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Pioneering History on Two Continents - An Autobiography (Hardcover): Bruce F Pauley Pioneering History on Two Continents - An Autobiography (Hardcover)
Bruce F Pauley
R834 R688 Discovery Miles 6 880 Save R146 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days

An award-winning historian of antisemitism, Nazism, and totalitarianism draws on his family and personal history to examine the lives of Volga Germans during the 18th century, the pioneering experiences of his family in late 19th-century Nebraska, and the dramatic transformations influencing thehistory profession during the second half of the 20th century. An intimate look at the shifting approaches to the historian's craft during a volatile period of world history.

Beyond Truman - Robert H. Ferrell and Crafting the Past (Hardcover): Douglas A Dixon Beyond Truman - Robert H. Ferrell and Crafting the Past (Hardcover)
Douglas A Dixon
R1,637 Discovery Miles 16 370 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

This study draws on the life of renowned historian, Robert H. Ferrell, to explore issues related to the history profession. Ferrell's life story contextualizes postmodernism, the New Left, and the challenges of crafting history. The author analyzes Ferrell's biases, examining distinctions between his morals and actions as well as his private and public life. This book provides crucial insight into the subjectivity of history, the boundaries of the discipline, and the effects of historians' social lives on their work.

Reencounters - On the Korean War and Diasporic Memory Critique (Paperback): Crystal Mun-hye Baik Reencounters - On the Korean War and Diasporic Memory Critique (Paperback)
Crystal Mun-hye Baik
R646 Discovery Miles 6 460 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

In Reencounters,Crystal Mun-hye Baik examines what it means to live with and remember an ongoing war when its manifestations-hypervisible and deeply sensed-become everyday formations delinked from militarization. Contemplating beyond notions of inherited trauma and post memory, Baik offers the concept of reencounters to better track the Korean War's illegible entanglements through an interdisciplinary archive of diasporic memory works that includes oral history projects, performances, and video installations rarely examined by Asian American studies scholars. Baik shows how Korean refugee migrations are repackaged into celebrated immigration narratives, how transnational adoptees are reclaimed by the South Korean state as welcomed "returnees," and how militarized colonial outposts such as Jeju Island are recalibrated into desirable tourist destinations. Baik argues that as the works by Korean and Korean/American artists depict this Cold War historiography, they also offer opportunities to remember otherwise the continuing war. Ultimately, Reencounters wrestles with questions of the nature of war, racial and sexual violence, and neoliberal surveillance in the twenty-first century.

A Companion to Public History (Hardcover): David M Dean A Companion to Public History (Hardcover)
David M Dean
R3,178 Discovery Miles 31 780 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

An authoritative overview of the developing field of public history reflecting theory and practice around the globe This unique reference guides readers through this relatively new field of historical inquiry, exploring the varieties and forms of public history, its relationship with popular history, and the ways in which the field has evolved internationally over the past thirty years. Comprised of thirty-four essays written by a group of leading international scholars and public history practitioners, the work not only introduces readers to the latest scholarly academic research, but also to the practice and pedagogy of public history. It pays equal attention to the emergence of public history as a distinct field of historical inquiry in North America, the importance of popular history and 'history from below' in Europe and European colonial-settler states, and forms of historical consciousness in non-Western countries and peoples. It also provides a timely guide to the state of the discipline, and offers an innovative and unprecedented engagement with methodological and theoretical problems associated with public history. Generously illustrated throughout, The Companion to Public History's chapters are written from a variety of perspectives by contributors from all continents and from a wide variety of backgrounds, disciplines, and experiences. It is an excellent source for getting readers to think about history in the public realm, and how present day concerns shape the ways in which we engage with and represent the past. Cutting-edge companion volume for a developing area of study Comprises 36 essays by leading authorities on all aspects of public history around the world Reflects different national/regional interpretations of public history Offers some essays in teachable forms: an interview, a roundtable discussion, a document analysis, a photo essay. Covers a full range of public history practice, including museums, archives, memorial sites as well as historical fiction, theatre, re-enactment societies and digital gaming Discusses the continuing challenges presented by history within our broad, collective memory, including museum controversies, repatriation issues, 'textbook' wars, and commissions for Truth and Reconciliation The Companion is intended for senior undergraduate students and graduate students in the rapidly growing field of public history and will appeal to those teaching public history or who wish to introduce a public history dimension to their courses.

Internationalism, Imperialism and the Formation of the Contemporary World - The Pasts of the Present (Paperback, Softcover... Internationalism, Imperialism and the Formation of the Contemporary World - The Pasts of the Present (Paperback, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2018)
Miguel Bandeira Jeronimo, Jose Pedro Monteiro
R1,887 Discovery Miles 18 870 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

This volume offers innovative insights into and approaches to the multiple historical intersections between distinct modalities of internationalism and imperialism during the twentieth century, across a range of contexts. Bringing together scholars from diverse theoretical, methodological and geographical backgrounds, the book explores an array of fundamental actors, institutions and processes that have decisively shaped contemporary history and the present. Among other crucial topics, it considers the expansion in the number and scope of activities of international organizations and its impact on formal and informal imperial polities, as well as the propagation of developmentalist ethos and discourses, relating them to major historical processes such as the growing institutionalization of international scrutiny in the interwar years or, later, the emerging global Cold War.

The Debate on the Crusades, 1099-2010 (Paperback, New): Christopher Tyerman The Debate on the Crusades, 1099-2010 (Paperback, New)
Christopher Tyerman
R438 Discovery Miles 4 380 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

David Hume, the eighteenth century philosopher, famously declared that 'the crusades engrossed the attention of Europe and have ever since engaged the curiosity of man kind'. This is the first book length study of how succeeding generations from the First Crusade in 1099 to the present day have understood, refashioned, moulded and manipulated accounts of these medieval wars of religion to suit changing contemporary circumstances and interests. The crusades have attracted some of the leading historical writers, scholars and controversialists from John Foxe (of Book of Martyrs fame), to the philosophers G.W. Leibniz, Voltaire and David Hume, to historians such as William Robertson, Edward Gibbon and Leopold Ranke. Accessibly written, a history of histories and historians, the book will be of interest to students and researchers of crusading history from sixth form to postgraduate level and beyond and to cultural historians of the use of the past and of medievalism. -- .

A History of Art History (Hardcover): Christopher S. Wood A History of Art History (Hardcover)
Christopher S. Wood
R817 R650 Discovery Miles 6 500 Save R167 (20%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

An authoritative history of art history from its medieval origins to its modern predicaments In this wide-ranging and authoritative book, the first of its kind in English, Christopher Wood tracks the evolution of the historical study of art from the late middle ages through the rise of the modern scholarly discipline of art history. Synthesizing and assessing a vast array of writings, episodes, and personalities, this original account of the development of art-historical thinking will appeal to readers both inside and outside the discipline. The book shows that the pioneering chroniclers of the Italian Renaissance-Lorenzo Ghiberti and Giorgio Vasari-measured every epoch against fixed standards of quality. Only in the Romantic era did art historians discover the virtues of medieval art, anticipating the relativism of the later nineteenth century, when art history learned to admire the art of all societies and to value every work as an index of its times. The major art historians of the modern era, however-Jacob Burckhardt, Aby Warburg, Heinrich Wo lfflin, Erwin Panofsky, Meyer Schapiro, and Ernst Gombrich-struggled to adapt their work to the rupture of artistic modernism, leading to the current predicaments of the discipline. Combining erudition with clarity, this book makes a landmark contribution to the understanding of art history.

The Norman Conquest in English History - Volume I: A Broken Chain? (Hardcover): George Garnett The Norman Conquest in English History - Volume I: A Broken Chain? (Hardcover)
George Garnett
R1,886 Discovery Miles 18 860 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

The Norman Conquest in English History, Volume 1: A Broken Chain? pursues a central theme in English historical thinking over seven centuries. Covering more than half a millennium, this first volume explains how and why the experience of the Norman Conquest prompted both an unprecedented campaign in the early twelfth century to write (or create) the history of England, and to excavate (and fabricate) pre-Conquest English law. Garnett traces the treatment of the Conquest in English historiography, legal theory and practice, and political argument through the middle ages and early modern period, examining the dispersal of these materials from libraries afer the dissolution of the monasteries, and the attempts made to rescue, edit, and print many of them in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. These preservation efforts enabled the Conquest to become still more contested in the constitutional cataclysms of the seventeenth century than it had been in the eleventh and twelfth. The seventeenth-century resurrection of the Conquest will be the subject of a second volume.

Meaning in History - The Theological Implications of the Philosophy of History (Paperback): Karl Lowith Meaning in History - The Theological Implications of the Philosophy of History (Paperback)
Karl Lowith
R657 Discovery Miles 6 570 Ships in 10 - 20 work days

Modern man sees with one eye of faith and one eye of reason. Consequently, his view of history is confused. For centuries, the history of the Western world has been viewed from the Christian or classical standpoint--from a deep faith in the Kingdom of God or a belief in recurrent and eternal life-cycles. The modern mind, however, is "neither" Christian "nor" pagan--and its interpretations of history are Christian in derivation and anti-Christian in result. To develop this theory, Karl Lowith--beginning with the more accessible philosophies of history in the nineteenth and eighteenth centuries and working back to the Bible--analyzes the writings of outstanding historians both in antiquity and in Christian times. "A book of distinction and great importance. . . . The author is a master of philosophical interpretation, and each of his terse and substantial chapters has the balance of a work of art."--Helmut Kuhn, "Journal of Philosophy "

The Long History of New Media - Technology, Historiography, and Contextualizing Newness (Paperback, New edition): David W.... The Long History of New Media - Technology, Historiography, and Contextualizing Newness (Paperback, New edition)
David W. Park, Nicholas W. Jankowski, Steve Jones
R851 R720 Discovery Miles 7 200 Save R131 (15%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

This volume examines the role of history in the study of new media and of newness itself, discussing how the 'new' in new media must be understood to be historically constructed. Furthermore, the new is constructed with an eye on the future, or more correctly, an eye on what we think the future will be. Chapters by eminent scholars address the connection between historical consideration and new media. Some assess the historical descriptions of the development of new media; others hinge on the issue of newness as it relates to existing practices in media history. Remaining essays address the shifting patterns of storage at work in media inscription, as they relate to the practice of history, and to the past and contemporary cultural formations. Together they offer a ground-breaking assessment of the long history of new media, clearly recognizing that the new media of today will be the traditional media of tomorrow, and that an emphasis on the history of the future sheds light on what this newness can be said to represent.

Epistemic Virtues in the Sciences and the Humanities (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Jeroen van Dongen, Herman Paul Epistemic Virtues in the Sciences and the Humanities (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Jeroen van Dongen, Herman Paul
R2,610 Discovery Miles 26 100 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

This book explores how physicists, astronomers, chemists, and historians in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries employed 'epistemic virtues' such as accuracy, objectivity, and intellectual courage. In doing so, it takes the first step in providing an integrated history of the sciences and humanities. It assists in addressing such questions as: What kind of perspective would enable us to compare organic chemists in their labs with paleographers in the Vatican Archives, or anthropologists on a field trip with mathematicians poring over their formulas? While the concept of epistemic virtues has previously been discussed, primarily in the contexts of the history and philosophy of science, this volume is the first to enlist the concept in bridging the gap between the histories of the sciences and the humanities. Chapters research whether epistemic virtues can serve as a tool to transcend the institutional disciplinary boundaries and thus help to attain a 'post-disciplinary' historiography of modern knowledge. Readers will gain a contextualization of epistemic virtues in time and space as the book shows that scholars themselves often spoke in terms of virtue and vice about their tasks and accomplishments. This collection of essays opens up new perspectives on questions, discourses, and practices shared across the disciplines, even at a time when the neo-Kantian distinction between sciences and humanities enjoyed its greatest authority. Scholars including historians of science and of the humanities, intellectual historians, virtue epistemologists, and philosophers of science will all find this book of particular interest and value.

Arrian the Historian - Writing the Greek Past in the Roman Empire (Hardcover): Daniel W. Leon Arrian the Historian - Writing the Greek Past in the Roman Empire (Hardcover)
Daniel W. Leon
R927 Discovery Miles 9 270 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

During the first centuries of the Roman Empire, Greek intellectuals wrote a great many texts modeled on the dialect and literature of Classical Athens, some 500 years prior. Among the most successful of these literary figures were sophists, whose highly influential display oratory has been the prevailing focus of scholarship on Roman Greece over the past fifty years. Often overlooked are the period's historians, who spurned sophistic oral performance in favor of written accounts. One such author is Arrian of Nicomedia. Daniel W. Leon examines the works of Arrian to show how the era's historians responded to their sophistic peers' claims of authority and played a crucial role in theorizing the past at a time when knowledge of history was central to defining Greek cultural identity. Best known for his history of Alexander the Great, Arrian articulated a methodical approach to the study of the past and a notion of historical progress that established a continuous line of human activity leading to his present and imparting moral and political lessons. Using Arrian as a case study in Greek historiography, Leon demonstrates how the genre functioned during the Imperial Period and what it brings to the study of the Roman world in the second century.

Futures Past - On the Semantics of Historical Time (Paperback, New Ed): Reinhart Koselleck Futures Past - On the Semantics of Historical Time (Paperback, New Ed)
Reinhart Koselleck; Translated by Keith Tribe
R707 R615 Discovery Miles 6 150 Save R92 (13%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Modernity in the late eighteenth century transformed all domains of European life -intellectual, industrial, and social. Not least affected was the experience of time itself: ever-accelerating change left people with briefer intervals of time in which to gather new experiences and adapt. In this provocative and erudite book Reinhart Koselleck, a distinguished philosopher of history, explores the concept of historical time by posing the question: what kind of experience is opened up by the emergence of modernity? Relying on an extraordinary array of witnesses and texts from politicians, philosophers, theologians, and poets to Renaissance paintings and the dreams of German citizens during the Third Reich, Koselleck shows that, with the advent of modernity, the past and the future became 'relocated' in relation to each other.The promises of modernity -freedom, progress, infinite human improvement -produced a world accelerating toward an unknown and unknowable future within which awaited the possibility of achieving utopian fulfillment. History, Koselleck asserts, emerged in this crucial moment as a new temporality providing distinctly new ways of assimilating experience. In the present context of globalization and its resulting crises, the modern world once again faces a crisis in aligning the experience of past and present. To realize that each present was once an imagined future may help us once again place ourselves within a temporality organized by human thought and humane ends as much as by the contingencies of uncontrolled events.

Afro-Latin America - Black Lives, 1600-2000 (Hardcover): George Reid Andrews Afro-Latin America - Black Lives, 1600-2000 (Hardcover)
George Reid Andrews
R844 Discovery Miles 8 440 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Of the almost 11 million Africans who came to the Americas between 1500 and 1870, two-thirds came to Spanish America and Brazil. Over four centuries, Africans and their descendants-both free and enslaved-participated in the political, social, and cultural movements that indelibly shaped their countries' colonial and post-independence pasts. Yet until very recently Afro-Latin Americans were conspicuously excluded from narratives of their hemisphere's history. George Reid Andrews seeks to redress this damaging omission by making visible the past and present lives and labors of black Latin Americans in their New World home. He cogently reconstructs the Afro-Latin heritage from the paper trail of slavery and freedom, from the testimonies of individual black men and women, from the writings of visiting African-Americans, and from the efforts of activists and scholars of the twentieth century to bring the Afro-Latin heritage fully into public view. While most Latin American countries have acknowledged the legacy of slavery, the story still told throughout the region is one of "racial democracy"-the supposedly successful integration and acceptance of African descendants into society. From the 1970s to today, black civil rights movements have challenged that narrative and demanded that its promises of racial equality be made real. They have also called for fuller acknowledgment of Afro-Latin Americans' centrality in their countries' national histories. Afro-Latin America brings that story up to the present, examining debates currently taking place throughout the region on how best to achieve genuine racial equality.

Inventing Stonewall Jackson - A Civil War Hero in History and Memory (Hardcover): Wallace Hettle Inventing Stonewall Jackson - A Civil War Hero in History and Memory (Hardcover)
Wallace Hettle
R830 Discovery Miles 8 300 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

Historians' attempts to understand legendary Confederate General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson have proved uneven at best and often contentious. An occasionally enigmatic and eccentric college professor before the Civil War, Jackson died midway through the conflict, leaving behind no memoirs and relatively few surviving letters or documents. In Inventing Stonewall Jackson, Wallace Hettle offers an innovative and distinctive approach to interpreting Stonewall by examining the lives and agendas of those authors who shape our current understanding of General Jackson.

Newspaper reporters, friends, relatives, and fellow soldiers first wrote about Jackson immediately following the Civil War. Most of them, according to Hettle, used portions of their own life stories to frame that of the mythic general. Hettle argues that the legend of Jackson's rise from poverty to power was likely inspired by the rags-to-riches history of his first biographer, Robert Lewis Dabney. Dabney's own successes and Presbyterian beliefs probably shaped his account of Jackson's life as much as any factual research. Many other authors inserted personal values into their stories of Stonewall, perplexing generations of historians and writers.

Subsequent biographers contributed their own layers to Jackson's myth and eventually a composite history of the general came to exist in the popular imagination. Later writers, such as the liberal suffragist Mary Johnston, who wrote a novel about Jackson, and the literary critic Allen Tate, who penned a laudatory biography, further shaped Stonewall's myth. As recently as 2003, the film Gods and Generals, which featured Jackson as the key protagonist, affirmed the longevity and power of his image.

Impeccable research and nuanced analysis enable Hettle to use American culture and memory to reframe the Stonewall Jackson narrative and provide new ways to understand the long and contended legacy of one of the Civil War's most popular Confederate heroes.

Researching and Writing History - A Guide for Local Historians (Paperback, 4th New edition): David Dymond Researching and Writing History - A Guide for Local Historians (Paperback, 4th New edition)
David Dymond
R343 R286 Discovery Miles 2 860 Save R57 (17%) Ships in 10 - 20 work days

Interest in local history just continues to grow. For the professional and amateur alike, in the context of the local experience the past becomes real and immediate, as the stories of individuals, families and communities emerge from our research. And now more than ever, a wealth of primary and secondary source material is within everyone's reach. This invaluable book, written by one of our most eminent and experienced local historians, and now completely updated, provides clear, wise and always practical advice about the process of research and writing. It gives essential guidance on a wide range of key topics, including finding sources; transcribing, analysing and interpreting evidence; writing; historical perspectives and methods; and ways to present and publish the finished product. Using examples and exercises the author guides the reader through the whole process. Written with humour and understanding, and attractively illustrated, this book is an enjoyable and fascinating introduction to the subject, especially useful to those who enjoy local history but wish to write and possibly publish, and to students on local history courses who want authoritative guidance on the preparation of dissertations and theses.

How the Cold War Ended - Debating and Doing History (Paperback): John Prados How the Cold War Ended - Debating and Doing History (Paperback)
John Prados
R545 R461 Discovery Miles 4 610 Save R84 (15%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days

The Cold War continues to shape international relations almost twenty years after being acknowledged as the central event of the last half of the twentieth century. Interpretations of how it ended thus remain crucial to an accurate understanding of global events and foreign policy. The reasons for the Cold War s conclusion, and the timing of its ending, are disputed to this day.In this concise introduction to the Cold War and its enduring legacy, John Prados recognizes the debate between those who argue the United States was the key player in bringing it to a close and those who maintain that American actions were secondary factors. Like a crime scene investigator meticulously dissecting evidence, he applies a succession of different methods of historical analysis to illuminate the key cataclysmic events of the 1980s and early 1990s from a range of perspectives. He also incorporates evidence from European and Soviet intelligence sources into the study. The result is a stunning narrative that redefines the era, embraces debate, and deconstructs history, providing a coherent explanation for the upheavals that ended the conflict."How the Cold War Ended" also provides an in-depth guide to conducting historical inquiries: how to choose a subject, how to frame a narrative, and how to conduct research and draw conclusions. Prados does this for a variety of methods of historical analysis, furnishing a how-to guide for doing history even as it explores a crucialcase study.

Unsettled Solidarities - Asian and Indigenous Cross-Representations in the Americas (Paperback): Quynh Nhu Le Unsettled Solidarities - Asian and Indigenous Cross-Representations in the Americas (Paperback)
Quynh Nhu Le
R851 R755 Discovery Miles 7 550 Save R96 (11%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Unsettled Solidarities examines contemporary Asian and Indigenous cross-representations within different settler states in the Americas. Quynh Nhu Le looks at literary works by both groups alongside public apologies, interviews, and hemispheric race theories to trace cross-community tensions and possibilities for solidarities amidst the uneven imposition of racialization and settler colonization.Contrasting texts such as Maxine Hong Kingston's China Men with Gerald Vizenor's Hiroshima Bugi, and Karen Tei Yamashita's Through the Arc of the Rain Forest with Leslie Marmon Silko's Almanac of the Dead, among others, Le reveals how settler colonialism persists through the liberal ideological structuring or incorporation of critical and political resistance. She illuminates the tense collisions of Asian and Indigenous movements from the heroic/warrior traditions, reparations and redress, and transnational/cross-racial mobilization against global capital to mixed-race narratives. Reading these tensions as formed through the unstable grammatical and emotional economies of liberalism, Le frames settler colonialism as a process that is invoked and yet ruptured by Asian and Indigenous peoples. In analyzing Asian/Indigenous crossings in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, Unsettled Solidarities conveys the logics and instabilities that connect these settler empires.

Pierre Bourdieu - A Critical Introduction to Media and Communication Theory (Hardcover, New edition): David W. Park Pierre Bourdieu - A Critical Introduction to Media and Communication Theory (Hardcover, New edition)
David W. Park
R3,198 R2,566 Discovery Miles 25 660 Save R632 (20%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Pierre Bourdieu's ideas have had a major impact on a number of fields of inquiry. As scholars of media and communication begin to think more frequently and more carefully with Bourdieu's ideas, this book offers a wealth of points of contact between Bourdieu's ideas and research topics concerning media and communication. This book addresses how Bourdieu's ideas can be used to raise questions concerning: media production, media audiences, symbolic authority, and the history of communication study. The result is a compact but comprehensive volume that gives the reader a sense of the scope and relevance of Bourdieu's ideas to a wide range of domains of study in communication research.

Logics of History - Social Theory and Social Transformation (Paperback, New): William H. Sewell, Jr Logics of History - Social Theory and Social Transformation (Paperback, New)
William H. Sewell, Jr
R936 Discovery Miles 9 360 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

While social scientists and historians have been exchanging ideas for a long time, they have never developed a proper dialogue about social theory. William H. Sewell Jr. observes that on questions of theory the communication has been mostly one way: from social science to history. "Logics of History" argues that both history and the social sciences have something crucial to offer each other. While historians do not think of themselves as theorists, they know something social scientists do not: how to think about the temporalities of social life. On the other hand, while social scientists' treatments of temporality are usually clumsy, their theoretical sophistication and penchant for structural accounts of social life could offer much to historians.
Renowned for his work at the crossroads of history, sociology, political science, and anthropology, Sewell argues that only by combining a more sophisticated understanding of historical time with a concern for larger theoretical questions can a satisfying social theory emerge. In "Logics of History," he reveals the shape such an engagement could take, some of the topics it could illuminate, and how it might affect both sides of the disciplinary divide.

Bergson and History - Transforming the Modern Regime of Historicity (Paperback): Leon Ter Schure Bergson and History - Transforming the Modern Regime of Historicity (Paperback)
Leon Ter Schure
R678 Discovery Miles 6 780 Ships in 12 - 17 work days
Why Learn History (When It's Already on Your Phone) (Paperback): Sam Wineburg Why Learn History (When It's Already on Your Phone) (Paperback)
Sam Wineburg
R422 Discovery Miles 4 220 Ships in 10 - 20 work days

Let's start with two truths about our era that are so inescapable as to have become cliches: We are surrounded by more readily available information than ever before. And a huge percentage of it is inaccurate. Some of the bad info is well-meaning but ignorant. Some of it is deliberately deceptive. All of it is pernicious. With the internet always at our fingertips, what's a teacher of history to do? Sam Wineburg has answers, beginning with this: We definitely can't stick to the same old read-the-chapter-answer-the-questions-at-the-back snoozefest we've subjected students to for decades. If we want to educate citizens who can sift through the mass of information around them and separate fact from fake, we have to explicitly work to give them the necessary critical thinking tools. Historical thinking, Wineburg shows us in Why Learn History (When it's Already on Your Phone), has nothing to do with test prep-style ability to memorize facts. Instead, it's an orientation to the world that we can cultivate, one that encourages reasoned skepticism, discourages haste, and counters our tendency to confirm our biases. Wineburg draws on surprising discoveries from an array of research and experiments-including surveys of students, recent attempts to update history curricula, and analyses of how historians, students, and even fact checkers approach online sources-to paint a picture of a dangerously mine-filled landscape, but one that, with care, attention, and awareness, we can all learn to navigate. It's easy to look around at the public consequences of historical ignorance and despair. Wineburg is here to tell us it doesn't have to be that way. The future of the past may rest on our screens. But its fate rests in our hands.

What is History? (Paperback): E.H. Carr What is History? (Paperback)
E.H. Carr
R263 R219 Discovery Miles 2 190 Save R44 (17%) Ships in 10 - 20 work days

'Not only our most distinguished historian but also one of the most valuable contributors to historical theory' Spectator In answering the question, 'what is history?', E. H. Carr's acclaimed and influential bestseller shows that the facts of history are simply those which the historian selects for scrutiny. His fluent and hugely wide-ranging account of the nature of history and the role of the historian argues that all history is to some degree subjective, written by individuals who are above all people of their own time. 'Lively and controversial, full of wit and humour, E. H. Carr's What Is History? played a central role in the historiographical revolution in the 1960s' Richard J. Evans With an introduction by Richard J. Evans, author of the Third Reich trilogy.

Who's Bigger? - Where Historical Figures Really Rank (Hardcover, New): Steven Skiena, Charles B. Ward Who's Bigger? - Where Historical Figures Really Rank (Hardcover, New)
Steven Skiena, Charles B. Ward
R673 R565 Discovery Miles 5 650 Save R108 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days

Is Hitler bigger than Napoleon? Washington bigger than Lincoln? Picasso bigger than Einstein? Quantitative analysts are rapidly finding homes in social and cultural domains, from finance to politics. What about history? In this fascinating book, Steve Skiena and Charles Ward bring quantitative analysis to bear on ranking and comparing historical reputations. They evaluate each person by aggregating the traces of millions of opinions, just as Google ranks webpages. The book includes a technical discussion for readers interested in the details of the methods, but no mathematical or computational background is necessary to understand the rankings or conclusions. Along the way, the authors present the rankings of more than one thousand of history's most significant people in science, politics, entertainment, and all areas of human endeavor. Anyone interested in history or biography can see where their favorite figures place in the grand scheme of things.

Walter Ralegh's "History of the World" and the Historical Culture of the Late Renaissance (Paperback): Nicholas Popper Walter Ralegh's "History of the World" and the Historical Culture of the Late Renaissance (Paperback)
Nicholas Popper
R791 Discovery Miles 7 910 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Imprisoned in the Tower of London after the death of Queen Elizabeth in 1603, Sir Walter Ralegh spent seven years producing his massive "History of the World. "Created with the aid of a library of more than five hundred books that he was allowed to keep in his quarters, this incredible work of English vernacular would become a best seller, with nearly twenty editions, abridgments, and continuations issued in the years that followed.
Nicholas Popper uses Ralegh's "History" as a touchstone in this lively exploration of the culture of history writing and historical thinking in the late Renaissance. From Popper we learn why early modern Europeans ascribed heightened value to the study of the past and how scholars and statesmen began to see historical expertise as not just a foundation for political practice and theory, but as a means of advancing their power in the courts and councils of contemporary Europe. The rise of historical scholarship during this period encouraged the circulation of its methods to other disciplines, transforming Europe's intellectual--and political--regimes. More than a mere study of Ralegh's "History of the World," Popper's book reveals how the methods that historians devised to illuminate the past structured the dynamics of early modernity in Europe and England.

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