragic Richmond Theater fire would inspire a national commemoration and become its generation's defining disaster.

A vibrant and bustling city, Richmond was synonymous with horse races, gambling, and frivolity. The gruesome fire amplified the capital's reputation for vice and led to an upsurge in antitheater criticism that spread throughout the country and across the Atlantic. Clerics in both America and abroad urged national repentance and denounced the stage, a sentiment that nearly destroyed theatrical entertainment in Richmond for decades. Local churches, by contrast, experienced a rise in attendance and became increasingly evangelical.

In The Richmond Theater Fire, the first book about the event and its aftermath, Meredith Henne Baker explores a forgotten catastrophe and its wide societal impact. The story of transformation comes alive through survivor accounts of slaves, actresses, ministers, and statesmen. Investigating private letters, diaries, and sermons, among other rare or unpublished documents, Baker views the event and its outcomes through the fascinating lenses of early nineteenth-century theater, architecture, and faith, and reveals a rich and vital untold story from America's past.

Ideology in Britten's Operas (Hardcover): J.P.E. Harper-Scott Ideology in Britten's Operas (Hardcover)
J.P.E. Harper-Scott
R1,922 Discovery Miles 19 220 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

This thematic examination of Britten's operas focuses on the way that ideology is presented on stage. To watch or listen is to engage with a vivid artistic testament to the ideological world of mid-twentieth-century Britain. But it is more than that, too, because in many ways Britten's operas continue to proffer a diagnosis of certain unresolved problems in our own time. Only rarely, as in Peter Grimes, which shows the violence inherent in all forms of social and psychological identification, does Britten unmistakably call into question fundamental precepts of his contemporary ideology. This has not, however, prevented some writers from romanticizing Britten as a quiet revolutionary. This book argues, in contrast, that his operas, and some interpretations of them, have obscured a greater social and philosophical complicity that it is timely - if at the same time uncomfortable - for his early twenty-first-century audiences to address.

Dear Jack, Dear Louise (Paperback): Ken Ludwig Dear Jack, Dear Louise (Paperback)
Ken Ludwig
R292 Discovery Miles 2 920 Ships in 7 - 11 work days
Imagining Reperformance in Ancient Culture - Studies in the Traditions of Drama and Lyric (Hardcover): Richard Hunter, Anna... Imagining Reperformance in Ancient Culture - Studies in the Traditions of Drama and Lyric (Hardcover)
Richard Hunter, Anna Uhlig
R1,940 Discovery Miles 19 400 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

This book offers a series of studies of the idea and practice of reperformance as it affects ancient lyric poetry and drama. Special attention is paid to the range of phenomena which fall under the heading 'reperformance', to how poets use both the reality and the 'imaginary' of reperformance to create a deep temporal sense in their work and to how audiences use their knowledge of reperformance conditions to interpret what they see and hear. The studies range in scope from Pindar and fifth-century tragedy and comedy to the choral performances and reconstructions of the Imperial Age. All chapters are informed by recent developments in performance studies, and all Greek and Latin is translated.

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