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Books > Science & Mathematics > Physics > Thermodynamics & statistical physics

Computational Statistical Physics (Hardcover): Lucas Boettcher, Hans J. Herrmann Computational Statistical Physics (Hardcover)
Lucas Boettcher, Hans J. Herrmann
R1,543 Discovery Miles 15 430 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Providing a detailed and pedagogical account of the rapidly-growing field of computational statistical physics, this book covers both the theoretical foundations of equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical physics, and also modern, computational applications such as percolation, random walks, magnetic systems, machine learning dynamics, and spreading processes on complex networks. A detailed discussion of molecular dynamics simulations is also included, a topic of great importance in biophysics and physical chemistry. The accessible and self-contained approach adopted by the authors makes this book suitable for teaching courses at graduate level, and numerous worked examples and end of chapter problems allow students to test their progress and understanding.

Ultracold Atomic Physics (Hardcover): Hui Zhai Ultracold Atomic Physics (Hardcover)
Hui Zhai
R1,421 Discovery Miles 14 210 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The field of ultracold atomic physics has developed rapidly during the last two decades, and currently encompasses a broad range of topics in physics, with a variety of important applications in topics ranging from quantum computing and simulation to quantum metrology, and can be used to probe fundamental many-body effects such as superconductivity and superfluidity. Beginning with the underlying and including the most cutting-edge experimental developments, this textbook covers essential topics such as Bose-Einstein condensation of alkali atoms, studies of BEC-BCS crossover in degenerate Fermi gas, synthetic gauge fields and Hubbard models, and many-body localization and dynamical gauge fields. Key physical concepts, such as symmetry and universality highlight the connections between different systems, and theory is developed with plain derivations supported by experimental results. This self-contained and modern text will be invaluable for researchers, graduate students and advanced undergraduates studying cold atom physics, from both a theoretical and experimental perspective.

Downscaling Techniques for High-Resolution Climate Projections - From Global Change to Local Impacts (Hardcover): Rao... Downscaling Techniques for High-Resolution Climate Projections - From Global Change to Local Impacts (Hardcover)
Rao Kotamarthi, Katharine Hayhoe, Linda O. Mearns, Donald Wuebbles, Jennifer Jacobs, …
R1,287 Discovery Miles 12 870 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Downscaling is a widely used technique for translating information from large-scale climate models to the spatial and temporal scales needed to assess local and regional climate impacts, vulnerability, risk and resilience. This book is a comprehensive guide to the downscaling techniques used for climate data. A general introduction of the science of climate modeling is followed by a discussion of techniques, models and methodologies used for producing downscaled projections, and the advantages, disadvantages and uncertainties of each. The book provides detailed information on dynamic and statistical downscaling techniques in non-technical language, as well as recommendations for selecting suitable downscaled datasets for different applications. The use of downscaled climate data in national and international assessments is also discussed using global examples. This is a practical guide for graduate students and researchers working on climate impacts and adaptation, as well as for policy makers and practitioners interested in climate risk and resilience.

Principles of Thermodynamics (Hardcover): Jean-Philippe Ansermet, Sylvain D. Brechet Principles of Thermodynamics (Hardcover)
Jean-Philippe Ansermet, Sylvain D. Brechet
R1,611 R1,461 Discovery Miles 14 610 Save R150 (9%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

In this introductory textbook, thermodynamics is presented as a natural extension of mechanics, so that the laws and concepts learned in mechanics serve to get acquainted with the theory. The foundations of thermodynamics are presented in the first part. The second part covers a wide range of applications, which are of central importance in the fields of physics, chemistry and engineering, including calorimetry, phase transitions, heat engines and chemical reactions. In the third part, devoted to continuous media, Fourier and Fick's laws, diffusion equations and many transport effects are derived using a unified approach. Each chapter concludes with a selection of worked examples and several exercises, to reinforce key concepts under discussion. A full solutions manual is available at the end of the book. It contains more than 150 problems based on contemporary issues faced by scientists and engineers that are solved in detail for undergraduate and graduate students.

Essential Statistical Physics (Hardcover): Malcolm P. Kennett Essential Statistical Physics (Hardcover)
Malcolm P. Kennett
R827 Discovery Miles 8 270 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This clear and pedagogical text delivers a concise overview of classical and quantum statistical physics. Essential Statistical Physics shows students how to relate the macroscopic properties of physical systems to their microscopic degrees of freedom, preparing them for graduate courses in areas such as biophysics, condensed matter physics, atomic physics and statistical mechanics. Topics covered include the microcanonical, canonical, and grand canonical ensembles, Liouville's Theorem, Kinetic Theory, non-interacting Fermi and Bose systems and phase transitions, and the Ising model. Detailed steps are given in mathematical derivations, allowing students to quickly develop a deep understanding of statistical techniques. End-of-chapter problems reinforce key concepts and introduce more advanced applications, and appendices provide a detailed review of thermodynamics and related mathematical results. This succinct book offers a fresh and intuitive approach to one of the most challenging topics in the core physics curriculum and provides students with a solid foundation for tackling advanced topics in statistical mechanics.

Einstein's Fridge - How the Difference Between Hot and Cold Explains the Universe (Hardcover): Paulsen Einstein's Fridge - How the Difference Between Hot and Cold Explains the Universe (Hardcover)
R535 R442 Discovery Miles 4 420 Save R93 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Microhydrodynamics, Brownian Motion, and Complex Fluids (Paperback): Michael D. Graham Microhydrodynamics, Brownian Motion, and Complex Fluids (Paperback)
Michael D. Graham
R779 Discovery Miles 7 790 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This is an introduction to the dynamics of fluids at small scales, the physical and mathematical underpinnings of Brownian motion, and the application of these subjects to the dynamics and flow of complex fluids such as colloidal suspensions and polymer solutions. It brings together continuum mechanics, statistical mechanics, polymer and colloid science, and various branches of applied mathematics, in a self-contained and integrated treatment that provides a foundation for understanding complex fluids, with a strong emphasis on fluid dynamics. Students and researchers will find that this book is extensively cross-referenced to illustrate connections between different aspects of the field. Its focus on fundamental principles and theoretical approaches provides the necessary groundwork for research in the dynamics of flowing complex fluids.

A First Course in Network Science (Hardcover): Filippo Menczer, Santo Fortunato, Clayton A. Davis A First Course in Network Science (Hardcover)
Filippo Menczer, Santo Fortunato, Clayton A. Davis 1
R955 Discovery Miles 9 550 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Networks are everywhere: networks of friends, transportation networks and the Web. Neurons in our brains and proteins within our bodies form networks that determine our intelligence and survival. This modern, accessible textbook introduces the basics of network science for a wide range of job sectors from management to marketing, from biology to engineering, and from neuroscience to the social sciences. Students will develop important, practical skills and learn to write code for using networks in their areas of interest - even as they are just learning to program with Python. Extensive sets of tutorials and homework problems provide plenty of hands-on practice and longer programming tutorials online further enhance students' programming skills. This intuitive and direct approach makes the book ideal for a first course, aimed at a wide audience without a strong background in mathematics or computing but with a desire to learn the fundamentals and applications of network science.

Exergy Analysis for Energy Conversion Systems (Hardcover): Efstathios Michaelides Exergy Analysis for Energy Conversion Systems (Hardcover)
Efstathios Michaelides
R2,263 Discovery Miles 22 630 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Discover a straightforward and holistic look at energy conversion and conservation processes using the exergy concept with this thorough text. Explains the fundamental energy conversion processes in numerous diverse systems, ranging from jet engines and nuclear reactors to human bodies. Provides examples for applications to practical energy conversion processes and systems that use our naturally occurring energy resources, such as fossil fuels, solar energy, wind, geothermal, and nuclear fuels. With more than one-hundred diverse cases and solved examples, readers will be able to perform optimizations for a cleaner environment, a sustainable energy future, and affordable energy generation. An essential tool for practicing scientists and engineers who work or do research in the area of energy and exergy, as well as graduate students and faculty in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and physics.

Diffusion in the Iron Group L12 and B2 Intermetallic Compounds (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Joshua Pelleg Diffusion in the Iron Group L12 and B2 Intermetallic Compounds (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Joshua Pelleg
R4,836 Discovery Miles 48 360 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book explores diffusion in L12 and B2 structures of Ni3Al, Ni3Ge, Ni3Ga and NiAl, NiGe and NiGa and discusses Fe- and Co-based alloys in detail. These alloys of the VIIIA group elements are the basis of intermetallic compounds known as "super alloys," which are important in many technological high-temperature structural applications to improve mechanical strength properties such as creep. Knowledge of diffusion behavior of intermetallic solids is critical, in particular in high temperature applications of material. Development of high temperature alloys depends on the understanding of diffusion in the aforementioned compounds. Therefore, this comprehensive book on diffusion in the iron group (VIIIA) based intermetallic compounds will be of interest to students, lecturers and researchers. For engineers working in the aircraft industry, this book will prove invaluable as it contains fundamental up to date information and basic knowledge on materials of their interest.

Thermal and Statistical Physics (Hardcover): R.B. Singh Thermal and Statistical Physics (Hardcover)
R.B. Singh
R1,046 Discovery Miles 10 460 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Many students at undergraduate level struggle with the basic concepts of thermodynamics and statistical physics such as entropy, phase space, y-space, micro-canonical, canonical and grand canonical ensembles, statistical weight (thermodynamic probability), accessible states, density of states, partition function. In this book the author has made every effort to explain these basic concepts and notions in the simplest possible way, keeping in mind the limitations and difficulties of an average student. The book begins with the kinetic theory of gases and transport phenomena and gives the students a thorough grounding in the fundamental aspects of the topics such as Maxwell's law of distribution of molecular speeds, mean free path, viscosity, thermal conduction and diffusion. Next, the topics on equation of state and critical constant are discussed. The chapters from 4 - 9 are devoted to the development of thermodynamic concepts and the application of the laws of thermodynamics to the thermodynamic processes. A sufficient number of solved examples enable the students to test their conceptual understanding and analytical skills. A comprehensive discussion of on the failure of classical theory of radiation and the emergence of quantum concepts viz. the particle nature of radiation is presented in the chapters on radiations. Part II of the book presents a lucid and systematic exposition of the fundamental principles of the most fascinating, exciting, stimulating and challenging subject - statistical physics. The understanding of statistical physics requires knowledge of quantum mechanics at introductory level and a little bit of mathematics of undergraduate level. Though this book provides a self-contained study material, the knowledge of more advanced mathematical tools will make the learning process of statistical physics easier.

Non-Equilibrium Dynamics Beyond Dephasing - Recurrences and Loss Induced Cooling in One-dimensional Bose Gases (Paperback):... Non-Equilibrium Dynamics Beyond Dephasing - Recurrences and Loss Induced Cooling in One-dimensional Bose Gases (Paperback)
Bernhard Rauer
R2,456 Discovery Miles 24 560 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Einstein's Fridge - The Science of Fire, Ice and the Universe (Hardcover): Paulsen Einstein's Fridge - The Science of Fire, Ice and the Universe (Hardcover)
Paulsen 1
R399 Discovery Miles 3 990 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

'Hugely readable and entertaining' JIM AL-KHALILI 'an accessible and crystal-clear portrait of this discipline's breadth, largely told through its history' PHIL BALL, PHYSICS WORLD Einstein's Fridge tells the story of how scientists uncovered the least known and yet most consequential of all the sciences, and learned to harness the power of heat and ice. The laws of thermodynamics govern everything from the behaviour of atoms to that of living cells, from the engines that power our world to the black hole at the centre of our galaxy. Not only that, but thermodynamics explains why we must eat and breathe, how the lights come on, and ultimately how the universe will end. The people who decoded its laws came from every branch of the sciences - they were engineers, physicists, chemists, biologists, cosmologists and mathematicians. Their discoveries, set over two hundred years, kick-started the industrial revolution, changed the course of world wars and informed modern understanding of black holes. This book captures the thrill of discovery and the power of revolutionary science to change the world forever.

Theory of Thermal Stresses (Paperback, New edition): Bruno A. Boley Theory of Thermal Stresses (Paperback, New edition)
Bruno A. Boley
R634 R532 Discovery Miles 5 320 Save R102 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Highly regarded text presents detailed discussion of fundamental aspects of theory, background and the idealizations on which it rests, with detailed solutions of typical and illustrative problems. Topics include fundamentals of thermoelasticity, heat transfer theory, thermal stress analysis, temperature effects in inelasticity theory, more. 1985 edition.

Quantitative Phase Field Modelling of Solidification (Hardcover): Nikolas Provatas, Tatu Pinomaa, Nana Ofori-Opoku Quantitative Phase Field Modelling of Solidification (Hardcover)
Nikolas Provatas, Tatu Pinomaa, Nana Ofori-Opoku
R2,303 Discovery Miles 23 030 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This book presents a study of phase field modelling of solidification in metal alloy systems. It is divided in two main themes. The first half discusses several classes of quantitative multi-order parameter phase field models for multi-component alloy solidification. These are derived in grand potential ensemble, thus tracking solidification in alloys through the evolution of the chemical potentials of solute species rather than the more commonly used solute concentrations. The use of matched asymptotic analysis for making phase field models quantitative is also discussed at length, and derived in detail in order to make this somewhat abstract topic accessible to students. The second half of the book studies the application of phase field modelling to rapid solidification where solute trapping and interface undercooling follow highly non-equilibrium conditions. In this limit, matched asymptotic analysis is used to map phase field evolution equations onto the continuous growth model, which is generally accepted as a sharp-interface description of solidification at rapid solidification rates. This book will be of interest to graduate students and researchers in materials science and materials engineering. Key Features Presents a clear path to develop quantitative multi-phase and multi-component phase field models for solidification and other phase transformation kinetics Derives and discusses the quantitative nature of the model formulations through matched interface asymptotic analysis Explores a framework for quantitative treatment of rapid solidification to control solute trapping and solute drag dynamics

The Rise and Fall of Business Firms - A Stochastic Framework on Innovation, Creative Destruction and Growth (Hardcover): S.V.... The Rise and Fall of Business Firms - A Stochastic Framework on Innovation, Creative Destruction and Growth (Hardcover)
S.V. Buldyrev, F. Pammolli, M. Riccaboni, H.E. Stanley
R1,050 Discovery Miles 10 500 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

At the intersection between statistical physics and rigorous econometric analysis, this powerful new framework sheds light on how innovation and competition shape the growth and decline of companies and industries. Analyzing various sources of data including a unique micro level database which collects historic data on the sales of more than 3,000 firms and 50,000 products in 20 countries, the authors introduce and test a model of innovation and proportional growth, which relies on minimal assumptions and accounts for the empirically observed regularities. Through a combination of extensive stochastic simulations and statistical tests, the authors investigate to what extent their simple assumptions are falsified by empirically observable facts. Physicists looking for application of their mathematical and modelling skills to relevant economic problems as well as economists interested in the explorative analysis of extensive data sets and in a physics-orientated way of thinking will find this book a key reference.

Continuum Thermodynamics (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Paolo Podio-Guidugli Continuum Thermodynamics (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Paolo Podio-Guidugli
R2,274 Discovery Miles 22 740 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book deals with an important topic in rational continuum physics, thermodynamics.Although slim, it is fairly well self-contained; some basic notions in continuum mechanics, which a well-intentioned reader should but may not be familiar with, are collected in a final appendix. Modern continuum thermodynamics is a field theory devised to handle a large class of processes that typically are neither spatially homogeneous nor sequences of equilibrium states. The most basic chapter addresses the continuum theory of heat conduction, in which the constitutive laws furnish a mathematical characterization of the macroscopic manifestations of those fluctuations in position and velocity of the microscopic matter constituents that statistical thermodynamics considers collectively. In addition to a nonstandard exposition of the conceptual steps leading to the classical heat equation, the crucial assumption that energy and entropy inflows should be proportional is discussed and a hyperbolic version of that prototypical parabolic PDE is presented. Thermomechanics comes next, a slightly more complex paradigmatic example of a field theory where microscopic and macroscopic manifestations of motion become intertwined. Finally, a virtual power format for thermomechanics is proposed, whose formulation requires that temperature is regarded formally as the time derivative of thermal displacement. It is shown that this format permits an alternative formulation of the theory of heat conduction, and a physical interpretation of the notion of thermal displacement is given. It is addressed to mathematical modelers - or mathematical modelers to be - of continuous material bodies, be they mathematicians, physicists, or mathematically versed engineers.

Non-equilibrium Evaporation and Condensation Processes - Analytical Solutions (Hardcover, 2nd ed. 2019): Yuri B. Zudin Non-equilibrium Evaporation and Condensation Processes - Analytical Solutions (Hardcover, 2nd ed. 2019)
Yuri B. Zudin
R3,574 Discovery Miles 35 740 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This monograph is focused mostly on the exposition of analytical methods for the solution of problems of strong phase change. A new theoretical model is proved useful in describing, with acceptable accuracy, problems of strong evaporation and condensation. The book is the first to treat the problem of asymmetry for evaporation/condensation. A semi-empirical model for the process is proposed for purposes of practical calculation of the process of strong evaporation. The "limiting schemes" of the vapor bubble growth are analyzed. The thermo-hydrodynamic problem of evaporating meniscus of a thin liquid film on a heated surface is considered. A theoretical analysis of the problem of evaporation of a drop levitating over a vapor cushion is performed. The problem of vapor condensation upon a transversal flow around a horizontal cylinder is considered. The second edition is extended by (i) the conjugate "strong evaporation - heat conduction" problem, (ii) the influence of accommodation coefficients on intensive processes of evaporation and condensation, (iii) the problem of supersonic condensation. This book is the first to present a comprehensive theoretical approach of boiling problems: nucleate boiling, superfluid helium phase transition, similarity between pseudo-boiling and subcritical pressure nucleate boiling. The target audience primarily comprises research experts in the field of thermodynamics and fluid dynamics, but the book may also be beneficial for graduate students.

Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model (Hardcover, New): Matthew D. Schwartz Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model (Hardcover, New)
Matthew D. Schwartz
R1,927 R1,744 Discovery Miles 17 440 Save R183 (9%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Providing a comprehensive introduction to quantum field theory, this textbook covers the development of particle physics from its foundations to the discovery of the Higgs boson. Its combination of clear physical explanations, with direct connections to experimental data, and mathematical rigor make the subject accessible to students with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. Assuming only an undergraduate-level understanding of quantum mechanics, the book steadily develops the Standard Model and state-of-the-art calculation techniques. It includes multiple derivations of many important results, with modern methods such as effective field theory and the renormalization group playing a prominent role. Numerous worked examples and end-of-chapter problems enable students to reproduce classic results and to master quantum field theory as it is used today. Based on a course taught by the author over many years, this book is ideal for an introductory to advanced quantum field theory sequence or for independent study.

Mechanics and Thermodynamics 2016 (Paperback, 2017 ed.): Wolfgang Demtroder Mechanics and Thermodynamics 2016 (Paperback, 2017 ed.)
Wolfgang Demtroder
R2,250 Discovery Miles 22 500 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This introduction to classical mechanics and thermodynamics provides an accessible and clear treatment of the fundamentals. Starting with particle mechanics and an early introduction to special relativity this textbooks enables the reader to understand the basics in mechanics. The text is written from the experimental physics point of view, giving numerous real life examples and applications of classical mechanics in technology. This highly motivating presentation deepens the knowledge in a very accessible way. The second part of the text gives a concise introduction to rotational motion, an expansion to rigid bodies, fluids and gases. Finally, an extensive chapter on thermodynamics and a short introduction to nonlinear dynamics with some instructive examples intensify the knowledge of more advanced topics. Numerous problems with detailed solutions are perfect for self study.

The Structure and Dynamics of Cities - Urban Data Analysis and Theoretical Modeling (Hardcover): Marc Barthelemy The Structure and Dynamics of Cities - Urban Data Analysis and Theoretical Modeling (Hardcover)
Marc Barthelemy
R1,588 Discovery Miles 15 880 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

With over half of the world's population now living in urban areas, the ability to model and understand the structure and dynamics of cities is becoming increasingly valuable. Combining new data with tools and concepts from statistical physics and urban economics, this book presents a modern and interdisciplinary perspective on cities and urban systems. Both empirical observations and theoretical approaches are critically reviewed, with particular emphasis placed on derivations of classical models and results, along with analysis of their limits and validity. Key aspects of cities are thoroughly analyzed, including mobility patterns, the impact of multimodality, the coupling between different transportation modes, the evolution of infrastructure networks, spatial and social organisation, and interactions between cities. Drawing upon knowledge and methods from areas of mathematics, physics, economics and geography, the resulting quantitative description of cities will be of interest to all those studying and researching how to model these complex systems.

Energy and Entropy - A Dynamic Duo (Paperback): Harvey S. Leff Energy and Entropy - A Dynamic Duo (Paperback)
Harvey S. Leff
R1,056 R841 Discovery Miles 8 410 Save R215 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Energy is typically regarded as understandable, despite its multiple forms of storage and transfer. Entropy, however, is an enigma, in part because of the common view that it represents disorder. That view is flawed and hides entropy's connection with energy. In fact, macroscopic matter stores internal energy, and that matter's entropy is determined by how the energy is stored. Energy and entropy are intimately linked. Energy and Entropy: A Dynamic Duo illuminates connections between energy and entropy for students, teachers, and researchers. Conceptual understanding is emphasised where possible through examples, analogies, figures, and key points. Features: Qualitative demonstration that entropy is linked to spatial and temporal energy spreading, with equilibrium corresponding to the most equitable distribution of energy, which corresponds to maximum entropy Analysis of energy and entropy of matter and photons, with examples ranging from rubber bands, cryogenic cooling, and incandescent lamps to Hawking radiation of black holes Unique coverage of numerical entropy, the 3rd law of thermodynamics, entropic force, dimensionless entropy, free energy, and fluctuations, from Maxwell's demon to Brownian ratchets, plus attempts to violate the second law of thermodynamics

Quantum Theory: A Two-Time Success Story - Yakir Aharonov Festschrift (Hardcover, 2014 ed.): Daniele C. Struppa, Jeffrey M.... Quantum Theory: A Two-Time Success Story - Yakir Aharonov Festschrift (Hardcover, 2014 ed.)
Daniele C. Struppa, Jeffrey M. Tollaksen
R6,222 Discovery Miles 62 220 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Yakir Aharonov is one of the leading figures in the foundations of quantum physics. His contributions range from the celebrated Aharonov-Bohm effect (1959), to the more recent theory of weak measurements (whose experimental confirmations were recently ranked as the two most important results of physics in 2011). This volume will contain 27 original articles, contributed by the most important names in quantum physics, in honor of Aharonov's 80-th birthday.

Sections include "Quantum mechanics and reality," with contributions from Nobel Laureates David Gross and Sir Anthony Leggett and Yakir Aharonov, S. Popescu and J. Tollaksen; "Building blocks of Nature" with contributions from Francois Englert (co-proposer of the scalar boson along with Peter Higgs); "Time and Cosmology" with contributions from Leonard Susskind, P.C.W. Davies and James Hartle; "Universe as a Wavefunction," with contributions from Phil Pearle, Sean Carroll and David Albert; "Nonlocality," with contributions from Nicolas Gisin, Daniel Rohrlich, Ray Chiao and Lev Vaidman; and finishing with multiple sections on weak values with contributions from A. Jordan, A. Botero, A.D. Parks, L. Johansen, F. Colombo, I. Sabadini, D.C. Struppa, M.V. Berry, B. Reznik, N. Turok, G.A.D. Briggs, Y. Gefen, P. Kwiat, and A. Pines, among others."

A Guide to Monte Carlo Simulations in Statistical Physics (Hardcover, 5th Revised edition): David Landau, Kurt Binder A Guide to Monte Carlo Simulations in Statistical Physics (Hardcover, 5th Revised edition)
David Landau, Kurt Binder
R1,817 Discovery Miles 18 170 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Dealing with all aspects of Monte Carlo simulation of complex physical systems encountered in condensed matter physics and statistical mechanics, this book provides an introduction to computer simulations in physics. The 5th edition contains extensive new material describing numerous powerful algorithms and methods that represent recent developments in the field. New topics such as active matter and machine learning are also introduced. Throughout, there are many applications, examples, recipes, case studies, and exercises to help the reader fully comprehend the material. This book is ideal for graduate students and researchers, both in academia and industry, who want to learn techniques that have become a third tool of physical science, complementing experiment and analytical theory.

Concepts of Materials Science (Hardcover): Adrian P. Sutton Concepts of Materials Science (Hardcover)
Adrian P. Sutton
R1,070 Discovery Miles 10 700 Ships in 10 - 20 working days

All technologies depend on the availability of suitable materials. The progress of civilisation is often measured by the materials people have used, from the stone age to the silicon age. Engineers exploit the relationships between the structure, properties and manufacturing methods of a material to optimise their design and production for particular applications. Scientists seek to understand and predict those relationships. This short book sets out fundamental concepts that underpin the science of materials and emphasizes their relevance to mainstream chemistry, physics and biology. These include the thermodynamic stability of materials in various environments, quantum behaviour governing all matter, and active matter. Others include defects as the agents of change in crystalline materials, materials at the nanoscale, the emergence of new science at increasing length scales in materials, and man-made materials with properties determined by their structure rather than their chemistry. The book provides a unique insight into the essence of materials science at a level suitable for pre-university students and undergraduates of materials science. It will also be suitable for graduates in other subjects contemplating postgraduate study in materials science. Professional materials scientists will also find it stimulating and occasionally provocative.

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